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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Preseed

Pre-Seed, the sperm-friendly lubricant (and only lube that should be used while trying-to-conceive) is a staple of the TTC community. We love it, and we'd hazard a guess that all these ladies on this page with BFPs speak highly of it as well!

If you don't have Pre-Seed yet, we recommend you pick some up at It ships for free anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, and comes with free pregnancy tests. Can't beat that. And when you get your Pre-Seed assisted BFP and you're ready to give credit where credit is due, by all means, send us your symptoms here!

BFP after a year

Hello ladies,
So let me tell you I have read each and every story on here. I thank all of you for sharing. I never thought I would be able to post my story. I'm 32 and he is 31 after not being able to conceive and several tests my doctor but me on Clomid. It was a miracle I got pregnant the first cycle. I have ran in to look at the sticks over and over. I have taken 3 with BFP.

Got postive opk 1/13
1/14 nothing
1/15 nothing
1/16 nothing
1/17 nothing
1/18 woke up to horrible cramps
( extremly painful) lasted 20 mins
1/19 back was hurting and had same horrible cramps for 20 mins
1/20 gums bleeding
1/21 back hurting throw up suddenly
1/22 had a temp of 99.6 back hurting
1/23 first faint postive
1/24 second postive
Keep trying girls !! It can happen !!

Bfp 12dpo chronic spotter

Hello ladies....I've spent many sleepless nights stalking this forum for all helpful tips and I thought I will share my story if it can help anyone. I am 32, dh 40, got off the pill in Feb 2014 and spotted every month since. Some months after bd during the last week of my cycle, others for no apparent reason. We were actively trying since September. First two months I used Opk sticks which showed a surge on cd14. I never had much cm though, always watery cm for a couple of days around ovulation. Although I never had progesterone levels tested, I assumed my hormones were out of whack and started taking Vitex (2 ×400mg per day) in mid November. Another month went by and nothing....I was really ticked off. In early Jan, dh had to be gone for work for 4 days during my ovulation week. I thought wth, let's try PreSeed and give the little monsters a chance to survive longer....we bd-d cd11 and cd15 (upon return). A week laterl we had a nice evening out where I got completely drunk, thinking no way in hell would something have happened. Well, next night (7dpo), I had light pink spotting on tp....I honestly refused to believe it could be implantation bleeding....two days after brown spotting continues, lots of it after bd. Gassy, constipated, sore boobs. I refused to believe it was happening.10dpo, woke up, tummy flat, boobs flat. Here we go again, another month. CD11, late afternoon, felt a hint of nausea in a meeting. Despite my best judgment, went to the pharmacy and dropped 25 bucks on a HPT. Poas, a very faint second line came up. Wwwhhhhhhaaatt??? Asked a friend at work to tell me if I'm crazy and sure enough, she sees the line too. I've officially started week 5 today, no spotting since. I started skipping vitex at night and will take one pill every other day for a week as I've read conflicting stories. Hopefully everything goes welk from now on for my little bean. Good luck to all of you trying, lots of baby dust being sent your way. I guess if there was one thing I took away from all this is to get to know your body really well. I am convinced that my cm not being ew consistency had something to do with a few failed months.

BFP 2 hours ago. No symptoms,after LEEP, after miscarriage

Hi ladies, I promised myself long time ago that I would share my story here if I get BFP, and hope my story would encourage and might be useful for others to learn as I have learned from others here. I read stories here almost every two week waits then left after AF showed. I want to let you know that if you don't have any symptoms, do not lose heart, when I read that some ladies post they don't have symptoms, I thought it might have to be any symptom, now I knew myself that no symptom could means zippo symptom.

Background: 37 years old, very irregular, 28- 42 days. miscarried April 2013, had LEEP to remove precancerous cells July 2014, TTC again since November 2014. Been charting and using Clearblue monitor since December 2013, and started using digital and advanced digital the last 4 cycles.

November cycle didn't work, so I learned from charting and thought I didn't bd enough. Then I started taking fertileaid, ovaboost, Elevit. And decided to take Clomid last cycle December on cycle day 3-7.
I really wanted and intended to try SMEP but missed a few times because I was tired and also getting sick. (Details below)

Here is my record.
CD3 - CD7 Clomid
CD 9 - start taking FertilCM. started CLearblue OV stick test - High (usually I would have at least a few Low to start)
CD 11 - BD, high on CLearblue monitor
CD 12 - high
CD 13 - high ( forgot to test but monitor shows auto high)
CD 14 - (New Year's Eve) BD, high
CD 15 - ( New Year) BD, forgot to test but high auto on monitor.
CD 16 - test high on monitor, blank circle on advanced digital and digital.
CD 17- test high on monitor, blinking smile on advanced digital.
CD 18 - test Peak ( as expected because my peak on monitor always showed just after advanced or digital) solid smiley face on advanced digital and digital. BD morning. Used pressed.

Not sure if I would count CD 18 or CD 19 an Ovulation day. But always know that period would start 13-14 days after first peak.

O day, CD19 - stops all ovulation rests. As it would show auto 2nd peak day.
Dpo 1, CD 20 - BD morning, used pressed. ( I really think I conceived from this date)

Dpo 2, CD 21 - dpo 5, CD 24
I was sick, actually I should have BDed on CD 19, 22 and 24 but too sick and not feeling like bd, I did try but too sticky)

Dpo 6, CD 25 - BD in case if real late OV but I guess it's too late.
Dpo 5 - dpo10, CD 24- cd 29 - nothing, dry.
Dpo 11, CD 30- a little wet and leakage. No cramps.
Dpo 12 , Cd 31 - getting sad feeling that AF would come, feeling a little wet, no cramps.
Dpo 13, CD 32 - expecting AF, feeling anxious and wishing AF wouldn't show, felt a little more sticky wet. If I survive today then I'm getting closer to getting bfp. Didn't sleep well all night being too nervous.
Dpo 14, CD 33 - a little leakage, I kept checking if it is AF, but never came. This day is considered one day late but I wanted to make sure and didn't want to be sad and disappointed because some cycles men's started late on dpo14. Waiting all day. Afternoon feeling backache, that was really a first sign but thinking maybe I laid down watching tv too long. End of day and no period I felt 99% happy and sure I have fallen pregnant.
Dpo 15, today - went to get a dollar tree one, after 4 drops and 3 minutes as instructed. >>> a perfectly strong BFP

Celebrated by taking my dog for a walk, not sure when to share the news to hubby and family...everything is still in a blur.

- no spotting. I spotted last time that ended in MC.

Please don't give up. I do understand how deeply sad it feels to see other women getting pregnant and then we are just in the cycles of TTC every month. Hang in there. I don't like when they say stop worrying, and relax. But it is the key. I worried. But you have to tell yourself to try or at least feeling happy, especially during fertile window.
Now I only hope and pray for a healthy pregnancy, can't imagine going through miscarriage again.

Baby dust to all. God bless you.

Ps. Feel free to respond or ask anything, I'm happy to share and if my experience can help.

Strong BFP at 9dpo! First pregnancy!

I still can't believe it! My very first BFP! At 9 dpo a fairly dark line and confirmed on a digital !
DH is 28 I am 23- been trying for 4 months
I have been stalking this site the whole time symptom spotting everything !!
I was so convinced I was pregnant the past 2 cycles because of symptoms yet this month I didn't have a lot different just a couple things. If I wasn't trying I probably wouldn't have noticed them

Things I did different this cycle
I went to an acupuncturist
I started taking vitex
I temped this month

Also! I have never been short of EWCM always have plenty this month I was very surprised to not have nearly as much as I usually do (so don’t worry if you don’t have heaps you can still get your BFP!)

1dpo- Watery cm- Af cramps, runny nose
2dpo- Slight cramps, creamy/sticky cm
3dpo- lotiony/creamy cm, really tired in pm, tired in pm
4dpo- woke up early, wide awake at 415am, indigestion while awake early, lotiony/creamy cm, tired in pm, stinging pain in belly button
5dpo- slight cramps feels like gas cramps but didn't need to go, creamy/sticky cm, gas bubbles
6dpo- sore bbs if I push on them- got worse that night still not bad tho, lotiony/milky cm, so thirsty
7dpo- creamy/sticky cm, so thirsty, bit of ewcm in pm, slight Af cramps in pm
8dpo- creamy/sticky cm, white stretchy cm in pm, sore boobs if you push on them, really hungry, really thirsty, dry mouth no matter how much I drink
9dpo- bfn evap line AM on IC :(, bbs aren't as sore today, creamy/sticky cm, ewcm also.. pain in lower left belly aching pain, thirsty ... took test in arvo to make sure it was an evap line in the morning NOPE it was a BFP!!!! Morning wasn't evap OMG! Confirmed on digital and FR

Symptoms that were different this cycle:
I usually have creamy cm for 2 days post O then it turns watery/lotiony it didn’t do that this cycle it stayed creamy mostly.
Also my bbs usually kill a couple days after O but didn’t start till about 6 dpo which is strange and it was only slight.
Also the thirst hasn’t happened before

I am so excited!! I can't believe it!
I hope everyone gets their bfp's soon!

BFP after 9 months

I read these so often when I was TTC that I felt I should post for everyone else in the same situation.
I have only had 3 periods in 9 months, since stopping BCP I didn't ovulate, after 6 months I was given 2 rounds of clomid which allowed me to ovulate but AF came each time.
I decided after those two months to try to go the natural route. I stopped the Clomid but continued taking EPO and started Vitex. After 30 days on Vitex I got a + OPK, I believe it was due to this normalizing my hormones but of course cant be certain. It was this cycle that I got my BFP. We also used Pre-seed but only on the day I got the positive OPK.

1 dpo to 9 dpo- nothing, in fact less than I had felt every other time. I thought I must be out (also wondering if I had actually ovulated, or maybe just geared up to and it never happened).
10 dpo- in the evening felt light headed, a bit like I was in a bubble! Lasted a few hours, my husband joked I must be preggo!
11dpo- I was seeing my friends that evening for a drink and dinner, took a cheapie HPT and just as I had a delivery came! Went back up about 10 mins later to throw it away but there was a SUPER faint line. Wasn't sure if it was really a line or just an evap but didn't drink incase (told them I was doing dry January - think I go away with it)
12 dpo - took another internet cheapie with SMU and a line (still very faint) came up within time so used the same urine to do Cleablue Digital, got Pregnant 1-2 weeks!
12dpo- had a HCG blood test and was only 25
14po - had a second HCG blood test (only 36 hrs later) and it was 100 :)
18 dpo - had a Clearblue digital left so used today and got Pregnant 2-3 weeks.

Haven't really had many symptoms yet, only bloating which was pretty bad 17 dpo but is a lot better at the moment.
I'm just hoping to get through these first few months. Next appointment to see the heartbeat will be at 7 weeks 3 days.

Those two little lines at 9dpo

So i have stalked/lurked this site for the past 6 months. We have a 4 year old son. But I just got my BFP TODAY! Squeee. We have been trying for 6 months I'm 30 DH is 32. So here are my symptoms I obsessed about it too so hope this helps
DH and I BD'ed 3 days before my "scheduled" ovulation and a couple times during and a couple times after to try to cover. I noticed about 5 days ago breast soreness. And crazy wild dreams. The breast soreness I normally get on the side of the breast before my period and it was side boob soreness so I chalked it up to period.
6dpo I did feel little pings and twinges left ovary but i thought nothing of it I get that too every before period.
7dpo my boobs felt fuller they were really heavy not just the soreness still crazy dreams
8dpo: I noticed I fell asleep at the drop of a hat this is not normal for me during the day. I walked past a mirror and saw how big my boobs were. I thought then am I pregnant should I test?
9dpo: I had a another crazy dream which resulted to a panic attack at 4 am my mind told me to test and it came back two very dark lines. I applied some lipgloss looked down and it was already positive. I used first response. DH and I used preseed a couple times. So my symptoms I never had even during regular period times crazy dreams fuller heavier breast not the soreness that's normal for me
Praying for a sticky baby having cramping now I did with my first baby as well.
*baby dust to all*

My long journey ttc

Hi everyone. I was addicted to this site whilst tcc. I always thought that once it happened to me I would come back and write for the first time how it happened for me as I know how much it helps others just as it had helped me.

I have endometriosis, PCOS and a hormonal deficiency. I have had several surgeries and had the mire a put in for 7 years in total on medical grounds. I only ever had two periods in my life.
I was told my fertility was massively reduced.

After different treatments and fertility help nothing happened, I never accepted this.

I began doing temping, clear blue digi ovulation tests, preseed and constant eBay pregnancy tests.


Finally after help my periods began another surgery later and I downloaded an app called 'my days' I religiously used it and decided to 'baby dance' every other day - yes this did feel like a chore!! But I tracked EVERYTHING from cervical mucus, my emotions so forth on this app.
I stopped ovulation tests and temping. I felt that is I BD every other day I would catch it therefore didn't stress about the other bits.

This was the first time I didn't have 'pregnancy signs' did I look for them, yes? As every month I'd read every sign for dear hope it was this month.

I didn't do any pg tests. I knew there was no point and if it were meant to be then I would know.

I missed my period. On the day I felt like I had a cold. THIS WAS MY ONLY SIGN. I did a test. Negative. Second day another negative. Three days of missed pregnancy. Positive.

I couldn't believe it. This has been he scariest most worrying and exciting time of my life and I just want to say to everyone it will happen. I promise one way or another. X

Peace and love xx

2 Pink Lines after 4 cycles TTC

This morning at 12 DPO (1 day prior to expected AF), I used first response early response test. Two pink lines in a minute! I was wow'd ! A few hours later with Clear Blue it said pregnant 1-2 weeks.

This was our 4th month of TTC. The first month we "went with the flow" after getting off birth control of 12 years. It was tough understanding my body being off the pill. By the second month I used Preseed and used an app to keep track of my period called Period Tracker. Third month we were more aggressive and purchased the clear blue ovulation test. I loved knowing when I was ovulating. I recommend using them to anyone who has got off the pill and has no clue what their body does normally. My hubby was sick when we were TTC, he was taking Mucinex so that could of helped... I also started using an awesome app called Ovia. I love how it gave me feedback and let me know what was "normal." I attempted at charting my BBT but was bad about taking it each day at the same time.

Symptoms: (please forgive if I don't use all the acronyms)

1 dpo- nipple sensitivity, cramps, headache, backache
2 dpo- felt very tired, nipple sensitivity, creamy cm, cramps, backache, feel heavy in my uterus (never felt that other months we ttc)
3 dpo- happy and excited feelings with energy to tired, creamy cm, backaches
4 & 5 dpo- creamy cm, backache, headaches, dizziness when I stand up sometimes, vivid dreams- even had a dream a coworker was leaving work to have a baby, backaches
6 dpo- creamy cm, feeling impatient, nausea in the morning , right pelvic pain, backaches, dry mouth
7 dpo- creamy cm, backaches, left pelvic pain, thirsty, dry mouth, vivid dreams, swollen boobs
8 dpo- watery cm, In the evening at my inlaws I spotted bright pink, the family dog was acting oddly friendly to me and normally he growls or acts fickle towards me, nausea at night, cramps, headache
9dpo- In the morning I had light brown spotting that looked like tea, cramps, nausea, swollen boobs that feel heavy, watery cm
10 dpo- feels heavy down there when I get up from sitting, cramps are a bit more noticeable , watery cm, headache
11/12 dpo- urinating often, random light brown spotting , a lot of energy and urge to need to reorganize

Good luck everyone!!!!!! I am really glad there was a website like this to help.

Zero signs with BFP

No symptoms. No sore boobs or increased sense of smell like with my first child, but I took the test this morning and got a BFP. I wasn't sure if my af was late or not, since my cycle has ranged from 26 to 30 days. I'm excited, but more than that.. relieved and at peace after 6 months of anxiety and pressure. The best thing I did differently this cycle was not to chart every detail, only my AF, OV date and BFP. It helped me stop obsessing. Another thing we tried was to BD a LOT. I think we only missed a hand full of days the whole cycle. Good luck and hang in there to all you ttc.

Big Faint Line at 10 DPO 2nd Cycle, WOW.

Hi ladies!! I've been on this site nonstop for the last 2 months as we've been trying. I'm so thankful for this community. Here is my story:

26 yrs old, DH is 36. We were married in May and started trying this last October. I have terribly irregular cycles, for my entire life. Sometimes 18 days sometimes 55 days. It doesnt seem that I have PCOS based on tests done. I can only sum up my irregularity to stress. I've unfortunately always been dealing with a lot of stress due to family issues, my entire life.

Based on the irregularity I figured it would take us a long time to get pregnant. Last cycle was nearly 55 days and I am suspicious that I experienced a chemical pregnancy, due to some crazy symptoms I've never felt before. My Dr seemed to think I didn't even ovulate though, based on my bloodwork. So here I am going into 2nd TTC Cycle thinking I'm likely anovulatory ... great. To top it off, I'm dealing with nearly crippling stress at work, double great. Oh well, DH and I give it the good college try over Christmas break, which just happens to also be my fertile window! We BD on 12/28, 12/29 and 12/31. I suspect I ovulated on 12/30 based on +OPK and the Glow App. We used OPKs, Preseed, and I used Fertilitea!! I did not use Fertilitea last cycle, so I think it might have helped! It did help bring on my period - I started taking it last cycle when my period wouldn't come and within 2 days and 2 cups of the tea my period came. I also prayed lots and every night I went to bed I put my hands in the shape of a heart above my stomach, I know ... stupid ... but whatever!

Here are some of the symptoms I experienced:

Most importantly: I've had very dull cramps/pressure nearly every day since O. I've also had an increased appetite. Everything else was pretty normal. My CM was creamy and light to medium since O.

1-3 DPO : Gassy / Bloating / Blood in mucus when blowing nose / High Appetite
4-5 DPO : Gassy / Bloating / High Appetite
5-6 DPO : Emotional / Irritable/ Bloating - Note: I quit my job on 1/7. I think this was divine, the stress it was causing would not have let me be able to implant I think.
9 DPO "A-ha Day" - Gas like WHOA. High appetitive. Lots of gurgles/pulling and even a sharp pain that I felt in my uterus and boob at the same time (implantation?) ... my urine smelled terrible!! ... heres the crazy thing, I could not stop drinking water from 6pm-bedtime. I must have had 8 glasses. I could not quench my thirst
10 DPO (today) -- Woke up and took two cheapie wondofos, saw a light line on both but felt suspicious because they are cheapies ... ran out and got a FRER and there was a straight up faint line!! Attached pic here.

I am so emotionally confused. I am nervous to be excited but trying so hard. I've wanted this so badly my entire life, I am so ready and excited. I pray that this will be a sticky little bean that will grow healthy and strong.

Thanks to everyone for your stories and support. I wish baby dust for you all!