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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Spotting

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BFP on 9 DPO

So I thought I was out this month because I literally had NO symptoms, but my husband and I were hoping to get pregnant. My periods are very irregular and the last one feels like it was forever ago (maybe the beginning of January?), so I think it's safe to assume that I ovulate SUPER late. I had a bunch of ovulation tests left over from last time we were trying to conceive, so I decided to take one on Feb 12th and there was no mistaking that it was positive, since it was the darkest two lines I've seen yet.

We had BD'd about three days before, then the morning AFTER the positive ovulation test. Then I had no symptoms, literally. Nothing. I started by taking a couple ovulations tests just to see what they would look like- and they looked very light, so I figured there was not way I was preggo. Then I decided to take a dollar store pregnancy test on day 9 (DPO) and there was the FAINTEST second line, I had to squint a lot and my husband couldn't even see it- he thought I was crazy. Then I took one that same evening and it was super faint but my hubby could see it by that point. Now I've taken quite a few dollar store tests and they're all positive, no mistaking it :) By my calculation I'm due Nov 5th. Since 9 DPO, I've been feeling mostly bloated and really tired. I can also see the veins on my chest are getting darker. Best of luck to all of you!

The attached picture was taken at 10 DPO

BFP (light line) 10DPO

Hi gals,

Wanted to share my experience getting pregnant in case it can help anyone else. I know as I was waiting (impatiently) to get pregnant, I was scouring the Internet for info on symptoms, pregnancy tests etc. so maybe something I write here will help you in your search.

I just found out I was pregnant yesterday, which put me at 3 weeks and 5 days (or 10dpo- "days post ovulation").

It was our second month trying (and this would be baby #1), and I knew when to try because I have been charting for a few years on and off (to try and NOT get pregnant while I was off the pill- long story but I just really didn't like the pill).

I had read the book - The Garden of Fertility by Katie Singer - and was doing temperature reading as well as monitoring my vaginal discharge.

This month I ovulated on 2/14, and we had had sex on 2/12 and 2/14.

By 2/14 in the afternoon I had a gut feeling that I was pregnant. And I was very tired right away.

Here are my symptoms I tracked:
2/12 Very thirsty
2/16 Cramps
2/19 Boobs hurt
2/22, 2/23 Spotting 1 week before period (implantation bleeding)
2/20 Cleaning more than usual and thinking about germs which I never do
2/22 Teeth hurt when I first woke up (went away after the morning)
2/23 Ate ground meat, sour cream and cheese for breakfast (?!)
My boobs literally ached when I took my bra off at night
Feel really warm
2/24 faint positive using First Response
2/25 positive using Clear Blue and then back up positive with First Response

Best of luck to you if you're trying and I hope my story helps.

BFP!!!! Sharing on here while it is still a secret to our friends and family!!

Well I have been a regular follower of these boards while ttc #2 (since December 2013) - as I was while ttc my son back in 2011 - and I am over the moon that we finally got our BFP :-)

After a year of ttc with no luck whatsoever I invested in some OPKs and discovered I ovulated a couple of days after I thought and voila! First cycle we have success!

I had some light spotting on Wednesday 4 days before AF was due....just thought she was hitting me early.....however it stopped after a day.

Following some advice on one of these boards that suggested it may have been implantation bleeding I tested twice yesterday and got faint but definite second lines on each. 2 more tests today gave the same :-). Appointment booked with the nurse on Friday to have it confirmed.

I'm dying to shout it from the rooftops but we are keeping it quiet as it's such early days.....but happy to share with you ladies who are all on the same journey :-) :-)

Fingers crossed for me that all goes well!!!


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8 months TTC- BFP!!

My husband and I have been TTC for 8 months. At first we thought it would be easy we expected it to happen the first month or two off the pill. In the last two months I had started to lose hope, thinking there was something wrong with one of us. I am 29 and DH is 30. I even had a Pap smear last week and at the appointment started talking about infertility with the doctor! Well my baby was probably implanting at that very time.

Here are my symptoms
I had a cold this whole time so that may of masked any symptoms. I was also super stressed from work stuff. I did not have sore boobs or nausea or any of the things you hear about.

1-5 dpo creamy cm
6dpo-light cramps or twinges on lower left side at night
7dpo had annual pap smear
8dpo creamy cm mixed with brown
9 dpo tired. Napped for hours, but was sick. A lot of dark brown cm after sex. Dr. said the Pap smear would cause spotting. I usually spot before my period Anyways.
10 dpo cried over something silly
11dpo BFP!! My first :) +frer & cb digital

If trying over 6 months don't get down! I know all my friends got pregnant the first month or 2 and that was hard. There's hope and it doesn't mean somethings wrong with you.

Valentines BFP!

I cant believe I'm writing this!!! My husband and I have been trying for baby #1 for almost a year and we finally got our bfp this morning! Best Valentines Day of my life! I've had pretty regular cycles ranging from 29 to 33 days, but have been dealing with pre-AF spotting. I would normally spot on average a couple days before AF would begin, but since ttc it got whacky! There were a few months where the spotting started 5 days before, and a couple months where it was an entire week before! I began to suspect low progesterone could be the cause, so this month I started taking Maca Root, and put my husband on it as well! I also drank RRL tea, and started taking fish oil supplements. We've also been using the Clear Blue Fertility monitor since November. Pricey but I highly recommend, and our FSA covered the entire amount.

1-7dpo: Nothing
8dpo: my normal pre-AF breast tenderness began. That evening I also had a weird twitching in my lower left abdomen. It felt very much like an eye twitch, and lasted for about an hour and a half. Was very strange. Not sure if that was a symptom, but was def out of the ordinary.
9dpo: breast tenderness, started getting hunger pangs which I don't normally get, and was really thirsty.
10dpo: same as day before
11 dpo: breast tenderness, hungry, thirsty, and started spotting. This wasn't like my normal pre-AF spotting. It was a lot lighter. Definitely thought I was out though.
12 dpo: breast tenderness, hungry, very light spotting, and was out shopping and experienced a very quick sharp shooting pain. Lasted a few seconds and was gone.
13 dpo: breast tenderness, hungry, thirsty, verrrry light spotting in the morning that disappeared by the afternoon. Thought that was odd but didnt want to get my hopes up. Hubby took me out for an early Valentines dinner and had a glass of wine (whoops), and it smelled like rubbing alcohol. That night I fell asleep and woke up an hour or so later gagging. Verrrrrry odd.
14dpo: period due today and nothing! No spotting or anything. Tested and BFP!!! Still have breast tenderness but only mildly. Still getting hunger pangs and thirsty. Other than that, I don't have many symptoms.

What tipped me off the most this month was my spotting was a lot lighter than it has been, and the fact that it stopped! So if you spot, don't count yourself out!

I had been praying all along for God to bless us with a baby but this month I claimed it. So all the glory goes to Him! Thank you Jesus!

Baby dust to all of you ladies! The wait is not easy.

1st Month TTC "practice month!"...and post marathon!! =)

Okay it feels really weird to be posting a BFP after stalking this website all day everday for the last couple weeks, but alas!
I am already skeptical about some people posting confirmed pregnancies so early and to be honest, I try not to take too much to heart. But hindsight a lot of what others said they were experiencing helped me be more patient, and nothing is more exciting than seeing your first positive test! (so far in life!) :)

Background: My fiance (32 y/o) and I (28 y/o) have been practicing safe sex for 3 years, just got engaged this last Christmas and are getting married at a destination wedding this upcoming March (6 weeks away eek!). I had been training and running marathons this past year and finally Boston Qualified for my first this past January 18th(the week we conceived). Just for kicks the Saturday after race we bought a Dollar Tree OPK (while we were there shopping for wedding craft supplies). I ended up taking the OPK Sunday morning 1-25-15 and it had a very bright LH surge line on it, so we thought what the heck...might as well "practice trying" for a baby. Assuming running the marathon would throw my hormones off anyways we truly did not think it would work, especially since it's a 25% shot each month of trying anyways. Even leading up to the BFP I just assumed my "symptoms" were marathon recovery or premenstrual related. SOOOO EXCITED now and really hope and pray this is a normal and healthy pregnancy!!! I now believe (even after doubting my wise fiance) that it really can only take ONE time. Ha...

As far as DPO, I have an app. on my phone where I was taking note almost daily starting at probably 1 DPO (likely not pregnancy related).

1/12/15-1/16/15 A.F.
1/25/15: Positive OPK from Dollar Tree
1/27/15: Estimated "ovulation"

1/28/15: 1 DPO: BBT 97.8
1/29/15: 2 DPO: BBT 97.4
1/30/15: 3 DPO: BAD backache, most likely had pulled something while at work. Noticed it when I bent over to take laundry out of clothes dryer.
1/31/15: 4 DPO: same
1/01/15: 5 DPO: BBT 97.7. Got bored and took a FREPT, obviously way too early and BFN: .
1/02/15: 6 DPO: BBT 97.7
1/03/15: 7 DPO: BBT 97.2; CP medium open-ish; wet
1/04/15: 8 DPO: BBT 98.2; mild cramping and lower back ache
1/05/15: 9 DPO: BBT 98.5; mild cramping and lower back ache

1/06/15:10 DPO: BBT 98.5. This is TMI, but when checking cervix I had a little bit of pink spotting. Only when I checked cervix though, nothing on TP or undies.

1/07/15:11 DPO: BBT 98.5. Little bit of brown smudge in panties at work. Took FREPT that I had picked up on the way to work that morning, took it at 11:30 (after not peeing since 7 am) and it was a faint but definite BFP! confirmed by sisters that have multiple kids, and a co-worker (nurse). I needed a some second opinions b/c it I thought I was seeing things or was crazy lol.

1/08/15:12 DPO: BBT 98.5. Took walmart cheapo preg. test and it was a faint purple line (right around noon). Mild A.F. cramping; little sassy/ hormonal to fiance :/ (thought if my period was coming it would be legit b/c I turn into a bit of a bee-otch that time of month). Still not really feeling like I. Me. of all people could be prego!

1/09/15: 13 DPO TODAY: BBT 97.7 this morning. AF like cramps, bad! Still preeetty show the BFP could have been a chemical pregnancy or something. The lower temp got me a lil freaked out that it was lower so I took an FREPT at 5 a.m. and the line seemed thicker than the first BFP; but ALSO took a Clearblue digital estimator and it said "not pregnancy." I just assumed it was still to early...

JUST NOW! (or about noon after holding pee for 4 hrs). Took FREPT and digital again and it came up with "1-2 weeks Pregnant!" Whoop! I knew the others were positive( mostly); but it's definitely nice to see it in words!


I was 2 days late came on my cycle light flow today is the second cycle with no flow. I goes tand use the bathroom out the day nothing on my lad but brownish I wipe myself it's light red at times it spots every and now then what should I do?

Bfp 12dpo chronic spotter

Hello ladies....I've spent many sleepless nights stalking this forum for all helpful tips and I thought I will share my story if it can help anyone. I am 32, dh 40, got off the pill in Feb 2014 and spotted every month since. Some months after bd during the last week of my cycle, others for no apparent reason. We were actively trying since September. First two months I used Opk sticks which showed a surge on cd14. I never had much cm though, always watery cm for a couple of days around ovulation. Although I never had progesterone levels tested, I assumed my hormones were out of whack and started taking Vitex (2 ×400mg per day) in mid November. Another month went by and nothing....I was really ticked off. In early Jan, dh had to be gone for work for 4 days during my ovulation week. I thought wth, let's try PreSeed and give the little monsters a chance to survive longer....we bd-d cd11 and cd15 (upon return). A week laterl we had a nice evening out where I got completely drunk, thinking no way in hell would something have happened. Well, next night (7dpo), I had light pink spotting on tp....I honestly refused to believe it could be implantation bleeding....two days after brown spotting continues, lots of it after bd. Gassy, constipated, sore boobs. I refused to believe it was happening.10dpo, woke up, tummy flat, boobs flat. Here we go again, another month. CD11, late afternoon, felt a hint of nausea in a meeting. Despite my best judgment, went to the pharmacy and dropped 25 bucks on a HPT. Poas, a very faint second line came up. Wwwhhhhhhaaatt??? Asked a friend at work to tell me if I'm crazy and sure enough, she sees the line too. I've officially started week 5 today, no spotting since. I started skipping vitex at night and will take one pill every other day for a week as I've read conflicting stories. Hopefully everything goes welk from now on for my little bean. Good luck to all of you trying, lots of baby dust being sent your way. I guess if there was one thing I took away from all this is to get to know your body really well. I am convinced that my cm not being ew consistency had something to do with a few failed months.

I can't believe it! BFP during our first cycle of TTC after 10+ years on bcp!

I can't even believe I am posting this here. It still seems so surreal. But it's really true...I got my BFP yesterday (twice) and again today (just had to be sure). I stopped taking bpc 3 months ago after 10+ years on the pill...but this was our first cycle of actually TTC, so I was so shocked that we actually did it! Obviously it is SUPER early, so fingers crossed and good vibes hoping my little poppy seed sticks around. And good luck to all of you TTC and enduring the two week wait! <3 are my early pregnancy symptoms leading up to my BFP!

2 days prior to O-day: positive OPK...hit the sheets with the hubby
O-day: twinges of pain/cramping on the right side of lower abdomen
1-3 dpo: nothing noticeable
4-5 dpo: vivid dreams, lots of creamy CM, mild cramping, gassy
6 dpo: feeling bloated
7 dpo: post-nasal drip, pinching cramp
8 dpo: woke up with strong AF-like cramps
9 dpo: nothing
10 dpo: vivid dreams, post-nasal drip, BFN :(
11 dpo: another BFN
12 dpo: brown spotting in PM, thought it was definitely the start of AF (due the next day)
13 dpo: AF due but does not arrive, BFP with FMU using FRER (and again late afternoon!!), brown spotting continues, mild cramps
14 dpo: brown spotting ends, mild cramps, another BFP in the evening using a Clear Blue digital test (still can't believe it!)

What a journey... A BFP that I thought I'd never get.

I have wanted to be pregnant for quite some time and for the past year and a half the two week wait has consumed my life - and always receiving a BFN at the end (mind you, I never timed the baby dancing ... it's just that my timing was always off until recently). However, during the two week wait I have always thought I had symptoms - cramps, sore breasts, constipation, nausea, strong sense of smell, etc... but each time, my period came. Sometimes early and sometimes late. This time, I decided to use the ovulation predictor kits to time it better. But the bd (baby dancing) happens when it happens. I didn't want to have sex on demand and put stress on our relationship. So on the Monday, cycle day 11, we randomly found ourselves dancing. I knew it was too early, but it was so amazing. Anyway too much information. On day 13 when I returned home from our holiday, I started testing with the OPK, as I was scheduled to ovulate on Friday.... the OPK never gave me a smiley face... I took two everyday for six days. I finally gave up. So begins the two week wait and the phantom symptoms... But this time, there were no phantom symptoms. During my two week wait, I noticed a little light pink spotting, which I contributed to something else. It literally was 2-3 streaks on tissue, so I didn't think it was implantation bleeding. Then I noticed my breasts hurt, but not to the touch. It felt like they were throbbing inside - like blood rushing through them. It started with the left and then went to the right. Then the left nipple started to itch! Non-stop and then the right. This was something I had never experienced and/or read as a general symptom. I then started to feel a bit constipated. Oh and one important thing, I had a cut that normally would heal within 2 days, but it didn't. It was not healing and I was freaking out. This was literally a few days after I baby danced. My immune system was shut down! Anyway, I did notice that something was strange there. My dear friend said, getting pregnant at your age is very hard, so you are probably not, so to ease your mind going into the New Year so you can drink like it's 1999, just do a test and get it out the way. So today, I took the umpteenth pregnancy test... waiting for the all so common Not Pregnant.... and for the first time in my life, at the age of 39, I got a BFP. I know it's early, but I can only tell you that it's the most incredible moment when you realize that life changing event. I can't wait to tell my love... It's also his first at 48. This forum has been so great over the past year during my two week wait and I am so happy to say all the baby dust floating around in here, has been magical. Here's to starting a family :) And to recognizing that new feelings could be the very sign that you are pregnant. So to be clear, here were my symptoms:

Weak immune system - probably to make sure my body did not reject the pregnancy.
Itchy breasts - started with the left and then the right.
Throbbing breasts - throbbing and painful from the inside, but not hurtful to the touch.
Slight spotting - literally 2-3 light pink streaks, if that.

:) - Baby dust to all! Wish me luck over the next 10 weeks.