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BFP with Spotting

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a (nervous) YAY BFP!!!

Thought I would post my BFP story as I have been stalking the site for a while and have found it both useful and fascinating!!!!

Last year I had one miscarriage and one ectopic so I am soooo excited to have gotten my BFP this month but also super nervous.. anyway here are my symptoms or lack of:

(i am not sure when I ovulated so will do from day one of period this month
CD 1 - CD 5 period
CD 10 BD
CD 12 BD (had a sex dream on this day)
CD 14 (another sex dream and also dreamed i had twins) Egg white CM
CD 15 BD egg white CM
CD 16-23 Nothing no symptoms
CD 24 sharp stabbing pain in lower left abdomen (very short)- nervous this is ectopic???!!!
CD 25 two tiny spots of dark brown when wiped (convinced this was spotting before period which has been happening lately)
CD 26 -27 Nothing
CD 28 one faint positive on a cheap dip type test, ran to the store to get a FRER - stronger still faint P
CD 29 another FRER- BFP!!!!!!

Soo excited but really worried this little chickpea isn't for keeps again
Hope this helps xx

Good luck ladies x

So excited to get my BFP today!

Ok so I got my BFP today at 11dpo! I just wanted to tell you all my symptoms.

1-4dpo nothing
5dpo nothing
6dpo had sex with partner spotted after it, which is weird and thought that never happens! Cervix felt swollen and soft but slightly open.
7dpo felt like af was coming, had bad cramps all night! Cervix felt low and open. Hot flashes
8dpo cramping continued, also has white lotion like cm! Cervix high and closed! Still having hot flashes
9dpo boobs very sore, cramps stopped! Felt like shooting pains in my left ovary. Still having hot flashes, also feel very emotional and wanting to cry
10dpo boobs sore, hot flashes! No cm feel dry.
11dpo bit cramps, hot flashes tested all day and got BFP!!!!!

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BFP at 39: acupuncture, coQ10, quitting coffee, better diet, chilling out

I believe the journey is just as important as the finish line, so here's my bfp novella.

I have a 21mo old toddler. We got pregnant with him on the 1st try (I was 36). Literally 1 BD and boom! I was up the duff. I had assumed it would take a while, so I had bought the VIP membership on Fertility Friend, started bbt charting, got about 100 opk's, etc. Perhaps I jumped the gun a bit there. But I guess I was just preparing myself for TTC#2, during which I would need ALL these tools and more in my arsenal. (there's a lot of gun analogies here, forgive me, I'm from Texas (and actually hate guns..?)).

It's taken us 7 months. I know it takes some women much longer, but 7 months is still a long time to wait when you're smug and entitled and naive and think it'll happen instantly again. Ha! Joke was on me! There's several ways Mother Nature decided to f* with me this time. Played me like a violin. 1) The first month of ttc, I had nausea and cramping all through the tww. I *had* to be pregnant. I mean please, what else could it be? Turns out that on my new uber-healthy diet I had gone to so much effort to be on, I was eating too much kale. No, not trans-fat McDonalds. Kale. Too much kale??!?!? is that even possible?! yes it is and it involves the kale stems. Which just proves that you really can never truly win in this life. 2)You know that saying "a watched pot never boils"? Well this watched pot started to not even ovulate. Gee whiz, I at least had a few things on my side and they were a regular cycle, regular ovulation, decent health, etc. One by one they went down like that carnival game where you shoot at the ducks and they flip down boom boom boom. First, health. I got absolutely demolished by virus after virus brought home by my vector of contagion son from his petri dish of a daycare. My immune system was reduced to that of a cancer patient, according to blood tests. My cycle went nuts. It took about 3 months for it to steady out again, but all the while I (and my husband) kept taking sucker punches from more colds and viruses. But we futily kept TTCing, my husband using his last ounce of strength heaving his near-lifeless body on top of me while I just lay there blowing my nose. S.E.X.Y. Every month, I would have different symptoms or signs that made me think I must be preggo. Once again, Mother Nature just having a grand old laugh at my expens.! I was so stressed out and felt awful, we moved house, and it was winter and cold and I just wanted to throw a tantrum like my toddler does. My acupuncturist (more on that below) said that I had little hope until the weather got better and we stopped getting sick constantly. But, I think I made some other changes, which along with the easing up of the severity of the viruses (if not the frequency), helped get the magic to happen this month.

BFP with wacky cycles!!!

I promised myself I would put my story here to hopefully help other ladies in the same situation. I've had really wacky cycles for a few years now ranging anywhere from 36-48 days LONG!! Back in 2009 I had a cycle that lasted 109 days. .In and out of the ob office to get tested for different things and everything came back normal. I, of course, was relieved but never got answers to my long cycles. Anyway, last cycle ended in a cp at 4w3d so we decided we'd take a break. For me, that meant no supps just fertility charting. I o'd on cd 35 this cycle and got my bfp on cd 37/12dpo. I was shocked but very happy!! I took a frer this morning and it's very dark!! Eeek!! I txt hubby a pic of a Prego jar and made a little sticky note so it read "We Are Prego. ..again!!!". He is so excited!!

Here are my symptoms by dpo:
0 day: painful ovulation cramps, irritable
1 - 3dpo more cramps but not as bad, temp rise
4dpo: stuffy nose, tired but the weather is crazy so chalked it up to that.
5dpo: nothing
6dpo: boobs getting tingly, bloated, crazy dream!
7dpo: same but, boobs are more sore and heavy feeling, headache
8dpo: spotting (ib?!), crampy but not af type, feeling fine otherwise
9-12dpo: brown spotting just on the tp and brown. Very strange as that has never happened before, kinda freaked out ! Very sleepy, short tempered, pimples (wtheck!!), stuffy nose, full feeling where my uterus is. Feeling very pg!
12dpo: BFP!!!! Yay!!
13dpo: BFP on a frer, which we all know it's not official until almighty frer says so! LOL!! Temps are very high and spotting is gone, praise the Lord!!

I am sooo honored and blessed God would allow me to carry and raise another of His blessings!!!! I'm so excited!!

BFP 17 dpo!

Although not trying to conceive, couldn't be more excited about this pregnancy! I have only one ovary due to a mass on my left that required the removal of the ovary and tube. I have also had a lot of problems with cysts on my right ovary. We questioned for a long time if I'd even be able to have a child, now we know! We conceived on CD 11, naturally! I am 20 years old, 5'4, 150 pounds, healthy. Here is our story:)

DPO 1: nothing
DPO 2: nothing
DPO 3: nothing except dream about BFP
DPO 5: big glob of yellow/white boogery ewcm
DPO 6: sore boobs, none of the usual yellow creamy cm, just random ewcm
DPO 7: sore boobs, tired, watery cm, dream about getting AF
DPO 8: sore boobs, watery cm
DPO 9: sore boobs, watery cm
DPO 10: no cm, brown streaks on tp when wiping one time (implantation) and cramping, take Walmart cheapie BFN, 15 minutes later a thick pink line showed up when looking closely, disregarded it
DPO 11: sore boobs and nipples, cramping and twinges on right and left side, white creamy cm
DPO 12: sore boobs and nipples, drank some the night before.. worst hang over I have EVER had, white creamy cm
DPO 13: sore boobs and nipples, nausea continues, white creamy cm, I wanted to kill BF.. everything that came out of his mouth!
DPO 14: AF due, feel like it could arrive any minute, sore boobs and nipples woke me up in the middle of the night, white creamy cm
DPO 15: No AF, same as above, not concerned about late AF as it shows up randomly quite often, go out to dinner with 11 friends and before waiter took drink orders he pointed at me and said you can't order one you're pregnant! Weird?, two beers felt drunk
DPO 16: No AF, same as above
DPO 17: No AF, anxious to know why my cm was so different this month, same symptoms as above, go to Walmart and get another test, after 15 seconds BFP!!

Some symptoms and interesting things that happened during the TWW that I don't know exactly when they started:
-Increased saliva
-A friend of mine we were on vacation with is 3 months pregnant, I didn't find myself jealous which is weird
-I find myself worrying something is wrong and taking every little thing that happens as something that is probably isn't, what is going to happen is going to happen and I have faith that this pregnancy is going to be healthy and happy!
-Other than the one day of hating everyone, I noticed a feeling of peace and happiness
-BETA hcg at 21 DPO 1726

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Miracle from God! Preg after 3 years of infertility!!

Let's start off by saying I always read everyone's postings here for years, so many inspirational stories. I want to add ours to it.

I really had given up hope. My husband and I had TTC for just under 3 years, including numerous visits to a reproductive endocrinologist (RE) and so many different pills(clomid femara), progesterone, and even an IUI 1 year & 1/2 ago. Nothing worked....we were in the 'unexplained infertility' category. The most stressful and unknown category to be in. My husbands SA counts were through the roof, our RE's office called him 'superman'! Ha I had normal monthly periods just a short documented luteal phase which I discovered on my own 2.5yrs ago when I began temping. It averaged 7-9 days long ( not long enough for baby to implant even if we conceived each month). This made me feel like a failure to produce a child, a failure as a woman. The emotional stress of infertility is like no other. All of our friends around us were pregnant (those married after us), numerous painful baby showers to attend, some I just couldn't even handle going to. I was unsure that my 'dream' of being a mother would ever happen.

Fast forward to 3 months ago. I began the Paleo lifestyle/diet and cut ALL gluten out. I ate very healthfully before this but ate bread, and some packaged goods. I also had progesterone (crinone) left from my Dr's that I just happened to use this month to give it a shot to lengthen my shorter LP. No cheat days, none what so ever. My husbands 33rd Birthday is in 1 wk. I misewell give it one last shot I figured; not having much hope that it would work.

I became pregnant 10 wks later after starting Paleo!!!!! Praise God! I truly believe I'm gluten intolerant (?celiac) but was never tested by any Dr previously. I refuse to go back to any gluten (at least through the rest of my pregnancy). It can cause miscarriage if you truly have a gluten intolerance and you start eating bit again, it can only be shown in blood tests if you've been eating it for some time.

There were hardly any TWW symptoms. Less than any month prior that I swore I may had been pregnant. I tested and was ready to go throw the test out not believing it was possible and I saw two lines 13dpo! Tested with a digital CBE and pregnant popped up right away. Went right to my RE's office for blood work & confirmed bhcg 249!

I had some symptoms from the crinone 8% that I'm on. Tired falling asleep at 8:30 after working 10 hr days, but that was since 'implantation' around 8dpo based on my bhcg. Increased thirst (but I always drink tons of water), very mild uterine cramps off and on the last week. Some implantation bleeding aprox 11/12dpo dk brown and minimal. Very moody and crying at the drop of a hat now. I should be 4wks 3days by Lmp. No acne, I always break out a little before my period usually.

We are cautiously over the moon. I will feel better in 2 weeks when I can see lil bean and a heartbeat. Please pray this goes well and continues to a healthy baby. It's nerve wracking after waiting sooo long for a BFP that everything will turn out okay! If your in my situation please try gluten free Paleo/Primal! We were ready to have to go through IVF (which I dreaded) by the end of the year. God is good and does answer prayers, everything happens when it is supposed to. We may have to wait but it's well worth it when u can his this baby in my arms! I pray you all receive your BFPs soon as well!

First BFP using vitamins AFTER quitting fertility treatments

I want to share my story with you and will be VERY SPECIFIC and OPEN because I know there is someone out there who is going through the same thing. To begin, I need to give you some background and it may be shocking to some people so please be open minded.

Background: I just turned 29 yrs old in June. I was on the Depo shot on and off from age 18-25 (8/2003-1/2011). I decided to get off it b/c I was getting married that April and wanted it to wear off which I thought would take a few months. I had no periods and certainly no ovulation. We had decided to seek fertility and found I was not ovulating so started treatments 2/2013 took Clomid 50mg for 3 months (ovulated all times but no bfp) then referred to RE who said I may have PCOS but they were not sure??? Anyways, I took a mixture of Letrozole/trigger shots/IUI for 6 months (ovulated all times but no bfp)...We decided to take a break but during that time I realized what a horrible person he really bad that we actually divorced. Looking back, I knew deep down we were not meant to be together which was hard to accept, but I'm so happy I did not get pg with his baby. God was watching over me because in our 6 year relationship I did not get pg once.

1/2014-7/12/2014: Not long after, I found the love of my life who ended up being an acquaintance (funny how that works out huh?) Anyways, he understood that we would probably have difficulty ttc when the time came but that didn't matter to him. We used no protection, but I noticed more CM and we BD'd ALL THE TIME never expecting to get pg. Just pure love making which I never experienced before (sorry if TMI). I also was much happier and lost 35lbs and was at a healthier weight (5'8 145lbs). I decided to later do some research and saw women talk about EPO and Soy Iso so I decided to take them starting 6/2014.

Here are the specifics:
CD 1-5/31
Took 1000mg of Spring Valley EPO Days 3-10 (Although I hear it is okay to go up til day before ovulation day)
Took 160mg of Spring Valley Soy Iso Days 3-7
That's it!
I did not temp, use OPK, nor think about pregnancy whatsoever! In fact, June was a SUPER busy month.

I felt the normal PMS symptoms like sore bbs and bloating around CD 26 (I am usually a 29-30 day cycle gal)

We BD on CD 30 (6/29) and I noticed some blood after so I figured AF came, but later on noticed it was just that one time so I thought I just spotted but AF never came and my bbs were still VERY sore. The next few weeks I had bouts of heightened sense of smell and nausea here and there, but was still in denial.

I had diarrhea (Yep TMI) on 7/5 and still was too scared to test b/c I was so used to getting let down. Last night, I finally read a post of a woman who had the EXACT symptoms as me (including the blood after sex) and she was pg so I decided to test this AM 7/12. I took a Clearblue test this AM w/ FMU and for the first time received a + sign. I WAS SHOCKED!!! Oh and so was my bf lol We bought another test that actually spells it out and I took it and of course it says PREGNANT!

God has truly made 2014 a blessing because I found not only the love of my life, but also is blessing us with a baby. Please keep our 6 week miracle baby in your prayers as I will be sending prayers your way. I hope this helps!

BFP at 8 DPO

DH and I decided 18 months ago that we wanted to try and I came off BCP. This is my first ever pregnancy at 35 (DH is 37). Every month nearly I have been symptom spotting but looking back I really didn't need to as this month I knew from my symptoms that I am pregnant before my BFP! This has been all thanks to this site as looking at other stories, my symptoms were unmistakable.

DTD and 1 day later got a positive OPK.

1 - 4 DPO - nothing at all. Seriously, nothing.
5 DPO - mild back ache.
6 DPO - My colleague looked at me and exclaimed 'god you look tired'. Then when sitting at my desk I got a funny period pain feeling low down in my tummy and my back ache worsened. Went to the bathroom and when I wiped and had some faint pink spotting mixed in with some very plentiful (sorry TMI) CM. Got home with a stuffy nose and took pain killers for my back. Knew I was PG.
7 DPO - couldn't concentrate at all at work. Went to chemist and bought 3 PG tests and took one straight away. BFN. Spent nearly all day looking up symptoms as implantation spotting (more brown on TP mixed with CM which was fairly plentiful and as though it was about to turn to EWCM) still happening. Strange pulling and tugging and slightly painful (what feel like) period pains whilst lying in bed.
8 DPO - woke up tired. Got dizzy on way to work. Long day and felt weird at a meeting. Later on felt faint, hot and shaky when stood up and had to sit down. Still getting implantation spotting which is a bit heavier today but still brown. Took a test and very, very faint BFP. Scared it's an evap line as it took over 15 mins to materialise. Couldn't stop looking at it.
9 DPO - took a HPT first thing whilst half asleep. Second line although faint came up quickly. Showed DH and he agreed it is definitely there. Total shock!

BFP!!! 12 DPO, 14 Months of Trying!

Title says it all. Got my first ever BFP this morning after trying for 14 months. We were going to start medicated cycles next month, but I got a positive instead! All natural and so thrilled.


6-12 DPO: Sore boobs, but I always get those and actually though that meant I was out!
7-12 DPO: Heartburn, which I never have.
11 DPO: Frequent urination and the barest bit of brown spotting
12 DPO: Uterine twinges and some minor lower back pain, really fatigued

Good luck to all, hope my story inspires others!

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BFP After 21 months of trying!

So, I FINALLY got a BFP today at 18 dpo!! And to be honest, I definitely thought AF was right around the corner. I just kept saying, "Tomorrow, she'll come tomorrow." Mainly, because I had a lot of the same symptoms as PMS. Even as I'm typing this, I have mild AF like cramping. We've been seeing a fertility doctor since September of 2013. My hubby is 35, and I am 34. After our first consult, we tried it on our own for awhile and then I went onto Clomid 4 cycles ago. This last ovulation (June 2014) was our first IUI. And, I guess it worked!!

I had bought a OPK/HPT test combo pack from Amazon about 18-19 months ago. Well as luck would have it, I ran out of the pregnancy tests (they give you more opk's than hpt's), from using the last one on 9dpo (bfn) ! So just by chance, I decided to try the OPK test when I got home today. I knew that I had already tested positive for ovulation back on CD13. So getting a positive on an OPK now, would at least motivate me to get off my butt and run to the drugstore for an HPT. Here's my timeline:

CD 13 - Positive OPK confirmed my home test
CD 14- Hubby and I go to fertility doc for IUI
CD 23-26 / 9 dpo-12 dpo - Very sore breasts (which is normal with PMS for me, but also sore nipples... this NEVER happens).
9 dpo - Took HPT, and got BFN :(
CD 27/ 13 dpo- I got a browinsh streak and a red streak (side-by-side) when I wiped. I put in a tampon and went on with my day. At end of day, I removed tampon only to find a very, small amount of brown blood. Sore breasts, and nipples.
CD 28/14 dpo - Used tampon during day for full 8 hours. Again, just a tiny bit of brown blood upon removal. Decided to switch to pantyliner. Sore breasts, nipples not so much. Mild AF cramping
CD 29-CD 32 / 15dpo-18dpo - Pantyliners only... not a trace of anything. Sore breasts, nipples not so much. Mild AF cramping.
CD 32/ 18 dpo (6:30 p.m.) - Positive OPK and then a positive HPT (right away!)

I'm so excited!!!! My hubby is going to be a daddy for the first time, my 8 year old son will be a big brother for the first time, and I will be the lucky mommy of two!!!!

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