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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Trying to conceive with PCOS can be frustrating to say the least. That's why it's so inspirational to hear the success stories of women who have successfully achieved pregnancy with PCOS. You'll find those stories here in abundance… enjoy!

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Thank you! And when you get your BFP with PCOS, be sure to send it our way!

BFP After 1yr with PCOS and Very Very Irregular Cycles!!!!!

YAYYYYYY!!!! I finally got my BFP on Wednesday afternoon after we have been tryin for 1 yr!! Can’t believe I am writing this!! So here’s some history:- I am 24 and my dh is 29. We have a 2 n half yr old daughter who was planned and got pregnant first month trying with her. I had just come off microynon pill and got pregnant within 3 weeks!!! So when we planned to have another, we most definitely didn’t think it would take a year. I came off the pill again, had a withdrawal bleed and then no period for months. I thought it was normal because of just coming off the pill. so I tried lots of different natural herbs like vitex and vitamin b. Vitex did give me a period on 1 cycle but then nothing else. So I took a trip to the doctors because of my lack of periods and he sent me for a scan which showed that I had PCOS. I wasn’t really shocked because I knew something was wrong and my periods had been irregular before goin on the pill. He then referred us to a fertility specialist where they were carrying out further tests on me and dh sperm count! But luckily I don’t have to go back for the results because I’m already pregnant :). The thing I did differently, which is guna sound really crazy is that I took my pill for 5 days, came off it and ovulated 3 weeks later!!! Baring in mind I have only ovulated once since trying to conceive a year ago!!! I believe that this helped me to ovulate! Didn’t really have many symptoms just a little crampy and a few sharp pains in my boobs and that’s it! Good luck to u all, I know how frustrating it can be x x x x

BFP with Baby #2 - 7 Months of TTC

I am 27 DH is 29, we have a 2 year old son and started TTC in December. I have PCOS, so my periods are slightly irregular (28-35 days)

Things we did different this month: Used OPK's, though I wasn't sure I actually got a positive, we BD only twice because I was sick. 2 days before ovulation, and day of ovulation. Took prenatal. Drank green tea.

I noticed my CM dried up quickly after O this month.
3DPO: Mild headache, tender breasts
4DPO- 9DPO Breast tenderness, headaches
10DPO Frequent BM's slight nausea
11DPO Frequent BM's (like run to bathroom!) Had the same in early pregnancy with my son. Also, difficulty sleeping at night.
12 DPO- Faint BFP on Wondfo and First Response (Wondfo darker)
mid-day BFP on clearblue digital!

I would definitely recommend OPK's, while I was a CM checker, I think I may have been misjudging O time, and BD too late. I also think since we thought we missed our "window" this month things were a little less stressful. Reading everyone's stories has really made me feel connected to a group of people going through similar things. I still don't think it has sank in- but I am so happy we will be welcoming a new baby soon! Baby dust to you all!!

BFP After a Year TTC

I've been skulking this site for a while now, it's great to finally be able to add my own story! This is my first pregnancy and I feel justifiably ecstatic and terrified over what will happen. I am overweight, over 30 and was on Mirena for nearly a year before trying. I have been on BC since the age of 16. While not diagnosed, I have had to deal with PCOS-like symptoms. When I have a cycle, it's typically 26 days. For all those other ladies out there like me, here's my experience:
Pre-O: Heavier period, nothing else unusual. Decided to use Pre-Seed for the first time.
O: A lot of cramping, EW CM
1-6 DPO: Nothing out of the ordinary besides creamy CM, no dry spells
7 DPO: Tender breasts, slight cramps, dizzy and nausea off and on, neg HPT (I'm a test junkie ;p)
8 DPO: Breasts sore, harsher cramps, dizzy, nausea, fatigue. A bit of pink spotting in the evening
9 DPO: All of the above with a positive HPT after intense cramps in the late evening

I'm still testing positive (at 11DPO), with more varied early pregnancy symptoms off and on. My O day may or may not have occurred when my fertility friend chart says it did, but I'm using the days listed as the base point. I tend to have erratic temps and early O days/12 day LP when I do cycle normally. Wish me luck on this first attempt at motherhood, and baby dust to all you ladies out there that haunt the site!

BFP With PCOS and Clomid

I just got my BFP! I am 10 dpo. Husband and I tried for about 6 months with no luck, then doctor diagnosed PCOS and put me on Clomid (100mg, days 3-7). This was my first month on the Clomid, and I am also taking progesterone supplements currently. Normally I take those started about 2-12 dpo and then stop them to make my period start, but doc will likely give me a bigger prescription to keep me on it for the whole first trimester because of my PCOS (I make very little progesterone on my own).

I started feeling symptoms about 4 dpo, and I thought I had to be imagining things, or that maybe it was the Clomid/progesterone mix playing mind games with me.

4-6 dpo: Just "felt pregnant;" sore nipples, backache. I have had the sore nipples every cycle with the progesterone, so I tried not to get my hopes up. I also had slight nausea on day 6, but it was during a car ride and I chalked it up to motion sickness.
7 dpo: Very tired, and a different kind of tired than normal. It reminded me of pulling all nighters in my college days; that slightly delirious feeling where you feel like you could probably just close your eyes and fall asleep while standing up. I tried to explain this away because I had stayed up late the night before and not slept well. Slight cramps, which is normal at this point in my cycle because of the progesterone.
8 dpo: I had half a beer at a party (none of our friends know we're TTC, I slipped it to my husband when no one was looking), and joked to my husband later that of course I would end up pregnant now that I had let a sip of beer past my lips.
9 dpo: Nipples not as sore and backache gone; assume I am out for this month and start planning next Clomid cycle. Slight nausea. I feel more emotional than usual, which is very out of character for me.
10 dpo: BFP! Husband was with me, we are beyond excited. I am technically only 3w5d, which is ridiculously early for telling people. I have had to pee about 500 times today, and I was exhausted mid-afternoon. Light nausea comes and goes; seems to get a little better if I eat something.

Hopefully this pregnancy will "take" and I can carry it full term. I'm very excited to tell my parents and in-laws on Father's Day! 

TTC Success "Au Natural" with PCOS!

We started TTC for a year, starting in mid-2007, but had no luck. AF came in November 2007, but then not again, and all my HPTs were BFN. After 6 months of no AF, I went to see my doctor. I was diagnosed with PCOS in mid-2008 and put on Metformin. AF came once, but then not again. I took HPT, assuming it would be BFN; I was planning to call my doctor to tell her that that the Metformin wasn't working to regulate my cycles. But I got a BFP and had my first child 9 months later!

Fast forward to April 2010; we were ready to TTC again. I asked my doctor if I should start Metformin again. She said that my body could have "reset" itself after my first pregnancy, so I should try "au natural" first. She said that if I skipped AF with a BFN to call her immediately to restart the Metformin. No need. Got a BFP in the second month of TTC and had my second child 9 months later.

Fast forward to March 2012; we were ready to TTC again. I was hopeful for another "au natural" conception, but still worried about the PCOS. Got a BFP again in the second month of TTC and am hoping all is well for a baby nine months from now!

I had no noticeable symptoms with any of my pregnancies during the two week wait. But, this time, my husband did say that that my BBs were bigger at 10 DPO, which led me to test with FRER on 11 DPO. Very faint BFP, repeated and darker at 12 DPO and 13 DPO!

Good luck to everyone and thank you for sharing your stories. I hope this gives you ladies with PCOS some hope that things absolutely can turn around. 

#2 with PCOS

I am 32 years old, diagnosed with PCOS in 2008, a month before I conceived my daughter naturally. (I was put on Metformin, and stayed on it through the first trimester.) After pregnancy, I got my periods every 5 and a half to 6 weeks which was "regular" for me. I became pregnant in July of 2011 and miscarried after 5 and a half weeks. After a few more months of trying, my regular OB put me back on Metformin and gave me Clomid to try but didn't really take a good look at my levels to know my hormones were so off balance the Clomid wouldn't have helped. I finally took the plunge and went to an RE. ( I was still taking 1500 Metformin every day). During the month of testing with the RE, I actually became pregnant on my own! He was just as shocked as I was. He gave me Progesterone supplements, which I lack because of the PCOS. He also is convinced that was why I miscarried.

Long story short: if you have PCOS, go see a specialist!!!! I waited almost 4 years after initial diagnosis, and this is a condition that should be managed whether or not you are trying to conceive. My RE was so much more knowledgeable than my reg doc and every visit there was like a breath of fresh air that someone could help me. Before trying any wacky suggestions you read on the internet, if you have PCOS see someone who knows about it.

I wasn't really looking for symptoms the month I conceived because I was leaving it up to the RE to decide what would be next, but ended up conceiving on Valentine's Day. The only things out of the ordinary for me were being in extreme pain from gas one day which never happens to me and getting a brief but very sharp pain on my left side one day while walking that actually made me bend over and hold my side (implantation?)

Good luck PCOSers. I know how disheartening this process can be getting repeated BFN, but go get the help you need not only to conceive but also to stay healthy. I honestly say prayers for all PCOSers every night. 

PCOS But Pregnant Naturally After Failed Clomid

Dear lovely ladies,

Have spent so many long nights in bed stalking this wonderful site now here I am!

I was diagnosed with pcos in 2008 and after years of ttc finally got pregs with my daughter on second round of clomid. Been trying again for over a year for a sibling for her and got to the maximum clomid allowed in a lifetime (well close, 9th or so dose). My Bupa specialist, to my dismay, said she couldn't treat me any further and that I'd have to go to a fertility clinic for alternative treatment. Of course the worry of cost really got to me!

I prayed to God. I reminded him of the miracles he'd performed in the Bible and asked him for his help.

Did it come quick enough?? I am not kidding, the month after my last failed clomid where I had no fertility treatment at all, I conceived!!! PRAISE GOD! He really is God! Not that I ever doubted it but THIS IS OUR GOD! This is what he does and can do and I'm so glad I have the real opportunity to testify here. :)


Wasn't looking out actively for any but I did have sore bbs ( sides hurt) and on and off sensitive nips. Had just one or two bursts of nausea not particularly in the mornings and these lasted no more than 10 seconds.

Have only had one instance of heartburn but the fatigue and short breath were unusual for me.

Occasionally felt a little down but just assumed it was to do with how busy I've been at work!

Decided to do first response this morning and BFP!!! Had a clear blue digital with me so used that up too as I wasn't sure how far along I was (cos of pcos, periods very irregular and normally 3-4 a year). Cb = 3 weeks+. !!

I hope my story has inspired you to also fully rely on God, love Him and just believe he'll do it for you too. I pray it will be soon.

God bless you all x 

PCOS - Surprise! BFP Story

This site got me through many, many 2ww with my first baby. I never posted my BFP and regret it.
Now, I have the chance!

I have PCOS with 1 miscarriage and my son is 9 months old. I have not been taking birth control
as I don't ovulate much as it is. With first one I took Glucophage, prednisone, extra folic acid,
aspirin, vitamins, clomid, used preseed and progesterone, plus hcg trigger shot.

I now only take vitamins, aspirin, and I just started taking Glucophage again (but I'll admit I have
missed a few doses.) DH and I decided to just 'see what happens' and planned to start trying again
more aggressively this summer.

Here are the details:
5 dpo (possible ovulation): Scant spotting in tissue. Just once. Thought this was odd.
6 dpo: Scant spotting again, just once. Super early implantation?
7 dpo-14 dpo: Random cramping, EWCM at times (wondering if I actually hadn't o'd yet) Random
nausea at times. Took a couple of HPT = BFN
14 dpo: on a whim and in a hurry took test with blue dye cheapie. We both saw the faintest of
faintest lines, almost had to look really hard. Took another one, same thing. husband ran to store
to get digital = BFN. Went to visit family that day and brought along rest of tests (some POAS and
some digi) later that day, BFN on POAS. Later that night ANOTHER very very faint line on BFN. what
the heck is going on? Researched and found that blue dyes are notorious for false positives. Even
later that night BFN on digital. feel like an idiot.
15 dpo: back home found FRER in closet, very reliable! BFN. Convinced I am not pregnant and ready
to move on.
15 dpo-20 dpo: I feel sooooo tired. Can't shake it all week. Stomach is really off too. Complain that
I 'don't feel like myself'. 21 dpo (today): getting a cold. Feel cruddy. Sleep on and off all day. DH
takes over with son. Feel really cruddy. Start to wonder if I am getting depressed. Ask DH to get
tests for me as I am late by a 'normal cycle' standard. He gets FRER pink dye. We take one after
holding pee 3 hours. For the first 15 seconds or so i see no second line and say "okay, I'm going to
go ahead and call it neg because nothing is happening" then, all of a sudden a 2nd line starts to
form. Shocked! Right before our eyes it gets clearer and it's pink! DH takes pic of it on his phone.
It's faint, but definitely, undeniably there. In disbelief!

SO...obviously my "days past ovulation" above are OFF! I kept them like that to show how crazy we
poor PCOS ladies can be with our cycles. I assume now that the light spotting might have actually
been OVULATION, not implanting. Baby dust to all! As far as symptoms I just feel tired and a little
achy in lower back. With first pregnancy I felt very, very crampy and was very uncomfortable.
Quite different so far. 

BFP Finally!

I got my BFP on 9DPO this month so I am so excited to finally be able to say I am PREGNANT after
4 years of TTC! :D

I O'd on CD 37, so for all you ladies with PCOS and long cycles like me, there IS hope so don't
give up!!

I didn't have many symptoms, the only unusual things I can think of is that I had what I am now
assuming was implantation spotting on 6DPO (or should I say SPOT because it was literally one drop
of blood when I wiped that evening), mild implantation cramping right after (which I assumed was
AF getting ready to show), a really strong craving for salad and I HATE lettuce, and I would forget
really simple things like putting conditioner in my hair after shampooing!

Things we did differently this month:
-This was my first cycle taking Metformin
-This was my first month doing BBT temping with FF, which was very helpful in
confirming ovulation
-Used Pre-Seed(this was our 3rd month using it, but the 1st month that we did
NOT use the internal applicator, only used externally on DH)
-Propped my bottom up under a pillow as soon bd was finished, and lay there
for at least 30 minutes before getting up
-Made sure I had an orgasm right after with a vibrator(I really believe this
helps suck the little swimmer inside!!)
-LOTS of prayers!!

Things I have been doing all along:
-Taking Pre-natal vitamin every day
-Using OPK tests

I wish all you amazing ladies much luck and babydust!! :)

After 10 months...Finally a BFP at 10 dp trigger, 9 dp IUI!!

This site is such a wonderful place. Whenever I felt discouraged or ready to give up, I could always
count on it to make me feel hopeful and encouraged.

I'm 29, DH is 34. The MD's think I have PCOS. Husband is perfect. This month, I was on Clomid
150 mg from CD 3-7. I also had the Ovidrel trigger, then an IUI 24 hours after the trigger. I have
also been taking Metformin 1500 mg daily, prenatals and an extra folic acid. And Mucinex 600
mg twice daily CD10-15.

I also had my very first HSG on CD6, which was normal. And this was also my first month trying
acupuncture, which I am now a FIRM believer of.

BD schedule (FUN!):
CD 12-BD
CD 15-BD
CD 16-BD
CD 17-IUI in AM, then BD that night
CD 19-BD

Bloating, gassy, sore bbs, food cravings for carbs and meat (could have sworn I was getting AF soon).
But the most telling sign was the cravings (I went to the same restaurant 5 times in a week) and
these left side twinges. Not really cramps, but twinges. Like a pulled muscle but doesn't feel better
when I tried to stretch it out. Oh, and I kept smelling GARBAGE! No matter where I was and how
clean everything is, I would still smell it!

What I did different:
Preseed (just used about 1/5th of the applicator)
Instead Softcups
Pineapple Core
Red Raspberry Leaf Tea
Had husband drink a RedBull 30 mins prior to his collection for our IUI
Tried my hardest to follow my acupuncturist's diet and lifestyle
recommendations (80% raw veggies and 20% protein, NO CARBS, no cold drinks,
no dairy, no garlic or spicy foods, keep feet warm at all times)
COMPLETELY cut caffeine out of my diet
No Alcohol
Only 15-20 mins of light activity daily

I tested out my trigger shot and how fast it would leave my system by POAS daily. It left my system
at around 7-8dp trigger. Then I just got a feeling at 10dp trigger to test, I did and two beautiful
lines came up. They were progressively getting darker as each day passed.

Good Luck to everyone and lots of baby dust! Praying and Trusting that this one sticks!