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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Preseed

Pre-Seed, the sperm-friendly lubricant (and only lube that should be used while trying-to-conceive) is a staple of the TTC community. We love it, and we'd hazard a guess that all these ladies on this page with BFPs speak highly of it as well!

If you don't have Pre-Seed yet, we recommend you pick some up at It ships for free anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, and comes with free pregnancy tests. Can't beat that. And when you get your Pre-Seed assisted BFP and you're ready to give credit where credit is due, by all means, send us your symptoms here!

Lucky 13!

Hi ladies,

I’m sooo happy that I finally get to post my BFP story here! I’m 37 next month and DH is 42 and we have been TTC for 13 cycles. Lucky 13 though as this morning I got my line on the test!!

I’ve tried everything in these 13 months. The last two cycles I have been taking Co-Q10 and also using preseed when we BD. This cycle I also upped my intake of vitamin D as I have a deficiency, so I have been taking a one-a-day pill on top of my prenatal. This cycle I have also been taking 100mg of Vitamin B6 as I have only a 9-10 day LP. I was also sent for a HSG this cycle which showed no problems but hopefully flushed things out. So I don’t know whether it was the HSG or that combined with the other things but something worked! Today I am 12dpo. Got a very faint line with an IC and FMU and then a darker line with SMU and a better test.

Here are my non-symptoms to report:

2dpo – during night I had a pain in my left side and wet CM. I wondered if this could be ovulation pain, which I never get, but fertility friend puts me as OVing on the 5th.

7dpo – I had sore nipples (got this every cycle though) and was quite emotional

8dpo – still emotional and still had sore nipples

9dpo – still sore nipples. I didn’t sleep well and started to have a hot flush in bed, but it stopped before the sweating broke out

10dpo – still sore nipples and headache. Very slight runny nose. Feeling wet down there.

11dpo – very sleep deprived from night before (but in a single bed with DH and wasn’t comfy!) and still sore nipples. Very slight runny nose. Feeling wet down there but nothing much coming out.

12 dpo – didn’t sleep well again last night though was more used to single bed. Just very awake. Still sore nipples. Tested positive. Feeling a bit queasy at work. Not feeling so wet, pretty much no CM on underwear (sorry if TMI)

So I didn’t really have many symptoms at all – no pains, no cramping, no spotting. Have just been feeling normal.

Good luck to everyone, hope you all get your BFPs soon! *baby dust*

Handstands, preseed, and instead cups

I stalked this website and many others for several months trying to get a BFP. Trying everything possible naturally to get pregnant as quickly as possible. I had been trying for a year with my fi. He is 44 and I am 22. I initially thought he was the problem. I got checked and was totally healthy. I have regular cycles and ovulate monthly, while he on the other hand refused to get his SA checked until recently. His ego obviously. We compromised and said if we didn't get pregnant this cycle he is getting checked.

I had been taking herbal supplements like vitex, soy isoflavone, royal jelly, conceive easy, maca, ect on and off for the last nine months. This month I stopped all the supplements and just ate healthy. I'm an on/off vegan too by the way, but I occasionally eat seafood when I want.

I also used preseed and instead cups religiously from cd 11 to cd 21 in case I missed the Lh surge. I did a handstand against the wall in the morning and at night from cd 11 to cd 22 (I know silly, but desperate at this point). I have a 29 day cycle. I ovulated late this cycle on cd 19 instead of the usual cd14/15. I also ate sunflower seeds and pineapple core from 1dpo to 6dpo to help implantation.

This morning with fmu, I got my BFP at 10dpo on an ic. My fi and I are overjoyed. His swimmers just needed a little push from gravity, preseed, and instead cups. Thanks ladies for all of your insight and funny comments that kept me sane during ttc this past year.

Here are my symptoms ladies:
O day: woke up very hot, sinus pressure, stuffy nose, ears popping, bad nightmares, and just generally felt really wet down below, ovulation pain

1dpo: increased sex drive, irritable, increased appetite after recently not being in the mood to eat, high energy

2dpo: symptoms from day before continue but moodier. Feel really out of it. Sad, don't want to interact with fi or anyone. Took a walk and I guess my sadness was so obvious a random Korean man hugged and kissed me on the cheek to cheer me up didn't like that.

3dpo: gassy and sense of sense sharpened

4dpo: nauseous and strong sense of smell. I went off on my fi. Gave him a verbal tongue lashing via text. I usually give him the benefit of the doubt, especially since he's stressed out from work, but I gave him a new was really bad.

5dpo: more weird dreams

6dpo: wake up really hot. And I'm still super hungry and gassy. Fi noted weight gain from last week :/.

7dpo: serious cavemen lol or rabbit like. I had a drop in temp today looked like an implantation dip. Fingers crossed

8dpo: irritable and in a bad mood again. Totally want to unleash on my poor fi, but I keep it to myself.

9dpo: more detailed weird dreams still really hot like 99.4. I have the chills too now. Trying not to test even though my temps are elevated still.

10dpo (today): tested with fmu and I got my First BFP... Faint but visible. Af due tomorrow. My FI is all proud of himself lol. I'm very happy to finally be able to include my own tww story :D. Baby dust to all of u ladies still ttc and or in their own tww.

Got my BFP!!!!

I got my BFP yesterday and confirmed it today with a CB Digital. I did not think this was the month as I thought for sure AF was on her way. We used the CBFM for two months. Last month we only BD once and only on my last peak day, which I knew was probably not enough and sure enough it wasn't. This month we made sure to BD 3x during my fertile period. So we BD the 2nd day before peak and then both peak days. We are extremely happy and very excited. Lets just hope it's a sticky bean!!

Finally after two years of trying

I always had irregular period since I started my period (only get 6 month out of year). We tried every tips in the book to get pregnant for 1 1/2 year. Finally, went to an infertility doctor and I was diagnosed PCOS (had a demoid cyst). I took clomid and metformin and got pregnant right away, but had a miscarriage at 10 weeks. When I went to get a D&C, I asked to remove my demoid cyst as well (it grew during the pregnancy and I think that it took all the hormones from my fetus). Then two month later I got pregnant again with clomid, metformin, and progesterone homones. I did the bbt calendar to keep track of my cycle. I had loads of pregnancy symptoms eg. tender breast, nausea, moody. I would a take bunch of pregnancy test but later learn that I can save money by just buying them at the dollar store. It's very accurate, you just have to wait until the 37th day of your cycle. Since my pregnancy symptoms are the same as my pms symptoms. So my advice is to see a infertility doctor if you can't pregnant after a year. I had an Obgyn and she didn't tell me I have PCOS. Use the bbt to track and get to know your cycle. Use preseed and have sex every other day after the 10th day of your cycle. Take the pregnancy test on the 37th day of your cycle, don't take it earlier bc your just wasting money. Now I have a wonder 6 month old baby.

BFP at 9dpo

We got married and January and I really expected it to take quite awhile to conceive (i'm 33 & DH 39).
My cycles are between 28 - 31 days but sometimes I can have up to 7 days of spotting before AF... I was sure something was wrong!
I've been charting for two months and we had no luck the first cycle. Still worried about the spotting I had my hormone levels checked this month. Day 3 was all good and day 21 also detected a 'strong ovulation'.

I have treated this month like a military operation (my poor husband!)
I took VB6, evening primrose until O & we used pressed and OPKs.

I think the VB6 worked as my cycle lengthened and I didn't ovulate until the 17th... last month it was the 14th (not sure about before that as it'd never taken any notice).

1-5 DPO - Nothing
6-7 DPO - Very sleepy and mega grumpy for no reason (other than I was sure it wouldn't work) and some light cramping which was weird for this time of the month.
8 DPO - Small amount of very light brown/yellowy CM after exercise. (Not unusual for me)
9 DPO - (BFP day) Light brown spotting which is exactly the day and type from last month so i was sure we were out. I don't really know why I bothered testing in the afternoon, probably because of those unusual days 6-7. Initially the test looked like nothing but i put it in front of me at my desk and looked at it again in about 10mins and saw the tiniest of faintest of lines. I was absolutely shocked and swore to myself!
10 DPO - Brown spotting was worse but test line comes up slightly more with FMU (still very faint).
11 DPO - Light brown spotting. Cramps on and off all day. Tummy feels really tight. Possible heartburn. Retched when brushing teeth.
12 DPO - Gush of brown cm about 10.30am. Light Cramps. Still positive and getting darker.
I only felt confident enough to tell DH this morning... I didn't want to get his hopes up as the test was still too light until now. He was stoked!
I sort of enjoyed having a delicious secret for a couple of days (weird ay).
13 DPO - Very light brown spotting. Backache begins
14 DPO - Spotting is gone but Backache in full force.
15 DPO - Nothing so far but I go in for my second BETA level today.

Being pregnant for the first time is lovely but fraught with worry!
I am obsessed with googling all the bad things that could happen and can't quite let myself get excited yet.
I mean to stop temping but this morning it was nice and high and it made me feel a lot better.
When I get the blood results and know they are climbing up correctly then I think I won't be so worried.
My husband it being so cute and protective and is going to wrap me and baby in cotton wool for the next 9 months. He will be an amazing dad!
I can't wait to tell my mum she has wanted to be a grandma forever!!

BFP detected month after CP at 9DPO super faint line

Here's my symptoms (I felt like I was pregnant from 1-2 dpo):

1-4 dpo insomnia for no reason (I normally only get it when I'm stressed). Waking between 2-4am and wide awake, yet not particularly tired next day. Extremely restless legs some nights.
4-6 dpo almost imperceptible nausea - usually on waking. Sneezing followed by flash of nausea.
7 dpo cramping and temp dip to cover line. Nausea and sneezing but dry nose.
8 dpo up until today I'd been suspicious but today I felt sure. Felt very emotional, burst into years for no reason, had a 2hr nap in afternoon and backache along w very light nausea. - HPT in pm. Nipples start to feel tender, creamy CM starts.
9 dpo BFP first urine. almost imperceptible but compared to yesterday I see some slight shadow of a line. No nausea in am which frightened me after last months CP but got a touch late at night.
10 dpo BFP first urine. Still a faint line (best seen if test swiveled in light) but clearer then yesterday. Light nausea and tender nipples. Creamy CM, Light backache.
11 dpo BFP first urine. Faint but clear - easy to photograph today. Light nausea and tender nipples, creamy CM.

Three years and unexplained infertility!

I always said I would post here once I got my BFP and can't believe it's finally time for me to do so! My husband and I have been trying for three years, with five years prior to that just not using any protection whatsoever. We had finished a fertility work-up with no findings other than unexplained infertility, and I had said to myself that next cycle we would see a fertility specialist and consider an IUI. I'm 37, soon to be 38 years old with a history of one early miscarriage in 2010 (I didn't even know I had fallen pregnant, hcg never went above 250 and I found out when I thought my period went on for too long) and at least one chemical pregnancy. I took Clomid in October of 2013 but all I got was terrible heart palpitations.

I used to track dpo symptoms like mad and had myself convinced many times that this must be it! But this time, the time it actually happened (and fingers crossed, I'm now 5w3d) I didn't track as carefully. I had resigned myself to an attitude that if it happens, it happens. But, I also didn't track because I barely had any symptoms this time around!

1-5dpo: nothing
6dpo: 1 minute of moderate cramping (implantation?) and then nothing
7-10dpo: slight heartburn at night; I allowed myself to think a tiny thought that maybe this is it?
11dpo: tested in the morning, and faint BFP on FRER!!! I couldn't believe it but even hubby saw a faint line (although he said he didn't think it was supposed to be that weak... I told him a line is a line!)
Kept taking tests twice a day after that for 6 days (I know, excessive, but I loved seeing that line get darker and darker!)
15dpo: period was due but all I got was increasingly sore boobs ;). I usually spot for 3-4 days before AF but this time nada, nothing. That reassured me too! I thought for sure that once I got pregnant I would be a chronic spotter throughout...

What we did differently this time: I had just started a low-carb/high-protein diet and was working out with a trainer 3 days a week and doing spinning 2 days a week. We used pre-seed as always but this time mostly just for lubrication, and I kept my butt slightly elevated and legs in the air for 10 mins after. We BD'd 5 days in a row, ending on what I think was my ovulation day. Lastly, I'm not a superstitious gal but I said a few positive affirmations and also used a chakra balancing oil for the sensual chakra; I rolled it over my lower belly and on my pulse points. And here we are! Baby due December 2 :). I'm soo happy and wish lots of baby dust to all!!

BFP!!! With hypothyroid

I'll give you my details and then if you'd like, you can read my story :) If you've been waiting a long time to get pregnant I'd encourage you to stick it out through the long post because I think it might help you :)

So here it is, and heads up, it's pregnancy symptoms so I'm not going to apologize or say TMI. You wouldn't be here if you didn't want to know :) PS I started on .5g of Synthroid on day 2 of this cycle. These are my notes:

1dpo: nothing really, just some leftover ovulatory cramps

2dpo: cramps, little bit of nausea-maybe from being hungry, still some twinges in ovaries, weird itchy twinge a few times on right lower abdomen, emotional in afternoon, found out a friend of mine is already pregnant again

3dpo: feel wet down there but nothing really in my underwear, just some creamy cm when I wipe, still cramping a bit, don't really feel pregnant, sad because my temp went down again

4dpo: constipation (I don't usually have this issue but it happened the first time we ttc so I didn't read too much into it), cramping in abdomen, some lower back pain, and pain in hips like when AF is here

5dpo: increased sex drive, cramping low down in middle of pelvis, AF-like cramps after 5pm, back, hips, and legs hurt

6dpo: nothing much, constipation, lots of creamy cm

7dpo: constipation, a few cramps today, still not sure if constipation or my uterus/ovaries

8dpo: gassy, constipation, slightly tender breasts (on inner part near the nipple)

9dpo: gassy, constipation, tender breasts, really beginning to think what I thought was cramps has been constipation cramps the whole time :( wondering if it's the synthroid causing constipation

10dpo: increased appetite, increased sex drive, gassy, bloated, constipated, breasts still tender starting to be tender on outer sides and around nipple, felt really wet down there today, sad cause when I feel increased sex drive that usually means my periods coming :(

11dpo: increased appetite, gassy, constipated (what is wrong with me??), fatigue (really tired, keep having to take naps in the afternoon lately), breasts still tender, itchy nipples, low sex drive...unusual, smelling EVERYTHING

12dpo: increased appetite, gassy, bloated, constipated (still??), fatigue, breasts tender, cramps-prob AF about to come :(

13dpo: increased appetite, gassy, constipated (seriously?), drank lemon juice and water on an empty stomach and went to the bathroom this morning, by lunch felt constipated again :( after my husband and I went on a date we were going to watch a movie and I got all ridiculous about not feeling pretty or wearing the right outfit for our date, was sure I must be about to start my period with the moodiness, have achy teeth, breasts very sore, fatigue, didn't feel like having sex...unusual this close to AF possibly coming, which I was sure she was :(

14dpo: woke up at 5:45am like usual to take my temp, had told myself I would only do a test if my temp was still up (I am not a POAS addict, I hate seeing the negative line and would rather just know by my temp going down and AF showing up), my temp was 98.34(!), I talked myself out of getting up for about 20 min, then took a test. BFP!!!!!!!! Holy moly me oh my, I'm pregnant!!!!! Definite line!!! Test line darker than control line!!! Teeth ache, very hungry!! Couldn't sleep anymore after I told my husband (he was excited for being in a groggy sleepy state :)) so I got up. A lot of watery/creamy cm in underwear and down there. Can't believe I'm pregnant!! Cramps and twinges every now and then.

Okay so here's my story:

42 years old, BFP, conceived naturally

I am 42 and DH is almost 40. I have a 19 year old DD from first marriage and also had a m/c at 10 weeks in the first marriage. DH and I met, married, and started TTC right away since he has no children and I would love to have another with him, but given our ages (especially mine) we didn't want to wait. My GYN said that since I was still having very regular periods, 28 or 29 days and like clockwork, that I should still be ovulating but it may still take a while. It took about 14 months to get to this point, but there were some months when DH was traveling for his work that were my most fertile days so really we only had a good chance probably about 9 of those 14 months.

Anyway - I started taking aspirin this month, had not done that before, but DH's Nurse Practitioner at his Dr. office got pregnant at 40 and recommended taking aspirin to increase blood flow to the uterus. I've also been taking prenatals for months and about once a week, doing yoga. I have been using Dollar Store OPK's but this month I sprang for the Clearblue smiley face ones. We also have tried Preseed a couple of times and used it again this month. Here is the breakdown:

CD1 - March 3. Started taking one aspirin a day and continuing prenatals. Started Clearblue OPK's on March 10th.
CD 12 - Blinking smiley face (high fertility) - BD
CD 13 - Blinking smiley face, used Preseed, BD
CD 14 - Blinking smiley face, BD
CD 15 - Solid smiley face (peak fertility), used Preseed, BD, pretty sure this was O day and conception day
CD 19 - 4 DPO - took afternoon nap, chalked it up to a long week
CD 21 - 6 DPO - vivid dream of a positive pregnancy test, but then read 100 stories of women who dreamed of a positive test but were still BFN, so I didn't get hopeful.
CD 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 - a little sleepy after work every day but the full on fatigue had not hit me yet, so I was still not really thinking this was from being pregnant. What I remembered from being pregnant before was being so exhausted I would lay down for a few minutes and wake up three hours later, drooling. That has not hit me yet. I did lay down to rest most afternoons but never more than about 30-45 minutes. I did not want to get too hopeful since being a little tired in the afternoon is not uncommon and I was not exhausted like my past pregnancies. Normally I would start testing like a fiend around 10 DPO but I held off this time. It's hard to see those BFN's all the time. The only symptoms I had during that whole week was I seemed to be having more BM's than usual.
CD 28 - 13 DPO - at the beach for the weekend and had friends coming to visit, so I thought maybe I should pee on a stick before I sat in the sand with a drink in my hand for 6 hours, LOL. Took it around noon so it was not FMU, but it looked very faint positive. I showed my husband and he thought he could see something, too, but it was REALLY faint. I had another test to take in the morning and thought the FMU would tell for sure. But I noticed I had to pee constantly that day.
CD 29 - 14 DPO - AF due today, had some faint cramps but not a drop of blood. Took the second test with FMU and this time a little darker but still looked like a faint BFP. DH said he thought I was not going to get my period because (TMI alert) we BD in the morning before we left the beach and he said my CM usually changed right when I was going to get my period and it had not changed. Peeing constantly, we had to stop every hour and a half on the seven hour drive home!
CD 30 - 15 DPO - still no AF, but having cramps as though she would show up any minute. BFP with FMU, this time darker. Calling my doctor to get an appointment and confirm everything.

Fx for all of us over 40, its still possible!! Praying for a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Bfp on 3 round

Hey ladies!! I got my bpf on 100 mg of clomid just 2 days ago. I have did 3 rounds totally. First 2 rounds was 20mg which I did not ovulated the last round was 100mgs and that's what help me with my bfp. I'm not that far along since I tested at 11 dpo and got a faint line on 6 test so far. My first appointment is tomorrow. I think I'm 3weeks and 5 days. My main symptom were stomach and ovary pain on both sides. I've also had sore bbs but they are not bad. Today I'm having back pains. I hoping for only one but will be happy with what God bless me with.