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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Preseed

Pre-Seed, the sperm-friendly lubricant (and only lube that should be used while trying-to-conceive) is a staple of the TTC community. We love it, and we'd hazard a guess that all these ladies on this page with BFPs speak highly of it as well!

If you don't have Pre-Seed yet, we recommend you pick some up at It ships for free anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, and comes with free pregnancy tests. Can't beat that. And when you get your Pre-Seed assisted BFP and you're ready to give credit where credit is due, by all means, send us your symptoms here!

BFP after 1st round of clomid!!

I cannot believe I am actually writing my BFP story!! My DH and I have been trying to concieve baby #3 for almost 4 years. I was given clomid to start in April. Well after one cycle I got my BFP!! CD 16 - Confirmed O day 1 dpo - sore bubs ( normal for me post o), gassy, very bloated - think it's from the clomid 2 dpo - Bbs sore, very light cramping, backache .. Bloating went down a little gassy, breaking out, headache 3 dpo - Boobs sore, nausea, headache , sharp pain left ovary for a second 4 dpo - Boobs sore, headache, crampy , bloating, back ache 5 dpo - Headache, nausea, sore boobs 6 dpo - Sore boobs and headache, fatigue 7 dpo - Sore boobs, pain left ovary, nausea 8 dpo - Brownish CM am, sore boobs very slight cramping am - more like aching. Blood tinge CM afternoon - start thinking this is implantation??? 9 dpo - can't sleep.. Get up at 4 am and take test. A faint line?? No?? Really?? 10 dpo - BFP fmu!! And several tests since to confirm!! Go to doc today for blood work! I will say I think some of my symptoms during my TWW may have been clomid side effects. But DH and I are over the moon!!

Very Detailed Journey to BFP by DPO!

Let me start by saying that the TTC and BFP Stories board were life-savers for me during my two week wait. I promised myself that if I ever got a BFP of my own, I would definitely post my experience here. It took four cycles, but we finally did it! I’m feeling pretty great so far and I really hope we’ve got a sticky one. I tracked cycles 2-4 by DPO and have included all the details below—as you can see, I was definitely a symptoms spotter! I’ve also included some information about myself and my cycles. I hope this helps! • AVERAGE CYCLE LENGTH- 26-29 days. • MISSED PERIODS- I have never missed a period. • ABNORMAL SPOTTING- never. • PMS SYMPTOMS- Yes. I usually have symptoms approx. 1-2 weeks before my period. These include cramps, mild acne break-outs, food cravings and moodiness. I would not generally consider these symptoms unmanageable. • FAMILY HISTORY: my mother had a Fallopian tube blocked w/ scar tissue (cause unknown) and subsequently had an ectopic pregnancy. It took her 9 months after surgery to conceive. My maternal and paternal grandmothers had normal pregnancies. • PRENATAL VITAMINS- I have been taking prenatal vitamins since the beginning of January 2017 when we started TTC. • AVERAGE LUTEAL PHASE- 11-12 days. • FERTILITY AIDS- I used Clear Blue digital opk for cycles 1-3. On cycle 4, I used the Clear Blue Advanced digital opk. I used pre-seed for cycles 3 and 4. I did not temp. • AVERAGE SUSPECTED OVULATION DAY- cycle day 16-18 _______________________________________________________________________ CYCLE 1 I didn’t start charting extensively this cycle. Apologies for the caps. • LAST PERIOD- 12/30/16 • LH SURGE NOTED- 1/14/17 • OVULATED PER POSITIVE OPK- 1/14/17-1/17/17 • HAD INTERCOURSE- 1/11/17, 1/12/17, 1/14/17 • AF CRAMPS NOTED 8-10 dpo • PERIOD: 1/28/17 ________________________________________________________________________ CYCLE 2 • LAST PERIOD: 1/28/17 • NEXT PERIOD DUE: 2/26/17 CD 13 (2/9/17)- HAD INTERCOURSE. CD 14 (2/10/17)- HAD INTERCOURSE. NEG. OPK CD 15 (2/11/17)- WATERY CM NOTED. NEG OPK. CD 16 (2/12/17)- LH SURGE NOTED ON OPK AT 3:00 PM. HAD INTERCOURSE AT 9 AM AND AGAIN AT 9:00 PM. WATERY/MILKY/THIN CM. NO DETECTABLE EWCM. CD 17 (2/13/17)- LH SURGE NOTED AGAIN OPK AT 3:00 PM. OVULATION CRAMPING STARTED AROUND 7 PM AND LASTED UNTIL APROX. 11 PM. HAD INTERCOURSE AT 9:00 PM. CM SAME AS YESTERDAY, VERY WATERY. CD 18 OR 1 DPO (2/14/17)- NO LH SURGE DETECTED AT 11:00 AM. SCANT AMOUNT OF EWCM FOUND W/ BOWEL MOVEMENT, OTHERWISE CM WAS STILL WATERY. NO OTHER SYMPTOMS NOTED. CD 19 OR 2 DPO (2/15/17)- DULL, GENERALIZED/RIGHT SIDED AF CRAMPS IN THE AFTERNOON FROM OVULATION? CM ALTERNATES BETWEEN THIN AND MILKY AND THICK AND CREAMY WHITE. CD 20 OR 3 DPO (2/16/17)- NO CM NOTED (TINY DROP OF EWCM ON BM), SLIGHT CRAMPS AT NIGHT, NO OTHER SYMPTOMS NOTED. CD 21 OR 4 DPO (2/17/17)- SCANT, THICK CM. NO CRAMPS, MOODY, INCREASED CM AT NIGHT. CD 22 OR 5 DPO (2/18/17)-STRANGE DREAMS. CD 23 OR 6 DPO (2/19/17)- GASSY, HEADACHE, SORE THROAT, BODY ACHES, WATERY/MILKY CM CD 24 OR 7 DPO (2/20/17)- BREAST PAIN, CM THICK AND WHITE, 99.5 TEMP IN AM, DULL, EARLY MORNING CRAMPS ON RIGHT SIDE. CD 25 OR 8 DPO (2/21/17)- STILL STUFFY, TIRED, H/A, SNEEZING, SINUS PRESSURE, LIGHT COUGH, CM IS MILKY/THICK AND WHITE, RIGHT SIDED AF PAINS 10 PM, 99 TEMP. CD 26 OR 9 DPO (2/22/17)- STILL STUFFY, TIRED, HEADACHE, SNEEZING, SINUS PRESSURE, LIGHT COUGH, CM IS THICK AND WHITE, BIG BURST OF IT AROUND 3 PM AND 7 PM. R SIDED TWINGES AROUND 3. NO CRAMPS. NEGATIVE FLU TEST. CD 27 OR 10 DPO (2/23/17)- STUFFY, HEADACHE, SINUS PRESSURE, LIGHT COUGH & SNEEZING, THICK, WHITE CM, BUT NOT AS MUCH AS YESTERDAY. NO CRAMPS. CD 28 OR 11 DPO (2/24/17)- VERY TIRED. THICK, WHITE CM/SCANT CM. CD 29 OR 12 DPO (2/25/17)- VERY TIRED. RIGHT SIDED AND GENERALIZED CRAMPS. THICK, WHITE CM. CD 30 OR 13-14 DPO (2/26/17)- CRAMPS EARLY AM. AF ARRIVED AT 6PM. DEFINITE YEAST INF. _______________________________________________________________________ CYCLE 3 LAST PERIOD: 2/26/17 NEXT PERIOD DUE: 3/27/17 WHAT I DID DIFFERENTLY: PRE-SEED STARTED CD 11: NEGATIVE OPK CD 12: INTERCOURSE (NO LUBE), NEGATIVE OPK CD 13: INTERCOUSE (NO LUBE), NEGATIVE OPK CD 14: NEGATIVE OPK CD 15 (3/12/17): EWCM W/ BOWEL MOVEMENT, BUT OTHERWISE DRY, INTERCOURSE EARLY 9-10 AM W/ ASTROGLIDE, POSITIVE OPK 4:30 PM, INTERCOURSE W/ PRESEED 7:30 PM CD 16 (3/13/17): POSITIVE OPK 10:30 AM, DRY CM, INTERCOURSE AT 10 PM W/ PRESEED, AF CRAMPS 7 PM. O? CD 17 (3/14/17) 1 DPO: NEGATIVE OPK IN AM AND AFTERNOON. INTERCOURSE W/ PRESEED AT 1 PM. CD 18 (3/15/17) 2 DPO: NOTHING. DRY/THICK CM. MILD AF CRAMPS AT NIGHT. VERY HUNGRY. ACNE BREAKOUT ON CHIN. FREQUENT URINATION. CD 19 (3/16/17) 3 DPO: THICK, WHITE CM. PAIN IN LEFT THIGH VEIN. MILD AF CRAMPS. FREQUENT URINATION. INTERCOURSE IN EVENING. CD 20 (3/17/17) 4 DPO: NOTHING. DRY CM CD 21 (3/18/17) 5 DPO: NOTHING. DRY CM. HAD INTERCOURSE TWICE. CD 22 (3/19/17) 6 DPO: NOTHING, MILKY CM.

Bfp after depo

Omg!!! I'm sooo excited to finally post my bfp story! This site has eased my thoughts, answered my questions, and kept hope alive!! I am 27 and my husband is 29. We have a 5 year old daughter and finally decided to have another. 15 months ago I had one shot of depo and my first month ovulating was the cycle previous to my bfp. Here's my symptoms: CD1-4: AF CD 13: BD (used preseed) CD 14: BBT 97.75 CD15: pos opk @ 11am, BD with preseed 97.08, felt sharp pains on left side at 11pm CD 16(1dpo): 97.85 CD 17(2dpo): 97.20 (fallback rise?) sharp pains left side CD18(3dpo): 96.89, came down with a cold, very gassy and bloated, strong smelling urine( urine clear) checked for uti at work and was negative CD 19(4dpo):97.48, cold symptoms, gas, dizziness when going from sitting to standing, Strong smelling urine CD 20(5dpo): 97.88, headaches, thick yellow cm, gas CD 21(6dpo): 97.90, gas bloating CD 22(7dpo): 98.10, pinching on left side of uterus(very distinct) implantation?!?! Progrsterone was 6.2 CD 23(8dpo):98.44, frequent urination, gas CD 24(9dpo): 97.89, gas, very very very faint bfp on FRER (Almost thought it I was seeing things) CD 25(10 dpo): bfp on FRER!!!!! 98.31, watery cm (kept thinking AF was here),cramping JUST LIKE AF cramps. Nipples tender all of a sudden. I hope this helps! Good luck to you all!!!


Like many, I stalk these boards during my TWW each month. It took me one year to conceive my first and 10 months for this one. Things I did this month (and other unsuccessful so who knows) was preseed and softcup. I also used a vibrator right after sex to have another orgasm because I heard that helps. And it's fun. Ha! So here it is: O day- backache and cramps - normal. I also got a cold this day. I had lots of discharge and could just feel that this was a strong ovulation. BD 1 dpo- BD 1-3dpo- no symptoms besides my cold 4-5dpo- cold still lingering and now I completely lose my voice! 6dpo- lost voice still. Cervix VERY hard and high. Smallest pinprick of dark (blood) when I wiped. So tiny was unsure but marked it in case it was implantation. Could've been nothing though. 7dpo - lost voice still. Cold is still lingering! Cervix sill high and hard. Bad gas. Yuck. And fatigue. 8dpo- had a coughing fit in the morning which made me gag and then I had a bit of nausea for a couple hours after. BFN 9dpo- backache and cramps for about an hour. Felt like AF was coming but I just felt confident it was my month still! Gas and fatigue continue. BFN 10 dpo- all symptoms disappeared. The slightest ever BFP on FRER!! Negative clearblue digital 11 dpo- definitely a BFP now with FRER but still faint. Also took a Walgreens brand blue line in the evening, also slight positive. Nauseous and more picky with food. Some things turning my stomach. Negative clearblue digital. 12 dpo- same with the nausea. Driving and felt carsick. Definitely dizzy. Even stronger BFP. Negative clearblue digital 13 dpo- same symptoms. Positive clear blue digital!!

Bfp with Short Cycle, preseed, and very few symptoms.

I can't believe I'm writing this. I'm in denial, if I can be honest. I've taken multiple cheapie tests, one digital and a clearblue. I've spent some time on this site, scouring and finding hope. My journey started many years ago, in my early 20s. And in spite of years of trying, I was a firm believer that it would happen when it was supposed to. I considered more invasive fertility treatments, but let's get real - Those options can get expensive, and I (like most of us) don't make a lot of money. Even with damn good insurance, it just wasn't feasible. I envy anyone who is in a position to explore those options. But, back to my BFP. LMP March 27, 2017. I have a 24 day cycle. CD 1-5 AF CD 6 BD with PreSeed CD 7 & 8 nothing exciting CD 9 BD with PreSeed CD 10 BD with PreSeed CD 11 nothing CD 12 BD 2x (what can I say, we were feeling frisky!) CD 13 BD with PreSeed CD 14 Nothing special. I believe I have ovulated at this point. CD 15 - 1dpo (?) Instant hemorrhoids. Made my partner run to drug store for Prep H. 2dpo - 5dpo Constipated, hemorrhoids (not uncommon for me, but I took note of them) 5dpo - BD, no PreSeed. Just frisky. 6dpo. Very thirsty. Skin on lower stomach seems softer?? 7dpo - 9 dpo. Still very thirsty. None of my usual af symptoms. Just a different sensation in my lower region. Like, I'm more aware of my babymaker, if that makes sense. 9dpo/cd23 Faint positives on dollar general tests, not fmu. 10dpo/cd24 More faint positives on cheapie tests, DG/dollar tree. Negative Target digital. 11dpo/Cd25 (Today) 2 more Positives on cheapies, Positive on ClearBlue easy. I'm waiting another day or two to take the other digital. I've read that they aren't as sensitive, somehow. None of my +s have been with fmu. What we did different? PreSeed - I believe, 99%, that this was the deciding factor this time around. Let me explain- I like lube. I've used another brand for many years, always suspecting that it was hindering my chances. The PreSeed was wonderful, and I would highly recommend it. Baby Danced twice in one day! - We had fun with it, went to bed happy. We did this 24-36 hours before I expected my ovulation. I imagine I may get some backlash about this, as many of you suggest to wait a day in between bd, as to get higher quality & quantity swimmers. But we had a blast, and perhaps it helped? :) Layed on my stomach post-BD. - I don't know lol. Maybe this helped. Prenatals daily, drank a lot of Powerade (B vitamins) I haven't temped in years, and my last run with opk's was January. In other words, I cannot say with certainty when I O'd. Past experience suggests that I ovulate between CD12 and CD13, giving me an 11 day LP. I did not experience any kind of implantation bleeding. I'm writing this to give you ladies some hope, the way previous BFP stories did for me. I have a short cycle, short luteal. I'm in my 30s. This is my first pregnancy. It is possible. Much love, Baby Dust, Good vibes, prayers to all. Have a beautiful Thursday! Shan

BFP After Late Miscarriage

I had a late miscarriage last November 16, 2016. It was the worse thing I've ever been through. I knew right after my lost I wanted to try again. I remember a doctor recommended I wait a year. I thought to myself "Hell No". I tried passively for the first two cycles because I just hope to fall pregnant without putting forth extra effort. See with my angel baby I got pregnant the first month off birth control. I truly believed it would be that easy the second time around. Well, around late January that when I broke down and bought an ovulation kit. I chose Clearblue digital. Well, it work well but I still didn't quite know what I was doing. So during my 3rd cycle I started using cheapies with the digital. I love the fact that you can see a line progression with the cheapies. Also, being able to see the progression was helpful because I recognized that I tend to have a slight surge right after my cycle but actually ovulate later in the month than I thought. My cd average 26 days and I ovulate cycle day 14. I must add when I was trying I was a nervous wreck because I wanted to find out I was pregnant before my original due date March 31, 2017. Well instead of finding I was pregnant March 31st I conceived approximately March 29th. I found about my current pregnancy on April 7th (8/9 DPO). I was really prepared for another disappointment because it felt like AF was coming. I was crampy and had a cold sensation in my legs. The cold and restless leg was the only thing that stood out. Overall it took me 2 cycles to conceive using the OPK correctly. I did take prenatals, rasberry tea (prior to ovulation) , and used preseed sparingly the cycle I conceive. In my previous cycle I took Maca for two months and Premama Fertility 1 month. I stop taking those supplement the cycle I conceive because I was cutting back on trying so hard. I am grateful and pray for a healthy and happy pregnancy. I hope that my testimony is helpful. Lastly, I pray/wish that anyone reading this ttc journey will not be too much longer! Last Point- The cycle I conceive we had sex for at least 10 days straight around fertile period. My hubby wanted to do things his way instead of using SMEP. I was nervous about it being too much; but it was a success! Ultimately, I think that using OPK help the most.

BFP After 2 MC and 21 Months TTC!

I have been a lurker on this site for quite awhile and I always found people's BFP stories very helpful! Background info: I had a chemical pregnancy in April 2016 and a missed miscarriage at 11 weeks in October 2016. My cycles range from 32 days - 35 days with ovulation usually around cycle day 21 or day 22. I track BBT and use ovulation tests. This cycle I had my husband take Ubiquinol, B6, B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Calcium. This was to improve his sperm and his sperm's DNA. We don't know the quality of his sperm, but I knew we had lost two babies and I'm only 1/2 the equation. I was taking prenatals, FertileCM, Ubiquinol, Calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and used preseed. The previous cycle I took extra folic acid, vitamin b6 and vitamin b12, but I felt like it delayed my ovulation. So I stopped taking them. TWW Symptoms: I had slight spotting (VERY SLIGHT) 5 days before ovulation (very normal for me and is due to estrogen surge) and very slight spotting one day before ovulation (first time for this). 1-5 dpo - I was working on the deck outside and had company staying with us, so I didn't have time to think about symptoms. 6 dpo - I was exhausted, threw up in my mouth and struggled with nausea. At this point I had been working outside for a full week doing hard labor, so I didn't think anything of it. Noticed my breasts were a little sore on the sides. I was preparing dinner and got really dizzy. I had to hold onto the counter to keep from falling over/passing out. Told husband I might be sick and to keep an eye on me (in case I DO pass out). 7 dpo - Nausea continues with some slight vaginal cramping. Again, working outside, so I attributed it to not drinking enough water. Breasts still slightly sore on sides (normal for me). Runny nose and no cm. I noticed my hair was more oily than usual (this was my 1st pregnancy sign with baby #1). 8 dpo - Exhausted, slight nausea, breasts now sore on sides and underneath. Watery cm, but mostly dry. Noticed a little heart burn. Painful lower back (worked outside all day, so I figured I just had poor form). 1 bout of diarrhea. 9 dpo - Tired, lower back was killing me. Very nauseated in the morning. Hungry all the time, but after eating I almost threw up. The skin on my cheeks/nose were so dry, they started peeling. Boobs were very sore. I found myself talking about baby names with my husband and how to announce when we do get pregnant again (we NEVER talk about names unless we are pregnant, so this was weird for us). Moderate amount of watery cm. I had loose stools and insane, painful gas. I was having strong stabbing pains on the upper left side of my abdomen and a few sharp pains under my belly button. My right armpit (lymph nodes) were having aching pains. I also had some vaginal cramps (I associated all of this with horrible gas and possibly being sick). That night as we were going to sleep, I had this overwhelming sense of peace come over me. My heart started racing and I couldn't help but praise God for another chance to have a baby. 10 dpo - I got a faint positive test! I had mild nausea, one more stab of pain on my left side and very slight lower back aches. I also started having terrible heartburn. My facial skin was very dry and peeling. 11 dpo - Face is still peeling, breasts are very sore, but overall I feel pretty good. What I am doing to prevent another mc: I am now taking Prenatals, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 (read a study that showed women who had diets high in B12 tended to have quieter babies because they could produce melatonin more easily), extra folic acid, Vitamin D, Calcium, Vitamin C and have been eating pineapple since ovulation. When I got my BFP I got a prescription from my doctor for progesterone suppositories and started taking 1 baby aspirin a day. I have a good feeling about this baby! Please pray we get to keep him/her! I hope this brings you hope!

No symptoms and used pre seed

My background is I had 2 miscarriages and an ectopic last year and hadn't conceived since. We were talking to IVF clinics and I'd quit my job to see if it helped. 1-5 dpo - nothing 5-9 dpo - sore boobs which is normal for me after ovulation 9 dpo - BFP We used pre seed, had sex every 2 days before ovulation and then an extra time on the day. I was convinced I was out this month as I had no symptoms (but have also given up symptoms spotting as I though I was pregnant every month!) Crossing our fingers that this one is in the right place and sticks. Good luck to you all and I hope your baby's come soon!

BFN 10dpo BFP 11dpo

A little back story. I am 26 DH is 34. We had a suprise pregnancy last October 2016 then we're told we were miscarring in Nov 2016. I tried to go natural and my wouldn't let it go so I had surgery D&C the very beginning of Jan 5th 2017. We have been trying ever since; my doctor said it was okay, so we had been TTC for 3months. In that 3 months I read other stories and decided if I got BFP I would post mine and maybe it would help someone else! Also I wasn't even going to keep track this month until CD 13 - the day of my sisters wedding Noticed I was getting alot of acne but my face had been clear since last ovulation, thought I might be ovulating took a test but it was negative DH and I BD anyway. CD 14 - I am calling this ovulation day even though I might be off by a day... had more acne, high sex drive, lots of watery CM and positive OPK! We BD. 1 DPO - hiccups all day at work, more acne, stuffy nose, creamy CM, light cramps. BD again for good measure. 2 DPO - teeth hurt, hiccups once early in day, cramps, and acne still 3 DPO - BD, mood swings, acne, gums bleeding, gas 4 DPO - cramps, acne, very mild lower backache, emotional, feel Ike AF is coming 5 DPO - Headache, acne on butt (TMI), backache, vivid dreams and peed alot the night before 6 DPO - headache, acne, fatigue, stress at work, dreamed alot and the bedroom stunk the night before 7 DPO - dreams all night before, cramps, headache, acne, slight nausea, fatigue, starting to feel sick, cramps when lying down 8 DPO - feel happy, cramps low in vagina, acne, nausea, fatigue, got up 15min before alarm clock for work. One of the DR. at work came up to me checked my pulse handed me a puke bag and told me to text him when I find out I'm pregnant, crazy! Right kidney hurts. 9 DPO - BD, lower left side cramp/ache, nausea, fatigue, bloating, woke up hungry, arthristis in left knee, cleaned alot. Zero CM 10 DPO - BFN, BD, normal feeling. Zero symptoms to start the day. Told husband we were out thay it felt like AF was coming. Had gas, acid reflux, cleaned alot again. 11 DPO - BFP x4 tests! Called to make DR. Appt they cannot get me in until 13th. Feel nauseous but I think it's nerves!

BFP 38 Years Old!

I'm so excited and thankful to be able to share my BFP story! I have a 7 yr old girl who took us about 1.5 years to conceive. We never actively TTC'd for a second but didn't prevent either for the last 4 years. Last July I was surprised and excited to find out I was pregnant but we lost the baby at 17 weeks in October. I was tested and found out I have a clotting disorder that probably caused the loss. We've been actively TTC since then, using OPKs, BBT charting, etc. It took us 4 months and now here we are! We DTD 6 out of 7 of my fertile days. Here are my symptoms: 1-7 DPO: Nothing much except vivid dreams but I always get that in my luteal phase. 8DPO: Feeling very irritable, thinking I'm having PMS and am out. 9DPO: Cramping, one small spot of pinkish red discharge when I wipe. Think I'm starting to spot and cramp early since those are normal AF symptoms for me. 10DPO: Cramping slows, no spotting. Feel pretty good, not typical for me at this stage. Also temps have been staying up when I usually start dipping on 10 DPO. I start feeling hopeful! 11DPO: Temp rises .3, no spotting, no cramping. Take an HPT and get a faint but solid positive! 12 DPO: Take another HPT, line is darker! Feel great today! No symptoms at all. (My last pregnancy, I didn't have symptoms until 6 weeks.) Plan to call my doc tomorrow. She said I'll have to be on Lovenox this pregnancy after i have an ultrasound to verify a viable pregnancy. Not look ing forward to that but hopeful it'll help to get a healthy baby in 9 months! Good luck to all of you!