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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Preseed

Pre-Seed, the sperm-friendly lubricant (and only lube that should be used while trying-to-conceive) is a staple of the TTC community. We love it, and we'd hazard a guess that all these ladies on this page with BFPs speak highly of it as well!

If you don't have Pre-Seed yet, we recommend you pick some up at It ships for free anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, and comes with free pregnancy tests. Can't beat that. And when you get your Pre-Seed assisted BFP and you're ready to give credit where credit is due, by all means, send us your symptoms here!

36 Years Old - BFP - No early Symptoms

Hello everyone! I'm very excited to be posting my BFP story here today. I have used TWW as a comfort during my TTC journey and I have found all of your stories and words of encouragement very helpful. I promised myself that if I ever got my BFP that I would post my information here so that others can hopefully get some comfort from my story.

My husband and I were TTC for 7 cycles. This journey has made me realize how arrogant I've been in thinking that I would just be able to "get pregnant" whenever I was ready. I'm a very ambitious, driven person and when I put my mind to something and I decide to do it, I just do it! I figured it would be the same with getting pregnant but I was wrong. It's been a very humbling experience to try month after month and continue to fail. I told my doctor that I would consider going on Clomid if we didn't conceive this cycle. Thankfully we did conceive and I did not have to use Clomid but the fact that I even considered it really put things into perspective for me.

For the last few months I've been taking Magnesium, Fish Oil, CoQ10, Prenatal Vitamin and Evening Primrose Oil. We also used PreSeed.

Here is my info:

1DPO - 9DPO: no symptoms at all, normally have some cramping during AF cycles
10DPO: beginning of tri-phasic BBT shift, still no symptoms
11DPO - 15DPO: BBT continues to rise, normally have some spotting by now before AF comes
16DPO: get up the courage to test and get a BFP!!
17DPO & 18DPO: more BFPs
19DPO: pregnancy confirmed by doctor

Now I am 5 weeks +1 day pregnant and there's a whole new set of things to worry about. I figured that I would be so happy to be pregnant (and I am, don't get me wrong) but now I'm worried about whether or not I'll have a healthy pregnancy. Will my baby be healthy? Will I have a miscarriage? What are all the risks? It's sad that I can't just enjoy the experience of being pregnant but I wanted to be honest about what is going on in my head. Anyway, good luck to everyone out there who is TTC. I know it's frustrating but in most cases, it WILL happen. Don't get discouraged.


BFP after 2 years ttc, low morphology

I want to preface this by saying this bfp did end up as a chemical pregnancy, and while not ideal, has given us hope, because we got pregnant on our own for the 1st time in 2 years!

Backstory: I am 25 (26 next month), husband is 27. We have been ttc since Oct 2013. In this time we have, I feel, done everything you could do (without an RE) out there, and there are a few things that I feel have made a difference.

First of all we discovered after a SA, that DH has low morphology, 3.5 %, 20 mil sperm count, and good motility. His Urologist has prescribed him Clomid to increase sperm count. It works with testosterone in men as it does estrogen in women. He takes 50mg every other day and has also been on fertilaid for men for the last 8 mo.

Everything has so far checked out ok with me with the exception of slightly low progesterone in the 2nd half of my cycle. (Still have 13 day luteal phase though ), as well as THS of 2.4 (for optimal fertility they say between 1-2 is where you want to be. To lower my TSH, I began taking kelp (iodine), and selenium.

On this cycle I had day 3 blood draw to check and see if my ovaries were doing as they should: everything came back great! TSH was at 1.5! I was happy with that.

CD16-BD with preseed and softcup
CD17-BD with preseed and softcup
CD18-+OPK, BD with preseed and softcup
CD19-O day, BD with preseed and softcup
1DPO-Woke up feeling like I had been hit by a bus, could tell I was coming down with a cold, as well as a raging UTI! Its like my immune system crashed! And I never get sick!
2DPO-went to work, huge mistake I was so sick, went to Dr after work, UTI confirmed along with sinus and ear infections, started augmentin. Coffee does NOT sound good!
3dpo-5dpo-feeling terrible bc of cold, nipples started to feel sore, breasts full, not that sore though. Still not drinking coffee. Super irritable with hubs.
6dpo-bbs starting to get really sore, wake up in morning with gurgling feeling in esophagus, kinda like heatburn. Hungry for eggs and meat first thing in the am, unusual, still can't stomach coffee. Irritability with DH continues.
7dpo-supposed to have 7dpo blood draw for progesterone, but it's a Saturday and the office is closed, have to do it on Monday (9dpo). Have dreams about having a baby girl.
8dpo-bbs still sore, still hungry in a.m., no coffee, had dreams about baby girl again. Super tired.
9dpo-same as above, serum progesterone blood test
10dpo-got results for progesterone (5.1) feel a little surprised at how low it is, start counting myself out this cycle and preparing for next. Pregnancy cant stick with low levels of prog! Out of nowhere, at 9p.m. I decided to take first response, fully expecting a bfn, only to see a faint bfp! I was completely in shock, broke down in tears! Called for husband to come here. He was a little surprised to find me hysterical and crying. When I handed him the test he looked down and said "baby? that a line?!" We were so happy and shocked! I don't know what prompted me to take a test, it was almost like Devine intervention. (I don't normally test this early, or at night, for that matter).
11dpo-even lighter bfp on frer, negative digital. HCG and progesterone blood test done in AM.
12dpo-bfn on frer, blood results 4 HCG, 1 progesterone :-( knew I would get period.
13dpo-AF arrived right on schedule! Chemical pregnancy.

Even though this ended in a chemical, I think it was meant to happen! I was meant to find out that we were able to fertilize an egg but it just couldn't implant, possibly due to low progesterone! My midwife prescribed me progesterone supplements for this new cycle to start after O. That way if we are able to fertilize an eggie, it will hopefully be able to implant and stick, FX. It's important not to lose hope. I've had way worse lows than when I realized we were having a chem. I know my sticky bfp is right around the corner, it's just a matter of time! This cycle I've started taking premama fertility in hopes this helps! I also take a prenatal, folate, cold pressed fermented cod liver oil, vitamin e, calcium/mag/D, pregprep, and vitamin C. I also did pineapple core for a couple days. Good luck ladies, never lose hope! Never give up!

BFP at 9dpo using Pre-Seed!

The journey was long and arduous... But we made it!!! After struggling to conceive ds for two years, it proved to be challenging ttc again following his birth. To get here it was 6 months of NTNP, 2 months of cycle tracking with clearblue FM (which resulted in a missed miscarriage at 5w3d) and then another 6 months of cycle monitoring with wondfos and timed BD. As my age was becoming a concern (35 yrs in 4 mos), I visited my physician to arrange for fertility testing just days before I received my (faint) BFP at 9dpo.
What we did differently:
Supplements: from a few months before BFP we both took Royal Jelly, CoQ10, fish oil and zinc. I took Materna vitamin & B Complex daily.
Diet changes: I limited myself to 2 cups of coffee/day, quit my use of artificial sweetner, and switched to full fat dairy.
Used Pre-Seed: After symptom-spotting for months, and faced with yet another heart breaking BFN, I decided to cough up the $25 on a tube after reading all the success stories. While I was sure it was too good to be true, it was our first and only month using it that resulted in a pregnancy. I was shocked!
BBT Charting: First and only month using Fertility Friend to track my temps.
BD (using Pre-Seed): -2 days before O & -1 days before O. Layed in bed after for 10-20 min each time.
Symptoms by day:
O Day: (according to +OPK yesterday & Fertility Friend). Waterish-lotion cm. No EWCM this cycle. Strong nausea while making dinner! Sense of smell heightened.
1dpo: Woke extremely early. Couldn't get back to sleep (Unusual). CM is tacky/sticky.
2dpo: Abundant bright white creamy cm marbled with a tiny bit of ewcm. Nothing else noted.
3dpo: Super bloated with light cramping all over stomach/abdomen lasting a few hours. CM creamy, scant. Constipated. Sharp focused pain on either side of belly button area lasting 20 min.
4dpo: Very nauseous while making dinner! Decreased appetite. Complexion is smooth and flawless (unusual at this point in cycle).
5dpo: Strong constant ache in left upper buttock/lower back, worsened at night to deep sciatica type pain w/ very mild pelvic aching on lower L side. Extremely annoying and very odd.
6dpo: Woke up groggy. Back hurts higher up, then lower ache returns later in day. Very vivid dreams last night. Took nap in morning (not typical). White creamy cm. Craving something to eat in evening but not sure what. Major munchies!
7dpo: Back/body still achy. Wake up feeling wonky. Bfn with fmu. Kind of crabby. Mild cramps here n there. (Doesn't feel like AF cramps). Urine stinks. Smell increased. Craving sugar in evening and very tired well before usual bedtime.
8dpo: Stomach is feeling off (pms?). Woke up very early. Nice temp dip noted (praying it's implantation dip!) Urine smells stinky. Clearish/ lotiony cm. Test (fmu) had shadow line after 10 min (evap?). VERY nauseous w headache for 2 full hours in afternoon (had to lay down). Couldn't wait to leave a store while shopping due to the strong scent of perfume in the air. Bitter taste in mouth. Still no pms outbreak (Last month's appeared 2 days before af). Dead TIRED by 7:30 pm.
9dpo: Temp spiked back up today. Super duper faint bfp on first response with fmu. Evap? Bitter taste in mouth noted. Slight crampy twinges in morning. Skin super clear which is unusual. Faint BPF on FRER around noon. Faint, but clearly seen and appeared within 2 min. Can't believe it! Still skeptical. CB digital was BFN in afternoon (Too soon/watered down urine?). Cautiously optimistic...
10dpo: Sore throat and achy muscles upon waking. Major temp spike noted. BFP on First Response notably darker today with 3-hour-hold midday urine :). Stronger urge to pee than usual. Watery clear cm noted. Light headache on and off. Extremely irritable. By evening, abdomen feels very full and bloated. Got my BFP on CB digital after supper! Still in shock, but realizing it must be the real deal!! So happy.
11dpo: Woke up at 4:00 am!! Getting used to waking up before my usual time, unfortunately. Haven't had more than 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep since ovulation. So strange... Hope it doesn't continue much longer. (Hubby is annoyed with it too). Complexion still clear- hasn't been this flawless since I was pregnant with my son.

Well, ladies, I hope this info is useful to you... I know I spent a lot of time reading op's experiences on this site. Don't lose hope, and it will happen! I highly suggest trying Pre-Seed and bd'ing BEFORE positive opk. We're praying for our sticky one this time around!!! Good luck to everyone.

11 DPO BFP on Digital

I have had pretty much no symptoms this month, which was in stark contrast to the past 2 months where I swore I was pregnant each time, due to all to the "symptoms" I was experiencing. I guess my biggest pregnancy symptom is to have no symptoms at all haha!

Onto the story... I was not going to test until the day my period was due (2 days from now) but I decided to just POAS this morning anyways just to see. I used one of my cheap wondofo tests and immediately SAW A LINE!!! I was NOT expecting that at all. I had one expensive clear blue digital left and I just said screw it, I'm going to test with this and if it doesn't work then oh well I'll invest in more tests later....

The digital said "Pregnant" and I was floored!!!

I am letting myself be excited this time because I spent the first few weeks of my last pregnancy very anxious. That one ended in an early miscarriage at 7 weeks, not caused by the anxiety of course, but the anxiety didn't allow me to enjoy the time at all. I am going to just allow myself to enjoy however long this pregnancy is because it has taken us so long to get here and I don't want to waste another moment being anxious.

What worked for us this month:

Supplements taken daily for (at least) past 3 months:
Vitamin D3 2000 IU
Prenatal MultiVitamin
CoQ10 (ran out of this, so only took for half the month)
Probiotics 144 mg (Bio-Kult)
Magnesium Oil Spray (10-20 spritzes on legs and stomach at night)
Desiccated Grassfed Liver capsules 1500 mg

I take my basal body temperate and chart using Fertility Friend app, but I was pretty lax on temping this month and I stopped once I saw I had ovulated
BD everyday or every other day leading up to O date.
Used preseed each time
I laid with my hips elevated for as long as I could, 5-15 mins, post BD
Exercised a lot this month (running, cycling, yoga), which I think helped keep my energy up and anxiety down

Bfp 14 dpo. First sign of pregnancy yeast infection

Hi ladies! First of all, thank you to this amazing website for keeping us sane (or not sane according to the hubby hahah:p). To all you symptom spotters out there, I understand you! I literally googled everything from sore boobs to cm to cervix position. Lol
I'm 25 and hubby is 26. Ttc for 3 months. Things I did different this month:
Preseed (gotta love it!) and evening primrose oil to increase cm. It worked! Lastly, I charted my basal temp.
Here are my symtoms:
Ovulation day 19: ovulation bleed ( first time that happens)
1 dpo-3 dpo: yeast infection, vivid dreams and small cramps
4 dpo: cold and migraine
5 dpo: craving ruffles. Extreme hunger. Hands were shaking I was so hungry.
6 dpo: cervix very high
7 dpo- 10 dpo: cramps, tingling nipples
11 dpo: implantation spotting. A very small yellowish brown spot of cm when I wiped. Vivid dream that I was pregnant.
12 dpo- 13 dpo: negative hpt. Period cramps. Oh no:( I was 99.9 sure periods were coming. Cervix low, hard and open. No cm, dry! Typical before my periods.
14 dpo: BFP:) the only reason i tested was because for shits and giggles. I had one pregnancy test left.
hoping for a sticky bean :)
Good luck ladies, never give up!

BFP @ 19dpo

I finally got my BFP at 19dpo!!!! I had a miscarriage last May, we have been tcc since July. My cycles are super long usually 35-40 days. I took Clomid this cycle so that I could better track my ovulation. I took it on cycle days 5-9 and I ovulated on or around October 25th. I felt symptoms early but the symptoms seems to disappear after 10dpo. I tested everyday starting at 8dpo. After getting BFN at 15dpo, I started to believe that I was out for this month. Never give up ladies!!!

DPO 1-3 nothing
DPO 4-8 tingling nipples, stuffy nose, vivid dreams, waking up very early in the morning
DPO 9-15 stuffy nose
DPO 16-19 stuffy nose, gassy BFP!!! I'm cautiously excited about our rainbow bean!!!

baby dust to you all!!!

38 years old, husband 41, 50 mg Clomid 2nd cycle

First of all if YOU are reading this please know moments before submitting my BFP story I prayed a special prayer just for YOU. I pray that you too will get your BFP soon and that you have a happy and healthy pregnancy and a chubby little baby in the end of all of this.

Because reading every little juicy detail of your TTC journey helped me, I decided to note down as much as I could remember, here you go:
I am 38 years old and my husband is 41.
My little boy just turned two on November 6. (I was 35 years old when I got pregnant with him, TTC naturally for 4 months, on vacation and bammmm BFP)
I stopped breastfeeding when he was 21 months (OB/GYN said need to stop if TTC, messing with my hormones, making ovaries sluggish and my advanced age didn't help things)
So my cycles have always been regular every 24-26. After my little boy turned a year AF returned and has been regular.

-----CLOMID first cycle BFN --------
I did 50mg Clomid on CD 3-7,
Day 21 Progesterone 7.98,
and did Progesterone pills ORALLY 200mg at 3 DPO.
AF returned CD30.

------CLOMID second cycle BFP---------

CD 1 - October 21, 2015 - Start of AF, heavy and clumpy tissue like bloody discharge, (called dr, worried of clumps- said normal with clomid from prior month)

CD 2 - Started Clomid - 50 mg (my doctor wanted me to do Clomid CD 5-9, but I disregarded, I read a peer reviewed study that showed woman who took CD 1-5 had most success,taking Clomid earlier in cycle causes increase of eggs, taking Clomid later in cycle causes less eggs but more quality eggs, given my age, I wanted to increase my chances of eggs, so I did CD 2-6)

CD 3 - Clomid

CD 4 - Clomid, BD Preseed

CD 5 - Clomid, BBT 98.2 (read while on Clomid your temperature will be higher then normal)

CD 6 - Clomid, BBT 98.2, sticky CM

CD 7 - BBT 98.1, a lot of yellow ear wax, weird because I never have ear wax

CD 8 - BD Preseed, Creamy CM

CD 9 - BBT 97.7 temp dip, temp stabilizing now?

CD10 - BBT 97.7, dark positive OPK, BD, started Baby Aspirin once a day, Evening Primrose Oil (refrigerated) and Mucinex morn and night and I will take these during ovulation fertile period.

CD 11 - dark positive OPK, BD Preseed

CD 12 - dark positive OPK, BD Preseed

CD 13 - dark positive OPK, BD Preseed, woke up extremely constipated even with my daily dose of Miralax (suffered constipation due to breastfeeding). Very painful bowel movement.

Ultrasound -
Uterine Lining - 9.26 mm
Left ovary - 19 mm follicle
Right ovary - look like follicle had a "cyst or had burst"
Blood work -
Progesterone 4.0
Also I did Yoga poses to increase blood flow to uterus
I looked up YouTube videos of ovulation and fertilization because I wanted to see what was happening in my body at this exact moment to help me with visualization. I believe in the power visualization, if you hear about any olympic medalist for example they do visualization, very helpful.

CD 14 - dark positive OPK, BD Preseed and fertility acupuncture, helped me relax

CD 15 - STILL dark positive OPK! what is going on, when did I ovulate???? BD Preseed, BBT 98.0, very painful intercourse felt like my cervix had moved,
I start taking Progesterone 200 mg VAGINALLY this time around, I read it is more effective since closer to source,
I also started Estrace, estrogen, since Clomid thins uterine lining I decided I need to take this to thicken up my lining, I read it does this beautifully.
CD 16 - BBT 98.0 , Acne in parts of face that I normally do not have acne, blood pressure 90/62, went to CVS pharmacy to check it out

CD 17 - BD Preseed
Ultrasound -
Uterine lining is at 6 mm, dr sees one good size follicle doesn't tell me measurement, what! I thought I ovulated a couple days ago, I am so confused

CD 18 - nothing significant to report, other then super stress planning birthday party for my 2 year old, and I have my mother who is disabled with me and
I am VERY STRESSED OUT, even making my self even more stressed out that I am supposed to try to be calm and happy during my fertile week, but I AM TOO BUSY, running around this week like a chicken with head cut off.

CD 19 - son's birthday party, busy and stressed, BFN

CD 20 - Blood work- Progesterone 17.5, Woohooooooo! my body finally worked, I OVULATED, when I don’t know, but I did, I did!!!!!, BFN

CD 21 - BBT 98.1, BFN, feel AF twinges coming, maybe ovary pains on left side

CD 22 - BBT 98.2, I took my temperature later during the day and it was a 100.1!!!!, BFN, lightheaded, itchy legs, went to park - about 20 mosquito bites, i never get bitten! what is going on?, my lil doggie sleeping on my tummy, weird, feel AF twinges coming, maybe ovary pains on left side

Positive after having twins via IVF

My twin daughters are 2 years old, we have not been on BC since and finally got a positive. We weren't tryinv until the girls were one so it took us over a year. Some months we missed our window and some months we really tried hard. I was starting to think we were not going to conceive again and that I still had infertility. So happy we are going to have baby number three!! I tracked my symptoms just incase I wasn't pregnant so I could compare next month and avoid getting my hopes up.

I am also a regular spotter before my period and I still spotted this month.

CD 7 bedded
CD 10 bedded
CD 13 bedded, i was extremely nauseous during this ovulation, like never before. So strange, maybe I was dropping a big ole egg. Headaches, bloated, just had a carsick feeling.
CD14 post OPK still nauseous didn't want to have sex that night.
cD15 bedded that morning to hit the window for sure.
5dPO start feeling pms bloating, headaches, acne, boobs sore
6dPO irritable, headaches

7DPO started spotting I felt like I was maybe out, but I had read on herethat some people spot and are still
pregnant. Left ovary pain, moody, irritable( typical)
8DPO-10PO sore boobs and spotting. Neg test, irritable, depressed.
11dPO no more spotting neg test. Here is where things changed up on me. I was seriously fatigued this day, and emotional. I'm a bitch and cranky during pms but I dont get weapy. I got emotional from a picture. I also temeber thinking omg this pms is so bad, let it end already!!!!
12DPO boobs feel very swollen no spotting, odd so I tested and got a line! So happy!! Also my mother died suddenly in May, I prayed so hard to her and God this month, I wanted to create life after death.

Products used: 

Unexpected BFP After Period?

Hey all, DH and I have been TTC since June of this year. This cycle we BD'd every other day starting the day after my period ended, and used pressed and I drank raspberry leaf tea every night. I was sure we got it right this cycle, but got my period about 5 days earlier than normal. Yesterday, I thought I was CD 11 expecting to Ovulate CD 13, but I had some spotting the last couple days so I tested and I got a BFP! Here is the break down:

DPO 1-5: No Symptoms
DPO 5 Onwards: Very sore boobs (common for me after O)
DPO 9-14: pulling and cramping in pelvis, hips feeling heavy.
DPO 13-14: Super nauseous, pounding headache for 48 hours, starving, thought I had the flu. Tested and BFN
DPO 15: Period, sore boob pain vanished. I stopped paying attention to symptoms after I got my period.

There is no way we could have gotten pregnant any other time, because I haven't ovulated yet since last month. I don't understand the period unless it was (heavy?) spotting, but it seems unusual. In addition, last month I was diagnosed with hypothyroid and was put on a dose of synthroid, which I originally thought caused my early period, and the subsequent spotting the last few days. Does anyone else have a weird experience like this? Of course, we will be making a doctors appointment to see!

It goes without saying we are feeling so blessed and giving thanks to God for everything.

Bfp after 7 months TTC!

For those of you who take just a little longer to get pregnant--don't lose hope! After 6 months I had totally convinced myself something was wrong. I got a suuuuuper faint Bfp before bed 10 dpo and a less faint Bfp with FMU 11 dpo. I was convinced AF was on her way because my breasts were no longer super sore and I had a dip in my bbt. I really didn't have too many symptoms but here is what I can remember:
1-7 dpo: sore boobs which happens every month
8 dpo: fluttering feeling in my pelvis, bad gas
9-10 dpo: AF like cramping, sore lower back, boobs no longer sore, waves of heartburn and nausea. I also had some super crazy dreams the last few nights.
So if you don't get pregnant right away and don't have a ton of symptoms...keep the faith! Sending love to all you ladies!