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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Trying to conceive with PCOS can be frustrating to say the least. That's why it's so inspirational to hear the success stories of women who have successfully achieved pregnancy with PCOS. You'll find those stories here in abundance… enjoy!

We also recommend that you check out the success stories of women with PCOS taking FertilAid. We recommend FertilAid for all trying-to-conceive women, but especially women with PCOS.

Thank you! And when you get your BFP with PCOS, be sure to send it our way!


My husband & I have been trying to conceive for about 1 year & have exercised more pointed efforts for about 7 months. This BFP was both a surprise & a blessing! Thank you Lord! We went to see an RE for the first time b/c 3 cycles of clomid failed. We wanted to switch to femara & escalate our efforts to make it happen this time. She told me I have a mild case of PCOS w/a very light resistance to insulin. So she put me on metformin & said I'd need to diet (low carb, low sugar), exercise (abt 3 x a week) & take the meds – all 3, not 1 or 2 – if I wanted to get pg. I also met w/a dietician that my RE recommended to help ensure I adopted a proper pcos compatible diet. I'm not one for exercising so that was a huge adjustment. The dietician helped me understand it by explaining that not only does exercise help w/weight loss, but it also aids the medication's effectiveness. I committed to the tri-fold plan & here is my story. Hopefully someone will be blessed by them as much as I have been blessed by reading others. 1 day before ovulation - took hcg novarel shot today, which i believe means i ovulate in 12-48 hours.

BFP with PCOS and Male Infertility Factor.

I would like to tell you about my story. I was married to someone else, before I married the love of my life. We tried to have a baby and it didn't work. I've known since I was 17 that I have PCOS. I was told at that time I would probably NEVER be able to have children. I did have a m/c in January of 1992. I had concieved my first angel without meds. After being single for 6 years I met my hubby. We were both in our late 20's, and I gave him EVERY oportunity to walk away and to find someone who could eventually give him the children that he wanted. But he assured me that he loved me, not for my ability to be able to have children. Two years after we met, I got pregnant with our now 4 year old son. How this happened......

On 9/11/01 we were down at Labcorp, for my dh to do an SA. It seems funny when we were trying to create life, our country was being torn apart. We found out he had a problem, but we couldn't fix the problem before he left for deployment in 2002.My dh found out he had a varicocele in august of 2002, and had surgery in october of 2002. I had lost all most 100 lbs in about 13 months (Ive gained it back plus some due to an injury to my lower back, but Im on my way back down. :) ) I took traditional chinese herbs, and followed a very strict diet and exercise routine. The infertility doctor at Portsmouth Naval Hospital gave me a new drug to try called Letrozole aka Femara. I was a little concerned about trying a med that was used for treating women with breast cancer. My dh had the varicocelectomy surgery on October 4, 2002. I had started my period on time that month (two days after he had surgery). Dh said why don't we try BD with the femara and see what happens. I was really
leary of us BDing with him,just having that surgery (he had a hernia repair several years prior), and I didn't want him to tear anything. He ASSURED me if anything hurt he would stop. The doctor said NO sex for up to 6 weeks after surgery. Well Dh was VERY INSISTENT that we BD, and so I took the femara days 5-9 and we BD for several days during my ovulation cycle. I waited for my period to come it never came.I figured it was my PCOS acting up again. I was irritable, miserable, moody, and I took an HPT and it was POSITIVE. My dh was skeptical of hpt's, so I went to the clinic on November 11, 2002, and got a qualitive beta, and it was POSITIVE. I was so very very thankful to be able to get pregnant with a new drug (which now has a black warning on the label to NOT be used for reproductive purposes according to the Dr. at Portsmouth Naval Hospital). I delivered our son at 33 weeks 5 days (June 4, 2003). He weighed 5 lbs and 4 oz, and he was 17 3/4 inches long. Our son is
now 4 years and is ALL boy. It is such a privlege to be the mom to this very special little boy. When I didn't think it would ever happen for me. .

I'm 35 now, and I just had ovarian drilling in January of 2006. I am losing weight, trying a different route this time around. Im again taking traditional chinese herbs, but ive added an even stricter diet since I found out that I have celiac diease ( and I am working out alot more diligently. I am also seeing an acupuncturist, who is also a traditional chinese medicine doctor. She has helped many couples get pregnant and have healthy children. Im also doing reflexology, massage to help me relax more. Hopefully,
I will get another BFP soon,

I hope my story inspires those to never give up their dreams.

BFP on Clomid (with PCOS)

I just got my BFP and am very excited and surprised! This is baby #3 for us, and it was a planned pregnancy with Clomid. I have PCOS and have had difficulty conceiving with all three pregnancies. It took us a total of 5 ovulatory cycles to conceive this time, and I am 37 (three cycles naturally, and two with Clomid). I went on Clomid because I had only had 4 cycles in the previous 12 months due to my PCOS and wasn't ovulating regularly enough to try effectively. My age made us more aggressive to turn to Clomid pretty early in our process.

I was on the following medications to conceive:
Glucophage, 1000 mg / day for entire cycle
Clomid, 50 mg, days 3-7 (second month on Clomid)
estriadiol, 2 mg/day, days 8-14
*ovulated on day 14
Prometrium suppositories, 1 daily/200 mg, days 15- 26

I also took prenatal vitamins, 1 extra vitamin B6 (50 mg) daily, and used Pre-Seed around ovulation with BDing. I think adding the estradiol really helped, as I noticed much more EWCM around ovulation, even while on Clomid. Also, using the Glucophage along with the Clomid really worked well for me, since I hadn't responded to the low 50 mg dose of Clomid in the past.

3 DPO - I had really bad ovarian cramping for several hours. I wondered if this might be mild OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome) as I was confident ovulation had occurred already, and I had taken Clomid.

4-5 DPO - nothing

6 DPO - felt sad and "blue" all day for no reason, very unlike me

7 DPO - very sad, burst into tears and sobbed heavily after listening to a sad song on the radio. I NEVER do this!

8 DPO - very irritable but couldn't seem to help it; got into a huge fight with DH over nothing. I felt completely out of control of my emotions

9 DPO - while in the shower, I looked down and noticed prominent blue veins on the tops of my arms and lower stomach. I have fair skin, so veins show up early, I took note of this and started getting excited for the first time. This was a huge clue, as many of my other symtoms could have just been the progesterone suppositories I was taking.

10 DPO - Veins still prominent, nipples began to darken and get tender when my bra was off, breasts started feeling heavy

12 DPO - felt very bloated and some of my pants felt tight in the waist

13 DPO - Took a home pregnancy test with FMU, and it was BFN. I was convinced that it was true and that my symptoms were just due to the extra progesterone.I was so disappointed.

14-15 DPO - Same symptoms with breasts, veins, and bloating continue. No period yet, but I had read that supplemental progesterone could delay it starting. Slight cramping and lower backache start, so I am convinced AF is coming and go buy tampons

16 DPO - wiped and saw very light brown after using the restroom. I was confident that my period was starting, especially since I had a BFN on a test a few days earlier. Backache and cramping continues.

17 DPO - My period still hadn't started. After that one brown smudge, there had been no more spotting. I decided to retest, but I still thought the progesterone was causing my symptoms (but I had been off it for 5 days at this point). The test was a light positive -- BFP!! I took three more tests, and they were all postive with a definite second line that was a bit lighter than the test line.

My OBGYN put me back on Prometrium (200 mg daily) when I called her about my BFP since I have a history of low progesterone levels. I will take it daily at least through my first trimester.

Baby dust to all of you! It CAN happen. I am a example of someone whose odds were against her with my age and infertility history, and it still worked. Don't give up!

Weight Loss and BFP with PCOS

I'm now 6 months pregnant and wanted to share with you my story for your BFP with PCOS board:

My husband and I had been TTC#1 for two years. I'm only 28 and had only a very mild case of PCOS that the doctors didn't think should affect my ovulating, but it did - I got my period maybe once every six months. I wasn't overweight, but was just over my ideal weight (I was 5'2" 132 lbs) and the doctors said my weight couldn't have anything to do with it since I wasn't obese. Anyway, we tried 4 rounds of Chlomid, unsuccessfully, and then I tried Metformin for 5 months. It made me sick all the time and my periods still didn't come back. Then, in Sept '06 we moved to a new city where I was forced to walk more often and I ended up losing 7 lbs in a month without even trying. I didn't change my eating habits at all. But, all of the sudden my periods came back (regularly!) and I found with an OPK that I was really ovulating. After just 3 months of trying with an OPK we got our BFP! I gave it to my husband for Christmas. Our daughter is due in 2 1/2 months.

I can't stress weight loss enough for PCOSers! No one, including me, thought it would make much difference since I wasn't really overweight to begin with. If I had known that was the key I would have made an effort to lose weight from the beginning. Good luck to all!

BFP with PCOS and Endometriosis!

I am so happy to say that I am pregnant - almost 9 weeks! I visited your site FREQUENTLY during the last year and a half TTC! I went through 7 completed IUIs and two cancelled cycles (due to hormone issues). I was taking a combination of Clomid and Menopur for the successful cylce (a variety of "cocktails" for the other cycles), also Ovidrel trigger shot. I also had a laparoscopy and ovarian drilling done 2 cycles prior to my BFP. I have PCOS and endometriosis.

I didn't track my symptoms by day, but I thought I'd share:

- I had hot flashes (not usual)
- I had dizzy spells (not usual)
- I had clear skin (I usually break out like crazy before AF)
- my boobs were not sore (they usually get really sore during the two week wait)
- cravings a few days after ovulation (usually I get cravings 1-2 days before AF)
- no cravings before expected AF

All of these things were abnormal for my two week wait, that's what made me think that MAYBE this was it? I got my BFP 11 days post ovulation - although, I was getting faint positives on the tests I bought from your site from 8 days past ovulation - I just didn't believe it!

Stay positive ladies, because it WILL happen!

Pregnant after PCOS & Miscarriages

Just thought i would share my story :)

I have had multiple miscarriages,

My first miscarriage was December 31st 2001, I was 8 weeks pregnant but i was told the baby had died earlier

I then had myself a healthy baby girl

My husband and i decided to start trying again in Novmber 2005 and i got an early BFP in late november, And December 4 2004 I started miscarrying, at about 5 weeks(ish), was told there was nothing they could do for me at the hospital after an ultrasound where they wasn't much to see and to just wait for a new cycle, well Janurary 29 2005, I went into the hospital in severe pain with bad bleeding, and was informed i was having a 12+ week miscarriage, and was told i had miscarried twins! Just at 2 different times

In April 2005 I found out again i was pregnant only to have another miscarriage at 6 weeks 6 days

In August 2005 I again found out i was pregnant and had another miscarriage at 8 weeks 4 days

I was getting very frustrated and was getting no answers from my dr's other than "It is normal for a woman to have up to 4 miscarriages in her life",(trust me that does not make a person feel better)

In early December i saw my Dr and she asked me what we wanted to do, I said we really wanted to have another baby, she started me on clomid and temping,

In Janurary 2006, I found out after O'ing on Clomid that i was pregnant again, got in for an ultrasound right away and found out i was pregnant with twins! only to have a miscarriage at 5 weeks 5 days it was Janurary the 25th

My dr just told me, wait 2 full cycles and then take clomid again, and try again

April 2006, I got pregnant again, and started spotting at work, left right away and went to the hospital, where i finally got a diagnosis! I was given an ultrasound which i had a intact 4 week 5 day fetal sac, but they discovered i had PCOS! I had no hormones left a week later, and went in for an ultrasound that confirmed that the miscarriage was complete.

I made an appointment to see my Dr and my appointment was on June 25th 2006, well on the 16th i found out i was pregnant again! I went in to a clinic right away to get a Progesterone and HCG tests.

Me beta for 5 weeks 6 days was 25, 590 and my Progesterone level was 22, which were both VERY good, I was put on moderate bed rest till 13 weeks and my due date was Feburary 3rd 2007, my baby girl came on January 25th!

BFP with PCOS (on Metformin)

Just want to share my TTC Journey. Hopefully it will bring some hope and encouragement for those women out there TTC who are frustrated and starting to feel like it will never happen for them.

After almost 5 years TTC and being mis-diagnosed or not really being diagnosed at all, I learned I had PCOS. I am a thin cyster w/no appearance of a typical PCOS patient and I am NOT insulin resistant. It took about 2 years of research on my part to finally convince a Specialist I had it and to put me on Metformin.

I was only put on Met after my attempts of Femara, Clomid, charting/temping, fertility injections and we almost did IVF but I just couldn't go through with it. Too many disapointments and I did not want a huge IVF failure on top of them all.

So, I started the Met in September of 2006 and slowly increased it to 2000mg by November 2006. Two weeks later on the 2000 dose I ovulated for the first time on my own since I've been a teen. Couldn't believe it! I did not get a BFP that time but sure enough about 4 weeks later I O'd again and this time....a nice, dark, fat BFP stared back at me after my TWW. I absolutely broke down into tears of amazement!

All this time and all it took was a diabetic drug called Metformin.....I'm still in awe.

I am 28 weeks today, pregnant with a baby girl and the happiest I've ever been.

My TWW symptoms were:

1 dpo - Ovary pain and very sore nips

2 dpo - Still had Ovary pain and sore nips

3 dpo- Nips less sore and a very nice temp spike

4 & 5 dpo- Nothing too much, temp still climbing

6 - 10 dpo - Actual glands under my armpits started to hurt and so did my whole breast. They ached so bad but not my nips and usually it's the other way around. Took an HPT on 9dpo and was negative.

11 dpo - Had the weirdest cramps in my uterus, sharp intense little stabbing cramps like I had never felt before but they only lasted 10 mins....about an hour after that came the lower back ache and it felt like AF was going to start. Also had implantation spotting later that day, very light pink on the tp.

12 - 14 dpo - BB's still hurt, felt HOT, was getting hot flashes and almost dizzy-like spells and still had slight back ache like AF was coming. Very gassy too!

15 dpo - No sign of AF so thought what the heck and sure enough BFP appeared on a First Response in seconds, nice and dark!

Thank you Lord for this miracle!

BFP with Preseed (and PCOS)

There's hope for those with infertility issues! I have PCOS and am taking Metformin. I was trying for two unsuccessful months on Clomid. Then, after a short anovulatory cycle (15 days!) with Clomid days 3-10 I think the Met started AF naturally. I Oed on CD17 and got lucky with a BFP! DH has low motility (male factor infertility) and we were told BDing wouldn't even work. Our IUI cycle was cancelled due to the Clomid not working and we already made a specialist appointment for considering IUI and then IVF. This cycle I had no EWCM and only one day of wet CM, so we used PreSeed. We kept thinking positive and tried our best. We are hoping for a sticky bean!

1 DPO: sore nipples, backache, creamy CM, low firm cervix

2 DPO: sore nips, fatigue, creamy CM

3 DPO: sore nips, headache, and cramps with creamy CM

4 DPO: sore nips, creamy CM, fatigue, and pimple in pantyline area (not usual)

5 DPO: sore nips, lots of creamy CM, backache, dehydrated feeling

6 DPO: sore nips, lotiony white creamy CM

7 DPO: no more sore nips, creamy CM and a tiny bit of super stretchy CM (never get this), dull ache in lower uterus/ovary area

8 DPO: headache, creamy CM, dull ache still

9 DPO: sore tongue (never happens!), strange dreams, creamy CM, slight temp dip on chart

10 DPO: sore tongue, strange dreams, backache, cramps, super light BFaintP on FRER

11 DPO: cramps, slightly darker BFaintP on internet cheapie and also was faint positive at doctor’s office, headache, nausea after dinner, fatigue hit me strong at night, creamy CM

12 DPO: headache, cramps, BFP on internet cheapie and FRER was a medium line, creamy CM, cramps, could hardly sleep last night, huge BBT temperature dip?!, lost appetite, fatigue

13 DPO: creamy CM, fatigue, cramps stronger at night, odd dreams, can’t sleep, temp went back up

14 DPO: dark HPT today PM. Backache, cramps, strange dreams and couldn’t sleep again, temps stayed put, no sore nips or boobs yet...

I decided I may not temp anymore since the dips worry me. The doctor wants me to take another beta at 15 DPO to check that my hormone’s doubled. Baby dust to you!

Surprise BFP with PCOS

Just wanted to share my story. After I stopped taking the BCP in May 2005, my DH & I thought we'd get PG fairly quick. Well nothing was happening and when October rolled around AF was a few days late, we thought this was it!, but alas BFN. Same thing in November, December & January. I had always been 28 - 30 days and now AF was coming at 38 - 45 days! In Feb, I saw my Gyno & she sent me for some testing & thought maybe it was PCOS. By April/May, I changed Dr.s & now AF was coming even later. One month was 65 days & I was prescribed Provera to make it arrive. My Dr.sent me for some tests & it was confirmed, I have PCOS. At first I was very upset, I didn't even have all of the symptoms & I was regular my whole life, and how could I be 32 & never have known that I had this?
Then I found a slew of websites of woman who were going through the same thing & I didn't feel so alone. Anyway - My Dr. had me on Clomid in July, Aug. & Sept. of 2007. Unfortunately each cycle was unsuccessful & we were advised to see a specialist. The Specialist suggested IVF for us. In November we took the IVF class they instructed us to take & purchased the meds.

We were prepared to begin our IVF cycle as soon as AF arrived in December. Due to the holidays in December, the lab would be closed for a week, so AF had to arrive before December 12 to do IVF before January 2007. We waited, & waited for AF to arrive & now it seemed we wouldn't make the cut-off date, AF was now about 5 - 10 days late from a 28 day cycle. My husband said I should call the office & let them know that we were late & wouldn't be in for the month of December. They wanted to prescribe Provera to bring AF on, so they sent me for bloodwork first.

The lab called me on my cell phone at work & said my bloodwork came back and.... I WAS PREGNANT! I couldn't believe my ears, just days away from beginning our IVF cycle and we were pregnant all on our own!

So here I am at 8 months pregnant sharing my story that it is possible to get pregnant with PCOS and no meds.

Good luck to everyone out there trying. Stay positive & stress free.

BFP with 50mg Clomid and PCOS

Here is my story with Clomid.

I'm 31 and have PCOS was trying to conceive for 9 months and started Clomid on 50mg days 5-9, first month my progesterone levels were still very low, so it was increased to 100mg for my second cycle, when I got the results of my progesterone levels again they were extremely high so I decided to do a test this was about 1 day before I was due my AF. I got a positive but it was quite faint, went away on holidays that week and did another test away, negative so I didnt know what was going on, I had terrible cramps in my tummy and felt quite faint at times. When I got home I went to my GP with my husband and got a positive result.

Its only 3 weeks so we are very anxious to get through the first three months. CD19 Ovulation day after getting positive on OPK on CD 18. CD 29 Got blood tests results very high progesterone. CD30 Did my first test and got a faint positive From 31 - 6, Cramping and feeling very tired and dizzy. Very sore boobs. Got positive from doctor and still feel great.

Thanks and best of luck