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Finally ! A BFP with PCOS!!! YAY

First I want to say that I personally can not believe I am writing up here. I remember long night staying up reading all the BFP and TTC stories and the just thinking it will never happen. I had gotten so discouraged and all I could do was cry to my husband and pray to God that one day I would be able to say I am going to be a mother.

Ok some background, I was diagnosed with PCOS at 19 years old. I actually diagnosed myself, I told the doctors I was not seeing AF and that she had only came twice that pass year. Before then I had just came off of birth control at the age of 18 which I had been on for 3 years and some change. So when my AF didn't come I thought it was just my body getting rid of the birth control since I had been on it for so long. But then my chin started getting very hairy and then I knew something was up. So like I said went to the doctor and was told "you were right, you sure do have PCOS", I was so mixed up with emotions I couldn't even think straight. I mean its not like I didn't know I mean come one I am the one that mentioned it to them first. It was as iff reality had literally appeared and smacked me right across my face. I'm sorry a little to off track ok I will get back to where I left off up top.

OK so I guess my DH and I conceived in the end of July and we didn't even know. I had been feeling funny for the end of July and I took some hpt and they all came back BFN. It was as if my body was making up symptoms just to make me feel as if I was going crazy. So after the negative results I tried to forget about the funny feeling I was getting or the nauseous spells I would get periodically. Hey I was just feeling things. I had been over family and friends houses and they kept asking me are you pregnant yet? The answer was always no not yet. But one day I had went over my aunts house and she asked me do you have a bun in the oven? Because your hair is growing too fast. I laughed and brushed it off like everything was normal. Then I started to think and tried to put things together as if I was convincing myself I was. Some days went by and I started having to pee every time I would go to a store, no matter how much I drank it was as if my bladder was the size of a penny and it could not hold much. After that I started to experiencing some burning and itching down there and so I thought I had a yeast infection. I was experiencing brown and light pink discharge and so I called my sister who is in school to be a NP and she said you need to go to the doctor because it could either be a miscarriage or you could be pregnant. I laughed that off and continued to work but at work I was feeling nauseous and dizzy and so I had to leave early. On the way home I called my BFF and she convinced me to go to the doctor. Sorry I forgot to mention two days prior I had just went to Kings Dominion the Amusement Park and I had chronic diarrhea the whole time. On and off rides I had to literally run to to a restroom. Ok I just wanted to put that in there. Ok so i finally went to the doctors and was waiting for the results and then it finally came back. The doctor came in and said everything was good no yeast nothing was wrong then he said but you are a little dehydrated ( from all that diarrhea lol im sorry tmi) and that I don't want to be dehydrated while carrying a little one. It was like the world had stopped for five seconds. I was in utter shock. All I could do was keep repeating to him what he already told me, "Im pregnant....Im pregnant wow". First thing I did was drive straight to my husbands job and surprise him with this blessing. He was so happy and he did the same exact thing I did to the doctor. I still feel as if all of this is a dream but it becomes so much more real when I feel my belly and I see that its growing.

I just want to say to all the TTC women that it is never impossible and that it can be done. Keep believing and praying because just because the doctors say it may not happen God always has the final say so. Sorry for the long story but I am really excited and I want to give hope to someone that is reading this.

P.S. I was taking Metformin and I also had a HSG test done in June. Got pregnant on my second moth after the Hsg test. I really think the HSG test did it!

Accidental BFP at 6 weeks!

Hello ladies! I didn't expect to be posting here anytime soon, but here I am! I am not ttc or anything. I actually came across this site recently. It was nice to see answers when I wanted them, so if anyone is going through a similar thing, my story might help you. Here it goes!

I am 20 years old, and my boyfriend and I have been living together for 2 years. I'm not looking for any negativity here, as we both have great jobs working for the city we live in and we have both always been more mature than our age groups. He is 22. We aren't ttc, we don't use protection (just the oh-so-reliable pull out method) and I'm not on birth control, so it's really no wonder that I'm sitting here typing this, but I'm excited!

Okay so, in July we had sex twice around the 9th and then around the 11th. My period came heavier than it has in months on July 17th. I track my periods with an app but I have been irregular a good part of my menstruating life. My flow normally starts out with lots of cramps and some watery pink when I wipe, then the next day a moderate flow with no clots ever, until it tampers off in about 4 days. We had sex on the 21st, the day after my period and then the 25th. A few times here and there in between but those are the only dates I can recall for sure. My app projected my next start date to be August 14th, and its usually accurate to the date, or just a day off.

August 10th- alarming amount of pale yellow discharge. I have no idea what this is.
August 14th came and I was cramping but there was no blood.
August 15- there was plenty of cramping, and when I wiped there was a pinkish tint on the toilet paper. This continued through the day, but the pink never made it to my panty liner.
August 16th- 2 days "late". I considered it not a period because no blood was touching my panty liner. I put in a tampon and was surprised to find it half covered in sticky brown cm a couple hours later. Still no actual flow. Pink when I wipe still.
August 17th- 3 days late. Brownish tan cm when i wipe. Its a bit thick. Cramps continue.
August 18th- tan color when i wipe only. Cramps are still here. Along with a lower backache.

From August 18th-22nd, i had pretty mild cramps. Since the 18th, Ive had a lower back ache, til now, September 5th. I didnt really think anything of it. A few days out of the week I found myself getting dizzy when I moved too fast, or standing up. My boobs normally hurt during AF, but havent, and still dont. Theres a dull ache under my armpits, but thats all for that. Ive always had small boobs, a small c, so i didnt know if that meant they wouldnt hurt. I opened my period app on accident and seen 17, days late. I was baffled, and thought and realized i never had gotten my actual period. I decided to wait til the end of the week for AF to show. Yesterday, September 4th, I tested in the morning with a BFP test strip. I undressed for a shower and didnt think much of it (because i dont FEEL anything, I dont FEEL pregnant at all so I just didnt expect anything, just being irregular as usual) but something caught my eye. There was a faint little line. I couldnt believe my eyes. It was faint, but definitely there. Imeadiately, i forced enough pee into the cup and tried again. This time it was a BFN. I called my best friend and she suggested I wait til later to do it again. Around 6 last night, I got another BFN. I still wasnt sure though, as the faint little line was just so...there on the first.

September 4th- another test this morning gave me a light bfp, darker than yesterday and still definitely there, but yet light. I called my doctor and she told me that a positive is a positive and to assume Im pregnant. I have an appointment next week to confirm! According to my app, I would be 6 weeks, but I dont know how accurate that is. Im not sure if its normal for a positive to be so light 21 days late, im just happy it got darker.

This is my story! Good luck everyone! :)

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BFP with vitex after 10 months ttc

DH & I are both healthy and 30. Had been trying since June 2013 with a break for 3 months earlier this year. I found out I had no immunity to chicken pox and had to have a vaccine & wait 3 months before trying again. In this time we had lots of tests done. DH came back with low & clumpy SA. I immediatly got him on vitamin C & Fertile Max. 2.5 months later his results were soo much better the doc asked what medication he was on.
Next came my issues, I've had painful AF & spotting for the last 4-5 years & once we started ttc it got worse. Had an ultrasound & found a complex cyst & fibroid, that didnt go away after my next 2 month scan. My gyno also said my CD21 hormones were too low (progesterone) & wanted me to take Clomid. Having read that clomid wasn't very good for women with cysts, i started hunting for a herbal alternative and found the wonderful VITEX!
1st month my some what regular cycle dropped to 20 days long (taking 1 x 1000 mg per day) & with no pain at all. 2nd month it increased to 23 with a little cramping. Month 3 I increased my vitex dose to 3 x 1000mg a day & on CD 28 I got my first ever BFP!! ive also been takingo B6, B12 & Vitamin C daily.

I hope my experience helps someone else in their journey & I really recommend you try vitex for at least 3 months :)

BFP after a year!

I'm a forum stalker & finally got my BFP with #2. We conceived in 1st cycle with #1 so a year of trying for #2 was excruciating! I stopped symptom spotting 6 months ago cuz I had "symptoms" every month but this month was a little different. Wanted to give my symptoms for you.

1st off...for CP checkers....there was absolutely no difference in my CP or CM from.O day to BFP!

5dpo-10dpo felt nothing obvious. Looking back i was rather emotional but chalked it up to switch to night shift & my DD starting kindergarten. Sense of well being

11dpo Smell of funnel cakes made me feel sick (funny cuz this was my only craving in 1st pregnancy)

12dpo Crazy vivid dream early morning...
Strong BFP on FRER!!! Boobs a little sore but similar to PMS. 2 drops pink spotting when wiped. SLEEEPY

13 dpo Small Brownish Discharge few times when wiped. SLEEEEPY

14 dpo Boobs increasingly sore...No AF!!! SLEEEEPY
15dpo Boobs really sore

I poas every day to make sure lines getting darker cuz doc office closed labor day weekend & I've had a chemical before. Everything looks good. Baby dust to everyone!!!

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BFP @ 9DPO on month 9 of trying

1DPO: nothing
2DPO: creamy CM (dry on undies)
3DPO: creamy CM (dry on undies) + general cramps
4DPO: creamy CM (dry on undies)
5DPO: wet CM + lft cramps
6DPO: creamy CM (dry on undies) + mood swings + rt cramps (who knows why)
7DPO: creamy CM (dry on undies) + mood swings + lft cramps + tender bbs + sleepy
8DPO: tender bbs + lft cramps
9DPO: tender bbs + thirsty + BFP after 4 hr hold (light) + mild lft cramps + pink/red spotting (only when checking cervix & only in the morning)
10DPO: tender bbs + FMU BFP (light) + no cramps so far

I used softcup for 3 months & all BFNs. This time had sex only once 2 days before ovulation and thats all I needed (nothing added). Tried the temping thing this month and that lasted 3 days (i could never remember as soon as I woke up - without moving) I have been symptom spotting for 9 months and this month was not like other months except as of today 10DPO my bbs hurt without poking or moving just feel sore.

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Yes! On DPO 11

We used IUI and got a BFP on our first round. Here we're my signs:

DPO 1-8 Nothing
DPO 9 Extreme tiredness early evening and very moody/ cranky.
DPO 10 Woke up with spotting (light brown), bad headache which I never get, strange taste in mouth but not metallic.
DPO 11 Spotting continues on and off, slightly sore boobs but nothing more than what I normally have during PMS. Moodiness and crying. Took a test with First Response Early and got faint line but Clear Blue digital said Not Pregnant.
DPO 12. Spotting gone. Boobs more sore. Took blood test at doctor and pregnant with hcg 25 and prog at 18. Doctor tells me these "are good numbers". I'm going in on DPO 14 for another blood test.
DPO 13 Woke up with no symptoms but Clear Blue now says I'm pregnant!

Good luck ladies!

BFP after 3 MC's & 18 months of TTC

I'm cautiously excited to be writing my BFP story here. I've stalked this page during many of my TWW's. I've even posted another BFP story here back in March 2014, but sadly that pregnancy ended in MC. Praying this little bean decides to stick around! DH & I (both 30) have been trying for 18 months.

Anyways...on to the good stuff! I faithfully do BBT & check OPK's every month, so I know for sure when I O'ed. I should also mention this was my 2nd round of Clomid 50mg (cd 4-8). We also used pre-seed every time we BD'ed (because I rarely have EWCM). This is how it went down:

CD 11 - bbt takes a HUGE dip. Not having any signs of O though. BD just in case.
CD 12 (O day)- bbt still low. Feeling some O pains, but no EWCM. Did not BD tonight (we decided to follow the "every other day" idea with BDing because every day was just too much!).
1 dpo- HUGE temp spike today. Immediately regret not BDing last night. BD tonight to be sure to catch the egg.
2-3dpo - temps staying up. BD just to be on the safe side.
4-6dpo - nothing unusual.
7dpo - lots of creamy CM. Keep thinking AF started early. Paranoid that my usual "pre-AF" spotting is going to start any day now.
8dpo - big temp spike today. Hmmm.
9-10dpo - temp stays up. FF now says my chart has a "triphasic" pattern. I've never had this before. This was the first time I had a feeling I was pregnant.
11dpo - feeling nauseous & having AF type cramps. Still lots of creamy CM. Not a drop of spotting. Likely the day of implantation. BFN on FRER with FMU. Feel "twinges" in uterus.
12dpo - BFN on FRER with FMU. Think *maybe* I see a super duper faint line, but only if I hold it up in the right light & at the right angle. Probably just my "line eyes" again. Feeling a bit dejected. Start thinking maybe I'm not pregnant after all. BBT is still triphasic. Uterus feels like it's "humming".
13dpo - Clear as day BFP on FRER with FMU!!! So excited, I ran into the bedroom to tell DH. He's happy & excited. Start my daily dose of progesterone 200mg orally today!
14-15dpo - lines getting darker on FRER. Tannish (light brown) spotting, but nothing like my previous MC's & no cramps. Just occasional "twinges" to the uterus. Hoping it's the baby nestling in there really well. I'm super excited, nervous & anxious all at the same time. Praying this is my miracle baby! EDD - May 2, 2015!!

PCOS, random bleeding, and then my BFP!

I posted on here last week under the, "Am I Pregnant" tab and got some mixed reviews. I'll just copy and paste what I submitted and then add on what else has been going on since then. Since we weren't trying, I don't have exact DPO symptoms other than the dates that I bled, so I apologize for that!
"Hello ladies!
I'm a little confused as to what's going on because I've never experienced things like this before. I'll try to keep it short and sweet but I can't make any promises :p and I apologize in advance for any tmi!
My fiance and I aren't "actively" ttc, but we aren't using any protection either. If it happens, it happens. We both want a baby badly, but I was told that I'd have to give Clomid a try since my cycles are usually irregular. I have PCOS and I lost about 20lbs and for the past three or four months, it's been pretty regular. Well this month I spotted once or twice on 8/6 just on the tp. On 8/7 I bled a fair amount, enough to need a tampon or two. On 8/8, no more bleeding, just occasional spotting. The spotting continued through yesterday, 8/12. This is far from normal for me. My AF is usually long (7-10 days) and extremely heavy (going through super plus pon's every two hours). Now that the spotting has stopped, my breasts are still sore/larger and the veins are big, blue, and up to my neck. I'm getting occasional shooting pains and my breast/nipples are so itchy. I have acid reflux but now EVERYTHING gives me heartburn. I ate a ham sandwich for dinner and it's already burning. My lower back and hips are achy. The day I was actually bleeding, my hips burned so badly and that's never happened before. I have a headache nearly everyday and I've noticed smells are stronger (I threw out a bag of slightly burnt popcorn two hours ago and I still smell it). I've also noticed that I'm more stopped up than usual. I have that sick feeling in the back of my throat. I think the biggest difference is the exhaustion. By 3 in the afternoon, I'm ready for bed. And it's not just sleepy, it's physical exhaustion as well. I just want to lay in bed and not move. I have been peeing more often and experience occasional waves of nausea. Oh! And my lower abdomen is sore as well as slightly crampy. I get little twinges here and there but nothing like AF cramps.
I haven't taken a test yet because I figured I should wait a few days after the spotting has stopped to try to get an accurate result.
I know most of what I've mentioned leads to me being pregnant, but the bleeding threw me off. I know implantation bleeding can be anywhere from a few hours to a few days, but I thought it was supposed to be just spotting.
Normally with my AF, I spot a little before, really long, heavy flow and then once it's over, everything else stops with it. I've never spotted afterwards or had anything continue on after the bleeding has stopped.
Any votes, either way, as well as any stories from anyone would be helpful!
The only person I've talked about this with is my fiance so I'm dying to hear other peoples opinions!
Thank you in advance :)"
I took a test yesterday, 8/17, and got my BFP! (Dollar Tree brand)
So far the shooting pains in my breasts have increased, as well as the itchiness. My hips, entire back, and neck ache. I've still been getting headaches every afternoon. The sickly feeling in the back of my throat has gone away for the most part. Still occasional waves of nausea but have not vomited at all. Sex drive has definitely increased. BMs are irregular and inconsistent. I've gotten used to the heartburn since I've dealt with acid reflux for the past few years. My lower abdomen and uterine area are occasionally sore and still have random pinching cramps. Vaginal and anal muscle spasms (I know, a whole lot of tmi!) all day yesterday. Very gassy. Increase in CM. The exhaustion has still continued, but I've gotten better about staying awake (as I'm typing this from bed) :p Nose is still sensitive. I STILL smell that damn burnt popcorn! As far as taste goes, all I want are cold cut sandwiches with lots of banana peppers, vinegar, and mustard! Also, I've noticed that almost everything tastes EXTREMELY salty. To the point where I can barely season anything without it being overbearing.
I got a comment on my original post saying that IB is very rare and it's not supposed to last that long or include bleeding at all. Everyone's bodies are different and just because it doesn't fit the textbook answer, doesn't mean it's out of the question. You know your body the best and while it's always great to hear others opinions, go with your gut.
To others with PCOS, stay positive and know that there's hope to do it naturally!
To those TTC, I wish you all lots and lots of sticky baby dust!
Lastly, to all of us soon to be mommies who are sharing our BFP stories, have a H&H 9 months!

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BFP before first Postpartum AF

Aug 14 - This is Pregnancy number 4 for me. 1 miscarriage, 1 DD, 1 DS, and now this BFP.

I weaned my DS from EBF in May, when he was 6 months old. We knew we wanted to try again in these next few months. Knowing that I could very well get pregnant before my first AF came, we began trying right away. We BD'd every day or every other day for about 2 months. At this point I could tell from CM that fertility was returning and that I could expect AF to be here within a few weeks. The problem, obviously, is our dates could be off, although I am pretty sure I am due around the 2-3 week of April.
Started like this, I will count back about 16 days before I got my BFP, to sort of cover when I must have O'd.
July 24 - Crampy, headache, bloated.
July 25 - Same as yesterday
July 26 - Must have O'd either yesterday, today, or tomorrow. Feeling good. BD
1 DPO - As I have no idea where I am in my cycle, I tested regularly. Today I had a shadow of a line, very strange, never happens.
2 DPO - More faint lines, but sooo light. I am convinced I must be prego, due to bloating and cramping last week. I was wrong though at this point...
4 DPO - BD. I have come to the conclusion the tests must be negative and I am seeing things. very small pink spot in underwear. Tired. Biggest thing I am noticing is how ditsy I am. I get this way when I am pregnant. I get super forgetful.
5 DPO - BFN. Still think I am seeing shadows though, WHY!? No other symptoms, tired. Took a nap.
6 DPO - Bloated. Tired. Took a cat nap. Sore throat. BD
7 DPO - BD Had crazy vivid dreams last night. Woke up with a stuffy nose and sore throat. Tired. Muscles somewhat stiff today.
8 DPO - Vivid Dreams
9 DPO - Vivid dreams. Possible slight sore nipples?
10 DPO - BD Pink spotting at 5pm, only when I wiper. Sore throat tonight
11 DPO - Dark brown spotting. A little bit on panty liner. Crampy, sore back. stuffy. vivid dreams, tired.
12 DPO - Still dark brown spotting. Tested at 3pm, got faintest bfp on strips. Nothing but a shadow in safeway brand. Starting to wonder...tired. headache, stuffy, sneezing alot, coffee tasted different? heartburn, grumpy. Very moody.
13 DPO - Still spotting, more rust colored this morning. Vivid dreams. Fint line on BFP strip, shadow on FRER.
14 DPO - BFP! 4am faint but there. Obvious line on strip/ Spotting more. Late in the day I started cramping quite bad and teh spotting turned to brighter red bleeding. Thinking it must be a Chemical. Oh well, we will try next month.
15 DPO - Alot of bleeding. Sure that it is AF. Heavier than my normal AF. no clots of stringing though.
16 DPO - Still thinking it is AF, still lots of bleeding. Not bothering to test these days
17 DPO - Bleeding is slowing down. As I was sure I had a chemical pregnancy, I wanted to test today to make sure the hormone was gone and it would be BFN for next cycle. Definitely didn't expect a darker BFP than at 14 DPO! Which is what I got. So confused.
18 DPO - Vivid dreams again, tired. Darker BFP than yesterday. So strange, I guess it must be real.
19 DPO - Darker BFP again since yesterday. Spotting almost completely gone.

From what I have read it is pretty rare to bleed that much... I have no idea if this will stick, but I suppose time will tell. In the meantime, I will enjoy this and hope for the best.

Have any of you every had a 'heavy period-like implantation bleed'? I had one with DS but it was light, and none with DD, so this time around I am totally confused. Every time is different I suppose.

Late BFP with brown spotting

So here are my symptoms:

- Brown spotting ever since AF due (an occasional red bleed through)
- Stomach cramps on and off (like period pain)
- Sore BBs on and off (mildly sore under arms, occasional nipple 'tweeks' but not very noticeable)
- Had 2 BFNs (at 7 and 10 days late)
- I thought it must be a missed period due to stressed at work (never happened before)
- Total EXHAUSTION - as in during the weekend I could hardly get up
- Had zero energy - was eating crappy food as didn't have enough energy to cook (now I feel really guilty for eating junk, and I am paranoid I have deprived my bean of vital nutrients)

But today (2 weeks late) I got a super dark and unmistakeable BFP!
I am 34 and never been pregnant... until now :D

I posted on "Am I pregnant" at 10 days late and had 19 votes: 17 for NO and only 2 said YES.
So there you go!
Stay hopeful everyone! Babydust to you all. xxx

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