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BFP AFTER AF (Heavy Bleeding and severe cramps)

Just want to thank this forum, as I'm a regular stalker and symptom spotter hehe.

This is for all the GES's (Google Every Symptom-ers) and those who've had a bleed and thought it was their period. Bleeding accompanied with severe cramps that had me running to A&E thinking I was dying. When I went, the doctors couldn't find the cause and sent me home. Next day I had a scan and nothing was found in my uterus, just blood clots. This was the day my AF was due which was 16th June.

FINALLY after 2 weeks of insanity (i convinced myself that either I had fibroids, tumors or an unknown illness but i deffo wasnt preggo) I got my BFP on FRER. FAINT line but still pretty much there!

Ive had 3 miscarriages and 1 successful pregnancy. The weird thing is im pregnant around the same time, I was 3 years ago!

So I tracked ovulation according to Ovia Fertility and Period Tracker. But Ovia Fertility was wrong based on CM so according to Period Tracker I ovulated on 2nd June. Here goes ladies.

I DTD on 27, 28, 30, 4 & 5th June. Honestly guys I didn't think i was in for a chance Cus we didn't DTD on ovulation day.

SYMPTOMS I DIDN'T HAVE: metallic taste, sore/sensitive nipples, stuffy nose, migraines, severe boob ache, frequent urination, vomiting.

1DPO: happy, tight muscles and joint pain. WATERY CM.

2DPO: +sex drive, cramps, bloated stomach, heavy feeling in uterus, nausea, gassy, backache, throat feels swollen, felt really tired, cramps, EWCM.

3DPO: +sex drive, frequent urination, backache, pelvic pain and cramps, bloating (cant suck belly in), extremely tired (had 2 naps, never do that), boobs feel really full (normally feel like this a day before AF), SCHOOL GLUE CREAMY CM.

4DPO: happy, +sex drive, cramps, gassy, backaches, extremely tired (eyes feel heavy), LOTS OF CREAMY WHITE CM.

5DPO: still tired!

6DPO: bloated (belly feels hard), gassy (gas masks needed), boobs feel humongous, stomach feels really heavy, lots of cramps, LUKEHORRA, STRINGY, YELLOW/BROWN CM (in abundance, I literally wet myself with CM).

7DPO: woke up feeling like I peed myself there was WATERY CM, vagina is itchy and swollen inside, CM LOOKS YELLOW/GREEN, think Im getting an infection. AF cramps, feeling really tired, acid reflux.


9DPO: AF cramps which is normal, boobs don't hurt as much which is unusual normally boobs feel heavy, SCHOOL GLUE CM.

10DPO: happy, calm (unusual normally PMS takes over around this time Im in a stinking mood), hot flashes, +sex drive, gassy, bloated (cant suck belly in&it's hard), sharp pain in uterus, cramps like AF, backaches, fatigue (tired after day out), back aches, slight nausea, face feels hot, flutters in stomach twinges and pinches, SCHOOL GLUE CM (smells FISHY like AF TMI SORRY). I FEEL PREGNANT, I just know i am!

11DPO: happy, calm (no PMS which i usually get) burning like cramps in hips and uterus, boobs hurt near armpits & feel full & heavy (normally they hurt a lot more), feel exhausted, kicks & flutters in stomach (feels like world war 3 in there), CREAMY THICK YELLOW CM.

12DPO: woke up and thought i peed myself. Bed had a wet patch ran to bathroom and found CLOUDY CM, dizzy, bloated, backaches, extreme fatigue (unusual), so hungry had 6 meals! My urine is fluorescent and STINKS.

13DPO: lots of CREAMY CM outside vagina (normally I have to stick finger in), Vaginal canal feels weird, feels tighter. I don't ever get this much CM before period. Getting happy. Could it be? Extremely hungry and tired, cant stop eating and sleeping.
POAS BFN ; - (

14DPO: AF DUE, Im absolutely bloated. I tell DH im pregnant (i just felt preggers) pink spotting that turns brown (normally have full blown period), later in evening bleeding is heavier, get severe cramps in stomach (felt like last miscarriage), rush to hospital. Nothing found, negative pregnancy test. Blood only soaked 1 pad which is weird. Blood is bright red not like AF at all and doesnt smell fishy like AF. Doctor checked vagina and couldn't see any blood coming out so don't know where the blood is coming from. BLOOD CLOT in pad the size of a ping pong ball.

15-17DPO: bleeding never gets heavier, turns into pink spotting, still bloated, hot flashes, extremely tired (need 2 naps a day). I've never felt like this EVER. I normally have a 5 day period that is heavy for 3 days and Im never bloated or tired or hungry. DS randomly comes hugs me and kisses my belly saying 'you got baby in your belly'.

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Finally a BFP 13 DPO!

We've been trying since December and we're thrilled to finally get a BFP! I'm 35 and my husband is 36 so we were getting a bit anxious when month after month we were unsuccessful. In previous months, we've done the SMEP schedule pretty religiously. I also took Fertile CM supplement 3x per day and this cycle I added Mucinex 2x per day starting the day my OPK came up positive through CD 16 when we stopped BDing.

OPK was positive on CD 11, so likely O'd on CD 12.
BD on CD 10, 11, 12, 14, and 16. Legs up for about 20-30 mins each time afterwards.
Started 2 slices of pineapple 3 DPO and had 2 slices each day (with core) for the next 4 days.
10 DPO I started having spotting after using the toilet. Bright pink and never enough to seep into a pantyliner. Smells started to get really intense. Slight nausea in the morning, but nothing too bad. Some on and off headaches.
Concerned about the spotting I took a test and got our BFP 13 DPO. The spotting continued for a full week from when it started and then stopped.

Tested again on 17 DPO one day after my missed period just to be sure!

Praying this is a healthy babe. Will see the doctor in another month or so to confirm all is well.

Best of luck to you all!! It felt a little nuts doing all of the above, but it the most worth it kind of nuts looking back. :)

BFP after TTC with partial Thyroid Lobectomy(no meds)

I want to explain my circumstances leading up to my BFP to help give those in similar circumstance a glimmer of Hope that you too can get your BFP. So if this too epic, please skip to the relevant sections.

Arguing and Make Up Sex:
So you know how you hear those dreaded words, "just relax and it will happen", or , "when you least expect it..." - well there might be some truth to that! But that being said you're never going to relax if your actively ttc and if it's putting loads of pressure on yourself. Well that's what it was like for me/us. We relaxed because we thought we needed IVF and had an appointment to see a specialist at the fertility hospital. Apparently we couldn't get pg without assistance said the GP. Whom was delighted when I went back 1 month later to say hey Preggers!

We'd been having a pretty bad argument during my fertile windo pre-o day so there was no BD beforehand, and I certainly wasn't feeling relaxed leading up to the "moment"! Lol! But we had make-up sex on Day of O and each day for the two days afterwards.

Male factor? 2%morohology combined with Thyroid Disease:
DH and I had pretty much given up hopes of conceiving naturally, even contacted the GP for assistance. We'd not long got the SA results (2% morphology, but 106mil count) and I received normal on the ovulation and thyroid results (please know I still don't know my latest readings as yet), so we were feeling pretty deflated.

Now in the 2 years we'd been TTC I found out I had thyroid issues and had a partial Thyroid Lobectomy and isthmathology (however you spell it). My thyroid results were good enough I didn't have to go on thyroxine post surgery. I made an effort to juice and change my diet drastically, take relevant vitamins as well pre and post op (jan 2014).

I have read on the net that to conceive your tsh should be under 2. Well I was determined to bring my numbers down and through diet and juicing, vitamins etc I believe I managed to manage my thyroid, as I saw the numbers drop each 6 months when it was tested. In October 2014 they were at 2.72. Please note UK guidelines says anything under 5 is normal.

Monitors & vitamins used:
The CBFM wasn't showing peaks until OCT last year! And I stopped using it in February this year. I felt the POAS was stressing me out as was temping. Instead I relied on FF, CM and mittelschmertz pain to give me the tell tale sign of O day.

I got agnus cactus and took that for one month, but stopped after getting spooked, I was taking multivitamins for 50+ (lower iron content as iron can affect thyroid!), and sometimes took complex B vitamen pack, magnesium n calcium, zinc with vit c. Rather than the multi vit.


Oday: largest amount of ewcm ever with red streaks. Small pain on left lower abdomen like a stitch. DTD, stayed laying down for approx. 45 - 1 hour

1dpo: DTD, same ewcm as above, just a smaller amount.
2dpo: DTD - clear stretchy cm
3dpo: no symptoms
4-5dpo: dark red/ brown spotting
6-8: lightly tinged lotion CM - more brown than pink.
9-11: mild cramps on and off like getting period. Brown spotting is back.
12: no symptoms and no spotting
13dpo: no period, no pmt, no sore boobs nothing!

Decided to test using CB digital with counter. Came up straight away as pregnant ( I thought it was broken as the timer was still showing) but took a little longer to say how many weeks. But it came up 1-2 weeks.

I want you to know don't give up, if after all the above, 2 years ttc we got that BFP, so can you. Wishing you all baby dust xxxx
Currently 4w +2 days: DD 19 Feb 2016 ps cycle used to be 31 days until February when changed to 28 days, o happening on cd14 (used to be 16/17). And I'm 31 on 16/6, BFP on 12/6!!!

Bfp at 9dpo!!

Woohoo!! After 9 long months got my first bfp!!! At 11am got a negative on first response, 7pm super faint on dollar store cheapie, at 930 good line on dollar store cheapie (veriquick), and 11pm super faint on first response! I am 9 dpo and do chart temps. I had Ib on 6dpo

Bfp after stillbirth

I have been reading everyone's success story since I lost my baby at 37 weeks last November, I found they gave me hope..
I am currently only five weeks so fx that this little one will be fine.
I have regular 28 day cycles have been using clearblue ovulation sticks which I highly recommend, pressed, robuttisson, pregnacare,and bd 8 times over my four day fertile period, I thought I was out this month as I had my usual spotting before my period and I had zero symptoms other than being extremely fatigued which I put down to work.
The one thing I did different this month was used soft cups which freaked me out slightly but I believe they helped get my bfp!
Good luck to everyone . Baby dust to you all!

12 DPO - faint BFP :)

So here is my tww analysis. This is my second cycle after stopping hbc. Was on the nuvaring for 15 months. First month off was a roller coaster. Very tired. Very clear ovulation symptoms. AF started with spotting that month and broke through a few days late. I am really really hopeful this month is when it happens. Cycles pre-hbc were always very regular and with very telling signs AF was on her way.

Counting from day after I spotted which was cd14.

1-2 Dpo: nothing of interest.
3dpo: unusually intense dreams. Mild cramps.
4-7 dpo: mild cramping. Very much like AF cramping but milder, pretty constant. Cm no different in colour, creamy but more globby (high tmi factor, sorry)
7 dpo: noticed a tiny bit of pink discharge after intercourse with dh. Out of the ordinary.
8dpo: at the end of the day tiny blob of brown cm. feel bloated.
9dpo: mild nausea during the day. Bit dizzy at times. Still a bit of cramping. All very mild though, wondering if it's not just me being paranoid and hyper aware of every little twinge. Getting nervous for af to come. The dull cramping continues.
10dpo: no cramping in the morning. Nothing noteworthy. No appetite in the morning (noteworthy because I am very much a breakfast person) Not much going at all really. Not sure if that is a good sign. Getting more convinced that AF is just going to come
11dpo Dreamt about getting AF. Breasts a bit sore, not sensitive to touch but just full feeling and tingles in nipples. Tired. PA at work asked if I was ok because I looked horrible lol. Feeling off. Very tired. Burpy in the morning. Really very tired beyond the normal. Dh sent me to bed for a pre dinner nap. No cramps or anything.
12dpo did a frer test after getting up. positive. Faint but undeniably there. Omg. Still feel some pressure. Mild nausea in the morning.

Well then! Hope it sticks and everything goes as it should. :) :) :)

Still paranoid that next test will be BFN. Testing again on Saturday when AF is due.

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Can't believe it! Finally BFP!!!

This cycle was so different. My others I've had have been chock full of "pregnancy symptoms ". This cycle was more subtle. BD started while we were on vacation so, I was more relaxed. I had a good feeling about this cycle. I know everyone says that, but I had a peace this time I can't explain. I didn't stress this cycle.

1-2 DPO: nothing
3 Dpo: emotional and abdominal pain/discomfort
3 DPO-8 DPO: I did pineapple core
4 DPO- 11 DPO: Bloated and clear the room gassy. Knew it was unusual because I woke up with it. And bloated no matter what I ate.
6- 8 DPO: Fatigue and by 8 DPO I was taking naps which I NEVER do!
6, 7, and 10 DPO: terrible headaches which coincide with my implantation bleeding at 6 and my first positive HPT at 10
9-10 DPO incredibly irritable. Wanted to punch DH every time he talked to me! Also nausea started. Vomited once.
9 DPO: negative HPT including digital EPT
10 DPO: Got first positive HPT with night urine. Night urine is more concentrated for me.
11 DPO: heavier cramping started and more reliable line on HPT but all still faint. Clearest line was on a Dollar Tree Test!
12 DPO: positive first digital test; clear blue easy.

BFP after Chemical Pregnancy, Spotting, and Whacky Temps!

Like many before me, I want to share my story to provide hope to those of you who may think you're out this cycle, because I definately thought I was! This is our 3rd cycle TTC #2, and we got our blazing BFP at 13 DPO. Here's my story...

Stopped birth control in February, and expected my cycle to regulate pretty quickly, which it did. We began "trying" in March. I got several faint positive FRER tests in the days leading up to AF, but the test line never darkened with each passing day, then AF showed up two days late. We were very disappointed, but this motivated us to try harder because we want a baby so badly!

Second cycle we BD every day for ten days around fertile week so I was convinced that would do the trick... also logged a ton of symptoms, but I was wrong. BFN. Started to wonder if I was even ovulating (maybe those faint positives HPTs were all simply false?) and decided to order OPKs, temp, and change my prenatal vitamin. Also felt so silly for convicing myself I was pregnant based on symptoms.

Third cycle:

CD7 through 11- BD

CD12- Positive OPK

CD13- Negative OPK, OVULATION DAY. BD am and pm.

1 DPO- Temp spike confirmed ovulation. Ate a ton of pineapple core and pineapple.

2 DPO- Nothing

3 DPO- BD, drank a couple alcoholic beverages with dinner

4 DPO- Emotional, irritable (unusual for me)

5 DPO- Drastic temp dip, noticed creamy CM on toilet paper, moderate cramps

6 DPO- Sharp cramp on right side, most painful while standing and walking

7 DPO- Nothing

This is when the magic starts happening...

8 DPO- Tons of creamy CM on toilet paper again, SO MOODY, everything DH does bothers me, tired

9 DPO- Big temp dip, BD, pink spotting after BD so think I'm out this cycle and also mad at DH for "causing AF", tons of cream CM in toilet paper, SO MOODY, EXHAUSTED

10 DPO- Temp spike, light pink spotting in the am, creamy CM in toilet paper, 2 small cocktails with dinner, SO TIRED AND MOODY

11 DPO- Light spotting, still so moody and tired

12 DPO- Blazing BFP!

13 DPO- BFP on digi!

The only true giveaways for me were the extreme fatigue and moodiness, both of which I experienced with my son. But regardless, I didn't expect to get a BFP this month due to the spotting and whacky temp dips post ovulation (I've heard of an implantation dip, but two?).

All the glory goes to God and I pray every moment for a healthy baby come February 2016! Good luck to everyone trying, and my advice would to be keep busy during the TWW and try to distract yourself if possible. I was on vacation from 8 DPO through 12 DPO and that helped keep me from obsessing too much.

BFP first cycle after Lap (stage1 endo/cyst); Hashimotos

Like so many people, I had been all over this board waiting and hoping for a very long time. I hope my post helps other women. Partner and I had been tested- everything appeared completely normal so we were "unexplained"

I had a really hard decision between the lap and really thinking about clomid and eventually IVF. Although no issues came up on ultrasounds, I decided on the lap because I could not handle the pain around my period anymore (plus clotting). I could remember a time when my periods were painless and realized that now I dreaded dealing with them and that just wasn't my normal and wasn't acceptable to me. I knew 100% that something was up- and it was probably endo. My RE is amazing and got me in a few days later to do the lap. (I also had been diagnosed with Hashimotos thyroid and had my numbers under control there so it ended up being irrelevant to TTC although I wasted a lot of time freaking out about it- I guess this made me improve my diet so it couldn't have been such a bad thing).

I went in for the surgery that cycle about CD10 and after it, didn't ovulate until way later (stress I guess) and had a long cycle. In the lap, they found some weird cyst and stage 1 endo, & they straightened it all up. My first period after the lap was better than it had been in years. Then the following cycle is the BFP cycle!!

Did nothing different that cycle. +OPK at around CD12. Nothing unusual.

AF cramping 8DPO and 9DPO with an extremely light amount of spotting 9D0= I thought I was out. When I tell you this, I mean it. I thought I was 1000% out. I was mentally exhausted and feeling at the end of my rope. I am skeptical about people who say they have strong symptoms in the 2WW- after you've been trying for a while, you realize there are those months where you have ALL the symptoms but a BFN. I quit looking for symptoms. It's only in retrospect that I can say the only things I noticed that we really weird was that my body could no longer handle coffee, even a small amount, and that I was peeing quite a lot. But I was in a place where I wouldn't let myself get my hopes up.

Sunday morning comes along and I was planning to have a few drinks. It was 13DPO and it was weird that my period hadn't come. But again wouldn't let myself get my hopes up. I had completely stopped POAS because quite honestly, it had become traumatic for me to see a BFN. I only tested because my period hadn't come and I was planning, quite frankly, to get drunk. Imagine my surprise when I looked down at that test....and for the first time ever saw another line (the line was dark and appeared immediately- I could have tested days earlier). Joyous doesn't begin to cover it!!! Also in some kind of shock.

But it ended up being a rough morning because about three hours later, I was spotting. I thought it was super weird since that line had come in so dark!! Anyway, spotting stopped a two days later and it was always extremely light. All my betas/progesterone blood draws have been great, very high- so far, so good.

Please don't lose hope- after you go through a lot to get to a BFP you end up believing it can't happen but it can and it will!!

BFP 14 dpo - so happy and surprised, as very few symptoms!

I wanted to share my story, as I've found everyone's so helpful whilst we've been ttc over the past 4 months!

1 - 6 dpo -no real symptoms except tiredness and more hungry than usual (but put down to a busy week at work!)
7 dpo - noticed bumps around areola were more noticeable
8 dpo - upset stomach in the evening, had to rush to the toilet. A tiny bit of spotting
9 dpo - upset stomach in the afternoon again and light spotting continued
10 dpo - light spotting and light cramps
11 - 14 dpo - light spotting continued, with some heavier bleeding inbetween (assumed af had just been light this month)
Had a spare test so at 14dpo (day af was due) I did my first test of the cycle. Nearly choked on my toothpaste when my clearblue came back ' pregnant 1-2 weeks'! Took a FRER in the eve and one the next day - both BFP's!

I continued to spot until 18 dpo when it tailed off. I was very hungry and noticed slightly more sensitive bbs than normal.

We were having a really busy month in April, and my opk sticks run out before I got a positive - so we just dtd three times around about the dates we thought might be right (we had really date watched the last couple of months). So were totally surprised and very happy when we found out! I'm 6 weeks now, and this will be our first baby - ttc since January. Goodluck everyone :-)

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