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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Preseed

Pre-Seed, the sperm-friendly lubricant (and only lube that should be used while trying-to-conceive) is a staple of the TTC community. We love it, and we'd hazard a guess that all these ladies on this page with BFPs speak highly of it as well!

If you don't have Pre-Seed yet, we recommend you pick some up at It ships for free anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, and comes with free pregnancy tests. Can't beat that. And when you get your Pre-Seed assisted BFP and you're ready to give credit where credit is due, by all means, send us your symptoms here!

Rainbow baby#2 is on the way!

Im so excited that I get to post my BFP story to this site! Ive been reading so many stories on here for the last 4 months waiting for it to me my turn!! So things we did differently this month..we used PRESEED and I also started taking Geritol complete vitamins when AF arrived, along with what I was already using which was opks and I was keeping track of BBT. This month was actually really weird because usually I ovulate around cd 13 or 14 and this month it was cd 15. I also didn't get a positive opk til cd 15 and it stayed positive for 2 and a half days!! Anyways we DTD cd 10, cd 12, cd 15, cd 16. CD 15 and 16 are the days that we used preseed.

1-4 dpo: not much of anything going on. Watery cm

5-6 dpo: I started having stabbing pains around my left ovary. Also I started having extremely vivid dreams! still having them now @11 dpo! Cm was switching between watery and creamy!

7dpo: I am now having the stabbing pains around my right ovary..what the heckk is going on! Breasts also started to get tender. Creamy cm today.

8dpo: BFN with fmu. Feeling out. Emotional today as well. Also started having some pretty serious gas. Cm back to watery.

9 dpo: BFN on a cheapie with fmu. The only thing that was keeping my head up was my BBT chart! My temps the past few days have been so steady unlike the last few months! Knowing that ive never gotten a BFP this early in any in any pregnancy, against my better judgement I grab some frers at the store and use one when I get home...HOLY CRAPP there is the fainest of faint lines! Im floored!! Hubby and I are still skeptical since its so faint we cant be sure its real. Today im pretty emotional, breasts are still tender and my back is a little achy today. Cm is watery.

10 dpo: Faint(not as faint as yesterday) on a cheapie this am! Nauseous after morning coffee.Starting to feel pretty confident that I am pregnant , but supper positive when I take a frer with SMU and there is FOR SURE a line! Cm is watery. Nice temp jump this am as well!

Today(11 dpo) temps are still up! Frer is darker today with SMU! Tender breasts today but other then that im feeling great!

We are soo excited and praying that this baby sticks! EDD is January 1, 2016!! Baby dust to all you ladies still waiting for your BFP!!

BFP at 40 yo 4th cycle TTC post IUD removal!! To God be the Glory!

I'm so happy to post here and I hope my experience helps others. It's still REALLY, really early (11DPO is my guess), but I've gotten positives on two different brands of tests (discussed below) testing yesterday twice and today once. I hope this is a sticky little guy! I've been reading these stories for a few months, each month hoping it was my month. Sorry this is so long, but I hope this helps someone who is going through the same thing as me. I hope it isn't TMI, but I wanted to be as specific as possible for anyone that is going through this too!

My husband had a vasectomy reversal Jan 2010. We conceived May 2010 with our first. She is now 4+ years old. I was 37 when she was born. We decided in Dec 2014 to try for #2...thought we weren't going to have a second one at all, so God completely changed our minds. I am 40 (and a half) and I was so worried that this would take a long time. DO NOT LET WHAT SOCIETY TELLS YOU ABOUT YOUR AGE ENTER YOUR MIND! IF IT'S GOD'S WILL, IT WILL BE! Luke 1:37 says "God can do anything!"

- I had my IUD removed Dec 18 and first period about 10 days later. I immediately started temping and enjoyed it at first...I had no idea that our bodies were so amazing! I also started taking Vitex, Maca, prenatal, folic acid. The first cycle post-IUD removal showed an ovulation on CD 17 and an 11 day luteal phase. I was grateful to know I was ovulating regularly! We flooded that egg, but we didn't catch it. I went to acupuncture weekly.

- Cycle #2 (February 2015) I added B6 and Vitamin E because I felt my lp was short. I O'd on CD17 again but had a 12 day luteal phase. Vitamins were helping!? Temps were very consistent pre-O, and rose after O, had some EWCM, but we still didn't catch the egg. I continued acupuncture. We used Pre-seed on occasion just to help me since we were BD so much.

- Cycle #3 (March 2015) I stopped going to acupuncture, but kept temping. I O'd again on CD17 and had a 13 day luteal phase. YAY! I added a natural progesterone cream application after O was confirmed because during my luteal phase I would always get a massive temp dip around 6dpo, and I was worried my progesterone was low. This month I used pre-seed with the inserts 3 times around O. We didn't catch the egg again, and this month i was SO disappointed. I thought we did everything right, and I thought to myself that I couldn't possibly keep this kind of sex life going for much longer. I was beginning to get frustrated with temping because I read every little bit into the slightest temperature shift, and I decided that next month, after O, I would stop temping until AF came to save my sanity.

- Cycle #4 (CD1 was March 26) I stopped the Maca. I felt that it was making me gain weight and pissing me off. I added Fertile CM because my EWCM used to be plentiful but ever since my IUD was removed I only had it for about 2-3 days with not as much as I used to. This month I added OPK's, per the OBGYN's suggestion. I bought internet cheapies and digitals. My plan was to use the IC's leading up to my LH surge, and once I thought it might be positive to also test using the digital. Well, I got a slightly positive OPK on an IC on April 7 (CD14) but neg on digital, so we BD that morning. I thought "great! I will O on my usual CD17, get a positive OPK on April 8 or 9, and we'll BD until we can't anymore and for sure we'll catch the egg!" Then on April 8, the OPK was not as dark as the day before. WTH!? And the next day, again not as dark. Basically, I missed my surge somehow. We BD on Wed April 8 at night, and that was it. I was so frustrated because I thought I was out this month. I also had majorly wonky temperatures because the day of the slightly positive OPK, I got sick and was put on antibiotics. I temped loosely to confirm that O occurred, and then I stopped. Because of being sick, I cannot pinpoint O day, but I know it was anywhere from CD14 to CD17.

BFP after a bfn

Hi! My hubby and I are 31 yrs old and began TTC baby #2 in January of this year (2015). Just got my bfp on cycle 4 at 15dpo. I loved reading through these during my TWW so thought I would post my experience for anyone who was like me! I did temp and chart, check cp and cm, and use preseed as a lube when needed :)

We BD on O-2 and O day.
Ov day- sharp pains.
1dpo- temp rose confirming ov
2-3dpo- had severe nausea overnight... Thought I had food poisoning. Insomnia!
4-6dpo- cramping that was more like a throbbing pain or a heaviness in my uterus. Insomnia continues. Watery cm when I normally have creamy during tww.
7-9dpo- some breast soreness but not much. Still no sleep for me... Insomnia continues! Watery cm.
10dpo- bfn on dollar store test
12 dpo- when I tried to check my cm, I noticed that the cm had a pink tinge to it. Took dollar store test and bfn. Had nausea over night again this night but not as severe as last time. Insomnia continues.
14 dpo- breasts aren't as sore but the insomnia continues.
15 dpo- temp stayed up!...Which prompted me to test again. BFP on first response test!!! I am absolutely over-joyed!

BFP afer 6 months trying for #2

I hope this is not too long but I know when I read these I like to hear as many details as possible.
My wife and I have a beautiful 2-year-old son. We have been trying for #2 for 6 cycles.
TTC is stressful for most women but add in donor sperm and PCOS and it is quite a process. After having my son my cycles seemed to regulate. I spent 3 months charting my temps and taking opks. Before we started ttc everything looked great so we decided to try unmedicated. Unfortunately as soon as we started ttc my cycles got wonky again. We decided to try Clomid again on the 3rd cycle. This was our 4th Clomid cycle using at home insemination. I saw a fertility specialist and we were planning to move on to iui and trigger shot in May.

What I did different this month
I had an HSG cd 9
My donor got a Sperm analysis and I saw an RE. I think having a plan and knowing that everything was ok helped me relax.
Acupuncture during my fertile week and during the tww.
100mg Clomid days 3-8 Dr added a day for an extra boost
i had been on 2000mg Myo-Insitol for 3 months for my PCOS but this cycle I added Ovaboost which contains another 2000mg of Myo
Selenium twice daily after O
Sesame oil pills (from accupuncturist)
Bacteria Chord (from accupuncturist)
Rasberry leaf tea before O
Bromelain pills (pineapple core) 1-6 dpo
In my last cycle I noticed that I had no ewcm thanks to the Clomid. So I started taking evening primrose. I think this made a huge difference.

CD 16- backache, ov pain ans sore boobs negative opk but peak on CBFM ewcm, evening insemination
CD 17 - backache, ov pain and sore boobs watery cm, morning and evening insemination
1-6 DPO - Temp rise usual Clomid/Post O symptoms - backache, indigestion, cramps, vivid dreams
7 DPO- sore bbs, backache
8 DPO - really mild cramping sore bbs , nasal congestion,
9 DPO - Day 21 bloodwork comes back at 28 (yay) bad lower back pain, constant cramping, sore bbs
10 DPO - small temp dip, cramps in the evening, constipation, gassy, sore bbs, left side pain, vivid dreams, congestion
11 DPO - temp spike I start to suspect this could be the month but I promised i wouldn't test until at least 12DPO. It is Easter so we go to a lovely brunch with some friends I start to feel a little dizzy and nauseous, bloody nose when I blow and my eczema flares up.
12 DPO I wake up at 2am to pee and decide to test. I don't see anything on FRER after a minute or so I toss it down and go back to bed feeling deflated. When I wake up again I look at the test and notice a very faint line. I take another one and the line is definitely there. More cramps, dizziness and sore bbs

This pregnancy is very different than my first.I am exhausted and have been cramping and dizzy on and off. I am 5 weeks 1 day and feeling cautiously optimistic my first beta at 13dpo was pretty low, but it has doubled consistently. I can't wait to see the heartbeat then I will be able to relax and celebrate.

So Excited and Scared all at once!

Hi all, well we've been trying for a few months now and in January we had m/c. This cycle we went to Cuba during my O week (just worked out that way) and have been back for just over a week now and I wasn't due for AF for another few days but decided that since my boobs were sore and I was really emotional this past weekend that Id POAS, just a cheapie I had. It was positive! So I couldn't wait to tell DB but I wanted to make sure! So I bought a clear blue with weeks indicator because my line was very dark for testing as early as i did. I used it this morning and behold.... 2-3 weeks pregnant!

I'm so excited to start this journey and hope that this one sticks! Im worried about it sticking, im worried about keeping this a secret! it definitely feels different this time, compared to last time. I have more symptoms this time. slight cramping, sore boobs, emotional, fatigue, and cant stand some smells.

Im mostly worried about money. Taking a year off work seems impossible and when planning all this we thought we were financially ready but what if were not? I guess if were not well have to make due.

Good luck to everyone trying and just relax! my BFP happened when I stopped charting, stopped testing 1DPO and stopped worrying about looking for the symptoms! I used preseed and enjoyed making love with my DB while on vacation, before we left and after we got back. Baby Dust to All TTC! And Happy Healthy 9 to all you lucky expecting ladies!

I cant Believe it!

So we've been TTC for a few months now, with m/c in Januaray. This cycle we went on vacation to Cuba for a week. The week we were away was my O time. We used PreSeed the whole time we were away and yesterday morning I got my BFP! I retested again this morning with a brand name test to be sure. So I guess I need to make a doctors appointment!!

Is it normal to be scared? Im mostly so worried about money and not working for a year. I went to school to be able to have a decent job but with school comes a school loan and I have a car payment. I hope that were financially ready. I guess if were not itll have to do.

BFP on 5th cycle- very irregular periods!

I still can't believe this is real
Here is my story, I hope it brings some hope to you all, and those who can relate

I am 27, husband is also 27. Been married since 2012, together since 2005 (high school sweet hearts).
I was on birth control for 12 years and forgot what my cycles were like on their own so I went off birth control in May 2014, knowing we would be starting TTC in the Fall 2014. After stopping BC, my periods were SO IRREGULAR. I have some cycles that were 40 something days, one cycle 120 days, one 60 days. It was very unpredictable. I also started spotting before each cycle too. We started TTC and trying to track ovulation in November 2014. So many times I thought I had symptoms and ended up getting a period. I spent so much money on tests too.
For the month of March 2015, I had my period March 5th- 11th. We decided to increase of BDing and we didn't exactly know when I was ovulating, so we BD March 15, 16, 17, 19, 21, 22, 24, 26, 28, 29, 30, April 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 10th. I just got m BFP today on two first responses with pink lines, two tests with plus signs, and got 2-3 weeks preg on a clear blue digital. So based on the clear blue i ovulated sometime between March 22- April 3rd.

Here are my symptoms that I tracked in that time frame. I am unsure of exact ovulation day based on irregular cycles:
March 5-11th- Period
March 12-14- nothing
March 15th-17th- ++Wet CM- cervix low/open, some EWCM, BD each day (OVULATION DAY???)
March 18th- Bright red wet spotting in AM and again after work, but nothing in between, some nausea before bed
March 19th- odd twinge in rt side and boob, some nausea with ice cap briefly, head aches, preseed, BD in PM
March 20th- tired, Wet CM then creamy
March 21 and 22- watery CM, BD
March 23rd- acne break out around chin and mouth
March 24- watery CM, BD
March 25, watery CM,
March 26th- ++ wet Cm, BD (OVULATION DAY????)
March 27th- no symptoms, BFN
March 28, 29, 30- no symptoms, BD each day
April 1- dreamt positive preg test, BD
April 2- BFN on a digital, was seasick (puking) on catamaran in mexico (has never happened before), BD that night
April 3, 5, and 6- no symptoms, BD each day
April 8- bloated, sticky CM, pressure in uterus area
April 10- Sticky, whitish/yellowish stretchy CM, felt dizzy when stood up once in AM, BD
April 11- mild cramping/tugging left side in AM, Went for a short run (1st one of the year), felt nauseous after 1km which was really weird. Some rt side cramping PM, bloated, felt constipated then had runny poops (TMI) before bed, thick white/yellowish stretchy CM again.
April 12- cramping rt side (especially when sneezing I can feel cramp-like pain on side). Took five tests with first morning urine. Couldn't believe it. Dark lines showed right away on FRER before liquid finished crossing screen. Followed buy two plus signs on two other tests and 2-3 weeks BFP on clear blue digital.

Still can not believe it after all the negatives Ive had since November.

Things we did
-raspberry leaf tea most mornings
-prenatal vitamins daily along with B6 vitamin
-Pre-seed used occasionally, not every time
-Laid in bed for at least 30 min after BDing
-This month we increased BD to every single day or at least every other day following my period to make sure we'd catch it

-mainly noticed CM changes- very watery some days and then closer to BFP it was thick, white/yellowish and stretchy. Today it is more dry and sticky with hardly anything there
-Other main symptom has been cramping. Yesterday i felt the tugging on left side and today i feel rt side cramp every once and a while
-Nausea on and off (fully sick on catamaran, and nausea after running 1km).
- No sore boobs or anything else yet.

Still can't believe it!!!!
Going to book a doctors appt tomorrow. I just got blood work done in the past few weeks and had a pelvic ultra sound a month ago to see why we were struggling to conceive and they all came back normal. So I guess we just needed to increase our BDing and wait it out a bit!

Good luck to all of you ladies. Baby dust to all of you!

BFP 3rd Cycle of Trying ~ Shocked!!

I have stalked these boards obsessively over the past few months. I love nothing more than reading a BFP story so I promised myself once I had my own to tell that I would come back and write it :) I am 35 and have a 4 year old daughter from a previous marriage. My current boyfriend is 31 and he has no other children. We decided I would go off the birth control pill in December 2014 as we expected it might take us a while to get pregnant (for no other reason than I was a "little older" lol). I definitely thought we were out this cycle, we have been extremely busy, both running our own businesses and had been too tired to BD as often as we would have liked. I used Fertility Friend to track my cycles (which had been very regular since stopping the pill) and so we tried to concentrate our BD'ing during my predicted fertile periods. We also used preseed again this month for the second time.

CD 10 - BD in the AM
CD 11 - BD in the PM (used preseed), stayed prone for about 15 minutes in bed afterwards before going to the bathroom
CD 13 - *Predicted Ovulation Day*. Watery CM. BD in the PM (used preseed), again stayed prone in bed for about 15 minutes afterwards
CD 16 (3DPO) - BD in the AM
4 DPO - Brief, intense, sharp pain lower right side abdomen; metallic taste in mouth, horrible headache
5 DPO - Nothing other than some creamy CM
6 DPO - Feeling really off. Blah. Stomach sick and tired. Maybe stress related. Creamy CM again.
7 DPO - Metallic taste, breasts are slightly tender (usually are from O leading up to AF), really tired.
8 DPO - Weird twinges and odd cramps. Prob nothing. Very emotional past few days.
9 DPO - Odd pains again. Slight stabbing/pulling/pulled muscle in stomach kinda pain that's below and almost behind belly button. Metallic taste in mouth. Starving (not unusual leading up to AF)
10 DPO - Creamy CM. Sore left boob (usual before AF). Very tired .. had to lay down for a few minutes felt sick and weak.
Having the worst, uncomfortable cramps .. like stitches/stretching/stabbing in my lower abdomen and near pubic bone. Metallic taste in mouth. Am starting to think that something might be up!
11 DPO - Creamy CM again. Sharp stabbing pain kidney area, mid left side of back. Same as yesterday felt very nauseated and had to sit down, light headed and stomach sick. Just felt weak. Metallic taste in mouth, very gassy, face breaking out big time.
12 DPO - Decide to take a test just because of the pains I had had few days before. BFN. Super disappointed. Loads of creamy yellow tinged CM. Slept 10 hours last night. Fell asleep on couch which is VERY unusual for me. Metallic taste in mouth, sensitive teeth. Super super tired.
13 DPO - Mild cramping. Majorly tired. Mid afternoon decide to take another test just to show myself that I am out for the month .. it's a faint BFP. I am in shock!! Make myself go through the garbage to find the one from the day before and can definitely see a very very faint line.

Today I am 18DPO and officially 4 days late for AF. Have taken a test daily with increasingly dark lines. Yesterday afternoon Clear Blue test came up positive before I had even flushed the toilet and Clear Blue Digital this morning came up *Pregnant 2-3 weeks*. So far I am experiencing slight nausea in the morning and off and on during the day, some mild cramping and I am majorly tired. Have a doctors appointment on Tuesday! Hoping for a happy and healthy pregnancy, same as I had with my daughter. If my dates are correct this baby will be due December 18th. My daughters due date was December 19th! I guess it must be my lucky month :) Good luck to everyone on their TTC journey <3


We started trying last easter. In June i got told i had a 8cm dermoid cyst on my left ovary. When i went to see gynaecologistbin July he confirmed i had two sacs no fetal pole. I miscarried in august at 12 weeks...i had my dermoid cyst and 70 per cent of my left ovary removed in october. We had to stop trying for 2 months. I started fertility reflexology in Feb after 7 sessions . i ovulated on day 18 and implanted around day 26-27. Today is day 33

Im not going to list signs and symptom everyone is different as we all are not built the same. I did have a two day implantation dip and i noticed alot of people say you can only have a one day :-)

BFP 7 DPO after 3 chem and 1 miscarriage

Woke up feeling warm and with a cold sore ( first time)for the first time, tested and got a positive! Clear lines on first response, no squinting. bfp on cb digital. beta hcg that day 23, progrsterone 13.8! Repeating blood test today along with tsh test to see if they need to up my dose.

What we did differently: i took a break/ rested. We had multiple iui, clomid and femara cycles before but nothing. Taking a break really helped plus preseed. Put my butt up in the air for an hour to keep my cervix soaked with spermies. Used smep.