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BFP with Spotting

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BFP first cycle after Lap (stage1 endo/cyst); Hashimotos

Like so many people, I had been all over this board waiting and hoping for a very long time. I hope my post helps other women. Partner and I had been tested- everything appeared completely normal so we were "unexplained"

I had a really hard decision between the lap and really thinking about clomid and eventually IVF. Although no issues came up on ultrasounds, I decided on the lap because I could not handle the pain around my period anymore (plus clotting). I could remember a time when my periods were painless and realized that now I dreaded dealing with them and that just wasn't my normal and wasn't acceptable to me. I knew 100% that something was up- and it was probably endo. My RE is amazing and got me in a few days later to do the lap. (I also had been diagnosed with Hashimotos thyroid and had my numbers under control there so it ended up being irrelevant to TTC although I wasted a lot of time freaking out about it- I guess this made me improve my diet so it couldn't have been such a bad thing).

I went in for the surgery that cycle about CD10 and after it, didn't ovulate until way later (stress I guess) and had a long cycle. In the lap, they found some weird cyst and stage 1 endo, & they straightened it all up. My first period after the lap was better than it had been in years. Then the following cycle is the BFP cycle!!

Did nothing different that cycle. +OPK at around CD12. Nothing unusual.

AF cramping 8DPO and 9DPO with an extremely light amount of spotting 9D0= I thought I was out. When I tell you this, I mean it. I thought I was 1000% out. I was mentally exhausted and feeling at the end of my rope. I am skeptical about people who say they have strong symptoms in the 2WW- after you've been trying for a while, you realize there are those months where you have ALL the symptoms but a BFN. I quit looking for symptoms. It's only in retrospect that I can say the only things I noticed that we really weird was that my body could no longer handle coffee, even a small amount, and that I was peeing quite a lot. But I was in a place where I wouldn't let myself get my hopes up.

Sunday morning comes along and I was planning to have a few drinks. It was 13DPO and it was weird that my period hadn't come. But again wouldn't let myself get my hopes up. I had completely stopped POAS because quite honestly, it had become traumatic for me to see a BFN. I only tested because my period hadn't come and I was planning, quite frankly, to get drunk. Imagine my surprise when I looked down at that test....and for the first time ever saw another line (the line was dark and appeared immediately- I could have tested days earlier). Joyous doesn't begin to cover it!!! Also in some kind of shock.

But it ended up being a rough morning because about three hours later, I was spotting. I thought it was super weird since that line had come in so dark!! Anyway, spotting stopped a two days later and it was always extremely light. All my betas/progesterone blood draws have been great, very high- so far, so good.

Please don't lose hope- after you go through a lot to get to a BFP you end up believing it can't happen but it can and it will!!

BFP 14 dpo - so happy and surprised, as very few symptoms!

I wanted to share my story, as I've found everyone's so helpful whilst we've been ttc over the past 4 months!

1 - 6 dpo -no real symptoms except tiredness and more hungry than usual (but put down to a busy week at work!)
7 dpo - noticed bumps around areola were more noticeable
8 dpo - upset stomach in the evening, had to rush to the toilet. A tiny bit of spotting
9 dpo - upset stomach in the afternoon again and light spotting continued
10 dpo - light spotting and light cramps
11 - 14 dpo - light spotting continued, with some heavier bleeding inbetween (assumed af had just been light this month)
Had a spare test so at 14dpo (day af was due) I did my first test of the cycle. Nearly choked on my toothpaste when my clearblue came back ' pregnant 1-2 weeks'! Took a FRER in the eve and one the next day - both BFP's!

I continued to spot until 18 dpo when it tailed off. I was very hungry and noticed slightly more sensitive bbs than normal.

We were having a really busy month in April, and my opk sticks run out before I got a positive - so we just dtd three times around about the dates we thought might be right (we had really date watched the last couple of months). So were totally surprised and very happy when we found out! I'm 6 weeks now, and this will be our first baby - ttc since January. Goodluck everyone :-)

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UNEXPECTED BFP! Our little miracle

I'm not one to post in forums, but if i can offer any insight and help ANYONE, then I will do anything I can. My story may not be as interesting as most, or typical. But I figured that if anyone is in the same situation and needs a glimmer of hope, then perhaps I can offer some. My boyfriend and I were TTC lightly. I say lightly, because we just had the mindset that whatever happens, happens. We weren't trying, but we weren't NOT trying either. With that said, I didn't chart anything, never took my temperature, or even wrote down symptoms. So this is all off of my memory and what stuck out to me. I got a menstrual period April 4-7th that was fairly normal, except seemed shorter than usual. We just did our thing, DTD when we felt like it. If it landed on my fertile days, cool, if not, not a big deal. It just so happened that we DTD twice 2-3 days before my ovulation day, and then a couple days after my ovulation day. I have an ovulation/period tracker app, but that's basically the extent of my "charting." I then started to get my period again April 28th, which was a little sooner than expected (according to my app.) It lasted about 3 days and everything seemed normal. Wasn't super light. It was a bit short, like the previous one, but nothing out of the ordinary to me. Then I started spotting on the May 9th. It was pink and I only noticed it when I wiped. It carried on throughout the day and onto the next day. When i woke up on May 10th, I had bad lower stomach pain, almost in my bladder. It felt crampy and a dull aching pain. I took a bath and the cramps got better. I began to assume that perhaps I had a bladder infection, because it felt so low and in my bladder, and was more of a dull pain than cramps. I googled the symptoms (which my doctor shamed me for) and it two of the diagnoses on the list were bladder infection and pregnancy. It was a sunday, so I didn't really want to go to the ER if I didn't have to, so I wanted to have an idea of what could be wrong with me. I found 1 pregnancy test and decided to take it to rule out pregnancy. The test came up a strong positive in under a minute. I was so surprised! I had no idea I was pregnant! I had no signs that were pointing to pregnancy! I took 2 more later that day, and both were strong positives as well. I found out on Mothers day and am so blessed and excited. I went to the doctor today and they confirmed the pregnancy, and made an educated guess that I am around 5 weeks! I am completely shocked and amazed. My last pregnancy was just like your cliche pregnancy, "i missed a period," "i have morning sickness," kinda thing. Not this one, complete and total shock. I know I was very vague and that I didn't chart my signs and symptoms, but i am hoping i can help someone and show that there IS a possibility even with NO symptoms AND a "period." I got a BFP a week and a half after my normal "period." I'm still not exactly sure on how far along i am because of my crazy bleeding, but i am excited none the less! Don't rule out pregnancy until you see a negative test! Blood doesn't always mean you're out! BABY DUST TO EVERYONE!

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Bfp but still bleeding??

I got my last period on the 13th April I had sex 20th and 25th(day of ovulation) then I started to spot on Wednesday 29th been feeling sick have high temp and sore boobs I started spotting brown then dark red and now it's like a light period I'm not in any pain so I've been bleeding/spotting for over a week now and only today I got bfp on two tests been taking th everyday and bfn apart fr I got bfp today, I'm worried something is wrong does anyone else experience this???

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Well, I'm pretty nervous. My husband and I have been TTC since September. On our 3rd cycle we had an early mc, and then started TTC right away. I have around 35 day cycles. Which suck, because a while extra week until I O on 21, it was depressing sometimes. This month (cycle 7) I got a double ear infection and was put on antibiotics and Prednisone before ovulation. Well, I ended up not Oing until CD27! It was exhausting for my husband and I, it really became difficult, but it worked. This was my first month on Vitamin D3 (levels were very low) and we used Preseed, though since my fertile time was pushed back (and we were sure if our HD difficulties were due to Preseed being so slippery, though we only used a small amount) the only time we used it in my fertile window was I think O+1. We did BD every other day until O was confirmed with OPKs and BBT spike. I did have old brown blood when I wiped on the morning of 6 DPO, which I was sure was early AF (I even told my husband the night before that I felt her coming) it continued to be less as the next 3 days went on (a couple of times was very light pink) and then went away 9DPO. I tested with FMU at 9 DPO with a FRER and was negative (though I thought I might have seen a squinted but the lighting was bad, anyway, threw it out as BFN) took a CBD later that night BFN (I had bfps on both at 9 DPO with my mc) and then decided this morning at 11 DPO, that I should test before having margaritas tonight for Cinco de Mayo. Good idea. FRER BFP within a minute. Then 20 mins later a BFP on a CBD with like 5 drops of pee I could manage.

The IB threw me off, I didn't have it the first time, and I always spot before AF. Very nervous and hopeful this one will stick. Good luck to all of you trying!!

BFP 13dpo

DH (24) and I (22) have been trying for ten months now, with mc in December :( I also was diagnosed with pcos a few years back before we even started trying. Here are my symptoms:
1dpo: slight ov cramping on right side,EWCM
2-5 dpo: lots of white lotiony cm, headache
6 dpo: same as above, sore bbs, crying at kid movies
7 dpo: twinges on both sides, pulling feeling in lower abdomen, bbs still sore
8-10 dpo: painfully sore bbs, lots of white cm, I also noticed veins in my chest and shoulders?
11 dpo: slight cramping, lots of cm with one tiny spec of blood, followed by brown spotting, thought AF was coming early
12 dpo: tested and got a faint positive on 3 tests but only after 30 minutes, thought they were all Evaps!
13 dpo: tested with FMU and got a positive right away!
I made an appt to see my doctor tomorrow, hoping this one sticks! Based on my LMP I'm due January 1st.

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Bfp 11dpo four months after miscarriage

My husband and I are both 27. We have a son who turns two on April 25th :) it took 21 months to conceive him, just as we were about to schedule appointments at the fertility doctor, I got my bfp!

In July 2014 we decided to try for #2. So in the beginning of November 2014, we got a bfp!! Sadly, I miscarried at 6w3d in December. :(
We started trying again as soon as possible, and here we are four months later with another bfp! I'm 4w4d today and my edd is December 21st. I'm really cautious though in getting my hopes up. And I pray that this is a sticky baby!

This month I had my husband take a bunch of vitamins that I researched to help male fertility, and I took prenatal vitamins every day, with extra folic acid, vitamin D, and E everyday. I also took 2000mgs evening primrose oil CD1-Ovulation.

Here's how the month went-- oh and I was using wondfo opks and clearblue advanced digital opks.

BD- Cycle days

Cd 17 -- based on opks, ovulation pain and ewcm.

1-4 dpo: not much, boobs kinda tingly and throbbing.
5-6 dpo: boobs stopped throbbing, slightly tender on sides. Only cause I was poking them lol. Weird pressure in my upper thighs and lower back.
6-8 dpo: boobs still tender on sides, heartburn and period cramps. Tested at 8dpo and BFN.
9:dpo Same as before, but notice more cm than usual. tested BFN.
10 dpo: tested again and there is definitely a faint line there. Kinda freaking out!
11 dpo: definite line on wondfo and frer. BFP!! Spotted a little pink and red starting in the afternoon this day and gone by evening.
15dpo-Now: had some major migraines, increased cm, tender boobs and sore nipples. Very tired.

Still praying for the best!

After Two Miscarriages, My BFP This Morning

Dear Ladies,

First, I want to thank you. Your stories have all been an unwavering source of strength for me as we were TTC after two miscarriages last year.

I hope this long post does not dissuade you from reading this, as I believe it will give many of you hope.

I am 39. My husband is 43. We have no children. I have high FSH and low AMH (the double nail in the coffin, according to most fertility specialists).

Last year, I was pregnant for 6 months of the year, but one 10 week miscarriage and another miscarriage just shy of 16 weeks (due to a genetic abnormality) dashed our dreams of a family. The RE we saw said our best chance was conceiving naturally. My body did not respond to the drugs meant to trigger egg production (Gonal F).

This morning, 10 DPO, I could not bear the TWW any longer and tested. And there it was, clear as day, my double line. I am of course elated but (honestly) full of fear and trepidation at the same time. I am praying this will be lucky #3.

Here's what I think made the biggest difference:
I started paying attention to cervical mucous as the #1 indicator of my fertile window. It took me a while to get this, as I think I was overly reliant on tests to indicate fertility. I watched for egg white cervical mucous like a hawk, knowing this was my body's way of telling me: GREEN LIGHT.

I religiously took:
-A prenatal vitamin everyday
-CO-Q10 (UBIQUINOL- this is critical) - 600 mg/day (it's expensive but worth it)
-Vitex (800 mg)
-Royal Jelly (2000 mg/day)
-Maca (750 mg)
-Wheat grass in a shake every morning

I also resigned from my (high-powered, stressful) job to alleviate stress. I came to the (difficult) conclusion that the money wasn't worth the downside of being in a toxic work environment when my first priority was to have a baby. Toxic environments don't help create the harmony to conceive.

I took a step back from the fertility clinics, the meds (which made it impossible to stay in touch with the regular rhythm of my body, and left me tired and depressed) and tried to put faith back into MY own biological, innate power to conceive.

As for cycle tracking, I used Fertility Friend on my desktop, Ovia (on my iPhone) and an ovulation predicator kit to time sex. (The OPK, interestingly, said I ovulated on day 9 and again, 5 days later.) Ladies again, I watched for EWCM to refine the timing.

I tried to do at least 10,000 steps everyday, and get as much fresh air as possible.

And for the spiritual among you: family and friends prayed for me.

A couple of days ago, I had very minor spotting: a faint pink mixed with the finest darker (brownish) spots. This morning, again, the faintest, faintest pink, almost indiscernible.

At 6:30 am, despite my friends saying I should wait to avoid disappointment from early testing, I got my BFP. I cried, alone in the bathroom. It was a faint line at 10 DPO but there it was without a doubt, staring back at me.

I will say prayers for all of you, and hope this one sticks.

7 months ttc and BFP

Hello ladies,

I hope my story gives at least one other person hope. I am 26, DH 35. I have always had very regular 28 day cycles despite never being on bc. It seemed however the month we began ttc My cycles suddenly became irregular.

I began spotting from as early as 4dpo all the way until AF. I was tired all the time and very irritable. When AF did arrive it was heavy with clots (sorry tmi!). Cycles would range from 27-30 days.

I went to my family doctor after 3 months of this. Got an ultrasound, a 5 cm "complex" cyst was found and I was referred to an obgyn - with a scheduled appointment 3 months down the road (grr!). That 3 month wait was awful and my symptoms seemed to be worsening. I was always very crampy and I was convinced there was something seriously wrong!

When I finally met with the obgyn more tests were ordered and the cyst was gone and blood work was normal. I had 2 small cysts on each ovary but she said nothing to worry about. She suspected endo, and scheduled me for an explorative laproscopic surgery for June 1st but encouraged me to keep trying because we can easily cancel the surgery.

Just when I was feeling helpless, my DH surprised me with a puppy! Not relevant I know but it made me happier and distracted me. I was not as stressed with ttc and I really think it helped.

Cd 12: ovulated

1-6 dpo: No symptoms (mind you I wasn't really paying attention)

7-8dpo: red spotting light (normal for me and suspected would last until AF)

9-10dpo: spotting gone, but feels like AF is still coming

11 dpo: spotting returns - brown with creamy cm (tmi). Bad cramping at night

12 dpo: spotting gone (weird!), but twinges and pulls around ovaries

13 dpo: still no sign of spotting - mild cramping.

14 dpo: mild cramping. BBs slightly tender. No spotting. Not sure when AF is due because I've been so irregular. Will test tomorrow morning.

15 dpo: BFP!! BBs slightly tender and still have very mild cramping (less than before)

Soso happy!!

Bandy dust to everyone!

BFP on 5th cycle- very irregular periods!

I still can't believe this is real
Here is my story, I hope it brings some hope to you all, and those who can relate

I am 27, husband is also 27. Been married since 2012, together since 2005 (high school sweet hearts).
I was on birth control for 12 years and forgot what my cycles were like on their own so I went off birth control in May 2014, knowing we would be starting TTC in the Fall 2014. After stopping BC, my periods were SO IRREGULAR. I have some cycles that were 40 something days, one cycle 120 days, one 60 days. It was very unpredictable. I also started spotting before each cycle too. We started TTC and trying to track ovulation in November 2014. So many times I thought I had symptoms and ended up getting a period. I spent so much money on tests too.
For the month of March 2015, I had my period March 5th- 11th. We decided to increase of BDing and we didn't exactly know when I was ovulating, so we BD March 15, 16, 17, 19, 21, 22, 24, 26, 28, 29, 30, April 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 10th. I just got m BFP today on two first responses with pink lines, two tests with plus signs, and got 2-3 weeks preg on a clear blue digital. So based on the clear blue i ovulated sometime between March 22- April 3rd.

Here are my symptoms that I tracked in that time frame. I am unsure of exact ovulation day based on irregular cycles:
March 5-11th- Period
March 12-14- nothing
March 15th-17th- ++Wet CM- cervix low/open, some EWCM, BD each day (OVULATION DAY???)
March 18th- Bright red wet spotting in AM and again after work, but nothing in between, some nausea before bed
March 19th- odd twinge in rt side and boob, some nausea with ice cap briefly, head aches, preseed, BD in PM
March 20th- tired, Wet CM then creamy
March 21 and 22- watery CM, BD
March 23rd- acne break out around chin and mouth
March 24- watery CM, BD
March 25, watery CM,
March 26th- ++ wet Cm, BD (OVULATION DAY????)
March 27th- no symptoms, BFN
March 28, 29, 30- no symptoms, BD each day
April 1- dreamt positive preg test, BD
April 2- BFN on a digital, was seasick (puking) on catamaran in mexico (has never happened before), BD that night
April 3, 5, and 6- no symptoms, BD each day
April 8- bloated, sticky CM, pressure in uterus area
April 10- Sticky, whitish/yellowish stretchy CM, felt dizzy when stood up once in AM, BD
April 11- mild cramping/tugging left side in AM, Went for a short run (1st one of the year), felt nauseous after 1km which was really weird. Some rt side cramping PM, bloated, felt constipated then had runny poops (TMI) before bed, thick white/yellowish stretchy CM again.
April 12- cramping rt side (especially when sneezing I can feel cramp-like pain on side). Took five tests with first morning urine. Couldn't believe it. Dark lines showed right away on FRER before liquid finished crossing screen. Followed buy two plus signs on two other tests and 2-3 weeks BFP on clear blue digital.

Still can not believe it after all the negatives Ive had since November.

Things we did
-raspberry leaf tea most mornings
-prenatal vitamins daily along with B6 vitamin
-Pre-seed used occasionally, not every time
-Laid in bed for at least 30 min after BDing
-This month we increased BD to every single day or at least every other day following my period to make sure we'd catch it

-mainly noticed CM changes- very watery some days and then closer to BFP it was thick, white/yellowish and stretchy. Today it is more dry and sticky with hardly anything there
-Other main symptom has been cramping. Yesterday i felt the tugging on left side and today i feel rt side cramp every once and a while
-Nausea on and off (fully sick on catamaran, and nausea after running 1km).
- No sore boobs or anything else yet.

Still can't believe it!!!!
Going to book a doctors appt tomorrow. I just got blood work done in the past few weeks and had a pelvic ultra sound a month ago to see why we were struggling to conceive and they all came back normal. So I guess we just needed to increase our BDing and wait it out a bit!

Good luck to all of you ladies. Baby dust to all of you!