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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Trying to conceive with PCOS can be frustrating to say the least. That's why it's so inspirational to hear the success stories of women who have successfully achieved pregnancy with PCOS. You'll find those stories here in abundance… enjoy!

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Thank you! And when you get your BFP with PCOS, be sure to send it our way!

After 10 months...Finally a BFP at 10 dp trigger, 9 dp IUI!!

This site is such a wonderful place. Whenever I felt discouraged or ready to give up, I could always
count on it to make me feel hopeful and encouraged.

I'm 29, DH is 34. The MD's think I have PCOS. Husband is perfect. This month, I was on Clomid
150 mg from CD 3-7. I also had the Ovidrel trigger, then an IUI 24 hours after the trigger. I have
also been taking Metformin 1500 mg daily, prenatals and an extra folic acid. And Mucinex 600
mg twice daily CD10-15.

I also had my very first HSG on CD6, which was normal. And this was also my first month trying
acupuncture, which I am now a FIRM believer of.

BD schedule (FUN!):
CD 12-BD
CD 15-BD
CD 16-BD
CD 17-IUI in AM, then BD that night
CD 19-BD

Bloating, gassy, sore bbs, food cravings for carbs and meat (could have sworn I was getting AF soon).
But the most telling sign was the cravings (I went to the same restaurant 5 times in a week) and
these left side twinges. Not really cramps, but twinges. Like a pulled muscle but doesn't feel better
when I tried to stretch it out. Oh, and I kept smelling GARBAGE! No matter where I was and how
clean everything is, I would still smell it!

What I did different:
Preseed (just used about 1/5th of the applicator)
Instead Softcups
Pineapple Core
Red Raspberry Leaf Tea
Had husband drink a RedBull 30 mins prior to his collection for our IUI
Tried my hardest to follow my acupuncturist's diet and lifestyle
recommendations (80% raw veggies and 20% protein, NO CARBS, no cold drinks,
no dairy, no garlic or spicy foods, keep feet warm at all times)
COMPLETELY cut caffeine out of my diet
No Alcohol
Only 15-20 mins of light activity daily

I tested out my trigger shot and how fast it would leave my system by POAS daily. It left my system
at around 7-8dp trigger. Then I just got a feeling at 10dp trigger to test, I did and two beautiful
lines came up. They were progressively getting darker as each day passed.

Good Luck to everyone and lots of baby dust! Praying and Trusting that this one sticks!

BFP After 24 Mths W/ PCOS And 1st IUI

I've been stalking this site for a long time and I'm thrilled that I finally get to submit mine early symptoms.

DPO 1-5 Gas, mild twinges in my uterus, oily skin, very light cramping probable wouldn't have notice the cramps had I not been ttc.
DPO 6-10 Very full breast, tired, pulling or tugging sensation on the right side if uterus.
DPO 11 took a HPT and saw an extremely faint line, I had to hold it at different angles in the light just to see it. I thought it was just me so I waited until my DH got home since he has hawk eyes and he was able to see a faint line as well. I was so afraid to get excited because I have heard of evaporating lines on HPT.
DPO 12 Breast still very full and now becoming sore, light cramping, and tired. Took another HPT test and still saw a faint line however, this one was slightly darker so I thought that I should try a digital test. Sadly when I took the digital test it said Not Pregnant. I didn't lose hope because I've heard that test sensitivity differ depending on the brand.
DPO 13 Breast are sore especially on the sides, nipples also becoming sore, gas, tired, and cramps are becoming more like AF cramps. Took another HPT line is definitely darker at this point so I thought it would be a good idea to try a digital test and I was sooooooo Thrilled when the word Pregnant appeared.
DPO 14 Went in to doctors office for blood work and it confirmed my pregnancy Beta 90
DPO 17 Beta still rising 359 YAY!!!!!! I pray that I have a very healthy pregnancy and a very healthy beautiful baby.
DPO 19 Beta Still rising 704 YAY!!!!!!! Thank You Lord !!!!!!!

Don't give up and much, much baby dust to all TTC's I know how much it meant for me to read everyone's success stories.

Hope This Gives Some Ladies Hope

Thought I'd share my experience trying to get pg and my two week wait, since I've poured over everyone else's for the past year looking for any glimmers of hope.

I have thin PCOS and my cycles have NEVER been regular except for the 10 + years that the doc had me on birth control. (I was on from the age of 15 to 28, intermittently). Started charting last fall and it was a stressful experiences seeing my crazy 30-60 day long cycles, many with no clear ovulation temps. I started seeing an acupuncturist and taking Chinese herbs. Did that for 4 months and she told me it wasn't working, based on my BBTs, so we should stop! I was CRUSHED! I think i cried for 24 hours.

Got a blood work up at the gyn and everything looked pretty normal, so I decided to keep trying without meds yet, but to take meds in the next few months if it didn't work out. I do have excess testosterone due the PCOS.

On my own, two months ago I decided to take 400 mg Vitex, B-6, prenatal, and fish oil. I didn't have any EWCM and decided to try lots of pomegranate juice. I've been also taking vitamin D, no wheat products (wheat allergy).

This cycle's chart AMAZED me -- first "normal" looking one I've ever recorded, with a clear spike in temps right at CD 15. I was in shock. We BD'd like crazy every day for about 8 days. My temps went higher... and have stayed there. I'm still amazed that my body decided to fall in line finally!! The difference seemed to be the 400 mg of vitex and the pomegranate juice, although I know it's not scientific. Just my feeling.

BFP 14 DPO w/ Spotting

Hello all you lovely ladies. Like most of you I have searched this site endlessly hoping and praying that one say it would be me writing on here, and what do you know, here am!!! A little background, me and my partner have not been trying but not preventing for a year now, last year I was diagnosed with PCOS. I am one of those who has skinny PCOS as in quite petite and the only symptoms of this disorder I have are swollen ovaries with the string of pearl folicules and severe abdominal pain with irregular to no ovulation. I found out on April the 2nd that I am pregnant! Here are my symptoms. Bd cd15, cd 18 o'd cycle day 19.

1dpo woke up with blood in my nose
2dpo suddenly turned constipated :(
3dpo-7dpo cramping all over the place and started to go to the loo every half hour....this happens often when my ovaries are swollen so I thought nothing of it.
8dpo nose bleed...haven't had one of these since I was 16.
9dpo sudden elastic band type flick in my abdomens that made me say " auch" out load. This lasted no more than a few seconds.
10dpo to 14dpo started feeling really crampy as if I was going to get my period so when I was at work on 14dpo and I saw brown discharge in my nickers I figured that my period had arrived and that was it. Except a) just before the brown turned up I had an unbundle nice of creamy white cm in me nickers which I found odd b) the brown had disappeared the time I got home and was never on the toilet paper when I wiped which I found odd. So against my better judgment I pulled out a first response and peed. Lo and behold only one line, thought to myself I'm going mad, then took a second look and as I was staring a beautiful second line started to appear in front of me!!!! Holy cow!!!!! 15dpo took an other using FMU positive!
17dpo positive blood test. I'm overjoyed that even when I was told I would have to go on fertility treatment if ever I wanted to get pregnant, I am now pregnant naturally!

Thank you to all for your stories and symptoms they really helped me stay sane and comforted me when I was told it would be very difficult.

BFP! TTC For 1 Year And A Half, Pcos, And On A Break.

Holy Smokes! I can’t believe I am posting on here, I've stalked it for about a year and a half. My story is pretty crazy. I have PCOS, so I don’t ovulate very often. I spent all last year on Clomid and letrezole, and had to drive an hour to my fertility specialist twice a month. I ovulated on both Clomid and letrezole but never could get pregnant. The stress was really starting to get to DH and I, so we decided to take a break. About two weeks ago I noticed some slight nipple tenderness and I thought maybe I’m ovulating. I decided not to tell DH because I didn’t want to put too much pressure on him. Well the next day I found an ovulation test under my sink and thought I just go ahead and see. Well it was positive! My niece is staying with me so we didn’t get another chance to BD so I thought for sure we missed our chance. I still had the nipple tenderness so I Just figured my AF was coming. Two weeks and 3 HPTs later.. BFP! Here are my symptoms:

0DPO: Nipple Tenderness (BD)
1DPO-6DPO : Nipple Tenderness, Positive OPK
2DPO-6DPO: Nipples less tender, VERY gassy (sorry if TMI)
6DPO-13DPO: Nipples are tender off and on, still gassy, Breast begin to swell (that has never happened before AF).
14DPO: Breasts still swollen and its very noticeable. They are tender on the bottom when poked, almost like a sore muscle. CRAMPS! I started cramping in the morning and all day I was sure AF was coming at any minute. I went to the bathroom constantly to check.
15DPO: Breasts still swollen, Cramping off and on all day. Still checking for aunt flow constantly. Sensitive to smells. My niece was eating something with hot sauce on it and it was like all I could smell was vinegar. It didn’t make my stomach turn but it was ALL I could smell. That’s when I decided to go to the dollar store for some HPT’s. I got a VERY faint positive on the first one. DH convinced me to take another one about 10 minutes later, so I did. Another faint positive. So we went and bought the digital test that says the word “pregnant” and a few hours later, SURE Enough BFP!!!!!!!!!

We are so excited! We have wanted this for SO long! We are praying for a sticky, healthy baby! This just goes to show when you relax and stop stressing it does miracles. Everyone kept saying “take a break, relax and it will happen” I should have listened a long time ago.

BFP on 10dpo with Endometriosis and PCOS

My mom had me when she was 19, and spent the next 11 years of her life trying to have a second baby. She was never successful due to her endometriosis and eventually had to have a hysterectomy. When I was diagnosed with endo at age 18, I just knew I would have the same difficulties. When I was 24, DH and I started TTC, and I was then diagnosed with PCOS and insulin-resistance. I was devastated to have new problems tacked onto existing ones. Immediately the doctor put me on Metformin, Weight Watchers, and fertility treatment. DH and I went through 5 rounds of Clomid - w/ IUI, trigger shot, and progesterone supplements for the cycles I did ovulate. I only ovulated 2 of those rounds and conceived with none. The doctor recommended a laparascopic surgery for my endo, and afterwards I spent my time recovering and considering my options. The doctor wanted to move onto injectibles; DH and I were pretty sure we were going to save our money to adopt. I got pregnant two months after my surgery while we were still deciding our next step! Completely natural, not even trying (well, in my head I knew when I should supposedly ovulate, so I wasn't completely oblivious but no aids and little hope). So . . . once PPAF arrived when DS was 14 months (I was breastfeeding still hence why she showed up later), I was determined to give it a try naturally. It took some weeks for my cycles to regulate, but they did so fairly quickly. This was our 5th month of trying, and I already had an annual exam scheduled with my gynecologist, preparing to discuss fertility treatment. Now I will be going in to check hCG and progesterone and scheduling u/s dates. I am so excited to say that with the right diet, medication, and natural assistance, my PCOS and Endometriosis did not prevent me from conceiving! I am very lucky.

Here are the things I did this cycle: I took prenatal vitamins along with a B complex to help with my short luteal phase, Vitex to help with hormone regulation, and Vitamin E to help with egg quality. I drank grapefruit juice leading up to O, in the hopes it would increase EWCM. DH and I used Preseed, and this cycle I tried, for the first time, the Soft Cups found on I also began using the Fertile Balance natural progesterone cream. I think the past months of eating well and taking vitamins/supplements helped prep my body, but I think the Soft Cups insured success. I will definitely use them next time we are TTC.

I didn't track my symptoms very well this month. I was just so sure I was out, so my dpo may be off slightly.

CD17 - O at 11pm, one day later than expected. Definite O pains.
1-3dpo: Nothing really. No lingering CM, cervix immediately moved down like AF was impending and stayed there all week. Usually my cervix is all over the place until a few days before AF. Bb's were more sore than usual, but I attributed that to the progesterone cream.
4dpo: Lots of creamy CM. My root beer tasted weird, and I usually LOVE root beer.
5dpo: I was reading a book on the couch and felt some odd pressure in my lower abdomen. It lasted about 5 minutes, then disappeared.
6dpo: I cried 4 times that day, over little things, too! Two of them were because of some sad scenes in the book. I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to getting attached to characters, but that was a bit much. I started feeling super exhausted, in the evenings especially. And felt an odd tingly feeling in my uterus that lasted about 3 minutes.
7dpo: Exhausted in the evening. Creamy cm. Bb's sore. Wildly vivid dreams, although this is common for me. Still crying at silly things, and feeling SUPER emotional, taking things too personally.
8dpo: More exhaustion. Bb's not very sore. At 11pm, I felt the tingly/bubbly sensation again, but it's stronger, most definitely in the uterus, and lasted about 20 minutes.
9dpo: Beginning to see hope because of the exhaustion, emotions, and the tingly feeling from the night before. Also, I found myself "aware" of my uterus a couple times throughout the day.
10dpo: BFN in the morning. Bummed but not surprised. Randomly, I decided to test after my nap. I swear I could see a line!! But the more I looked, the more I thought it was my imagination. Held out peeing for 3 hours, tested with two strips, and got two more slightly there lines, definitely within the time limit and visible in photos. DH could even see them! Tired. Sore bb's. Watery CM.
11dpo: B(faint)P in morning. I decided get both FRER and CBE digital tests since I was using IC's before. I got a clear 2nd line in 2 minutes on the FRER, so I whip out the digital, and PREGNANT!! I go in for bloodwork later. Now I just have to concentrate on a sticky bean and healthy momma. Please don't give up faith ladies. Even if you have obstacles ahead, you can still achieve your positive!

BFP After First Round Of Clomid And PCOS

Hi everyone, I am so excited to be able to post of here. Like most of you, I have been stalking this site for the past few months. I am 25 and my dp is 30.  I came off bcp about 2 years ago, and haven't had any pregnancies or scares in that time.  When we wanted to ttc, I went to a specialist who put my on clomid as i was diagnosed with slight pcos.  This was our first round of clomid.  I was temping, but never noticed any real big change so wasn’t sure what day I o’d, except that the dr gave me an estimate it was the 11th of March.  So here are my symptoms: btw, we bd every other day, and stayed laying down for at least 10 mins every time after.

CD1 – 25 Feb
CD5-9 – Clomid
As mentioned I am not sure what day I o’d but prediction was 11/3 so cd 16
1dpo – very tired. Felt like i had a constant stitch under my right rib. A bit of cm
2dpo – feel mild af like cramps, thought milk for brekkie tasted funny. Woke up with an ulcer just inside my lip.  Strange as i never get ulcers. Light cm
3dpo- left bb slight tender, still have af like cramps, not as much cm.
4dpo- sore throat, pelvic area started feeling fuller/heavy. Getting thirsty a lot more. Sharp pain lasting a few seconds in right side.
5dpo- bit of a stuffy nose, thought I must be getting a cold from the kids. Weird note, when leaning my stomach against a bench at work, it was tender. Odd much!!.  Bbs really itchy the last 2 days. Af like cramps again. Thinking i must be out this month.
6dpo- new too early, but again not sure of o’d date, so did hpt, was bfp.
7dpo – meant to do blood test today to see if clomid worked to increase my progesterone, but didn’t get a chance to.  Going away midweek with dp, will go then.  Very tired in afternoon and had a 2 hour nap.
8dpo- no real symptoms, no cm at all, felt a little nausea in the morning like the feeling when you haven’t eaten in ages.  So had something to eat, but still felt nausea. Still thought I must be coming down with something.
9dpo- bbs getting tender but af should arrive in 4 days. Slight stuffy nose still and nausea again today. Still no increases cm and feel like af like cramps, definitely think we are out. Started feeling like I have been more out of breath the last couple of days.
10dpo- dp and I go on holidays for 3 days.  Did another hpt just in case to see if I could have a few drinks while we are away.  Bfn.
11-14dpo – didn’t really take not of anything because thought we were out and just relaxed while on holidays.  Still took temp though just so I could show my dr on my return.  Only thing i noticed was af like cramp feeling still.    Am convinced I am out.
15dpo – cm today.  Felt like napping all day, but thought was because been on holidays and lazy. Lol. looked at test from 10dpo and the bfn turned to a positive. But because you are not meant to read after the time limit i thought i would test the next day just in case.
16dpo – didn’t get a chance to test fmu, so waited until I got to work and did frer. Got a BFP straight away.

I cannot believe that this is happening to me after waiting so long to have a baby.  I haven't told my dp as yet because have a dr appointment tomorrow and want to confirm definitely.  Am praying that this is a sticky bean.  Baby dust to you all..!!! and just remember, even if you don’t get too many signs, it can still happen.

BFP After 12 Months

Hi. I have been following this website from Australia over the past 12 months. I am 36 yo, my partner 40. I was diagnosed with PCOS 6 years ago. Due to my age and the PCOS we consulted and IVF clinic after 5 months of trying on our own. After 7 Clomid cycles and one month out from commencing first round of IVF we finally have our first BFP at 16 DPO. What we did differently this month? Stopped temping and BD when we felt like it. Also took some time off from very stressful job. Symptoms? Usual AF headaches non existent. No pre AF spotting. Lots of discharge. Very very sore breasts. My 5 yo step daughter came up to me yday and said 'can I touch it' (referring to my tummy) and 'when is the baby coming?' I am only 4 1/2 weeks pg, not showing. Call it kids' intuition...! Baby dust to all x

BFP After 6 Years TTC

I got my BFP 2 days ago at @11 DPO.

DH and I have been TTC on and off for the last 6 years, 1 year of that I was on BCPs to control my PCOS symptoms (while we were trying to adopt) and about 6 months DH was deployed. The rest of the time we were actively TTC or just not preventing. Back in 2006-2007 I did 5 cycles of Clomid and Metformin which resulted in a chemical pregnancy. Switched drs and had a laparoscopy which showed a little bit of endo, so then I had to do 6 months of Lupron (most evil drug ever!). After that my new dr didn't want to believe me when I told her that I thought the Clomid was doing more harm than good (drying up my cm until I had pretty much none the entire month) and I did 6 more cycles with no success. Then we spent a couple years just not preventing but not actively trying because I just couldn't take anymore BFNs. Well, DH is getting out of the military in about 3 years and right now as long as we don't do AI, absolutely everything is covered 100% except when I go to a civilian pharmacy, then I have to pay a copay. So back to the dr we went. This time I got to go to an RE and not just an OBGYN. Had an HSG (so awful!) and then we started injectables. I did 5 days of follistim at 50IU, then they bumped me up to 75IU for 6 more days, did an Ovidrel trigger on CD 12, positive OPK on CD 13, and O on CD 14. Tested 13 days after the trigger (11DPO) and got a very faint positive. Called the RE back on 12DPO after slightly darker BFP, blood work put my HCG at 27, which is a little low so I go back tomorrow on 14DPO for a second blood test to make sure my HCG is increasing.

I'm still in shock. I can't really wrap my head around it. I didn't keep track of my symptoms very specifically because I was sure it wasn't going to work this first cycle on follistim but here they are in a nut shell.

CD14 O pains and the sore boobs start and continue all the way through the 2ww (but that's pretty typical for all my cycles)
CD15 nausea (most likely from the HCG in the trigger)
CD21 cramps start. A lot like AF cramps. I'm still worried that she's going to show up.
CD22 Nausea returns
CD23 Very close to getting to see my pop tart a second time after eating breakfast
CD25 faint BFP on dollar store test
CD26 slightly darker BFP on dollar store test and fairly dark BFP on FRER, Blood HCG 27
CD27 BFP on FR gold digital
CD28 I go back for another blood HCG and hopefully my numbers will be in the 50s.

So it really can happen for those of us who think it never will. At this point I'm cautiously optimistic because these things just don't seem to happen for us. I'm kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop lol. But after more than 6 long years, barring any complications, we will finally have a baby :)


Well, let me start at the beginning. At the age of 18 I was diagnosed with PCOS. My boyfriend and I got married a little while later and decided that we would not use any protection because our chances were already so low. The first two years we were not really trying but we were not preventing at all. Then the next year we began aggressively trying. I charted my BBT and nothing. I had irregular periods due to the PCOS. We were taking a break and just enjoying life when all of a sudden we found out we were expecting. We had a baby girl after 3 years! We both wanted a big family and for there not to be a huge age gap in age for our kids so when our daughter turned 10 months we started trying again. We figured it would take another few years. I went onto and bought a 50 pack of internet ovulation and pregnancy cheapies. Because of the PCOS I ovulate late (usually on the 20 day). I was exclusively breastfeeding on demand when ON OUR DAUGHTERS 1ST BIRTHDAY we found out we were pregnant again. Couldn't believe it took us 3 years with the first and only 2 months with the second! We couldn't be happier! Don't give up ladies!!!