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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Trying to conceive with PCOS can be frustrating to say the least. That's why it's so inspirational to hear the success stories of women who have successfully achieved pregnancy with PCOS. You'll find those stories here in abundance… enjoy!

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Thank you! And when you get your BFP with PCOS, be sure to send it our way!

BFP After 12 Months

Hi. I have been following this website from Australia over the past 12 months. I am 36 yo, my partner 40. I was diagnosed with PCOS 6 years ago. Due to my age and the PCOS we consulted and IVF clinic after 5 months of trying on our own. After 7 Clomid cycles and one month out from commencing first round of IVF we finally have our first BFP at 16 DPO. What we did differently this month? Stopped temping and BD when we felt like it. Also took some time off from very stressful job. Symptoms? Usual AF headaches non existent. No pre AF spotting. Lots of discharge. Very very sore breasts. My 5 yo step daughter came up to me yday and said 'can I touch it' (referring to my tummy) and 'when is the baby coming?' I am only 4 1/2 weeks pg, not showing. Call it kids' intuition...! Baby dust to all x

BFP After 6 Years TTC

I got my BFP 2 days ago at @11 DPO.

DH and I have been TTC on and off for the last 6 years, 1 year of that I was on BCPs to control my PCOS symptoms (while we were trying to adopt) and about 6 months DH was deployed. The rest of the time we were actively TTC or just not preventing. Back in 2006-2007 I did 5 cycles of Clomid and Metformin which resulted in a chemical pregnancy. Switched drs and had a laparoscopy which showed a little bit of endo, so then I had to do 6 months of Lupron (most evil drug ever!). After that my new dr didn't want to believe me when I told her that I thought the Clomid was doing more harm than good (drying up my cm until I had pretty much none the entire month) and I did 6 more cycles with no success. Then we spent a couple years just not preventing but not actively trying because I just couldn't take anymore BFNs. Well, DH is getting out of the military in about 3 years and right now as long as we don't do AI, absolutely everything is covered 100% except when I go to a civilian pharmacy, then I have to pay a copay. So back to the dr we went. This time I got to go to an RE and not just an OBGYN. Had an HSG (so awful!) and then we started injectables. I did 5 days of follistim at 50IU, then they bumped me up to 75IU for 6 more days, did an Ovidrel trigger on CD 12, positive OPK on CD 13, and O on CD 14. Tested 13 days after the trigger (11DPO) and got a very faint positive. Called the RE back on 12DPO after slightly darker BFP, blood work put my HCG at 27, which is a little low so I go back tomorrow on 14DPO for a second blood test to make sure my HCG is increasing.

I'm still in shock. I can't really wrap my head around it. I didn't keep track of my symptoms very specifically because I was sure it wasn't going to work this first cycle on follistim but here they are in a nut shell.

CD14 O pains and the sore boobs start and continue all the way through the 2ww (but that's pretty typical for all my cycles)
CD15 nausea (most likely from the HCG in the trigger)
CD21 cramps start. A lot like AF cramps. I'm still worried that she's going to show up.
CD22 Nausea returns
CD23 Very close to getting to see my pop tart a second time after eating breakfast
CD25 faint BFP on dollar store test
CD26 slightly darker BFP on dollar store test and fairly dark BFP on FRER, Blood HCG 27
CD27 BFP on FR gold digital
CD28 I go back for another blood HCG and hopefully my numbers will be in the 50s.

So it really can happen for those of us who think it never will. At this point I'm cautiously optimistic because these things just don't seem to happen for us. I'm kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop lol. But after more than 6 long years, barring any complications, we will finally have a baby :)


Well, let me start at the beginning. At the age of 18 I was diagnosed with PCOS. My boyfriend and I got married a little while later and decided that we would not use any protection because our chances were already so low. The first two years we were not really trying but we were not preventing at all. Then the next year we began aggressively trying. I charted my BBT and nothing. I had irregular periods due to the PCOS. We were taking a break and just enjoying life when all of a sudden we found out we were expecting. We had a baby girl after 3 years! We both wanted a big family and for there not to be a huge age gap in age for our kids so when our daughter turned 10 months we started trying again. We figured it would take another few years. I went onto and bought a 50 pack of internet ovulation and pregnancy cheapies. Because of the PCOS I ovulate late (usually on the 20 day). I was exclusively breastfeeding on demand when ON OUR DAUGHTERS 1ST BIRTHDAY we found out we were pregnant again. Couldn't believe it took us 3 years with the first and only 2 months with the second! We couldn't be happier! Don't give up ladies!!!


I am 29 years old and have PCOS. My husband and I have been TTC for 15 months now. In April 2011 we began fertility treatments for my PCOS. I was already taking the maximum dose of metformin even though I am normal weight (135 5'6). We tried 3 rounds of clomid (50, 100, 150mg) and each round was unsuccessful at even inducing ovulation. We then sought treatment at a fertility clinic. Our first round of injectibles, I was over stimulated and the cycle was cancelled :( This was by far (although one of many) the most disappointing thing that had happened in our TTC journey. Then for our next round of injectibles it was found after a post coital test that I had no live sperm present. We had an IUI with this round of injectibles right before Christmas. I got a BFP on New Year's eve, which turned out to be a chemical pregnancy. We decided to take a break from TTC because we were being relocated for my husband's job and we had so many other things to worry about. I had decided that we would not return to a fertility clinic until April 2012 after we attended my brother in law's destination wedding. However, something funny happened, in February, I got a period on my own. I hadn't had a period that wasn't induced by prometrium since we had started TTC, so I thought I may have ovulated. We moved right after this and everything was wild and crazy, but exciting. The first weekend in our new house, I felt a little pain in my left side. I took an OPK and it was very positive. I have had plenty of positive OPK's in the past though without ovulating so I tried not to get too excited. Sure enough, 2 weeks later, I got a BFP Au Naturale!!! We are cautiously optimistic about this one, but maybe it really is true - once you stop trying, it happens!

An Interesting Journey Full of Surprises!

DH (33) and I (31) went completely off BC last April and decided to let it happen naturally. But in June/July when I missed a period and was having "symptoms", we found out I had PCOS - and also realized how much we wanted to be pregnant. So we started actively trying, temping and using OPKs in August 2011. Every month I was having every symptom in the book, and every month it turned out to be a cyst (including a few super fun instances of ruptured cysts. DH was introduced to the world of intra-vaginal U/S. Lol) - cramps, backache, sore and enlarged BBs, blue veins, headaches, bleeding gums, metallic tastes, nausea - my body was mocking me! One month my BBs hurt so badly I went to see my OB, and she found a small mass that she wanted me to check out. So then I had an U/S and mammogram (yikes!). Thankfully all clear.

Anyway, I started traveling extensively for work, interfering with our TTC attempts. This month, Feb. 2012, was the first month I didn't temp regularly or use OPKs, so of course I have no idea when I ov'd. We only BD'd on CD7, 9 (twice) and 12, and then I left again. I usually ov between CD 11 and 13, but have 29-32 day cycles (so my "two week wait" was always longer). This time we used pre-seed on CD12. Because my temping was so sporadic, I *think* I ov'd on CD 15, later than usual. The only other difference is that we were really BDing because we felt like it and we had a romantic Valentine's Day (CD12!!) extended celebration, but weren't "trying." How fun that we can have a Valentine's baby? :)

CD15-20 (maybe 0-5 dpo?) - I wasn't even paying attention, to be honest, because I didn't think we could have done it this month. I was out of the country, and first thing I noticed was (strangely) an unquenchable thirst for water. Starting from the minute I woke up. Yet my face was SO DRY. My nose was also painfully dry and bleeding. I chalked it up to dry air in Switzerland.

CD21 (6dpo?) - I randomly temped and it was lower than what I think my post-O temp was. Took note. Later that day I was having mild cramps and saying out loud that it was strange because my period wasn't due for another 9 or 10 days. My colleague said with a smile, "maybe something's growing in there." :). I shrugged it off, like no way.

CD22-23 (7-8dpo?) - I start noticing the breast tenderness. Say ow when something rubbed against it, and the same colleague made another comment. I started declining wine at dinner and went off coffee.

CD24 (9dpo?) - decide to humor myself and take a test this morning. At the time I really had no idea how many dpo I would have been (otherwise wouldn't have tested that early). BFP!!!!!! My first test in a couple months (because of travel), and the line came up clearly in 2 minutes on a FREP - no moving it around in the light too look. Thankfully, even though it was 7am for me and 1am at home, DH was up. I emailed him a picture of the test and then called and told him to check his email. :)

CD25 - The next morning (10dpo?) used a digi, and it came up "Pregnant!" The first test was on Feb 27th and I've continued testing daily (can't help it - that second line or that one word are so glorious!!). This morning the second line came up at the same time as the control line, as soon as the shadow passed it. Woohoo!

I got off the plane yesterday and DH and I went straight for my OB for beta. We get the results on Monday, but the assistant suggested we might be further along than we thought because we got such an instant positive BFP so early after my LMP - WHOA! Current symptoms are some bouts of nausea and headaches, cramping still, and BBs that are out of this world sore and at least half a cup bigger. - spilling out of my bras. I'm still having a really dry/bleeding nose. Baby dust to all, and prayers do work!

BFP w/ Clomid, PCOS, Spotting!

My partner and I have been trying to conceive for 17 Months! It has been a really long road and there have been many, many, many tears.
My partner was an adamant believer that it would just happen when it is suppose to happen... thus the reason I held out for a whole year before heading to the Doctors!

So after the longest year of my life had passed, in September 2011 we headed to the doctors for some initial investigations. Only too discover I have PCOS.

I was then referred to a gyn who then ordered further tests AMH level (Ovarian reserve was 13.5 which is below average for my age) and Hy-Co-Sy which showed a perfect uterus and tubes! phewww! Partner's SA was all within normal ranges.
I was prescribed Clomid as the first course of action.I was advised to take it days 2-6 and did so. Although I didn't go in to get the ultrasound to confirm ovulation (naughty I know!) But here I am first round of clomid with our beautiful BFP with FMU on 12DPO- on the 29th of feb! We are blessed!!!

BFP 19 DPO, PCOS, 1st Round of Clomid, 1st Month Trying

Let me start off by saying that the word INFERTILE is literally written on my file and I am just shocked to see my BFP so early. I have PCOS and do not ovulate on my own. My husband and I assumed it would take years to get pregnant, so we decided to start trying as soon as I got diagnosed. Doctor put me on 50 mg of Clomid because she said I would just be wasting my time if I tried naturally. Boy did that work!

Also, let's talk about how long after my missed period that it took me to get my BFP! (I have no idea how long my cycle is, I just know via my doctor that I ovulated on Day 14 or so). Don't lose hope if you haven't seen that positive yet. Especially if you drink a lot of water and have a small bladder like me. It ain't over until your period comes.

Ovulation: Only indication that I ovulated was a positive OPK 2 days before. No symptoms.
4-14 DPO: A myriad of normal PMS symptoms...most notably very sore bbs. We were on our honeymoon during this time, and I was complaining about hot flashes and swollen feet but we chalked it up as the altitude change. A couple of moments of car sickness, but this is nothing new with me. I am always car-sick. All BFN up to this point.
15-16 DPO: No period. Maybe I didn't ovulate. Cramping down there, maybe period is on her way. Still BFN.
17 DPO: All hope lost. Went to doctor for my new round of Provera and Clomid RXs and tested negative for pregnancy (urine test). I think the doc knew something I didn't. She said no Provera for a MONTH and take a preg test once a week, just in case.
18 DPO: Light-headed, nausea, a bbs are now really veiny.
19 DPO: I floss and gums are bleeding really bad. This never happens. I haven't peed yet today so I took a cheapie preg test. Is that a faint line? Research faint line and see on that it MIGHT be positive. Run to Rite Aid, get a digital to put all false hopes to bed and HOLY CRAP it says Pregnant! I sob in the bathroom. Put test on kitchen table to surprise husband, he comes home and lays a pizza on top of it and doesn't even see it.
20 DPO: Take a cheapie, line is a darker BFP.

After having 27 years of assuming I will never have a baby (because I never had periods) here I am, all knocked up. I can't believe the luck we had.

Femara/PCOS/Hypothyroidism/Not Ovulating

Ok, my fiancé & I have been TTC for over a year, I was dx w/PCOS & Hypothyroidism, I'm on Metformin (2,000/day) & Synthroid (50/day). I've been checking my progesterone levels 7dpo & they were not good (4-5), so I was not ovulating, although I was getting a clear LH surge by a positive OPK. My cycles are pretty regular now, but since I wasn't ovulating I decided to try Femara (5mg on cd 3-7) this cycle, on my own, so no extra monitoring, except for my 7dpo progesterone check to see if the Femara helped. My fiancé has no children & we are unsure of his ability at this point, he is 35 & I am 32, I've had 3 successful pregnancies, 1 that ended in miscarriage, but all this activity was several years ago.

So here are my 2WW symptoms:

CD15: Positive OPK @ 2am (my schedule is way crazy!) / BD (didn't start before because he was out of town)
CD16: Counting this as Ovulation Day!
1DPO: BD Again:)
7DPO: Progesterone was 13.15, better, but not promising for BFP:(
8-9DPO: Noticed that it was uncomfortable to wear jeans, feeling bloated, but this is most likely due to Femara; having some little sparks of something in my pelvis area; a little on the nauseous side, but not seriously; starting to be a little more emotional than usual; having bowel movements more frequently, seem to be more towards the constipated side.
10-12DPO: I have had a little spotting (pinkish color in some clear cm) only noticed when wiping & only happened 1-2x per day, no more; a little more nauseous; a little smell sensitive; cervix is high; cervical wall seems swollen?; started using NPC & taking more Zinc; feel even more bloated also much more gassy than usual; BFN

So that's where I am at. Any thoughts, comments??? I will be back to update. Thank you! My prayers are with each & every one of you!

TTC for 6 Months with PCOS

My DH and I have been TTC for 6 months but every month felt like the longest wait ever and until now there was little to suggest we were getting closer to our BFP. I do however feel that this month we made some changes which hopefully contributed and I wanted to share them with you as I have been an avid reader of this site and loved reading any suggestions other TTC couples gave.

I got diagnosed with PCOS by the doc this month though this came as little surprise - I suffer from acne and my periods were slightly irregular and on the long side - anywhere between 32-39 days and different from month to month. Finally getting the diagnosis made me strangely feel more relaxed. It was going to be harder for us but at least I now knew why! I started a treatment of acupuncture, starting taking Agnus Castus (tinctures) to regulate my periods, upped my dose of Vits B6, C and EPO and continued taking my prenatal vits. (Also made DH take some too!) And then simply relaxed about the BD side of things. No charting or ovulation tests. I fully expected us to be out this month. We barely BDed at all! Thinking back now I think perhaps only on 1dpo!! Told my DH this and so we were both convinced it was going to be at least another month for us...... this made us all the more surprised to get a BFP last weekend!!

Started with the faintest positive ever on an early test, even threw it on the side to start with thinking it was another BFN only to return 5 mins later to the faintest line. Did another the next day which was slightly darker and then the next day there it was a bold BFP!!!

No symptoms really this month (compared to other months!!) except the day after I was due to start my period and hadn't my boobs became very full and tender. CM also stayed white and creamy after ovulation but that was it. No nausea (yet!), implantation bleeding or cramps.. So there you go. Hope the little bean sticks! Keep hope - it will happen when you least expect it - take control of looking after yourself and everything else will fall into place. Oh, and if I had to put it down to one thing that helped us this month it was the acupuncture. Great for channeling positive thinking. Babydust to everyone!

BFP After Two Years With PCOS, Low Motility/Morphology, on Metformin and Clomid, plus Ovidrel Trigger Shot and IUI

My Husband and I have been trying for two years. I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and he was told his Motility/Morphology weren't great. We did acupuncture together for four months, and took MOUNTAINS of vitamins and herbs. I've been on Metformin for PCOS for the entire two years, but we still hadn't had any success. When we were finally ready to take the next step, we did three cycles of Metformin plus Clomid and timed Intercourse. Still no luck. We finally moved onto IUI. The first cycle, I had every pregnancy symptom in the book, but did not end up being pregnant. The second cycle, I had almost no symptoms whatsoever, but my day 11 Blood Test level was 46! I went back on day 13 for another, and the Beta level was 118! I'm Pregnant! This morning, I finally got a BFP on a digital test, so I'm starting to believe it. : )

Timed Intercourse and Ovidrel Trigger Shot on Cycle Day 14
IUI on Cycle Day 16
4DPO - Odd, period like cramps, with slightly different feel today
5DPO - More cramps, gas
9DPO - Mild nausea from about 4:00pm until bedtime. Noticed I had been out of breath after climbing the stairs today and maybe three days prior. Not normal.
11DPO - Very odd, but I noticed that my nether region had been "beating" for days. This happens to me once in awhile, but never multiple times a day. It feels like I can feel a heartbeat in my vaginal area. Has anyone else experienced this?? Doctor called with a Positive Blood Test Result! Beta Level 46!
12 DPO - Minor stomach upset
13 DPO - Another Positive Blood Test! Beta Level 118! Medium stomach upset, and it gurgled all day. Some odd cramping too.
14 DPO - Positive Digital Test! Woot! (A girl waits her whole life for one of those!) ; )

No sore breasts, very little nausea, no exhaustion. I was sure I wasn't pregnant before my first Blood Test, and I am! : D 4 weeks, 1 day today.

My Best Friend knows, because she knew most details of our IUI process. We're going to see my Mom and Stepdad this weekend, and may tell ONLY them. Otherwise, we'll try to keep our mouths shut until Week 12!

I have my first Ultrasound on March 2nd, at Six Weeks, and should be due around October 24th! : ) Crossing everything I can cross and praying for a safe arrival!

Wishing you all much luck and much love!