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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Preseed

Pre-Seed, the sperm-friendly lubricant (and only lube that should be used while trying-to-conceive) is a staple of the TTC community. We love it, and we'd hazard a guess that all these ladies on this page with BFPs speak highly of it as well!

If you don't have Pre-Seed yet, we recommend you pick some up at It ships for free anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, and comes with free pregnancy tests. Can't beat that. And when you get your Pre-Seed assisted BFP and you're ready to give credit where credit is due, by all means, send us your symptoms here!

Unexpected BFP at 15DPO

Sooo... around this time last month, DH and I agreed that we both wanted to wait indefinitely to TTC but I kept temping.
We both had birthdays in the last two weeks, I'm 31 and he is now 32 as of today. We tried actively to conceive for five months and put it on hold because it was causing me to go crazy and we are broke. We wanted more time to get our affairs in order.

I stopped thinking about TTC. I drank alcohol whenever, started having Starbucks randomly, I trained for a 10K and ran it on Thanksgiving; also I turned 31 on 2DPO and ate a ton of sushi. I also started taking Vitex this month, I bought it last month before we stopped TTC and thought it wouldn’t hurt to try and even out my cycles.

The day after Thanksgiving, we had friends over and uncharacteristically got drunk. That night, we had very drunken, unprotected sex and I passed out afterwards. *Romantic, right?

According to my chart, I ovulated three whole days later which made me think we were out of the fertility zone. FF said our chances were low. Immediately after Thanksgiving I came down with a medium-level cold. I took a lot of mucinex, snorted a lot of nasinex, took Zinc and a LOT of vitamin C.

Signs that something was up:

10DPO- after getting, out of the shower I noticed I had blood on my hands and was experiencing a bloody nose for the first time ever. I chalked it up to cold, dry air in the house (our humidifier is broken) and being sick.

13DPO- I experienced a temp rise, freaked out a little bit and took a test: BFN

14DPO- I felt like I do the day before or of my period. I was irritable, and kind of depressed feeling. Also, had significant cravings for red meat, I looked at pictures of r/eatsandwiches and discussed the art of food with DH. But the real kicker that made me realize in the back of my head that I was knocked up was around evening time, my bra was uncomfortable so I took it off while cooking in the kitchen. I have 34B, this never ever happens. Later that evening, my boobs were sore, I NEVER have ever had sore boobs. When I was TTC for five months, I prayed and hoped for sore boobs to be a sign and NEVER got them. Last night, my wish came true.

15DPO- today: I woke up and had a .4 degree temp drop and since I had lower back pain last night and felt a little crampy I was sure AF would be here today or tomorrow. It’s my DH’s birthday so I was up at 4:45a cooking him pancakes. While I waited for him, I decided to take the last digital test I had so we could see a negative and both move on with our day. I was absolutely shocked while I stood there counting down the time and it popped up “Pregnant”.

I said, “Oh, sh*t. Oh, sh*t… holy sh*t.” He goes, “What?” He came into the bathroom. I said, “I wanted to take this for you so you could see a negative before you went to work but…happy birthday?”

Yea we’re shocked and nervous because I don’t have a job, we want to start a business and two months ago we relocated to Michigan from Washington State.

It ‘s cliché but it couldn’t be more true: you get knocked up when you STOP thinking about it! Wish us luck and baby vibes to all who are legit still TTC!

4 Very light BFPs but positive digital!

I can't believe I'm writing this! My hubby and I have been trying for almost a year, and I decided to go to the doctor. She said I had PCOS and most likely couldn't conceive without clomid. So there we were, first month of clomid days 5-9. I'm on cd 31 (14dpo) and got a very faint bfp at 12dpo. Yesterday (13 dpo) I took two more ic and for two faint bfps again! So with afternoon urine, I tested with a clear blue digital, and it was BFP 1-2weeks!!!!!

I might be overthinking, but I'm concerned that the lines are soooooooo light, as I took another ic today, and it almost looks lighter than yesterday?

Help! I need stories of light bfps to either clear my fears or help me prepare for the worst...
Thanks in advance!

BFP using preseed and softcups

DH and I have been TTC for 14 months and I have loved reading the BFP stories on here so thought I would add my own :) this will be our first baby, although I had a MC in September at 5 weeks. We decided to try again straight after and introduced preseed and softcups, I conceived in the 2nd cycle after MC, here's the breakdown of my month!

CD 1-5: AF
CD 6-7: nothing
CD 8: cm creamy/sticky DTD (1.5g preseed and soft cup)
CD 9: cm watery/clear
CD10: cm creamy/sticky. Coldsores on lips feeling really rundown
CD11: cm creamy/sticky. Coldsores, felt tired and emotional
CD12: cm creamy/sticky. Headaches and tired. DTD (2g preseed and softcup)
CD13: cm watery. DTD (3G preseed and softcup)
CD14: EWCM. Right pelvic pain and bloating negative OPK
CD15: EWCM. Tender bbs, bloating. DTD (3G preseed and softcup) negative OPK
CD16: EWCM, nausea and cramps, positive OPK, DTD (3G preseed and softcup)
CD17: ovulation day, EWCM, tender bbs, gas, fatigue, positive OPK, DTD (3G preseed and softcup)
1DPO: EWCM, negative OPK, tender bbs, DTD (3G preseed and softcup)
2DPO: cm creamy/sticky, sharp pains/cramps In evening, gas, tender bbs
3DPO: cm creamy/sticky, cramps, headache, dizziness, sharp cramps in morning
4DPO: cm creamy/sticky, gas,acne, bloating
5DPO: cm creamy/sticky, headaches, dizziness, heavy feeling in abdomen, cramps, tender bbs, eczema has cleared up
6DPO: cm creamy/sticky, tired, tender bbs, headaches, left pelvic pain, acne, just didn't feel pregnant
7DPO: cm creamy/sticky, indigestion, cramps tender bbs, hungry, acne, sharp pains in abdomen in afternoon lasting an hour
8DPO: cm creamy/sticky/watery, tired, hungry, tender bbs, pulling/twinges/cramps
9DPO: cm creamy/sticky/watery, gas, tender bbs, tired, negative HPT
10DPO: as 9DPO, negative HPT
11DPO: gas, tender bbs, bloating, cramps, lots of creamy/watery cm, bbs look huge, BFP on FRER!

I am now 5 weeks 4 days and so far so good! Got 'pregnant 3+' on a digital yesterday so going to stop POAS now! We're keeping our fingers crossed that this is a sticky bean and plan to tell our families at Christmas when I'll be 8 weeks :)

BFP with Clomid 1st round after TTC 3 years

Clomid really is a miracle drug
After TTC for just short of 3 years and MC at 5 weeks a year and a half ago.

Bit of history - I have had Blood Tests that showed
a slightly high FSH (11) and progesterone test which ranged from a healthy 30 to a low 15, I was starting to lose hope!

Thanks heavens for that low progesterone result as following me receiving this the nurses prescribed me Clomid.

I was convinced it wouldn't work and that I had previously been ovulating... I was adamant that the low progesterone result was because I had tested slightly earlier than the recommended day.

All along I had positive been getting +OPK's on CBFM every month since MC and really believed ovulation was happening.

Following 1st round on days 2-6 on Clomid I received my BFP on CD 29!!!

Interestingly no OPK this month just highs.

If your fertility is being looked into by the NHS, ensure you push for tests to be repeated - if you have only had 1 set of results. If I hadn't done this at my consultants appointment, I am sure I would be well on my way straight to IVF in the new year. Appointment for this to begin was booked for February 2015 following the consultant saying "there is no point in any medication as you are ovulating so it won't work" I pushed him to do a 2nd blood test to be sure! And the results showed a different story.

Fingers crossed for this time!!!

And good luck to you all- I really believed it would not do anything so never lose hope! X

VERY faint BFP 8 DPO... confirmed 10 DPO with digital test!

I'm just writing on here because I feel like my story is not like the rest... I didn't have a lot of symptoms, I didn't think I was pregnant, and I had different experiences with my pregnancy tests! So, I HOPE this can help someone or ease your mind a little bit if you don't "feel" pregnant! :)

I definitely didn't think I was pregnant this month. I actually thought I was last month, as I had every symptom in the book! But, I was feeling like I was getting the flu or a cold. My coworker had just missed 4 days of work so I thought I was coming down with whatever she had. I had a VERY stuffy nose (still do!), super tired, and my body (legs) were achy (felt sore, like I had just ran a few miles). This was really my husband and my first month "trying", but I've been off BC for 4 months. However, this was the first month we were aware of ovulation dates and such. So, I've been on prenatals for about 3 months (and we used Conceive Plus).

After feeling like I was getting sick, I had a little bit of stomach cramps. Felt just like AF (no sore breasts really at all, no spotting with implanation...nothing). I decided to take a test because the cramps were coming a little early. This was 8dpo. I took an equate test and saw the FAINTEST plus sign ever. I mean, if looking through a light source I maybe saw some sort of line reflection. Honestly, looked like an evap line.
Next evening (9DPO) while hubby is at the store I decide to take another equate. Again, a positive, but still very faint (I actually posted the photo on the countdown to pregnancy site so people could help me decide if it was positive! Which, 98% of people said it was). Still not entirely convinced (I needed it to be plain as day, right in front of my face), the next morning (10dpo) I took a FRER...
I was so confused. I had read that HCG levels change every few hours, so I waited 4 hours and caved and took a digital. I left the room and returned 3 minutes later to see PREGNANT 1-2 weeks. I couldn't believe it! This is where I fell to my knees, prayed, and sobbed. Just to make sure, I took another one a few hours later ;)

So, I know people have negative things to say about equate and positive things to say about FRER (First Response), but my experience was completely opposite. I wish I never took the FRER because it was a roller coaster of emotions, and waste of money. And, although lots of people do have many early pregnancy signs...I did not. Truly. I just thought I was sick.

Called my OB GYN and my first appt isn't until 9 weeks!!! So, as for now I'm just praying for a healthy baby and doing all I can to help ensure a healthy pregnancy! :)

For those interested,
I'm 25/Husband 26. Off BC for 4 months (so really 3 when we conceived). BD day before ovulation, three days before, five days before and six days before (my PEAK day was day before ovulation, according to the first response test).
Things that might've helped: Conceive plus lubricant, pre-natal vitamins, stress free baby making (enjoy it!).

Baby dust to you all--especially those who have been TTC for a long time. It'll work out, when it's meant to be! You're all in my thoughts & prayers!

BFP 13DPO after mmc in September

Yaaaay! So thrilled i can share here after reading all these amazing stories during my TWW to keep my hopes up.

My story:
My husband and I conceived in July on the third cycle of trying (first two weren't actively trying just "pulling the goalie" as they say, and the third cycle I tried opk's for the first time and got pregnant). In September at just over 9 weeks I had my first ultrasound and there was no heartbeat. :( It was a devastating blow but I'm aware of how common miscarriages are so in a strange way I wasn't shocked, I was more just very sad. I had a d&c a few days later at 10 weeks. My period came back exactly 29 days after the d&c and my husband and I were on a vacation in Europe. I was ready with opk's and drew a positive LH surge on the 14th day of my cycle while we were in Italy! I was soooo happy my cycle had normalized so quickly and thought for SURE we would conceive in Europe because we were in a good vacation mode and the first time I had used opk's, I had had success. Low and behold when we got home I got my period and I was pretty upset. I decided that I was going to take a more is a more approach on this cycle... I had been pretty chill trying to conceive in Europe because I wanted everything to feel easy but I've realized I'm a woman who likes a certain level of control and when I focus on something I tend to get good results. SO: We tried the SMEP plan—not down to the tee but pretty close. I used opk's because CM and CP give me no indication of when I will be ovulating. I don't really get EWCM so we also used Preseed for the key BD's. After I ovulated I started taking B6 (50mg) because I had done a lot of reading on mc's and prevention and luteal phase stuff and although my luteal phase wasn't CRAZY short the first cycle after the miscarriage—at 11 days—I figured supplementing with B6 couldn't hurt to possibly help lengthen LP. I didn't take B6 before O because I had read some cases where it caused delayed O. I also did some fertility yoga that I found on YouTube ( and did some meditation leading up to O.

OK! So here was my obsessive symptom spotting during the TWW:
1-2dpo: nothing
3dpo: bit of nausea
4 dpo: quite present cramping, woke up in the morning remembering having cramps in the middle of the night (weeeeird, I never cramp between O and AF)
5dpo: slightly tender breasts, cramping and tugging feelings
6dpo: headache and stuffy nose, very emotional
7 dpo: weird dreams, stuffy nose, slight nausea, very tired
3-7dpo: creamy cm
8 dpo: cramping, restless legs, emotional, heavy feeling full breasts, more dreaming (I usually don't remember them), possible implantation bleed! SOOOO minimal, like a drop or two of pinkish/light light brownish cm (I never ever spot)
9 dpo: cramps/twinges
10 dpo: **took a blue dye line test (not Clearblue) in the morning BFN with a sliiiiight possibility of the faintest line known to man and only kind of visible when the photo is tweaked -- later in the day: bloating, full breasts, gums bled when I flossed which is weird because I floss a lot
11 dpo: **took a wondfo test BFN (but not FMU) and feeling discouraged because I tested positive with my first pregnancy at 11dpo! -- later in the day: more cramps, lots of twinges on the left side throughout TWW overall which was making me curious because I felt this when I had first conceived in July (on the same side!)
12dpo: period due date, no period!, cramps, decided to wait one more day to test with a digital so I didn't have to squint at lines
13dpo: woke up and remembered TWO dreams drawing a BFP... Ran to the bathroom and tested. ***BFP with a Clearblue Digital!!!*** "1-2 Weeks" I was so nervous when I took the test... After taking it I immediately got back into bed with my husband (and our dog too!) and made him turn it over after a few minutes. Needless to say we are overjoyed and praying for a sticky one this time! Planning on taking B6 until after the first trimester.

So there you have it! Truly every pregnancy is different. I thought I was out because I didn't have a positive at 11dpo... Just gave it some time and listened to my instincts and stayed as calm as possible and prayyyyyed, omg did I pray.

Good luck ladies!! xoxo <3

p.s. Just confirmed the pregnancy with a cheapie test from the dollar store. ;)

BFP at 11DPO, 3 Months After Miscarriage!

I've been stalking this site since we started trying again in September. I miscarried in August after a 12 week pregnancy, it was horrible =( We've been trying since and I've used EVERYTHING to increase our chances, temping, OPK's, Clomid, Preseed, checking cervix, you name it! I know everyone says "you'll get pregnant when you stop trying" (which I HATE, because you can't not try, especially after a loss!), but I'm proof that the statement is NOT TRUE!


1DPO: Temp 97.75, watery CM. AF-like cramps, pain on left side (were I O'd from), gas, bloated.

2DPO: Temp 97.9, sticky CM. Right side cramping now?? Craving SALT, soooo hungry!

3DPO: Temp 98.24, lots of super creamy CM. Really bad AF cramps, gas, tired.

4DPO: Temp 98.28, lots of super creamy CM. Light AF cramps, bloated.

5DPO: Temp 97.86 (light temp drop), creamy CM with tiny bit of pink spotting

6DPO: Temp 98.23, creamy CM. gas, bloody nose, pulls & pinching on right side low back pain, aching (IMPLANTATION?)

7DPO: Temp 98.43, dry CM with a tiny bit of brown spotting. Still craving salt like crazy, light AF cramping, going #2 a lot, normally constipated during TWW (TMI, sorry!)

8DPO: Temp 98.79 (woah temp spike!), creamy CM, wait is that a bit of EWCM too? Weird. Drank last night at 10 year reunion (feel guilty now), really bad AF cramps, thinking the witch is coming early, so bad I had to leave work! Maybe this was actually implantation? BFN with mid-day urine =(

9DPO: Temp 98.5, dry CM. Came down with a sore throat & cough (this happened with my last pregnancy too!). Left armpit sore, no other symptoms...Another BFN with FMU, really feel like I'm out now =(

10DPO: Temp 98.56, creamy CM with a bit of EWCM again?! Sore throat is bad now, both ovaries feel like they are burning!?? After burning stops, left side starts aching. Wondering what kind of circus is going on in there?! Achy AF cramps in bed at night, told hubby we were out. Too scared to test today, decided to wait for the witch to show.

11DPO: Temp 98.48 (weird bc it usually drops by now for AF), dry CM. Woke up and AF cramps are gone, weird. Checked cervix (it had been high the whole luteal phase), it actually dropped today like it does before AF so I KNEW I was out. I stomped around the bath room and decided to POAS (Wondof) just to prove to myself that I was out...looked quick and it was negative, came back, WAIT a light line is there?!?? Took another test, low and behold two beautiful (but light) lines! Danced around the house, kissed the floor and THANKED GOD for this beautiful blessing after our terrible loss.

*Went for HCG blood test two hours after testing, levels were 24, praying they increase and this baby sticks!

What we did different this month:
I was already charting temps, using OPK's, Preseed, and checking cervix, but this month I focused on really ENJOYING BD with hubby. This was also my first month trying Clomid! Last few months I was so worried about getting pregnant that I forgot about enjoying the process =) Oh, I also at pineapple core from 1DPO-5DPO, not sure if this helped?

Biggest Clues:
Pink & brown tinted CM between 5-7DPO, weird "implantation pain" at 6DPO, strong AF cramping, EWCM in luteal phase.

Also, proof that GOD is good, 2 hours after I got my BFP, an old co-worker (who I haven't spoke to in 2 years) texted me and said she had a dream last night that I had a little boy with lots of blonde hair and blue eyes (CRAZY!), also my sister told my mother the morning of my BFP (before I even knew) that she wanted to buy me a "congrats" card because she just KNEW I was pregnant...I told her the news 2 hours later....those can't just be coincidences!

Baby dust & prayers for everyone!

What the BFP? Confused!

Well call me confused. I thought I was on CD 19 and was on my second day of blazing positive ovulation tests and decided for unknown reasons to use a cheap Wondfo pregnancy test and what? A line? Hmm, I had a FRER in the house so I used that and low and behold a decent line appears. Later in the day I used a Clearblue weeks indicator and it came up 1-2 weeks. Crazy. I’ve been temp tracking as well as using ovulation kits and nothing in my chart indicates that I’m pregnant. No temp spike, nothing. I must have ovulated early in my cycle? I have no idea when I conceived! My period was not expected until around Dec 10. My last 3 cycles I have had short luteal phases (7-9 days) and had even gone to my doctor about my concerns. She said not to worry and maybe I ovulate twice. I didn’t believe her but maybe it happened! I’m excited but also guarded because I know the rate of miscarriage is pretty high at this stage. AHH!

What the BFP? No charting or symptoms indications

Today I woke up, took an wondfo ovulation test which was a blazing positive for the second day in a row. Pretty much expected since I'm on Day 18 (or so I thought?). I was actually happy because I've been ovulation between day 20-25 which is super late for a 27-29 day cycle. For some reason, I decided to use a cheap pregnancy test as well and what? A line? Hmm. I had a FRER in the house so I used that test as well and low and behold, a decent line appears. I'm pretty confused, I must have ovulated very early in my cycle. My doctor actually told me I might be ovulating twice when I told her about my late ovulations (I didn't believe her and was fretting about a luteal phase defect). I have been temperature charting as well as using opk and there is just no correlation with being pregnant. No temp shift, nothing. Not really any symptoms either but maybe I'm peeing a bit more. I figure I conceived on Nov 21 which would put me around 11DPO? I'm glad I used a pregnancy test for unknown reasons (it's not like me to test often), otherwise I would have been drinking at Christmas parties this weekend.

Many years in the making- A PCOS success story

Ok, this is long- I read this board day in and day out for years while trying to conceive. I would cry thinking that I would never be able to have a baby but found solace in the fact that so many other women could. I had severe PCOS, never had a period, my husband also had a super low sperm count due to meds he took for gout. The odds were stacked against us.

After a year of trying, we saw a fertility specialist. We went through 6 months of clomid treatments and nothing. Each month with a BFN was like a death. Everything set me off. I kept it bottled up and became depressed. Finally, the fertility specialist let me try femara. I took the highest dose possible off the bat. And it worked! I got a super super faint line on a FRER. So faint, only I could see it. I went straight to the doctor and confirmed that by blood levels were 15, which is barely pregnant, but I was pregnant! The very next day, I started bleeding. I kept registering positives but I knew that it just didn't stick. I was so disappointed. I remember that night, I drank an entire bottle of wine and drowned myself in my misery. I knew I would never be a mother.

I made an appointment with the fertility specialist again. I was ticked. I was angry, I cried, I blamed him for not getting pregnant. I basically had a meltdown. He suggested that we move on to an IUI. I agreed. We timed ovulation just right and had the procedure done. A few days afterward, I was exhausted. Like going to bed at 7 pm exhausted. I knew then. On 10 dpo, I registered positive on a FRER! It stuck! And she did stick. My wonderful daughter was born on June 25th, 2014. That is her picture. I can't express the love I have for her. She has changed me.

Right after her birth, my doctor started to discuss birth control options. I knew we wanted another baby and figured that it would take another 2 years so we passed on the birth control. Lo and behold, I'm now 12 weeks pregnant with #2! No fertility treatments, no IUI. My next one is due two weeks before my little girl's birthday! I went from the woman who everyone thought would never have kids to having two babies under the age of 1!

There is hope..... never never never give up. Push your doctor and believe in yourself. It will happen.