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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Preseed

Pre-Seed, the sperm-friendly lubricant (and only lube that should be used while trying-to-conceive) is a staple of the TTC community. We love it, and we'd hazard a guess that all these ladies on this page with BFPs speak highly of it as well!

If you don't have Pre-Seed yet, we recommend you pick some up at It ships for free anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, and comes with free pregnancy tests. Can't beat that. And when you get your Pre-Seed assisted BFP and you're ready to give credit where credit is due, by all means, send us your symptoms here!

BFP 10DPO with Preseed and OPK's

I am 29 and so is DH, we have been trying for 3months. I couldn't temp because I work nightshift and my schedule is crazy so I decided to use OPK's this month. We have been using Preseed every month but this is the first month we used the applicators. I also ate the pineapple core 1-5 DPO as well as elevating my hips after BD for at least 20 minutes.

CD 16 and 17- BD
O day-CD 18- had EWCM, a positive OPK at about 2am, ovulation cramps DH and I BD twice that day
1DPO- sore sensitive nips-which always starts right after O and lasts until AF
2DPO- sticky CM, sore/sensitive nips, gassy
3DPO-lots of EWCM which is uncommon for me, nips not very sore anymore (they usually stay sore till AF arrives.)
4DPO-still having lots of EWCM, while driving to work I had 2minutes of uterine area cramping, nips not sore or sensitive at all! (thought I was losing my mind due to lack of symptoms, every month I have had so many symptoms, this month nothing but EWCM.
5DPO-bad dream about finding a dead body-freaked me out, still having lots of EWCM, irrationally went off on DH for no reason, some very mild low back pain. Also had an acne breakout and two ugly bumps popped up on my neck but they were not zits, weird
6DPO-gassy, fatigue, enlarged bbs, EWCM, mild cramps, vivid dreams
7DPO-Fatigue, increased CM , enlarged BBS
8DPO-gassy, increased CM, enlarged BBS took a FRER BFN
9DPO-woke up after having a dream that we got a BFP so I took another FRER and got BFN :( only other symptom increased CM and a mild low back ache
10DP0-took a test around 5am and BFN, took another FRER test at 2pm and got a very very very faint positive! I screamed and woke DH up he didn't believe it yet.
11DP0- FRER another BfaintP , mild cramps and some small pains in BBS, took a CBDigital too and it was BFN
12DP0- went to Dr. their urine test was NEGATIVE, I was devastated, so they did a blood test, Dr. called me back that night and said you are definitely pregnant!!!!!!! HCG levels 30!
13DP0- extreme fatigue kicks in, I work 12 hour shifts in a hospital and can barely stay awake after 4 hours. Some mild cramps. DH believes its real now. LOL, still getting a BFN on digital tests though
14DP0-all digital test coming back BFP now and the FRER line is as dark as the control now!!!!!!!!!!!! Still fatigued want to sleep all the time. No nausea though.

I am now 4weeks and 5days and EDD is Sept 30th which is my favorite grandmas birthday :)

I hope my symptoms help someone on their TWW. I should also note that I had a Mirena IUD for 18 months and it was removed in October. I am also an anxious worrier and I never "just relaxed" and let it happen, that used to make me soooo angry to hear. So ladies don't worry that you are worrying yourself into infertility because I just don't believe that for a second. Good luck to all of you FUTURE MOMMIES out there!

BFP 5 Days Early With Pre-Seed :0)

Hi all! I, like many others here, have stalked this site for months on end and I would like to share my symptoms with you :0)

Things I did differently this month -
* Used Pre-seed for the first time
* Elevated my hips for 10 mins after BD'ing
* Took Pregnacare conception tablets (his and hers)
* I took Vitamin B and Evening Primrose Oil before I bought the Pregnacare, to try and regulate my Luteal Phase.
* Chilled out! It was the holidays, so I was relaxed and having fun!

I have irregular cycles with irregular ovulation times, this month was the first month out of the 6 we've been trying, that I didn't ovulate right after my period. I put that down to the Vitamin B.

Finally Got My BFP at 11 DPO!

We have been TTC baby #2 on and off since July 2011. We didn't really do anything much differently this cycle, except BD the day before, the day of AND after ovulation. (my ovulation strips were still showing positive on the day that I would normally count as 1 DPO). We've been using Preseed, and I've been using Ovulation Strips (purchased from I laid with my bum elevated for 20 minutes every time after BD'ing. At 11 DPO, I decided to take a cheapie internet test. I forgot about it, and only came back to look at it after an hour. Surprisingly, it was positive! Very faint, but still there. I didn't think too much of it, and decided to take another one the next morning since this one was after the time limit. So the next day at 12 DPO, I took another test, and there it was, a faint pink line. I couldn't believe it since I didn't think this would be the month, so took another test that was a different brand. That one showed up positive too. So we are expecting! Thank you God for this miracle!

*So far, I am currently at 13 DPO (AF due tomorrow) and I don't really have any obvious symptoms that are different from other AF cycles. BB's are slightly sore when pressing on them (they were SUPER sore when I was pregnant with my 1st baby). I have some creamy/lotiony CM on and off. And the biggest symptom I would say is exhaustion. Can't keep my eyes open! Oh, and some minor cramps. But I feel like my AF is coming any minute. That's about it. Praying that this one is gonna stick and be a healthy one! Baby dust to everyone!

BFP 8 Months After MC and 2nd Month Using Preseed!

Finally I get to post on here! Just hoping for a successful, healthy pregnancy this time around.

This month I didn't track too many symptoms and I even think I had less symptoms this month than months in the past. I tried to relax this month and not change my daily life during the TWW. Here what I did and the few symptoms I noticed.

Second month using Pre-seed! It's wonderful and I feel that it helped in our trying to conceive. Worked on the second month. I would recommend this to boost conception :)

My bbs didn't get as sore as normal so that didn't stick out too much. About a week before AF was due, I noticed a metal taste in my mouth. I thought maybe I had bit my tongue or something, but knew I hadn't. That struck me as odd.

Another thing was extreme lack of patience. For about 3 days in a row, I had zero patience and was a grouch!! I felt bad taking it out on DH, but now at least he can appreciate that it was all for a good cause :)

My last noticeable symptom was fatigue. I was sleeping 9 hours a night and would still get tired midday like I needed a nap.

I'm thankful to all my friends on this website and the support you've given me throughout this process! I'm praying for a heartbeat in a few weeks and an overall successful pregnancy. EDD Sept 23!

BFP After 11 Months

I have always stalked this site with the hope that I will get my own BFP and I finally did yesterday. I have been trying for 11 months which feels like forever. Every month I try to do something different and still end up with a BFN . This is what I did different this month:

I used Evening primrose from CD 1 to CD 13 , used Preseed, stopped using Softcups because I believe it traps the spermies. Raised my legs up for 25 to 30 mins after the deed and DTD everyday from CD10 to 18.

1dpo to 9dpo- nothing , not even the usual breast pain i get post ovulation
10dpo-13dpo - cold and sore throat
14dpo - fever, very high temp (103.4)
15dpo- breast tenderness
16dpo- BFP on 3 different brands
Just keep praying and it will happen baby dust to everyone

God's miracle before starting IVF!!

Hello all, I am so excited to be sharing my BFP news. Especially after my husband and I having extensive tests done and being told by our Fertility Specialist that we would only conceive through IVF(ICSI). God answered our prayer and I feel incredibly blessed with the little miracle growing inside me.

My husband had just started taking Menevit (would highly recommend) I had been taking Elevit for about 12 months now. I also was taking Vitex the herb from when my period ended to when I (thought) I ovulated...I'm never really sure! We have also been using Preseed for about 5 months and this is the first month that we decided to have sex everyday from when my period ended. It worked!!

I had also had a miscarriage 4 months ago when I only ever had very faint positives on HPT's. This time they are very dark and I've had 2 blood tests to confirm. My HCG has risen beautifully. I am now officially 5 weeks and 2 days.

My husband and I are sooo happy and grateful for this miracle. And it truly is a miracle...we were gearing up to start IVF in a month! Thank you God!


Pregnant first month and used Pre-Seed.  This product really works!

Congrats to everyone!!!

Blessed Beyond Measure!

I am so excited to share with you all that I got my first BFP! I have relied  on this site daily over the last few months, and I truly believe it is what has kept me going. My DH would definitely have gotten tired of my constant worrying and questioning without this! I wanted to share my symptoms with you in case it helps anyone. AF showed on November 1 and I began tracking temperatures and symptoms on that day.

1DPO- Somewhat gassy (TMI) and had to pee what seemed like more than normal.
2-4 DPO- light cramps and very tired!
5 DPO- cramping continues. I thought AF was on her way for sure! My nipples began to be tender to the touch.
6 DPO- cramping continues, sore nipples, lots of egg-white CM
7 DPO- cramping continues, sore nipples
8 DPO- cramping continues, sore nipples. I took a FRER and got a BFN, I knew it was too early, but what can I say...I'm a dreamer ;)
9 DPO- more cramping and sore nipples
10 DPO- more cramping and sore nipples
11 DPO- crampy, nipples, took another another test with an IC...VERY faint line...could it be?
12 DPO- took another test and it was positive! I cannot believe it! God is good!

I am currently 21 DPO and my only symptoms I've experiences is continuos cramping (which made me fearful of AF at first) and sore nipples. I have noticed some smells a bit more, but sometimes I wonder if it is all in my head.

What we did differently this month was chart temperatures and most importantly, we used PreSeed! This was our first month using it and DH loved it as much as I did. I will also say that I know prayers helped! Good luck to everyone. I will continue to pray for all the TTC ladies because it is one of the most difficult things I've ever done, and we were only actively trying 6 months. God bless!

Thin with PCOS - Almost 2 years TTC #1 - BFP @ 10 DPO

I, too, have been a frequent, and I mean FREQUENT visitor to this site for a long time.  Every month I pretty much convinced myself I had all the symptoms...only to feel that same old disappointment when AF came along.  I would think of it as a silver lining, though, because having PCOS you know it's a blessing even to be getting a period every month, so at least something is going right, I thought.  But, still...that BFP remained elusive.  I began feeling like it really would never happen.

More background...I'm thin with PCOS, no hirsutism, ovulate every month, no weight problems, no insulin resistance, nada, just tiny cysts on ovaries and irregular cycles.  I was also told that my Prolactin was ever so slightly high, and was put on Bromocriptine, which I've taken for the last three months.

What I did different this month:

1.  Used Pre-seed for the first time (I had a LEEP procedure performed once and I notice I never see EWCM, so I began to think that may be the problem).

2.  Stopped drinking all alcohol and cut down on caffeine.

3.  Was fairly lazy, cut out my running, and switched to long walks.

4.  Prayed, by my definition.

5.  Continued taking Bromocriptine for elevated Prolactin.

1-5 DPO: I don't think I noticed too much besides creamy CM, mild cramping, and some slight breast pain on the side of the right.  Big appetite, which is fairly unusual.

6 DPO: Eating like crazy.  Very gassy.  My boyfriend was laughing at me. Begin to get really sleepy early in the evening.

7-8 DPO: AF-like cramps, breast tenderness, identical to PMS from the month before.  I get a nagging headache in the evening, and this is a big sign for me.  I was PG once before, but had an early m/c, and I remember getting a headache. Super faint positive on an internet cheapie in the afternoon!  I am not convinced. Crazy vivid dreams.

9 DPO: Same as day before, take another test, line is darker, but still so faint.  Dreams continue  I dream that I have a BFP on a digital.

10 DPO: Take EPT digital first thing in the morning - BFP!  Still cramping and sore boobs.  Headache continues, start to feel warm like I might at the beginning of getting the flu.

Hoping and praying that this one stays with us.  :)

**The really funny thing is that I was going to go in for an IUI next cycle with my RE.  She said to call her this month when my cycle started.  Instead I called her with a BPF**

Do not lose heart, life will find a way.

BFP at 16 DPO..after BFN on 10dpo!!!

Today I received my BFP!!  It has been a long 8 months of TTC.  After about 5 months I started to think something was wrong and I was losing hope.  It's really hard to get BFN's every month.  I'm 35years old and my husband is 39, I kept telling myself that it is suppose to take longer when you're my age... just keep trying.  Well, now I believe those statistics that say 80% of couples will conceive within 12 months... and nothing is wrong, it just takes longer sometimes. I promised myself I would post to this board because it helped me so much.

I did two things different this month; started charting my BBT and using PRESEED.   I had already been using OPK's for about 5 months so I was very sure of my peak days and this month I knew exactly my Ovulation day as well. I ovulated on day 14 and only BD'd twice, the first was on the day before OV and the second was on the day of OV.  My cycle is about 30 days long.

1DPO: cramps right side
4DPO: sore boobs and felt sick.
 6DPO: terrible headache
 7DPO: cramps, temp dip 0.7, same headache
9DPO:  tried an OPK as HPT to see if there was a smiley face, nope.
10DPO:  tested with a FRER HPT and got a BFN, was crushed.
13DPO:  tried an OPK as HPT again just to see if there was a smiley face, nope.
15DPO:  sore boobs, had a dream that I woke up to test and got my period.
16DPO:  tested again with a FRER HPT and got a BFP, soo faint that I couldn't trust it.
Ran out and tested with a different HPT (EPT) and got a digital PREGNANT.

The one thing I want to tell everyone is don't give up if you get BFN's a few times during your TWW.  I only got a BFP on 16 DPO and it was barely there. All the OPK's I used as HPTs never were correct and the early pregnancy test was BFN too.  So hang in there.