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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Preseed

Pre-Seed, the sperm-friendly lubricant (and only lube that should be used while trying-to-conceive) is a staple of the TTC community. We love it, and we'd hazard a guess that all these ladies on this page with BFPs speak highly of it as well!

If you don't have Pre-Seed yet, we recommend you pick some up at It ships for free anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, and comes with free pregnancy tests. Can't beat that. And when you get your Pre-Seed assisted BFP and you're ready to give credit where credit is due, by all means, send us your symptoms here!

Second time charting bbt and got my bfp

I decided to chart after a few months of trying as my cycle pattern was not always regular and one month I would appear to ovulate early then the next late. Using opk along side charting really helped I could see what what going on. I can't remember my symptoms day by day because I didn't have to many but one thing I noticed was I normally get tender breasts a few days after O but the bfp month this symptom came late like just when my period was about to begin. Also I had a few headaches but that's the only clues really. Also because I was charting the temps continued to raise a bit and by 17 dpo I finally allowed myself to test I was about 4 days late for period. Was over the moon and I'm glad I held back (even though it was hard) as I got two cherry red lines which was lovely to see. This is my second pregnancy and I'm only 5 weeks along. My first pregnancy was completely unplanned and didn't have many symptoms early on for that either. Good luck to all!

Hashimotos. Low AFC, Low AMH, BFP

I have read every board out there and I promised once I got my BFP, I would write about it to give others with Hashi's hope.
Here is a little about me. I am 34 (35 in 2.5 months) and I gave birth to my little girl 14 months ago (conceived her 2nd month trying) and she is perfect, very smart and very advanced from what we can see. My TSH during pregnancy was normal. About 4-5 months after having her, I noticed I had a lot of sadness. I was even seeing a therapist thinking i was depressed. I was picking fights with my husband, and he even said though I did not believe him that I seemed to have a hormonal imbalance.
About 2 months later, I went to the doctor because I had a cold that would not quit. I mentioned my severe constipation since being pregnant which never went away. She recommended they test my thyroid, saying sometimes thyroditis happens after pregnancy.
My TSH came out at 13.2 and I tested positive for thyroid antibodies. I had Hashimotos though I did not know it. I went on 25 mcg Synthroid. I felt better, had it tested a few weeks later and it was 4 something. Convinced by OB to let me take a little more Synthroid because I wanted to conceive again soon and knew TSH needed to be between 1-2 (based on what I read online not based on anything my GP or OB were telling me-they kept saying it was in normal range). I got it down to under 3 (2.78 I believe) by taking 1 extra pill a week per OB's recommendation. Then I read an article about how important iodine is to hypo patients. Read the label of my prenatal, no iodine. Ran out and bought some. 2 weeks later I did not feel right, still trying to conceive (2nd month now) and sure enough TSH jumped back up to 5.2 (it was likely the iodine by the way - it is important but interacts with thyroid medication even if take at opposite ends of the day). Right then and there, I was done. I literally felt hopeless. It was one thing after the next. Made an appointment with a reproductive endocrinologist and saw her the same day. She said my TSH was way off (at 5.2) because I was on the wrong dose. She took me up to 100 mcg (3-3.5 times what I was taking). I also began taking a prenatal she recommended called Vita Pearl - has everything in it in one little pearl pill - iodine, folic, everything. 3 weeks later TSH was at 1.5. Turns out you do need iodine when trying to conceive so you need to get it (even for Hashi's patients) but you need to adjust your Synthroid dose accounting for taking the iodine. Perfect, I thought, this is our month. Turns out it was not. My cycle which had always been regular was all over the place and though I was using OPKs, those seemed all over the place too. I said, ok, well my TSH just got regulated. Maybe I just need one more month with a normal TSH and some monitoring to make sure all is well.
Had the AFC count at CD 3 and CD 7 with saline ultrasound (my uterus was called beautiful multiple times by my doc). This plus bloodwork left me with a sad diagnosis (so I thought) - low AFC (only 9-11 follicles) and AMH of 0.6. I was literally devastated. Fortunately, I did not have time to be down. I was already on Cycle Day 7 by the time I found this out and little did I know it but my body was gearing up to ovulate (I had a 14 mm follicle on CD 7). I ended up ovulating on cycle day 12, which is early for me. I highly recommend OPK kits which we were using all along anyway but this month seemed different. I was planning on going on Clomid next month if it did not work out and IVF next year if Clomid did not work - I was stressed about the AFC and low AMH. I should mention my LH and FSH (5.2) were perfect.
Thus began the baby dance. We did have intercourse every day (except 1) and I was 100% sure when I ovulated, due to ovulation pains, OPK, and I convinced my doc to do an ultrasound (might as well monitor the whole cycle since I had already started out monitoring, right?). She confirmed ovulation by ultrasound and the tech could see the corpus luteum. I ovulated on the right side.
I became very religious with my symptoms and wrote every detail down. I know people say that you cannot feel anything early on, but I promise I have in both pregnancies felt and known when I was pregnant. I did have implantation bleeding this time which helped a lot to know I was pregnant. Finally, I should mention I took progesterone supplements the month before just in case (as my progesterone on CD 20 the month before was low). Doc said it was unlikely I was pregnant (started them too late for them to help), but i took it anyway (Endometrin) and took it again this month starting 3 days after ovulation.
BBT before ovulation: 97.7-98.0 F; BBT after 98.2-98.9 F (most common 98.4-98.6 F)

Change Doctors

I'm 36 years old and have been trying to conceive for the last 15 months with zero results. I developed major early spotting (from a few days before my period to 1-2 weeks before my period) with a 32 day cycle. I had never spotted early in my life, this only started after TTC. I had day 4 blood tests twice, both normal. My husband's blood and sperm were checked, both normal. I invested in the Clearblue Fertility Monitor, nothing. My doctor finally put me on progesterone oral tablets for the last 2 weeks of my cycle for 2 months and while the side effects were wicked, I still spotted. After months of visits she gave up on me and suggested if we really wanted to get pregnant right away, to explore IUI... but not to worry because I'm still young and have lots of time. I saw the IUI specialist with the goal of gathering information, she confirmed all the results I had were normal and suggested my spotting was functional. I became resigned to not getting pregnant, was fed up with everything, and found it hard to believe IUI was my only option. Then, encouraged by my friend who got a BFP after 2 years of TTC (she went through 5 different doctors), I decided to see her miracle worker.

That first visit was unreal. She reviewed all of my test results and showed me the estradiol was too high for my age, saying this is usually the first indicator that egg supply and quality is diminishing. She prescribed 4 things:

1) redo blood tests on day 4 of cycle, and included antimulleriana to be checked for the first time (she wanted to confirm if eggs are an issue or not)
2) hysterosalpingogram anytime day 5-10 to make sure my tubes are open
3) "Seidivid" nutritional supplement twice per day. It's supposed to help with egg quality and is composed of myoinositol 2g, melatonin 0.975mg, folic acid 200 mcg, selenium 27.5mcg.
4) progesterone vaginal suppository 200mg once per day to help with spotting (last 2 weeks of cycle)

My feelings during that visit were mixed: gratitude that somebody is finally listening and explaining things to me, fury at the incompetence of my two previous doctors, and sadness that I may have waited too long before TTC... It was all too much, I burst into tears and my doctor ran around the desk to give me a huge hug.

After a day of raging, I moved on... I dutifully took my Seidivid and progesterone and waited for my period so I could do the tests. I have never been so excited for my period to arrive!!! I was relieved to have a course of action, concrete steps to do.

My period never came. I got my first ever BFP!!! Saw my doctor yesterday, I'm just over 5 weeks.

What I have learned through all of this is that there is a range of competence in any field, even medicine. That MD degree doesn't mean they are competent, and it is always worth getting another opinion!!!!!

BFP on 3rd Round of Clomid

I feel comfortable posting my story now that I've had 3 days of positive pregnancy tests, including a Clear Blue Digital this morning. Needless to say, DH and I are over the moon excited and so, so shocked Clomid finally worked for us! My story is kind of long and I'm including background info for those interested, but you can skip to the end for symptoms. :)

DH (25) and I (24) have been married for three years and trying for just over a year, not counting time he's been away for trainings and deployments. After NTNP for almost a year, I went to an OBGYN because I noticed my periods were irregular. By irregular, I mean 28 to 100+ days with an average somewhere in the 50s. From the research I had been doing online, I knew that would be a problem for us while TTC. To make a long story short, my OBGYN did tests and determined I was healthy, I didn't have PCOS, all my hormone levels were normal, but that I was not ovulating. I was put on Provera for 10 days to induce a withdrawal bleed and then Clomid for 5 days. I was given 4 rounds. Round 1, I took Clomid CD 5-9 and ovulated (for maybe the first time ever, as I had never felt it before, and boy did I that month!) on CD 14. Unfortunately, that cycle resulted in a chemical pregnancy. I had 3 very, very faintly positive tests on DPO 11, 12, 13 and then ended up having an incredibly painful period 3 days later than expected. I was crushed, but I tried to be positive taking it as proof that I could get pregnant! Round 2 was about 4 months later, and I decided to take Clomid CD 3-7 instead. That was a terrible idea for me! I felt symptoms of OHSS, like extreme bloating and abdominal pain around O, which was CD 18. The symptoms were not bad enough for me to see a doctor, I just drank a lot of water and waited it out. When it came time to test, there was not even a hint of a line. AF came right on schedule. About 2 months later, my DH returned from a training and we decided to try again. I took the Provera to induce bleeding and had a really light period, which made me think I was out before I even started.

Here is my cycle in detail:

July 16 was CD 1.
CD 1-5 I had a very light period, and thought I was out because of this!
CD 5-9 Clomid. On Clomid, I tend to be very emotional! I cry like a baby about the stupidest things! I was thinking, "I'm not doing this again after this!"
We BDed on CD 6, 9, 12, 14, 16, 17, and 19. We used Preseed internally with the applicator, which we had never done before, and I think was crucial to our success this month.
I had decided this month that I was NOT doing OPKS because it was either going to happen or it wasn't, and I needed to just relax and leave it up to God. So, I didn't really test, although I did sneak a couple of OPKs in around expected ovulation, and NEVER got a positive result. This was probably because I ended up going to the ER on CD 15 with a UTI. I remember thinking "I don't care if I get pregnant this cycle as long as this pain goes away!" I think that I ovulated between CD 14 and 17.
After ovulation, my hopes were not high because although we had "tried" quite a bit, I was more focused on getting well, and it turned out my infection was resistant to the antibiotic they gave me, so it was a long process.

I was expecting that if I got pregnant, I would "just know." I thought I would have metal mouth, feel super hot, and have boob pain from hell. None of that happened. In fact, I took a test on my lunch break at approximately 12 DPO and threw it away without really looking at it because I "just knew" I couldn't be pregnant! The next morning when I stuck around and watched the test for 5 minutes, I was totally dumbfounded when it came up obviously positive! I stared at it like it was a foreign language I couldn't read. It didn't make any sense. I just thought, "How could this be?" Then, I checked the test in the trash can from the day before and it was positive, too!

The ONLY symptoms I had were in the second week of the TWW. I was extremely hungry all the time and I was getting up about three times in the night to go pee. My boobs were a little sore, but nothing like other people have written. Also, I had AF like cramps for 3 days about 3 days before my first positive test. I distinctly rember one shocking pain that lasted for a couple minutes. That got me wondering. The other thing that got me wondering (which is pretty crazy) is that about 7 days after my expected O, DH woke up from a dream that a coworker had told him I was pregnant. He's never had a dream like that before.

"AF" was IB!!! BFP and SHOCKED!!!

The title is a mouthful in itself!! After a short "AF" starting on the 9th of this month and ending last night (the 11th), I am SUPRISED, yet HAPPY to say we are having another BABY!! I was very let down when I kept getting BFNs at what I thought was 9, 10, and 11 dpo. So after the 5th, I stopped testing. "AF" came 4 days later. This is our 3rd cycle TTC after getting my PPAF back from pumping BM. We unfortunately lost our Tubal Reversal miracle baby after she lived for a month in the NICU due to NEC. She was hastily delivered at 25weeks gestation due to me developing sever Pre E (which was rare being that she was our 3rd child).We were devastated, to say the least. I mean talk about the worse day of our lives! Our miracle baby was put to rest in early March and we were somewhat on the fence about TTC again out of fear and just plain grief. When my PPAF arrived in May, we prayed and started TTC again. DH is military (Army) and no time is better than the present because he will be deployed all of next year. Well 3 cycles later and here we are again, ladies!! I am EXTREMELY NERVOUS!!! The bleeding was like a normal AF (it started off light and picked up a bit by the 2nd day), but wasn't nearly as long. I usually get AF for 5 days. So 3 days of AF kind of tipped me off to test just once more. I mean, I completely tested on a whim, totally expecting to waste a good test (FRER) that could have been used next cycle. But BFP!! Instantly as I sat there on the toilet. LOL!! I went running for my phone to call DH, unfortunately he is training away from home right now. He was JUST as shocked!! When he left I was so down due to AF coming, and a few days later her I am with a BFP!! With my late DD's pregnancy, I did bleed early on too. In fact, I had IB that went on for about 2 weeks. Ultrasounds never showed subchorrionic hemmoraging, or anything showing where a substantial bleed may have come from. OB said it was IB, and that some women have a lot of it. Although I am a little nervous, I suppose my little babies really "borough" themselves in to that uterus!!! The bleeding has since subsided (was never overly heavy or full of clots), and now I feel just a few cramps here and there which is typical.
Symptoms: Before I got the IB I SWORE I was cramping, and nauseous, and having all those early "symptoms" we ladies have each month before AF shows up. I tested and used at least 6 test this cycle before the 5th of this month because DH and I were out of town and I wanted to ride on roller coasters and do a lot of walking for our anniversary. ALL BFN!! I stopped testing after that. I am not sure if I could have gotten a positive earlier, but perhaps not because I am assuming what I thought was AF was actually IB. So I am not sure what DPO I am at the moment. I may have been testing too soon, maybe late O, maybe late implantation. Who knows? I stopped tracking O this cycle to just kinda go with the flow, and not work myself up too much this early on TTC. I will say that we did DTD A LOT! We DTD at least EOD. Especially around our anniversary which was the 31st of July. According to ovulation trackers I am due between the 16-18th of April, making conception around July 26-28th. I am still unsure, but we did DTD at LEAST EOD this entire cycle until about August 2nd. Tested for the last time August 5th (BFN). Got "AF/IB" August 9th-11th. Tested today on the 12th, got an INSTANT BFP. It was dark, so I suppose I could have gotten it maybe on the 9th. I definitely would have freaked out then, though, because my IB was NOT light pink or spotting. It was a FLOW. I wouldn't have been the wiser if I weren't TTC. Praying all is good, but my last pregnancy was very similar and all should be fine. GL ladies!!! And I hope this helps someone else. Sorry so long, just wanted to be thorough. Thanks for letting me share my story and I pray this little bean comes home to meet her siblings in April!!

BFP with focus on holistic healing, post copper IUD removal

I spent a lot of time on this site during my two week wait and found everyone's stories comforting, so I thought it appropriate to share my own with the hopes that it will help others out there.

Background: been TTC baby number 2 for five cycles. Paragard IUD removal in March. Our first baby was a surprise, so I think we assumed this one would be easy. While having the paragard IUD for two years, my cycles were regular (~29 days) but I had a lot of pre and post-period spotting. I would have about 10 days of bleeding. Not fun! The pre-period spotting continued right up until this cycle when I got my BFP. So the two week wait was only about a 10 day wait because I would always start spotting about 5 days pre AF.

This is my second cycle drinking 2 - 4 cups of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea daily to help balance my hormones. Second cycle charting my BBT. First cycle doing acupuncture and reiki for fertility. First cycle using PreSeed. Supplements: Fermented Cod Liver Oil, Magnesium, B complex, Folic Acid. Also potentially important: I started a gluten-free and sugar-limited diet this cycle. I had done a three-month diet earlier this year to help my skin and while on that diet, I never had pre-period spotting so my naturopath suggested it may help. I'm not sure if it did, but it may have contributed to an earlier ovulation day then normal for me (about 2 days earlier then my previous cycle).

BD on CD 9, 11, 13. O'd on 13. Used PreSeed on CD 13, but it was in about 4 hours before we had sex, so it may have not contributed to my BFP.
1 - 4 dpo: No symptoms. Light spotting on 4 dpo. Not sure why. Too early for implantation?
9 - 10 dpo: bit of cramping
11 dpo: skin breakout/skin sensitivity. Something I experienced with my first pregnancy, so I begin wondering that this may be it!
13 dpo: BFP! So excited.
My temps stayed high above my coverline throughout my luteal phasw.

And that's about it! I had very few symptoms. The biggest 'symptom' I had was that I didn't have PMS spotting this time around.

Baby dust to all and I hope you get your BFP very, very soon. I've never experienced such an emotional rollercoaster as I did while trying to make this second baby.

BFP after 2 chemical pregnancies

Got BFP at 12DPO quite faint but then nice strong line at 14DPO
TTC around Xmas 2014 had 2 chemical pregnancies, both were positive around 12DPO but then negative by 14DPO, AF started a few days later
Went back on mini pill due to going on holiday, then came off it again. Ovulated 2 weeks later
The month after that I started using the clearblue fertility monitor again, for the first time after a few months, I didn't even get any Highs never mind Peaks, but BD anyway twice around what I thought was ovulation using EWCM. Spent the TWW thinking I was out due to no High or Peak on Monitor (can only assume it missed it trying to get used to me again)
12DPO woke up in the morning from a dream that id got a BFP, was gutted it was only a dream, thought no way I cant not take a test after that, so took a FRER (theyre the only ones I trust) and got a very nice surprise, faint line but obvs there. Not a lot of excitement was felt due to previous chemicals. Tried not to think too much about it, took another test at 14DPO and got a nice thick line, so progression is happening :-)
1-10DPO nothing
11DPO slightly sore boobs but nothing special
12DPO positive test, boobs hurting more
13DPO onwards very sore boobs

BFP at 11DPO

For any ladies out there who worry about getting little/no symptoms, I hear you!

Got my BFP yesterday and today at 11/12DPO and I'm ecstatic.

Quick summary:
- very irregular cycles generally 35-44 days
- tried for 3 cycles before getting BFP
- Used Preseed but only sparingly (about 2 pea size drops because DH complains it's too slipper!)
1DP0 to 8DPO - not a single symptom other than interrupted sleep. 8DPO, temp starts to rise and stays high
9DPO - glob a yellow mucus once on the morning
10DPO - moody and insomnia (moody possibl. Because of insomnia!). Temps still high.
11DPO - starting to get mild AF cramping. FRER and Clear Blue Digital both showing positive. FRER was fainter than control line, but still strong. Photos shown were taken on 11DPO
12DPO - tight "pulling" feeling on and off throughout the day on lower right pelvic region. Still experiencing poor sleep. Second BFP thru FRER AND CB Digital.

Over the moon! Baby dust to all! Please keep trying!

39, Mild PCOS, 1st IUI


We had our first IUI, Sunday July 19. I am 39, diagnosed with "skinny" PCOS. My fiancé has no issues. We started trying to conceive in November 2014. In April 2014, I had my gyno give me the Clomid Challenge; my LH can back abnormal so she referred me to an RE.

At the first appointment with my RE she diagnosed me with PCOS after performing an ultrasound. My cycles has never been irregular. I had the HSG, no blocked tubes so I was then put on Letrozole 5mg 3-7, on the last day of the Letrozole, we did a shot of Bravelle. At my mid-cycle ultra, the RE was very pleased with how I had responded to the meds. I had several mature follicles(not sure how many, I think 4) with the largest being 21mm. We triggered that night with 10,000iu of Noveral and BD'd using pre-seed. We were told to abstain the next day and to come in Sunday morning, July 19 for the IUI. My fiancé had a total of 95 million sperm and 26 million post-wash with 30% motility. On Wednesday after the IUI I was told to start taking 200mg of prometrium vaginally once a night. At 14dpiui I had a dark positive on a CB test. My first beta was Monday and the results were good, 253.2. I will have another one tomorrow morning to make sure the numbers are doubling.

I haven't had many symptoms and still can't believe I am pregnant. I have been experiencing my cramps/twinges since the IUI. Minor back aches and side boob aches. Currently, my nips are sore and I still have mild cramps. I really thought I was out this month and had made my peace with it. God had other plans. :-)

I know it's hard to stay encouraged so I wanted to tell my story in hopes that it will encourage someone. Sending lots of baby dust to everyone and remaining cautiously optimistic!

39, Mild PCOS, 1st IUI


Like many of you, I have stalked this site while TTC and reading everyone's stories has really been a blessing. Now that I have my bfp, I want to pay it forward...

I am 39 and was recently diagnosed with "skinny" PCOS. My periods were never irregular; however, I may have had some cycles where I didn't ovulate. Because of my age(just turned 39 in May) my fiancé and I decided to start trying to conceived right away which was November 2014. In April 2014, I had my gyno give me the Clomid challenge and my LH can back abnormal so she referred me to an RE. At my appointment with the RE, she performed an ultrasound(I just so happen to be 3 days into my menstrual cycle) and showed me the cysts in my ovaries. At that visit I also had blood drawn for genetic screening and was scheduled for an HSG. The HSG, although a little painful, came back great and showed no blockage. Subsequently, my fiancé had an SA, which can back normal. We discussed a treatment plan with our RE which included a medicated/monitored cycle and because of my age we decided we wanted to be aggressive and do an IUI.

I was prescribed Letrozole 5mg days 3-7, on the last day of the Letrozole we had to administer a shot of Bravelle. At my mid-cycle ultrasound the RE was pleased with how I responded to the medications and advised that I had several mature follicles(can't remember how many maybe 4), the largest was 21mm. She told us to trigger that night with Novarel 10,000 iu. We were also advised to BD the night of the trigger, skip the next day, and come in Sunday morning, July 19 for the IUI.

The IUI went smooth. We had 95 million total sperm and 26 million post-wash with 30% motility. During the TWW I didn't have many symptoms, primarily some minor cramps/twinges, gas, bloating/full feeling in my uterus which all could be attributed to the progesterone, which I have been taking 200 mg once a night vaginally since Wednesday after the IUI. In addition to what's been mentioned already, I have been taking baby aspirin everyday, ate pineapples for about 5 days post-IUI and have been taking prenatal vitamins since we first started trying to conceived. I had a dark positive with CB on 14dpiui and I had my first beta yesterday and the results were good, 253.2. I go back for another one in the morning to make sure the numbers are doubling. I still can't believe I am pregnant.... LOL! It's early still but we are remaining cautiously optimistic.

I give ALL the praise to God! Please don't give up! Praying for you all!