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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Trying to conceive with PCOS can be frustrating to say the least. That's why it's so inspirational to hear the success stories of women who have successfully achieved pregnancy with PCOS. You'll find those stories here in abundance… enjoy!

We also recommend that you check out the success stories of women with PCOS taking FertilAid. We recommend FertilAid for all trying-to-conceive women, but especially women with PCOS.

Thank you! And when you get your BFP with PCOS, be sure to send it our way!

BFP with mild PCOS and spotting

I hope my tips and tricks can help all you ladies get BFP's! I was on Diane 35 for 6 years because of mild PCOS and was worried that I might have been on it too long and it would deter my chances of getting pregnant quickly. We got pregnant on my 3rd month off the pill so any of you who have mild PCOS or have been on the pill a while can perhaps breathe a sigh of relief :) I also always get dark brown spotting for 4-5 days before AF is due, and his month a big red flag was that I didn't have ANY spotting at all!

My tips are (from changes I made this cycle):
- BD every day when ovulating
- Lie down on my back for 20 mins after BD, sometimes with legs curled up to help gravity ;) DH would put on a TV show for me to watch so kill time! I think this tip really helped!
- Avoid *hot* foods like nuts, eggs and too much chocolate (back home we believe the heat in some foods doesn't help the egg stay fertilized)
- Take Folic Acid everyday
- When testing early before AF, the digital HPT's give more accurate results, save yourself the stress of the cheaper tests that aren't as accurate!

My 2WW symptoms were: (please note I have a 26 day cycle, and I didn't chart my temps. luckily I knew I O'd on CD14 because I was at the gynae that morning for an ultrasound and she told me I'd O that night so to make sure we BD ;) I kept track of my symptoms through

2-3 dpo: slight nausea, thought it was just in my head
4 dpo: BBs felt weird and tingly, tired easily, and weird pain *down there*, nausea
5 dpo: mild/dull cramps, pressure, breasts still tingly, sleeplessness, increased CM, nausea, also possible IB had pinkish blood when i wiped like 4 drops, mixed with white CM, vivid dreams
6 dpo: mild/dull cramps, pressure, twinges in my abdomen, nausea, overall felt strange feelings in my abdomen/ovaries, like pulls and pinches, vivid dreams
7 dpo: mild/dull cramps, pressure, same abdomen pulling and pinching, severe nausea at work, feel very blah, a co-worker thinks I'm pregnant, no usual brown spotting I get at this time before AF
8 dpo: take a HPT of Clearblue easy +/-, got BFN, very sad, feel very sure i'm preggers! same symptoms of abdomen pressure and nausea, my CM dries to a slight yellow color
9 dpo: mild/dull cramps, pressure, same abdomen pulling and pinching, severe nausea, feel like there are rocks in my stomach don't feel like eating anything all day, abdomen feels full and bloated, weird pains in cervix as well, like twinges
10 dpo: take a HPT of Clearblue easy +/-, got BFN but don;t believe it, by now I am sure I am preggers, don;t feel hungry, still feel like I have rocks in my stomach, badddd nausea
11 dpo: (one day before AF is due): take a HPT of Clearblue Easy Digital, got BFP! Cannot believe it and scream and scare DH! Still nauseous all day but don't mind because I know it's worth it :)
12 dpo: Day AF is due: No AF, take another HPT to confirm :)

Baby dust to all you lovely ladies! xxx

BFP after one year of trying! :)

TTC baby #2, 5th cycle of Clomiphene on 150mg days 2-6 because of PCOS, used OPK and got LH surge CD 17, estrogen day 12 was 672 pg/ml and progesterone day 22 was 57.3 ng/ml

1-3 DPO No symptoms

4 DPO nausea and really heightened sense of smell (keep smelling cat pee that no one else can smell!), odd twangs in uterus, creamy CM, funny taste in mouth, CD 22 Progesterone level today was high but I had a little bit of spotting in evening (hopefully implantation spotting and not early AF?)
5 DPO odd twangs in uterus, thirsty and need to pee more, vivid dreams, creamy CM, funny taste in mouth
6 DPO lower back pain, thirsty and need to pee more, vivid dreams, creamy CM, high cervix, acne
7 DPO still high cervix, acne, lower back pain and thirsty (dry mouth) and peeing a lot - but no nausea since day 4, BFN first thing using Oracle Fertility Tests (say detect from 10mIU/ml hCG level so from 7 DPO). No sore bbs but hoping maybe with 2nd child you don't get the same sore bbs like I had with first?! Aerolas may be a bit darker - wish had taken pre-photos so can compare as can't remember what they looked like now....
8 DPO BFN first thing in morning. Just thirsty today and a little bit sore around my pelvic area. In evening got the faintest of faint second line on pregnancy test.... evaporation line or actual line?
9 DPO faint second line again.... Sore pelvic region - feel like I'm being stretched down there (tmi!?), headaches, sleepy, very emotional.
10 DPO faint second line but looking darker. Been hungry and tired with sore pelvic region again but not much else.
11 DPO Went in for bloods first thing - Hcg level 81! BFP!! :)

What we did different - used OPK TWICE daily and did LOTS of BD'ing around LH surge and for 48 hours after. Then I have been taking it pretty easy since O day - no overly vigorous exercise etc. Nothing else different.

I know what a hard journey it can be and I'm so grateful to be pregnant again. Some months I had symptoms that were pretty similar to these - but never as many at once. Baby dust to you all!


I finally got my bfp!

I have pcos and this was my third four of clomid. Ovulation days 1-9 I had no symptoms.  I didn't even know I ovulated. I had done opks everyday none came out positive and I didn't see on my chart that ovulation was detected! The. Day of our anniversary I saw on my fertility friend chart ovulation was detected on day 20. I was for sure I missed my chance until I saw that. My temps remained high. Then on day 34 of my cycle I had ewcm and my temp was higher. I thought oh no, my chart was wrong I didn't ovulate. Either way I wasn't testing till day 38. I started getting sore nipples around the same time, I just figured it was from ovulation. Then the sides started to hurt, not bad but almost like I was punched. I figured it was in my head and just cause I couldn't bare another negative I held out till day 28. Yesterday morning I took the test bfp!  I couldn't believe it.

So to everyone reading this don't five up hope! Baby dust!!!!!!

BFP against the odds!

We have been trying for over a year and honestly had given up all hope completely! I have PCOS, had adhesions in both tubes which had to be removed several months ago and I was ovulating only 2 - 3 times a year! Miracles do happen!!

I was on Clomid this cycle, and used pre seed as I had NO mucus at all. The symptoms were similar to other months, although the poking in ovaries were a little stronger and the nausea more extreme (although I did but that down to the Clomid)

1dpo - nothing - tinge to mucus

2dpo - Sore boobs (so I have def ovulated yippee)

3dpo - Sore nipples

7dpo - Creamy thick mucus

9dpo - slight tinge to mucus

10dpo -slight tinge to mucus

11dpo - Feeling a bit sick (put it down to Clomid)

12dpo - Had what I thought was an evaporation line on a cheap internet test,Cervix Mid and closed, brown/tinged mucus - impending period? Should be due tomorrow and normally I would be a little more 'red' at this time of the month

13dpo -Not much mucus - wetter towards the end of the evening. Constant strange pin prick tweaks all night
Massive nausea in the day time - easing off as the ovaries start to tweak in the evening, could well be the ovaries preparing to shed in time for a period Smelly farts - later in day!

14dpo - Blood tinged again! looks like impending period again Cervix harder later in the day
ovaries aching later in the day, dull ache, nothing like the pin pricked throbbing yesterday.

Felt very happy and content

15dpo - PREGNANT!!!! Waves of nausea and extreme excitement!!!!

Please use Preseed, I swear it did the job for us! We are so so so happy, good luck everyone, miracles to happen I promise, we were booked in start IVF in January

The wait was worth it! BFP with PCOS

I'm still in shock that I'm BFP!! With my first husband we ttc for 2yrs with infertility treatments due to PCOS and nothing happened and eventually I couldn't take the emotional toll. Now a couple of years later I am in a new relationship and this is our first cycle ttc and we got a BFP! I guess everything happens for a reason and I must have been with the wrong guy!

1 -3 dpo no symptoms
4 dpo slight pink spotting when i went to the bathroom and that was it- didnt think anything of it
5-6 dpo nothing
7-8 dpo cramping AF style with thigh cramping- unsual for me , gassy, vivid dreams
9 dpo light cramping, had to pee so bad in the morning couldn't make it to the bathroom on time which is not usual, vivid dreams
10 dpo  dizzy spells, bra feels uncomfortable, no sore boobs, emotional- cried for no reason
11-12 dpo no symptoms
13 dpo tired, had to take a nap - thought nothing of it since i walked/ran 5k
14 dpo AF cramps started back up- thought for sure AF was coming- did not feel pregnant, vivid dreams
15 dpo VERY emotional- cried at every little thing, tired- more cramping- thought for sure not pregnant
16 dpo sharp pains on the sides in the ovary area- dull/light cramping, tired had to take a nap, VERY hungry- not usual for me- I normally hardly eat.
17 dpo took FRER in the morning two dark lines within 30 seconds, slightly  nauseated, hungry feeling- stomach was growling at me all day, tired, sharp pains on both sides on and off which worried me,  boobs still aren't sore I didn't think I could conceive naturally! Never give up home, miracles can happen, Good luck and baby dust to everyone!

BFP After a year of trying 2nd round of clomid!!!

So I struggled with PCOS and gained about 30lbs and was struggling to get pregnant.  I started with Metformin for three months and nothing happend! Then I went to my OBGYN and he put me on Clomid 50mg and I didnt ovulate. Then he put me on 100mg of Clomid for the second month and ovulated!!  I had 3 follicles in my ultrasound two days ago which means that I dropped maybe 1,2 or 3 eggs!  We will find out in 3 weeks how many!  This is my 2nd child and had no problems getting pregnant with the 1st!

Here were my symptoms by day!
1dpo- 6dpo EXTREMELY CRAMPY!  Had a hard time sleeping probably from anticipation of knowing whether I got pregnant this cycle.
7DPO-  Still having trouble sleeping had a dream that I was peeing on a stick and it was positive.  Took a test and was BFN obviously way too soon!  I am still crampy, but I was super sleepy and exhausted.
8DPO- Cramps stopped had another dream about a positive test, so I tested in the morning BFN too early.  Exhausted, veins are really pronouced.  This day I felt hope after hearing I had 3 follicles!
9DPO- Still BFN!!  Still very crampy, and feeling quite nausous!!  Tried to drink a Red Bull and felt extremely gross after doing so and i have one everyday.  So this was crazy.  Very tired today.
10DPO-FAINT POS in the morning.  Crampy and not wanting sweets at all. Feeling gross still cant have my normal red bull.  Couldn't even finish it today.  Feeling anxious!  So I take another test late in the evening and low and behold A BFP no faint about it!!  Then I took a digital and it said PREGNANT!

Finally got my BFP after 5 long months! (with PCOS)

I can't even believe I am typing this right now... I'm still in shock. I'M SO EXCITED!!!!

I've stalked this site, like most of you, all five months, and it kept me sane. Thanks to all for posting their stories.

I dont always ovulate (I have PCOS) and my doc was about to put me on clomid next cycle! Funny how it works out like that... I also ovulate a bit late when I do (about CD 16 or 17). This time I felt the lovely cramps in my right ovary and told DH we gotta work it. We also had randomly (no planning or anything) BD'd the day before. So we only really only did it two times (which is funny cuz all the other months I was super strict about doing it every day during the fertile time!)

1-4 DPO: nothing
5 DPO: SO TIRED. Slept most of the day.
6 DPO: Even more TIRED, slept all day, and sore nips - tested BFN
7 DPO: still tired, though not as much, and really sore bbs - tested BFN
8 DPO: soreness of bbs have gone way down, though nips still a little sore, but still feel a bit disappointed - tested BFN
9 DPO: just sore nips (and only when I tough them), nothing else. Pretty sure I'm out another month. - another BFN
10 DPO: omg I felt REALLY sick this day. I mean nasty sick. Got the runs (sorry TMI) and super nauseous. had to stay home from work it was so bad. Felt super dizzy too. Thought I either ate something or was preggo. - still a BFN
11 DPO (today!): I was supposed to get AF today, but woke up with nothing. Decided to test on internet cheapie and nothing. An hour later came back upstairs and saw a super faint line! Thought it was an evap or something, so I help in my pee for a couple hours and then took three different tests including a digital and all were BFP!!!! YAY!!! DH is overjoyed too!! :D

I also had random symptoms like eye twitches and leg cramps. I had barely any (if any) cramping.

I know it's till super early, and I REALLY hope and pray this little miracle sticks!!! BABY DUST to all that want it!!!!

Miracle natural BFP with PCOS

My husband (28) and I (24) have been married for 4 and a half years and have been actively trying to conceive for 3 years.  I was diagnosed with PCOS 2 years ago.  Since then I have done 4 rounds of clomid with 1 iui and 1 round of femara with an iui.  After all of those attempts had failed, my doctor said I should start looking into IVF and start saving.  I couldn't believe he was giving up on me and pretty much said my only viable option would be IVF. Well, my husband and I decided to keep going through with the drug treatments until we had enough saved up for IVF.  Then in May, I was sent out of state for work and was unable to take the meds that month.  When I got home I just decided to wait for my period to start so I could go back for a refill of femara, but to my surprise it never showed and I'm now 7 weeks pregnant.

1-3dpo: nothing notable
4dpo: I could smell everything!  I was sitting in training at work and could smell the paper on my desk, also I could smell the newspaper that was a few feet from me.
5dpo-9dpo: tired and irritated with my husband, I couldn't help it either. Thought my period was coming.
10dpo: sore boobs began, thought it was due to my period coming or the gym class I did the day before.
11dpo: fell asleep during the new Transformers movie! I was soo tired. I bought a dollar tree test and got a BFN.
12dpo-14dpo: tired, boobs still sore
15dpo: still no period so I took a test and it was positive, I couldn't believe it that I took two more tests and both were BFP

I also asked my doctor if there was anything I could do to help with my PCOS symptoms, which he said "there is nothing."  I just didn’t believe him, so I researched and saw that diet was a big factor in PCOS symptoms, so I cut out the sugar in my morning coffee, passed on the donuts and ice cream and limited the amount of sugar, white refined flour and junk food I possibly could.  I have a lot of respect for doctors, they are very well educated but my pregnancy did not happen with their help but with my own research.  Lesson learned: you don’t have to settle for what the dr. says, question and research and do what you feel is best for you.

BFP with PCOS (after HSG)

We have been trying to get pregnant for a year and a half. I found out 9 months ago that I have PCOS so I was put on Clomid. Clomid was helping me ovulate but I had no success in getting pregnant. My doctor had mentioned doing an HSG test but I kept refusing because I was afraid of what I might find out. After the 7th cycle of Clomid and months of disappointment I finally agreed. I had the HSG test done on Day 8 of my cycle taking 150mg of Clomid. HSG test is where they insert a dye into you and take xrays of your uterus and fallopian tubes to see if there is blockage. Well the HSG showed everything was clear and open. I got my BFP on the same cycle as my HSG so it must have cleared some blockage!!!!! If your doctor suggests an HSG test, DONT FIGHT IT!! :) I am now 7 weeks pregnant and still in shock!

I did not have any symptoms until after my period was late. I was VERY tired and cramping. I had swollen gums and a few bloody noses after blowing my nose.

BFP with second IVF

I am 34 and this was my second IVF. My first one ten years ago resulted in a BFP (triplets) then I a had a total SURPRISE bfp in 2004. After TTC again on our own, we learned not only did I have PCOS, Endometriosis but also blocked tubes. DH's SA was ok by HMO guidelines but we ended up having "rescue" ICSI done as his count was really low the day of egg retrevial. He had his appendix removed two weeks prior and the fever and infection they believe lowered his count. Here are my symptoms

We had ER done on 11/23 and ET on 11/26. It took seven days from transfer before any symptoms other than cramps began. If I am calculating it correctly that would be 10dpo right?

10dpo-mild heartburn, gassy and no cravings for anything sweet or chocolately.

11dpo-Worse heartburn, like reflux in my throat and mouth, craving chips, doritos, cheetos, no desire for chocolate.

12dpo-took an answer got a def line in about 1 minute, very gassy, huge veins across my chest, bbs and even down my arms.

13dpo-tested w/answer and it was darker than day before. veins are getting more prominent and running through aereolas. brutal heartburn. co worker decribes me as looking bloated, just as she did the last time i had a bfp and she didnt know about the ivf.

14dpo-tested am and pm. am test darker but def bfp almost right away. called and asked for early beta, RE said no! will have beta at 18dpo.

15dpo-18dpo still no cravings for sweets, nauseated, veins are popping up across my chest, neck, arms, Dh says I look like a human road map. Peeing at night begins and like clockwork when pregnant, regular BM.

Beta at 18dpo=691
Beta at 20dpo=1897

U/S at 7 weeks showed one baby w/hb of 178.