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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Preseed

Pre-Seed, the sperm-friendly lubricant (and only lube that should be used while trying-to-conceive) is a staple of the TTC community. We love it, and we'd hazard a guess that all these ladies on this page with BFPs speak highly of it as well!

If you don't have Pre-Seed yet, we recommend you pick some up at It ships for free anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, and comes with free pregnancy tests. Can't beat that. And when you get your Pre-Seed assisted BFP and you're ready to give credit where credit is due, by all means, send us your symptoms here!

BFP after 2 Months TTC

I wanted to share my TWW with you because I loved looking at this site during my twws.

I didn't keep a journal of my symptoms this time, mostly because I wanted to relax and not over think things. Last month I had all sorts of symptoms and was so so devestated when AF came.

This time however I had hardly any symptoms at all. I felt ovulation like pains around cd 14 and 15. We bd every day from cd 11 to cd 22 since I have 28-32 day cycles.

I was relatively calm the entire process this month up until last week when I started getting impatient to test. I usually get bloated and my bbs usually get a little sore around the time AF shows up and this month was no different. I was actually a bit more tired than usual, but I just figured it was because of the change in seasons.

On Friday (cd 24) I poas (actually 6 sticks) and got my first faint BFPs. Im thinking this was about 10 dpo, but I don't really know for sure.

What we did differently this month:
we BDed every day during my fertile phase and gave plenty of room for margin.
We used Pre~Seed which is really fun.
I elevated my lower half after bd for 10 minutes most of the days.
I drank hot camomile tea before bed to relax.
I got plenty of sleep.

We are probably about 13 dpo and dh and I are so thankful the Lord has blessed us with a pregnancy we are just praying it sticks! It is still so early!

BFP after 4 months TTC

I am 30 years old.  Have been on the pill since 17 and went off about 7 months ago.  For 3 months, my periods were very consistent.  Then we started TTC and everything went haywire.  My cycles were all over the map.  I thought I was pregnant after an extended 38 day cycle but never did get a BFP and period finally came.  DH and I upped our efforts a lot, using Pink Pad app on iphone to track everything.  We had 3 months with no success.  This last month, we BD'ed every other day leading up to ovulation window and every day once within the window.  I also started charting BBT this month as well and using Preseed.  I finally broke down and bought the Amazon Wondfo ovulation and pregnancy tests online because they're way cheaper and very accurate.  I loved these!  I tested ovulation twice a day.  A friend turned me on to the Fertility Friend website and mobile app just this week as well, which I highly recommend.  The website is a very helpful source for TTC and charting ladies.  Anyway, here are my symptoms...

1 - 3 DPO:  No symptoms
4 - 6 DPO:  Sore BBs (not really unusual)
7 DPO:  Sore BBs (not unusual) and noticeable fatigue
8 - 9 DPO:  Sore BBs (not unusual)... Negative pregnancy test in AM
10 DPO:  Negative pregnancy test in AM... Sore BBs (not unusual), mild cramps and backache in PM (assumed AF arriving), Wondfo pregnancy strip shows line so faint that I am certain I am hallucinating (DH thought I was crazy, preg friend said it was a + in her mind).  Wore panty liner to bed in anticipation of AF, tossed and turned all night.
11 DPO:  Wondfo pregnancy strip again shows faint line in AM... Went to Target on the way to work and bought a Clear Blue Easy Digital test and got my BFP right there in a Target bathroom, LOL!  WOW!

I have never been pregnant and have been rolling with a lot of ups and downs the last 3-4 months, so I'm THRILLED that it's finally here.  Now, of course, I'm just praying that it sticks!  DH was very surprised and we're in to see the doctor in just a few weeks!

The only thing that was really different about this month was the Preseed. I'm not claiming that's what did it, but I will use it again with future pregnancies after success with it on the first shot.  I would, however, recommend using less than the suggested dose.  While having a lubricated environment without much foreplay can be fun at times, too much creates a slip and slide with no friction at all (not so fun).

Baby dust to all!

BFP at 10DPO with FRER/Pre-Seed

Hello! I am thrilled to be sharing my TWW story!

A little background: went off the BCP back in May after some reflection on the things I was putting into my body, and along with committing to organic foods and natural products I also decided nearly all medications and artificial hormones were out. The only thing I couldn't stop taking was my thyroid medicine - I'm hypothyroid and without it I don't function and get very depressed.

As the summer wore on we started seriously talking about starting a family and decided not to worry about prevention at all anymore - and here we are today! My cycles has been crazy since I went off the BCP - 45, 22, 23, and 37 days - so I did a lot of research and started temping and charting to try to pinpoint my ovulation.

How we did it: I started taking pre-natals with iron at the end of summer, and gave up caffeine. Mostly. From my AF to my O day I drank 1 cup of green tea (small amt of caffeine) in the am and 1 cup of red rasp leaf tea in the evenings. I started seeing a chiropractor and and practiced Fertility Yoga with Elena Bower (she's amazing btw!) and did everything I could to relax and enjoy the process. After O I continued to drink 1 cup of red rasp leaf tea a day, ate pineapple, and kept doing restorative and relaxing yoga sessions. Also, I had my DH hide the HPTs so that I wouldn't be tempted to test early - only on the pre-determined test date of 10 DPO. Worked really well!

We BD'd with Pre-Seed (highly recommended since I never really saw EWCM, just lotiony CM) everyday or every other day from CD 9 on until I could confirm that I O'd.

CD 17 - O pain, small amount of blood after BD - never happened to me before.
CD 18 - O Day. More O pain. (A good friend texted me and asked me if I was pregnant early in the morning bc she had a dream and had a really good feeling about this month - how could she have known? on this specific day?)
1 DPO - Nada. Temps officially jumped and remained up.
2 DPO - Gassy and bloated, sudden and instant sore throat.
3 DPO - Sore throat and a stuffy nose. (My DH works with kids and usually brings home a cold, but he wasn't sick at all! I work from home... don't know where I would have picked it up.)
4 DPO - Bloated, gassy, still have a sore throat.
5 DPO - Woke up in the middle of the night with really intense right ear pain from the stuffy nose I think - was completely gone by morning. Sore throat, low back pain. Started to be able to smell EVERYTHING despite the stuffy nose. Weird.
6 DPO - Same as yesterday minus the ear. (Also I had a really intense dream that we were visiting a touristy mountain town with the in-laws and just told them we were pg - then walked to a fountain in the center of town that had lots of fish swimming in it! Maybe the fish thing is not just an old wives tale? Same friend texted me "are you pregnant? I bet you are!")
7 DPO - Vivid dreams again, bloated, gassy, slightly tender breasts, voice
nearly completely gone!
8 DPO - Headache, but don't feel pg at all. DH is having more symptoms than I am! I took a really long nap and later we had sex and I bled the tiniest bit  - only time before that I've bled after sex was the day before O day.
9 DPO - More crazy dreams, occasional sore or itchy nips, and in the afternoon I got this weird sensation right behind my bellybutton. Pulling? A knot? Don't know how to describe it. Told my DH that I didn't think I was pg and not to waste a test but he got one out from hiding and put it in the bathroom for me to use in the am.
10 DPO - Crazy vivid dreams, including one where I POAS and there were two beautiful pink lines! I woke up at 5am, actually POAS after some convincing from the DH, set it on the counter and decided to brush my teeth and not look at it for 3 minutes. TWO LINES!!! One was definitely lighter - but BFP!!! Took one again at 3pm to convince my sis (she wanted me to make sure it wasn't a bad test or something like that) - still a BFP! Sister is convinced! So am I!

Showed my DH right away - he was really happy. Then he got jealous that I kept staring at the stick and reminded me that he got me pg, not the stick. Ha ha.
Should be just under 4 weeks along. Called the dr and they don't need to see me for 3 weeks! I am thankful to be low risk but here goes the 3WW now! It will be exciting though, to do an u/s and hopefully hear a heartbeat. Praying for a healthy journey!

I feel so incredibly blessed, and want to thank all the beautiful women who share their stories and all the beautiful women reading who are waiting to share theirs. Blessings to you all!

BFP- Thanks Preseed!

We got our BFP after 4 months of no success two days ago and couldn't be happier.  Hubby couldn't stop crying.  To be honest, I had FAR less "symptoms" this month than the other months that I wasn't pregnant.  Side note, can we take a moment to vent about how pregnancy symptoms and menstrual symptoms are EXACTLY THE SAME?!  I vow to speak to God about a design change in this area when I get to heaven.  Anyways, I got a bfp 10 dpo and the funny part was I was balling in bed the night before because I was sure the cramps I had were the same as what I always felt before my period started (see? design flaw!).  Truthfully, I didn't have any abnormal symptoms at all, but what I did want to share was that we did a few things differently this month and I hope they can help someone else.

1.  Stopped symptom checking.
2.  Stopped drinking caffeine.
3.  Drank a lot more water.
4.  Got a couples massage the weekend I O'd.
5.  Used Preseed for the first time (I'm a believer!!)
6.  Prayed A LOT!  God is good and hears our prayers!

Hopefully this helps someone else.  Praying for a healthy pregnancy and that this little one is a sticky one!  Baby dust to all!

BFP after 3 months ttc.. Clearblue Fertility monitor, Preseed& Evening Primrose Oil

I got my  BFP last Saturday after trying for 3 months. I have been stalking this site for the last few months when i have been on my tww and it gaveme hope so i wanted to share my story with you all. it can happen. I am 32 and my husband 40.

We have been using the Clearblue Fertility monitor for the last 3 months. This month for the first time we used Preseed and i also took Evening Primrose oil for the first half of my cycle. ( you have to stop once you ovuilate otherwise it can cause contractions in your uterus)

I ovulated on the Friday and we bd'd on the previous Weds, Thurs and Saturday.

Here are my symptoms in the weeks following -

0 - 3DPO - Nothing
3DPO - 8 DPO - cramps like period pains. Very vivid dreams, both bizarre and scary. Slight back ache. Also full of cold. I would wake up every morning so bunged up and would have to blow my nose a few times. Plus sneezing all day. I put this down to my husband just having had a cold but i didnt feel ill, i was just sneezing and nose running a lot.

8DPO - Just for the hell of it i did a hpt - BFN.
9PO - did another one - faint line..! I thought my brain was playing tricks on me so i called my husband to have a look and he also could see somehting. I tested again a few hours later and again another faint line!
10DPO - woke at 4.30am and couldnt wait any longer so got up and did another with first urine of the day. Another BFP but line still quite faint.
Later on in the day i bought a Clear blue didgital and got a BFP 1-2 weeks!! Over the 2 weeks i had no noticeable change in CM whatsoever.
i am convinced that the difference this month was down to the preseed.

I am now 2 days past by AF due date and i still have the cramps. Sometimes in one particular place but other times just all round period like cramps. I am STARVING when i wake up in the morning which is very unusual for me and am hungry for most of the morning.
I still feel like i have got a cold ( i have since read it is somehting to do with your mucus membranes swelling due to the increase blood flow around your body).
I also have slight nausea but nothing serious yet!

It is still early days so hope it stick.

Good luck to you all...

*BFP* w/ Preseed & Clear Blue Monitor!!!

I am yet another gal that stalked this site in my 2ww's, so I wanted to share to help others out there TTC in the 2ww! I wanted to share our success because I truly believe combining Preseed with the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor made ALL THE DIFFERENCE! I'd read many reviews for both products of people conceiving after the first try, and it worked for us.

I've always had a very regular 28 day cycle for years as well as ovulation pain, but had experienced some irregularities since beginning TTC, which began to worry me (when thinking of how to "catch" my ovulation window.) In the 3 months before our *BFP* we BD'd almost everyday, I took basal temp like it was my job, and I'd obsessed over every little symptom...

After reading that I needed to relax, I kept myself busy with everything else around me and denied myself my "symptoms," did NOT temp (my doc told me I didn't need to) and just relaxed—and also added PRESEED & CBEFM, as I mentioned above... and *BFP!!!!*  Also, RESIST the urge to test before your missed period. I really think it psychologically messes with a gal.

I read this method on a site for the CBEFM of skipping a few days while "High Fertility," then BD'ing a couple more days after the "window is over, it worked...

Here's what we did:
-2 DPO— First day the CBEFM read "High Fertility" ... SKIPPED BD today.
-1 DPO— 2nd "High Fertility" on CBEFM; BD using Preseed (w/Applicator) OV DAY— "PEAK Fertility" on CBEFM; BD using Preseed (w/App)
2 DPO— 3rd "High Fertility" on CBEFM; BD using Preseed (w/App)
3 DPO— "Low Fertility" on CBEFM;BD using Preseed (w/App)
5 DPO— "Low Fertility" on CBEFM;BD using Preseed (w/App)
16 DPO— AF due today... No sign. Promised myself NOT TO TEST BEFORE MISSED AF, and there it was "Pregnant" on a CBE Digi Test!!!!!!!!!!!  BFP!!!!!

Another note of symptoms:  As I said, I didn't pay much attention, but I did keep track of REALLY noticeable changes in my body before I got my BFP. My bbs were VERY sore, and felt like RAZORS cutting my nips (TMI!) and I also picked fights with my hubby everyday for almost a week—we rarely fight. He even responded to me one night by saying, "You're pregnant." He said he knew before we even tested.  :-)

Hope this post helps! Highly recommend Clear Blue Easy Fert Monitor (worth EVERY PENNY) and Preseed... BABY DUST TO ALL YOU GALS OUT THERE!!!!

Bfp at 35

I'm 35, my husband is 47 and we finally got our BFP after 5 months trying. This month we used pre-seed for the first time, I took evening primrose oil until ovulation (also first time), elevated legs for 10 mins after BD and dtd every day for a week until I ovulated (based on EWCM). Didn't think I was in for a chance this month as I got so stressed out over TTC and read that the
stress hormone could stop my chances, but obviously it didn't! I also tried not to obsess over every single symptom but didn't succeed in that either!! So here are my symptoms:

1dpo sore nipples (not normal for me)
2dpo sore nipples, hungry
3dpo sore boobs all over, very hungry
4dpo emtoinal, crying over silly things, very hungry, sore boobs
5dpo sore boobs
6dpo sore boobs, sneezing
7dpo sore boobs, sneezing, mild cramps
8dpo sore boobs and stabbing pains, mild backache, bfn with FRER
9dpo nightmares, mild nausea, boobs and stabbing pain, bfn
11dpo bfp with CB digital, light spotting (which freaked me out, went to gp)

Today is 15dpo, have sore boobs, moderate nausea and thankfully the spotting has stopped.

Hoping and praying that this one sticks. Good luck to you all. The TWW is horrible but it will happen one day

bfp with preseed

Got my bfp after 7 months of trying but the first time trying preseed and it worked.
Cd 11 bd w/ preseed
Cd 12 bd w/ preseed
Cd 13 no baby dancing
Cd 14 cp high soft and extremely open bd w/preseed in the pm.
Cd 15 bd w/o preseed in the pm.
Cd 16 mid day bd w/preseed
Cd 17 bd. boobs start to get sore
Cd 18 - 25 boobs sore but not as bad as normal pms. Increasing oily face.
Cd 26 lots of cm. Cp high hard closed tightly. Oily face. Constipated.
Cd 27 cramping. Difficult bm so sorta contipated. Cp high closed tight.
Cd 28 bm fine. Cp high hard closed. Extremely oily. So oily its silly.
Cd 29 test big faint positive.

This was my first pregnancy and I've been all over this site for 7 months. I started to miscarry cd 34. I felt fine with small nonpainful cramps that would last 10 seconds at a time and just started gushing blood unexpectedly.
My hcg was 38 the day it started and dropped to 14 the next day.
I bled heavly for one week and its now been 2 weeks and 2 days and my doc gave me the all clear to try again immediately even before my period.

I understand it was nothing I did wrong and it doesn't mean anything was wrong with me and I want it so much more now that I ever have. Thank you all for your stories and grats on your bfp. I hope to get mine again soon.

Still in Shock!

Just got my BFP!! I am 13dpo and over the moon!!

I didn't have a lot of symptoms but these are what I did get:

1-9dpo - sore bbs (always happens after Oving)
9-13dpo - bbs were more achy on side and hurt to the touch, far worse than usual
8-13dpo - LOTS of CM
8-13dpo - constant headache. I cannot get rid of it!
10-13dpo - so tired and would wake up in the middle of the night wide awake!

I am just so excited and can't say how many times I read over symptoms on here!

4 months and this cycle we did pre-seed and SMEP!



I can't believe I got my BFP this early!  I use a fertility saliva scope to determine ferning patterns (usually only able to see before you Ovulate and in early pregnancy), pre-seed like regular lubricant, OPKS and a prenatal, folic acid suppliment and a calcium/magnesium/zinc with D3 suppliment.

we bedded on the 28th, 2x on the 30th, and 1x on the 1st of Oct. My OPKS confirmed with my fertility scope I was ovulating soon. My BBT spiked after the 1st, so I know when I ovulated.

Here are my Symptoms:
1-4DPO nothing

4-10DPO gurgling and fluttering off and on all day Feeling Cm come down (kinda bubbles down lol)

8-10DPO Same cm feeling, SUPER vivid Dreams, Stuffy Nose out of no where

I woke up super hungry and woke up having to pee in the night (not normal for me, I sleep like the dead do lol)

I am approx 3weeks 2days according to LMP, you can be pregnant and not have many symptoms at all! GL and sticky baby dust ladies!