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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Trying to conceive with PCOS can be frustrating to say the least. That's why it's so inspirational to hear the success stories of women who have successfully achieved pregnancy with PCOS. You'll find those stories here in abundance… enjoy!

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Thank you! And when you get your BFP with PCOS, be sure to send it our way!

BFP on Digital, Blood Test, OPK - I am in Disbelief! (12 DPO)

First and foremost, I have probably been coming to this website for the past two years, reading and dreaming that one day it would be me posting. And here I am, I still can’t believe it!

From the beginning... I had a missed miscarriage in June 2011 and was devastated, well, over the course of the next year, we started trying again March 2012 and June came and went, July, and we were BDing all the time! What I soon found is that my periods were super irregular, I would have a cycle for 32 days, then no period for 2 months, and then a period for 37 days and another two months... It was terrible. Finally, I went to a fertility doctor and we found that I had PCOS and I was not ovulating regularly. Now, I had been on birth control for around 8 years and two years before this I had actually tried to get pregnant and soon gave up and went back to school to get my masters because it was too stressful at the time to keep going through the disappointment. So, this is why, finally good to know. The doc prescribed me Clomid 100mg and then I did an HCG trigger. 14 days later BFP!
Here are my symptoms:

Ovulation cramps came day of trigger and day after and it hurt, I could actually feel it on my right ovary!

1 DPO on and off dull ache in right ovary
2 DPO lots of CM
3 DPO lots of CM
4 DPO lots of CM
5 DPO vivid dreams, lots of CM
6 DPO a lot of energy, lots of CM
7 DPO slight cramping (implantation), lots of CM (BFN, yea, I know)
8 DPO slight cramping (implantation), lots of CM (Neg OPK)
9 DPO lots of CM (Neg OPK)
10 DPO tired, irritable, pimple, crampy, backache, just don’t feel good (Faint Positive BFP, I thought it was HCG in my system so I didn't get excited)
11 DPO slight headaches off and on, boobs starting to get sore on sides (Faint Positive BFP and then "Pregnant" on Digital
12 DPO Went to the doc for blood test, HCG 43 and Prog 36, they tell me congratulations! And scheduled next visit in two days to check levels. Then I decided to take another test, another OPK, just to test the theory, and guess what, a big fat happy face!
My boobs are getting really sore and my headaches are a bit stronger!

So there you have it, I will tell you, I didn’t believe it until I peed on the the OPK and got the happy face, that was something! I just want to wish everyone baby dust to all and dreams do come true! Now to get through the first trimester!

PCOS TTC Nearly 2YRS! Sep 2012 BFP!!!!!! :)

After nearly 2 unsuccessful years of trying, it brings me no greater pleasure to be posting here to share my first ever BFP!! September was my month! I tried harder to conceive and it has finally worked. I stopped smoking this month, I used OPK for the first time ever, BD'd as much as we could even though we work full time and have little energy to try everyday, stayed positive and hopeful! This was my build up to my BFP :)
- CD 8 Positive OPK
- 1 DPO Nothing (Never get O Pain)
- 2DPO Sore boobs only noticeable if touched, little bit tired but that’s me all the time lol
- 3DPO Boobs getting a little bit sorer, little twinges on lower back and slight abdominal cramping
- 4DPO Noticeable sore boobs, feeling fuller and slightly heavier, CM Creamy
- 5DPO Back pains, cramps, boobs very sore, CM Clotty and creamy with slight hint of yellow, Vivid dreams
- 6DPO Boobs very sore and swollen, my right areola has expanded and got bigger, cramps and lower back pains, feeling sick
- 7DPO Boobs mega sore, back ache, cramps, creamy CM, burping all the time, very bad diarrhea (sorry tmi), insomnia
- 8DPO Boobs still mega sore, bad back ache, feeling sick, cramps, tired, pee smelling very strong, very hungry (made hubby get me food at 11pm), Insomnia
- 9DPO Boobs throbbing with pain, nipples are sore too touch, feeling weird cramps down on my uterus, back ache, feeling very upset and blue, tired, slight headache, tested with a supermarket brand hpt - very faint bfp, tested again to see if first test was invalid but 2nd test slight darker BFP
- 10DPO Boobs still sore, feeling a lot more positive, hungry, back pain, cramps near belly button and uterus, smelly pee, took another test and its BFP!!!

Over the moon and hope and pray for a sticky baby. This is my first pregnancy and I am soo exited and scared at the same time. I hope I have a happy and healthy 9 months.

Wish you all the very best of luck! Anyone on their tww just trust your body, I thought all these symptoms were in my head but they were not and now I’m PREGNANT!! xxxxxxxxxx

First Round of Clomid and BFP!

This site has helped me so much in the past, so I wanted to contribute. We ttc for over two years with our first naturally. Suddenly we were pregnant, but had trouble with our second. I found out later I had pcos and also had ovulation problems. So we decided to use clomid.

Day of O: woke up horribly sick. Vomiting and feel terrible, assume its a side effect of the clomid, but holy cow! I ovulated!! O confirmed the night before with opk. Also had pinches on sides, thought at one point a cyst had ruptured. BD

1-4 DPO: felt nothing, just a little tired, but I chalk it up to coming back from vacation.
5 DPO: peeing a ton. Actually had to take a potty break in the middle of my kickboxing class, which never happens.
7DPO: woke up with a few cramps, start thinking af is here, grouchy, and super hungry. Bfn.
8DPO: a few more cramps, hungry, tired. Queasy that afternoon, actually gag on dinner.
9 DPO: bfn, queasy, start thinking I am pg bc of the nausea. Call my mom and tell her I'm pg.
10 DPO: poas with fmu, is that a line? DH thinks I'm crazy. Test at noon, totally see a faint line with wondfo, take about 4 more, all have faint line. Start spotting and get worried.
11 DPO: still spotting, still faint positive

BFP After TTC with PCOS for 7 Months!

Hello ladies!! It happened! It finally happened! A blaring, digital, bold word reading 'PREGNANT'!! Me (21) and my husband (24) have been TTC since January. I started seeing an RE because I knew I wasn't working properly. I never received my period for 6 years. PCOS was confirmed. Thanks to 5mg Femara CD3-7 and a trigger on CD 19, I stand here typing this 5 weeks pregnant. Let me tell you my symptoms seeing as how I had so many for all my BFN cycles. These symptoms were so significantly different. I was shocked! Ok. Here we go!

CD19 - Triggered because OPKs weren't positive.
CD20 - Ovulation - Nips sore due to HCG
1 DPO - Nothing! - Sore nips - HCG + Progesterone
2 DPO - Nothing! - Sore nips - HCG + Progesterone
3-5 DPO - NOTHING! I could hear my heart breaking with each passing symptomless day... - Sore nips. Just chocking it up to a bunch of hormones.
6 DPO - I was driving to work and felt a lightening bolt shoot from my left ovary straight out of my vagina. It was sharp and RIDICULOUSLY alarming. Nips were pretty sore that morning.
7 DPO - Nothing. Nips aren't sore anymore. Feeling out and pathetic.
8 - 10 DPO - Having the weirdest contraction-like cramps. They're not painful but they feel like my whole uterus is ... Contracting! Nips aren't sore. Boobs are now tender. (good grief give me a break!) Tested with FRER to see if trigger was still hanging around - Stark white. Not even an evap or hint of a line. Good to know trigger is gone but hate seeing a negative...
11 DPO - Cramps were worse. Boobs sore. Thought AF was making an early entrance.
 12 DPO - Woke up at 4AM about to pee myself. I literally pee three times a day. This is ridiculous. I get up and go. Something didn't feel right. Went back to bed. - Woke up at 8AM about to pee myself again!! I have this nagging feeling to take my absolute last pregnancy theft. (Clear Blue Digital). Finally I'll use it to put it out of its lonely misery. ..... I was expecting a giant negative since that's all those tests can say, right?...... PREGNANT! I was shaking uncontrollably! I didn't have any other tests to take or anything. Blood tests confirmed - prrrregnant!

BFP After TTC for 2 Years

My husband and I just found out we are expecting on Sept. 15th, which also happened to be his birthday. We have been trying for two years and after being diagnosed with pcos we figured our chances were slim to none. But when I tested last night I got a very dark positive. Tested again this morning and same result. Husband said that was the best birthday present ever. We are due May 24, 2013.

BFP After 2 Years TTC, Delayed Miscarriage and PCOS

History: DH and I are 31 and have a healthy 3 y old son who was conceived after 11 mo of TTC. I was diagnosed with PCOS while trying to get pregnant with him. I have no PCOS symptoms other than irregular and sometimes annovulatory cycles (I am a healthy weight and have no excess hair growth or acne). We started TTC #2 in August 2010 and got pregnant in November 2011 (after 15 months on metformin which helped regulate my cycles). Unfortunately, we found out at 14 weeks that the baby had died at 10 weeks and I had a D&C. Had complete fertility work-up done- DH's sperm count is good, my tubes are clear, but luteal phase is short and still having annovulatory cycles despite the metformin. Started clomid 50 mg d 3-7 2 cycles after D&C since we did not want to wait so long to get pregnant again. On our third cycle, we got a BFP on CD 32!

We BD'd on CD 9, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20. EWCM noted on CD 15, 16, and lots on CD20. Assume O day is CD20. Quit temping a long time ago-too stressful! Did not notice much different until about 7 DPO- twingy cramps that could have been implantation (??), then lower backache and hip pain started and hung around for at least a week. My biggest clue was feeling super hungry all the time, dizzy, and hot. Also very gassy! Finally POAS on 12 DPO and got a BFP with FMU (Life brand). Repeat BFP on 13 DPO. Today is 15 DPO and breasts are tender on and off, still feeling hungry (need to eat often), fatigue is setting in, constipated, peeing all the time, and dizziness comes and goes. Feel a lot more symptoms than the last "failed" pregnancy, which is a good sign.

What we did this month: legs in the air after BD (who knows if this works or not) and BD'd more often (usually we don't on CD20 so we may have been timing it too early). Also, I was less stressed (passed angel baby's due date in August), and felt more accepting of my body not always doing things according to my "grand plan". Focused on my wonderful DS and how blessed we are to have him. Now we are blessed again with hope that he will have a sibling next May.

God bless all of you in your TTC journey, whether it is long or short, it's never easy!

1st BFP - TTC for 6 Years! (Injectables+Ovidrel + Intercourse + Preseed)

I got my first BFP on Labor day-- how appropriate!

We have been TTC for 6 years. I have PCOS, had uterine polyps, HSG showed left tube blocked and irregular uterus. The 4 years ago I went for surgery to have my uterine polyps removed and they found I had a septate uterus (septum in the uterus that divided mine in half so that if the embryo implanted on the septum, no blood would flow and cause m/c). So they removed the septum and I started IVF treatments. 6 round of clomid, then IVF: 2 fresh and 1 frozen, still no baby - remember I thought I had to have IVF bc it showed I had a blocked tube. Well I was skeptical because the septum should have showed up on the HSG, but it didn't. So after I had my uterus fixed I demanded another HSG which showed no blocked tubes and perfect uterus. Wowsers. Fast forward 3 years of just TTC via natural BD and nothing (we moved overseas for a bit) and I went to a new RE when we came back to the states who was willing to try injectables + intercourse and I got a BFP on my first cycle! It is an amazing feeling after trying for so many years! I am now 35 and hubby is 34. I stalked this site like crazy during my 2ww, so here are the details of my cycle:
Triggered with 3 lead follicles, 50 follies on R ovary/40 on L (starting to hyperstim).
1 DPO felt sick (most likely due to mild OHSS) and worked from bed.
6 DPO felt cramping and specific sharp pains in my lower uterus
9 DPO BFN, still bloated, but feeling better, start intense workouts again. (sure it didn't work). At night while cooking dinner became really sick by smell and had to go lie down.
10 DPO, BFN, absolutely feel like crap and sure AF is going to start
11 DPO, BFN, start spotting, cramping and "know" AF is here. Put in tampon and go to labor day pool party at friends. Drink and smoke.
12 DPO, BFP!! Tampon was dry and that got me thinking that it's not AF, it must NOT be AF. Checked internet cheapie HPT and saw a faint second line! Woke up hubby at 4am to show him. He didn't believe it so we went and bought a bunch of different tests--all came up "pregnant"
13DPO - sore boobs, really bloating up, still BFP
14 DPO - 1st beta, 65 and positive!!
16 DPO- 2nd beta, 129 and still positive!

Today I am 5 weeks pregnant. It's a miracle! Don't give up.... They all say think positive, but I was so jaded after trying for 6 years I didn't think this cycle would work, but it did!

PG w/ PCOS!!

I was diagnosed with PCOS and yesterday 9/11/12 I tested and finally BFP after 2 m/c. I can’t be specific as to how long I am because I have irregular periods.
And as far as symptoms, I have none whatsoever!!! Only tender boobs :-) No food cravings or anything.

After 10 Long, Hard, Hopeless Months of PCOS and Endo, We are Finally Pregnant!

How do I even begin to write this message? I have been stunned and so in shock since getting my first faint BFP on 11dpo. That's right, our first ever! For starters, I have severe endometriosis and was also diagnosed with PCOS. I started AF when I was only ten years old (now 20) and my cycles were never regular. I would go five to six months without having AF, and then, when I would, I would have cramps so severe that I would be throwing up and passing out, sobbing, and in ridiculous amounts of pain. When I was 18 I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, after not having a period for NINE months, I went completely gluten free and lo and behold.. I started having a cycle every 40-50 days. To me that felt and seemed normal because I was only used to having a period maybe two or three times a month? I was glad to be having a "regular" period, but the more and more periods I got, the more and more sick I got and the more severe my pain was. I went to the ER one night and they found two four-centimeter cysts on my left ovary, and a smaller one on my right. Needless to say, I was in excruciating pain. I had a follow up appointment to see if the cysts had grown or not and if I needed to have them removed, and surprisingly the massive cysts were all gone. I was so confused because my back had been in serious pain right before they did the ultrasounds. Anyway, I went to the Gyno again after the tests and she said that though the cysts were gone, I had lots and lots of follicles on each ovary, and she diagnosed me with PCOS. I am very thin so she said it was rare for thin women to have PCOS, but that's what she told me. I cried every single day for about a month, so terrified that I would never be able to fulfill the biggest dream and longing of my heart, which is to be a Mom and to nurture children. As the months continued on I started to get out of control mood swings and erratic emotions, I never knew when I was going to snap and felt awful for my poor husband! I had lower back pain that got worse and worse and worse, my breasts would be extremely large and sore, and I would be bloated to the point of looking pregnant for three weeks out of the month. It has been the most agonizing journey for me! I've wanted to give up and have wept myself to sleep, prayed myself to sleep, so many nights this past year. Something in me would not die though, and I could not stop fighting and holding on to hope. When I was diagnosed with Endometriosis, my husband and I decided against a laparoscopy, and against surgery to remove anything. Keep in mind, that when I was diagnosed with Endo, we had been trying for six, seven, and eight months.

As painful as the whole thing had been, I still wanted to hold out on invasive surgeries and medication that manipulate your hormones or change the normal function of your body. The odd thing is that, though I was told I have PCOS, I KNEW every single month when I was ovulating, the pain was absolutely excruciating, which is common in Endo. We were told to start trying for a baby as soon as possible and not to stop until I got pregnant, because the longer you wait to try and conceive with Endo, the harder it gets.

So, July 28th we go to the Vitamin Shoppe and purchase VITEX, bee propolis, pycnogenol, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Rainbow Light Prenatals! I was so beyond determined. I already eat super healthy and organic, with few cheat days a month. I'd already stopped drinking Coffee because I have GERD and it hurt my teeth and made the acid so much worse. I don't drink soda, don't eat gluten, hardly any processed foods, organic/all natural dairy, SURELY something had to come of it. I started 400mg of Vitex a day, two capsules in the morning and sometimes another capsule in the evening, every other night and also started taking all of the other supplements and herbs. I also began drinking Red Raspberry Leaf tea regularly! Well, I was on all of my herbs and supplements for ONE week and I started AF, on cycle day 35!!!! Never in my life have I had a cycle that is so short! It cut my period by ten days! And I actually had a real flow, rather than two or three days of light pink spotting. We were so happy that it worked for us so quickly and that I was regulating so quickly. I kept telling myself that when I finally got pregnant that I wouldn't have any 2WW symptoms and that my PMS and Endo flares would probably be non-existent. I was right! :) I had ONE period on Vitex, and the NEXT month I was pregnant! Not even two full months and that, along with lots and lots of prayer, worked for us!

Hope to the Ladies with Fertility Issues!!!

Heyy. I posted Saturday in 'Do You Think I’m Pregnant,' it was titled 'AF 8 Days Late, Could I Still be Pregnant??' Since posting I have had 2 BFP!!! It was also confirmed by an OB. There are a few things I forgot to mention in the post that I wanted to share now. They may be able to give a few ladies out there some hope!! I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 20 after my husband and I had 3 very unsuccessful years of ttc. I was basically told by my dr to let go of the dream of a family. I didn’t have the money for fertility treatments and had no insurance. 1.5 years later I found out I was 11 weeks and 6 days pregnant without any medical intervention. All I had done was switch to a fully raw diet, cut out tobacco and soda and exercised my butt off. June of 2010 I gave birth to a healthy beautiful little girl. Soon after, my husband and I started trying for baby #2 knowing it wouldn’t be an easy task. By December 2010 I had lost a pregnancy at 15 weeks. It crushed us so we stopped trying. April 2012 I lost another at 4 weeks. I had only found out I was pregnant 3 days earlier... once again I went to a fully raw diet, exercised my butt off and here I am today 4.5 weeks pregnant with what could very easily be twins according to my blood work. Don’t give up hope if you have PCOS!!! What is meant to happen always will when it’s the right time... I’ll keep you all posted as the pregnancy progresses.