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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Preseed

Pre-Seed, the sperm-friendly lubricant (and only lube that should be used while trying-to-conceive) is a staple of the TTC community. We love it, and we'd hazard a guess that all these ladies on this page with BFPs speak highly of it as well!

If you don't have Pre-Seed yet, we recommend you pick some up at It ships for free anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, and comes with free pregnancy tests. Can't beat that. And when you get your Pre-Seed assisted BFP and you're ready to give credit where credit is due, by all means, send us your symptoms here!

BFP with Preseed (after Miscarriage)

BFP after Miscarriage

I found out about my very first pg on May 1, 2007; however, it ended in miscarriage on June 15. My husband and I were devastated because were TTC for 2 years. I was 11 weeks along, but the the baby stopped growing at 9 weeks and 4 days. I was devastated, but my doctor told me I could start TTC again after one normal cycle which would supposedly occur within two months after the D&C. Well, I had a normal cycle 30 days later and felt ready TTC again. DH and I just decided to BD every other day after the last day of AF. I believe I o'd around day 13 because I started to get slight abdominal pain and very abundant ewcm. Here are my symptoms:

1 dpo- +OPK and peak reading on fertility monitor. Abundant ecwm. BD'd 2x  that day.
2 dpo- still +OPK and peak reading on monitor. BD again.
3-4 dpo- just fatigue, not much cm.
5 dpo- strange dream about adopting Britney Spears babies (LOL) and then  becoming pg.
6-8 dpo- extreme fatigue, lots of white clumpy cm, hot and sweaty!
7-9 dpo- lots of creamy white cm, fatigue, temps above 99 (cover line is  97.9).
10 dpo- I have a over a hundred cheapy sticks from the last time so I decide to test and see the faintest BFP.
11 dpo- I caved in and bought a clearblue digital and after a minute it came up positive!
12 dpo- nausea in sleep, heavy lotiony cm, about 4 more BFPs on internet  cheapies.
13 dpo- vomitted while brushing teeth, sleepy, and overjoyed.

What I did differently this month:

Prayed a lot to Saint Gerard- as recommended by a friend. He is the patron  saint of maternity!

Ate only healthy foods- lots of fruits and veggies, no salt, sugar, or  preservatives. Lots of water!

Stayed stress free, even after the loss.

Continued taking Primacare One prenatal vitamins.

Used Pre Seed as lubrication after the first few days of BDing.

Drank lots of green tea.

Didn't go too crazy with temping until I started to physically feel hot.

I hope this little seed sticks around! Baby dust to all! :)


BFP with Clomid, Preseed & Meditation

Its been a very long road but I finally have my BFP! My husband and I have been TTC for 2 years and 4 months. Your website has been a source of sound advice and inspiration! I have previously tried clomid and accupunture without success. I read the Harvard Med School Book "Six Steps to Increased Fertility" and was very impressed by the rates of pregnancy achieved through meditation classes. Starting in April, I took an 8 wk mindfulness meditation class which helped significantly with my stress level. We decided to take a 3 month hiatus from my job as a physician and try Clomid again before moving on to see REI in October. If I had not been reading TWW I would not have tested as early as I did, which allowed me to start eating the best possible diet as soon as I knew I was pregnant!

This is what I did differently:

--Meditated and Prayed Daily
--Temped (first time ever)
--Clomid 100mg Days 3-7
--Drank Iced Green Tea D1 -D15
--No caffeine except green tea since D4
--Preseed (first cycle trying this!)
--No robitussin, just drank water until urine was clear
--BD daily from day 9 through positive OPK (D15) and for 3 days after
--Reflexology and massage D17 and D25

Early Pregnancy Symptoms:
--- D14 EWCM and Cramping
--D15 positive OPK, severe cramping
--D18 mild gassy abdominal cramping
--D19 gassy cramping, vomited x 1
--D26 (10 DPO) Spotting (light brown mucus), vomited x 1, lower abdomen hurst with laughing/stretching
--D27 Spotting (very light). +HPT (answer)
--D28 Blood BHCG 132
D29 on, increasing bloating, gas, constipation, vomiting in afternoon on some days.


BFP after 5 yrs - Preseed Works!

I am still in shock! My DH and I have been trying for over 5 years. After many rounds of Clomid, sperm testing, HSG ect, we got our BFP yesterday. We finally sought help from a RE in February after realizing that my gyno was a lost cause. However, they found a cyst on my right ovary on my first ultrasound. They recommended we wait a month and see if it corrected itself. March u/s..there it was and we had to wait yet another month. Next month same thing.. Wait, wait wait.. Well, I have a CBE monitor that I decided to use on the months I was waiting. NEVER had a peak day on the thing. Then BAM, April 25th peak on CD 16. We used preseed and bd'd like bunnies. I haven't had any symptoms.still don't really. I only tested to make myself know it was on to another month of trying. But as soon as I poas those lines came up immediately! I called my DH and started screaming it's pink, it's pink! I have never ever been pregnant before, so this is a brand new experience for me. The few "symptoms" I had/have were:

O day---nothing


2dpo---breast slightly sore

3dpo thru10dpo----breasts very sore


12dpo----stuffy nose

13dpo----cramping BFP!!!!!!!!!

14dpo-----scratchy throat, cramping, lunch did not settle with me...

Had my HCG levels drawn today and they were: 146!!!!!!!!!!!!

BFP Thanks to Preseed

Just wanted to share my BFP story with you! We just decided a month ago to try for #2.  I decided to purchase PreSeed, since I hadn't know of it while trying for our first, but had heard good things about it. Our first took us about 6 months or so to get pregnant.  But we just found out that we are pregnant after our first cycle TTC #2, and I'm convinced that the PreSeed made so much of the difference! Just wanted to share how great of a product it is!

I am now 14 DPO, and my symptoms were as follows:

1-7 DPO: Very sore breasts; after that, just slightly sore
7 DPO: Right side cramping near right ovary
10-14 DPO: Slight tightening in middle of uterus, not like AF cramps, but more like tugging
All of 2WW: More cm than usual, and more yellowish than normal

BFP with Preseed

Wow I can't believe I finally get to post here. I finally got my BFP after 11 months of TTC. I am 36 years of age and this will be my first. I used preseed the last 2 cycles and I got my first ever BFP this 4/26 I am so excited. I really believe that Preseed was the biggest help. Got my BFP at 12DPO. I am so excited I have been testing everyday. LOL

1. Slight cramping
2. Hungry
3. Extremely tired
4. Sore boobs
5. Dry eyes
6. Bloating
7. pimples (not normal for me)
8. Metal mouth
9. Stuffy nose
I am now 4 weeks and 4 days yahoo. Sticky dust.

BFP with Preseed and AF cramps

Hi, I am so excited about posting my tww symptoms. This website was such a life saver during my twws and I have loved reading all the symptoms. One thing I must say, is that I convinced myself that I had more PG symptoms on the months that I wasn't PG than I actually had this month. One month I actually convinced myself I had morning sickness! I also read that pineapple helps implantation and I ate so much of it I gave myself ulcers. Anyway ...

0 - I tried using an OPK last month and never detected a surge, and just found them really hard to use (and hard to hold on that long without needing to pee or drink water) so abandoned them this month, so I only think I know when I o'd based on an internet calendar.
1 dpo to 7 dpo - sore bbs, slight cramping, slight nausea (v brief and sporadic), slight headache - all normal post o symptoms for me, nothing unusual.
8dpo - all the usual feelings but I also got a metallic taste in my mouth, like I was sucking on a coin, only not as strong (how do I know that!? - lol). I went crazy on the internet googling that because it had never happened before.
9dpo - nothing, metal taste is gone.
10dpo - metal taste is back but it is now more of a soapy taste rather than a metal taste.
11dpo - cracked and did an hpt in the morning even though I swore I wouldn't. It was BFN but then a + line developed after the 10 minute mark (I would guess at about 12-13 mins). DH could see the line too. I spent the WHOLE day at work reading about evaporation lines on the internet and feeling quietly confident and then v nervous all at once. Made poor DH analyse it for hours at dinner that night and couldn't wait for it to be morning again so I could test again - tragic.
12 dpo - DH woke at 4am to go to the toilet and woke me so I needed to go as well so did the HPT (a bit blurry eyed at 4am!) BFP!!!!! and I read it within the timeframe etc so it was all above board. Poor DH I was in the bathroom for ages because the line was quite faint and I didn't know if I was seeing things. He came in and confirmed there was indeed a line. In the afternoon, felt strongly like AF was on her way. Could not stop checking it was such the same feeling.
13 dpo - (today). BFP this morning again with a darker line!!!!!! It is Sunday today so I can't make an appointment for a blood test until tomorrow morning. I feel pretty confident though since that line got darker over night. AF is officially due tomorrow.
I used First Response early detection tests.

This was our 4th cycle ttc #1. I am 30. DH is 31. We struggled with the BD on command and found it very unromantic. The worst sex we have ever had during these past 4 months!! However, the BIG difference this time was Preseed which we used for the first time, and I can't help but think was the thing that did the trick.

Good luck and baby dust to all XX

BFP with Preseed!

This was my 2nd cycle ttc #1, but 1st month using Preseed. I O'd on CD19, and BD'd on CD: 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22 and elevated my hips with 2 pillows and stayed like that for at least 2 hours - sometimes I didn't move at all over night. Not sure whether it was the Preseed as this was also the first month using OPK's and I discovered i'm a late ovulator so the first month we BD'd like crazy but must have stopped too soon. Preseed definately felt good though so would definately use it again.

1dpo - nothing
2dpo - creamy cm
3dpo - creamy cm, very yellow pee
4dpo - creamy cm, gums bled when brushed
5dpo - creamy cm, mild headaches on and off throughout day, felt quite irritable
6dpo - creamy cm, very mild ache in ovaries area, BFN (what was I thinking testing so early)
7dpo - Slight twinges in ovaries area, itchy legs
8dpo - a dull ache in ovaries area, not like AF, very irritable in evening positive AF is on her way. Bad day at work, v hungry, back pain
9dpo - mild cramps, watery cm, BFN
10dpo - AF due today but hasnât arrived, watery/creamy cm BFN
11dpo - temp high in morning, few sharp twinges, watery/creamy cm, heavy, bloated feeling, got a cold, dizziness in eve, staying up all night to watch Oscars, still no AF
12dpo - heavy bloated feeling, watery/creamy cm
13dpo - creamy cm, BFN, dizziness, back ache
14dpo - creamy cm, bloated, dizziness, legs ache, cramps, BFP!!!!!! v faint line. Am so thrilled

best wishes everyone out there with ttc, hope you get your BFP soon

BFP with Preseed (and PCOS)

There's hope for those with infertility issues! I have PCOS and am taking Metformin. I was trying for two unsuccessful months on Clomid. Then, after a short anovulatory cycle (15 days!) with Clomid days 3-10 I think the Met started AF naturally. I Oed on CD17 and got lucky with a BFP! DH has low motility (male factor infertility) and we were told BDing wouldn't even work. Our IUI cycle was cancelled due to the Clomid not working and we already made a specialist appointment for considering IUI and then IVF. This cycle I had no EWCM and only one day of wet CM, so we used PreSeed. We kept thinking positive and tried our best. We are hoping for a sticky bean!

1 DPO: sore nipples, backache, creamy CM, low firm cervix

2 DPO: sore nips, fatigue, creamy CM

3 DPO: sore nips, headache, and cramps with creamy CM

4 DPO: sore nips, creamy CM, fatigue, and pimple in pantyline area (not usual)

5 DPO: sore nips, lots of creamy CM, backache, dehydrated feeling

6 DPO: sore nips, lotiony white creamy CM

7 DPO: no more sore nips, creamy CM and a tiny bit of super stretchy CM (never get this), dull ache in lower uterus/ovary area

8 DPO: headache, creamy CM, dull ache still

9 DPO: sore tongue (never happens!), strange dreams, creamy CM, slight temp dip on chart

10 DPO: sore tongue, strange dreams, backache, cramps, super light BFaintP on FRER

11 DPO: cramps, slightly darker BFaintP on internet cheapie and also was faint positive at doctor’s office, headache, nausea after dinner, fatigue hit me strong at night, creamy CM

12 DPO: headache, cramps, BFP on internet cheapie and FRER was a medium line, creamy CM, cramps, could hardly sleep last night, huge BBT temperature dip?!, lost appetite, fatigue

13 DPO: creamy CM, fatigue, cramps stronger at night, odd dreams, can’t sleep, temp went back up

14 DPO: dark HPT today PM. Backache, cramps, strange dreams and couldn’t sleep again, temps stayed put, no sore nips or boobs yet...

I decided I may not temp anymore since the dips worry me. The doctor wants me to take another beta at 15 DPO to check that my hormone’s doubled. Baby dust to you!

Got PG with Preseed the first month TTC!

We got PG our first month TTC. We used Preseed, I was drinking green tea and grapefruit juice and took B complex and B6. We BD'd 3 days in a row, skipped a day, then 4 days in a row and no bd on O day. I got 2 positive opk's and we dtd both of those days. I took another OPK the day after and it was definitely negative, so I knew I had definitely O'd based on that and my temps.

Symptoms - none really. No m/s, fatigue or sore boobs in 2ww. I didn't get any symptoms till around 7 weeks where I started having aversions to some foods and others just turned me off, but never had m/s. About 5 days before my bfp, i did notice after seeing pics that my face had become more round.

Preseed Success

Okay, here is a story for all the symptomless hopefuls out there!....We started TTC our second child in June. Although we had no luck the first two months, I had so many imaginary symptoms from reading other people's stories that I would have sworn I was truly prego. Mind over matter I guess. You can imagine what with my nausea and huge boobs (ha ha) the surprise and disappointment I had getting my period after both tries. I felt like the whole summer was a bust. Then I read about Preseed and figured hey I'll try just about anything that doesn't require much extra effort! I didn't want to get too obsessive, start charting and taking temps and using fertility monitors and all that. My firstborn was conceived in our first month of trying and I wanted it to be as fun and stress-free as that. But after a whole summer of imaginary symptoms I thought why not try this stuff.

Here's the kicker: this is the one month I've been walking around all week with period supplies, so convinced was I that I was in for hard time with AF soon. I have NO I repeat NO symptoms yet. I had tested about a week ago, of course way too early, so everything came up negative and I sort of gave up thinking about it, resigned to wait yet another few weeks before the BD marathon would start up again. Yesterday I was due for AF, hadn't seen anything all day so around dinner time last night I thought why not just pee on one of those Dollar Store HPT to get any unconscious hope that's delaying AF out of my mind. Seriously I was so shocked to see the two lines. I know we've been trying but of all the months I have NO symptoms I did not think this was it at all. I went to the doctor today and they confirmed it, I'm due in May!! :)

So just because you don't feel pregnant yet don't throw in the towel, I'm telling you hang in there I didn't think this was my time but apparently it was. Thank you Preseed! God bless!