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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Preseed

Pre-Seed, the sperm-friendly lubricant (and only lube that should be used while trying-to-conceive) is a staple of the TTC community. We love it, and we'd hazard a guess that all these ladies on this page with BFPs speak highly of it as well!

If you don't have Pre-Seed yet, we recommend you pick some up at It ships for free anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, and comes with free pregnancy tests. Can't beat that. And when you get your Pre-Seed assisted BFP and you're ready to give credit where credit is due, by all means, send us your symptoms here!

Almost a year trying and a BFP!

Thank you to everyone for your support through my months of trying. I have tried pretty much everything! This month we used Pre-Seed and I was put on antibiotics for Strep throat. I used Clearblue Easy OPKs. Not the kind with different kinds of smiley faces, just the simple pink ones with a smiley face or blank. We bd'd every day for 6 days leading up to and on the day of my ovulation.

I am almost 5 weeks and feel great. If I hadn't poas about 10 times I wouldn't believe I was pregnant. I ovulated on CD 16. I recommend the apps Ovia and Glow for anyone TTC- they're both awesome and accurate.

Symptoms by DPO:

1-10: Just tired. CM never dried up, but lessened and then became a little more obvious clear and white colored.
11- Woke up to take a run and had a painful stitch in my side. Didn't go running because I was worried I was having a heart attack or something! It lasted about 5 minutes. I was SO thirsty all day I couldn't quench my thirst. My tailbone hurt! BFN! Small, concentrated pinpoint size cramps on the left side of my uterus.
12- This is the day before my period was due. Had a small hangover feeling. Woke up STARVING and Thirsty. A little queasy. My favorite store smelled funky? BFP in the afternoon!

For two days after that I felt terribly hungover and had pounding headaches. Since then I feel awesome!

Good Luck to everyone! Keep your head up and stay positive!

Scared but happy

I'll try to keep this somewhat short.

PCOS diagnosis at 19. Took 10 months to get pregnant with my daughter -- nothing needed, but I was 23. She's 3 1/2 now.

Been trying for a second baby for 2 years. 40+ day cycle until I was given metformin 1000 MG. That made it drop to 32ish days. Folic acid of course and then Vit. D. I got pregnant August 2013 for a little over a week. Miscarriage out of no where and I was a wreck.

OBGYN gave me Clomid. Lowest dose. CD 3-7, I believe. Unmonitored. Cut my cycle length, but no pregnancy. Horrible mood swings though.

Go to a fertility specialist. I hated him so much. He made me feel like a horrible person and I was so stressed at the office I got a nose bleed.

To the better part --

I went to a second fertility specialist. Much better! Did an HSG -- nothing blocked, or oddly shaped. I was on CD 9, but she gave me femara anyway. 2.5 for 5 days. She checked my eggs via ultrasound -- 13.5 egg on the left, 19 egg on the right. Gave me a trigger shot I took the next day. We had sex that day and two days afterward. Used preseed.... and it worked. One time!

I thought I was out a 100 times. I told my husband and those that have been supporting me I wasn't pregnant. So here's the details...

DPO 1-7: Nothing
DPO 8 and 10: Harder time breathing at kickboxing
DPO 8 on: STARVING. Can't stop eating. Eating things I don't usually -- like plain bread with butter and salty chips.
DPO 10 on: Heartburn!
DPO 10&12: BFNs, but I notice I have to pee in the morning way more than usual
DPO 13, 14, and 15: AF type cramps, or worse.
DPO 15: BFP! Faint line on a cheap Dollar General test. After that BFP, hundreds of symptoms kicked-in. Breasts hurt. Smells. Lots of trips to the bathroom. Stuff nose. Can't brush my teeth in the morning without gagging (something I had with my daughter, but not the miscarriage)

I'm terrified that I might miscarry again, especially with all the cramping I've had, but things are good so far. If I don't have cramps, I have back pain.

I had a draw on DPO 16 and the HCG was 236. Progesterone was over 20. I find out in about 15 minutes how the second draw went, but I wanted to post this in good faith that there's good news.

Keep trying, ladies.

11dpo BFP after Tubal Reversal 3 months ago!!

Hello ladies. This is so surreal even posting this on here. I have been stalking this site even before my tubal reversal this past June. I am 24 and my DH is also 24. After our second child we made a hasty decision and had my tubes tied. We immediately knew it was a mistake and that we would one day want more children. Fast forward 3 years later and here we ARE! I couldn't feel more blessed and thankful because I prayed so heavily this cycle. This cycle was our 3rd cycle TTC since the TR. This cycle I truly stepped it up because my DH is military and will be gone for about a month soon. I incorporated OPKS, Mucinex, and Preseed into this TTC cycle and it WORKED!! Here are my DPO symptoms (although I tried my hardest not to pay attention to my body as I have been fooled before in the past lol):
DTD: -3,-2,-1,0,1,3
1-3 dpo: Not much at all. Felt absolutely normal
4-5dpo: I felt a couple of cramps here and there. Noticed my CM was not drying up.
6-8: Nothing out of the ordinary. Maybe some gas here and there. A few times I bent over and would feel a bit dizzy upon standing back up. But I really didn't want to believe that was due to anything
9, 10 dpo: Cramps and more cramps. Especially on 9dpo. I was a bit gassy as well, nothing new there :). I noticed on either 9 or 10 dpo that I was constantly salivating. Like, I had to keep swallowing my saliva. It was a lot. IDK why that happened and was afraid to take it as a PG symptom. But that had never happened before to me. Even in previous pregnancies. I also was visiting the bathroom more frequently. A bit tired and falling asleep earlier at night. BUT ALAS...BFN. Total bummer. Still a LOT of CM. Noticed my cervix wasn't low during sex with the DH.
11dpo: Today I felt crampy, like the last two days. I also felt a little queasy. This morning I was craving Chinese food, and went and got some before it was even noon. Once home I ate and almost immediately fell asleep while watching my little ones play. I woke up and IMMEDIATELY took a test. BFP.....but it was a blue dye. I didn't want to trust it and get my hopes up. So I tested again with a FRER when DH got home. BFP!!!!!!! OMG!!!! I came out the restroom in TEARS and immediately started thanking GOD as I shoved the test in his face.
We are BOTH so overjoyed. This process has been such an experience. I was so down about my BFN's and felt even more regret about my Tubal ligation then I ever had, but GOD was on our side. My TR was only 3 months ago. Ladies, please keep your heads up!! I know it seems hard, and it may not come as fast as you want it...But God is an on time GOD. Good luck. And thanks for reading my story!!! :D

18 months TTC FINALLY BFP!

I promised myself once I got my bfp I would share my story and anything that helped. My husband and I are 26 years old and decided to try for a baby a few months before we got married. So last January our journey began. I had already been off birth control for over a year so we thought all we needed to do was get to baby making. Little did we know it wasn't that easy for us. After 4months of no success I decided to take control and start charting, temping, and taking ovulation tests. The constant work drained me after another 4months of no success. I began to wonder if something was wrong. I stayed committed to trying after 8months but decided to give the charts and kits a break. We tried for another 9 months! But last month something dawned on me. I realized the EWCM I wasn't producing might be making it difficult for sperm to reach eggy in time. So I read up on what I could do to increase my cervical mucus and I came across Preseed. Obviously nothing is going to work for everyone but after 17 months i was willing to try anything. I still didn't chart or test for ovulation. We just bd about 3 times a week and I put a TON of preseed inside before we start. SO here I am about 3 weeks later and I got my BFP 2 days ago CD27 for me!! I'm so excited and grateful. So that's my story!! Only symptoms I had were nipple soreness and sensitivity (usually happens for me around ovulation but this time it continued), major mood swings, and fatigue. Thanks for reading :)

BFP before first Postpartum AF

Aug 14 - This is Pregnancy number 4 for me. 1 miscarriage, 1 DD, 1 DS, and now this BFP.

I weaned my DS from EBF in May, when he was 6 months old. We knew we wanted to try again in these next few months. Knowing that I could very well get pregnant before my first AF came, we began trying right away. We BD'd every day or every other day for about 2 months. At this point I could tell from CM that fertility was returning and that I could expect AF to be here within a few weeks. The problem, obviously, is our dates could be off, although I am pretty sure I am due around the 2-3 week of April.
Started like this, I will count back about 16 days before I got my BFP, to sort of cover when I must have O'd.
July 24 - Crampy, headache, bloated.
July 25 - Same as yesterday
July 26 - Must have O'd either yesterday, today, or tomorrow. Feeling good. BD
1 DPO - As I have no idea where I am in my cycle, I tested regularly. Today I had a shadow of a line, very strange, never happens.
2 DPO - More faint lines, but sooo light. I am convinced I must be prego, due to bloating and cramping last week. I was wrong though at this point...
4 DPO - BD. I have come to the conclusion the tests must be negative and I am seeing things. very small pink spot in underwear. Tired. Biggest thing I am noticing is how ditsy I am. I get this way when I am pregnant. I get super forgetful.
5 DPO - BFN. Still think I am seeing shadows though, WHY!? No other symptoms, tired. Took a nap.
6 DPO - Bloated. Tired. Took a cat nap. Sore throat. BD
7 DPO - BD Had crazy vivid dreams last night. Woke up with a stuffy nose and sore throat. Tired. Muscles somewhat stiff today.
8 DPO - Vivid Dreams
9 DPO - Vivid dreams. Possible slight sore nipples?
10 DPO - BD Pink spotting at 5pm, only when I wiper. Sore throat tonight
11 DPO - Dark brown spotting. A little bit on panty liner. Crampy, sore back. stuffy. vivid dreams, tired.
12 DPO - Still dark brown spotting. Tested at 3pm, got faintest bfp on strips. Nothing but a shadow in safeway brand. Starting to wonder...tired. headache, stuffy, sneezing alot, coffee tasted different? heartburn, grumpy. Very moody.
13 DPO - Still spotting, more rust colored this morning. Vivid dreams. Fint line on BFP strip, shadow on FRER.
14 DPO - BFP! 4am faint but there. Obvious line on strip/ Spotting more. Late in the day I started cramping quite bad and teh spotting turned to brighter red bleeding. Thinking it must be a Chemical. Oh well, we will try next month.
15 DPO - Alot of bleeding. Sure that it is AF. Heavier than my normal AF. no clots of stringing though.
16 DPO - Still thinking it is AF, still lots of bleeding. Not bothering to test these days
17 DPO - Bleeding is slowing down. As I was sure I had a chemical pregnancy, I wanted to test today to make sure the hormone was gone and it would be BFN for next cycle. Definitely didn't expect a darker BFP than at 14 DPO! Which is what I got. So confused.
18 DPO - Vivid dreams again, tired. Darker BFP than yesterday. So strange, I guess it must be real.
19 DPO - Darker BFP again since yesterday. Spotting almost completely gone.

From what I have read it is pretty rare to bleed that much... I have no idea if this will stick, but I suppose time will tell. In the meantime, I will enjoy this and hope for the best.

Have any of you every had a 'heavy period-like implantation bleed'? I had one with DS but it was light, and none with DD, so this time around I am totally confused. Every time is different I suppose.

BFP after 9 months TTC - 10dpo

Hey ladies! This website helped me a lot so I wanted to share my experience.

I came off the pill in August 2013 after taking it for ten years. I decided to allow my cycle to regulate for a few months before TTC and took that time to familiarise myself with my body so that I didn't stress over everything! (Didn't work lol).

I got to know my cycle length, CM patterns, ovulation dates and typical symptoms which was really interesting to note.

Started actively TTC in Dec 2013 using OPKs and temping and fully expected it to happen straight away! It didn't.

We tried BD every other day, every day, SMEP, preseed, elevating legs, supplements, diet changes, you name it! I was advised a few times to stop trying and it will happen, rubbish! For some people it will, coincidence if you ask me, we tried and tried and it worked! I may have got stressed sometimes when I didn't think we got BD in enough around O day but I know I would have been worse not knowing if I was ovulating at all! Also I found temping and seeing temps drop prepared me for the disappointment of AF.

So each month TTC I had 'new' symptoms that convinced me I was pregnant...gas, sore boobs, lumpy nipples, fatigue, nausea, changes in name it, I got it. This month I got my BFP all I noticed that was different was my temps stayed up past 10dpo, when they would usually start to drop, and I started getting slight cramps which would normally only start on day of AF. No other changes yet. This cycle we used preseed the day before I ovulated, we had been using it for three months. We BD two days before O and day of O.

So don't think you're doing too much, every little helps I believe! Good luck ladies :-)

BFP with AF 2 days late!!

Every month during my TWW I stalked this section of the boards trying to see if my symptoms were similar to those that were posting their BFP symptoms. After 3 months of ACTIVELY TTC, we finally have our story :) I am 32, DH is 30 and this is our first pregnancy. It still doesn't even feel real typing this.

I have a normal 28-30 day cycle, and usually Ov. around CD13 with a 16 day LP. This month we had sex every day between CD 9-23 except for CD 18-19 (DH worked an overnight shift and we didn't see each other on those dates). I do not do BBT charting, and I didn't pee on an ovulation monitor stick this month because it broke. So all I had to go on was my cervical fluid and ovulation pains (I get them every month). We were both very hopeful since we had sex so much, but when CD 29 came and I got a BFN, we grieved/cried together and said we will try again next month; "for this is a miracle we can not control."

CD 31 came around, I had NO symptoms of pregnancy and NO signs of AF symptoms that occur every month like clock work. So I POAS and got a faint positive!!!! Thank you Lord!! We are still in disbelief because I feel completely normal with no symptoms at all! My OBGYN NP said you don't have to have ANY symptoms at all and to not go crazy with symptoms checking. So here's the breakdown:

CD9: Left ov pain? Creamy dc
CD10: Creamy
CD12: Extremely hyper/happy (not sure why, but I documented it)
CD13: more EWCF
CD14: Watery cervical fluid
CD15-16: Bloated, gassy, sticky cervical fluid
CD17: headache, left abdominal pain, watery cervical fluid
CD18-19: No sex, globs of EWCF after bm, left abdominal pain (abnormal for me to have this much EWCF this late).
CD20: left abdominal pain(4th day in a row-almost called OBGYN) Was this implantation? Watery cervical fluid
CD21: dry cervical fluid
CD 25: intermittently lower ab cramps
CD28: headache, bloated
CD30: bloated, gassy
CD31: heavy breats (not sore) and BFP!!!!!!

We used pressed for external lubricant every time we had sex, and raised my hips up on a pillow for 30min-1 hour after each time. TMI: A couple times I went to bed for the night with his semen in me before I ever got up out of bed for fear of it coming right out. Maybe this helped?

Best advice: pray, relax, don't obsess about symptoms, just have fun with it!

BFP at CD50 after TWO irregular cycles!

I have finally pried my eyes away from the positive HPTs for enough time to sit down and share my story. I still can't believe its happening. This forum and the contributors to it have been a great source of comfort and insight, and I am so happy to be posting my BFP story here!

I am 34 and my husband is 39. We started ttc#1 in May, and would you believe it, my body immediately got stage fright, and started acting weird for the first time I can remember. The 1st month I had 3 days of breakthrough spotting on CD20 and, not realizing what it was, I thought maybe it was implantation bleeding. I did not get my period that cycle until CD51 (while having MANY pg symptoms). It was the first time anything like this ever happened to me, and it was a very emotional period. I struggled with hoping that MAYBE I was pregnant, while getting BFN after BFN. It was a relief when AF finally arrived after almost two months. The next cycle I bought OPK kits and watched my body like a hawk. My OPKs darkened but never made it to a positive, and once again, I ended up getting breakthrough spotting on CD20. I stopped taking my opks, and cried and cried. Eventually I read on one of the forums of this site how you could still ovulate later in an anovulatory or irregular cycle. Around CD 37 I noticed EWCM, but had negative OPKs. We BD'd only a couple of times in that period (using preseed), but we hit the right moment, because our little bean caught! I had noticed small symptoms, but I kept holding off testing, as I couldn't take the pain of another BFN...finally yesterday afternoon I just went for it. I thought my eyes were tricking me at first, as the SLIGHT shadow of a pink line appeared. YES!!! I slapped some makeup on (haha) and ran to my husband and showed him the stick. I couldn't convince him the tiny faint line counted so we got another test and the next day with FMU got a confirmed digital "pregnant 1-2 weeks". Whoo-hoo!

Because of the weird cycles, I did a terrible job of listing DPO symptoms, but I have put what I can below. To be honest, my symptoms are not strong, so I am sorry if they are not helpful. I hope this helps anyone who has an irregular cycle to keep trying during that cycle! I am crossing my fingers for sticky baby dust for myself and this little one, as well as for all of you lovely ladies out there!


CD37 -Noticed EWCM

CD37-38 BD'd using preseed

CD42-50 all of the following:

Occasionally feel VERY SLIGHTLY nauseous on an empty stomach

Gas. Embarrassingly loud stomach rumbles at the office. I get them no matter what I eat or drink, which is unusual

Sudden bouts of tiredness in the middle of the afternoon (CD 46-50)

I worked out really hard, at the gym a few times and I felt a small, nagging pain in my uterus area afterwards. This was another tipping point sign for me as well

My nipples are tingly and my breasts are slightly sore. This has increased at an incredibly slow pace, so much so that I shrugged it off as incoming AF. But yesterday, it was so consistent (every few hours) that it prompted me to take the test

Weird Symptom and things I did to get my BFP

Hello ladies (and perhaps gentlemen), these stories are what got me thru last month and my tww this month. My husband (26) and myself (25) have only been trying for 2 months, we were expecting it to take much longer but are thrilled. I stopped my bcp in late June; I finished the whole pack including the placebos and had a regular withdraw bleed. This month I o'd on cd 17 of a 28 day cycle (confirmed by opks and temping) and got my BFP at 9 dpo. I tried a couple new things this month. I drank a glass of pomergranate juice (supposedly promotes healthy lining) and a glass of pineapple juice (supposedly helps with implantation) per day after ovulation, I ate Brazil nuts 3 per day up to 7 dpo (they have natural selenium in the to help with implantation), and I also ate (or tried to, it wasn't consistent) pineapple core. I also used Preseed (sparingly) when I needed it on cd 15 (internally) and cd 17 (o day externally). I prayed daily to St. Gerard the patron of all things motherhood. We also did the SMEP. On to my symptoms...

CD 7 I had extreme pain in my right ovary, went in for emergency ob appt. confirmed cyst burst fluid sitting behind uterus was told would clear up in a couple days)
1-3 dpo extremely sore nipples
4 dpo nothing
5 dpo Right breast pain (like I did a ton of push ups) I also got my annual Pap smear. I was worried this would hurt my chances but didn't so don't be afraid to get your annual if you're ttc.
6 dpo Sore BBs, tired take a 2 hr nap after 9 hrs of sleep the night before (confirmed by fitbit).
7 dpo pulling pain about an inch and left of my belly button (not near ovary), slight headache, here is the weird part...I had sore BBs so sore I just wanted to rub them (so I did) and a clear/white substance leaked out of both of my nipples. I have never been pg or bf before. Nurse said could be a symptom (very rare) in early pg or could be high prolactin levels. Suggested if I don't get a BFP to come in for testing. I didn't mess with my boobs at all after that!
8 dpo Hungry and thirsty, can't get enough water! No more sore BBs, symptom free day. Thought for sure I was out. Feeling bummed took a dollar store hpt in the afternoon (after drinking water non-stop all day) my brain told me it was a bad idea but my poas addiction said it is only a dollar. After two minutes it was a bfn, should have known. I threw it away. Then I was crazy enough to dig it back out 10 minutes later and look at it (crazy I know) it had a really faint pink line! I thought to myself just an evap line and to ignore it. Then I looked up all things evap lines. One posted suggested dismantling the test and running water over the test strip, if it were an evap line the dye would wash away if it was a BFP it would stay. I had nothing to lose it was already used. Needless to say it didn't wash away but I still wasn't convinced (didn't want to get my hopes up). Decided to test in the morning with fmu.
9 dpo Tested with fmu on dollar store first. Decided if the line showed up in the first 10 minutes (the cut off) I would use my only frer digital that I had left over. Well needless to say, the dollar store hpt was (faint) positive within 5 minutes. I dipped the frer and after 3 minutes a YES+ showed up. Very excited but still nervous!

Sorry the post is so long but wanted to posted everything I did. Including me being crazy, but the tww will make anyone crazy (or so I justify that to myself) :) Here is to a H&H 9 months to all the other BFP mommas, and lots of luck to those still trying (sending good vibes your way).

43 with BFP, only took 3 years...

Well here I am again - I posted a BFP in 2012 but that pregnancy lasted all of 9 weeks.
Tried IVF one and a half times (first time had highly graded eggs but they did not implant. Second time the drugs didn't work at all).
Just had an HSG flush as a final thing to answer any question about blocked tubes (they're all clear) 3 weeks ago.
Heard the flush can help with boost the chances of conception so - this may be a reason, who knows.

BD'd one day before and one day after ovulation which was CD13. Did it at night and lay there "in it" the whole night. Used a heap of Pre-seed. I use OPK's and the DuoFertility monitor - so it's pretty easy to pinpoint ovulation especially in hindsight.

1 to 8DPO - Big fat nuthin.
9DPO - Watching TV - had some pretty sharp pinching in the middle of my lower belly which I visualise as the uterus. Three distinct spells of pinching so noticeable that I unzipped my jeans to gaze at my navel as if that helped edify the situation. I decided that if this wasn't "it" then I'm going to lose faith in all things.
10DPO - Had two bizarre dreams each ending with me holding two positive early HPTS. Got up and tested at 7am - nope, BFN - but I'm no fool- I know that it takes at least a day after this pinching stuff before HCG shows up. I throw it in the bin and pull it back out to squint at it 700 times throughout the day because like I said I'm no fool. No sir.
11 DPO - Snuck out of bed at the crack of dawn to test - didn't see a second line and so went back to bed to sulk quietly. Decided to wake husband and tell him about how life is just one long farcical gag but check one more time in the dark and could see something. Threw open the blinds and saw a very, very faint line. Yelled my husband awake and he was very confused and then excited. We hugged for an hour.
12DPO - appropriately darker second line and possibly a tiny bit of spotting.

I really hope this works out.
I will say this - I upped the protein - heaps at every meal and good fats and fish oil and I left out the sugar and flour about 7 months ago - I did have a terribly low AMH (less than 0.5) and it elevated to 2.29 as a result of the new diet and hormones regulated. It also could be a bit of luck.
Good luck out there y'all.