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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Preseed

Pre-Seed, the sperm-friendly lubricant (and only lube that should be used while trying-to-conceive) is a staple of the TTC community. We love it, and we'd hazard a guess that all these ladies on this page with BFPs speak highly of it as well!

If you don't have Pre-Seed yet, we recommend you pick some up at It ships for free anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, and comes with free pregnancy tests. Can't beat that. And when you get your Pre-Seed assisted BFP and you're ready to give credit where credit is due, by all means, send us your symptoms here!

Bfp at 35

I'm 35, my husband is 47 and we finally got our BFP after 5 months trying. This month we used pre-seed for the first time, I took evening primrose oil until ovulation (also first time), elevated legs for 10 mins after BD and dtd every day for a week until I ovulated (based on EWCM). Didn't think I was in for a chance this month as I got so stressed out over TTC and read that the
stress hormone could stop my chances, but obviously it didn't! I also tried not to obsess over every single symptom but didn't succeed in that either!! So here are my symptoms:

1dpo sore nipples (not normal for me)
2dpo sore nipples, hungry
3dpo sore boobs all over, very hungry
4dpo emtoinal, crying over silly things, very hungry, sore boobs
5dpo sore boobs
6dpo sore boobs, sneezing
7dpo sore boobs, sneezing, mild cramps
8dpo sore boobs and stabbing pains, mild backache, bfn with FRER
9dpo nightmares, mild nausea, boobs and stabbing pain, bfn
11dpo bfp with CB digital, light spotting (which freaked me out, went to gp)

Today is 15dpo, have sore boobs, moderate nausea and thankfully the spotting has stopped.

Hoping and praying that this one sticks. Good luck to you all. The TWW is horrible but it will happen one day

bfp with preseed

Got my bfp after 7 months of trying but the first time trying preseed and it worked.
Cd 11 bd w/ preseed
Cd 12 bd w/ preseed
Cd 13 no baby dancing
Cd 14 cp high soft and extremely open bd w/preseed in the pm.
Cd 15 bd w/o preseed in the pm.
Cd 16 mid day bd w/preseed
Cd 17 bd. boobs start to get sore
Cd 18 - 25 boobs sore but not as bad as normal pms. Increasing oily face.
Cd 26 lots of cm. Cp high hard closed tightly. Oily face. Constipated.
Cd 27 cramping. Difficult bm so sorta contipated. Cp high closed tight.
Cd 28 bm fine. Cp high hard closed. Extremely oily. So oily its silly.
Cd 29 test big faint positive.

This was my first pregnancy and I've been all over this site for 7 months. I started to miscarry cd 34. I felt fine with small nonpainful cramps that would last 10 seconds at a time and just started gushing blood unexpectedly.
My hcg was 38 the day it started and dropped to 14 the next day.
I bled heavly for one week and its now been 2 weeks and 2 days and my doc gave me the all clear to try again immediately even before my period.

I understand it was nothing I did wrong and it doesn't mean anything was wrong with me and I want it so much more now that I ever have. Thank you all for your stories and grats on your bfp. I hope to get mine again soon.

Still in Shock!

Just got my BFP!! I am 13dpo and over the moon!!

I didn't have a lot of symptoms but these are what I did get:

1-9dpo - sore bbs (always happens after Oving)
9-13dpo - bbs were more achy on side and hurt to the touch, far worse than usual
8-13dpo - LOTS of CM
8-13dpo - constant headache. I cannot get rid of it!
10-13dpo - so tired and would wake up in the middle of the night wide awake!

I am just so excited and can't say how many times I read over symptoms on here!

4 months and this cycle we did pre-seed and SMEP!



I can't believe I got my BFP this early!  I use a fertility saliva scope to determine ferning patterns (usually only able to see before you Ovulate and in early pregnancy), pre-seed like regular lubricant, OPKS and a prenatal, folic acid suppliment and a calcium/magnesium/zinc with D3 suppliment.

we bedded on the 28th, 2x on the 30th, and 1x on the 1st of Oct. My OPKS confirmed with my fertility scope I was ovulating soon. My BBT spiked after the 1st, so I know when I ovulated.

Here are my Symptoms:
1-4DPO nothing

4-10DPO gurgling and fluttering off and on all day Feeling Cm come down (kinda bubbles down lol)

8-10DPO Same cm feeling, SUPER vivid Dreams, Stuffy Nose out of no where

I woke up super hungry and woke up having to pee in the night (not normal for me, I sleep like the dead do lol)

I am approx 3weeks 2days according to LMP, you can be pregnant and not have many symptoms at all! GL and sticky baby dust ladies!

Elated that I'm finally pregnant!

WOW I’m Pregnant!  My DH and I have 9 year old twins that were conceived when I was 22 years old (2002) and it was totally unplanned because we were not married at that time.  We decided to put off having more children until we both had our careers going well.  I didn’t take BC so the DH and I were always careful around my fertile time (condoms).   In Aug. of 2009 we started talking about the idea of getting pregnant again and said that we would just let it happen.  However at the beginning of this year the DH and I started having some concerns since we hadn’t conceived yet.  Therefore, I started tracking my cycles a little more carefully and discovered that my cycles were about 29 days long.  Then I started using OPK’s and checking my cervical mucus.  I did that for about  5 or 6 months but nothing happened.  At the beginning of September, I went to my GYN for my yearly visit and she suggested that we see a fertility specialist.  The DH and I agreed we’d try until the end of this year and if it didn’t happen we would go to a fertility specialist in Jan. 2012.  I started investigating other things that might aide in the process and discovered Preseed and purchased some after reading so many positive reviews.  We used prayer, Preseed, and OPKs and I got a BFP!
BD on days 10, 13, 14 & 15 of my cycle used Preseed during each love making session!  I got a positive OPK on day 14.
1- DPO- Nothing
7 DPO- Woke up to sharp pains in lower right abdomen and cramping in the upper abdomen when speed walking with the DH I had to slow my pace (strange)
8-11 DPO- Nothing really but really bloated (BFN’s on days 9-11 POAS addict)
12 DPO – BFN but extremely thirsty and insomnia and not bloated anymore (odd)
13 DPO-Decided not to test again since I felt AF type cramps all day and I was extremely thirsty again
14 DPO –AF cramps I wore a pad part of the day but she didn’t arrive
15 DPO- Nipples really hard and sore breast and no AF
16 DPO- Same as day 15 decided to test again since AF hadn’t showed BFP!!!
17 DPO- Nothing really but breast slightly sore
18-20 DPO- Diarrhea and vomiting (I think I had a stomach virus that was spreading around)
20-21 DPO- I actually feel really good just a little pulling and stretching in lower abdomen


Hi everyone! I have been obsessed like all of you over my symptoms and wanted to post mine! I just got my BFP this morning at 9DPO.  I am in SHOCK that I would get a BFP so early! With my first baby it took until 16DPO.  So it is SUPER early still and I'm just praying that this little one sticks it out for 9 months.  Last month was my first month TTC #2 and it was very unexpected that it would only take 2 months.  Last month I charted and saw my LP was only 9 days so I was very nervous that I wouldn't conceive.  So this month I took 100mg of vitamin B6 with a B-Complex and also used Pre-seed!  I really think those 2 things combined helped me immensely!!
1-5DPO - nothing
5DPO - I began to feel some twinges and sharp pains in the lower left part of my abdomen in the evening
6DPO - More twinges, cramping, bloated and a dull back ache
7DPO - Twinges, cramping like AF on and off, bloating, slight headache, I felt like I was coming down with a fever and a little nauseous for a few hours in the early evening and after I ate, it passed. EXHAUSTION!
8DPO - BFN in the morning.  Less symptoms then the other days, except my breasts began to be sore.  Some cramping. In the middle of the night I felt a pain start in my lower abdomen and shoot up the whole left side of my body that woke me up in a panic! It was scary but I started to think maybe I was pregnant!
9DPO - Cramping, exhaustion and a bad headache! Woke up and my temp had dropped a little so I definitely felt out!  I took an HPT and left the room, came back and it was a faint line! I was in shock so I took 2 more tests (Internet Cheapies) and they were both faint positives! I drove to Target and got a box of FRER's and there it was, another positive! In SHOCK but feeling so blessed!!

BFP with Preseed

I just got a bfp after 4 months ttc.  I'm 36 and this is #3.  I didn't really keep exact dpo symptoms but a few things that really stood out:

- after I o'd, I had cramping on the left side only.  Usually during 2ww I get cramps on both sides.
- I had a sore throat around 7-10 dpo I think.
- I had totally normal PMS symptoms.  In fact I was 110% sure AF was coming.
- around 11dpo I got HORRIBLE cramps on both sides.  I was in serious pain.
- on 12dpo I tested in the am cause I just wanted to get the bfn and get on with it.  Well it was neg at first but after about 5 min I went to throw it  away and I saw a very faint line (I used FRER).  I was like wtf  is that?  I have two kids 4 and 7 but it's been awhile since I did the poas thing.. I kept analyzing this line and decided that a line is a line, it's just early.  I tested again this morn and got a pos right away, a little darker. I'm due for af tommorrow, so the lines are still a little light.
Things I did different this month:  Used Pre-seed for the first time and Mucinex instead of Robi.  I'm convinced PreSeed did it!!!  Best of luck to everyone else TTC

2WW obsession/story

Miscarried beginning of October 2010, currently 2nd month trying with pre-seed but have been trying  for the past 3-4 months. Last month, test results for OPK were confusing so I’m not sure if I even ovulated. This month was different. OPK result came out very dark on CD 25. My periods are very irregular between 40-50 days

0: in the PM before bed, tested Dark Positive OV, baby danced right away!
1 dpo: emotional, feeling sensitive like crying
2 dpo: runny nose, a little crampy in front below abdominal, a little cramp at lower back, I feel pressure when I sit up straight, drinking more water so peeing a lot, diarrhea, BD in the PM
3 dpo:  feel like I’m getting sick, runny nose, sneezy, a little crampy below abdominal, a little bit of sharp chest pain on the right, TMI right nipple looks a little swollen
4 dpo: bloating, still feel sick, hot and cold, runny nose, itchy ears and throat, craving spicy and don’t usually like nor eat spicy foods, a little sharp pain lower back, sensitive nipples, gassy, eyes feel burning
5 dpo: bloating, gassy, craving salty, tired, hungry, breaking out 2 big pimples, crampy
6 dpo: hungry, slight cramp, tired, gassy, nothing different
7 dpo: woke up with stronger cramps like my period is coming (but shouldn’t be coming for another week or two cause my periods usually comes over 40-45 days, more CM than the past several days when I pee, still feeling sick again with runny nose and sore throat, fatigue, moody and happy swings, metallic mouth taste, get disgusted easily, a little heartburn, bbs feel heavier but not sore
8 dpo: a little crampy with a little watery cm in the am, bbs feel a little more heavier, hurts when you press to the sides next to the underarms, throat and ear still feel itchy and sore, runny nose, fatigue, craving salty and spicy, also craving juicy and sweet, co worker noticed bbs looking bigger, took test and got BFN, just colored my hair today so I hope everything is ok
9 dpo: woke up at 2am to go pee and was thinking of testing for some reason but didn’t want to waste a test. Woke up again at 5:30am and decided to just take a test anyway, and I got a BFP!! Omg it was very faint but totally there!!!  I jumped in the shower washing my scalp cause I was afraid of the color sitting on my scalp from the day before. Hope everything is ok!!!

BFP after 4 months with no "classic" PG Symptoms!

I wanted to share my BFP story since I have appreciated reading all of the others!  I also wanted to provide some reassurance to those who have little to no symptoms - you can still get your BFP without them! I didn't feel any of the "classic" pregnancy symtpoms this cycle and got my BFP at 11dpo.  I would swear I felt more symptoms in other months of TTC (obviously in my head).  Here is what I recorded:
O: BD'd on days -2,-1, and O day.  Had strong ovulation pain on O day!
1dpo: Nothing to note
2dpo: Nothing to note
3dpo: Had a bad headache much of the day
4dpo: Still have headache, felt a little dizzy at one point
5dpo: Horrible skin break out, still headache
6dpo: Nothing to note
7dpo: Woke up with bad sore throat, sinuses stuffed up.  Had a brief feeling of nausea, but it passed after a minute and I attributed it to coming down with a cold.
8dpo: Feel like I have caught a cold for sure
9dpo: Starting to feel a bit better, lots of sinus mucus
10dpo: Nothing to note
11dpo: Woke up and decided I would take a FRER test just to get it out of the way, and I was in complete shock when I saw two lines!!!  Took another in the afternoon and it was even stronger!!!
12dpo: Test line darker, but still no soreness in BB's
14dpo: Still no obvious symptoms - One nipple is sore to touch, but that's it! Darker line on HPT still! Praying for a safe and smooth pregnancy now!

What I did differently this month:
I have been using a Clearblue Fertility Monitor for 2 months (this cycle being the second month).  Having it read the "high" days was very helpful since my O day is not always consistent (it has varied by about 4 days or so) and it gave us an idea of when to start BD'ing.  I was cross-checking with IC OPK's and got a positive OPK the afternoon before O day/peak reading.

*Cut out caffeine from coffee or soda for the past three months due to an ulcer
*Drank Green Tea 2x's a day
*Took fish oil pills 3x's a day (costco brand)
*Did NOT have a lot of EWCM around ovulation, so I used Preseed in hopes that it would substitute.
*Have celiac disease so I follow a strict Gluten Free diet (have been for 9 months)
*Instead of BD'ing every day, DH and I decided to try and narrow it down to just a few times closer to O day (3x's total over 3 days).

Thanks for all of your support in this process ladies!  I am so thankful to God for allowing this to happen and I will be praying that you all get your BFP's soon!!!

Age 39, BFP in the 2nd month of TTC

This is my third pregnancy. I've never thought we would succeed so quickly given my age. It even took us longer (6 months and 8 months) to conceive my last two children. I am very grateful for my luck. However, I really owe my success to the Natural Fertility Info website. I will talk more in detail after listing the symptoms.

The biggest symptom is actually not a lot of symptoms. In the first month of trying, I had all the symptoms I read here. Here are a few of the symptoms I felt thus month:

BD on Day 9, 10, 11
O'd on Day 12
1-2dpo: Wet CM, cramps ( had these last month too. I wondered if it's just what happens after BD)
3-6dpo: nothing
7dpo: felt twinges around lower belly area.
7-9dpo: felt really hot. Hubby said I was burning hot every night
10dpo: all the sudden got an allergy attack like what I normally got in Spring time when pollen count was high. Checked the pollen forecast, it's 4.1 (which was not high). Runny nose, sneezing like crazy (ran through a box of Klenex in half a day). I remembered that I had the same symptom when I was in the TWW for my daughter. Did a $tree test, got a very faint BFP about 10 minutes later.
11dpo: absolutely no PMS symptoms. Nipple got a little darker and it's not as sore as what I felt in other months. Felt really happy. Not moody at all. Tested using FMU, another faint BFP about 10 minutes later. Tested again in the PM, another faint BFP.
12dpo: on vacation. Tested in PM, a stronger BFP showed up within 10 minutes. No cramps at all. To be two days before AF due, I would start feeling cramp this day. Still felt really hot all this long.
13dpo: tested using FMU, a really dark BFP showed up in 1 minute.

I pray and hope for a smooth pregnancy.

The things I did differently this months are:
1. Used OPK to test ovulation
2. Drank grapefruit juice and used pre-seed (got these tips on this website)
3. Avoid saliva contacting both his and my parts
4. Had a vacation (didn't plan for getting conceive, but I wonder if it had played a part)
5. Ate whole fat yogurt every day around ovulation
6. Drank pineapple juice after ovulation
7. Stopped jogging after ovulation, only fast walked.

The many great information I learned from Natural Fertility Info website are:
1. Did a Fertility Cleanse in the month prior to trying. (Boy, did it make a big difference! The month after the cleanse I didn't feel any PMS symptoms while I had it like forever. Cramps, moody, craving sugary food, etc)
2. Started taking Mega Food baby and me multivitamin, Omega 3-6-9, Fertility super food Maca.
3. Had hubby take Mega Food for men and Omega 3-6-9 and exercise three times a week.
4. Avoid any soy product. It could increase the estrogen and throw the hormone out of balance.
5. Ate organic fruits and a big colorful salad every day (both me and hubby)
6. Avoid non- organic diary. Ate only natural meat.

The website had so much information and it had helped so many women with all kinds of issues. I am so grateful of finding this website and want to share with you.