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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Trying to conceive with PCOS can be frustrating to say the least. That's why it's so inspirational to hear the success stories of women who have successfully achieved pregnancy with PCOS. You'll find those stories here in abundance… enjoy!

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Thank you! And when you get your BFP with PCOS, be sure to send it our way!

BFP with PCOS Thanks to Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs After 18 Months and 5 Failed Clomid Cycles

I have been a faithful/obsessive reader of this site for many, many TWWs and I almost can't believe I'm here writing my own success story! 4w4d today. Life is good! :)

I got off the pill in April 2011 to TTC after only being on it for about 4 months. The reason I started bc in January 2011 was because I inexplicably hadn't gotten my period for months and my OB/GYN diagnosed me with PCOS. I am overweight and have a very hard time losing weight (I am a very healthy person, however) and I have cystic ovaries, but those are really my only PCOS symptoms. I also have had hypothyroidism for the past 10 years or so, controlled with a synthroid.

Well, I had one "normal" cycle after taking my last bc pill and that's when the very, very long roller coaster ride began. I was having extremely long anovulatory cycles and my OB/GYN put me on Metformin 2000mg/daily to help regulate this. It didn't work and the medication made me feel horrible so I stopped on my own. Still having 50+ day cycles, December 2011 we started the Metformin again at only 1000mg/daily and I started Clomid at 50mg. I had to skip a cycle after that and had yet another anovulatory cycle with an induced period before I was able to take Clomid consistently. 4 cycles in a row, 50mg once and 100mg the last three cycles. Cycles were 34-36 days and nothing. We were also using Pre-Seed and I was taking a prenatal (had been since starting TTC), but that was it. Also, husband had a SA and he has "rock star sperm" (urologist's own words!) so that wasn't the issue.

It should also be noted that during those months it was discovered my thyroid was all out of whack with a TSH level of 7 (way too high) so my dose of levothyroxine was moved up from 112mcg to 150mcg. My TSH is now below a 1 since May 2012. Also it was starting around this time that I started doing yoga regularly and eating strictly organic. I'm 13 lbs. lighter than I was when I started TTC.

In July 2012, during my last cycle on Clomid, I started acupuncture once a week. My aunt told me about 5 women she knew personally who became pregnant thanks to acupuncture and I know one woman myself who tried for 5 years and acupuncture ended up doing it for her. My first cycle off of Clomid I was worried I wouldn't have a regular cycle, but it was 34 days! All on my own! (Well, still taking Metformin.) This hadn't happened in years.

In August I had an initial appointment with an RE. She started me and my husband on a vitamin regimen and we planned on eventually doing IUI with Femara and injectibles. My husband and I decided not to go this route, but still take the vitamins and I am convinced this has helped as our energy and sleep have been fantastic. Vitamin C, flaxseed oil (for Omega-3) and folic acid along with a men's multivit for him and prenatal for me.

This cycle I started a Chinese herbal blend formulated by my acupuncturist from which I made a tea and drank twice a day. I started this on CD3 and continued until my BFP. This cycle we did not do acupuncture once a week, but only on CD17 and CD19 (I was regularly ovulating on CD20 up to this cycle so we wanted to do it leading up to ovulation.) I was supposed to get a treatment on CD18 as well, but missed the appointment. However, I believe I ovulated around CD17 this cycle due to my CM which was copious and very slippery. Every other time it had been a clear, jelly-like consistency, but this time was more like actual egg whites and didn't come out in clumps. Also, as I said, it came 2-3 days earlier than ever before. Also, on CD18 I had a preconception massage with guided meditation that was AMAZING. At one point she told me to visualize my baby and it brought tears to my eyes. Very powerful.

We BD'd CDs 15, 17 and 19. About the sex: it was incredible this month. Almost instant, completely simultaneous orgasms every single time. It is rare for this to happen to us at all, let alone 3 times in one week. It was so bizarre (in a great way) and I can't say why this happened exactly. Just more confirmation that "this was our month"!

CD15: Small glob of snot-like CM. Wonder if O Day could be coming earlier than usual.
CD16: LOTS of clear, smooth, slippery EWCM
CD17: Determined my unofficial O day. No cramping or bloating that I normally get.

BFP After Three Years with 1st IVF/ICSI Cycle

I am 31 years old and my DH 29. I can't believe I am writing this, I used to daydream about submitting my BFP on here, I NEVER thought this day would come. I am thrilled to say that after three years of trying, including 6 failed rounds of clomid and one cycle of IVF/ICSI I am pregnant!! me - pregnant!! My husband and I always knew we would have problems as I have severe PCOS, I say severe as I never have periods, so no ovulation at all. Compared to Clomid I actually found IVF much easier to deal with, however I was a poor responder to the stimulating drugs and only had 3 follicles. Our doctor suggested that we cancel the cycle and we were gutted but decided against his advice, we chose to gamble and go ahead with the collection anyway. We were so fortunate that all 3 eggs were collected and all 3 fertilised, better still by the day of the transfer we had 2 top quality embryos, the other had arrested. We had a Grade A plus 8 cell and a Grade B 7 cell, so it really is quality over quantity. My DH is fine but his sample was not so great on the day of the egg collection due to poor morphology so we opted for ICSI, plus we did not want to risk normal IVF with only three eggs so this was a good call. We decided to transfer both embryos as this gave us a 40% chance of success, it was 32% with one, we had a three day transfer as too few embryos to push to blastocyst. So the two-week wait began, the first week was fine. I took a week off work and got plenty of rest but stayed active with housework and evening walks. It is also important to point out I had acupuncture all the way through IVF. Below are some of the things I experienced but it is important to say that I have been on progesterone suppositories since egg collection so it is hard to tell what is pregnancy and what is the drugs. I have also been on slow release metformin since 2 months prior to starting stimulating. I have chosen to only mention the things that struck me as strange and that I never had in my two week wait on clomid.

1dp 3dt - Rash (very itchy like hives), twinges, cramps and pressure.
2 dp 3dt - Rash, hungry, twinges, cramps and pressure, creamy/ gloopy CM
3 dp 3dt -Rash, hungry, twinges and fell asleep in afternoon (which is unusual for me)
4dp 3dt - Rash, hungry, twinges and sore throat
5 dp 3dt -Rash, wet/watery cm and odd period pains/ twinges, feel like I am getting ill
6 dp 3dt - Terrible constipation, like knives are in my bottom with sharp shooting pains where there should never ever be pain!! feel like I am getting ill.
7dp 3dt - Constipation continues, boobs hurt on and off, really cold and unable to get warm, fall asleep in the afternoon again, sore back.
8dp 3dt - Diarrhea begins, still really cold, dizzy when I stand up, sore back, boobs hurt off and on period pains so think AF is coming, teary.
9dp 3 dt - Diarrhea was awful (4 times during the day), Insomnia begins, dizzy when I stand up, AF pains so I think period is coming, boobs hurt on and off. At this point I am going stir crazy and want to test and have to force myself not to.
10dp 3 dt - Wake up at 6am and POAS but don't look for an hour and a half so DH can look with me, so I stare at him until he wakes up. We get a BFP!! but I don't believe it as it could be an evaporation line so I dash out at 8am to buy a digi. Comes up BFP with same FMU super fast and shows 2 - 3 weeks on conception indicator (which means my HCG is over 200 according to Clearblue). I had a sore back – was unable to get comfortable and AF pains continue, boobs hurt on and off, mild nausea.
11dp 3dt - Diarrhea, AF pains, mild nausea, dizzy when I stand, boobs hurt on and off. Tested again in afternoon BFP (I just love seeing a positive test)
12dp 3dt – BFP with FMU. AF pains continue, mild nausea at times, boobs hurt slightly on and off.

I find the strangest symptom is the AF pains, it really does feel just like AF is coming. It makes me nervous but I have read it is very normal and can continue for weeks but it really does feel exactly the same!! Also I thought my boobs would hurt more at 4 weeks but it is just waves of boob ache. Very excited, cautiously optimistic and wonder how many we will be blessed with. So any girls out there who are going through IVF I know how you feel and I never thought it would happen for me but it did and when it did it felt amazing, it was like I had won the lottery – only so much better.

BFP With PCOS After Years of Trying

I'm 31 and was diagnosed with PCOS 5 years ago but had been having trouble getting pregnant for 8 years. My periods were regular 90% of the time and only lasted 3 to 4 days. With my pcos when I was suppose to ovulate my eggs would turn into cysts which made getting pregnant difficult. I could feel a normal ovulation maybe once or twice a year.

I got my first BFP two days ago naturally. No IVF, no drugs. The only thing I know I did differently was changing the way I ate. I started eating all organic foods only. I know I got pregnant 5 days after my lmp.

Day 4 post period: mild pelvic cramps
D5: cramps, bloating, slightly sore boobs
D7-13:major fatigue, sleepiness didn't come close to describing it. The walls were holding me up while trying to make it to my bed. I'd fall asleep before the dime dropped and in public.
D14: nausea, increased cm, fever
D15: body aches, fever
D16: cramps, backaches, sore boobs
D18: sore boobs
D28: fever with temp of 101
D29-33: headaches, body aches, major sore boobs
D34: major sore boobs, so sore I couldn't go without bra. I had to take turns holding my boobs in the shower...runny nose, headaches.

On day 34 I took a hpt.... Super BFP after only 3 seconds.

I thought I would never get pregnant and it happened without me even trying. I had given up for 2 years. I was shocked but excited. I hope this helps anyone. There is hope.

BFP After 5 IUI Tries

I was in utter shock this morning when I left the Dr's office. They told me I was PREGNANT! HCG @ 1122 and progesterone @ 48.5. This was my 5th IUI try. I also have PCOS. I got pregnant with clomid on my first try with twins but I lost both of them: The first one we lost immediately and the second one @ 10 weeks.

We continued the process with clomid for 2 months after our miscarriage and it didn't work. We then went into injectables. It didn't work on the first try but it worked on the 2nd. We've been trying for almost 2 years. The best part was that I told my Dr that this was our last shot. We were going to take a break for a while as this process can be exhausting.

As for symptoms, this time around I stayed away from doing any research on the internet and disregarded any symptoms because I had some symptoms last month and got a BFN (symptoms came from the progesterone that I was taking). The only symptoms that stood out in this cycle included: Lots of acne, Weird pee smell and diarrhea. Besides that, I felt absolutely normal. I actually thought the Dr was going to tell me that I had a BFN. But, I got the best words that I've been waiting to hear for months... BFP!!!!! Good luck to all you future moms.

Pregnant After a Long, Long Journey!!!

Hi Ladies!

At last I got my very own BFP!!! Here is my long story:

I am 30 years old healthy, not overweight. I went off BC in March 2011 as my fiancé (now DH) and I knew we wanted to start trying for our first baby right after we got married in August 2011. Since the reason I went on the pill was to regulate my cycle in the first place (I was diagnosed with PCOS), I anticipated that it may be tough getting my cycles somewhat regular. 8 months later, I still had not gotten a period so I went to see my OB. The only kind of "help" she had to offer was fertility drugs. I didn't want to simply take drugs because I knew that would not SOLVE my problem but only mask the symptoms I was experiencing. Sure, that may have allowed us to get pregnant faster but I am fully aware of the risks that fertility drugs pose to me and future baby and my hubby and I did not want to take those chances without trying to solve our infertility naturally first. I began researching online and learned that my cycle could be regulated easily with the proper steps. I came across the Natural Fertility Prescription by Iva Keene (e-book - TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT!!!!!!) and as soon as I purchased it we began to follow the program; we switched to a fully organic diet, greatly reduced meat and dairy consumption and focused more on a vegetarian diet. I've always cooked at home but I began paying even more attention to where our food was sourced from, its ingredients, and how it was prepared. I no longer use the microwave and have began taking some great supplements (such as spirulina and chlorella that make me feel amazing!!), I completely gave up coffee and enjoyed alcoholic drinks on very rare occasions. While following the program I also was doing acupuncture and visceral manipulation on my abdominal/uterus area where I had no blood circulation (because of my lack of menstruation). Hubby also had a semen analysis done, which came back amazing. I had an HSG done and that was normal too. Only a few months on this program and I began to notice that my BBT was taking on the normal up/down trend and low and behold, this mid-September I ovulated on my own! I also observed that my cervical mucous became very egg-white and was very abundant! I knew something must be happening so hubby and I baby danced every other day until I observed my temperature rise. We also used Pre-Seed internally and I propped my bum up with a pillow for ~30 minutes then just fell asleep. I also made sure to orgasm immediately after hubby did. Days could not go by fast enough as each morning I was eager to take my temperature and got so excited to see it remain high!!! Finally at 13 DPO I got my very first and VERY faint positive!!!! I couldn't believe it!!! Now looking back I think that some were pretty obvious but since I have not had a natural period in almost 2 decades I wasn't sure what were normal PMS symptoms for me and what could have been pregnancy-related. Here they are:

BFP With No Symptoms

Hurrah I finally get to post here! I have been visiting this site now for over a year. As a sufferer of PCOS, I would often go up to 6 months without a period so there was a lot of time to read others stories...

Background: I'm 34, DH is 35. I have a daughter from a previous marriage, conceived accidentally with me not even aware I had PCOS.

Fast forward 6 years and decided to come off BC 12 months ago to try to fall pregnant with my fiancé (now hubby).

I had 2 periods in that 12 months, so decided to go see a fertility specialist. I was already on metformin but he prescribed me letrozole to induce ovulation.

First month it worked but fiancé was hung-over one day then sick the next then went interstate for 3 days! So no luck.

The second month it appeared we struck gold :)

2 days out from O - BD

1 day out from

O - BD O day - nothing (I get no EWCM so I never have any idea when I'm ovulating, well, except for the Dr's scans!)

1 DPO - BD

3 DPO - I come down with a migraine. Now, a year ago this would have been a normal thing for me but since I've stopped the pill I haven't had a single one. This made me go 'hmmmm' but then I was 3 days out from getting married so figured it was just emotional stress.

4DPO - fall back rise through to 9 DPO. Have never seen this on my chart, but then I've really only had 4 proper cycles, so not sure if this is odd or not.

6 DPO - my wedding day. Got outrageously ridiculously drunk on 3 glasses of champagne. Like can't-remember- black-bits-from-the-evening-kind of drunk (not ideal given the importance of the day - lucky we have it all on film!). I am not a big drinker by any stretch, but can normally hold a few glasses of champagne.

11DPO - on honeymoon in Singapore, have a dream that I get a BFP! Get up and wee on a stick, BFN. Pretty sure it would have shown up by now, so that combined with the fact I'm not getting a single symptom, figure I'm out for the month. Get very mad at my subconscious for tricking me.

15DPO - have only had 2 'normal' cycles since being on letrazole, but they've both been 28 days. So think that maybe something is up. The fact that I had also wee'd 12 times before 11 am had me scratching my head. I'm in Thailand still on honeymoon, so pop to local chemist and get HPT. Figure I need to wait until morning to test.

16DPO - test in morning and woo hoo!!! Pink line. Definitely there. Had I have been at home in Australia I would have been over the moon, but given I was in Thailand I wasn't sure of the reliability of the tests, so go to Dr's for blood work. Yep, positive :)

I'm now 6 weeks and 5 days preggers. What a wonderful, wonderful wedding gift. Nipples are so sore I could seriously punch anyone that looks at me sideways, and still weeing like a banshee. Was feeling very cocky as I wasn't sick at all (I was desperately ill with my first) but sure enough, it's now kicked in. Not as bad as the first which has me thinking this one's a boy!

Had a scan at 6 weeks 2 days and saw the glorious little heartbeat. We have already told everyone, couldn’t keep it to ourselves. This is hubby's first so he is telling anyone who will stand still long enough to listen!

I've since wee'd on about another 15 sticks. After 14 months of seeing nothing staring back at you except for the starkest of white tests, it's such a wonderful feeling. I know just how heart-breaking that white stick can be. Month upon month upon month...

14 months of TTC felt like forever, my heart goes out to those that have been trying for longer than that.

I honestly wish football field sized amounts of baby dust for you all. For any other PCOS sufferers who have not seen a fertility doctor, do it. Will be the best thing you ever did. And for those with no symptoms? Does not mean for a second that you are out.

Good luck to you all!!!!


BFP on Digital, Blood Test, OPK - I am in Disbelief! (12 DPO)

First and foremost, I have probably been coming to this website for the past two years, reading and dreaming that one day it would be me posting. And here I am, I still can’t believe it!

From the beginning... I had a missed miscarriage in June 2011 and was devastated, well, over the course of the next year, we started trying again March 2012 and June came and went, July, and we were BDing all the time! What I soon found is that my periods were super irregular, I would have a cycle for 32 days, then no period for 2 months, and then a period for 37 days and another two months... It was terrible. Finally, I went to a fertility doctor and we found that I had PCOS and I was not ovulating regularly. Now, I had been on birth control for around 8 years and two years before this I had actually tried to get pregnant and soon gave up and went back to school to get my masters because it was too stressful at the time to keep going through the disappointment. So, this is why, finally good to know. The doc prescribed me Clomid 100mg and then I did an HCG trigger. 14 days later BFP!
Here are my symptoms:

Ovulation cramps came day of trigger and day after and it hurt, I could actually feel it on my right ovary!

1 DPO on and off dull ache in right ovary
2 DPO lots of CM
3 DPO lots of CM
4 DPO lots of CM
5 DPO vivid dreams, lots of CM
6 DPO a lot of energy, lots of CM
7 DPO slight cramping (implantation), lots of CM (BFN, yea, I know)
8 DPO slight cramping (implantation), lots of CM (Neg OPK)
9 DPO lots of CM (Neg OPK)
10 DPO tired, irritable, pimple, crampy, backache, just don’t feel good (Faint Positive BFP, I thought it was HCG in my system so I didn't get excited)
11 DPO slight headaches off and on, boobs starting to get sore on sides (Faint Positive BFP and then "Pregnant" on Digital
12 DPO Went to the doc for blood test, HCG 43 and Prog 36, they tell me congratulations! And scheduled next visit in two days to check levels. Then I decided to take another test, another OPK, just to test the theory, and guess what, a big fat happy face!
My boobs are getting really sore and my headaches are a bit stronger!

So there you have it, I will tell you, I didn’t believe it until I peed on the the OPK and got the happy face, that was something! I just want to wish everyone baby dust to all and dreams do come true! Now to get through the first trimester!

PCOS TTC Nearly 2YRS! Sep 2012 BFP!!!!!! :)

After nearly 2 unsuccessful years of trying, it brings me no greater pleasure to be posting here to share my first ever BFP!! September was my month! I tried harder to conceive and it has finally worked. I stopped smoking this month, I used OPK for the first time ever, BD'd as much as we could even though we work full time and have little energy to try everyday, stayed positive and hopeful! This was my build up to my BFP :)
- CD 8 Positive OPK
- 1 DPO Nothing (Never get O Pain)
- 2DPO Sore boobs only noticeable if touched, little bit tired but that’s me all the time lol
- 3DPO Boobs getting a little bit sorer, little twinges on lower back and slight abdominal cramping
- 4DPO Noticeable sore boobs, feeling fuller and slightly heavier, CM Creamy
- 5DPO Back pains, cramps, boobs very sore, CM Clotty and creamy with slight hint of yellow, Vivid dreams
- 6DPO Boobs very sore and swollen, my right areola has expanded and got bigger, cramps and lower back pains, feeling sick
- 7DPO Boobs mega sore, back ache, cramps, creamy CM, burping all the time, very bad diarrhea (sorry tmi), insomnia
- 8DPO Boobs still mega sore, bad back ache, feeling sick, cramps, tired, pee smelling very strong, very hungry (made hubby get me food at 11pm), Insomnia
- 9DPO Boobs throbbing with pain, nipples are sore too touch, feeling weird cramps down on my uterus, back ache, feeling very upset and blue, tired, slight headache, tested with a supermarket brand hpt - very faint bfp, tested again to see if first test was invalid but 2nd test slight darker BFP
- 10DPO Boobs still sore, feeling a lot more positive, hungry, back pain, cramps near belly button and uterus, smelly pee, took another test and its BFP!!!

Over the moon and hope and pray for a sticky baby. This is my first pregnancy and I am soo exited and scared at the same time. I hope I have a happy and healthy 9 months.

Wish you all the very best of luck! Anyone on their tww just trust your body, I thought all these symptoms were in my head but they were not and now I’m PREGNANT!! xxxxxxxxxx

First Round of Clomid and BFP!

This site has helped me so much in the past, so I wanted to contribute. We ttc for over two years with our first naturally. Suddenly we were pregnant, but had trouble with our second. I found out later I had pcos and also had ovulation problems. So we decided to use clomid.

Day of O: woke up horribly sick. Vomiting and feel terrible, assume its a side effect of the clomid, but holy cow! I ovulated!! O confirmed the night before with opk. Also had pinches on sides, thought at one point a cyst had ruptured. BD

1-4 DPO: felt nothing, just a little tired, but I chalk it up to coming back from vacation.
5 DPO: peeing a ton. Actually had to take a potty break in the middle of my kickboxing class, which never happens.
7DPO: woke up with a few cramps, start thinking af is here, grouchy, and super hungry. Bfn.
8DPO: a few more cramps, hungry, tired. Queasy that afternoon, actually gag on dinner.
9 DPO: bfn, queasy, start thinking I am pg bc of the nausea. Call my mom and tell her I'm pg.
10 DPO: poas with fmu, is that a line? DH thinks I'm crazy. Test at noon, totally see a faint line with wondfo, take about 4 more, all have faint line. Start spotting and get worried.
11 DPO: still spotting, still faint positive

BFP After TTC with PCOS for 7 Months!

Hello ladies!! It happened! It finally happened! A blaring, digital, bold word reading 'PREGNANT'!! Me (21) and my husband (24) have been TTC since January. I started seeing an RE because I knew I wasn't working properly. I never received my period for 6 years. PCOS was confirmed. Thanks to 5mg Femara CD3-7 and a trigger on CD 19, I stand here typing this 5 weeks pregnant. Let me tell you my symptoms seeing as how I had so many for all my BFN cycles. These symptoms were so significantly different. I was shocked! Ok. Here we go!

CD19 - Triggered because OPKs weren't positive.
CD20 - Ovulation - Nips sore due to HCG
1 DPO - Nothing! - Sore nips - HCG + Progesterone
2 DPO - Nothing! - Sore nips - HCG + Progesterone
3-5 DPO - NOTHING! I could hear my heart breaking with each passing symptomless day... - Sore nips. Just chocking it up to a bunch of hormones.
6 DPO - I was driving to work and felt a lightening bolt shoot from my left ovary straight out of my vagina. It was sharp and RIDICULOUSLY alarming. Nips were pretty sore that morning.
7 DPO - Nothing. Nips aren't sore anymore. Feeling out and pathetic.
8 - 10 DPO - Having the weirdest contraction-like cramps. They're not painful but they feel like my whole uterus is ... Contracting! Nips aren't sore. Boobs are now tender. (good grief give me a break!) Tested with FRER to see if trigger was still hanging around - Stark white. Not even an evap or hint of a line. Good to know trigger is gone but hate seeing a negative...
11 DPO - Cramps were worse. Boobs sore. Thought AF was making an early entrance.
 12 DPO - Woke up at 4AM about to pee myself. I literally pee three times a day. This is ridiculous. I get up and go. Something didn't feel right. Went back to bed. - Woke up at 8AM about to pee myself again!! I have this nagging feeling to take my absolute last pregnancy theft. (Clear Blue Digital). Finally I'll use it to put it out of its lonely misery. ..... I was expecting a giant negative since that's all those tests can say, right?...... PREGNANT! I was shaking uncontrollably! I didn't have any other tests to take or anything. Blood tests confirmed - prrrregnant!