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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Preseed

Pre-Seed, the sperm-friendly lubricant (and only lube that should be used while trying-to-conceive) is a staple of the TTC community. We love it, and we'd hazard a guess that all these ladies on this page with BFPs speak highly of it as well!

If you don't have Pre-Seed yet, we recommend you pick some up at It ships for free anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, and comes with free pregnancy tests. Can't beat that. And when you get your Pre-Seed assisted BFP and you're ready to give credit where credit is due, by all means, send us your symptoms here!

My BFP After 3 Months :)

I have to say this site has given me great advice and helped me get through
my two week wait :)
Married: November 12, 2011

What we did differently: OPK's and Preseed!
BD: 2/13, 2/15, 2/16, 2/18, 2/20, 2/22, 2/23, 2/24

2/16 +OPK
DPO 1 no symptoms
DPO 2 UTI (placed on safest antibiotic) unsure if the nausea and cramps were from that
DPO 3 hot flashes, muscle aches, 99.7 temp (cured with 2 Tylenol after 4 hours without relief)
DPO 4-7 no crazy symptoms other than some cramping on and off on the right side and radiating to the middle and sometimes to my lower back.
DPO 8-10 no cramping, tired all the time, heartburn after each meal, boobs increasingly tender, nipples achy
DPO 11 overnight had dream I was pregnant, took test in am with clear blue digital... Positive!!!

What I noticed was different this month: cramping after ovulation, random fever, heartburn, tiredness

My husband and I are soo excited. Praying our little bean sticks :) Congrats to all those expecting and praying for those still waiting.

BFP on our 3rd Month of Trying

I've stalked this site for over a year and loved reading the stories. My DH and I decided to start trying in Dec 2011. After doing EVERYTHING we were supposed to do it didn't happen until lucky month 3!

This month we actually were both working away from home, so it was difficult to work out the BD time, I originally thought this month would be a write off.

I didn't have any symptoms other than slightly sore BBs starting about 7DPO (but nothing I would have noticed if I wasn't TTC), also today I felt extremely tired and dazed. I didn't use OPKs this month so not entirely sure when I O'd.

What we did different:
BD for a few days after O, not just the few days before.
I hope my pregnancy is a healthy one :)

I would recommend the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility, it really helped explain what was going on with my body through out the month.

Baby Dust xoxox

BFP!! Thanks to Clomid and Pre-Seed!!

So background - ever since I was a teenager I never had regular periods and was not on BCP. Growing up I probably had 1-2 a year MAX. Years ago I had charted my BBT, showing flat temps and no ovulation for up 4 months. Periods were only induced with Provera. PCOS had been ruled out via blood work and no diagnosis was given for my anovulatory cycles.

Now that I'm 27 and recently married, my hubby and I decided to start trying. I started charting my BBT again for a few months after getting off of BCP, with no ovulation detected. I took these charts as well as my older charts to my OBGYN and asked if I could be put on a round of Clomid.

They started me off on 100 mg, CD 3-7, unmonitored. The first round I felt like I was going to O (pains in ovaries, EWCM) but unfortunately no shift in my BBT and 0.3 for progesterone on "CD21." Discouraged I met with the OBGYN again and asked if I could get a trigger shot. I felt like my body was so close to O'ing that it just needed that extra push. He agreed and we started round 2 with ultrasound monitoring of follicle growth and hcg trigger shot.

Along with this 2nd Clomid round, we used Pre-Seed and I took Robitussin (Guaifenesin) CD 13-15, prenatal vitamins and DH had been taking Zinc and Selenium for the past 2 months.

Well, all of that combination worked! Here's a breakdown of my symptoms notes in hopes it will help someone else as the stories in this website have helped me:

CD 3-7 - 100mg Clomid
CD 8-11 - Twinges/pressure mostly over left ovary (LO) but some felt over right ovary (RO).
CD 12 - 1st and only ultrasound to check follicles. RO 1 follicle @ 10mm, LO 1 follicle at 14mm and 2+ @ 10mm!!
CD 14 - 5,000 IU hcg trigger shot! Watery CM. BD w/Pre-Seed
CD 15 - Ovulation day! Felt ovulation happening! An hour or two of AF like cramps and back ache followed by lots of pressure over LO (I swear I heard a pop-pop!). Watery CM. BD w/Pre-Seed (and it hurt. Cervix was very tender)
1DPO/CD16 - Confirmed temp rise, EWCM, nipples sore (was going to BD but was just too tired)
2DPO/CD17- Creamy CM, nipples sore
3DPO/CD18 - Woke up with a pounding headache. Ovaries a little sore when out for a run. Creamy CM, nipples sore
4DPO/CD19 - Tons of creamy CM. Weird tightness in uterus area - not really cramps just pressure. Fatigue
5DPO/CD20 - Tons of creamy CM. Nipples slightly sore. Tightness and slight burning in uterus all day. Fatigue
6DPO/CD21 - Tons of creamy CM. Nipples slightly sore. Fatigue
7DPO/CD22 - Small amount creamy CM. Nipples sore. AF-like cramps and backache for 3-4 hours then completely went away. Felt awful all day long.
8DPO/CD23 - Dry CM. Nipples sore
9DPO/CD24 - Small amount creamy CM. Nipples sore. FRER using FMU - BFN. FRER again at 4pm, might be seeing a line but DH can't see it. Calling it another BFN. AF-like cramps and backache (have them only for an hour or so)
10DPO/CD25 - Creamy CM, Nipples sore. Nose stuffed up, slept with mouth open (screwed up temping, grr!). Dry mouth and headache waking up (felt as if I was hung over). FRER w/ FMU - I and DH see a *pink* line!!!! BFP!!!!!! AF-like cramps backache again for an hour or so.
11DPO/CD26 - Creamy CM, Nipples sore. Slept with mouth open again due to stuffy nose. Dry mouth and headache waking up (felt as if I was hung over). FRER w/ FMU slightly darker BFP!!

My number one give away was the intermittent AF-like cramps and backache a week before AF was due. I never thought this day would come! I thought it would take us years to conceive but we are extremely blessed and fortunate!! Waiting to take the beta blood test later this week!!!

BFP at 9 DPO With 99 Cent Store Pregnancy Test!

Before I got off the pill, I had the misconception that as soon as you get off the pill BAM, I would be pregnant! Oh, how naive I was. I couldn't have been any more wrong.

Here's my story so I can give hope to those females that are actively trying and not seeing the two pink lines or the word PREGNANT and dread every month for AF to arrive.

It has been 5 months that I've been off birth control. (since October) We weren't actively trying, but just going along with the flow however, I started to worry at month 3 when I wasn't pregnant. I started thinking I had all these different types of reproductive system disorders. I've been told that I'm somewhat of a hypochondriac. I don't disagree.

What I did different this month was MUCINEX & Preseed.
I was on Mucinex for 2 weeks because I had a cold and was quite congested plus, I heard that it thins out your cm so it wouldn't hurt since I have thick creamy cm however, this month the texture was watery and I didn't see any ewcm when I ovulated, I never do when I ovulate. Also, gave Preseed a try only used it once and half the recommend dosage amount.

I swear, I had more symptoms when I wasn't pregnant than when I am.

02/06/12 : BD
02/09/12 - 02/10/12 : Ovulated
02/10/12: BD

1 dpo : No symptoms.
2 dpo: No symptoms.
3 dpo:
- Tired
- Vivid dreams
4 dpo: Tired.
5 dpo:
- Tired. Difficult time getting out of bed.
- Vivid dreams
- Sore nipples. I never get sore nipples.
- Erect nipples.
- Irritable

6 dpo:
- Tired.
- Aching painful nipples
- Erect nipples
- Sore swollen breast. Noticeably larger and fuller.
- Veins on my breast
- Left side abdomen cramping
- Tingling belly button
- Vivid dreams
- Frequent urination
- Pregnancy test = BFN. Thinking to myself, there I go wasting another perfectly good pregnancy test knowing that it wouldn't pick up on my hcg hormones because it is way too early.

7 dpo:
- Aching painful nipples
- Erect nipples
- Sore breast
- Swollen sore breast
- Full and larger breast
- Veins throughout my breast
- Vivid dreams
- Frequent urination
- Moody

8 dpo:
- Tired
- Nipples aren't as sore
- Breast aren't as sore
- Vivid dreams
- Frequent urination
- Feel AF like cramps
- Hungry
- The symptoms seem like they are slowly fading away. Kind of bummed thinking AF is around the corner.

9 dpo :
- Tired
- AF seems like its on it's way
- Frequent urination. Having trouble holding it.
- Sore nipples
- Tender breast
- Veins on bbs
I went to the 99 cent store and picked up 4 boxes of their pregnancy test and decided to take it around 5:00 in the evening. At first only the control line had a line. I was kind of disappointed. Maybe 15 minutes later I see that there are 2 lines! However, the line was so faint and I thought that it could be also a evaporation line so I decide to test again. Again, one very faint line appears after 2 minutes!
DH and I are ecstatic about our first BFP!

10 dpo:
Just woke up right now and tested again and it is a BFP! (faint positive line)

I hope my story can inspire and help someone that is starting to lose hope. I really think Mucinex was what helped me conceive this month. Good luck ladies! :D

Happy Ending After 11 Months of TTC!

Just wanted to share my experience with all of you TTCers out there and hopefully to send you some positive energy and advice!

Background: Me 34 (started trying at 33), DH 31, 11 mos no protection approx. 6 mos. on and off TTC seriously. Used ovulation sticks (brand name and generic) to track ovulation for most of those months. Regular cycle varied from 26-30 days, so the sticks were very helpful in pinpointing ovulation!

Day 12: 5 pm, felt strong ovulation pain for a second (this never happens), positive OPK around 8pm. BD with Preseed for the first time.
Day 13: BD with Preseed.
Day 14-24: no symptoms period or pregnancy, however strange nipple pinching in the middle of the night on Day 22, this was my 1st clue something was different.
Day 24: took generic PG test that was a bonus with the OPK pack. To my surprise positive!

I am now 11 weeks with EDD of Aug. 26. The time it took TTC felt like forever! Both hubby and I are convinced the Preseed made the difference! Highly recommend!

BFP with just Relaxing! First Month!

Well half of my symptoms I would not have known were symptoms without all of your lovely stories! This is my 3rd pregnancy. Each pregnancy I got pregnant in the first month! I sort of put it down to just having sex when I was "in the mood" and not when I wasn't just because I thought I was ovulating. I didn't track temps and did not use OPKs. I did notice my EWCM though and thought I must be ovulating because it was there and I was pretty interested in my hubby ;) Anyway!

CD19 - Suspected O
BDed CD 17, 18am, 18pm, 19
1 - 3 DPO - Nothing
4 DPO - Really bad headache even though I was drinking soda. I never get headaches unless I don't drink soda that day
5 DPO - Started becoming REALLY thirsty (had no clue that was a sign) and started getting flu like symptoms (again had no clue this happens to a lot of pregnant women)
6 DPO - Notice CM hasn't dried up AT all. Cervix is REALLY high. Notice breasts starting to become tender. I pregnant?????!?!?
7 DPO - Take a test and see the FAINTEST of faint lines. No one else can see it and they call me crazy.
8 DPO - Same...SUPER faint line. Breasts are becoming more and more sore.
9 DPO - OMG I SWEAR I can see a LINE! Hubby still says I'm imagining it and it's not there. By this time I'm getting decent cramps, tired, hungry, sore BBs and everything else under the sun. I tell him I HAVE to be pregnant. If not then my body is CRUEL.
10 DPO (today) - Super faint line but now it's visible. If you can't see it you're crazy. Hubby still can't see it so I take a digital. "Pregnant" Best words ever :)

I'm thrilled to be pregnant so quickly! Just hope the baby STICKS! Good luck ladies!

Oh I used Preseed one of the times we had sex, but I used it like regular lubricant. Didn't use the applicators. Not sure if that had something to do with it though.

I now call my DH a "one hit wonder" ;) He's not amused!

BFP @ 9dpo After 15 Months :)

3rd Month Using Pre seed
1st Month Taking Folic Acid

Sore Boobs Since ovulation
VERY moody since ovulation
Gas Since Ovulation

5DPO - Mild Cramps, Nightmares.
6DPO- Mild Cramps, Nightmares, Very Milky White Cm. ( Thought Id Wee'd By Accident )
7DPO - More Mild Cramps, Dry Cm.
8DPO - More Mild Cramps, Nightmares, Slight CM. Dry Mouth
9DPO - Twinges In Bottom Left Of Uterus, Slight CM, Dry Mouth, Flaky Skin On Nipples. Faint BFP On Blue Dye Test & First Response Pink Test
10DPO- Twinges Again In Left Uterus At Bottom, Dry Cm, Dry Mouth, Took 5 Pregnancy Tests Lol, All Faint Lines, Lower Backache. NO ENERGY, Hungry
11DPO- Dry Mouth, Lower Backache, TIRED, Hungry
12DPO- Lower Backache, Yawning, Slight Cramping, HUNGRY, BFP on Clear Blue Digital ( 2-3 ) weeks.

BPF at 11DPO!!!

Have stalked this site religiously for last two months so wanted to share. Still in shock after getting 3 BFP yesterday!!! This was our 2nd month ttc. Things I did different this month:

1. Used pre-seed
2. Took Robitussin 3 times a day
3. Elevated my hips for about 15 minutes after BD
Not sure if any of these really worked but certainly didn't hurt!

As far as symptoms I must say that I hardly felt ANYTHING. So much so that I already told my close friends that we were out for this month. Feel like I had WAY more symptoms last month and then AF came. So if you aren't feeling pregnant DON'T LOSE HOPE!!! The only thing I really noticed was being really tired, almost took a nap under my desk at work one day. Yesterday took a three hour nap which is why I decided to take a test after just to see. Good luck to all!!!!!


Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share my story with you guys. This site has gotten me through a lot of TWW's, & I promised myself that WHEN I got my VERY FIRST BFP, that I would share it with you guys. Welp, here it goes:

Me and my DP have been ttc for 10 months, we began to lose hope around the 5th month, & just stopped trying after the 8th. So as you may have guessed, I don't have many symptoms to share with you, BUT I do have a couple symptoms that were strange to me and that I had never heard of as being pregnancy symptoms. Okay, so my last AF was on the 24th of December. I ovulated on the 10th of this month, and the only way that I knew was because when me and DH began to BD that day, I felt that my cervix had changed positions (key sign for me that I'm ovulating).

DPO 1-5: None (either I can't remember, or there weren't many symptoms)
DPO 6-12: Very cotton mouth (not thirsty, just a dry mouth feeling), always EXHAUSTED, woke up around 4oclock every morning to get something to drink, body went from hot to cold in what seemed like every 10 mins, sore BB, lower abdominal nausea, I also noticed that my areolas (the ring around the BB area) were darkening and also getting bigger at the same time. Now here's the weird symptom to me, I had to research it to confirm it, well my bowel movements were green on some days, mucousy on other days, and sometimes both! ( I know gross & TMI, sorry ladies)
DPO 13-16: So up until this point, I pretty much new I was preggers, didn't want to take a hpt to soon, because after seeing so many BFN's, it just makes you don't want to test anymore. Roughly the same symptoms though. Cramps, Kept having the feeling that AF was coming, but she never showed.
DPO 17: (AF 3 days late) I finally mustered up enough hope to take a hpt and low and behold a BFP.!!!!! I used a cheapie with my fmu and the results were almost instantaneous! Its crazy how fast those lines popped up in that window.
I scheduled a doctor's appt for Monday, and I took another hpt this afternoon ANOTHER BFP.!!!!!

>>Here's what I did differently this cycle:
RELAX- Relax ladies, try to find something to keep your mind occupied (easier said that done right ladies?)
PRESEED- Preseed definitely helped! Me and DP used it every time we BD
KNOW YOUR BODY- Know your body, but don't stress too much about it. The charting, and the tracking, and the bbt, UGH it was just too much for me! o_O
PRAY- Prayer is always the answer. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13.

With that being said, I would like to wish everyone the best of luck! **Baby dust and sticky beans loves!**

BFP 10DPO with Preseed and OPK's

I am 29 and so is DH, we have been trying for 3months. I couldn't temp because I work nightshift and my schedule is crazy so I decided to use OPK's this month. We have been using Preseed every month but this is the first month we used the applicators. I also ate the pineapple core 1-5 DPO as well as elevating my hips after BD for at least 20 minutes.

CD 16 and 17- BD
O day-CD 18- had EWCM, a positive OPK at about 2am, ovulation cramps DH and I BD twice that day
1DPO- sore sensitive nips-which always starts right after O and lasts until AF
2DPO- sticky CM, sore/sensitive nips, gassy
3DPO-lots of EWCM which is uncommon for me, nips not very sore anymore (they usually stay sore till AF arrives.)
4DPO-still having lots of EWCM, while driving to work I had 2minutes of uterine area cramping, nips not sore or sensitive at all! (thought I was losing my mind due to lack of symptoms, every month I have had so many symptoms, this month nothing but EWCM.
5DPO-bad dream about finding a dead body-freaked me out, still having lots of EWCM, irrationally went off on DH for no reason, some very mild low back pain. Also had an acne breakout and two ugly bumps popped up on my neck but they were not zits, weird
6DPO-gassy, fatigue, enlarged bbs, EWCM, mild cramps, vivid dreams
7DPO-Fatigue, increased CM , enlarged BBS
8DPO-gassy, increased CM, enlarged BBS took a FRER BFN
9DPO-woke up after having a dream that we got a BFP so I took another FRER and got BFN :( only other symptom increased CM and a mild low back ache
10DP0-took a test around 5am and BFN, took another FRER test at 2pm and got a very very very faint positive! I screamed and woke DH up he didn't believe it yet.
11DP0- FRER another BfaintP , mild cramps and some small pains in BBS, took a CBDigital too and it was BFN
12DP0- went to Dr. their urine test was NEGATIVE, I was devastated, so they did a blood test, Dr. called me back that night and said you are definitely pregnant!!!!!!! HCG levels 30!
13DP0- extreme fatigue kicks in, I work 12 hour shifts in a hospital and can barely stay awake after 4 hours. Some mild cramps. DH believes its real now. LOL, still getting a BFN on digital tests though
14DP0-all digital test coming back BFP now and the FRER line is as dark as the control now!!!!!!!!!!!! Still fatigued want to sleep all the time. No nausea though.

I am now 4weeks and 5days and EDD is Sept 30th which is my favorite grandmas birthday :)

I hope my symptoms help someone on their TWW. I should also note that I had a Mirena IUD for 18 months and it was removed in October. I am also an anxious worrier and I never "just relaxed" and let it happen, that used to make me soooo angry to hear. So ladies don't worry that you are worrying yourself into infertility because I just don't believe that for a second. Good luck to all of you FUTURE MOMMIES out there!