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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Preseed

Pre-Seed, the sperm-friendly lubricant (and only lube that should be used while trying-to-conceive) is a staple of the TTC community. We love it, and we'd hazard a guess that all these ladies on this page with BFPs speak highly of it as well!

If you don't have Pre-Seed yet, we recommend you pick some up at It ships for free anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, and comes with free pregnancy tests. Can't beat that. And when you get your Pre-Seed assisted BFP and you're ready to give credit where credit is due, by all means, send us your symptoms here!

BFP After Tubal Reversal!

Wow! I am still in shock!

Ok so about me: me 35, DH 38, TTC since Jan 2012 after my tubal reversal. I have been taking prenatal vitamins since July 2011 and vitamin B6 since March 2012.

What we did differently in the last month:
-used Preseed
-did it every other day as soon as Af started
-drank grapefruit juice at least once a day
-MOST importantly, I stopped obsessing and worrying about it!

I really, really did not think I was pregnant this cycle. I even had a surgery scheduled for today and they had to cancel it after giving me a urine test, as they do to all women here before surgery. They said that the anesthetic would put the baby at risk for being aborted. Oh, did I mention today is my birthday??? BIG DAY for me! Haha

Well I went away for work and had a lot of changes in the last month so honestly I didn't notice a whole lot. The things I did notice were slight nausea at a couple of weird times and BOTH of my nipples were sore which was strange.

A couple of days after I got home, DH reminded me that we had one (pink) pregnancy test left. I told him, nah I am definitely not pregnant this month, I just don't feel it. Later that evening I thought what the heck and couldn't believe there were 2 pink lines!!! We were in shock and even though I know the test works, it didn't really sink in until the doctor told us and cancelled my surgery! Holy Cow!!

Here's hoping for a great pregnancy and good luck to everyone!!!

BFP at 9dpo!! Really Cannot Believe It.. With High BMI

OMG, I need to contribute to this fab site as it helped me so much...

I have read every single entry on this site and it has kept my mind busy every day whilst we have been TTC which is now month 4 (however 1 & 3 were out due to not getting a BD in on time and having two 104 degree fevers in the other) so really month 2..

I am a big lady however have regular ovulation cycles and very positive encouragement from my doctors... I only mention this as i am sure there are other ladies out there needing to know it is just as possible to fall pregnant with a larger size and you have just as much right to be happy about it!!

I am still in shock but so excited to write on here... my very few symptoms are..

CD 17, 18, 20, 21 & 23 = BD
CD 21-23 second +opk surge (had one at CD16 that didn't complete) - lots of ewcm (more than normal)
CD 23 - burning left ovary - only really feel pain at ovulation about 1 in 5 cycles - this was burning (BD)
O - ewcm & temp up
1- 5 DPO, noticeably dry cm, sore nipples, progressively more crazy dreams
6-7dpo, still dry cm, sore nips, itchy, moody and gassy - yuck! woke up with lots of energy
8 dpo -dry cm twinges, thirsty, moody, gassy, Itchy like MAD woke up with lots of energy - did and OPK which was a line but not 'positive' (told this was a good sign)
9dpo, dry cm (thick and white higher up) back ache, heavy uterus, nasty taste in mouth, bit sleepy, decided to test though it was to early but had just bought 4 FRER's so BFP (very faint) and + CB digital: Pregnant 1-2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My husband and I cannot believe it, even writing this feels so bizarre..

So what did I do..
-Took V B6 100mg (I have an 11 day luteal phase)
-Folic acid
-Used Preseed on first 4 BD's
-Didn't move for about 1 hr after BD Please pray for a sticky bean, I will believe it more in a few days passed the AF day!

Best of luck and baby dust to you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

7 Months TTC

Just got my BFP this morning!! We have been trying for 7 months and I was really starting to wonder if it would ever happen for us. DH and I are 28. It has been a hard couple of months, as a lot of our friends were getting pregnant easily. This month was different. Normally I have CM after ovulation leading up until my period.

1dpo-9dpo nothing no CM
10dpo noticed my back was really achy 11dpo my hip was hurting, but I thought it was because I had mowed the grass.
12-13dpo back hurting and hip still bothering me. I had sore breasts, but knew it could be PMS. Started noticing very little CM.
14 dpo Had a baby dream last night (probably because close friend has baby last night) and woke up twice with my breasts hurting. Almost didn't take a test, but decided I should since I would be traveling for work next week.

After DH left for work, I couldn't get back to sleep so I got up to get ready and took a test. I started brushing my teeth and the Pregnant that appeared happened SO FAST. I couldn't believe my eyes. I wanted to wait to tell DH in a fun way but couldn't wait. I called him while he was driving. We are so excited to finally see the pregnant on that test. Hopefully we don't have any problems and this little booger sticks.

We used Preseed and I drank raspberry leaf tea. DH started taking a multi vitamin daily a few months back. Baby dust to all!!! 

Pregnant With #2 After 4 months TTC!!!

DH (35) and I (32) have been trying for #2 since January 2012. We got our BFP on the 4th try. We
were already using OPK's and Preseed, and I was taking Clomid and baby aspirin and progesterone.

What we did differently this month - We both gave up coffee and drank green tea. I also tried to
drink more water.

1 DPO - Insomnia, a little crampy
2 DPO - Insomnia, felt feverish, crampy, pinches on bikini line, lots of energy
3 DPO - Lower back ache, twinges, pinches, pulling, crampy
4 DPO - Blood when blew nose, crampy, bloated, emotional
5 DPO - Blood when blew nose, hungry, crampy, lower back ache, fatigue, emotional
6 DPO - Sharp pinch in uterus that lasted 5 seconds (implantation?), Nausea
7 DPO - No symptoms
8 DPO - BFN, crampy
9 DPO - Crampy, back ache
10 DPO - Crampy, back ache, nausea, full feeling in uterus
11 DPO - BFP!!! Nausea, fatigue

Praying for a sticky bean!!!!!!!!!!! 

BFP After Complete Septum & Asherman's Syndrome!!!!

I have been looking at this site for the past year now. I am 27 and DH is 28. I had a miscarriage in
August of 2011 and never had another period. After visiting an RE, it was discovered I had a
compete septum that separated my uterus in half which gave me 90% chance of miscarriage. On top
of that, the right side of my uterus was completely closed shut with scar tissue (known as
Asherman's Syndrome) from D&Cs.

Somehow, my husband and I managed to conceive and carry my son to full term in July of 2010.
We never knew I had a septum as it was never picked up on ultrasound and I didn't have
Asherman's yet. My son is truly a miracle and we are so blessed to have him.

After 3 surgeries after the miscarriage in August for a scarred shut cervix, removal of my septum,
and Asherman's Syndrome, and after months of horrible hormones (high doses of estrogen) I am SO
happy to announce we finally got a BPF at 10dpo!! I am also on Progesterone suppositories for a
luteal phase defect. I take them 3 days after I ovulate until 13 weeks pregnant.

I will have to see my RE for the 1st 13 weeks due to high risk of miscarriage in the 1st trimester so
I am praying to God this little miracle sticks :-)

I didn't have a ton of TWW symptoms, but here they are:

1 DPO - bloating from ovulation (normal)
2 - 6 DPO - tired from the Progesterone, sore boobs also from Progesterone, nothing else
7 DPO - Increased wet/creamy CM. This was a hint for me because I am usually bone dry after
ovulating until my period. Slight lower backache.
8 DPO - Increased CM, lower backache on and off all day. FMU= BFN
9 DPO - same as 8DPO. light cramping on and off. FMU= BFN...until I go back 10 minutes later and
I see the slightest of lines. I thought maybe I was imaging the line or it was an evap so I saved the
test and of course secretly looked at it at least 20 times yesterday :-) DH doesn't know I've been
testing. I was supposed to wait until 14 DPO...oops hehe
10 DPO - Temp has been the same for the last 4 days, 98.1 so I think I'm out and the line I saw
yesterday was in my head. I was nervous to take another test this morning because I didn't want to
be let down. I took it and it looked negative for the first 2 minutes until finally a light purple line
started to show up. It was POSITIVE! Thank you LORD!

Things we did this month:

Used Pre-Seed as lubricant
Used OPKs
BD every other day until positive OPK, then every day for 3 more days
Stayed in bed every night after BD

* Don't worry Ladies, you can get your BFP after all kinds of problems and set backs!! We feel so
blessed and now we hope this baby makes it 9 long healthy months! 

BFP!!! I Took My Fertility for Granted!!

I just received my BFP today, after 6 months of trying!!

A little background: I am 36 and DH is 35. We have 3 kids and after the 3rd child, I got the Mirena
IUD. We were very fertile and would get pregnant without even trying. I got the Mirena because I
wanted to avoid getting pregnant again and I absolutely, positively, regret that decision. I removed
the Mirena in August 2011 and was directed by my obgyn to wait 2 months before attempting to
conceive. Imagine my absolute surprise when I did not get pregnant on the 1st try in November,
2011! I did not completely panic but I did begin to research things like "conception after Mirena"
and "conception after 35".

I also learned about OPKs and got really obsessed with trying to conceive message boards! Well
month after month passed, with tons of symptoms and negative pregnancy tests. I finally went
to see my obgyn 2 weeks ago and told her that I was concerned that something was terribly
wrong. She informed me that my past experiences with pregnancy were atypical and that most
couples do not conceive immediately. She also told me that since I am over 35 that it could take
longer and that I should relax, enjoy intimacy with my husband and if I was not pregnant by my
annual exam in August, she would refer me to an RE for more options. She did recommend that I
track my BBT to better understand my ovulation patterns. BBT tracking had been the one thing that
I had been reluctant to do and was the only thing that my doc recommended.

My LMP was on April 1st and DH and I BD on April 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14 (whew!!... a lot with 3
active kids aged under the age of 7!). On CD 10, after BD, I spotted and on CD 12, I had EWCM with
and spotted again after BD. I web searched "spotting around ovulation" and learned that this can be
a great sign of fertility! I had a major temp spike on CD 15 from 97.18 to 98.17! I also got a
negative OPK on CD 15, confirming that I ovulated on either CD 13 or 14.

My symptoms were as follows:

1dpo- a lot of watery CM and a dull headache
2dpo- creamy, lotion-like CM and a dull headache
3dpo- creamy, lotiony CM
4dpo- brownish discharge, creamy CM and EWCM, all at once (what the heck?!?!)
5dpo- dry CM, vivid dreams began (all sexual in nature!), temp dip
6dpo- dry CM, vivid dreams, woke up at 3am, odd as I NEVER wake up before my alarm clock!,
temp back up
7dpo- dry CM, mildly tender BBS (odd as I am usually tender after O, big sign for me), up at
3am again
8dpo- dry CM, mildly tender BBs, strong metallic taste! (big sign, never had this with prior
pregnancies), exhaustion, crampy, up at 3am
9dpo- dry CM, exhaustion, mild cramps, up at 3am
10 dpo- lotiony CM, tired, BBs more tender, woke up at 3am, crampy, can't lay comfortably on
my stomach
11dpo- dry CM, vivid dreams, BBs more tender, crampy, up at 3am, something is definitely up!!
Got a positive OPK! I knew something was up, there is NO WAY that I could be ovulating!
Fortunately I had peed in a cup and I got up the courage to take the clear blue digital pregnancy
test. While it was blinking, I got in the shower, then checked my work email, then called DH,
who had called when I was in the shower. Right as he answered the phone, I walked over to the
pregnancy test and nearly fainted, BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DH kept saying hello and I was speechless, I told him to come home right away, he was headed to
the gym. He rushed home and I said babe, call your parents and tell them that we won't be home
for Xmas. He said. "Why not? What's going on?" I said "we will be having a baby!!!!!" He was in
shock and disbelief and asked me if the test was correct? LOL! I have my sonogram on May 29th
and the baby is dune January 6th.

Things I did different this month:

BBT charting and pre-seed. We used pre-seed before but only as a lubricant. This was the 1st
month that I used the insertion tubes and I used a full tube each time we BD. After this
experience, I know what it feels like to want a baby more than anything and to continually
receive BFNs. It doesn't matter if it's your 1st or your 4th, when you want to baby, you literally
live in 2 week increments. Contrary to my doctor's advice, I never relaxed and this site was my
constant companion. I am grateful to have found such a supportive community and I am elated
and over the moon to be pregnant with our 4th and final child! I am praying for a happy and
healthy 9 months.

Beautiful baby dust to you all! 

TTC After 4 Months

1 to 6 dpo very emotional (could count that up to be the problems I was going through)
creamy cm starting at 5 dpo
7 dpo bbs sore swollen gassy creamy cm
8 dpo imp bleeding that night or this morning really creamy cm feel lots of pressure in abdomen cramps that felt like gas pain maybe?
9 dpo light bleeding took a 10 miu ultra sensitive test vfp waited three hours and had a strong line on frer and a positive digi

Things we did different:

Used Pre-seed, laid down for ten minutes after, dh made sure I orgasmed with him

Good luck to all

BFP With Preseed First Use

I just wanted to add my story as I go my BFP yesterday after trying for 4 months. The only thing I did differently was use Preseed internally.

I was tracking ovulation with OPKs but can't say I had success with these. I had a 32 day cycle so roughly knew when I'd ovulate and we did it every day or every second day leading up to and a few days after ovulation.

Also we used applicators for Preseed. Used about 2.5 g not full amount suggested. Had tried it once externally last month but found it irritated us for some reason.

Now due early dec 2012 before Xmas!!

Good luck everyone!!

BFP After 6 Months TTC And 1 Month Of Preseed!!!

I found this website about 2 months ago. Have been TTC for 6 months. Some background on me:
26 ½ years old
Tall and over weight but do not look very over weight because I am tall
Dental Hygienist, body is always hurting
28-30 day cycles
Husband is 30
Been married for one year
On birth controls pills for 9 years
Been on New Chapter prenatal vitamins for 6 months

I really thought I would be one of those girls who got pregnant the first month off the pill. I always felt that I was fertile myrtle. My periods before and during the pill where clock work. Before the pill, had horrible cramps and a heavy flow. So, going off the pill to conceive sucked! I went right back to those teenage years with bad breakouts, heavy periods, and CRAMPS!!! Ahhh!

We started in September TTC, even did ovulation tests. October, I had light spotting for 2 days. Thought it was implantation bleeding. Then got my period. Same thing in November and December but cried and cried when I got my period. By January I was over it and as soon as I saw blood, I put a tampon in and went on my merry way. I got very irritated, angry, confused, and stressed about not being pregnant which I am sure did not help. Skipped even trying in February. Then March we tried but not crazy tried. I just didn’t think too much into it. And what would you know.

February 28 - first day of period
March 11 – bed
March 12- 13 bed, orgasm after him with vibrator
March 14th got a positive on ovulation test, no sex he was tired. Normally I would have pushed and been crabby but I let it go
March 15 1DPO – bed, orgasm after him with vibrator
2 – 6DPO – nothing but sore boobs which is normal
7DPO – got a very distinct sharp stabbing cramp in middle of uterus for about 20sec then went away. Happened at about 8pm
8DPO – nothing crazy, sore boobs normally would go away by now or at least let up but they HURT
9DPO – nothing, sore boos, VERY faint line on internet cheapie test. Husband couldn’t see it
10DPO – lower left back ache for about an hour, faint line is definitely there!!
11DPO – boobs hurt, faint line got a little dark but still faint
12 DPO – broke down and took and expensive Clearblue and it said pregnant!!
Missed period on March 28. Internet cheapie test finally got dark on this day but still not control line dark. It’s getting there!
I had wayyyyyyyyy more symptoms when I was wasn’t pregnant! These last 6 months I had sore boobs, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, hot flashes, cold flashes, CRAMPPING. But when I finally get pregnant, the only symptom I had was very sore boobs. No dark nipples, no crazy blue veins. Just noticeably sore boobs.

What I did different this month:
Finally stopped spending money every month on expensive test and ordered a 50 count bag of internet cheapies from Amazon for like 9 bucks. This was I could test whenever I want to and not feel bad! Also ordered Preseed. Love this stuff! I honestly think this stuff might have been why we conceived. I do not like lube but this didn’t feel like lube. We always use our spit at first which might be why we never conceived before? Also, had big O with vibrator after he did. This was a first for me to do it after but I was trying anything!! Of course the first month I buy all this stuff, I conceive :))) Called the OB GYN and they said they don’t wanna see me till 8 weeks. So I am planning the waiting game till then.

Thank You, God! BFP With Irregular Cycles!

First, a little about me: I am a pretty impatient, obsessive person. Sound like anyone else out there? :) I guess impatience and obsessing goes hand-in-hand along with TTC, but I had no idea the places trying to make a baby would take my imagination. The nights spent laying awake in bed wondering if there was something wrong with me or my husband were awful. I pray that all of you will get your BFP's soon and know that even when you believe it won't happen - those two little lines pop up and suddenly all the days spent obsessing and nights of worry melt me, it will be worth it.

I'm 30, DH is 31. I came off the pill in November 2011 and (naively) assumed that I would get pregnant immediately. My first cycle was 45 days long, and I had a +OPK on CD 29. The next cycle was 32 days long with my +OPK falling on CD 17. This cycle my +OPK was on CD 29, and by this time I was fed up with my crazy cycles! We BD'd on CD 25, 28, 29, and 1 DPO. I had EWCM but also used PreSeed and put my legs (ok, and butt) up the wall for about half an hour afterwards. I don't know if the 'legs up' approach worked to help the swimmers on their way, but hey, it can't hurt!

Because I had become very frustrated this cycle, I didn't record any symptoms, but I'll do my best to recall what was going on:

1-3 DPO: Very light cramping. Maybe not even worth noticing, but I was TTC! I did eat 1/5 of a pineapple each day from 1-5 DPO.
4 DPO: I had my annual OB exam, and had my PAP done. I saw spotting afterwards, but it was clearly from the exam.
5-9 DPO: Nothing.
10 DPO: We had a semen analysis scheduled for DH, so I tested that morning to see if we could skip it. BFN.
11 DPO: Nothing
12 DPO: Slight cramping. Checked my cervix for the heck of it and saw a tiny 'thread' of blood mixed in some nearly EWCM. Figured it was the start of AF, so didn't think it meant anything.
13 DPO: Slight cramping.
14 DPO: Slight cramping
15 DPO: BFP! I tested first on a Dollar Tree test, and then on a FRER. Both definite positives! Yay!!! I waited to test again because I was sick of seeing BFN's in other cycles (I'm and POASaholic).

My husband is out of town until the end of this week, so I won't tell him until I see him face to face! This will be a long string of days ahead! Praying for a healthy baby that that Lord has seen fit to bless us with! Baby dust to all of you, and I want to send some love to my ladies in the Baby Bloomers circle! XOXO