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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Preseed

Pre-Seed, the sperm-friendly lubricant (and only lube that should be used while trying-to-conceive) is a staple of the TTC community. We love it, and we'd hazard a guess that all these ladies on this page with BFPs speak highly of it as well!

If you don't have Pre-Seed yet, we recommend you pick some up at It ships for free anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, and comes with free pregnancy tests. Can't beat that. And when you get your Pre-Seed assisted BFP and you're ready to give credit where credit is due, by all means, send us your symptoms here!

BFP 10/11 DPO, preseed, no symptoms, 2nd cycle

Hi all! I just received my BfP today! I took a walmart cheapie this morning, saw it was negative, but saved it. I looked at it a few hours later and noticed a second line- I got super excited but was also aware it could be an evaporation line. I took another walmart cheapie and a First response and sure enough- there was a faint second line on each!! I was sure I was going to get my period. All my symptoms were symptoms I have before my period.

Here's the breakdown

Cd 1-6 Af
Cd 6-8- nothing
Cd 9- BD,used preseed, elevated hips 15 minutes
Cd 11- BD,used preseed, elevated hips 15 minutes
Cd 12- ovulation pain? Pain in lower left side, ECM
Cd13- BD,used preseed, elevated hips 15 minutes
Cd 16- positive OPK, BD,used preseed, elevated hips 15 minutes
Cd 17- BD,used preseed, elevated hips 15 minutes
Cd 18/ 1 dpo- BD,used preseed, elevated hips 15 minutes ( sore nipples, but faded after a few days) ( I think this was O day!
Cd 21/ 4 dpo- very tired, sore nipples, mild nausea
Cd 22/ 5 dpo- can't fall asleep at night, empty stomach, moody, thought for sure I was PMSing
Cd23- 6 dpo fatigue during the day, Insomnia ah night, moody
Cd24/ 7 dpo - same symptoms- I felt very sad, I was sure I was out.
Cd25/ 8 dpo - very emotional, moody, tired, and thirsty
Cd 26/ 9 dpo-same symptoms, very typical of before my period, sure I am out!
Cd 27- 10 dpo today! Expected period, cramps, thought I'd wipe and see blood! Positive pregnancy test!!

Dpo is estimated- I had a positive opk cd 16 so ovulated cd 17 or 18.

None of my symptoms are very extreme, I had cramps that felt the same as before I get my period, mild but there. I a nauseous but I have Always been prone to getting nauseous, tired, acne. The most extreme is how moody I am! I am currentLy 3 weeks and 5 days and praying that this pregnancy sticks!!!

Needless to say, don't lose hope because you have no symptoms and it isn't over until AF arrives!!

Bfp after no +opk!

I got my bfp on Monday and was totally not expecting it! I haven't been ovulating so this is my first month on clomid. I decided to use clear blue digital opk's with fmu (instructions clearly say this is okay) and preseed BD E/o day from days cd7-22. I had a day 15 follicle check and doctor said they looked great and should ovulate in next 24-48 hours. Never ended up getting a positive opk and I used them until the 20 pack ran out so I have been bummed thinking I never ovulated this month!

Fast forward to (what I'm assuming is 10dpo) and my DH and I bd and afterwards he asked 'did it hurt? I felt like I was hitting something- it just felt different' .... Odd- I didn't notice anything different!? So I took a hpt on cd11 with fmu and sure enough-BFP! I was shocked!!

Dpo1-5 extreme bloating, sore nipples
Dpo 5-present(13dpo), still kinda bloated and also acne break out on my forehead which is very odd for me, urinating super frequently, dark nipples

Other than that- nothing really which is scaring me so I keep taking tests and waiting on my blood work! Hoping this sticks! :)

PreSeed scores AGAIN! BPF @ 13dpo

Hi everyone!

I've been lurking around these boards since I was ttc #1 (she's now 2). I have two nearly identical bfp stories that I'm refusing to believe are coincidence, so I had to share. Pregnancy #1, I charted temps, took EPO until ovulation, tracked with OPK, and took B6 after ovulation. We did this for 3 months before adding in PreSeed. Month 4 w/ PreSeed, BFP @ 11dpo. :) I had zero symptoms and only had a few twinges in my uterus a matter of days before I tested. When we started ttc #2, I also noticed that symptom on a month that I WASN'T pregnant, so... hmmmm?

Fast forward to #2, we were only semi-trying to get pregnant - not trying, not protecting. However, me being the control freak that I am began charting temps and using the OPK. For the heck of it, I decided to get some more PreSeed. Month 4, first time with PreSeed AGAIN, we BD once on the day of my + OPK and BOOM, another BFP @ 13dpo. This time around, I've noticed a few symptoms: soreness in nipples, fullness in boobs (didn't get any of this with #1 until after she arrived), I noticed I had a slight glow to my skin that reminded me of my pregnancy glow, I had one good hair day (another blessing of pregnancy #1), and I had this thought that I looked pregnant when I looked at my reflection - that was what made me take the test. I was completely amazed and floored! I wholeheartedly believe that the PreSeed is what did the trick both times and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone ttc.

Best of luck to all of you in your journeys! :)

13DPO 2MO TTC after BCP

As for so many other women, this site has helped me get through the last week with some sanity. Just this morning I was perusing because I was feeling cramps suspiciously AF-like and needed comforting...

A little background - I'm 31 and last month was first mo off of BCP - I had about two weeks of what I describe as "ovulation pain". I had U/S and CT Scan - Urgent Care doc told me it was intestinal, Gyno the next day told me it probably WAS coming from my ovary and I wasn't crazy, but that there was nothing to explain it. Lo and behold, the pain came back for about 6 days this month, ending 2 days after ovulation (tracking through FF). I knew it wasn't intestinal! Here are my DPO symptoms: I begin with the caveat that it has been many years since I wasn't on birth control so I have no idea what my "normal" AF symptoms are... I had very little EWCM this month and so we used Preseed (highly recommend). Did the BD all four days up to O, day of, and two after.

1DPO-now : some nipple tenderness (new for me, as far as I can recall); creamy CM every day (increasing quantity in the last couple days)

6DPO - now: more "ovulation pain"!? (sharp twinges from ovaries up to above hip, mostly on same side as around O, similar at times to a stitch in my side, like from running). Optimist in me hoped it was implantation pain and this is the only symptom I cannot explain away as normal AF or made up in my mind, but tried not to get too excited.

6/7DPO - now:
* Sleepless nights and needing a nap every afternoon. Work has been painfully boring and of course I'm going to want a nap if I toss and turn all night with anxiety over the TWW and my BBT obsession. Tried not to read into it.
* medium grade headaches - nothing new, I am prone to them, especially menstrual migraines.
* stuffy nose - nothing new, I have allergies.
* frequent urination - I drink a ton of water throughout the day, and I pee all the time but not until today did I feel like I'm going more than usual. Couple times an hour might be a lot.
* Nausea - again, could be making myself nauseous with anxiety... always ends in burping, no vomiting.
* skin break out, gassy (have been really lucky not to subject anyone to the horror yet) and intermittent constipation. Normally I have BM like clockwork but chocked it up to normal progesterone fluctuations.

9DPO: bbt began triphasic pattern but sleepless nights left the accuracy of this somewhat in doubt.

10DPO-now: random pains in V, pressure at belly button. BFN with FMU

11DPO: total mental breakdown and blew up at DH because he got to golf with his friend and I had to be be by myself in my TWW misery. He said I was scaring him. He can be a little dramatic at times ;) BFN with FMU

12DPO: While grocery shopping I turned to DH and said, "Hey, do you want to make burgers this week? I mean we have those buns in the oven..." WHOOPS, meant to say buns in the fridge.

13DPO: this morning cramping turns more AF-like, totally bummed.... but still no AF so a couple hours ago I decided to test and Voila! BFP on First Response and Clear Blue!!

Listen to your body, and baby dust to all!!

Blessing from Above

First of all, let me start out by saying thank you to everyone who wrote on here to keep me hopeful throughout the countless negative test results.
My hubby and I were trying to conceive since November of 2011. We just started seeing a fertility specialist in January of 2014-all my tests came back normal :) This is my second round of clomid&progesterone suppositories&baby aspirin&timed intercourse. And the doctor confirmed that I ovulated not just one, but three eggs on the 14th and timing was perfect. We did every other day this month which I think definitely helped.
This Morning I took a first response 6days sooner test (doctor told me to test on 28th-today) with first morning urine. And I FINALLY GOT MY LONG AWAITED POSITIVE RESULT!!! I kept running around the house saying "thank you God! Thank you Jesus!" And circling back to the positive result on the counter. My husband was at work already with our 11year old son (from his previous marriage) and I said "everything's ok just come home ASAP" and he made me tell him because he was worried and he said "YOU'RE PREGNANT?!?" And so our son overheard but acted surprised when they came home and I showed them the test result and we all went to the doctor for the bloodwork.
So beyond excited!!! I can't even tell you-still in shock. I thought for sure I was going to have my period I was super moody these last few days and break outs just like PMS!
The Lord will provide you with your angel too. It really is all in God's timing! I knew when we first started trying that she'd be born in April or September but I really felt strongly it was going to be April and the due date is April 6th which was my grandmas birthday who helped raise me and I was really close to and she passed away in 2007 right before I graduated highschool. The Lord really does move in mysterious ways and His timing is ALWAYS perfect! We may not be able to understand or fathom the "why" when we feel we arnt getting the answers we want-but He sees all and controls all and He really does know best! We just have to fully trust and rely on Him, (which is hard but God and His way is perfect) and then and only then will the blessings flow-in His perfect timing :)
God Bless you all and lots of prayers to all of you in you're journeys! Don't give up hope-Have Faith :)
~Faith Hope

BFP with preseed and opks

Well we had been NTNP for 8 months and nothing happened. Went and bought preseed and some cheap opk strips and decided to use them this month. OPKs turned positive on July 4, through the 6th. Everyone of those days we BD with preseed, i put it inside me before BD. Sometimes twice a day. OPKs turned negative on the 7th.
About a few days to a week before AF is due, i got a really strange, super thick strand of EWCM. And that was the only time i got it, never found anymore again.
The day AF due, she never came. Started feeling more tired than usual and running realy hot at night.
Tested the day AF was due and BFN.
1 day late- BFN
2 late- BFN
3 Late- think i see a very very faint light line...
4 late- three different tests, all have a light line. Digitals are BFN
Morning of 5th day late- Two light positves on equate and EPT. BFP on EPT digi.
I have 40 day cycles, and ov'd between the 4th and the 7th which was cycle days 26-29.

feeling complete, Clomid 1st time got our BFP

1 DPO: painful cramping and backaches
2 DPO: nipples sore
3 DPO: QUEEZY, acid reflux, nipps sore
4 DPO: white loation cervical mucus with no scent. Increased urination, hot flashes
5DPO: IRRITABLE, increased urination, white loation cervical mucus, emotional
6 DPO: cramping on sides of abdomen, white cervical mucus that shows up dry on panties now. Tiredness during day hours. Dizziness in the am. Very vivid scary dream about aliens, not like me at all!
7 DPO: no symptoms in am, in pm boobs became sore nips continue to increase in soreness. Abdominal pain, acid reflux, more vivid dreams!
8 DPO: sore nips and boobs, inc urination, tiredness, and spotting! Barley noticed it bc it was light pink and a speck on some TP, and had to check a 2nd time, and then noticed brighter pink on TP. Yay!
9 DPO: bloating, sore nips and boobs, cramps, cervical mucus still being noticed but just dry on panties and smaller amounts.
10 DPO: inc urination, fatigue, worst gas ever, and a BFN on clear blue preg test. Feeling crazy.
11 DPO: cramps and tiredness, increased boob soreness and nipps very sensitive, BFP on first response.
Husband and I are extremely excited! Praying for our miracle.

BFP with Vitex! One year of TTC

I am so excited and still somewhat in shock to be writing this. I am 4 weeks today, and this will be our third child. But, after one year of trying it's hard to believe that I'm finally pregnant! Hoping for a healthy pregnancy.

I started seeing a fertility specialist a couple months ago who diagnosed us with secondary unexplained infertility. He put me on clomid last month to see how I reacted. Well clomid was terrible for me! I have severe ovulation pains for 6 days, crazy moody, hot flashes, etc and still a BFN.

After last month's cycle I decided to see a naturopath. She's done great things for me in the past. After reviewing my history she put me on a tincture of vitex and false unicorn root. And, a pill called Simplex F. I started taking these on CD 1, ovulated on CD 17 (I think), and got my BFP 9DPO!! Over the moon! :) And, vitex had no side effects for me except for the nasty taste.

In the past year I've had a lot of symptoms which I thought were early pregnancy symptoms...but turned out to be nothing. This month I didn't notice much out of the ordinary except:

Extra tired
Emotional (cried hard 8dpo because I thought I was out)
Sudden hunger

Some other things I did differently this month:
Less stressed (had a couple mini vacations this month)
Cut out coffee
Only very light exercise (no running)

I hope this was helpful to someone out there! I know I came to these boards often for inspiration. Babydust to everyone! Don't lose hope!!

Miracle from God! Preg after 3 years of infertility!!

Let's start off by saying I always read everyone's postings here for years, so many inspirational stories. I want to add ours to it.

I really had given up hope. My husband and I had TTC for just under 3 years, including numerous visits to a reproductive endocrinologist (RE) and so many different pills(clomid femara), progesterone, and even an IUI 1 year & 1/2 ago. Nothing worked....we were in the 'unexplained infertility' category. The most stressful and unknown category to be in. My husbands SA counts were through the roof, our RE's office called him 'superman'! Ha I had normal monthly periods just a short documented luteal phase which I discovered on my own 2.5yrs ago when I began temping. It averaged 7-9 days long ( not long enough for baby to implant even if we conceived each month). This made me feel like a failure to produce a child, a failure as a woman. The emotional stress of infertility is like no other. All of our friends around us were pregnant (those married after us), numerous painful baby showers to attend, some I just couldn't even handle going to. I was unsure that my 'dream' of being a mother would ever happen.

Fast forward to 3 months ago. I began the Paleo lifestyle/diet and cut ALL gluten out. I ate very healthfully before this but ate bread, and some packaged goods. I also had progesterone (crinone) left from my Dr's that I just happened to use this month to give it a shot to lengthen my shorter LP. No cheat days, none what so ever. My husbands 33rd Birthday is in 1 wk. I misewell give it one last shot I figured; not having much hope that it would work.

I became pregnant 10 wks later after starting Paleo!!!!! Praise God! I truly believe I'm gluten intolerant (?celiac) but was never tested by any Dr previously. I refuse to go back to any gluten (at least through the rest of my pregnancy). It can cause miscarriage if you truly have a gluten intolerance and you start eating bit again, it can only be shown in blood tests if you've been eating it for some time.

There were hardly any TWW symptoms. Less than any month prior that I swore I may had been pregnant. I tested and was ready to go throw the test out not believing it was possible and I saw two lines 13dpo! Tested with a digital CBE and pregnant popped up right away. Went right to my RE's office for blood work & confirmed bhcg 249!

I had some symptoms from the crinone 8% that I'm on. Tired falling asleep at 8:30 after working 10 hr days, but that was since 'implantation' around 8dpo based on my bhcg. Increased thirst (but I always drink tons of water), very mild uterine cramps off and on the last week. Some implantation bleeding aprox 11/12dpo dk brown and minimal. Very moody and crying at the drop of a hat now. I should be 4wks 3days by Lmp. No acne, I always break out a little before my period usually.

We are cautiously over the moon. I will feel better in 2 weeks when I can see lil bean and a heartbeat. Please pray this goes well and continues to a healthy baby. It's nerve wracking after waiting sooo long for a BFP that everything will turn out okay! If your in my situation please try gluten free Paleo/Primal! We were ready to have to go through IVF (which I dreaded) by the end of the year. God is good and does answer prayers, everything happens when it is supposed to. We may have to wait but it's well worth it when u can his this baby in my arms! I pray you all receive your BFPs soon as well!

Got our first BFP ever!!!!! Baby #1 due April 2015

Wow was this site the best thing ever invented for all us obsessive, single track minded women on the journey to babyville. A little info on us:
Me 30, DH 29 (no babies between the two of us this is our first). Married in Feb of this year and started NTNP in Nov, but after a few months of it "not happening" we (as in me) got serious. First month of actively trying we BD every day before and during my fertile window and still BFN. I didn't temp or use OPKS. So the month we did SMEP and I took Robitussin from Af to O and honestly I really think this helped me since I was on the pill for over 12 years and this apparently does the opposite of what the BC pill does by thinning out the lining. Anyway, I also used Preseed for the first time along with Softcups. I also took Vitex for the entire cycle up until my BFP. Not sure which "did the trick" but maybe it was a combo? I dunno.
Here's my DPO symptoms:
We BD CD10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20, and 22. I O'd on CD 16 and could feel the pain in left side
2DPO- Had a HUGE breakdown and just really didn't like ME. I felt incredibly ugly and insecure which is not usually how I feel.
3DPO-Creamy CM, fatigue
4DPO-Slight cramping, creamy CM
5DPO-More cramping and some burring pinching in the evening
7DPO-Creamy CM, sad, lots of gas and bloating, loose bowl movements, woke up starving which is VERY odd for me, twitchy hands
8DPO-Back aches, more gas, woke up starving again even tho I ate a very big meal before bed the night before, dream about baby gifts,
9DPO- gas, cramping, hungry, tired, sore throat, took hpt and fell asleep only to wake up an hour later to a faint line... not sure if it was BFP at the time.
10DPO-EWCM, gas, bloating, fluttering in uterus in the afternoon?, backache (was at work but couldn't take a FMU hpt so figured I'd wait a day :()
11DPO- BFP with FMU!!!!!!, gas, constipated (didn't take one BM at all!! very very odd for me), bloated, cramps (Got beta done - it was 7 hcg)
12DPO-Another BFP with FMU and getting slightly darker, heavy BB, starving again in the morning (this still continues), Constipated or loose bm ( no in-betweens)
13DPO-First day of missed period, another darker BFP with FMU, acne, sore bb, bloating, tired, hungry
14DPO-Same as above
15DPO-Bm are better, got my follow up betas today 138HCG!!!!!! :)
DH and I are beyond happy!!!!!