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BFP After Spotting!

I have stalked this site for months, so I feel obligated to share my success story. I am 32 years old, husband is 33. We have a 3 year old son and have been trying to conceive since the summer of 2013 when I had Mirena removed. I got a positive HPT in September 2013, that ended in a missed miscarriage at 11 weeks. I then had a chemical pregnancy in December 2013. We have been somewhat trying since January and today I finally got my BFP! I am hoping and praying this one sticks! About the only thing we did was use Preseed, we BD'ed at night and I stayed lying down, didn't get up for entire evening each time, and I take a prenatal vitamin. I have fairly regular 28 day cycles, my period is usually 3-4 days and fairly light. Here are the details -
CD1 -3 period
CD4 - already cramping like O pains
CD5 - Breakout on chest and back EWCM BD before going to bed, stayed in bed all night
CD6 - Noticeable amount of wetness/cm BD before going to bed, stayed in bed all night
CD7 - bad diarrhea, dizzy, areolas are huge and dark, veins visible in breasts
CD8 - BD in PM, breasts/areolas still huge, CM creamy
CD9 - Diarrhea and nausea in am, exhausted, moody
CD11,12 - BD both nights, EWCM no need for preseed, felt sick - nausea, cramping, lots of pooping both days
CD15 - woke up with huge zit between mouth and nose, BD in PM, stayed lying down again for entire night
CD16 - Nipples very sore/tender, bad headache in afternoon/evening, BD again in PM stayed in bed all night
CD18 - Sharp twinge of brief pain on my left side at 6:45am
CD19 - BD
CD20 - Dizzy several times throughout the day, bloody cm when checking cervix in the evening, stuffy nose
CD21 - Peeing a lot in the morning, super moody and snapped at my husband in the afternoon, slight nausea and heightened sense of smell, legs/hips/boobs very veiny, still bloody CM when checking, nothing coming out on panties though.
CD22 - woke up at 4:30am with period like cramping, EWCM, diarrhea and headache. Realized boobs are not sore at all, normally they are after o, nipples/areolas are dark and large. Runny/stuffy nose, cramping throughout the day, still having bloody cm only when checking
CD24 - CM is now brown (old blood) when checking
CD26 - Heightened sense of smell, almost threw up on train due to smell, increased appetite, little clumps of brown/almost black cm when wiping
CD27 - BFP!!! at 6am with FMU almost immediately, used a FRER

I hope this helps others waiting. I thought it was strange when I started spotting on CD 20, I'm guessing it was implantation or breakthrough bleeding. Best of luck and baby dust to everyone!

4 days of implantation bleeding BFP!!

Hey everyone! I promised myself I would submit my two week wait once I got my BFP, after reading thousands of them over the past few months. I am 26 and my husband is 30. This is baby #3. Started taking Prenatal vitamins and Vitamin B Super Complex the month beforehand.

Ovulation day - EWCM, lower pain in abdomen, feels sore
1dpo - EWCM, some body aches.
2dpo - Tired, a few cramps, slightly bloated and slightly nauseous.
3dpo - Tired, Moody, Tender BB's.
4dpo - Nothing much just a little sleepy.
5dpo - Gassy, tired and some bloating.
6dpo - Bad painful cramp at 4am that woke me up, only lasted a few minutes. Tired & moody the rest of the day.
7dpo - Runny nose feel like a cold is coming and super moody.
8dpo - Metallic taste in mouth all day, gassy, moody, tender BB's and slightly nauseous. Still a little stuffy nose.
9dpo - Gassy, feel like I'm getting a yeast infection (itchy down there) MOODY & irritable, some cramps.
10dpo- BFN with FMU, started spotting brown at noon. Thought AF was coming since I always spot a day or two before. Twinges on left side of uterus, pulling behind belly button. Moody & weepy. Tender BB's. Bright red blood at 9pm just while wiping and after a BM.
11dpo - Surprised I didn't wake up to bright red blood! Brown spotting all day not enough to even wear a panty liner. Bright red blood at night time again but only when wiping.
12dpo - Still spotting brown but basically only when wiping now. Cramps at night, nauseous. Another round of bright red blood at night-only when wiping, what the heck!
13dpo - Metallic taste in mouth. Moody. Still spotting brown but not enough to even wear a panty liner.
14dpo - No more spotting, no more red blood, what is going on!! Dry throat, runny nose & sneezing. BB's feel heavy but not sore. Moody & tired. Just feel "different".
15dpo - BFP with FMU FRER!!!!!!!!!! The line was super dark so I probably could have tested a few days earlier. Tired and heavy BB's.
16dpo - Another BFP!!!!!!!!! Tired, Tired, Tired!

My tell tale signs should have been the gassy-ness and the extreme moodiness! My period usually spots for 1 or 2 days and then goes into full blown super heavy bleeding for the following 5 days. So it had to of been implantation bleeding. You don't hear about IB going on for 4 days very often and going from brown to bright red. Good luck to all!!!

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BFP at 9dpo

We got married and January and I really expected it to take quite awhile to conceive (i'm 33 & DH 39).
My cycles are between 28 - 31 days but sometimes I can have up to 7 days of spotting before AF... I was sure something was wrong!
I've been charting for two months and we had no luck the first cycle. Still worried about the spotting I had my hormone levels checked this month. Day 3 was all good and day 21 also detected a 'strong ovulation'.

I have treated this month like a military operation (my poor husband!)
I took VB6, evening primrose until O & we used pressed and OPKs.

I think the VB6 worked as my cycle lengthened and I didn't ovulate until the 17th... last month it was the 14th (not sure about before that as it'd never taken any notice).

1-5 DPO - Nothing
6-7 DPO - Very sleepy and mega grumpy for no reason (other than I was sure it wouldn't work) and some light cramping which was weird for this time of the month.
8 DPO - Small amount of very light brown/yellowy CM after exercise. (Not unusual for me)
9 DPO - (BFP day) Light brown spotting which is exactly the day and type from last month so i was sure we were out. I don't really know why I bothered testing in the afternoon, probably because of those unusual days 6-7. Initially the test looked like nothing but i put it in front of me at my desk and looked at it again in about 10mins and saw the tiniest of faintest of lines. I was absolutely shocked and swore to myself!
10 DPO - Brown spotting was worse but test line comes up slightly more with FMU (still very faint).
11 DPO - Light brown spotting. Cramps on and off all day. Tummy feels really tight. Possible heartburn. Retched when brushing teeth.
12 DPO - Gush of brown cm about 10.30am. Light Cramps. Still positive and getting darker.
I only felt confident enough to tell DH this morning... I didn't want to get his hopes up as the test was still too light until now. He was stoked!
I sort of enjoyed having a delicious secret for a couple of days (weird ay).
13 DPO - Very light brown spotting. Backache begins
14 DPO - Spotting is gone but Backache in full force.
15 DPO - Nothing so far but I go in for my second BETA level today.

Being pregnant for the first time is lovely but fraught with worry!
I am obsessed with googling all the bad things that could happen and can't quite let myself get excited yet.
I mean to stop temping but this morning it was nice and high and it made me feel a lot better.
When I get the blood results and know they are climbing up correctly then I think I won't be so worried.
My husband it being so cute and protective and is going to wrap me and baby in cotton wool for the next 9 months. He will be an amazing dad!
I can't wait to tell my mum she has wanted to be a grandma forever!!

Please help, so worried...first pregnancy not sure what's happening.

So I took levonelle 24 hours after condom split about 20 days ago. I had very light spotting (dark brown) 6 days after. I'm now 7 days late, have had 3 clear positive tests 4 days ago and now negative with different tests including digital which I've never been positive with. I have a few symptoms which could be linked to pregnancy from what I've read. Experiencing mild cramping on and off and keep thinking I have started my period (heavy feeling) but not an ounce of blood just discharge - feel quite damp down there (sorry). Does this mean I'm not pregnant now? My partner and I have decided it was obviously meant to be when I got the positive test and want to keep the baby and are actually excited! I am now terrified that I have lost it. Please help :( will the morning after pill affect the baby if I am pregnant? Thank you for your comments in advance

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Faint BFP at 11dpo 2 months after MC

Ok I have an 18 month old - had a MC at just over 5 weeks with low hcg and low progesterone in Feb (prog a 2, hcg 13).

This will be the start to our 9th month of trying.

Now I have just found out that I am pregnant Friday Apr 4 which was 11dpo via three faint positives and a blood draw with hcg levels measuring a 4.9... So I immediately started my 100mg of prometrium right away.

Today is Sunday, and it's the fourth day I've been spotting (brown sticky) on and off all day. Minimal cramping and lots of pressure. As far as I see it as long as there's no red blood I am ok!

I took another test today 14 dpo / 2nd day of missed period (or 13, may be one day off) still a faint positive. I am driving myself mad bc I am so extremely scared this baby won't stick and it'll be another chemical pregnancy.

Has anyone had a similar experience with a successful outcome?!

I'm so EXCITED but I'm still cautious and cannot seem to enjoy.

Thanks ladies! Baby dust! :)

BFP after three trying years

After three long years of trying for our first one me and my DH had almost lost hope...I had severe PCOD and had very irregular periods. Even now I had the last one in Dec 2013 and conceived in Mar 2014 hence unable to track the exact time I ovulated and my due date.
Below were my most persistent symptoms which made me believe I should be pregnant inspite of not having periods

Heavy breasts and sore nipples
Feeling hungry most of time
Had brown spotting too in between which I thought would be periods
Heightened sense of smell
Feeling tired but still unable to sleep peacefully at night

After couple of very faint lines I managed to get a better BFP. I guess its too early..however would like to give this wonderful gift to my DH on our wedding anniversary tomorrow :-)


We definitly did not expect it to happen this month for us, realizing that falling pregnant is not easy. We know this from watching my sister ttc, it took her 3 years. So I knew that when we made the concious decision to ttc, we knew that there was going to be chalenges. All I can say is that I am so grateful for this gift from god/the universe.

A little history, I'm 26 and Dh is 27. First month we had a cp flushed out on my 24th day of my cycle, second nothing and 3rd month was our suprise lucky month.

Here's our TWW;

March 14th and 15th 1-2DBO: positive opks for 2 days strait no symptoms

O day must have been 16th or 17th of march: Negative Opks both days. But a lot of watery, egg white cm.

1-6DPO: Constipation 100%,small cramps, I didn't think anything of it and brushed it off gas. Headaches on and off.

7DPO: This was when the symptoms started more, although I really didn't think anything of them, I sleeped for almost 11 hours, woke up with a headaches and minor cramps and I was quite tired I was still Constipated.

8DPO: Tired, boobs heavy and sore, Cm is creamy, still cramping, felt some pulling in my abdomen. Still Constipated

9DPO: Pulling in abdomen, could not sleep major major cramps and brown spotting, I usually get spotting right before af is due so I thought forsure I was out. Still Constipated.

10-11DPO: Woke up with a headache, right boob sore on the side, pulling in abdomen. Very tired, very vivid dreams but I usually get those anyways no sign of af. A lot of cramps down my left leg.

Today 12 or 13 DPO: Extremely vivid dreams last night, I could not sleep just to many dreams, woke up at 8 am took a cheap hpt It's was BFP. Dh and I were such in shock and couldn't believe the results, we decided to go get first response and a clearblue digital with how far along and still BFP with afternoon pee.

I just wanted to add that Dh and I started taking vitamins. Dh started a multi vitamin just about a month ago and well I've been taking prenatals for 2 months now. This month we used opks, That's the only difarence then the other months.

We are super happy, exited and in shock. I honestly thank the god/universe for this wonderful gift of love. We both cried for joy, I really wish all the women out there baby dust, a sticky bean and a healthy 9 month to all.

Everything looked like I was on track to start AF

We have been trying for only a couple months. I think this was only our second or third cycle so I wasn't really expecting to see a BFP at all. I got a feeling I should just take a test for some reason. I first tested with a FRER about 10dpo and got the faintest of lines. I was really skeptical because I was spotting and had been spotting since right after ovulation, which is what I've done the last few cycles. I took another test (digital) and it was negative. So, I waited until the next morning and got 2 BFP, one being digital! I don't really think I have any symptoms. I might be a little more tired and a lot less hungry. My head hurts a lot but that's pretty common for me. I took another test today (2 days before my period is due) and the line is getting darker. I'm still spotting and I'm pretty sure I have a yeast infection. I am feeling more confident in the pregnancy the darker the line gets. My period still isn't due for another 2 days but the spotting is getting lighter. I do still feel like I could start at any time but I don't think I'm going to. :) So, if you get discouraged because you feel nothing or you feel like you are about to start AF, there's still hope!

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Finally BFP after 15months W/pcos

Just like all you ladies I've been stalking this site for the past 15months this site has truly helped me! I have pcos and it was very hard to get here! But it finally happened!!!!
Soo I am not 100percent sure when I ovulated due to my pcos but I had taken provera last cycle after 6months of no period I had the induced one and I can only assume that this is what jump started my ovulation so I think I ovulated on 3/15 my birthday! Yay! So Ill go from there here are my symptoms
3/15 ovulation
1dpo really bad right ovary pain hrts when I step
2dpo nothing
3dpo dizzy spells, nausea, nipples ache
4dpo hot flashes all through the night, bad cramping felt like AF, nipples really ache
5dpo nothing
6dpo spotting implantation bleeding?
7dpo a bit more spotting nipples really bad!
8dpo nausea, dizzy spells, BOOOOOBS!
9dpo same
10dpo BfaintP fmu, blood test done BFP! Yaaayy!!
I'm beyond ecstatic baby dust to all of you girls especially my pcos ladies as I know how hard it can be!

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I need help

I am 5 days late and I have had spotting not enough to fill a pantyliner but I was checking my cervix and there is a lot of blood that is syrup type and is dark red. It will not gush out at all it stays there. I have not had to use more than 2 panty liners cuz it is always a dot of the blood. Has anyone else had this problem?