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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Preseed

Pre-Seed, the sperm-friendly lubricant (and only lube that should be used while trying-to-conceive) is a staple of the TTC community. We love it, and we'd hazard a guess that all these ladies on this page with BFPs speak highly of it as well!

If you don't have Pre-Seed yet, we recommend you pick some up at It ships for free anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, and comes with free pregnancy tests. Can't beat that. And when you get your Pre-Seed assisted BFP and you're ready to give credit where credit is due, by all means, send us your symptoms here!

My bfp story at 8dpo

3 DPO: Nausea, mild cramping, fatigue, light headed
4 DPO: Gas, tingling BBs, fatigue, food aversion
5 DPO: extreme fatigue, gas, mild cramping
6 DPO : period like cramping , tingling breasts, started prenatals
7 DPO: glob of lotion like CM when I wiped in the morning, itchy down there,mild cramping, UNGODLY fatigue,gas, tender breasts.
8 DPO: faint BFP w/wondfo, freq urination, fatigue, mild nausea, difficulty breathing, mild cramping, tender breasts , itchy down there - started progesterone
9 dpo : ruptured cyst - visit to ER confirms pregnancy with 6.5 beta , 2.5 cm endometrial lining.

BFP cycle 6!

I have been TTC for 6 cycles. I had a luteal phase defect and have been taking b6 for the past 2 months, along with RED MACA root and prenatals. This was our first month using preseed.

Tuesday morning I took 3 tests (FRER, First Signal and Internet Cheapie) and all 3 had SUPER faint lines. So faint that I almost thought I was seeing things and they didnt show well on pictures.

Wednesday morning I took another FRER, First Signal and Internet Cheapie and they had bolder lines on them. They were still light, but bold enough that I knew I wasnt seeing things. So then I went and got my FR Digital and Clear Blue Easy Digital. Both had BFPs! I am freaking out I am so excited. I cant believe this is really happening after 6 months. :)

I have been bloated and gassy the last few days. Boobs and nips are sore and prominent veins on my chest. I have been cramping the last few days like I have to poop, even after Ive already gone. I feel like I have to pee more frequently as well, even when my liquid intake is the same as it has been. Also been having backache (but I chalked that up to carrying my 2 yr old) and headache (loud 2 yr old anyone?!) Some slight acne, but not much. Fatigue has been growing worse the last few days and I tend to get nauseous when I dont eat enough.

Really hoping this is a sticky bean!

Good luck and baby dust to everyone else!

Bfp 1year post pill & waiting to see fertility specialist!

In utter disbelief! I can't believe it finally happened - two lines, two very dark & unmistakable lines! A bfp! Me?? The girl waiting to see a fertility specialist?!! Holy cow! If you read my blog I haven't posted in a while because we were just waiting for our appointment (so not trying not preventing). I had even applied for a scholarship to do a course next year as I thought a baby may take a while! It's been 12months from coming off the pill & it's been a rollercoster of emotions with my hormones going haywire-acne, mood swings & long cycles that became irregular. I was told my prolactin levels were high & progesterone low & that I was most likely not ovulating. Hubby was going to get his little guys tested while we wait the 3months to get into see a specialist.
So what happened??
Well I thought I was having another very long cycle - day 50 with what felt like AF symptoms for the last few weeks-occasional cramps/aches. I get slightly swollen boobs just before AF comes but they had been sore for the last 2weeks and this last week particularly behind the nipple & I found myself saying ouch when I hugged someone! Still hubby & I put it down to my prolactin levels because I didn't feel pregnant & I swore AF was coming soon! The only other thing I thought was strange is my face was actually clearing up- my acne usually get really bad pre AF... I just thought my skin regime was finally working! So yesterday morning after reaching day 52 I thought why not do a test? I had heaps I ordered months ago so just do one- it will be negative - but hey I've got heaps! -I seriously was not going to though as I had decided 6 months ago that I wouldn't do anymore tests unless I was absolutely sure I was pregnant & I really thought I wasn't! So I dip it & even before I've finished on the toilet I see the first line appear straight away then the second- no wait, what!!? That never happened before!! I start yelling for hubby to come down stairs - & here I thought I would do some kind of well planned thing for him -all out the window! So he thinks something bad has happened! By this stage there is 2 very strong lines - are my eyes deceiving me? Is this a hcg test? Did I pick up an OPK! Nope! Omg! Hubby finally gets down stairs - naked & half asleep! 'It has two lines!!" Hubby -'what? What does that mean?!" 'Im pregnant baby!" Big hug* both in shock! Hubby -' does this mean I don't need to do my sperm test?' Lol!!!

So I'm an A&E nurse & had to go to work (I really don't know how you're meant to function normally when you get such life changing news at 6am!) & all the while hubby & I are trying to do the math -I could be 5-7weeks??! I never thought I wouldn't know this! I thought was going to know every detail when I finally got pregnant but these last few months I didn't care because I was told I'm not ovulating therefore I wasn't getting pregnant right!? So when I got to work I asked a close colleague & Dr to do some bloods for me - at this stage I still didn't believe what had just happened a few hours ago... So within a few hours I had my HCG results - the lady at pathology gave me a huge grin & said "congratulations" as she past me the results - 37,108 (6-7weeks) unbelievable! I was shaking & couldn't believe this result was mine! Such a high result! (I live in Australia so this may not be the same units of measurement as other countries) but it is really high:)

So ladies still TTC- I have turned into a believer. 2 days ago I never thought I would get pregnant without medical help. Those 2 lines that everyone gets I thought would never happen to me. I had withdrawn from TTC blogs & books etc as it was getting me down. I was preparing my life for a long road to becoming a mother by planning to do my masters next year & other projects -I was actually happier then I had been before TTC because I felt positive about having goals that weren't baby related. I was finally relaxed over the last 6weeks to just enjoy my hubby & have drink, eat some naughty stuff & not beat myself up about it (I had been on a strict naturopath diet!) & what do you know? It's exactly what they say! As soon as you stop trying & focus on other things it happens! & believe me I wanted to seriously hurt those people who would say that to me! But it actually worked! It wasn't easy getting myself to that point though, it took reflection, yoga/meditation & a dr telling me I wasn't going to get pregnant to make me realise I'm responsible for my happiness & I shouldn't rely on a baby to make me happy.

I am obviously over the moon though! But I know I was going to be happy even if this didn't happen:)

Life is funny hey?

Just do what makes you happy & the rest will follow:)

I am seeing my Dr Friday & will keep you posted - I just pray for a sticky bean :)

Dont Lose Faith

I know, its easier said then done...but dont lose faith. I felt like we would never get pregnant. But the month we decided to try preseed for the first time and delete our ovulation apps and stop checking CM and stop using ovulation sticks, I ended up getting those BEAUTIFUL pink two lines!

I honestly dont remember any days of symptoms...NONE actually. Ive had a lot of symptoms the previous month and actually, when I reached 11 DPO (not realizing i was that far into my cycle) and I realized I hadnt had any symptoms, I kinda got excited!

12DPO- BFN, Very Moody!! And craving spicey foods.
13DPO- Lots of CM. Bloating. Craving spicey foods again. Diarrhea. VERY faint positive...Was persuaded to go get a blood test by a co-worker. Came back negative around 4pm
That evening I took another test and it was clearly a positive! Took every type of red dye test and digitals all saying Pregnant!
14dpo- Positive is getting a lot darker! Diarrhea still. Spicey food cravings. Bloating and CM still rapid.
15dpo- VERY Positive Pregnancy Test!! Diarrhea in the morning. Craving vinegar...sooo weird for me! Bloating still and a lot of EWCM (gushing, made me think i was starting my period.)
16dpo- Still getting darker positive pregnancy test. Woke up feeling reallllly nauseas! Diarrhea. Mood swings and an emotional wreck like crazy. EWCM still coming. Craving really weird food! Went and took a blood test..came back Positive!! One of my favorite days of my life!!

Thinking we are due at the end of May!! We cant wait!! Praying this first trimester goes by quickly! This is our first child so the excitement cannot be contained!

BFP 5 months off birth control

I got off birth control in April after being on it for 8 years. My sister got pregnant the first month off bc both times, so I was hoping the same would happen for me. Not so. My cycles were all over the place (33-48 days). I went for my annual checkup at the end of August and when I told my doctor about the irregular cycles she suggested doing a progesterone test. I went in for the test on day 22 and I was not surprised when the results showed I had not ovulated yet. My doctor recommended that I try Clomid the next cycle. I was disappointed, but at the same time encouraged that my doctor wanted to be so proactive. I kept using OPKs to see if by any chance I would ovulate late, and I got a positive on cycle days 26 and 27. We Bd'd days 26, 27, and 28 but I wasn't very optimistic. I did not plan on testing early, but I had a weird back ache and bleeding gums when i brushed on either 8 or 9 dpo and decided to test with a Wondfo on a whim. I was shocked when i saw the faintest second line. I confirmed with a clearblue test on 10/11 dpo. So far the only symptoms I am having are peeing all the time and being constantly starving. I am looking forward to telling my doctor I won't be needing that Clomid after all.

BFP almost 5 months after TR!

Ok, so I knew when I finally got my BFP I would post it here since I have enjoyed reading the stories of others! Today I am 13 DPO and I got my BFP yesterday afternoon. I had a TR on April 7th of this year after having my tubes cut and tied 5 years ago after the birth of my 2nd daughter. Went through a much needed divorce and am now married to the love of my life! We have been married for almost 2 years and I knew from the moment we got married that the TL I had was a HUGE mistake!!! MY DH is the one who brought up the idea of a reversal and I quickly agreed! So here we are 5 months after the reversal and we're preggo! I sure hope this little bean sticks, as I have never had a MC or chemical or anything (to my knowledge I have only been pg twice). I was worried I was out this month after getting 7 days of pos opk's in a row! I figured I was probably ovulating too late or not at all! I guess I was wrong...Prayer works! Also, this month we used preseed and softcups and I really believe that contributed to my bfp as I have never really noticed "fertile" CM. So here's my symptoms and the DPO's are questionable since I had so many positive OPK's but I'm going to go by FF calculations....

CD 13 FF says I ovulated (I believe this to be true as I had some cramping in my right ovary) (BD'd everyday, twice a day from CD 11-CD 17)
1-5 DPO nothing remarkable to note
6-8 DPO Seriously crabby!!! PMS symptoms big time (my poor DH), on 7 DPO woke up with sore throat and stuffy nose and really really tired!
9 DPO I believe implantation took place as I was cramping and was certain AF was on her way (Still stuffy and tired, tell DH I'm coming down with something)
10 DPO still feeling stuffy and bleh
11 DPO did a cartwheel for my girls and had some pain afterwards in my uterus area (DH told me to stop flipping our bean around...I just laughed it off)
12 DPO SOOOO tired!!! After taking kids to school I took a 3 hour nap and woke up feeling hung over! Talked to my BFF about babies and prayers for babies! At Walmart decided to get the .88 hpt cheapies..they only had 3 so I got all 3. Came home and started dinner and decided 'what the heck..I'll take a test'. Took test and didnt see anything so I chalked it up to another failed month. Went back to the kitchen and 5 mins later decided to go look at the test I had left on the counter. TWO LINES!!! BFP!!! almost had a meltdown! I ended up taking another test before bed and BFP again!!!
13 DPO using FMU tested with my last test and BFP!!!

GL ladies and don't ever give up hope!!

BFP after I 'let it go'

I got my BFP with baby #2 after 6 cycles and 5 months of trying. I thought the second baby would come with a snap (most people get pregnant the second time around easy). I got my implant removed March 5 and had ewcm and sensitive BBs predictably around cd 13-14. My first period after the implant, which was my first period in nearly 4 years, was 24 days after the implant was removed. The second cycle I used OPKs and ended up having a chemical after getting a BFP. Ironically, I got fired the day after I got my bfp and AF showed the next day.

I added preseed the next cycle but I noticed my LP was about 10-11 days. I took a break cycle cycle 4 and cycle 5 from tracking and DH and I just went with the flow. Cycle 5 I added fertilitea from CD1- CD5 but I noticed no EWCM that cycle when I had been getting it consistently every time my Ovia app said I was fertile. My cycle that cycle was 28 days long. Cycle 6 DH and I decided to up our BD efforts but I threw out my fertilitea and still didn't use OPKs. During the time my Ovia app said I was fertile we BD every other day using preseed. So I think it was CD 9, 11, 13, 15 we BD with preseed.

What was really weird was that I had this intuition. WHile we were BD on CD 13, the thought went through my mind "this is it!" I knew with every cycle we didn't conceive the likelihood of conceiving was going on. AF due CD 24 and I took a test to enter into my app that I had a negative pregnancy test.

But the test was positive. Whaaaaaaa?

I was a notorious symptom spotter and a POAS addict. I used up all of my internet cheapies because I couldn't NOT pee on something. Every cycle I convinced myself I was pregnant. But the cycle I got a BFP I didn't even think about it during the TWW. I didn't track. I didn't count DPO. I don't temp. I didn't use OPKs. I didn't pay attention. I didn't POAS before AF was due. And I didn't really do anything special or different. Why cycle 6? Why not all the other times?

Anyway, the one "symptom" I noticed my bfp cycle before AF was that my CM was very thick and creamy. It kept getting on my panties and I always felt wet. That was the ONE thing that was different. I don't even know if that is specifically pregnancy related because I'm about 9 weeks now and don't have the CM like I did around the time I got my BFP.

So ladies, my advise is give yourself time off your BC for your body to regulate. And a short LP that is not diagnosed as a LP defect is long enough to get pregnant. It is weird to have your period due by 11 dpo with a full day of pre af spotting. But I did get pregnant. Perhaps I ovulated earlier than CD 14. Maybe it was 10dpo I found out.

Baby dust to all!

A hooray after 2 years!

My husband and I first tried getting pregnant July 2012, two years ago. I was 26 then (28 now) and our very first try we got pregnant (showed up 9dpo on FRER). Unfortunately it was a chemical pregnancy and a week later I miscarried. At the time I assumed it would be no problem getting pregnant again but month after month passed. We took blood and semen tests and everything was fine. I ovulate and we are healthy, active, and young. So for two years we tried Everything outside of medical assistance (vitex, chiropractor, took OPKs every month, checked basal temp, fertiliTea, had prenatals, no alcohol, dropped caffeine during tww, are organic, followed all the right steps). So now we are almost done getting our foster care license (which is still part of the plan regardless of this bfp!) and hubby says we should give Clomid a go for once. I'm hesitant on drugs (especially when I already ovulated) but gave in. First try: pregnant!! What a blessing for us!

This month what we did differently was trying Clomid and preseed (though I had tried preseed before) and honestly for the first time being distracted about it since I was so focused on foster stuff.

As for symptoms, Like others say on here it's true: I had way more "symptoms" on other no pregnant months. I'm now in my 6th week and still almost nada. But Here's the rundown:

1-8dpo: nothing abnormal. Boobs sore but they get that way every month. Perhaps a little moody but that was likely a combo of stress at work and the Clomid side effects
9dpo: watery cm... What? I shouldn't be having this so late. Take a test at noon and voila! A red line peeked on internet cheapie. Run to store and double check on FRER! Yay! Definite yes!
10-20dpo: biggest things are sore breasts and white cm. I've been sleeping more but can't be sure if it's just because I had the time last week to do so or not. I AM more hungry for sure but can't tell if it's my imagination. Definitely getting more acne (lame!)
Overall, my giveaway is the cm (and obvious lack of period)! Other than that it could all be imagination. I almost wish I had nauseau so I could really believe it! Also, props to Clomid! Had read all the research and was convinced it wouldn't help at all!

Praise God for this double blessing of foster care and bio babies!

Almost a year trying and a BFP!

Thank you to everyone for your support through my months of trying. I have tried pretty much everything! This month we used Pre-Seed and I was put on antibiotics for Strep throat. I used Clearblue Easy OPKs. Not the kind with different kinds of smiley faces, just the simple pink ones with a smiley face or blank. We bd'd every day for 6 days leading up to and on the day of my ovulation.

I am almost 5 weeks and feel great. If I hadn't poas about 10 times I wouldn't believe I was pregnant. I ovulated on CD 16. I recommend the apps Ovia and Glow for anyone TTC- they're both awesome and accurate.

Symptoms by DPO:

1-10: Just tired. CM never dried up, but lessened and then became a little more obvious clear and white colored.
11- Woke up to take a run and had a painful stitch in my side. Didn't go running because I was worried I was having a heart attack or something! It lasted about 5 minutes. I was SO thirsty all day I couldn't quench my thirst. My tailbone hurt! BFN! Small, concentrated pinpoint size cramps on the left side of my uterus.
12- This is the day before my period was due. Had a small hangover feeling. Woke up STARVING and Thirsty. A little queasy. My favorite store smelled funky? BFP in the afternoon!

For two days after that I felt terribly hungover and had pounding headaches. Since then I feel awesome!

Good Luck to everyone! Keep your head up and stay positive!

Scared but happy

I'll try to keep this somewhat short.

PCOS diagnosis at 19. Took 10 months to get pregnant with my daughter -- nothing needed, but I was 23. She's 3 1/2 now.

Been trying for a second baby for 2 years. 40+ day cycle until I was given metformin 1000 MG. That made it drop to 32ish days. Folic acid of course and then Vit. D. I got pregnant August 2013 for a little over a week. Miscarriage out of no where and I was a wreck.

OBGYN gave me Clomid. Lowest dose. CD 3-7, I believe. Unmonitored. Cut my cycle length, but no pregnancy. Horrible mood swings though.

Go to a fertility specialist. I hated him so much. He made me feel like a horrible person and I was so stressed at the office I got a nose bleed.

To the better part --

I went to a second fertility specialist. Much better! Did an HSG -- nothing blocked, or oddly shaped. I was on CD 9, but she gave me femara anyway. 2.5 for 5 days. She checked my eggs via ultrasound -- 13.5 egg on the left, 19 egg on the right. Gave me a trigger shot I took the next day. We had sex that day and two days afterward. Used preseed.... and it worked. One time!

I thought I was out a 100 times. I told my husband and those that have been supporting me I wasn't pregnant. So here's the details...

DPO 1-7: Nothing
DPO 8 and 10: Harder time breathing at kickboxing
DPO 8 on: STARVING. Can't stop eating. Eating things I don't usually -- like plain bread with butter and salty chips.
DPO 10 on: Heartburn!
DPO 10&12: BFNs, but I notice I have to pee in the morning way more than usual
DPO 13, 14, and 15: AF type cramps, or worse.
DPO 15: BFP! Faint line on a cheap Dollar General test. After that BFP, hundreds of symptoms kicked-in. Breasts hurt. Smells. Lots of trips to the bathroom. Stuff nose. Can't brush my teeth in the morning without gagging (something I had with my daughter, but not the miscarriage)

I'm terrified that I might miscarry again, especially with all the cramping I've had, but things are good so far. If I don't have cramps, I have back pain.

I had a draw on DPO 16 and the HCG was 236. Progesterone was over 20. I find out in about 15 minutes how the second draw went, but I wanted to post this in good faith that there's good news.

Keep trying, ladies.