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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Preseed

Pre-Seed, the sperm-friendly lubricant (and only lube that should be used while trying-to-conceive) is a staple of the TTC community. We love it, and we'd hazard a guess that all these ladies on this page with BFPs speak highly of it as well!

If you don't have Pre-Seed yet, we recommend you pick some up at It ships for free anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, and comes with free pregnancy tests. Can't beat that. And when you get your Pre-Seed assisted BFP and you're ready to give credit where credit is due, by all means, send us your symptoms here!

BFP after 7 months

Hi so I just wanted to share my news of a BFP in our first month of using Pre-Seed. We have been trying for around 7 months (I'm 34) and in our 7th month – we decided to use Pre-Seed. One thing I will say is that the measurement guidelines on the box were a little too generous for us and I only used half the amount described as otherwise it would have been a bit too much! I also didn’t seem to get on with ovulation kits in general so I decided to go with what my body was telling me – the usual back ache and dull pain in my side would often be the best giveaway for me. Well anyway during the 2ww – I can’t say I felt any different really (well not that I noticed), no implantation bleeding (although I was sure I had this previously but then would get BFNs and my period would arrive) no cramping, nothing to write home about really until the day my period was due to arrive and my boobs were incredibly sore which never happens to me when I get my period. I also got some contracting-type pains in my lower pelvis while I was in a meeting at work and I thought that was odd. Well when I got home, I did a HPT and it came up positive immediately. I have since done 7 tests and all positive after our first month of using Pre-Seed yay! Oh and it was a lovely touch that the Pre-Seed arrived with baby dust! Baby dust to everyone out there!

Over a year ttc femara works!

Hi all I have read the BFP stories on this board for months and thought I should offer some hope to those of you trying to conceive! I have PCOS and conceived naturally not planned 3 years ago when my daughter was 6 months old we decided to start trying for a second one, it wasn't that easy! We tried natural for 6 months and went to the fertility doc he recommended clomid. Tried clomid for five months did not ovulate even at the highest dose. I monitored my cycle using opks and went to my endocrinologist she upped my synthroid dose to lower my thyroid even more and increased my dose of metformin to 1000mg twice a day. Finally after trying nothing was happening, went back to fertility md and he prescribed femara 2.5mg cd 3-7 this is post o day 9 and I got 6 different faint but there BFP's. This cycle we also used preseed! My symptoms has been minimal the one thing I have noticed is starting post o day 7 I became very hot and I am always cold, we are talking hot flashes and running the AC all night hot!! I wish you all luck don't be afraid to go to a reproductive md, and endocrinologists also can provide a wealth of information and support for those with PCOS!

BFP using soft cups, SMEP, and Mucinex after 3 months TTC!

We've only been trying for 3 months, but I have to say I was feeing pretty discouraged that we weren't instantly pregnant. This will be baby #3 for us (I'm 30 years old), and my first two babies we got pregnant the first go round, so I just assumed it would be that easy this time! After obsessing over every symptom the last two cycles, and being so disappointed with a BFNs, I tried to take it easy this time and not read to much into every little thing. But here are my symptoms, by DPO: CD 16: O Day! Actually had gotten a positive ovulation strip on CD 14 and 15, and by CD 16 it was negative, but this is the day that FF chose as my O day. Also, CD 15 and CD 16 I had what felt like bad menstrual cramps (o pain?) but I was also gassy and constipated so cramping could have been related to that. DPO 1: Nothing, slow rise in temperature. DPO 2: Nothing, temp still going up. DPO 3:Nothing, record high temp at 98.84 DPO 4: Feeling warm and flushed, but it was warm out so I wrote it off as nothing. A bit bloated. Temp slightly lower. DPO 5: Temp dropping still. Bloated and gassy. Very emotional, cried watching TV (again, not that unusual for me). DPO 6: Temp dropping further (still well above cover line though). Feeling grumpy and irritable that my temp as gone down three days in a row, I feel like I for sure cannot be pregnant. Very snappy and irritable mood, I figure that it is PMS. Boobs achy on and off, which is normal PMS symptom for me. DPO 7: Temp is back up at 98.75. Feel in a much better mood. Weird stabbing pain in left nipple, which is not normal for me. Pain continues on and off throughout the day. DPO 8: Gassy, temp is still high. I don't feel pregnant so I have coffee and feel weird and jittery (possibly because I've been abstaining from caffeine for so long). DPO 9: Boobs achy (only a little). Gassy and a little bloated, face is breaking out a bit more than usual before AF. A few twinges and pains in my uterus. Menstrual like back cramps. Feeling very tired, take a nap in the afternoon, and still fall asleep at 9:30 at night. DPO 10: Temp is still high (usually by now it starts to go down). Decide to take a cheap pregnancy test (Easy at Home Brand), and I am amazed that there is a very definite faint line!! Continued cramps and weird tingling in armpits and occasional stabbing pains in boobs. Feeling warm and flushed. Twinges in uterus. Can't keep eyes open after 9:00 PM. DPO 11: Temp still up, take a Clear Blue Easy test and definite line appears! Also take another cheap test, and line is darker than yesterday's! Feeling very warm, gassy, and having twinges/pains in uterus. Very tired, napping a lot. So that's it! Most of my pregnancy symptoms were so similar or identical to PMS, so I really wasn't holding out much hope (although at the beginning of this cycle I did have a good feeling about this being our cycle to conceive, but then after not really feeling pregnant I lost hope). So don't stress if you don't have that many symptoms, it's different every time. With my daughter I knew I was pregnant before I even tested, but not this time! Things we did this cycle that might have helped our BFP that we didn't do last time: DH: Took Maca Root, Zinc, and multi vitamin. Me: Took Evening Primrose Oil to O day, then switched to Fish Oil. Also drank Red Raspberry leaf tea the whole cycle until I got a positive Pregnancy test. Also took prenantal, vit. d, vit. k, magnesium. Followed Sperm Meets Egg Plan, using Soft Cups, Preseed, and took Mucinex during fertile period. I have a retroverted uterus, so we DTD with me laying on my stomach and my hips propped up on a pillow. I also laid on my stomach (not my back) afterwards for at least 1 hour. I put the Soft Cups in after about an hour with a bit of preseed in it, and kept them in 8-12 hours.

BFP despite: one ovary, varicocele, low sperm motility, and BBT drop

Hey everyone- So I have been pouring over these posts since TTC. I wanted to post some of the obstacles we faced in the title to give people some hope, as I gained so much insight from all of you. 1. To start I have one ovary as a result of a very large ovarian cyst when I was 18. Doctors have always assured me this would not affect my fertility, but I was still worried. 2. My significant other was diagnosed with low sperm motility 25%. We had just ordered supplements. He also has a varicocele, so we were looking into surgery when we got our positive. 3. Here are some details about my successful cycle: - My cycle length has been variable since stopping birth control: 21-30 days so I have been using OPKs and BBT - I had a +OPK on CD 17 and 18 (Clear Blue Digital and Easy@Home strips) - We BD on CD 15, 17, 18, 19 (using pre-seed lubricant) - Cramping with very slight brown discharge 11 DPO (CD 29) - otherwise no symptoms - Rise in BBT 3-10 DPO (CD 21-28), but dropped back to the cover-line 11-12 DPO (CD 29-30), shot up to the highest point 13 DPO (CD 31) - BFP 13 DPO (CD 31) on Clear Blue Digital (barely visible on Easy@Home strips) Ok, I hope this gives some people some information. Thanks again for all of your posts.

BFP 13DPO after BFN on 7,8,9DPO!!

I've been dreaming of this blog post!! Woo!! I hope my story can help anyone who is as symptom spotting and POAS obsessed as me! DH is 31, I will be during 30 in 2 weeks. This is our second child, we have 1 son who is a year and a half. We conceived him with zero aids, first month trying. This time around we have been TTC for 4-5 cycles. No temping, but we do use OPks (internet cheapie- MediTesti). We tried preseed and softcups for the first time this month and voila - a BFP! My cycles are pretty consistent, around 27 days but recently I have been spotting leading up to AF. According to my OPks I O around CD15-17 (short luteal phase, which I was concerned about). Mar 20 - light spotting Mar 21 - CD1 - Full on AF Mar 26- CD6 - End of AF No BD for the next week. DH was leaving for a business trip abroad and nervous which caused some performance anxiety issues that we incur from time to time Apr 2- CD13 - BD. After BD, I put some preseed in a softcup and inserted it for about 8 hours. It was my first time using one, it was so comfortable I completely didn't notice it. Getting it out was tricky, but not impossible Apr 4- CD15 - BD. Pretty Dark LH Surge. Used preseed & softcup again Apr5 - CD16 - BD. DARK LH Surge. Used preseed & softcup again, pretty sure I O'd that day due to cramps (I don't temp) DH left that day for 9 days, so no BD'ing during the TWW. It was just me home with the baby and the dog, which left my lots of time to SS, POAS & Google Apr 8 - 3DPO - Bloated. The band of my leggings was cutting into my stomach. I checked my calendar and realized AF was due on the 16th, not the 18th as I had previously thought. This changed my entire plan. We were going to California for my cousin's wedding the day AF was due. Earlier, I thought I wouldn't test until we came back. But then when I realized I miscalculated, i threw out my entire plan and just tested everyday. I was hoping to get a BFP to surprise DH with when he got home from his business trip. I didn't get one. Apr 11- 6DPO - Tested on an IC - BFN - Lots of creamy white CM, both on my panties & when wiping Apr 12 - 7DPO - Tested on an IC - BFN - cramping in the evening. I thought this might be my implantation day. Apr 13 - 8DPO - Tested using a FRER - BFN - creamy white CM Apr 14 - 9DPO - Testing on an IC - BFN - creamy white CM At this point I was thoroughly discouraged. With my son, I got a faint BFP around 9DPO. This time - nothin. Stark White. No "squinter" - nothing. And I'm VERY good at finding squinters! We left for vacation that day and I packed tampons, pads, and pregnancy tests. I didn't end up using any of it! Apr 15 - 10DPO - Cramps in the evening. I assumed AF was on her way, as she was due the next day. I had some wine with friends. Apr 16 - 11DPO - Cramps gone, enjoyed the day with my family and didn't think about anything. No sign of AF. I was VERY irritable and moody, but chalked it up to the stress of traveling. Apr 17 - 12DPO - No sign of AF, ran to the bathroom every chance I could to check for spotting. Zero spotting this cycle. I was very tired but assumed that was due to the time change. I had significant back aches, just a dull pain in my lower back similar to when i have AF. Apr 18 - 13DPO - Officially 2 days late. My cycles are VERY consistent but I was still nervous to get my hopes up. DH told me to go buy another FRER and we took the test together in the evening. It only took about 30 seconds for a faint line to show up, which quickly developed into a blazing BFP!! I'm still in shock I can't believe it!! I'm still having some cramping and back aches but Im hoping that's just my uterus preparing for baby #2! Fingers crossed & God Willing our EDD is Christmas Day!!!!

4th month TTC I got my BPF! Hardly any symptoms!

Hey everyone, I've been lurking on this forum for a few months now, reading other people's TTC struggles, questions, BFP stories etc, and am happy to finally be able to share my own :) I currently have an almost 18 month old, and my husband and I started TTC #2 back in December, wanting them to be about 2 years apart. I'm happy to say on our 4th cycle TTC we were finally successful and are due in December 2016. This is what I did differently this month: *I used OPKs since I wasn't exactly sure when I ovulated, since having my first baby my cycles have been anywhere from 29-36 days (and when I first started having a period again, some months it was 22 days!!) *This was my first cycle temping, as I wanted to confirm that I was actually ovulating and had a decent LP (as I didn't understand why I wasn't pregnant previous months despite seeming to have everything else perfect - guess it's true that sometimes these things take time, even under ideal circumstances!) *Our first season using Pre-seed (I'm not sure that's what did it this time, but it certainly didn't hurt!) *First month consuming full-fat dairy. Usually I'm all for low-fat, but after my previous period I was scouring the internet for ways to improve fertility and better my chances of conceiving when I came across several articles touting the benefit of those extra hormones in whole milk which can aid in healthy ovulation. *1000 mcg of sublingual vitamin B12. This was another one of the things I found online saying how important B vitamins can be in regards to healthy ovulation. I have been told in the past that I am B12 deficient, so I figured why not. In addition to those things, I also stayed laying down for at least half an hour after BDing. We BD the evening I got my + OPK, the next day (day of ovulation, confirmed by temping), and the day after that. We then skipped a day, and did it one more time the day after that. With my first pregnancy, I got pregnant on my 3rd cycle TTC and while I had no implantation bleeding, I had terrible period-type cramps for 2-3 days straight (I think I even took ibuprofen...oops!)...I was so positive AF was right around the corner, little did I know I was actually pregnant! The majority of this TWW I had zero symptoms. In fact, I was so sure AF was coming as I hardly ever get symptoms other than increased hunger and fatigue a few days before my period arrives. Closer to my due date, I started feeling extremely moody for no apparent reason (this is unusual for me before AF), minor nausea, as well as very tired and hungrier than usual - I just assumed my period was on it's way. The day my period was due, I had some very minor cramping which felt slightly different from AF cramps and a "stabbing" sensation around my cervix, which I don't remember feeling even in my last pregnancy. I took a test at 16dpo, and a positive!! I couldn't believe it. I took a second one about 10 hours later in the evening and the line was even darker!! This was a stark contrast from my first pregnancy - I had virtually no cramping, no implantation bleeding or spotting, and no change in cm (still just watery, sticky cm like usual before my period). I'm so excited and still in shock and just wanted to give others hope that even with lack of obvious symptoms that you CAN be pregnant! Don't lose hope! Baby Dust and BFPs to All!

bfp!! 12 dpo

I'll try to make this short and quick because Im at work but I wanted to post my DPO story since you ladies got me through my terrible TWW! I have a DD (turns 5 next month) and a 2 year old DS. We decided to start trying in December so I stopped BC. I know I haven't really been trying that long (only 3 cycles) but it felt like the longest and most frustrating 3 months ever. My first two were conceived on our first month trying so I wasn't mentally or emotionally prepared for anything like this. Anyways to the good stuff: 1-3 DPO..nothing to speak of really. Felt completely normal 4 DPO..cramping 5 DPO..cramping and my chest & shoulders broke out 6 DPO..mild cramping. Otherwise felt completely normal. 7 DPO..nothing. No cramps, no sore bb, absolutely nothing. I was pretty convinced we had missed this month. 8 DPO..same as day before...started to wonder why my bbs weren't sore though because they typically were around this time before AF. 9 DPO.. Cramping, tender bb's, and a little nausea. BFN with fmu 10 DPO.. Constipated (ew I know), tender bb's, and lots of AF cramps. Just waiting for her to show up. BFN with fmu. 11 DPO.. Again lots of cramping. AF due today so I wasn't shocked to get a BFN. I was def disappointed tho and felt completely defeated and out for the month. 12 DPO.. I was up and down all night with stomach cramps. I went to the bathroom like 5 times just to see if AF had showed. My bb's were very very sore at this point. Got the FAINTEST SECOND LINE EVERRRR on hpt. Like, I had to look at it in 12 different directions in 3 different lightings. I was convinced it was a fluke. Got to work and too another. Got the same exact faint line. Decided to go to the health department for a test. She ran 2 urine tests and both were negative. AF is never ever late so I decided to try a digital. BFP!!!! 1-2 WEEKS!!! I danced around the house like a crazy person. 13 DPO..two more BFP! they're still light but definitely there now! I'm so excited and feel so blessed. We are having pictures done on sunday and Im telling my husband during that time so the photographer can catch his reaction lol Like I said, I was completely sure I was out this month. It's still so surreal. Still having some slight cramping and very sore bb's. Aside from that, I feel completely normal. Also I have a short luteal phase. Like 9-10 days if Im lucky. I didn't know that was an issue until I started reading about it. We used preseed, baby aspirin, and I laid in bed for about 20 minutes after every BD during my ovulation window.

Surprise BFP after certain AF would arrive

WOW. I cannot believe I am posting my own BFP story. It doesn't seem real, I am full of emotions. I promised myself I would share my dpo story for everyone, as everyone's stories really helped me get through the hard days! A little back story. My DH and I have been TTC since April 2015. We never had many opportunities to "try" as my cycles are VERY long and irregular. Once going 85+ days! I really, really felt a deep pit in my stomach that I would never see a BFP. Although very early I am thankful for this BFP-one my heart has been desiring for so long! OV-CD 37! Confirmed with + OPK and pinching pains in ovaries, following rise in BBT. 3-4dpo - Totally exhausted! Also noticing breast tenderness. Easily could be from ovulation, but have never had tenderness directly after ovulation before. Creamy CM. 5dpo- Pressure in abdomen (felt like a big gas bubble!) also onset of cold symptoms (sore throat, stuffy nose) attributed to the sudden cold front that came through that weekend. Creamy CM. 6dpo- Light cramps and bloat. Had sharp pain in lower abdomen that went away after a minute. Remember having hot flashes in the bookstore. Breast still tender, gassy, tired, moody!! Creamy CM. 8dpo-Buzzy feeling in head while at work, restless sleep all night! Stuffy nose still dragging on, sore throat gone. Irritableness and fatigue continues. Breast are still tender since 3 dpo, hmm this is strange. Creamy CM. Vivid Dreams. 9dpo- Slight nausea in the morning hour. I felt like I had a heightened sense of smell! My car air freshener was bothering me! Slight pinchy feeling. (Early HPT cheapie, negative....pulled out of the trashcan a little that a line or evap line?) Vivid Dreams. 10dpo- Creamy CM is mostly gone! Skin is starting to break out...just like it does before AF...negative HPT...another vivid dream. 11dpo-Woke up a little achy. TENDER breast! Seemed to be more tender than ever before! Assumed it was AF as I started getting light cramps later evening. 12dpo-More AF like cramps and tender breast, convinced AF should be here any day. Wet feeling in underwear, checking every few minutes for flow! I literally had an emotional breakdown thinking we missed this cycle. I cried for about 2 hours. Husband even makes an appointment to get his sperm tested! 13dpo- *No sign of AF* Creamy CM in the that's strange. Painful AF like cramps continue. Decide if I don't start AF by lunch I would test, certain of a my biggest surprise BFP!! I'm still in shock and cannot believe it!! Main things this cycle was using OPKs and temping! Had we not we would of certainly missed our window! Praying for all your beautiful ladies out there. Never give up hope. We prayed hard and heavily for this day to come, I cannot praise Him enough.

Natural BFP with low morphology

Well I never thought I'd get to write this. My husband and I have been trying for a year. We finally got the results for the SA to hear the sad news that although his count and motility were normal the morphology at 1% was very low and we'd probably need help to conceive. We really hit rock bottom and this month started DH on wellman and vitamins and started looking into saving for IVF. My symptoms were very little,as follows. CD12 BD with preseed CD13 BD with preseed ,positive opk CD14 (O day) BD with preseed 1DPO-7DPO nothing 8DPO feels like cystitis might be coming 9DPO now feels like bladder infection,stabby pains in it all all morning but no wee pain. By afternoon it was dreadful cramps in my tummy and back,lasted several hours and was really painful. BFN 10DPO BFN nothing in the morning but tummy and back pains returned in the evening 11DPO all hope is gone. I feel fine so didn't test but had more lower back cramps in the evening. 12DPO nothing. Tested with midday urine just because I had a FR rapid result left in the cupboard and watched in amazement as a BFP appeared! Rushed out to tesco and bought a clear blue which was also BFP! I feel totally normal,no sore boobs or anything other than back pain! I'm really scared but I'm hoping more than anything this baby will stick around. Don't give up hope if it takes a while.

2nd round of clomid 50mg 5-9 at 9dpo

2nd round of clomid 50mg 5-9, BFP at 9 dpo. This is my 2nd time being able to post my bfp on this site. The first time around we had been ttc for 4 years, and this was 2 years ago. I ended up pg on first round of clomid, but sadly ended up miscarrying at 11 weeks. That time around I didn't have any symptoms or signs that I was pregnant at all! This time around is VERY different! I got a positive opk on cd 14 and know I ovulated on cd 15 due to the fun ovulation cramping that clomid induces. We used preseed each time we bd and are able to bd 13,14,15 and 16. 1dpo-5dpo: Nothing. 6dpo: Cramping, just like af! Tender bbs and had that 'let down' feeling in them. 7dpo: Right sided tight pinching feeling, near ovaries. Very tender bbs. 8dpo: Zingy feeling in bbs that radiated to my armpits. Very sharp stab feeling through to my vajayjay..very odd feeling! Constipated. 9dpo: Having to pee ALOT, like every 15 minutes. Tender bbs. Tight cramping right side. Let down feeling again. Faint positive at 530 pm 10dpo: Very positive on Frer! Still sore bbs. Crampy like af is going to show any moment! Very very hungry!! I am praying this little one sticks!! It's been 6 years now that we have been trying for our last baby and this is the final try, I can't go through another loss. So, any prayers our way would be appreciated. Good luck ladies and I pray you all get your bfp soon! Xoxo