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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Preseed

Pre-Seed, the sperm-friendly lubricant (and only lube that should be used while trying-to-conceive) is a staple of the TTC community. We love it, and we'd hazard a guess that all these ladies on this page with BFPs speak highly of it as well!

If you don't have Pre-Seed yet, we recommend you pick some up at It ships for free anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, and comes with free pregnancy tests. Can't beat that. And when you get your Pre-Seed assisted BFP and you're ready to give credit where credit is due, by all means, send us your symptoms here!

BFP @ 19dpo

I finally got my BFP at 19dpo!!!! I had a miscarriage last May, we have been tcc since July. My cycles are super long usually 35-40 days. I took Clomid this cycle so that I could better track my ovulation. I took it on cycle days 5-9 and I ovulated on or around October 25th. I felt symptoms early but the symptoms seems to disappear after 10dpo. I tested everyday starting at 8dpo. After getting BFN at 15dpo, I started to believe that I was out for this month. Never give up ladies!!!

DPO 1-3 nothing
DPO 4-8 tingling nipples, stuffy nose, vivid dreams, waking up very early in the morning
DPO 9-15 stuffy nose
DPO 16-19 stuffy nose, gassy BFP!!! I'm cautiously excited about our rainbow bean!!!

baby dust to you all!!!

38 years old, husband 41, 50 mg Clomid 2nd cycle

First of all if YOU are reading this please know moments before submitting my BFP story I prayed a special prayer just for YOU. I pray that you too will get your BFP soon and that you have a happy and healthy pregnancy and a chubby little baby in the end of all of this.

Because reading every little juicy detail of your TTC journey helped me, I decided to note down as much as I could remember, here you go:
I am 38 years old and my husband is 41.
My little boy just turned two on November 6. (I was 35 years old when I got pregnant with him, TTC naturally for 4 months, on vacation and bammmm BFP)
I stopped breastfeeding when he was 21 months (OB/GYN said need to stop if TTC, messing with my hormones, making ovaries sluggish and my advanced age didn't help things)
So my cycles have always been regular every 24-26. After my little boy turned a year AF returned and has been regular.

-----CLOMID first cycle BFN --------
I did 50mg Clomid on CD 3-7,
Day 21 Progesterone 7.98,
and did Progesterone pills ORALLY 200mg at 3 DPO.
AF returned CD30.

------CLOMID second cycle BFP---------

CD 1 - October 21, 2015 - Start of AF, heavy and clumpy tissue like bloody discharge, (called dr, worried of clumps- said normal with clomid from prior month)

CD 2 - Started Clomid - 50 mg (my doctor wanted me to do Clomid CD 5-9, but I disregarded, I read a peer reviewed study that showed woman who took CD 1-5 had most success,taking Clomid earlier in cycle causes increase of eggs, taking Clomid later in cycle causes less eggs but more quality eggs, given my age, I wanted to increase my chances of eggs, so I did CD 2-6)

CD 3 - Clomid

CD 4 - Clomid, BD Preseed

CD 5 - Clomid, BBT 98.2 (read while on Clomid your temperature will be higher then normal)

CD 6 - Clomid, BBT 98.2, sticky CM

CD 7 - BBT 98.1, a lot of yellow ear wax, weird because I never have ear wax

CD 8 - BD Preseed, Creamy CM

CD 9 - BBT 97.7 temp dip, temp stabilizing now?

CD10 - BBT 97.7, dark positive OPK, BD, started Baby Aspirin once a day, Evening Primrose Oil (refrigerated) and Mucinex morn and night and I will take these during ovulation fertile period.

CD 11 - dark positive OPK, BD Preseed

CD 12 - dark positive OPK, BD Preseed

CD 13 - dark positive OPK, BD Preseed, woke up extremely constipated even with my daily dose of Miralax (suffered constipation due to breastfeeding). Very painful bowel movement.

Ultrasound -
Uterine Lining - 9.26 mm
Left ovary - 19 mm follicle
Right ovary - look like follicle had a "cyst or had burst"
Blood work -
Progesterone 4.0
Also I did Yoga poses to increase blood flow to uterus
I looked up YouTube videos of ovulation and fertilization because I wanted to see what was happening in my body at this exact moment to help me with visualization. I believe in the power visualization, if you hear about any olympic medalist for example they do visualization, very helpful.

CD 14 - dark positive OPK, BD Preseed and fertility acupuncture, helped me relax

CD 15 - STILL dark positive OPK! what is going on, when did I ovulate???? BD Preseed, BBT 98.0, very painful intercourse felt like my cervix had moved,
I start taking Progesterone 200 mg VAGINALLY this time around, I read it is more effective since closer to source,
I also started Estrace, estrogen, since Clomid thins uterine lining I decided I need to take this to thicken up my lining, I read it does this beautifully.
CD 16 - BBT 98.0 , Acne in parts of face that I normally do not have acne, blood pressure 90/62, went to CVS pharmacy to check it out

CD 17 - BD Preseed
Ultrasound -
Uterine lining is at 6 mm, dr sees one good size follicle doesn't tell me measurement, what! I thought I ovulated a couple days ago, I am so confused

CD 18 - nothing significant to report, other then super stress planning birthday party for my 2 year old, and I have my mother who is disabled with me and
I am VERY STRESSED OUT, even making my self even more stressed out that I am supposed to try to be calm and happy during my fertile week, but I AM TOO BUSY, running around this week like a chicken with head cut off.

CD 19 - son's birthday party, busy and stressed, BFN

CD 20 - Blood work- Progesterone 17.5, Woohooooooo! my body finally worked, I OVULATED, when I don’t know, but I did, I did!!!!!, BFN

CD 21 - BBT 98.1, BFN, feel AF twinges coming, maybe ovary pains on left side

CD 22 - BBT 98.2, I took my temperature later during the day and it was a 100.1!!!!, BFN, lightheaded, itchy legs, went to park - about 20 mosquito bites, i never get bitten! what is going on?, my lil doggie sleeping on my tummy, weird, feel AF twinges coming, maybe ovary pains on left side

Positive after having twins via IVF

My twin daughters are 2 years old, we have not been on BC since and finally got a positive. We weren't tryinv until the girls were one so it took us over a year. Some months we missed our window and some months we really tried hard. I was starting to think we were not going to conceive again and that I still had infertility. So happy we are going to have baby number three!! I tracked my symptoms just incase I wasn't pregnant so I could compare next month and avoid getting my hopes up.

I am also a regular spotter before my period and I still spotted this month.

CD 7 bedded
CD 10 bedded
CD 13 bedded, i was extremely nauseous during this ovulation, like never before. So strange, maybe I was dropping a big ole egg. Headaches, bloated, just had a carsick feeling.
CD14 post OPK still nauseous didn't want to have sex that night.
cD15 bedded that morning to hit the window for sure.
5dPO start feeling pms bloating, headaches, acne, boobs sore
6dPO irritable, headaches

7DPO started spotting I felt like I was maybe out, but I had read on herethat some people spot and are still
pregnant. Left ovary pain, moody, irritable( typical)
8DPO-10PO sore boobs and spotting. Neg test, irritable, depressed.
11dPO no more spotting neg test. Here is where things changed up on me. I was seriously fatigued this day, and emotional. I'm a bitch and cranky during pms but I dont get weapy. I got emotional from a picture. I also temeber thinking omg this pms is so bad, let it end already!!!!
12DPO boobs feel very swollen no spotting, odd so I tested and got a line! So happy!! Also my mother died suddenly in May, I prayed so hard to her and God this month, I wanted to create life after death.

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Unexpected BFP After Period?

Hey all, DH and I have been TTC since June of this year. This cycle we BD'd every other day starting the day after my period ended, and used pressed and I drank raspberry leaf tea every night. I was sure we got it right this cycle, but got my period about 5 days earlier than normal. Yesterday, I thought I was CD 11 expecting to Ovulate CD 13, but I had some spotting the last couple days so I tested and I got a BFP! Here is the break down:

DPO 1-5: No Symptoms
DPO 5 Onwards: Very sore boobs (common for me after O)
DPO 9-14: pulling and cramping in pelvis, hips feeling heavy.
DPO 13-14: Super nauseous, pounding headache for 48 hours, starving, thought I had the flu. Tested and BFN
DPO 15: Period, sore boob pain vanished. I stopped paying attention to symptoms after I got my period.

There is no way we could have gotten pregnant any other time, because I haven't ovulated yet since last month. I don't understand the period unless it was (heavy?) spotting, but it seems unusual. In addition, last month I was diagnosed with hypothyroid and was put on a dose of synthroid, which I originally thought caused my early period, and the subsequent spotting the last few days. Does anyone else have a weird experience like this? Of course, we will be making a doctors appointment to see!

It goes without saying we are feeling so blessed and giving thanks to God for everything.

Bfp after 7 months TTC!

For those of you who take just a little longer to get pregnant--don't lose hope! After 6 months I had totally convinced myself something was wrong. I got a suuuuuper faint Bfp before bed 10 dpo and a less faint Bfp with FMU 11 dpo. I was convinced AF was on her way because my breasts were no longer super sore and I had a dip in my bbt. I really didn't have too many symptoms but here is what I can remember:
1-7 dpo: sore boobs which happens every month
8 dpo: fluttering feeling in my pelvis, bad gas
9-10 dpo: AF like cramping, sore lower back, boobs no longer sore, waves of heartburn and nausea. I also had some super crazy dreams the last few nights.
So if you don't get pregnant right away and don't have a ton of symptoms...keep the faith! Sending love to all you ladies!

BFP After Chemical Pregnancy!

Hi everyone! My DH and I are 24 years old. We ttc for one month back in December 2014, but I became to stressed. I decided to focus on becoming healthier so I lost 25 pounds. I started to try new things and relax. I started temping again in August while my DH was away and realized my cycle began to regulate. I had always had irregular cycles that lasted 28-55 days and my luteal phase was around 9-10 days long. However, once I began to lose weight, and relax, my cycles changed to 29-32 days. My luteal phase also extended to 10-11 days.

In September I got a positive test, but after finding out that my levels were low, I had a chemical pregnancy. My DH and I decided to try again this month. This cycle I had almost all of the same symptoms on the same days and my chart was similar. I tried to not get excited because I didn't want to disappoint my DH. This morning at 12DPO, the day AF is due to arrive, I tested with a Wondfo. I told myself I probably wasn't going to see anything because it didn't pick up my positive last month, however, a FRER and Clearblue did. I took the test and came back an hour later and saw two lines!

Here are my symptoms:

1DPO- Watery CM
2DPO- Creamy CM, Cold Like Symptoms, Cramps, Fatigue (Slept 12 hours), Tender boobs
3DPO- Creamy CM, Frequent Urination, Irritable
4DPO- Watery CM with what looked like wet toilet paper flecks, Cramps, Fatigue, Irritable, Tender Boobs
5DPO- Same CM as 4DPO, Dizzy, Fatigue, Irritable, Tender boobs
6DPO- Cold Like Symptoms, Fatigue, Irritable, Woke up throughout the night, Tender boobs
7DPO- Emotional (Cried during an episode of Heros), Cold Like Symptoms, Cramps, Fatigue, Increased Appetite, Irritable, Tender Boobs
8DPO- Thick Creamy CM, Bloated, Cold Like Symptoms, Cramps, Fatigue, Tender Boobs
9DPO- EW CM but with white tinge, Insomnia, Woke up to pee in the middle of the night, (Very vivid dreams), Aching legs, Bloated, Cold Like Symptoms, Cramps, Fatigue, Frequent Urination, Gassy, Headache, Increased Appetite, Irritable, Tender Boobs
10DPO- Huge temp drop of almost 1 degree! Implantation?? Creamy CM, Cold Like Symptoms, Dizzy, Fatigue, Frequent Urination, Headache, Increased Appetite, Irritable, Gagged when I went to eat leftovers that I normally LOVE, Tender boobs
11DPO- Temp went back up! Creamy/yellowish CM, Woke up in the middle of the night, pinching in stomach area, aching legs, backache, cold like symptoms, cramps, fatigue, frequent urination, headache, increased appetite, irritable, tender boobs
12DPO- BFP!! Creamy CM

Oh I hope this bean sticks!!

BFP with ZERO symptoms!!! There is hope!

Very, very thankful to be posting here. We have been ttc #3 since May and I recently got my BFP on 10dpo. I felt exactly the same as I have the previous 6months! I literally had no cramps, no implantation bleeding, and no extra cm (in fact I was quite dry and thought for sure I was out...until 12dpo and on)!

I guess I was a tired, but I have an 18mo old and my alarm goes off at 0430 every morning for that was NOT a pregnancy symptom for me. We have been on fertility meds since May, but this month was the first time I did injectibles (Menopur 75IU for 5 days). I ovulated really early, cd 10 with two large follicles (23 and 24mm). I used Ovidrel to trigger.

10dpo beta=45
12dpo beta=123
16dpo beta= 788

Ultrasound scheduled for 12 November. I am praying and praying everything looks beautiful! Thanks be to God for this blessing. I know His timing is WAY better than ours. What really helped and gave me peace was just surrendering this journey to Him. No matter what, we have a beautiful son here on Earth (our first son was stillborn during birth in 2013) and if we never get pregnant again, I am satisfied. BUT I had/have a very strong desire in my heart to have more children, and I am SO thankful for this life growing inside me! EDD= 2 July 2016. 1 day before our anniversary :)

Last month we did an IUI, my DHs sperm motility was low at 30%. I was crushed! The IUI didn't work so I thought we'd be doomed for IVF. Well, we didn't do another IUI this month because we still owe for last months and didn't want bills piling up. We had TI, used Softcups after each time, Preseed, and I also had him taking Fertilaid and Motility Boost since last months failed IUI.

Hang in there ladies, and don't give up hope. I know, easier said than done, but have faith and try your darndest to relax while ttc and the tww. Stress is very powerful.

Miracles Come True (Beware: Implantation Bleeding Pics TMI)

Hello Ladies,

Where do I start. Its been a very long two year wait has finally come to an end. Here is m story!! I hope this gives those out there like me some hope!!

Me and my husband have been trying for two very long years. I was stuck in in denial hoping that each month would be my lucky month and that month came only after getting some much needed help. I saw my Infertility Specialist July 2015, where I was diagnosed with moderate to severe PCOS. I had an HSG where I was given a preliminary diagnosis of on blocked ovary on top of my PCOS :(. My hopes went down the drain but I never stopped believing in a miracle. After all tests were completed I was to schedule a follow up visit after three months from my first visit for my proper diagnosis and future treatment plan. I was however given Metformin and I was started at 1500, which helped me stay optimistic after researching success stories. So now I am one week away from my follow up visit, however with a wonderful surprise BFP. To make things extra special is that my last BFP which ended a chemical was from September 2014. I now how my official BFP from conception September 2015 which means I would be Due June 15, 2016. I already have a daughter born June 17, and one from June 28. This is going to make a great debate with choosing the birthday because I will end up having a c-section. Well I hope I did not overwhelm anyone.

My symptoms:
09/29/2015 -1 DPO: BD just so I would not miss this month (Just in case ;) 09/29/2015
09/30/2015 Ovulation Day- BD again just so I would not miss this month (Just in case ;)
10/01/2015 1 DPO: Prepare for our family trip to Vegas
10/02/2015 2 DPO: Left for Vegas. Super Busy, long drive and getting everyone organized.
10/03/2015 3 DPO: Relaxed, had some drinks, took some naps, ate lots of snacks.
10/04/2015 4 DPO: Relaxed some more and time to come back.
10/05/2015 5 DPO: Super Tired, stayed in bed.
10/06/2015 6 DPO: Woke up with a really bad lower back ache. Called in sick to work.
10/07/2015 7 DPO: Woke up again with a really bad lower back ache. Called in sick to work.
10/08/2015 8 DPO: Went back to work. No symptoms. Super busy and tired.
10/09/2015 9 DPO: Spotted, and thought it was strange (Possibly Implantation Bleeding - See Picture) so I took a Wondfo OPK and HPT, and a very faint line appeared on the HPT.
10/10/2015 10 DPO: Spotted very lightly, and made the DH buy me FRERs. Took after noon and light BFP!!! DH and thought I was a chemical so I had a drink :(
10/11/2015 11 DPO: No Spotting Bought some DIGI's and also Positive.
10/12/2015 12 DPO: More positive pregnancy tests. No symptoms what so ever.
10/13/2015 13 DPO: Itty bitty, hardly visible spotting so I emailed my Endo, who advised me it is normal and ordered HCG Count, and a follow up in two days HCG count. Went in at lunch, and got an email with my lab results and HCG was 279
10/14/2015 14 DPO: No more spotting. Still worried, and tired. Still no symptoms.
10/15/2015 15 DPO: No spotting, went for follow up HCG count and thank GOD it doubled to 611.
TODAY!!!! I am doing great. I get nausea very seldom, boobs are mildly soar, no cramps, just very mild, and by mild I mean super mild to almost non existent abdominal pressure. I am still a little worried, but I keep testing every day from my Wondfo HPT Pile so I am not spending more money.

My three month follow up with my Endo is coming up so I will have an ultrasound and crossing my fingers I will get to see the baby and its heart beat. I will be 6 weeks 3 days on that day. Good luck to everyone and please don’t loose hope because I almost did but my prayers were answers. I wish you all luck. Also please not that I did research that PCOS increases your chances of not feeling any symptoms. I did not get into detail, but I felt some reassurance for my non-existent symptoms.

How I got my BFP:
BD -1 Ovulation
BD Ovulation Day
Used Pre-Seed and Conceive Plus
Took Metformin for 2 months and a half at 1500 mg a day.

Good Luck Ladies!!

BFP! PCOS, 2nd Femara/Letrozole cycle with Ovidrel Trigger!

JUN 11, 2015 - D&C and Polypectomy (very large polyp)
JUL 07, 2015 - US (routine check due to surgeries)
JUL 16, 2015 - Severe Menorrhagia (for 16 days)
JUL 27, 2015 - US (lining still thick)
JUL 28, 2015 - Progesterone (3 weeks) started to have "normal" period
AUG 23, 2015 - Cycle day 1
AUG 26, 2015 - US, 1st round of Femara/Letrozole (CD 4-8, 5 mg dose)
SEP 04, 2015 - US (1 follicle @ 12 mm, 2 follicles @ 14 mm)
SEP 06, 2015 - US, 1st trigger shot (Ovidrel, one follicle at 20mm)
SEP 07, 2015 - TWW (testing on Sep 21st)
SEP 21, 2015 - BFN
SEP 22, 2015 - Cycle day 1
SEP 24, 2015 - US, 2nd round of Femara/Letrozole (CD 3-7, 5 mg dose)
OCT 04, 2015 - US (1 follicle @ 25 mm) 2nd Ovidrel trigger
OCT 05, 2015 - TWW (testing on Oct 18)
OCT 18, 2015 - BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BFP - 7DPO... Confirmed with Digital

I know many of you are thinking that's crazy, you must have your O date wrong but I was temping very diligently for the past 2 cycles and all signs point to my O date being just 7 days ago! I'm as confused as you are!

Last period started 9/24
O'd 10/9
Positive Test on 9/16.
Due 7/1/2016

I took a wondfo this morning just for kicks and I was shocked to see a very faint line. I took another wondfo and had the same result. I stopped and picked up a Clear Blue Digital on the way to work and took that a few hours later - BAM! 'Pregnant.' God is good.

I haven't had time for many symptoms but I did have headaches that came on suddenly the past 2 days.

We did softcups after BDing and pineapple core from 1-5DPO. We had intercourse every single day in the Fertile window except O day.