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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Preseed

Pre-Seed, the sperm-friendly lubricant (and only lube that should be used while trying-to-conceive) is a staple of the TTC community. We love it, and we'd hazard a guess that all these ladies on this page with BFPs speak highly of it as well!

If you don't have Pre-Seed yet, we recommend you pick some up at It ships for free anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, and comes with free pregnancy tests. Can't beat that. And when you get your Pre-Seed assisted BFP and you're ready to give credit where credit is due, by all means, send us your symptoms here!

BFP @ 10 dpo! Still in shock!

So me and hubby decided to try for our 4th (and last) baby and have my mirena removed on January 3rd...Our plan was to let things happen naturally. Though I did use preseed and ovulation tests since not having a period with mirena I had no idea what day I ovulated. Also elevating my hips for an hour after sex. We BDed every other day during my fertile window and I got a positive opk on the 18th and 19th...I didn't want to over analyze my tww symptoms so I only wrote down what really stuck out. I started testing way too early with hpts and started to get discouraged but something in me just felt like I was pregnant, it's so hard to explain it's like I just knew from the time I ovulated! It took 9 long months with my youngest daughter and I just never thought it would happen this fast!
1 DPO- very vivid dreams about being pregnant
2DPO- CM turned creamy white, feeling bloated
3 DPO- Pinchyfeelings in Left ovary area (ssame side as ov pains)
4 DPO- VERY gassy (gross tmi) Extremely tired all day, took 2 naps (i never take naps)
5 DPO- went pee 5 X's after going to bed (strrange) feels like I'm getting a cold. Extremely tired again! Pinchy feelings in Left ovary area
6 DPO- Still very gassy, energy is up a little, quite a few pinches in ovary area again
7 DPO- VERY emotional (nnot like me) cried like a baby otw home from kids Dr's appointment. Ulcer inside of my bottom lip (vvery painful ) Neg HPT
8 DPO- first time in my life I got a nose bleed (llike dripping full nose bleed) very strange! Just felt nnot like myself (neg HPT)
9 DPO- bloated, tired, pinchy feeling in left ovary area, burning feeling in boobs... Neg HPT in the morning....ttook another at 10 pm and I swear I see the line but hubby thinks I'm crazy. So I run to walmart at 11:330 at night to get a FRER because I have to know...aand it was a BFP! :) I'm so excited and I still can't believe it ♡

BFP!! I'm still in disbelief

Me: 32yr- hx of prolactinemia, on Bromocriptine 2.5mg twice daily since June 2014 (microadenoma on pituitary gland)one dd with DH- Madelyn Jaymes 7/2011
DD: 41y/o. Three children from previous relationship

I got my BFP on Thursday and I still can't believe it. When we decided to try again I thought it would take awhile as it took 18 months for me to get pregnant with dd. This is only our second month of trying. It still doesn't seem real. I prayed for another baby and left the whole situation in god's hands. He has once again answered my prayer. I am beyond grateful! I have been charting my cycles with BBT's, OPK, CM, and CP for nearly a year. We used Pre-seed and Softcups this cycle. Here is the breakdown by DPO:

I ovulated later than normal this month mysteriously ;)

Pos opk on 8 March and 9 March

Ovulation day- 9 March (my o-pains are no joke)!

1 DPO (10 Mar): temp drop confirms ovulation (97.7). Just some mild cramps
2 DPO: slight pressure sensation and twinges in lower abdomen, sore breasts-not out of the ordinary after ovulation
3 DPO: sore breasts
4 DPO: mild cramping
5 DPO: sore breasts
6 DPO: intermittent small sharp pains in lower abdomen
7 DPO: sore breasts
8 DPO: weird tingling sensation in left jaw, light lower abdominal pain while stretching
9 DPO: small pinching/soreness and intermittent left lower abdominal pain, sore breasts, mild cramping, feeling worn out while doing Zumba-(I thought I was dehydrated)!
10 DPO: cramping, sore breasts
11 DPO: slight nausea, cramping, felt tired even after I woke up
12 DPO: nauseated after eating, tired-slept through about 1/4 of my shift, mild cramping, itchy in random areas-legs and arms w/o provocation, felt light headed at one point
13 DPO: cramping, backache, some indigestion, and nausea. Feels like my period is revving up for a restart
14 DPO: TMI-mild cramping after orgasm
15 DPO: Feels like period is coming-my normal "burning" cramping sensation that accompanies my period, alternating left and right sided pains in lower abdomen, "fluttering" sensation
16 DPO: cramping, nausea, backache, suddenly got a stuffy nose, mild pain on right side of abdomen, mild cramping after orgasm, itchy throat w/cough, my urine smells weird. I really wanted to test on this day as it is the last day of the longest luteal phase I've ever gone, but I wanted to give it one more day to round it out for as long as a LP should last.
17 DPO: pain in left lower abdomen, dry chapped lips, itchy throat w/cough; expecting my period to start, but I feel none of the signs. I have no pregnancy tests at home, but I do have plenty of ovulation tests and these did turn positive with my last pregnancy so I give it a try-take the test, do my hair, dance with my daughter and come back 10 min later to a smiley face :)! I have no doubt that I'm pregnant then. I pee in a cup at work and send it off to the lab. It results less than 15 min later-BFP!!

I'm in the early days yet and am praying it sticks. I feel absolutely fine and hope I get through this pregnancy relatively unscathed like it did my last one. I hope my symptom list was helpful to some. Although I don't have nearly as many symptoms as some I've read. Good luck everyone!

I Thought I Was Out This Month

DH and I have been trying for 4mths After my Tubal Reversal.We have one daughter together but he doesn't have any boys so we decided to give it a try after a few mths of Bfn I was starting to think something was wrong so I got really depressed but keep trying with the faith tht I have in God I knew it would happen so every day I prayed harder.So March I ovulated on the 8 with pain O' cramps like never before and I knew right then it was our mth.So a few days after that I start have a Lil pain felt kinda like (tmi) gas but that lasted for like a week then after that nothing at all except for a little bit of milky cm so I started feeling sad again then on the day of AF I was cramping so I went to the RR and nothin so I decided to test with a clear blue digital and there it was Pregnant 1-2 I couldn't think God enuff bfp for my bday 3-24 to all the ladies that are trying don't give up keep god first and let him kno ur wants he isa mighty god and iI give him all the praise Im praying for u ladies and also my self that my little sticky bean stick

BFP with Short Luteal Phase

Hi! I am sharing this mainly because I want to share hope with the other women who have a short LP. Have hope! Stay positive!!!!! Obviously I can't speak for every woman with a short LP, but I've done a great deal of reading about short LPs, and I encourage you to look into it as well. This is a hotly-debated topic and some Reproductive Endocrinologists maintain the actual length of the LP actually has no bearing on the ability to conceive successfully. (Read about Early Pregnancy Factor as well, it may give you more encouragement about why your LP isn't necessarily the death sentence some sources indicate).

I've been charting for five years and I have always had a LP that averaged 7 days. Meaning AVERAGED seven days. Sometimes I have a LP as short as 6 days or as long as 8 days, but it is almost always 7 days long). My 4 year-old son was conceived on the first cycle we tried, my 20 month-old daughter was conceived on the seventh cycle we tried (we had one CP in there), and we just found out about #3, who was conceived on the third cycle TTC (we also had one CP in there). With my daughter, I had implantation spotting on 11 DPO, so I know there is some communication happening between the fertilized egg and the mom's body before implantation... Why else wouldn't I have started my period on 8 DPO as usual? My period held off for some reason and the egg implanted at 11 DPO. I got a VERY faint + HPT three days later). I know we have been really blessed and I am so grateful. I wasn't sure if I would be able to get pregnant while my daughter is still breastfeeding, but it looks like that didn't have an effect.

With my son, we didn't use any interventions to conceive. With my daughter and this current pregnancy, I used B-complex supplements (but I've been taking that for about 2.5 years for the energy and metabolism effects, as well as the fact that I eat a vegan diet and need a good B12 supplement). With my daughter and this current pregnancy, we also used Pre-seed. No other interventions, though. We have always used the Sympto-Thermal Method because my thrifty self doesn't want to spend money on OPKs and I like the benefit of using that method to prevent pregnancy as well (when I'm finished having babies). :) I recommend the classic book Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler; I think it is a great comprehensive resource on our fertility and I'm going to review it with my own daughter (and any future daughters??) when she starts her menstrual cycles.

Anyway, my message is this: Try to stay positive (and I know this is so hard. Even though hope is one of the things that truly sustains me in life, the burden of hope can be so heavy when TTC). There is a ton of information out there that gives hope to women with a short LP. I wish you all the best in your journeys!

BFP, 8 dpo!!!! Still can't believe it. Strong positive FRER by 10 dpo

Hi everyone, I'm so excited I get to share this!! DH and I got so lucky and conceive on our 2nd month!! I temped, used OPKs and we used Preseed. The evening of 8 DPO I got a very faint line on an IC, so I rushed to buy an FRER which was a faint but clear positive. Today at 10 DPO the test line on the FRER is almost as dark as the control line. Praying so hard that this baby sticks, I am testing several times a day to make sure. We are so incredibly happy.

I was pretty sure I was out this month as there weren't any clear or obvious symptoms. No implantation bleeding (I was checking every hour lol).

Here are my symptoms:

1 DPO - My skin suddenly broke out in terrible acne. I haven't seen this since I was 13, my whole face was covered, no idea what was going on!
2-3 DPO - Pretty irritable for no good reason
4 DPO - Weird tingling feeling in my nipples. My boobs never get sore or hurt or generally change at all throughout my cycle
8 DPO - No appetite all day, upset stomach, felt full all day. Funny story - I made myself a sandwich with a new vegan spread and when I bit it it was soooo gross I thought I was going to throw up. I put it in the trash and every time I'd notice it in the trash (just look at it!) I would get nauseous again. I made DH try it when I got home and he said he couldn't even taste the spread in the sandwich at all! That's when I just knew I was pregnant and rushed to do a HPT test and it was positive lol.

I should add, I was constipated ALL week, wtf

My chart is below. FF tried to put my O date even later but I had to discard that temp as I'm pretty sure I had already O'ed due to sticky and tacky CM that day.

I Was a Stubborn Witch

TMI alert ahead!

I wouldn't give up. I was DETERMINED to be pregnant except in my frequent moments of depression when I lost hope (depression was my #1 clue with my previous child as well). I wished for a BFP on every railroad track and crossroads that I drove across for 2 weeks. It was my fervent and only wish. I didn't say "it's in God's hands" or "if it is His will." I demanded my pregnancy from the universe. Those of you who truly believe in magic...try wishing on railroad tracks. The Goddess has never let me down. I simply reminded Her of that fact.

We were only able to BD until 2 days before I ovulated. I have PCOS. My cycles never went back to normal after breastfeeding DD1. The odds were against me.

I took a Multivitamin and folic acid. Soy Isoflavones cd 2-6 200 mg at 7 am every morning and spent the day in the sun when I could. I put a pillow under my butt after sex and masturbated (clitoral) until orgasm to suck up the sperm after BD. We used Preseed and he took a multivitamin with zinc starting 3 months ago. I had 2 days of spotting starting 3 days before O.

I confirmed O with temping BUT it's possible I could have o'd up to 4 days earlier than what FF thinks (based on EWCM). Wasn't using OPKs.

Here are my symptoms:

1-2 dpo: Bad ovulation(?) cramps at night, couldn't sleep through them. Small sharp pains in clit, momentarily. Sweating a lot, no fever. Hungry. Wet spot in nightshirt over left nipple! Haven't produced milk in 8 months!! Lots of creamy CM, can feel it coming down. Sweaty all day with stinky farts.

2-3 dpo: Heartburn @ midnight so bad I can't sleep. Breasts full, nipples almost painfully erect. And for some reason it smells like skunk? Upon waking, my hips and knees ache, my lips are chapped and head is pounding. Very low cramps, feels like a UTI. I just know I am/will be pregnant. Pinching pain in right armpit. Milk is literally rolling down my chest and belly @ 1pm.

3-4 dpo: I have the glow! Cramps after orgasm. Bitter taste in mouth at dinner, could have scraped off some of the nasty nonstick coating of the pot. Nauseous at 11pm ugh I could maybe puke if I wanted to. My right breast (the little one) is unusually full, feels like it has milk.

4-5 dpo: Got 2 "evaps" today, morning and night, 2 different brands. Weird. Boobs heavy and full. Slept all morning (3-4 hrs). Bitter taste in mouth in afternoon, cranberry juice made me nauseous for an hour, boobs felt full of milk while grocery shopping.

5-6 dpo: Towards the end of the day I was so sad b/c I don't feel pregnant anymore. But today while shopping at various stores I was having hot flashes, being very irritable and getting sweaty, so maybe there is hope :-/ also, a word on constipation -- I have very frequent bowel movements but have been cramping beforehand, and some of them are hard poops.

6-7 dpo: Dizzy, with hot flashes and very low cramps during the work day. Sort of ghost lines on a FRER, and on a dollar store test after the allowed 5 minutes, not sure if they are evaps or dye runs. So incredibly depressed this evening. I feel I'm not pregnant :'-( just before midnight, truly horrible heartburn and sooo thirsty all day.

7-8 dpo: Got a disappearing line on a blue dye Walgreens ept-like test around midnight. Arghhh so frustrated. Whoa hot flash HEAT WAVE! My boobs hurt, the nipples itch, and I'm dizzy. Why is my body f-ing with me like this?? This is CRUEL. At 1230pm had weird sharp stabbing, shooting pains in left breast at the hair salon, NEVER had that before. Oh and a few days ago had very vivid dream about my front tooth getting huge and needing to be pulled. Also, around 8pm very low, UTI-like cramps.

8-9 dpo: Forgot to temp today :( Well that's not true. Woke up too depressed and discouraged to reach for the thermometer. Super vivid dreams, of [my dog] howling at three moons converging in the sky into the goddess sign. Very very low cramps and to the side. I truly believe my period is coming :-( LOTS of gas, cramping all day. Painfully erect nipples at 8pm.

9-10 dpo: HORRIBLE cramping in gut 5pm-8pm, the kind that made me break out in sweat and chills. [Hindsight note: implantation??] Diarrhea for hours (regular poop color and no sick poop smell).

10-11 dpo: Just past midnight, can't sleep horrible dull back pain, flu-like achy joints in hips, knees, thighs. The back pain (like contractions) makes me cautiously hopeful. Passed out in bed at 9pm.

11-12 dpo: Dizzy when lifting 25 lb DD1. Constipated, which I shouldn't be after all that fruit for breakfast. Also my pee smells like delicious steak seasoning - weird.

12 dpo: BFP!!

Blessed be.

bfp after miscarriage

In September 2014 we had a miscarriage. It was my first pregnancy, and we were devastated. We started trying again right away, but we're disappointed each month. My cycles were suddenly very irregular and periods were heavier than they used to be. I also didnt have ewcm at all some months. I was afraid something was wrong.

Finally, this month I got a bfp! I'm scared and excited!
My symptoms this month weren't much different from other months. They were very similar to the signs my period was coming- cramps, irritable, tired, med/low cp. I thought my period was coming that day because my cramps were pretty bad, I just took the pregnancy test because it was the last one I had in the apartment. I was in complete shock that it was positive. Don't get discouraged if you aren't noticing certain signs. It can still happen.

Cycle 5 was the winner! :-)

Myself and my husband decided in October we wanted another baby. Our little boy is 2 years 5 months. In an ideal world we would have had a slightly smaller age gap but due to finances we had to wait. We caught on cycle one with the 1st so when we reached the 3 month mark of trying we were getting a little bit worn out. Month 4 was by far the most disappointing as we'd done everything we could and still nothing. We also found out that month that my sister in law, one of my best friends and a work friend were all expecting. I was over the moon for all but a little envious.
I became obsessed with TTC and it felt like it consumed me. It caused a few arguments with my husband and before cycle 5 started we sat down had a really good talk. We had to get back to basic's and enjoy the TTC rather than seeing it as a necessity at the end of the day. Well it worked. We put the fun back into baby making, both more relaxed and enjoyed being with each other.

AF 9th - 13th Feb
Ovulation Window - 18th - 26th Feb
Clear Blue flashing - 21st & 22nd, Solid 23rd & 24th
DTD - 18th,20th,21st,22nd,23rd & 24th

As always most months I become obsessed with peeing on sticks from about 6 days post ovulation.
All tests between 2nd - 9th March negative.

Had some spotting on Monday afternoon (the day AF was due) and assumed AF was starting, however by Thursday nothing had materialised. So I took a clear blue, I wasn't that hopeful as I have no symptoms what so ever.

Safe to say after 5 months a couple of ups and downs that my dears is a BFP!!!!!!

Thanks for reading. Good luck to all TTC and Baby dust to all.


BFP after negative test

A year ago at this time I used to read these BFP stories everyday while ttc and here I am one year later with the most beautiful baby boy, now two months old but I just realized I never shared my story and its one to tell you, you're not out until you get AF!

After 3 months of trying, I means really trying (vitex/preseed/ovi sticks) I was really frustrated in April when I felt like I had zero pregnancy symptoms and thought another month had gone by that I didnt get pregnant. 13 days after when I believe I ovulated the only thing out of the ordinary was my back was covered in acne and I had a few pimples on my chest (very uncommon for me) I took a test n sure enough BFN...but 3 days later (now 16 days passed ovulation) still no period so first thing in the morning I took the second test in the pack, looked pretty darn close to another BFN but when I took the test apart n put it up to the light the faaaaintest second line was there. I figured this far after ovulating it would be a strong positive so I considered it another BFN and now was irratated my period hadn't come so I could start trying for the next month...

Another 3 days go by, I still don't "feel pregnant" but no period and my skin continues to get worse. My husband tells me to take another test but I explained how BFNs are hard to handle emotionally...well in the middle of the day right before going into work I thought "shoot I will just take one more test to get it off my mind" literally telling myself to just get it over with I peed on the stick and as soon as the pee hit it 2 STRONG lines..BFP!!!! The rest of my pregnancy stayed the same, bad skin but otherwise no obvious positive came so much later than I used to read about on here so I want to encourage you ladies to keep up hope and know you're not out just because of a BFN.

Lots of love and baby dust to all!!

Preseed, Smep BFP at 9DO

So, I got my bfp and like many ladies on here, I wanted to share my info for anyone who needs some light reading material while we obsess over that 2nd line!
I am 37, my husband is 38 and we have a wonderful 18 month old. I went off bc in October, but we didn't "try" until this month. We followed the SMEP, but not to the letter b/c I have a 30 day cycle and it was getting harder to comply! We used preseed each time and I elevated slightly after each time we bd to stack the deck. Symptom wise, I had very little CM except for my fertile period. I used opks, but always have a 2nd line with those so it makes it a little harder to interpret. We bd'd on cd9, cd10, cd12, cd14, cd16, cd17, & cd18 and I est that I likely O'd on cd18. My symptoms and tests are as follows:

1dpo nothing
2dpo thick white cm but not abundant
3 dpo extreme gas
4 -5 dpo nothing to speak of, no cm
6 dpo twinges in abdomen but not one side or the other, extremely exhausted, purple veins on bbs, chest, and onto the front of my shoulders, twinges in abdomen, no cm
7 dpo gas, emotional - felt like crying, very very tired, twinges in abdomen, no cm
8 dpo bbs felt heavy and felt like outgrowing bra, felt like i might cry for something silly, decreased appetite, a little bloated, heartburn, yellow cm but very little
9 dpo bbs heavy, heartburn, emotional again w/brief but instant tears for no apparent reason. took a dollar tree hpt and bfp with pm urine. used the same urine for an easy@home test from amazon - bfn. immediately nauseous and gagging over and over again.
10 dpo woke throughout the night with nausea and tested with fmu (extremely concentrated) with frer got a faint bfp, tested again with easy@home and a darker positive well within time frame.

Still keep pulling out the tests to look at them, not sure what to do next! Good luck to all:)