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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Preseed

Pre-Seed, the sperm-friendly lubricant (and only lube that should be used while trying-to-conceive) is a staple of the TTC community. We love it, and we'd hazard a guess that all these ladies on this page with BFPs speak highly of it as well!

If you don't have Pre-Seed yet, we recommend you pick some up at It ships for free anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, and comes with free pregnancy tests. Can't beat that. And when you get your Pre-Seed assisted BFP and you're ready to give credit where credit is due, by all means, send us your symptoms here!

Stress Didn't Prevent This BFP!

My husband and I have been trying for 15 months. I have mild PCOS and cycles that range from 27-35 days. He has slightly low count (9m) and extreme viscosity. We have been just about to go through IUIs. He used Robitussin this month (1 hr before sex only), and BAM! BFP, right in the middle of a horrendously stressful month. I'm also three months post-HSG. We always use Pre-Seed. We were both on South Beach for most of March and April -- first time I ovulated on CD14 in all the time we've been TTC! I wasn't very vigilant about it this month, but I'm back on it now, trying to prevent miscarriage (not sure if that will work).

What was so stressful about this month? Let me count the ways, in chronological order:

CD5: I submit my dissertation

CD7: In-laws and parents both arrive for graduation

CD10: Graduation (that's "Dr. Mommy" to you!)

CD13-15 (ov'd on cd 14): 3 different sets of guests in 3 nights!

CD20/6DPO: Find out my dad has a rare and aggressive cancer

CD21/7DPO: Travel across county, flight cancelled, get 2 hours sleep

CD22-24/8-10DPO: Work and play for 3 days at friend's house on the opposite coast from where I live

CD25-26/11-12 DPO: Present my research at the most important conference in my subfield, which was a super high-pressure situation

CD27 - now (18dpo): Travel to be with my parents as dad undergoes cancer treatment.

The day that dad called to tell me about his cancer, I told my husband that we had to put off infertility treatments, and that even though we timed it really well this month, we were surely a bust because of the stress. Ha.

Symptoms: very few, though I spotted after we had sex 8 DPO and a bit on 9 DPO. Enough for me to use a small tampon. I now wonder whether that was implantation bleeding (I thought I was under so much stress that my period had arrived). I cried for an hour about infertility stuff on 4DPO, but I think it was stress-related. I obviously cried 6DPO when I got dad's news. Otherwise, not moody. I have really vivid dreams anyway, but I screamed out loud in my sleep three times the night of 16 DPO! Finally, starting 17 DPO my nipples have been sore. I had to sneak away from my folks this morning (18 DPO) to get a test.

I'm really praying that this sticks, for so many reasons! If there's anything to take from my story, it's that if you are going through a majorly stressful time, keep on going. And screw anyone that says that stress prevents pregnancy!

The very best of luck to all of us TTC'ers. I don't think I'll relax until I'm 12 weeks -- so worried about miscarrying!

BFP 3rd Cycle After Miscariage & Tilted Uterus

Hello! This is my BFP story:

In Dec. 2011 I found out I was pregnant for the first time after not trying, not practicing. Unfortunately the baby's heart beat stopped at 8 weeks 4 days and I had a D&C done at 10 weeks on February 1st y(when I found out).

It took about 35 days for my AF to show up after my miscarriage. Coincidentally, that's the same day the doctor called me to tell me that the miscarriage was due to a chromosome issue. That made me feel a little more relieved and excited to start trying again. After 2 cycles of trying and BFNs, I was getting pretty upset. Everyone around me was becoming pregnant one by one .... I am not exaggerating .... it was like a domino effect. This is probably one of the hardest things after going through a MC -- seeing everyone excited and happy when you feel so sad inside.

Well thankfully this morning I got my BFP at 13 DPO after my 3rd cycle since the MC. I know it's early and things can change unexpectedly so I am going to be cautious. One thing I will keep doing that I stopped doing the 1st time I got pregnant, is exercise. The first time I was so scared about hurting the baby, I didn't run or do anything strenuous (I normally run marathons once or twice a year and jog most mornings). So this time around, I will keep exercising. Won't run marathons, but will keep active!

These were my symptoms this month:

1 CD - May 6, 2012
13 CD - BD (ewcm)
14 CD - BD (ewcm, ovulation)
1 DPO - nothing
2 DPO - BD
2DPO to 6 DPO - nothing (note: no CM at all from after O to about 11 DPO)
Around 6 DPO to 7 DPO - weird vivid dreams, not baby related.
7 DPO - skin starts breaking out (I normally have clear skin and don't break out. My skin broke out with my first pregnancy so I was taking this as my first pregnancy sign.)
10 - 11 DPO - start feeling my "stomach working." It's doing something! Hoping it's leading to a BFP and isn't indigestion :)
11 DPO - constipation in the morning (TMI)
12 DPO - nothing really
13 DPO - BFP with FMU !! Line is pretty strong.

Keep in mind that when I first got preggo in December '11, I didn't have any symptoms. I wasn't really trying so I didn't pay attention to anything. This month I paid attention to everything and I still don't even consider what happened this month, heavy with symptoms.

My lower back and pelvic area has been in pain since March. Not sure if this is from the D&C and the fact that I have a tilted uterus? This worries me and I need to go talk to my doctor about it. I know people have been putting "lower back pain" as a symptom for their BFP stories .... but I am leaving it out since I've had it non-stop even when I had BFNs.

Things I did differently this month:

I used a digital OPK kit and used pre-seed as an external lubricant. I only BD the day before O, on O and a day or two after O just to be safe. (I think this BD pattern is how I got pregnant in December). I BD every other day in March and April during my supposed fertile time which is probably why it didn't lead to a BFP. That method might work for others but not for me.

After my MC experience in Feb, I know that things can change. Happy one minute, and then tragedy can strike the next minute. Hoping things will be different this time around. Thankful to be a step closer towards having a baby. Hope this one sticks!

Good luck to all going through this experience. It's exciting and never racking all at the same time. Fingers crossed for everyone!! 

BFP After M/C and With Short Luteal Phase

I'm 35, DH is 36. I have a four-year-old daughter from a previous marriage; this will be DH's first. I had a Mirena IUD which I got removed on Dec. 19. First cycle of TTC was January 15. Got pregnant that cycle (five days of positive tests by various brands) but miscarried on February 16. (I posted my early symptoms here with the subject "BFP after Mirena" on 13 Feb.) Took a cycle off in March, then in April I had really strong symptoms but only had a 7-day luteal phase. This cycle started May 5.

After reading "Making Babies" by Sami David, I realized I had extremely short luteal phases and wasn't sustaining conception, so I decided to try some new things this cycle. Throughout this cycle I took a baby aspirin, red raspberry leaf capsules, evening primrose oil, and 200 mg B6 (in addition to what was in my prenatal) and drank lots of green tea. Also, used PreSeed and took Mucinex around O time. After ovulation I took Vitex and used ProGest cream according to package directions. I highly recommend the book to anyone having a difficult time conceiving.

To calculate my ovulation date, I used cheap Wondfo ovulation predictor test strips from Amazon. Here are my symptoms. Some people might say "Sorry! TMI!" but really, isn't that why we're here?!

BD'd every day on CD 12-17.
+ OPK on CD 12-14; ovulation (based on temperature change) occurred on CD 16.
- 1 DPO: Tender bbs.
- 2 DPO: Tender bbs. Constipated. Little bit of blood one time when I wiped my nose (which is not usual for me).
- 3 DPO: Tender bbs. Tired. Irrationally moody in the evening.
- 4 DPO: Tender bbs. Tired. Painful hemorrhoid (not something that happens to me often).
- 5 DPO: Slept 11 hours overnight. Still didn't have much energy during the day. Tender bbs. Gassy. Painful hemorrhoid persists.
- 6 DPO: Tender bbs and sore nipples. Gassy. Painful hemorrhoid persists. Crampy sensations, like period cramps but milder, that came and went.
- 7 DPO: Woke up at 1:30 a.m. to pee. Then when I got up for good I took an ultra-sensitive pg test from that can detect 10 mcg of HCG, but it was negative. Tender bbs and sore nipples. Gassy. Painful hemorrhoid persists. Light crampy sensations continued. Tired. Little bit of blood one time when I wiped my nose. Needed to pee a lot.
- 8 DPO: Woke up with a stuffy nose. Very very faint almost-invisible-but-I-could-see-it line on ultra-sensitive test. Sore bbs and nipples. That hemorrhoid was getting better but still irritating. Mild cramps continued on and off. Tired. Needed to pee a lot. Frequently hungry. Very gassy in the evening (ewww).
- 9 DPO: Still faint, but visible to the naked eye, line on ultra-sensitive test. Showed DH and he could see it. Woke up fifteen minutes before my alarm desperate to pee. Headache all morning. Sore bbs and nipples. Hungry. Tired all day and kept falling asleep while riding in the car. Lots of creamy CM. Having to pee a lot. Much more crampy, especially in the evening, like AF cramps. Feeling a touch dizzy and nauseous on and off, too. Gassy. At least the hemorrhoid is mostly gone.
- 10 DPO: Temp spike. BFP came up almost instantly on FRER with FMU, nice and dark! Feeling the same as yesterday: exhausted (would have given anything for a nap if I weren't at work), crampy, gassy, sore bbs. With the cramps and the wet feeling from the CM it feels like my period is coming but it isn't!
- 11 DPO: Didn't test today because I'm fairly satisfied I'm pregnant. The usual – tired, crampy, gassy, sore bbs, etc. but also starting to feel nauseous.

I had implantation spotting with DD, but this time I didn't even have a hint of it – not a spot, nothing (and I was definitely on the lookout). You'll also notice I had sore/tender bbs constantly from ovulation on. That could be a side effect of the ProGest cream instead of just a PG symptom, but I noted it anyway. I plan to keep using the ProGest cream, extra B6, and baby aspirin at least through the first try. Thankful to God for this baby and praying it will stick!

Best of luck and baby dust to all of you! 

Pregnant At 44 Naturally

Hi there I am here to give hope to women who are 40+ years old and wanting to be pregnant. I had my first pregnancy at 40 and now have a wonderful 4 year old son. This time I was not trying to get pregnant (mostly because I figured I never would get pregnant) but was also open to it if it happened.

I did use Pre-Seed because I had it and wanted lubrication. My husband and I had unprotected sex twice this cycle (CD 11 and 12) and WHAM BFP at 8dpo (very very faint...had to squint to see it) and a stronger FRER BFP 10DPO

Not too many symptoms. Have felt really good, actually....just twinges, a tiny bit of cramping and that's it! I know it is still really early and anything is possible but I will remain cautiously optimistic. I just want women out there to know you CAN get pregnant in your 40's naturally!! It is possible!


BFP at 9 DPO!

I'm excited to be posting on here, but also feeling anxious and nervous as I hope and pray this one sticks!!

A little background on me, I'm 32 and my DH is 28, I have 3 DD by a previous marriage, 13, 8 and 4, all which were conceived on the "first try". I always assumed I was just super fertile... fast forward to November 2010, got an unexpected BFP with new hubby, only to miscarry on New Year's Eve 2010. I was upset, my hubby was devastated, he has no biological children of his own and was really excited about it.

We decide to move, buy a house and stayed busy and let an entire year pass before TTC again. We stared TTC in Feb. 2012. I found out I was pregnant at 10dpo and it ended in a chemical 3 days later...we were very upset. I waited to get my period until the end of March and started TTC again in April. We did everything "right", BD on all my fertile days with nothing :(

I decided I would buy some internet OPK's and pre seed to use for the month of May... and it worked! Here are my symptoms and what I did differently!

**What I did different this month**

-used Preseed internally day before O day
-Used OPK's
-Baby Aspirin every day after AF stopped
-B6 every day after AF stopped
-drank pineapple juice several days after O
-had the Big O after hubby

CD9- OPK -neg
CD13-OPK-POS,BD, pain on lower left side, O pain?, used Preseed
CD14/DPO 1-OPK-POS, crampy feeling
CD17/DPO4-cramps on left side, feel hot
DPO 5- HUNGRY,BD but it hurt,very weird, some pains on left side at bedtime
DPO6- some cramps in am, nips hurt during night, big argument with dh,light cramping off and on, bb pain off and on
DPO7- bb ache off and on
DPO-8- wet feeling down there, kinda unusual, weird crampy feeling in stomach, I take hpt- neg, I knew it was early, but I just feel pregnant
DPO 9- feel wet, constpated(unusual), light bb pain, bfn with fmu, felt "off' at night, went to bed early
DPO 10- woke up feeling sick,, feverish sore throat, constipated, bb hurt thru day, bfn on internet cheapie at noon, I was not satisfied with that...I just had a calm feeling that I was pregnant, can't explain it...went and bout frer 5 days sooner test, went into bathroom at work at 3:30 bfp!!!!
DPO 11- creamy cm, achy bb

I am just so nervous, praying that this one sticks!!! I'm trying to relax, but we all know how hard that is!

Baby dust to all!!!!!!!!!!!! 


I'm 30 and my BF is 29, our DS is 5... And until 7 months ago, I thought I wanted an only child!!! I'm not sure what changed my mind, but with a fierceness I threw myself into TTC. I had an IUD for 5 years, and I also have an eating disorder. From either of those... I don't think I was ovulating or something.

3 months ago got my first +opk and had every symptom under the sun. But of course, bfn. So I started temping. Again bfn. I have zero EWCM so I overnighted a PRESEED (just the external lubricant!) and BD following the sperm meets egg plan!!! PRESEED and not BD so much worked!!!! I got my first faint pos yesterday... And a much darker + this morning!!!


1dpo - 6dpo nothing
6dpo I Did cry hysterically over almost nothing, which I was hoping was a good sign!!
7dpo felt like a zombie all day. I felt tired so deep to the core that coffee couldn't touch it.
8dpo. Temperature dip!!! Increased appetite
9dpo just "knew" I was preg, took test and faintest + ever ever ever. increased appetite
10dpo BFP!

Less symptoms this month than other months.... I think I'm going to stop obsessing about this now and just let the bean do its thing.

We also close on our 2nd home in two weeks, so I'm it's elated with all the awesome positive things happening right now

Baby dust to everyone! 

BFP at 11 DPO!

I can't believe I'm able to tell my own story here on the TWW. I got an extremely faint BFP on First Response two days ago, after returning from a weekend vacation with my husband. I had been tired all day, slept in the car, and thought I'd POAS expecting it to be negative. Pretty soon, I saw the faintest shadow of a line. I thought I was seeing things! My husband saw it, but claimed it needed to be darker to be for real. A blood test confirmed today that I'm pregnant!

What I did differently this cycle (3rd cycle off pill):

-Started exercising a lot (tennis, biking, walking) when before I was struggling to make it to the gym
-I did NOT use OPKs because I was too busy. I judged ovulation based on CM, which occurred on CDs 9 -10. We BD every other day after my period stopped and continued until after I thought I O'd.
-Tried not to stress about it because I knew if we kept to the BD every other day schedule, we were doing everything we could
-Used Preseed externally twice of the BD


1-5 DPO - Nothing
6 DPO- Headaches, nausea, constipation, and bloating
8 DPO - Backaches and cramps for a short period of time, vivid dreams
10 DPO - Headaches, vivid dreams
11 DPO - LIGHT BFP! Backaches, cramps, headaches, vivid dreams
12 DPO - Darker line and blood test. Confirmed pregnant!

Thank you to everyone who's posted their symptoms. I've stalked this website for months. I hope this is a sticky baby!! 

6 Months TTC Post-Mirena, and BFP at 11 DPO

Thanks to all of the ladies who have posted here to give me something to read in the past 6 months, and baby dust to all who are currently TTC.

A little background about me: when trying to conceive our first DD over 4 years ago, I got pregnant right away, then suffered a loss at 10 weeks. We then got pregnant very quickly again after the miscarriage was complete (within the next 2 cycles). I had been using FAM for years to chart my cycles, so I felt that I "knew all about this baby making stuff". After the birth of my DD, I got the Mirena, since I knew we didn't want to try again for a while. This past December, I got it removed, and expected TTC to be a piece of cake again, but surprise surprise, it didn't work out that way! I know 6 months isn't that long to try, but it felt long to me in comparison to the first 2 times around!

Anyhow, the only thing I did differently this month was use Pre-seed. If you are a bit older (I am 34) and your CM isn't what it used to be, I can't recommend Pre-Seed enough!

Here are my symptoms:

1-4 DPO - nipple soreness, gassy and nauseous. I always used to laugh when I read this site and people had "symptoms" this early, but I am not kidding, they were severe!

5-8 DPO - nothing at all

9 DPO - dizzy and exhausted. Hungry!

10 DPO - BBs start to get sore (normal for me) although not as severe as usual. I have trouble sleeping this night, even though I am really tired. Cramps, although not a severe as AF cramps.

11 DPO - Woke us early again (5:40, yikes!) Temp spikes up to 98.9! That is half a degree higher than the previous post-O temps. I jump out of bed and take a FRER and get a BFP. It is still faint, but turned up in less than a minute. Today I've been a little dizzy, peeing more than usual, and mild cramps continue.

Hoping for a very sticky little bean, and for a darker test tomorrow morning!

BFP After a MC in December!

My husband and I had a miscarriage this past December. Ever since then, we have been TTC. I've done everything from temping, using opks, to doing nothing at all so I wasn't "stressing" about it. Finally, 5 months later, I got a BFP! I didn't write down my symptoms this month because I always thought I was pregnant every other month, and many symptoms were the same! Haha. But there were a few things that were different that made me think I was pregnant. Here is my guess as to when I think my symptoms came.

This month I used OPKs, and actually missed the surge. Never got a positive opk. However, I was temping as well, and so I was able to pin-point ovulation that way.

1 DPO-5 DPO: Not much. Had some CM. A little queazy here and there, probably due to the hormones changing. But I'm also that person that read into every symptom. Ask my husband... EVERYTHING is a sign of pregnancy for me.
6 DPO: Had a temp dip. I think maybe this was implantation? A little queasy. Light pains in my left ovary.
7 DPO: Temp spike! Feeling pretty good about that. :) Tired. Light cramps on left side.
8 DPO: I had chapped lips! I know this doesn't sound like a big indicator, but I rarely get chapped lips. I researched and found it could be a sign of pregnancy. SCORE! I was a lot more thirsty, so I had been drinking more water. Nothing seemed to help. Super sleepy. Hot flashes as night.
9 DPO: Remember that one time I slept until 1 in the afternoon? Oh wait, that was today. Did I mention I was tired? Took a test (knowing it would be too early). BFN! Was I shocked? Not in the slightest. Still had chapped lips. I'm a Kitchen manager at a restaurant, and I was standing about 10 feet away from the ice tea machine and could smell is brewing. Hmmm... not normal. I asked a girl standing next to me if she could smell it, just to prove to myself that it wasn't normal. Heightened sense of smell (yet another pregnancy sign I told my husband I had...I added it to the list!)
10 DPO: Sleeeeeepy. I only wanted to eat fruit? Yep, for a few days in a row, that is all I wanted to eat.
11 DPO: My husband made coffee in the kitchen. I could smell it from the other room. YAY! Decided I should test again... BFN! Boo. Felt like I was out for the month. Light cramps. Constipated. Gassy (I blamed that on a pregnancy symptom too!) :/
12 DPO: Started feeling like Aunt Flo was on her way... cramps. Tired. Lower back pain. Figured it was on to next month. CM. Gassy.
13 DPO: Peeing more often. Still having cramps. Convinced I was out. SO BUMMED. Ordered a Clear Blue Fertility Monitor for next cycle with express delivery so that it would get here in time for next cycle. Little bit of CM and still gassy, which my husband found hilarious.
14 DPO: Chapped lips. Peeing a lot more. My sister told me to test to just put myself out of my misery--either I am or I'm not. I decided to take her advice and lo and behold, a faint line showed up. I was on the phone with her and I Face-timed her so that she could see the line too. Used another HPT brand and that was positive too! I started crying. Took another digital HPT that night, and it came back PREGNANT!

I praise God for this blessing. His timing truly is perfect and I'm excited for this pregnancy! He has answered my prayers to get pregnant and I'm so so so stoked. Praying for a healthy baby. :)

Things I did differently this month that may or may not have done anything:

1. Used Preseed the day before and the day of ovulation.
2. Drank grapefruit juice almost daily from the day my period ended until I ovulated.
3. Took Mucinex every day the week leading up to ovulation.

Ultimately, it was all of God! He allowed it to happen. Can't wait to meet my little blessing in January. :) 

BFP After Tubal Reversal!

Wow! I am still in shock!

Ok so about me: me 35, DH 38, TTC since Jan 2012 after my tubal reversal. I have been taking prenatal vitamins since July 2011 and vitamin B6 since March 2012.

What we did differently in the last month:
-used Preseed
-did it every other day as soon as Af started
-drank grapefruit juice at least once a day
-MOST importantly, I stopped obsessing and worrying about it!

I really, really did not think I was pregnant this cycle. I even had a surgery scheduled for today and they had to cancel it after giving me a urine test, as they do to all women here before surgery. They said that the anesthetic would put the baby at risk for being aborted. Oh, did I mention today is my birthday??? BIG DAY for me! Haha

Well I went away for work and had a lot of changes in the last month so honestly I didn't notice a whole lot. The things I did notice were slight nausea at a couple of weird times and BOTH of my nipples were sore which was strange.

A couple of days after I got home, DH reminded me that we had one (pink) pregnancy test left. I told him, nah I am definitely not pregnant this month, I just don't feel it. Later that evening I thought what the heck and couldn't believe there were 2 pink lines!!! We were in shock and even though I know the test works, it didn't really sink in until the doctor told us and cancelled my surgery! Holy Cow!!

Here's hoping for a great pregnancy and good luck to everyone!!!