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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Preseed

Pre-Seed, the sperm-friendly lubricant (and only lube that should be used while trying-to-conceive) is a staple of the TTC community. We love it, and we'd hazard a guess that all these ladies on this page with BFPs speak highly of it as well!

If you don't have Pre-Seed yet, we recommend you pick some up at It ships for free anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, and comes with free pregnancy tests. Can't beat that. And when you get your Pre-Seed assisted BFP and you're ready to give credit where credit is due, by all means, send us your symptoms here!

BFP first try with OPK, Pre Seed, & Prayer!

I'm a 24 year old military wife pregnant for the first time!

I feel like I wasted money on the OPK. My hubby and I pretty much BD everyday anyway since he just got back from deployment (exactly one month before I got my BFP!). It was helpful to know when I ovulated though. I was able to obsess over this site for the past two weeks. :) Thought I'd share my symptoms:

1 DPO - nothing
2 DPO - Very moody. I didn't think there were enough hormones to cause any symptoms by this day but boy did I feel like I had PMS mood swings.
3 DPO - nothing
4 DPO - nothing
5 DPO - white discharge?
6 DPO - white discharge?
7 DPO - white discharge?
8 DPO - white discharge?
9 DPO - cramping, but different from PMS cramps- it felt a little sharper and more concentrated in one area.
10 DPO - tired, bloated & super gassy. vivid dreams.
11 DPO - Exhausted (I don't know if this is form quitting caffeine a few days ago), bloated & super gassy. I've never had stinkier farts in my life (TMI, i know...) vivid dreams again.
12 DPO - I ate 5 spicy buffalo wings and my stomach immediately felt terrible- not nauseous at all, just full. It felt like i had just consumed an entire thanksgiving buffet. I was also very tired & slightly emotional. I wiped down the kitchen counter with some of those clorox antibacterial wipes and the smell made me feel sick. I've never even noticed they had a smell. more vivid dreams.
13 DPO - Very tired & emotional & bloated & gassy. boobies slightly sore. I felt uncomfortable PMS-like cramps all day. I was positive my period was going to start the next day (when it was due). I wasn't too stressed because I really didn't think it would happen on my first try. Other than that, nothing.
14 DPO - I had three different dreams the night before that I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I took one as soon as I woke up and there it was, an immediate, glaring BFP! :) Today my tummy has been feeling different all day- not nauseous or PMS-crampy, but slightly uncomfortable. It feels like there is some stretching going on or something. I'm also extremely exhausted again. I wish I could get my energy back. Super excited, though!

I feel extremely blessed to only have to have gone through this TWW once. Yes, it is still early and a lot can happen, but I know prayer got me here & prayer will get me through this pregnancy! Good luck, everyone! I'll keep you in my prayers too!

BFP on First Try!

I feel the need to share my TWW symptoms after having read through everyone else's so many times.  I do not know the exact day I ovulated (did not use an OPK), so I am just going to jumble them all together!  All of these occurred after my "fertile period" (I was basing this on my EWCM)
BD 2 days before EWCM
BD 1 day before EWCM
BD on last day of EWCM

-Headache (slight tension each evening for a few nights in a row.  I do not get headaches so this was weird for me)
-Cramping (lots of cramping coming from what felt like my right ovary at first, then sometimes from the left, then all over my uterus area.  Was very mild but noticeable.  When gardening about a week after BD'ing, had to stop because the cramps got more intense.)
- Moody/Emotional (had a couple of random breakdowns, but I attributed this to the stress of waiting).
- Did NOT have any unusual CM (and believe me, I was checking for it)
- The day I tested, BBS felt bigger than normal, but not sore.  Did not have sore BBS at ALL and still don't.
- Took FRER 2 days before missed period (at night) and got a faint BFP!
- Took a digital the next morning and another BFP!

This was our first month trying and I wasn't convinced it could happen this quickly, especially since I did not experience the creamy CM or the sore BBS.  We did use Preseed, which I would definitely recommend.  I send prayers and baby dust to all of you out there trying!  THINK POSITIVE :)

BFP with Preseed

This is the first month we actually managed to have sex during the correct window of time, and we used preseed :) It worked!

1-9 dpo - NOTHING.
10 dpo - took a FRER test just to get it out of my system. immediately, very clearly positive. NOT FMU. Took two more regular FRER and a digital to confirm. Still no symptoms.
11 dpo - slightly emotional but nothing more than usual. Slight cramps and VERY slightly sore boobs (only if I press on them).
12 dpo - Still emotional, still slight cramps, slightly more sore boobs. TIRED.
13 dpo - took another FRER this morning, line is now darker than the control line. Period isn't due until tomorrow, but I'm thinking it might not show :)
Boobs are REALLY sore, esp nipples and sides of boobs.

I always expected that when I got a BFP I would have every symptom in the book (I normally get crazy PMS) but this was NOT the case. Just goes to show you that your bfp might surprise the heck out of you.

BFP with 4th cycle of Clomid

BFP with 4th cycle of Clomid, Very few Symptoms

This was my fourth cycle of Clomid and I had given up this month. I had gone to an RE who was going to start me on Femara as soon as af showed. Also, I've been having short luteal phases (7-9 days) and I didn't O this month until cd18 (af was due on cd25) so I figured conceiving was impossible.

cd13 & 15: BD (This was it... I was working long hours and was just going to wait out this cycle so I could start on the new medicine)

cd18: O day
cd25 (7dpo): af is due, tons of cramps but no af
8dpo: Cramping, sometimes "stabbing" pains, other times dull and achy
9dpo: POAS, BFN of course. I'm mad at the clomid because I figure it thinned my uterine lining out so much that I can't even get a period now.
10dpo: Same cramps, lots of creamy cm. POAS in the am (but after working 3rd shift), BFN. Later, I wake up around noon and POAS-- Very Faint Line!!!!! Later that night, I pee on a digital and it reads "Pregnant"!!!!
11-15dpo: Bloated! I'm already unbottoning my pants (I have been blessed with a TINY waist, but it's so swollen I can barely button my pants!). Still cramping off and on, TONS of cm. That's it. My bb's don't hurt and I'm not the least bit nauseous.

My 13dpo Hcg test came back at 297!!!! We have always used Preseed and Prayer!

Another BFP with Preseed story!

Thanks for letting me share my symptoms!

This is my first full cycle off BCPs.

This cycle I took Evening Primrose Oil from the last day of my period up until I confirmed ovulation. I also used PreSeed twice during my fertile period.

No symptoms until 7dpo.

7dpo - Temp spike on my chart. Crampy and irritable. VERY tired, but I just got back from a trip where I had to drive 14 hours without more than a bathroom break.

8dpo - Temp dropped this morning. Could this be implantation? Still slightly crampy. VERY tired again. Went to bed around 9pm. Couldn't hold my head up.

9dpo - Temp spike to 98.23. Crampy and feeling weird twinges. Heightened sense of smell. Notice tiny little bumps like whiteheads all over my face. Usually only breakout in the T zone during the 2ww. Decide to use an internet cheapie to test after work. VERY FAINT line's positive!!!

10dpo - BB's are starting to get slightly sore. Heightened sense of smell. Internet cheapie and FRER tests both say positive!!! Line is still faint. Still in disbelief but SO happy.

BFP using Preseed (after miscarriage)

I just had a miscarriage on january 5th and heard that you are more fertile within 3 months after the miscarriage. I waited one period and was pregnant. I just got my BFP on feburary 26th.

o'ed on the 17th
1-3dpo nothingno cm
4 dpo- some cm (clear)
5 dpo cm
6 dpo cm, i started to have a feeling that i was pregnant, my rationalizing was different
7 dpo cm, MOODY! headaches, felt cramping in uterus when i did crunches (sign in my first pregnancy)
8 dpo- MOODY! much more cm, started to feel light headed and dizzy spells,headaches off and on. I actually tested (haha) BFN with FMU
9dpo Moody! white creamy cm, light headed again. I was hungry but nothing sounded good, and tired. I tested with FRER and if I held it to the light in the right angle I could see a faint shadow of where a line should be(called FRER they said if I see anything it is +, bc they don't have evap lines). I thought I had lost my mind so I didn't count it
10dpo creamy white cm, light headed, some uterus unusual feelings, tested with FMU with dollar tree test faint BFP!, tested again in the after another BFP

This month I used preseed, it helped lighten the mood and of course I was taking prenatal vitamins. And used an OPK. I just had a feeling though from about 5 or 6 dpo.

BFP with Preseed at age 44!

I've read the symptoms of other women so many times, I can't believe I'm  posting my own! I'm 44, my husband 37. We've been trying for about  seven months but my husband travels for work so we could never time  things appropriately. This time, timing was correct. Also, the one thing  we did different this time was we used Pre-seed. I believe the Pre-Seed  is a great help as I normally get fertile CM before I ovulate. I am  currently 13 dpo and for the last few days, I've felt a bit bloated and  had cramps starting two days earlier than usual before my period. And they were a bit 'sharper'. But in all honesty, there really wasn't  anything that different than other cycles. My husband suggested to wait  until next week to test but I couldn't wait any longer so I did today. The BFP come up quickly! Wishing everyone else lots of luck!

BFP Today (with Preseed!)

I received my BFP today after 6 tries... Yeah!!!! (By the way, I think Pre-Seed is what did it for us, since I seemed to lack quality CF.) Here were the subtle things I noticed, but wasn't sure if they meant anything or if I was imagining them...

* I felt occasional pulls in my lower abdomen (just above Pelvis), starting around day 3 or 4 DPO and continued occasionally through 14DPO (yesterday for me). This was unusual for me.
* I had side stitches and "pulls" in my sides fairly frequently - wasn't sure if it was gas or something else.
* Although both BBs get big immediately following O, I noticed my left one is bigger this time.
* I do think my areolas were slightly darker than other months, and possibly more veiny, but I don't recall if they were the same other cycles (they always went through changes the day after O).
* My normal bloating, large BBs, and large areolas that always follow O and don't subside until AF comes, went away right when AF was supposed to come. I found that weird. Usually AF must come for that to go away. Plus I was concerned I wouldn't receive the BFP because those signs did go away.
* I lost a little weight right when AF was supposed to come. Again, usually AF must come for that to happen.
* I had a loss of appetite, which fluctuated up and down starting around day 11 DPO, which is highly unusual for me. Only some foods sounded good, while others did not (very unusual for me).
* Starting around day 13 DPO, I seemed to get very hungry suddenly, but get full really fast (also unusual - I normally eat all day long plus have 3 meals a day). I am still experiencing that.
* Felt nautious a couple of times after laying down for 20 minutes or more. But not very much nor more than a couple of occurrences.
* Brief insomnia (for 1.5 hours around 5:00 a.m.) on days 12 and 13 DPO. It could have been my racing mind during the TWW.
* Sometimes my urine had the same smell as AF (starting around 10 or 11 DPO).
* I still get occasional cramps that feel like PMS cramps - which started around day 9 DPO. So that sign always threw me off, thinking that AF was coming.

That's it! I hope this helps someone! Good luck to everyone!

41 yrs old - BFP after VR/TTC 3 yrs

The background to my story is that I am 41 and in April 2007 my DH had a vasectomy reversal, 6 years after the original vasectomy.
This month I did a few things differently, but I don't know if it made any difference.I took red clover tablets from AF til O as I heard it may help with cervical mucus if age is a factor.I am not sure it helped, so we used preseed too.I also used a progestoerone cream in the second part of my cycle and have been taking chinese herbs and doing acupuncture.

These are the symptoms:
O day: temp 36.38, opk dark but not darker,aching left ovary
1dpo: temp:36.52, opk dark but not darker,monitor say "peak"
2dpo:temp:36.63,boobs starting to feel sore,congested nose
3dpo:temp:36.65,tingling left nipple,mild left sided cramps
4dpo: Funny breast ache, in the left breast again.Wierd dream that a psychic told me she could see no baby in my future, just puppies!
5dpo:BBs very tender, and funny twinges in them.Also feeling very tired.Felt a bit sick on an empty stomach
6dpo:temp:36.78:tender bbs.Nausea in the evening.Felt sick after smelling coffee, couldn't drink my coffee.
7dpo:temp:36.81:nausea again, tender bbs.
8dpo:temp:36.82:tender breasts that come and go.
9dpo:temp36.84:this rise is good!Feel silly, but take a First Response test anyway.It's positive!!!!I can't believe it.It is so faint, it is barely there, but after months of negatives, I know this is hopeful.I wake my hubby, he says he can't see anything, but we should have celebration sex anyway!!! Bbs still sore and feeling nauseous.
10dpo:temp:36.86. 2 more positive tests! YAY! Metallic taaste in my mouth and nausea ALL day.Mild cramping and backache. Feeling quite tired.
11dpo:temp:36.88. Did a digital test.It says,"not ptegnant".I am not impressed.The Discover test gets an obvious pink line! It is too early for the digital, so will try again later in the week.

That's my story so far.I am keeping my fingers crossed that it is a sticky bean.Although it is officially 7 months ttc, the longing has been there for fer three years, so it feels like it is about time!

The most detailed BFP symptoms ever

I wanted to share my symptoms with you. Mine weren't the USUAL symptoms. I KNEW I was pg since 7 DPO! The tests just wouldn't tell me so, lol.

This is our first cycle TTC for baby #1. I took a herbal pill called FemCycle with Vitex in it. We used Pre-seed a few times. I temped and charted as well.....

I wrote everything I felt!

CD 25 - temp has dropped, indicating that I may not have Oed on CD 21. Feeling a little moody this morning, but may have been due to eating late. Slight twinge just off the center to the right of uterus. Lasted a few minutes and now feel nothing.
Right breast has been sore lately.Today in shower, I noticed that my right nipple is very sensitive. Which is odd. I don't know if this is just because of just being off the pill, or if it is because O is going to happen soon, or if O happened, and it's something else...

CD 26 - temp went back up today! YAY! So by the looks of it, I am 5 DPO. I am having a dull ache in my uterus. Mostly on the right side, again. My nipple is still super sensitive. I don't know why. Never felt like that before. Felt bloaty and gassy this morning. Yuck. That's it so far, but it's only 7:45 in the morning!

CD 28. (officially 6 DPO according to temps) - temp still up (yay!) I recorded sxs at work...
-brief sudden lightheadedness (not doing anything...just sitting in one spot!)
-SOre, heavy boobs. Sore on top of breast.
-feeling hungry, then feeling sick when thinking about eating.
-pain about 2 inches below belly button, lasting about 10 minutes. Felt like pinching.
-feeling tired and sluggish even though I had a full night's rest.

Moodiness! Out of no where. I'm not feeling too great today and I have the long shift at work. Plus the weather has turned very blah. Could be from that...

Update on 6 DPO

Feeling burst of energy. Couldn't sit down. Felt weird inside (not cramps or anything, just weird) and I had to stand at my desk. Felt like my adrenaline got a serious boost. Thought I was going to have to run. Then I got tired really fast. Suddenly felt really warm and tingley all over. Face got hot.
SO moody! Really mad for no reason, causing bf to be scared (lol)
Kept thinking about how much I wanted to go home and cry in the shower because bf was sitting in my new chair when I was at work (again, lol)
Not usually this bad!!!

7 DPO - woke up with some really odd CM. Thick, creamy, slightly yellowish. Weird, considering I have been pretty dry since O....
Hoping this means something!
7:15 am. Had some pink spotting with a BM. Got concerned and checked cm. It was indeed
from there. I checked cm again, and it is brown now....Implantation???

Feel like uterus is filled with air
Painful stabs
Intense cramps
Feeling really hot (I am ALWAYS COLD, and I had to blast the AC!)
I had a sip of a French Vanilla Cappacino and it made me feel sick and made my esophogus feel like mild heart burn (which I very rarely get)
Strong pinching feeling in right side of uterus. When I got up and walked, it felt like that area (inside) was asleep!
Quick stabbing pains (in the above mention spot) so bad I was almost in tears. Like being stabbed with something tiny! (haha)
Lightheaded (I stopped drinking the cappucino by this point!)
So hungry all of a sudden and dizzy feeling!

This evening, 7 DPO. Heartburn so bad I could barely walk. Bloating so much that my fat pants are snug!

8 DPO - Woke up feeling fine. Actually, I woke up with a lot of energy. BF got up for work at 5:45 and I was awake and stayed awake since then. (I usually go back to slep till 8!)
Went to the washroom and had bleeding. New blood. I was scared and thought AF was earlyor something worse. Cervix still feels closed. Way more blood than spotting, not enough to be AF. Put in tampon for a half hour. Took it out and it absorbed everything (there
was a lot of old blood on tampon) and no new spotting so far. Not feeling too bad. A few cramps, but nothing severe. Not heartburn as of yet. Feeling fine and normal today...

More bleeding at 6 pm. Dark red/brown with teensy clots. Not many, but a few. A little cramping and pain on the under side of my boob.

9 DPO - Same bleeding as yesterday. Thought AF was here. Tested, got a BFN. Bleeding seemed heavy but appears to be gone again. SOOO CONFUSED. Mild AF type cramps on and off...