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BFP with Spotting

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BFP After 1st IVF/ICSI Fresh Transfer!

Hello ladies! I discovered this forum only in my two week wait (this past one). I was so grateful to find this support network that I promised myself I would share when it would one day be my turn! So, a bit of back story: Me and DH are 33. I had an ovarian cyst removed a few years ago and stage 2 endometriosis. My RE this past month told me that it often returns and could be hindering our chances considerably. Also, the surgery affected my AMH which showed I had 14 follicles. My husband has a morphology of 2% and his motility is 75%, BUT they're SLOW. So we discovered this after 10 months of trying. I got us in for tests early basically because of my history and wanted as much knowledge as possible. We tried a total of 11 months including 2 months of Letrozole and then went right into IVF. Didn't bother with IUI because according to my RE, it would only increase our chances from 4% to 8% because of our factors. SO. Retrieval we got 7 eggs, 5 mature and all 5 fertilized. On transfer day (day 5) they informed us we had one good embryo to transfer and the others didn't look so hot. They were going to give them until day 6. On day 6, one embryo fought through and they froze it! So here are my symptoms: Transfer day: cramping and tired, but figured it was from the procedure and all the drugs since I did retrieval just 5 days previously. Migraine in the evening. 2 dpt: nauseous and sore boobs, but figured it was still from drugs. 3 dpt: one, strong pinch. Face starting to get oily. Sore boobs, but must be the drugs. 4 dpt: a constant poking feeling ALL day on my left side. Didn't hurt, just annoying. Oh, and I started to get acne like mad! 5 dpt: acne is in full force. I'm a born again teenager. Bbs hurt. Felt pretty good overall. 6 dpt: same as above and hurts my boobs to hug people. Felt pretty good overall. 7 dpt: same as above and chilly/tired. Just felt off. 8 dpt: boobs not as sore, so of course, begin googling "disappearing symptoms before BFP" and had cramps in lower abdomen and back for a couple of hours. Thought it may not have worked. 9 dpt: boobs a bit sorer, no cramps. Acne is raging. 10 dpt: boobs the same as is my teenage face. BETA test day! 11 dpt: boob pain decreased considerably. Have STRONG cramps that feel just like AF for 2 hours and then begin spotting. I sob hysterically over the toilet and think all these signs point to negative. I was waiting to read the results because DH was away, but I called him and told him what just happened. He said, "okay, why don't you just read the email over the phone and we can get it over with". I hadn't even considered it because I thought I was 100% getting my period. I opened the email and it was like a scene from a movie "OH MY GOD, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!" through hysteric tears. It's positive!!!!!!!! He then Facetimed with me on the bathroom floor in a crumpled mess. We're both crying. Feeling confused and overwhelmed after that unnecessary rollercoaster. Beta HCG was 40. 12 dpt: boobs sore again, acne still here (thanks hormones, but now it makes sense!), little indigestion. Second Beta HCG is 83!! Doubled! This day was the first time I did a FRER. I didn't want to POAS before beta. 2 very clear lines :D What I didn't do: Royal Jelly. Took one bite of pineapple core and was like "nope!". It's so tough to eat, don't know how you guys do it lol. What I did: Acupuncture once a week the month before. Acupuncture right before and right after the transfer. Day of the transfer we walked to lunch and then I came home and napped. Went to a play that evening. Stayed warm and kept my feet warm. We went away the day after transfer (anniversary!) and spent the weekend in the woods, in peace. Went for walks and enjoyed one another. Back to work after a few days. Celebrate the little wins. I did today and I'm hoping for you. I'm with you. I see you. xoxo

Christmas Eve Surprise!

A little about me: I’m 25, husband is 28. We’d been ttc for 11 months. I was diagnosed with PCOS in November. Started Femara and Metformin early December. Can’t believe it worked the first time! I took 2.5mg Femara CD5-9 and 750mg Metformin once a day. Diarrhea from starting Metformin was horrid, I’m up to 1500mg a day now, but definitely had to go slow. Highly recommend though, to anyone with PCOS. Symptoms: 1-3dpo - nothing 4dpo - significant red spotting (not sure if this was implantation or just random) 5-6dpo - nothing 7-8dpo - red/brown spotting with little clumps. I thought they were baby clots and that I was out for sure. 9dpo - spotting stopped. Started having congestion, runny nose, itchy eyes, similar to allergies but I didn’t understand how that could happen in December... 10dpo - light tan discharge 11dpo - had a dream that I got 3 positive pregnancy tests! 12dpo - faint positive but definitely there! Ran out to get a FRER and BFP! Surprised my husband on Christmas Eve. BEST. GIFT. EVER. I’m still in shock and can’t believe there’s finally something growing in there! Good luck and best wishes to all you mommas-to-be!
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BFP IVF (FET) (2nd attempt)!!!!

Wow I am so excited to finally share my story! This website has been a mixed blessing to me. Giving me hope and also making me feel a little crazy! Anyway...( I wish this didnt appear in one giant paragraph!) Background: I am 33 and my wife (we are both women) is 36. A few years back we tried IUI (with donor sperm obviously). We did 5 attempts and I ended up having a chemical pregnancy on the second attempt. Due to anovulatory dysfunction, the other attempts didn't work and the drugs made me feel terrible. So we took a break for a couple of years to just focus on ourselves and travel. About a year ago we decided to use my wife's eggs since she's a little older than me and try recricpricol IVF. She was 35 at the time of retrieval and we ended up getting a bunch of good eggs. We also did ICSI on half of the eggs and PGS (genetic testing) and got 5 high quality genetically normal embryos. In the meantime, I had a hysteroscopy and we found a uterine polyp which actually may have been the cause of the chemical pregnancy (but really you never know). I ended up having surgery to have that removed. Fast forward to this past august and we had our first transfer scheduled. At this time I was working a full time job that i hated, going to grad school part time and attending a really intensive volunteer training. Needless to say I was pretty stressed out. We did the transfer anyway (5AA embryo). I didn't feel like it worked but since the odds are "so good" I kept my hopes up. Every symptom I felt could have been attributed to the progesterone (my doctor's office uses Progesterone in oil shots as a protocol). They also had me on 8 mgs of estradiol a day. I tested at home on 6DPT (aka 11dpo) and got a BFN and just had a bad feeling about it. Cried for a few days and it was confirmed negative with my beta. I was devastated. I decided to go right into my next cycle though because I knew I could handle it and didn't want to wait. We ended up doing another hysteroscopy to make sure my uterus was polyp clear and it looked great. I also did an endometrial scratch at the rec of my RE but its hard to say if that actually helps. It doesn't "not help" though i guess? Anyway fast forward to the second attempt... I lost my job a couple weeks prior to the transfer which was actually not the worst thing. It was a pretty high stress job and I'm luckily not the main breadwinner so it was actually an opportunity for me to relax and get my body ready for pregnancy. These are the things that I did differently in my second attempt compared to my first attempt. Please keep in mind I don't know if this stuff actually contributed but i know sometimes you want to feel like you have SOME control so i concentrated on those little things... * No caffeine (man that was hard) * No clairtin (i read that it can contribute to reduced blood flow..who knows) I had been taking it daily for years. * Meditation! * Positive affirmations (example "my body knows how to nurture an embryo"...seems unnatural at first but try it!) * Ate more veggies * No alcohol Ok here are my symptoms (since you probably just scrolled to this part anyway haha) ** 1DPT 5 Day Embryo 5AA singleton- nothing noticeable. Progesterone makes my boobs huge and this is the point where it starts to build up. ** 2DPT- some mild cramping in the middle of my abdomen. less noticeable than period cramps ** 3DPT - a headache on and off. could be from progesterone though. When i was trying to sleep at night had weird pulling, tightening feeling near my belly button. Like my stomach was tight? Felt like this was a sign because during my chemical pregnancy I had this feeling. Little jabs on my sides and abdomen. Like poking. ** 4DPT- Lower back pain and mild cramping. Upper thighs super sore like I ran a marathon (I dont run haha). ** 5DPT - AM upper abdomen cramps again. I want to test but I am trying not to. Lower back sore again. SO TIRED. Napped and i never nap. ** 6DPT - Itchy nipples - big sign. Slight nausea but I feel relatively normal. super emotional. nausuea at night. Super tired by 1pm. ** 7DPT - Boobs huge esp in morning. light cramping and nausea at night again. Weird jabs all over abdomen still. ** 8DPT (aka 13DPO) - light pinkish brown spotting all day. Could be implantation bleeding but I have heard that FET can cause women to have more spotting than non FET pregnancies. Sore legs again. ** 9DPT - BETA TEST and HOME first response test. First response test was SUPER positive. Like...super dark plus. Had beta come back at 245! Still spotting on and off. ** 10DPT - Itchy nipples. Waves of nausea and dizziness. Need to start eating more frequently i think. Super flushed and gross feeling at night. ** 11DPT - 2nd beta came back at 706 so I feel like I can breathe a little. AHHHHH but i cant because im probably having a baby! Feeling dizzy a lot throughout the day. **Advice and Notes:**

Spotting 5 days before bfp

This website was my saving grace for 8 months.. Even though 8 months doesn't sound like a long time, in the waiting game of trying to get pregnant, it feelt like an eternity. I promised myself I would post on here after I received my bfp for other users to stay hopeful. Here's how my story goes... My husband and I had been trying to conceive for 2 months without any planning or use of anything other than dtd when we wanted to. After that I used OPK's religiously for the remaining 6 months. I found clear blue advanced to be the most helpful, because it allowed me to know before I received a peak, which I believe helped with our success this month. At the 6 month mark, after trying dietary changes, opks, pre-seed, fertility tea, temping, and monitoring my cm and cp, I contacted a local acupuncturist whom I had known to be successful. I booked the appointment with my husband and began going to weekly appointments. After two rounds of acupuncture, I got my bfp. The only thing that we did differently this cycle than others, was change up the timing of dtd around my opks. Using clear blue advanced OPK's we dtd the day before the high reading, the second day of a high reading/flashing smile, and the second day of the peak reading/static smile. We did use pre-seed this month, and I did not use the restroom for at least a few hours after. 5 days before my bfp, I started to have a brown discharge, but only when I checked my cp. The next day was my acupuncture appointment to promote implantation, and after the appointment I had a watery bright red discharge, but only once when I wiped. The next two days I continued to have the brown discharge, but again, only when I checked my cp. I took a pregancy test two days before my bfp, and both were bfn. The day before my bfp I had no spotting at all, and my cm went very wet. The next day I took a fref and a clear blue +/- and both showed a bfp. Other than the spotting, I had no signs of a bfp.

BFP with little to no systoms

I have been reading all these different story seeing if what happen to them would happen to me. Me and my husband have been trying to make a baby for over 8 months now. We were trying everything. I was using three different apps and taking opks. I was watching my CM but everything month AF came. This month we did the same thing but I started taking maca root. I don't know if it help or not but this month was the only month I took it and this month we got pregnant. We baby dancing every other day coming to the BIG O and the day before, the day of, and the day after we baby danced. Then the TWW started and I felt nothing. I was checking my CM it was looking good until a couple days before my period was supposed to come but it started to look like I was getting dry and it was looking like AF was coming. I usually have tons of pregnancy systoms but this month I felt nothing. Closer I got to my period my boobs started to hurt which is pretty normal but every day it were hurting more and more and started to kill me. One time after I went to the bathroom I saw a little yellow discharge in my underwear which was alittle werid but I was going to get my hopes up. My boobs didn't look different but they HURT. I was supposed to start my period on OCT 20th but got brown spotting just in the morning then nothing. Then the next day nothing at all. I thought maybe I could be pregnant but I have spotted in the past and still got my period. The next day I felt a big cramp in lower stomach and I thought to myself of yea that could be my period coming. I went to the bathroom and saw blood on the TP. Which made me sad just then I was convince I was going to have my period for sure. Then the next day nothing. I had a doctor's apt on Oct 25th so I thought to myself I am going to wait until my doctor's apt to get tested because I was so scared to see a negative test. So I went to my doctor and took a test and he came back into my room and told me and my husband that we were pregnant. I couldn't believe it. It is still unreal to me. I hope everyone that is trying gets what they want soon. Baby dust to everyone. I hope this helps someone out there.
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BFP After 5 Years of Trying!

I have read so many stories on TWW for the past five years, I always hoped I could write one too. And here I am! *Fair warning, this is not one of those Symptom by CD. Those are super helpful when you are scouring TWW for hopeful insight, however, I was not able to catalogue my symptoms. This is also a lengthy post. I am 22 and DH is 27. Before I begin I want to explain that this cycle was unlike any other. When you've been TTC for so long it is almost inevitable to begin to learn to "listen" to what your body it saying. Since tracking my ovulation via FertilityFriend and the occasional ovulation testing, I learned how my body would feel during ovulation. Usually occurring on the left side of my lower abdomen, I could feel a small pinching throughout the day. My breast would become sore on the sides for two weeks, then the day before AF arrives my breast were no longer sore. This was my indication of ovulation. Two weeks later AF would arrive like clockwork. This cycle I did not feel any of my normal ovulation symptoms. So much so I assumed I was having an anovulatory cycle. My cycles used to be extremely irregular: six months without a cycle for example. However, in the past year they have regulated to a 28 to 35 day cycle with ovulation occurring around CD17-CD20. CD27 rolls around and I assume I am out this month since my breast are becoming sore and DH and I haven’t (TMI) BD in the way you make a baby. CD29: I am feeling pre-AF cramps. So really think I am out. CD 30 TMI: after using the restroom I found peach colored discharge upon wiping. I assumed this was my period. In the past I have had multiple periods that consisted of spotting of light brown to dark red and a flow light enough for only a panty liner. This lasted until CD32. I did have the thought this could be implantation bleeding but five years of TTC slightly smashed that hope. CD34: Got my faint BFP in the evening yesterday after deciding to test for some reason. When I saw the line, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me or it was a faulty test. But a pink line is a pink line. CD35: Tested again today. Actually two times, out of disbelief. Both BFP. The darkness of the line has not changed since last night, but I know it takes two days for the HGC to double. Thinking back on how I was feeling before I knew I was pregnant I did have a few symptoms, though I cannot tell when in my cycle I experienced them. List of Symptoms: Extremely gassy. This is of no attempt to be modest, I barely pass gas unless I ate something unhealthy. But the past two weeks, just terrible. DH even noticed. I kept smelling a fishy smell everywhere, but it was and still is no where to be found. And I am the only one who can smell it. Lucky me. Very sensitive and lots of tears. Crying during movies is normal for me, but I’ve been ugly crying at a lot of stuff. Things that aren’t even sad. I am feeling lots of pinching and pulling in my lower abdomen. It feels as though I am flexing below my belly button. So overall, I honestly don't feel pregnant. And I am still in disbelief.. It happens you guys, just be patient and remain hopeful. the pain is real and can overcome you if you let it. Fingers crossed for you.

Thought AF was coming for sure!

I've been stalking the ttc boards for 5 months, reading everyone's bfp stories was one of my favorite things! And now I can add mine! I can hands down say I thought I was out this month, all my AF signs were there and I've symptom spotted so hard in the past I talked my self out of anything that might have been a sign of a coming bfp! I track ovulation with opk only no temps. I always have faint lh line from last day of AF leading up to the surge and then blank sticks until the next cycle Positive opk on CD14 stayed dark + thru CD16 I counted O from CD14 got positive at 9am 1dpo-6dpo nothing 7dpo- cramps 8dpo- skin breaking out along chin, usually clear but hot out and sweaty 9dpo- dark positive opk -weird- had creamy pink cm 10dpo- test BFN nausea holding on, only want cold foods hot foods make me feel dewy opk positive 11dpo- BFN starting AF cramps like normal opk positive 12dpo BFN, had a tantrum and threw out all opk and preg test, bought tampons. Cramping all day 13dpo- cramps and nausea. Notice boobs arent growing normally jump a cup size for AF 14dpo- dug out old clearblue. Have a line! Read how crappy clearblue is and cry all night. 15dpo BFP on FRER and digi I really thought af was coming. No doubt in my mind, I even kept running to the bathroom to check, but a panty liner on and had a beer.

BFP at 7DPO!

Hey everyone! Like anyone reading this I've been religiously reading through these posts trying desperately to see if my symptoms matched anyone else's symptoms, because let's be honest, waiting two weeks and not knowing if you're just symptom spotting and crazy and praying for that beautiful BFP is THE WORST. A little background. This will be my second child. My DD I had when I was 22 years old and it was a surprise. I ended up going through pregnancy alone and raising on my own until I met my husband three years after! So this was technically my "first" time actually TTC with someone. My favorite board to read from my the Symptoms by DPO, because we all love a good DPO story to hold us strong while waiting. It was so helpful to me that I wanted to do one for anyone who is struggling through the two week wait. I do have endometriosis. I've had two surgeries to remove what could be removed. It was suppose to get better after I had my DD, my doctor's words, but it came back stronger than before. I was assuming this would be hard to TTC as I've read a lot of articles of woman like me with endometriosis who could not conceive. I got off my birth control about four months ago (the pill) and I was on Nexplanon for two years and got off of that like a year ago. I was charting with the pregmate ovulation kit from We DTD two days before I assumed I would O (normal 28 day cycle) then I got a super dark line almost darker than the control line and we DTD that day. 1 DPO - nothing. 2 DPO - Creamy CM which is abnormal. 3 DPO - a little bit of abnormal exhaustion. Bloated. Light cramps on and off. Creamy CM. 4 DPO - 100% bloating. A bit more exhausted than normal. Headache. Light cramps on and off. Creamy CM. 5 DPO - Extreme exhaustion, to the point where I had to nap. So bloated. Light cramping. Creamy CM. 6 DPO - SO EXHAUSTED. Still bloated. Cramping. When I went to the bathroom I saw I had a few light pink and light brown spotting on my underwear. Like three little spots. This is when I assume I implanted. Creamy CM. 7 DPO - Very faint BFP with FMU. Faint but totally there and appeared before the three minute mark with FRER. WOO! Exhausted. Bloating seems to not be as extreme. Slight wave of nausea. Light cramping on and off. Creamy CM. 8 DPO - Total BFP! I know the line is going to get darker as the days go on which makes me super excited. I hope you all get your BFP's too! Baby dust to you all.

BFP - IUI #3 and MFI

Hello ladies, I stalked this page for symptoms during my tww and promised to post my symptoms when I am blessed with a BFP. IUI #3 - 5.0mg Letrozole and Ovidrel Trigger, 2 Follicles and 7.1 million post wash, 79% Motility. 1dpiui - Bloated and Constipated 2dpiui - Bloated, Constipated, and twinges on right side. 3dpiui - Twinges on the right side and butt pain. Started progesterone vaginal suppositories. 4dpiui - Twinges and pulling in lower abdomen. More intense pains on right side. 5dpiui - Cramping... Not excrutiating but very uncomfortable 6dpiui - Pin in both hips, Gassy, Bloated, on and off back aches. 7dpiui - Tested out the ovidrel trigger. Negative internet cheapie, twinges on both sides. Still having some back aches 8dpiui - No usual sore breast. Extreme pain in ovaries. 9dpiui - Still having some mad pains in both ovaries, nipples are sore. Vvfl Internet cheapie. Assumed it was the trigger 10dpiui - Bloated and cramping on both sides. BFP on IC again. Went out to pick up a First Response BFP... I am in shock 11dpiui- Intense side pains, visited the ER... Closed cervix and 53 beta. 12dpiui - Pain in Hips.. Took some Tylenol. Pregnant on digital test 13dpiui - Horrible cramps... Worried something is wrong.. 14dpiui - Brown spotting that filled up a panty liner, but stopped. Freaked out. Went in for another beta 141. 15dpiui - Spotting stopped.. Cramps Days leading up to Week 5... More cramps and hip pain.. Sore breast and nipples.. Slightly nauseous... Very tired.. 5 weeks Scan - Two Gestational sacs... Beta 7472 5 weeks 5 days scan after spotting and cramps - Beta 33756.. Saw both sacs and fetal poles.. Cannot wait to hear my babies heart beat... What I did differently? Husband started taking Fertil Aid and Sperm Boost. IUI #2 was only 500,000 post wash. Huge improvement within 3 weeks. Abstained from sex for 3.5 days, husband started eating better, had sex after iui and we used Pre-seed, used the progesterone regularly this time around, drank plenty of water, and prayed. Thank you Lord.... Good Luck ladies

BFP after 1 year and 6 months of TTC

It's been a long journey till this moment. I'm 31 and Finally a BFP after one year and a half trying and never once getting pregnant and having nothing wrong with me or husband. Somehow I always found the strength to continue and never gave up. We women are strong beings. Through this experience of frustrations, sadness and feeling worthless I discovered a lot of my self. I started doing yoga and meditate, eating well (no sugar, salt or processed food, a lot of orange, yellow and green fruits and veggies) and in the end, pray a lot. I used the Kindara app to track my cycles. Here are my symptoms 1-6 DPO nothing 7 DPO a lot of yellow dense CM, light cramps 8 DPO dry CM, light cramps 9 DPO little yellow CM, heavy cramps, dry rest of the day 10 DPO cramps, headache, little yellow CM, dry rest of the day 11 DPO cramps and little spotting. AF should have come. Dry all day 12 DPO cramps and little spotting, dry all day 13 DPO high temp in the morning. Severe cramps, took test and BFP. Little spotting in the afternoon but a lot of yellow CM Good wishes to everyone!!!