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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Trying to conceive with PCOS can be frustrating to say the least. That's why it's so inspirational to hear the success stories of women who have successfully achieved pregnancy with PCOS. You'll find those stories here in abundance… enjoy!

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Thank you! And when you get your BFP with PCOS, be sure to send it our way!

BFP After Almost 2 Years and PCOS

I didn't think it would ever happen. It seems like we hit so many roadblocks as soon as I went off birth control. After 8 months and very irregular periods I went to the doctor and was prescribed clomid. 2 months of clomid did nothing. Also found out I was hypothyroid, so started synthroid. Went to see fertility md who prescribed femara. Fast forward a year and a half and I take femara, follistim, trigger shot, and progesterone suppositories from ovulation till period or pos test. I actually told the nurse this month if it doesn't work I was giving up until after the holidays, since our insurance does not cover anything and it is all very expensive. The nurse told me it will happen and that this month my hormones and everything looked really good. Of course this whole time I would read this website and other forums to get thru the wait. It is true, I had more symptoms other months than this month! And believe me I'm very tuned into my body and looked for anything that stood out that said I'm pregnant!

My symptoms - slightly sore boobs, more sore other months than this month! Like I said I'm taking the progesterone suppositories so really didn't notice an increase in cm. Very little cramping, not as bad as af cramps. Some bloated and gassy feelings.

The MD wanted me to take a blood test 12 dpo, which I work at a hospital so did while I was at work fully expecting it to be neg! Am absolutely shocked! I even told nurse I thought it would come down to ivf in order to get me pregnant. It's true, it does happen! First pregnancy ever and couldn't be happier. Oh, I'm 34. We BD days 13, 14, 15 is all (we had company, a housefull). Took trigger shot cd 12 so prob O'd on cd 14. My beta hcg on 12 dpo was 80!!! Went home that night and poas and it was really dark for 12 dpo and not even first morning urine! Praying for sticky bean and h&h 9 months!!

First BFP

I have PCOS and was on 100mg of Clomid this cycle. I had a blood progesterone test on CD 21 to determine whether I had ovulated ... Dr rang to a few days later to tell me that progesterone was too low to indicate ovulation. I was devastated. To my surprise, I'm now 5 weeks pregnant :D:D here's my symptoms ...

CD 3-9 - 100mg Clomid
CD 14 - EWCM - thought I was ovulating
CD 16 - lots of creamy CM
CD 17, 18, 19 - creamy CM +++, dull aches and cramps, sore nipples
CD 20 - I suspect this is when I ovulated! Cramps, sore nipples, sore boobs at the sides, hungry and extremely high sex drive.
1-3dpo - only real 'symptom' was still having sore nipples
4dpo - TIRED +++ went to bed at 8.10pm!
5dpo - exhausted, felt like I couldn't run while playing sport.
7dpo - almost fainted at work
8-13dpo - hungry ++, sore boobs, tired all the time.
14dpo - realized my period still hadn't shown up (should come naturally whether you ovulate or not on Clomid) so I took a preg test in the afternoon ... super surprised to see BFP

BFP on CD98

Well, here is my BFP story. I don’t ovulate regularly due to PCOS so I am never sure when I am due for another period. I have gone as long as a year without AF. I had AF on May 20th. It is now August 30th. I am always trying to determine O but OPK's are always showing positive. One night, Aug 13th, I felt like I had a cyst on my right side that suddenly started hurting so bad I thought it was about to burst. The pain subsided and nothing happened. My only other thought is that it may be O. Since we are not actively trying, I usually test every 14 days from the last BD that he does not pull out. I took a test on Aug 15th. BFN. So I waited. My nipples started to become sensitive, although sometimes this happens, so I wasn’t counting on that as a symptom. Over the next few days I noticed I was tired, chalked it up to school starting for my 3rd grader. My nipples continued to become more sensitive with no AF to the point I had to cover them in the shower. Aug 25th 4pm. I finally decided to test just out of frustration. This was CD98 for me! And then there it was! 4pm on FRER BFP! Huh! So of course I went to get a digi and confirmed it. On the 27th I went in for a HCG quant, came back at 136. I am currently waiting for my second quant. I have been on Prometrium since the 25th because of my history of MC. This is my 7th pregnancy. I have 2 children and I am 26 years old. Other symptoms have been slight nausea, although not as much as I normally get. Hoping for a sticky bean! Anxiously awaiting my HCG results. Baby Dust to ALL! *******

My Shocking BFP

My husband and I have been trying for about 4 years. Got pregnant with assisted fertility (IUI and Clomid). Had miscarriage this past Jan 2012. I have PCOS and I barely have my menses. I had period on June 11, 2012 (Spotting) and since then I haven't had any period. Primary care physician prescribed me Metformin because the health was deteriorating as a result of the PCOS. Started taking Metformin on 07/22, which I disliked. Had pregnancy symptoms I believe 2 days after I suspected ovulation pain on 07/29. Bed on 07/29 and 07/30. Had flu symptoms with nasal congestion out of nowhere for 5 straight days after which it vanished. 2 days later my boobs were sore and started peeing frequently. I took pg test on 08/12 and it was BFN. I thought its one of those months again where I get pregnancy symptoms but no pregnancy. I started to have hurt burn and I lost appetite. I felt the urge to test anyways on 08/14 and it was blazingly BFP. I was shocked. I have never had a bright BFP before. I had my first beta on 08/17, which was 678, and the second beta on 08/20 was 2016. I believe I may be 4-5 weeks pregnant. My advice is trust in the Lord and at his appointed time he will show his blessings and it would be more than you expect. I prayed to the Lord every single day without loosing hope and faith in him. The road was tough but in end it was a blessing.


Hi ladies I am glad to post today after 3 years of trying. Thanks to God I got my bfp today. Me 32 with pcos, dh34 low sperm count. I had iui in May 2011 no success, IVF in February this year failed. Because we did not have much money we went back in July 2012 big surprise bfp. I would feel selfish if I did not post today because your stories kept me positive. Thanks.

BFP with PCOS on Femara

As with everyone here, I've been stalking this site for the past 12 months! Finally am able to post my own story!
A little background info, DH and I started TTC July 2011, when I was 27 and he was 29, and after 3 months of no period (and all BFNs), I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with PCOS. I started on Clomid and went to see an RE. After several cycles of Clomid (where I ovulated, had 3 BFPs that turned out to be chemicals), we switched to Femara, and as far as I'm concerned, it's a miracle drug! This was my second cycle on it! I was also on metformin 1500mg, PNV, baby aspirin and lovenox daily (because of the recurrent chemicals) and crinone twice daily, and this was my first cycle doing acupuncture as well. I also switched from skim milk to whole milk, and stopped charting once ovulation was confirmed to try and not focus on it so much (not that that worked, but at least I tried! lol).

I o'd on cd 14 (which NEVER happened on Clomid-always cd 19 or later) and we bd on cd 12, had IUI on cd 14 and bd again cd 15.

As far as my symptoms I really didn't have much, starting about 12dpo I had sore boobs, which is totally normal for me. I didn't test at all until the morning I was going in for my blood test (14dpo), and I took a Clearblue digital, full expecting it to say "not pregnant", I left to go make the bed and came back and it said pregnant! I couldn't believe it and just managed to catch DH before he left for work to show it! We're still in shock! My hcg on 14 dpo was 146, three days later it was 679, and a week later it was 15,152! Today I had an u/s at 6w3d and we saw a teensy tiny little heartbeat!

About 2 days after I got my bfp I started having to pee all the time (esp at night), have had some cramping, and some serious constipation (which is unusual for me). I've also been completely exhausted. About a week ago my sore boobs just disappeared, which had really freaked me out, but apparently all's good anyways.

Praying that this baby sticks!!! I'm terrified that something will happen, but seeing the heartbeat today was really reassuring. Baby dust to everyone and try to keep up hope, I know how hard it is, these past 12 months I simply couldn't imagine ever getting this bfp and here it is!


I was diagnosed with PCOS February of 2009 after lots of hair growth, acne, weight gain, inability to lose weight, etc. I got married in 2010 and we started TTC 9 months after marriage. I was/am on 2,000mg of metformin/day. When I was unsuccessful after three months, I started a strict no sugar no flour meal plan. My endocrinologist suggested I try using an ovulation predictor kit after being on the diet for four months with no pregnancy (but with a 30 pound weight loss). To my amazement, I was ovulating! Sadly, I was out of town on business when I ovulated. The next month, I was in town, and I got a BFP 13 days after ovulation. My cycles have ranged from 31 days to 50. The first symptoms I noticed were sore boobs, and I got a bad cold. I also had to pee more often especially at night. My endo and OB have told me that it's because I lost weight on my no sugar no flour eating program that I became pregnant. I highly recommend it. Check out for a support group in your area. It made my PCOS symptoms get so much better.

BFP with PCOS and Endometriosis

Hello everyone, let me tell you my story, I still can’t believe I’m typing a ttc success story, I’ll start from the beginning, my husband and I began trying shortly after our wedding, after a year of bfn's, I decided to go to the doctors and express my concerns, thankfully he referred me to a fertility specialist.

After a blood test and an internal vaginal scan I was diagnosed with PCOS (of which I have had no systems for), it was also suspected that I had possible damage to my fallopian tubes. I was then referred for a laparoscopy and ovarian drilling (the drilling of tiny holes to the ovaries which destroys excess testosterone tissue and kick starts ovulation). 3 months after my operation I went to see the fertility specialist for a final time, just to discuss the outcome and findings from the lap & dye. To my surprise she told me I also have endometriosis, something I also have had no systems for. She told me she had removed a cyst, some endo and drilled the holes in my ovaries, my fallopian tubes were clear and unblocked but were lazy and were unlikely to process a fertilized egg which meant if I did get pregnant I would be high risk for an ectopic. We discussed IVF which we were planning to go for once we'd reached the 3yr mark so we could qualify for a go on the NHS.

However, 6 months after my laparoscopy I amazingly got a BFP, I was 15 DPO and in total shock. At 7 weeks, I had a scan and could see our miracle baby with a nice strong heartbeat pounding away :-). I am happy to report I am now almost 19 weeks and so excited to soon be finding out what we’re having, but boy or girl we don’t care as long as all is well because this truly is a miracle pregnancy - thanks to the wonders of the medical world and what they can do to help women with fertility issues. We are so grateful to be pregnant; baby is due 29th December 2012 :-). If your reading this and are having trouble conceiving, don’t give up, I truly hope this gives people some hope as reading others story's gave me the hope and strength to believe it would happen for us, because it has.... were pregnant!!!!!!! :-)

BFP 9DPO on Clomid

Hi Everyone! I wanted to share my story since this site has helped me through months of 'craziness' through multiple pregnancies. I have PCOS so I need Clomid to ovulate. I had an ectopic pregnancy in 2005, which resulted in a loss of my left tube. I then had a miscarriage in February of 2008 but was lucky enough to fall pregnant the next cycle with the help of Clomid. Then in May 2010 after 5 rounds of Clomid, I fell pregnant with my second. We decided to start trying again in December 2011 and by some miracle, I fell pregnant on my own! Unfortunately in January, it turned out I had a cornual ectopic but luckily since I've had one before, I knew the signs and was able to catch it early so they were able to save my remaining tube. I had to have methotrexate, which meant we could not start trying again for at least 3 months. Bummer! So finally after 5 rounds of 100mg Clomid, I am pregnant again and really hoping this is a good one! I swear I just 'knew; I was pregnant from about 2DPO! We BD every day leading up to O for 4 days and on O day. I had a 19mm follicle on right side the day before O. Here are my symptoms:

O day: Dull pain started on right side so I knew it was 'o' time!
1DPO: Temp way up, even on other months. Sooo crazy-bloated! Jeans were uncomfortable against stomach and dull ache continued on right side so I'm thinking this must be a good O!
2DPO: Temp high again. Still bloated! Have a strange pressure internally that makes it feel like I constantly have to do a #2, but I don't.
3DPO: Temp up. Still bloated, a bit crampy like AF and am a bit gassy on both ends which is unusual for me. After eating dinner, I feel like I'm going to puke but don't. 2 hours later, I feel as if I hadn't eaten at all and am ravenously hungry! Notice a lack of CM.
4DPO: High temp! Notice a tsp size amount of really creamy, lotion-like cm on undies! Gross! Only happened once but has me on alert as I remember something like this on my last good pregnancy. Feel the need to POAS as I'm crazy but I know it will be too soon for an HPT so I settle for an OPK - nearly positive. Settles my craziness for now as part of me just knows I am pregnant.
5DPO: High temp again! Woke up to my one year old in the middle of the night and noticed I have a very scratchy throat and cold-like symptoms! Immediately makes me a bit excited as I know this can be a good sign! When I get up in the morning, cold symptoms are gone. By midday, I am sooo randomly tired that I make my 3 year old who hasn't napped in almost 6 months have a nap too so that I can sleep! Queasy again at night, also starving!
6DPO: Temp up. Notice cm is a bit sticky now. Feeling a bit bloated, still hungry and tired. POAS and it's negative. I know it's early still but feel a bit disappointed cause I know I'm pregnant this time and want the test to reflect it!
7DPO: Temp does a slight dip, not much but makes me think maybe implantation? Have progesterone tested and it's 49.1! Way up on other months so I know we're on to something! Fatigue and starvation continue. POAS- negative of course.
8DPO: Temp back up. Starving, tired and bloated, more creamy cm. POAS (IC) in the am - nothing! Stark white! Read some stories on the net about people getting bfp on 8DPO so decide to try again at night. Nothing at first, but then after about an hour I go back and have a look and swear I see a faint line! I've seen enough BFNs in my time to know that this is different! Something is finally starting to show! Wait an hour and squeeze a bit more out onto a FRER and strangely it leaves a very noticeable, though white, line where the test line should be! I've heard of indents, but this has NEVER happened to me! Leave it next to the sink and go to bed.
9DPO: High temp. Go and look at FRER from last night and there is definitely a line there! Know that it is past the window so take a fresh FRER we FMU and BFP with in 30 seconds! I KNEW IT!! Was all I could think! Can't stop smiling! Wait a few hours and test again on a digi and 'Pregnant 1-2' comes up in about a minute! Ring the dr and he orders a blood test for the next day.
10DPO: Blood test, HCG 44 and progesterone 79!
13DPO Blood test, HCG 272!! Yay! More than doubled!

So far so good! I am 19DPO right now so still very early but hopefully this will be a good one! The fact that my hormones are more than doubling gives me hope! I am wayyy more nauseous than I ever was with my girls and horribly tired but that's about it! No sore boobs or any of the other 'regular' pregnancy symptoms but I had almost nothing with both girls so I'm not worried.

Good luck ladies! I hope I give someone who has PCOS and 1 tube hope that it definitely can happen! :-)


First off I have endometriosis, 1 month after my laparoscopy I conceived my now 7 yr old daughter. We had been ttc for 6 months, I was beginning to think maybe my endo was the cause so I went to see a gynocologist to get checked out. I started charting and using opk strips from ebay and trying to time BDing with my O days, the thing I noticed was that my body would gear up to O then fail for whatever reason and I would then ovulate 7-10 days after a positive test. This was frustrating, it felt like my body was against me! Then after ttc for 8 months my dr finally diagnosed me with PCOS, I was devastated. With endo and PCOS I thought I had no chance! My dr had me put on metformin but low and behold 5 days later after taking the medication I found out I was pregnant!! 1 week after finding out I had PCOS! Now that’s a record in my book! No 1 was more shocked than me, it was the 1st cycle I had given up thinking it was possible. I had been taking a herbal tablet called vitex to regulate my cycle and to help with ttc but I’m uncertain if this helped as my cycle didn’t change at all. It’s still worth a mention though! Oh and this cycle was the only cycle that I didn’t have imaginary pregnancy symptoms, other than sore bbs which I always get, it was my only symptom!