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Bfp 12dpo chronic spotter

Hello ladies....I've spent many sleepless nights stalking this forum for all helpful tips and I thought I will share my story if it can help anyone. I am 32, dh 40, got off the pill in Feb 2014 and spotted every month since. Some months after bd during the last week of my cycle, others for no apparent reason. We were actively trying since September. First two months I used Opk sticks which showed a surge on cd14. I never had much cm though, always watery cm for a couple of days around ovulation. Although I never had progesterone levels tested, I assumed my hormones were out of whack and started taking Vitex (2 ×400mg per day) in mid November. Another month went by and nothing....I was really ticked off. In early Jan, dh had to be gone for work for 4 days during my ovulation week. I thought wth, let's try PreSeed and give the little monsters a chance to survive longer....we bd-d cd11 and cd15 (upon return). A week laterl we had a nice evening out where I got completely drunk, thinking no way in hell would something have happened. Well, next night (7dpo), I had light pink spotting on tp....I honestly refused to believe it could be implantation bleeding....two days after brown spotting continues, lots of it after bd. Gassy, constipated, sore boobs. I refused to believe it was happening.10dpo, woke up, tummy flat, boobs flat. Here we go again, another month. CD11, late afternoon, felt a hint of nausea in a meeting. Despite my best judgment, went to the pharmacy and dropped 25 bucks on a HPT. Poas, a very faint second line came up. Wwwhhhhhhaaatt??? Asked a friend at work to tell me if I'm crazy and sure enough, she sees the line too. I've officially started week 5 today, no spotting since. I started skipping vitex at night and will take one pill every other day for a week as I've read conflicting stories. Hopefully everything goes welk from now on for my little bean. Good luck to all of you trying, lots of baby dust being sent your way. I guess if there was one thing I took away from all this is to get to know your body really well. I am convinced that my cm not being ew consistency had something to do with a few failed months.

I can't believe it! BFP during our first cycle of TTC after 10+ years on bcp!

I can't even believe I am posting this here. It still seems so surreal. But it's really true...I got my BFP yesterday (twice) and again today (just had to be sure). I stopped taking bpc 3 months ago after 10+ years on the pill...but this was our first cycle of actually TTC, so I was so shocked that we actually did it! Obviously it is SUPER early, so fingers crossed and good vibes hoping my little poppy seed sticks around. And good luck to all of you TTC and enduring the two week wait! <3 are my early pregnancy symptoms leading up to my BFP!

2 days prior to O-day: positive OPK...hit the sheets with the hubby
O-day: twinges of pain/cramping on the right side of lower abdomen
1-3 dpo: nothing noticeable
4-5 dpo: vivid dreams, lots of creamy CM, mild cramping, gassy
6 dpo: feeling bloated
7 dpo: post-nasal drip, pinching cramp
8 dpo: woke up with strong AF-like cramps
9 dpo: nothing
10 dpo: vivid dreams, post-nasal drip, BFN :(
11 dpo: another BFN
12 dpo: brown spotting in PM, thought it was definitely the start of AF (due the next day)
13 dpo: AF due but does not arrive, BFP with FMU using FRER (and again late afternoon!!), brown spotting continues, mild cramps
14 dpo: brown spotting ends, mild cramps, another BFP in the evening using a Clear Blue digital test (still can't believe it!)

What a journey... A BFP that I thought I'd never get.

I have wanted to be pregnant for quite some time and for the past year and a half the two week wait has consumed my life - and always receiving a BFN at the end (mind you, I never timed the baby dancing ... it's just that my timing was always off until recently). However, during the two week wait I have always thought I had symptoms - cramps, sore breasts, constipation, nausea, strong sense of smell, etc... but each time, my period came. Sometimes early and sometimes late. This time, I decided to use the ovulation predictor kits to time it better. But the bd (baby dancing) happens when it happens. I didn't want to have sex on demand and put stress on our relationship. So on the Monday, cycle day 11, we randomly found ourselves dancing. I knew it was too early, but it was so amazing. Anyway too much information. On day 13 when I returned home from our holiday, I started testing with the OPK, as I was scheduled to ovulate on Friday.... the OPK never gave me a smiley face... I took two everyday for six days. I finally gave up. So begins the two week wait and the phantom symptoms... But this time, there were no phantom symptoms. During my two week wait, I noticed a little light pink spotting, which I contributed to something else. It literally was 2-3 streaks on tissue, so I didn't think it was implantation bleeding. Then I noticed my breasts hurt, but not to the touch. It felt like they were throbbing inside - like blood rushing through them. It started with the left and then went to the right. Then the left nipple started to itch! Non-stop and then the right. This was something I had never experienced and/or read as a general symptom. I then started to feel a bit constipated. Oh and one important thing, I had a cut that normally would heal within 2 days, but it didn't. It was not healing and I was freaking out. This was literally a few days after I baby danced. My immune system was shut down! Anyway, I did notice that something was strange there. My dear friend said, getting pregnant at your age is very hard, so you are probably not, so to ease your mind going into the New Year so you can drink like it's 1999, just do a test and get it out the way. So today, I took the umpteenth pregnancy test... waiting for the all so common Not Pregnant.... and for the first time in my life, at the age of 39, I got a BFP. I know it's early, but I can only tell you that it's the most incredible moment when you realize that life changing event. I can't wait to tell my love... It's also his first at 48. This forum has been so great over the past year during my two week wait and I am so happy to say all the baby dust floating around in here, has been magical. Here's to starting a family :) And to recognizing that new feelings could be the very sign that you are pregnant. So to be clear, here were my symptoms:

Weak immune system - probably to make sure my body did not reject the pregnancy.
Itchy breasts - started with the left and then the right.
Throbbing breasts - throbbing and painful from the inside, but not hurtful to the touch.
Slight spotting - literally 2-3 light pink streaks, if that.

:) - Baby dust to all! Wish me luck over the next 10 weeks.

First cycle off the pill!

My last pill was taken dec 20 (cd 6) and I got my bfp jan 20! Hard for me to believe and we actually didn't try this go-round, but I was hoping and kind of obsessing over this website! I believe I ovulated on cd 20, based on the egg white cm and spotting that day but I am not entirely sure. I also barely had any symptoms the whole time and even now that I am at four weeks.

1 dpo- the only way I can describe the feeling is that something kinda "sparked" in my tummy
2-5dpo - nothing much except I seemed to be a little more gassy than usual. Both ends but mostly burpy. I had a few very very light nausea spells that only lasted a few seconds
6-10 dpo - getting a little more gassy and still a few light nausea symptoms. Started feeling a few small twinges on my left side, maybe just one or two a day.
11 dpo - BFN, starting to feel extra bloated but just thought AF is coming
12-13 dpo - getting really bloated now, more than I ever have been. Still gassy and still very light nausea off and on.
14 dpo- BFN, twinges on both sides, light creamy brown glob of cm, which is usually what AF looks like at first so I put in a tampon. Later that day I took the tampon out and nothing was on it! I knew it wasn't AF because she starts out mean and heavy, that's when I really knew something was up.
15 dpo (cd 36) - took a test with fmu and BFP! Tested again a few hours later to make sure and another BFP! I had a feeling I was because of the unusual bloating and the light nausea but I was still very surprised! It was so fun surprising my hubby when he came home from work!
Tested the next day with a digital next day and "Pregnant"!! So so happy!

Baby dust to all of you!!

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BELATED BFP STORY! With spotting - Without symptoms!

A quick little background..
- Chronic spotter. Anywhere from 2dpo-8dpo. Steady brown until AF arrives. Never diagnosed. All tests normal.
- Joined 12 months ago.
- NPNT for about 12 months prior to that.
- Less and less careful each month that passed until we finally started timing.
- Now convinced I was infertile
- 9 months after joining twoweekwait I started temping. Happy to see my temps show that I am ovulating on CD14 of a 28 day cycle.
- Received my BFP on my 3rd cycle temping.

I was absolutely certain I was out last month when I received my BFP!! My Usual spotting started around 5dpo this month, brown discharge every time I would wipe (first "sign" I was out this month). Tested on New Years, 9dpo, to determine if I would have some drinks or not, even though I knew that at 9dpo, pg or not, I would likely receive a BFN. Yep, It was. Enjoyed several Caesars that night at dinner.

My temps started to fall around CD 20 (second "sign" I am out) On CD 27 in the morning I was back to work from the Holidays and I had he strangest temp spike, Almost a full degree. My sleep schedule was off from the Holiday and I got no sleep - I discarded the temp and go ready for work. At work in the afternoon I had a rush of dark red blood and cramping started. I went into FF and marked it as CD1, put in a tampon and accepted that I will probably never ever become pg!!! Texted DB saying we are out this month!

When I got home after work I removed my tampon, CD1 is always so heavy and non stop for at least 24-48 hours. To my surprise, the thing was practically dry! Out of curiosity I took an evening temp. I always evening temp just for my own enjoyment, I don't record my pm temps, I just make mental note of them. No matter what I do, they are still always around the "right" range for where I am at in my cycle. This temp was SKY HIGH. 37.03 - highest temp I have EVER had. I tell DB something is up. I am still spotting brown, by the way, but heavy flow never returned.

I snuck away to the bathroom to take an HPT, I already received that negative earlier and I didn't even want DB to know I was testing again. POAS and set it on the ground, was about to cover it up for the 3 minutes, because it's just what I do lol. Before I could even finish setting it down the + started to form. I brought it back up to inspect. Darker and darker it got until I had just received and extremely dark BFP! My first one ever. My heart is beating a mile a minute and I run into the bedroom. "I just took a pregnancy test and it's ******* POSITIVE!!!"

That was never on my list of ways I planned to tell him, but I was just so shocked after all the "out" signs I had received.

I am now 6 weeks and aside from being extra sleep and having sore bbs, I feel nothing!! I constantly have to remind myself that I am, in fact, pregnant. I had an early scan at 4+ 5 weeks due to spotting, yep, STILL. Everything looked great, but no sac yet. HCG levels more than doubled over the 48 window. Next scan scheduled one week from today.

xo Hope I can give hope to those spotters and those ladies feeling no symptoms!! There is always hope!!! and it will likely be the month you least expected it :)

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BFP after 20 Cycles TTC!!!!!!!!

I just got my BFP, and it was a total shock because I thought my period was going to start for sure. I told my husband I was going to start and I even started wearing pads. Here is the story:

Day of IUI was also the day of ovulation
1 dpo: Cramps, probably from IUI the day before
2 dpo: nothing
3 dpo: nothing
4 dpo: nothing
5 dpo: Did not sleep well at all last night. I don't know if what I feel is cramps or bloating. Really mild. Then in midday I had extreme pain/cramps in the lower left side. It was crippling pain for maybe 5 minutes, possibly caused by gas. In the afternoon, I feel far off period cramps.
6 dpo: Feel mild cramps and bloating. Headache and nausea in evening.
7 dpo: AF cramps, they are pretty painful. Wish I could take Advil. Absolutely no sore boobs to date. OPK in evening is positive. Feel really wet down there.
8 dpo: Feels like period is coming with AF cramps. Wet down there and bloated.
9 dpo: Boobs started getting sore last night. AF cramps and bloating. Gas.
10 dpo: Boobs really sore this morning. Mild AF cramps. Acne breakout. Nipples are huge. Bloated and gas. Extreme craving for my favorite food.
11 dpo: Woke up with really sore boobs and gas. Have a sinus headache. Slight nausea. Cramps have subsided somewhat.
12 dpo: Sore boobs, nausea, a little dizzy during the day. OPK really positive this morning. Feel AF cramps at midday. VERY small amount of pink tinged CM in evening.
13 dpo: Tiny bit of pink spotting in AM, sore boobs, gas. Mild period cramps, definitely feel like I'm going to start my period. Did not sleep well last night. Sharp stabbing pains in uterus midday. Red spotting and serious cramps after lunch.
14 dpo: Red spotting all day, cramps, really positive OPK in am--test line came up before control line. Sore boobs. Took a FRER at lunch that was positive, but I did get a trigger shot the day before ovulation so I'm not sure.
15 dpo: Sore boobs, brown spotting, cramps. Feel like period is coming. Feels like I'm getting a bladder infection or something--CONSTANTLY have to pee.
16 dpo: ANOTHER positive FRER with FMU--it's darker now! HCG Beta is positive!!!!


First time pregnant... I thought I had the flu!

Hi everyone. Forgive me for not using abbreviations - I don't know the lingo.

I am currently six weeks in and just found out yesterday that I'm pregnant! A week and a half ago I started feeling achy all over, and had cramps in my abdomen. I thought for sure my period was starting. At five weeks I spotted, and it was brown. This is normal for me and happens every month around three or four days before my period.

After that, my symptoms got worse. I was so tired I went to bed early, but woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't get back to sleep. My muscles were sore, especially in my abdomen, and it felt like I had done a huge lower ab workout (and I hadn't). I could especially feel the pain when I would stand up. I also became very gassy and had to burp all the time, and I felt a lot of discomfort and pressure in my sternum area. I went to a walk-in clinic to find out if I had the flu - he told me based on my symptoms I likely had a non-contagious virus!

I also started feeling excessive hunger-like feelings that subsided a little bit when I'd eat. And throughout week five, I was hungrier than usual.

I had convinced myself that I wasn't pregnant - the timing didn't seem right. The spotting was too late to be implantation bleeding as far as I knew. Even as I took the test, I was still sure that I'd be getting my period any time. I was in so much disbelief that I took two tests, different brands. I am definitely pregnant!

I'm seeing my doctor on Thursday since I have mild hypothyroidism. I'm going to walk her through all these symptoms and I'm worried they are cause for concern. Are they?

just got my BFP! 10 dpo

hello all!

always said to myself that I would post on here once I received my BFP, so here I am! been TTC for 3 months, but I just knew this month was the one.. thought I knew when I O'd but my CB test indicates I'm 2-3 weeks so maybe out slightly...

usually anywhere between 31-36 day cycle, I so was a bit cheeky and tested today at CD 32 and viola! symptoms below -

1-3 DPO - nothing major, slight tingle in nipples, creamy CM
4-6 DPO - sore nipples, breasts feel a bit sore when poked (breast aug though, so lessens sensitivity), creamy CM, headaches, sharp pains in ovaries and brown spotting for half a day on 6 DPO.
7-9 DPO - super sore nipples which are painful to touch, brown spotting cleared up, headache and fatigue.
10 DPO - nipples beyond painful, headache, and then BFP! (photo attached)

the major sign for me was constantly sore nipples since O and brown spotting 6 days before AF.

baby dust to you all! xxxx

2 Pink Lines after 4 cycles TTC

This morning at 12 DPO (1 day prior to expected AF), I used first response early response test. Two pink lines in a minute! I was wow'd ! A few hours later with Clear Blue it said pregnant 1-2 weeks.

This was our 4th month of TTC. The first month we "went with the flow" after getting off birth control of 12 years. It was tough understanding my body being off the pill. By the second month I used Preseed and used an app to keep track of my period called Period Tracker. Third month we were more aggressive and purchased the clear blue ovulation test. I loved knowing when I was ovulating. I recommend using them to anyone who has got off the pill and has no clue what their body does normally. My hubby was sick when we were TTC, he was taking Mucinex so that could of helped... I also started using an awesome app called Ovia. I love how it gave me feedback and let me know what was "normal." I attempted at charting my BBT but was bad about taking it each day at the same time.

Symptoms: (please forgive if I don't use all the acronyms)

1 dpo- nipple sensitivity, cramps, headache, backache
2 dpo- felt very tired, nipple sensitivity, creamy cm, cramps, backache, feel heavy in my uterus (never felt that other months we ttc)
3 dpo- happy and excited feelings with energy to tired, creamy cm, backaches
4 & 5 dpo- creamy cm, backache, headaches, dizziness when I stand up sometimes, vivid dreams- even had a dream a coworker was leaving work to have a baby, backaches
6 dpo- creamy cm, feeling impatient, nausea in the morning , right pelvic pain, backaches, dry mouth
7 dpo- creamy cm, backaches, left pelvic pain, thirsty, dry mouth, vivid dreams, swollen boobs
8 dpo- watery cm, In the evening at my inlaws I spotted bright pink, the family dog was acting oddly friendly to me and normally he growls or acts fickle towards me, nausea at night, cramps, headache
9dpo- In the morning I had light brown spotting that looked like tea, cramps, nausea, swollen boobs that feel heavy, watery cm
10 dpo- feels heavy down there when I get up from sitting, cramps are a bit more noticeable , watery cm, headache
11/12 dpo- urinating often, random light brown spotting , a lot of energy and urge to need to reorganize

Good luck everyone!!!!!! I am really glad there was a website like this to help.

BFP with irritable bowel and "first try"

Shaking in shock...
I have just turned 32 and partner has just turned 43. Although this was our first month when it was biologically possible I feel like I've been wanting this to happen for so much longer!

Used this site a few years ago and obsessed over it for months so always promised I'd post....

I didn't do BT or OPK but used the Ovia app and noted CM. I am always regular to 28 days, almost to the hour, and have great CM.

I don't know exact O date but shall use 26 Dec which is the middle of my fertile window. The reason I mention IBS is that a lot of pains and cramps with that is very similar to period pain. I sometimes can't tell the difference and I could never find a similar post for reassurance!:

1DPO- EWCM, BD, gas, bloating (latter I thought was christmas dinner and IBS!)
2DPO- watery CM, + sex drive, gas, bloating, BD
3DPO- dry, no cm, + sex drive, constipated, bloating, BD
4DPO- BD, bloating, no cm
5DPO- no cm, constipation, bloating, cranky
6DPO- nothing to report
7DPO- cold symptoms (but was in our household), bloating, gas- much more than I've had before!
8DPO- no cm, terrible bloating but no pain as I'd have with IBS, just thought christmas excessive, gas again. Went to London and walked 6 miles! Had a few glasses of wine. Very hot at theatre but thought it was my cold waiting to come out.
9DPO- cold still there but not Poorly with it, no cm, bloating still and some cramps. Walked another 6/7 miles! Got out of a taxi and had to stop and take in some air with some dizziness. Thought that weird but thought my cold and just being tired with all the fun stuff!
10DPO- massive bloating. Have to undo my jeans on the train home! Cold symptoms. No cm. Insomnia until 2am but exhausted.
11DPO- cranky, worried, emotional, no cm, cold sunrooms on and off. Bloated. But better than before.
12DPO- this is when the back started! Aches and pains. All day. No cm. Cold on and off. Chatty and a lot happier. Sensitive boobs but only on touch. Started in left first and has some pain under arm pit. Thought it was underwire sticking in!
13DPO- birthday!! Thought of alcohol turns my stomach. Boobs sore to touch and feel full and look full in my bra (I'm only small chested!) appetite up, tired and cramps, more on the left. Now this is where I get IBS pain so ignored this a lot. But this is where I started feeling pregnany but as you can read, I was dismissing everything as didn't want to be disappointed. Thought no one really gets pregnant the first proper time!
14DPO- light brown discharge on panties at 10:30am. Little more later in the day when wiping. Thought I was out as couldn't be IB as too late. Started hating my body and then willing AF just to come to put me out of my misery! Still have cold symptoms but "won't come out". Tender bbs but only
To touch. Arm pit pain under both. Gas- a lot and foul smelling (TMI!), increased appetite. 20-min nap but first week back at work... Cramps! Some like AF but also quite different. Poking and twinges.
15DPO- indigestion! Horrendous heartburn from 7pm. Never have this. And wanted a MCFlurry! So had one. Bloating, started weeing more in th day and really full wees. Light brown discharge. Wore a pantie liner to keep track. Didn't darken and wants pink. Would call it spotting. Left pains and twinges and still the back ache. Vivid dream!

This morning with FMU I took a Clear Blue and there it was! After 10 seconds. Cried. Shook. With utter joy!!

To add:
My partner lives out of the country hence, not possible until December.
I have two previous children who are 10 and 8. They will be beyond happy when I tell them!!
I have to wait a few days until partner flies in to be able to tell him!! :-(

The other weird thing is I kept being "told" by the world that I was pregnant. Films that came on, adverts, Internet searches for a swimming costume that came up with maternity... Little hints here and there.

The thought of alcohol turns my stomach! I did have a few glasses of wine here and there before implantation. I was relaxed and happy over the festive period and resting and I believe this helped and was with partner the whole time.

Good luck to you all! I'm hoping for a sticky bean. I can't believe I have now done mine! I have no one else to tell so had to share with "someone"!

X x x x