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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Preseed

Pre-Seed, the sperm-friendly lubricant (and only lube that should be used while trying-to-conceive) is a staple of the TTC community. We love it, and we'd hazard a guess that all these ladies on this page with BFPs speak highly of it as well!

If you don't have Pre-Seed yet, we recommend you pick some up at It ships for free anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, and comes with free pregnancy tests. Can't beat that. And when you get your Pre-Seed assisted BFP and you're ready to give credit where credit is due, by all means, send us your symptoms here!

BFP first cycle after Mirena IUD removal!

My Mirena IUD came out on Oct 5th. I had been spotting and due for AF for a day or so prior so I am just going to treat 10.5.14 as CD 1. I had a light/long 5-7 day period afterwards. Only had Mirena for about 8 months and didn't love it. Prior to Mirena, I always had typical 28 day cycles, but didn't know what to expect after taking it out and figured it would take awhile to normalize cycles. Hubs and I have been married for 11 yrs and have a 4.5 yr old...I'm 33 and my first pregnancy happened fast/went smoothly. We weren't sure we wanted more or when we wanted more, but decided not to prevent a pregnancy & I was honestly really hoping for it! I think I've had 1-2 chemical pregnancies in the past few years where I could have sworn I was pregnant and saw faint BFPs then got a late/heavy period afterwards.... BOO! This time, felt like I was having symptoms, but refused to get hopes up.

I have no idea when I O'd, but BD'd on CD 16,17,18, and 20. Hurray for a long weekend getaway trip with Husband. O was probably somewhere in there! I did pack some Preseed for the trip and we did use it!

5DPO - Had some light cramping & spotting (Related to Mirena removal or Implantation maybe... this seems early for implantation but I could be off by a few days on maybe?)

7DPO - Started seeing evap/faint lines after test period on expired Wondfos that I still had...Googled Batch and is known for being a questionable and giving false positives. Too early and too unreliable, but there! Really crabby and short-tempered all day. Ordered new batch of Wondfos! Clumpy sticky CM - Not sure this is normal for me....

8DPO - Faint Wondfo lines after test period on old strips. Tender BBs, moody, a little more tired than usual.

9DPO - Faint wondfo lines after test period on sketchy strips. Hate them, but am just going to throw them away otherwise and can't help myself. BBs sore. Strange dreams.

10DPO - Bought DollarTree cheapies and now have new batch of Wondfos. BFNs on both! Not even a chance those are positive. Still getting faint lines on the old wondfo batch but don't trust them!! HORRIBLE backache in the evening like super bad AF cramps coming. Crazy weird dreams. BBs tender and full. CM sticky and nothing special or different.

11DPO - BFP with FMU - Faint positives on Dollartree and new Wondfo strips within test limit!! The lines are so faint, but FOR REAL on both tests!!! Hard to see in pics, but they are there. Feel a touch nauseated, BBs a little tender. Excited! Feel like it is still too soon to tell ANYONE. So am just posting here even though it is really early! Could be anywhere from 10DPO - 13 DPO right now... hard to know....Hope baby sticks and is healthy and we get to tell our families at Christmas! Read somewhere that there is a higher chance of miscarriage & twins right after Mirena removal --- Yikes! Praying for smooth sailing & maybe a girl this time!

Summary - The biggest giveaway for me was the dreams. I had WILD dreams during my first pregnancy and started having crazy dreams around 8DPO that made me think this might be happening. BBs were more sore than I ever get during PMS. The backache at 10DPO was fierce. Possible implantation spotting at 5-7DPO. Hard to know on a lot of symptoms as I've read Mirena removal causes all sorts of pregnancy symptoms so I tried not to get too excited. BFPs are real, though! This site is great for checking and comparing symptoms. I love it. Happy Baby Dreams to All!!

Crazy BFP Baby#2

This month was crazy. We were TTC our 2nd and I was using OPKs but I never got a positive! I was having EWCM on the 7th and 8th of this month so we DTD those two days only. My AF was due on the 23rd. Here are my symptoms, which were way too early for me.

On the 11th: My right leg was super achy and it would travel all the way from hip to toe. I got this with my 1st but at like 5/6 weeks pregnant!
12th: My right leg was still killing me, it would not let me sleep in peace. I also started getting heartburn.
13th: My gums were bleeding and I had heartburn that made me miserable.
14th: Heartburn! Gassy and going #2 a lot!
15th: I slept great! Creamy cm still going #2 alot!
16th: Woke up at 2 am with heartburn, couldn't sleep. Got a killer Charley horse and had mild cramping.
18th: Dreaming of a BFP, constipated, tired, so tired.
19th-21st: Tired, thankfully heartburn stopped. Boobs are tender to the touch.
22-23rd: Tired, BFN every day since the 19th. I took a Answer brand pregnancy test on the 23rd but it wasn't until the 25th when taking out the trash that I saw the faintest BFP.
26th: BFP!!

Good luck and baby dust to all the ladies!

BFP after 9 months and a pituitary tumor - BD 1 time during fertile window

I won't make this too long, but we started trying to get pregnant January 2014. I had my 1st son September 2012, and wanted to have another soon after, but it didn't really work out like that. My period did not even come back until December 2013, and that was only with the assistance of Provera. I started temping and tracking everything in January..ended up with a short (7,8,9 days) luteal phase, and things really didn't get back to normal until around May 2014. After that, our BD timing was perfectly lining up with my ovulation days, so I just was not understanding why it wasn't happening for us.

July 2nd, 2014, my husband went blind in 1 eye. Long story short, we took him to the ER in the AM, and by that evening, he was having surgery to remove a pituitary tumor at the base of his brain. Scary stuff, but he is recovered and all is well. During the check up appointments, the dr's mentioned that the tumor appeared to be 2 years old, and were very surprised that we had even had our first child. Apparently the pituitary affects sperm production and all of that, which is what we are thinking the issue was. His recovery took about a month, and we started trying again in AUgust. Well, sure enough, during the 2nd month of trying after his surgery, we got our BFP.

During the months of trying, I tried it all, preseed, legs in the air for 30 minutes, pills, vitamins, b-vitamins, mucinex, temping, charting, Fertilaid etc. ...However, by September I was so tired of doing all of that, and I didn't even track in September. I prayed about it (as I have many months prior), but really decided to just rest and relax in September. We BD 'd 1 day during my fertile phase - the day that I received a positive on my ovulation test, and we used pre-seed, that's it. TMI , but he also slipped out as well as he was finishing, so I really didn't think we had a huge chance this month.

I did have my husband on Fertilaid for men as well. I'd like to think this helped. If this wasn't the month, our next step was to get his sperm tested.

Around 7DPO I started getting queasy. I thought it was because I had just taken a flu shot. I was queasy for the next couple of days. I did not think you could get queasy that quickly, but I may very well have been flu shot related, though I've never had that reaction. I started testing around 11 dpo and noticed a squinter 12 dpo. The squinter didn't turn to a full BFP until after my period was due.

We are VERY ecstatic and I just wanted to share my story because many nights these stories have helped me to not get discouraged. I hope this will encourage someone!

BFP 10dpo very faint

This is my second pregnancy I have a six month old and both times I read this site non stop during my tww. My symptoms were pretty different this time. No extra cm except one clump of yellow cm today 10dpo. Very bad cramps 4dpo thru 8dpo. Diarrhea from 5dpo to 10dpo. Headaches from 6dpo. We have been lucky enough to get pregnant the first month both times. I used clear blue easy smiley faces but we bd every day starting cd11 thru cd18 with preseed and didn't get up for at least 20 minutes. We both stopped drinking caffeine took multi vitamins and exercised regularly. I hope this baby has sticky hands.

BFP Two Days After Running Chicago Marathon!

So excited! Just got our BFP! A few background details - I'm 30, DH is 26. Been married 1 year, 9 months. I'm a teacher so we were trying for a June baby. Lord willing, we will have a June due date! I've had been training, and ran, the Chicago Marathon while TTC. So for anyone who thinks running too much will effect your chances, it didn't for me! I had been charting my BBT this month and my temps didn't match up with my ovulation date and had a really slow rise. I knew I was pregnant when I woke up this morning, two days after the marathon, still with a low grade fever. So don't put too much stock in your chart if that's stressing you out. We used Preseed every time we BD inserted vaginally, and I stayed laying down for a while after. A few nights I just went to sleep after. I hardly had any symptoms - of early pregnancy or PMS. Here are my symptoms by DPO:

Day of O: Spotting, positive OPK, cramping, hot flashes, BBT dropped

1DPO: Lots of EWCM, cramping, headache and backache

2DPO: Some EWCM, emotional, hot flashes

3DPO: Lots of EWCM

4DPO: Little Creamy CM, BBT slowly rising past few days, emotional

5DPO: No CM, BBT dipped, cramps, insomnia. I think this was my implantation day - while dozing on the couch in the early am because I couldn't sleep, I felt a sharp pinch a few inches in from my left hip.

6DPO: Still no CM, BBT hasn't risen, fatigue, cramps like I have AF, emotional (sobbing because I couldn't get into an OBGYN for a check up), 3 BM in one day (sorry if that's TMI)

7DPO: Some creamy CM (a large glob actually) - it's usually watery between O and AF, BBT back on the rise, fatigue, hot flashes, woke up with stuffy nose and dry throat.

8DPO: A little sticky CM - it was almost stringy from here on out. Looked kind of like a small lumpy rubber band if that makes any sense. Never seen that before! Fatigue, irritable, more hot flashes, still feel like a cold is coming on.

9DPO: Fatigue, cramping, still hot flashes - I'm always cold all the time so this was a telltale symptom. Emotional - Sobbing and told my husband I felt like a failure as a wife (oh the drama!)

10DPO: Fatigue, emotional, insomnia. Stomach not feeling settled. I thought this might have all been due to nerves and anxiety about the marathon the next day.

11DPO: Marathon Day! BBT spiked over a half degree, had some spotting while using the bathroom during the marathon (about a third of the way through the race), stopped at an aid station for a tampon but there was no more bleeding when I went to insert it. No blood on tampon when I took it out later either. Fatigue, cramping, and insomnia, but that all could have been from running 26 miles!

12DPO: Woke up with low grade fever, BFP, fatigue, insomnia, hot flashes, felt like I had a cold or the flu. Still thinking it's due to running a marathon as some runners have compromised immune systems after long distance runs. Increasing nausea as day progressed.

13DPO: Faint BFP with FMU on a Dollar Tree HPT!!! Some nausea, felt better after eating. Still have some cold symptoms. Had trouble sleeping again last night. Too excited to notice any other symptoms!

(I noticed the picture doesn't look like a faint positive. There's definitely a pink line in person!)

23 Months TTC with clomid!

I am so so so glad its finally my turn to post on this site! I have stalked this page for over a year hoping one day I would get my chance to post my BFP!
Jennifer,27 (almost 28)
TTC 23 months
My backstory:
Since AF made its appearance back when I was 13, I have always felt that I would have an issue getting pregnant. Though my entire life, I have NEVER been regular. My stress level and periods always were hand in hand with each other. When I would become upset about anything, my period would be delayed…for months…sometimes even years. I didn’t have a single cycle while my mom was battling breast cancer. When I was 23 I asked my regular MD if I had an issue…and he told me it was normal to be abnormal! WHAT?! I actually BELIEVED that!?!
I never had a horrible AF when it actually came….slight cramping…that was it.
I married my high school sweetheart when I was 24, we then decided to wait a year to start trying to a baby.
Luckily at this point….my mom was better, I was stress free, and my cycles were 100% normal!
November 2012 rolled around and we were ready! And then lovely AF came…again, and again, and again!! We BD for the next 7th months just expecting it to happen, and it never did. I then started the wondolf LH strips to see if I O’ed. Some months it surged, others it did not. We continued this until January of 2014.
I scheduled an appointment with my normal OB…and because of SNOW…I had it rescheduled 4 or 5 times. We were not seen until march. From Jan-March my periods were off again. My father was ill and it played a toll on my lady parts….GO figure!
TTC Story:
March 2014: OB put me on provera to start AF. Period started 16 days later, took 50mg clomid days 3-7, progestrogen at day 21 was less than 1. I did not ovulate.
May 2014: OB put me on provera to start AF. Period started 16 days later, took 100mg clomid days 3-7, progestrogen at day 21 was less than 1. I did not ovulate.
July 2014: AF came naturally, 32 day cycle, 150mg clomid day 3-7, progestrogen was 17.8!!! I finally O’ed, BFN
Aug 2014, AF came naturally, 32 day cycle, 150mg clomid day 3-7, did not take 21 day test but showed surge on LH strips. BFN
Sept 2014: OB referred me to the reproduction specialist. My DH and I were tested. His swimmers were good, I did NOT have PCOS, my levels were good. I took 150mg clomid 3-7, and had a HSG test on cd11.
The test SUCKED! It was far from pleasant, but I found out that my tubes were wide open.
This kind of put me at ease….I knew there wasn’t anything really wrong with me. I had also ready that the HSG test can make you fertile so I was hopeful.
I tested my LH levels EVERY DAY and never showed a surge so I was convinced I didn’t O. I did notice THICK white CM in my panties for about a week before my period….random short cramps. Nothing major.
CD 32 came around and BFN. I cried. A lot. I was ready to give up….but my RS couldn’t get me in until the end of the month…they prescribed me provera to start my cycle again but told me to hold off taking it until 10/16/2014. I continued to test daily…CD34 I swore I saw a faint line. I didn’t say anything to anyone, not even the DH. The next morning, it was slightly darker….was I really pregnant?? Finally CD 35 I looked down and saw a still faint but definite line….I ran to walgreens and got a digital….longest 3 minutes of my life…BFP! WAHOOOO! I cried, and cried, and cried.
I am 5+ weeks…early but confident. I have an appointment at the end of the month!!!

We also used soft cups and preseed! Forgot to mention that!!

I can’t wait for my summer baby!

BFP @ 31 first cycle actively TTC w/only one ovary

Like many other ladies on this site I promised myself I would post on this site should I get a BFP, to hopefully help anyone going thru the lovely and horrid tww. For the last couple months I wasn't preventing but also wasn't actively trying to conceive. Since the tww is the longest most nerve wracking two weeks imaginable, once my boyfriend and I decided we wanted to seriously try, I got down to business. Here are the extra things I did
-Started taking Mucinex from cycle day 5 up to O maybe a day after.
-Drank one serving of grapefruit juice daily up until O.
-Started taking EPO (sorry cant remember exactly when) but took it up until day of expected O.
-Completely cut out all caffeine (so hard at first, had horrible headaches from it)
-Stopped consuming fake sugars- Diet soda mainly (my addiction lol) soooo bad for you.
-Also I had been exercising just as of recently in preparation for a vacation to Hawaii.
-Used Preseed and BD basically for a good 6-7 days up to O and maybe the day after, not 100 percent sure when O was because of my lack of EWCM. I laid with my legs up for about 30ish mins and tried not to get up and go pee after, which sucked because I get mild bouts of BV occasionally and that definitely did not help.
-Also I never stopped taking prenatal vitamins after I had my daughter, I've always just figured hey they're good for you so I might as well keep taking them.

I actually really didn't think this was my month because of a complete lack of ewcm, I literally had none what so ever. I started to get worried that maybe had hadn't O'd and started getting scared maybe I had another ovarian cyst that was gonna have to be removed leading to another possible removal of my one ovary I have left making it impossible for me to ever have another child (I have one three year old daughter) But low and behold I definitely did O and I am definitely pregnant :) The boyfriend is 39, has a very high sperm count of about 144 million but of those only 40 million were perfectly healthy sperm which also worried me a little. I had been keeping track of my tww symptoms over the last couple months even tho not really actively trying, I wanted to be able to know if there were any differences. This time there definitely were which got me thinking around 5-6dpo that this was it. The main differences were
-Boobs got sore a few days after O and after a few days the pain went away, usually boobs are sore and raging and huge from a few days after O till I get AF. Also usually the pain is in my nipples and center of boobs, this time the little bit of pain I had was more on the sides of my boobs. I'm now 6w4d and my boobs still barely hurt off and on.
-I had random twinges of pain down there, I never normally get anything like that.
-Cramps and backache around 5dpo, normally I only get cramps and backache day before and day or AF.
-Bad headache
-Heart palpitations at night when trying to sleep a few nights.
-Vivid dreams about taking pg tests and getting BFP.
One of the reasons I really wanted to post my symptoms is because there's a few symptoms that other women had posted having before their BFP that I thought since I didn't have these symptoms I couldn't be PG. One thing that hasn't changed what so ever is my CP, from ovulation until now its still low and soft and open. I read a lot that in early pregnancy the cervix gets high and hard and closed. Well not for me :) Also I had seen a lot of women getting a ton of CM before their BFP, I had maybe a day of two where I saw some but barely any up until about a week after my BFP. So ladies if you don't have these things it definitely doesn't mean you're out! Okay so heres my symptoms by DPO..

BFP on 11dpo

I never thought I would get to post here!
So my last few cycles have been really off, ovulating late with short luteal phase (about 11 days) and then spotting for a few days. This time around I ovulated on day 16 and had no spotting before my expected period
Also this month we used preseed and a fertility monitor which we really think made a big difference.

1-3 dpo nothing
3-5 dpo light cramping or dull pulling feeling
6-10 dpo nothing a little more CM than normal though.

11dpo I didn't take a test in the morning then about 20 minutes before I left for work I thought what the heck, and took an Internet cheapie. It had a VERY faint positive, that night when I got home I tested with a digital and got a positive!

It's my turn!!!

I'm SO excited to post here. Same story as everyone else, this site has kept me sane through my many 2ww's. Two years ago I had a bfp that ended in MC at 7weeks. Symptoms were different both times so I was presently surprised when line two appeared this morning!
This was month 5 of ttc for me. Month 1-3 cycles were erratic (28-36 days) with very short luteal phase (6-9 days) so I decided to investigate what was happening to cause this.
First I discovered that I was eating too much soy ( it has estrogen in it) so I cut that out completely. Second, I started taking B6 and B12 to lengthen luteal phase and after a month I could see the changes.
We also used preseed every cycle.
Now here's the good stuff !

-Cd 14/15-bd preseed
-O-bd preseed/ legs elevated,visualized spermies swimming to egg
-1dpo: ewcm still?
-2dpo:cm turned cloudy but still there
-3/4dpo: cloudy thick cm
5dpo:crabby n mean to DH, thick cm
-6/7dpo: temp higher then normal , flutters/pinches in uterus area, loose stool in am, can't sleep well at night
-8dpo: same as above, SO hungry
-9dpo: bfn, hungry, temp up, cm, fluttering , heartburn, a sensation in bbs ( not pain, just knew I felt something ) slightly more tired then usual
-10dpo: BFP!! Dollar tree tests were actually darker the frer! I took 4 tests n will continue to do so hoping to see the line get darker

Don't give up hope, stay positive. The months dragged for me but it finally happened . Pray this bean sticks!!

BFP after ttc 9 months with #2

I can't believe the journey it has been for baby #2. My husband and I have an almost 2 year old son that we concieved on the first try. Well almost. I got pregnant on the first try, positive tests and everything but ended up miscarrying very early. It was only 3 days after my period was due that I lost it. We didn't wait for another cycle to try again, we just jumped right in and sure enough I got pregnant again. With both of those pregnancies I had early symptoms that I'd never had before so I "just knew". I had sore boobs, twinges in the uterus area, fatigue. All things that were not normal for me.
So around the time my son turned 1 we decided to start trying again. I had not been on any bc because my husband deployed when my son was 2 months old and came home when he was 1. I had pretty normal periods while he was gone so when we started trying and they went wacky I went wacky right along with them. Every month, and I mean EVERY FREAKING MONTH I thought I was pregnant. I had extreme sore boobs, pulls and twinges in the uterus, backache, nausea. You name it I had it. I kept poas and they were STARK WHITE. The feeling you get when you see that is heart breaking, but nothing is worse than when you wake up and go to the bathroom and there AF is. Absolutely gut wrenching.
The worst part for me was that my periods were coming early! I usually had a normal 28 day cycle but I was starting anywhere from 1-6 days early. I would go crazy saying it was implantation bleeding for a few days until it got heavy and all my other symptoms went away. It was driving me nuts. Also I was ovulating late. Instead of getting the LH surge on day 14 I was getting mine 3-4 days later. So I'm thinking that I'm ovulating late and starting early so there is no way a little bean even has a chance!!
I tried vitex for 3 months and it did give me a normal 28 day cycle the first month but the next month I started early again and the following month too. I forgot the pills when we went on vacation so I just stopped after that. The only other thing I tried was PreSeed. We used it last month and this month. I'm not sure if that was the help we needed or not because I do produce ewcm on my own.
A few weeks ago I went to my OBGYN who just so happens to specialize in infertility. She took blood that day and sent me home with charts so I could write down my temps and show her the LH surge and intercrouse days. Then when AF comes I'm supposed to get blood work on day 2 or 3 and then go in a week after LH surge to check something else. (sorry I forget what) Well it looks like I don't have to go back!
I just wanted to share my story because it can be so frustrating when you know you can have babies and you can't figure out what is wrong with you! Maybe nothing was wrong, maybe it just wasn't the right time. But I am thankful I went through all that because it really opened my eyes. We can really take for granted the things that come easy to us, until... well they dont!
I didn't symptom spot specifically each day this month because I was just waiting for AF so I could start charting and get going on a plan. However I had all my normal pre AF symptoms. My boobs have been sore, but possibly in a different way? I am bloated. I was very gassy for a few days. My allergies have been acting up, meaning I still have to blow my nose even thought I've been taking claritin. Also the mucus was yellow/green and on a few days bloody. Sorry TMI! The thing that really had me wondering was the fatigue! I work from home and during my sons nap I had been taking naps too because I was sooooo tired. My coffee in the morning wasnt working either. It just couldn't wake me up.
Another side note. My OBGYN wanted me to ONLY use Clearblue digital ovulation tests. She said they were the most accurate so I did buy those this month and we BD the day I got the solid smiley and the day after. I honestly think it helps you remember to do it on those days instead of looking at those lines on the other tests. I think there were a few months that we missed it because I thought it was darker but it really wasn't and by the time it did get dark we were almost all BD'd out. A few times we only did it on the day of the solid line even thought I know it can take up to 72 hours to ovulate.