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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Spotting

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Bfp 14dpo imolantation bleeding, clomid/iui

I'm so excited to finally write my bfp story!!! we tried for a little over a year. After 7 months I went to a fertility clinic, they found I had low progesterone, and a slightly sluggish thyroid. I tried with herbs, fertilitea, fertil aid, had cycles with no coffee or drinking - nothing... After over a year then started trying clomid with an injectable and iui - our second IUI round finally worked!!! I gave up nothing during that 2ww and had quit acupuncture haha. If this hadn't worked I was prepared to have laparoscopy surgery to see if I had stage 1/2 endometriosis.

This cycle definitely tricked me because I spot EVERY SINGLE MONTH since coming off birth control, and it's always different - sometimes just brown spotting on 10dpo, other months red blood at 9dpo...and I learned to always associate it my period coming. Here's my symptoms...

Cd 13: iui
1-10 dpo no symptoms that stand out
11dpo: felt dizzy, like i had a sinus headache all day so I stayed home from work and laid around all day... But still no spotting! But I've spotted later before

12dpo: felt normal aside from a little cramping. Was getting hopeful since my temp went up a little bit...later that night I got a little bit of light pink spotting and I was pretty upset...went to see a movie, came home and I had bright red blood, it was fairly heavy, enough to keep dripping in the toilet (sorry if tmi). So i figured my period came early - was so sad.

13dpo: brown spotting, which has also been normal for me after red bleeding in the past, and my temp dropped to just above my coverline which was right on schedule. Went to a baby shower which was really hard!!!

That night I started feeling warm, when I took my night temp it was way high, and that usually isn't the case. Went to bed hopeful.

14dpo: woke up expecting my temp to have dropped and for period to start - but my temp went up!!! I called to schedule a blood test, they called that afternoon to say it came back POSITIVE - BFP!!!

I'm still 4 weeks now, feeling really warm all the time, some headaches and minor cramping and breast soreness, but nothing major.

I still can't believe my body tricked me! Absolutely nothing was different from other cycles, I'm so glad I was temping bc that was my only clue. This past year has definitely been an emotional struggle and I never knew it would be so hard to get pregnant, and how hard it would be to deal with all my friends getting pregnant. So I feel for anyone that has trouble conceiving!
My advice is to get tested before waiting a full year of trying! I'm glad I did, because you might as well know early if you have low progesterone or some other issue that can be worked with... And take your temperature! :)

I'm so happy we finally got pregnant and i pray for a healthy 9 months!

It happened!

I'm posting my experience here because while TTC I stalked this site reading all the stories/symptoms and found it very useful to see that there were people experiencing the same symptoms as me! My husband and I began trying right after getting married and got a BFP 3 months later! We were very lucky!

0-3 dpo: absolutely nothing
4 dpo: for a few minutes in the evening I felt my face flush and had slight cramps (not period cramps more like small pricks) and slight queasiness (not nausea but just that feeling where you're not in the mood to eat)
5 dpo: slight cramps, slight queasiness
6 dpo: slight queasiness
7 dpo: face flushed again, slight cramps, slight queasiness
8 dpo: dull cramps. Aversion to smell of someone heating food in the microwave
9 dpo: EXTREMELY sore boobs. My husband tried to lay his head on me and even that hurt really bad. Took a test BFN.
10 dpo: slightly sore boobs. Started spotting. Thought for sure AF was coming
11 dpo: nothing out of the ordinary except constipation. Maybe slightly sore boobs but nothing too bad.
12 dpo: dull cramps. Tested first thing in the morning and got a very very faint BFP!

Natural BFP after Stage 4 Endo, Low AMH, and Failed IVF!

About to give birth to my baby girl.

Conceived naturally one month after I was told I would have to use a donor egg to conceive a child.

Had previously been diagnosed with Stage 4 Endo, Endometrioma removed from one ovary through a lap procedure
Was also diagnosed with Low AMH 0.34

3 failed IUIs and Failed IVF cycle which included two single embryo transfers.


only thing I used was ACUPUNCTURE!!

BFP after 3 years and ovarian tumour

After 3 years of trying and having gone through the tests for IVF we were told we just needed one final repeat check then would have IVF the next month or so. In an internal scan they spotted a mass on my ovary, looked like a cyst, after an MRI and CT scan it was confirmed as a 4.5cm ovarian tumor. To be brief, I had surgery in march 2014 to remove my right ovary and the tumor (confirmed as cancerous but all traces removed in surgery) then we were told we could go straight to IVF, but before we had chance we fell pregnant au naturel in June, just 3 months after surgery, amazing! 19 weeks now and still cant take it in. Here are my symptoms, had more symptoms other months (and im a pro symptom spotting after 3 yrs!) so had no clue.

1dpo onwards - sore side of breasts (normal)
8dpo some mild cramps at night, thought I brought them on by thinking about it
11dpo slight sore throat and slight stuffy nose, felt a bit achy but hard week so didn't think anything of it
12-14dpo v mild cramps, thought AF would come, woke up at 4.30am for no reason
16dpo took 3 tests, all positive, 2-3 wks

My advice is DON'T GIVE UP HOPE no matter how tough it gets, a huge sprinkling of baby dust to all xxxxx
Also if you have LOTs of spotting starting 8-10 days before ur period get it checked, this was my main symptom of the tumour but I didn't know it till after the surgery.

Newbie - BFP w/ odd symptoms!

This is our first round TTC, and I'm a newbie here, so forgive me if I don't get all the acronyms right! I have been obsessing over this site waiting for my own BFP so I thought I'd contribute since I had some strange symptoms and it was difficult for me to find other stories like mine. First of all, I didn't temp or anything, I just have an app that tracks my fertile window, so everything may not be perfectly accurate, but I'm assuming I O'ed on CD 14. I also did not start making specific notes until about 8 DPO. All that being said, here goes:

CD 10, 12,& 14 - BD
1 DPO - felt fluttery, all of a sudden feel like I'm pregnant feeling, although I'm sure it was in my head
2-7 DPO - sneezing a lot, lots of crampy pulling sensations in uterus, particularly left side. The first few days PO I felt extremely hungry when I first woke up, which is odd for me. Had to stop and get a breakfast sandwich, which I never do! The hunger passed after a couple of days and my appetite was back to normal, but nothing really tasted good. Not nauseous, just didn't hit the spot. Had vivid dreams.
8DPO - Had a BM in evening, when I wiped, had quite a bit of BRICK RED blood - thought AF had started way early. Everything I'd read about IB said it would be just a couple of drops, light brown or pink. If this was IB it was definitely not just a couple of drops. Put in a tampon and went to bed. Next morning there was just a bit of brown cm on tampon.
9 DPO - diarrhea :( No spotting today. Felt sore in my groin area, like glands were swollen or something. Thought I may be coming down with the flu. Vivid dream of BFP on test.
10 DPO - took FRER test w/ FMU - BFN. Started noticing shortness of breath today, along with CRAZY bloating - looked like I was 3 months pg already, some back pain, cramping, no noticeable soreness in boobs, a little watery red CM when wiping
11 DPO - woke up tired & hit snooze for first time in like 6 months, had feeling like I wasn't pg, just felt calm all day, no cramps, lots of energy as day progressed, watery brown/pink cm when wiping, when going to sleep felt shortness of breath and racy heart, that night had a vivid/scary dream
12 DPO - took FRER w/ FMU - BFN. Felt normal, energetic. Diarrhea (after eating my weight in Hibachi, so we may not want to chalk that one up to a symptom...), still ridiculously bloated (although, again, Hibachi...)
13 DPO - no major symptoms except another vivid dream/night terror (which I get fairly often anyway)
14 DPO - by now I'm convinced I'm not pg, attended a wedding, felt fine all day, had a couple of drinks, was able to stay up late no problem
15 DPO - By now should have seen signs of AF. Normally I spot a few days before, have at least one day of being horribly agitated, want to eat tons of chocolate. NONE of these PMS symptoms have shown up which has me thinking I could still be in. Take another FRER test in evening, still BFN.
16 DPO - still no sign of AF, start to notice boobs feeling SLIGHTLY sore today, nothing sounds good to eat, no spotting, just waiting around for AF all day. Decide to stop by Walgreens and get Walgreens brand EPT tests just to see what happens. 4 PM POAS - BFP! Sooooo shocked. Rush back to store to get digital - BFP 2-3 weeks. What?!?

So, to recap I NEVER had sore boobs until 16 DPO, then were just slightly tender, had BRICK RED IB, not light pink/brown like what I'd heard, and 3 BFN on FRER tests before I got my BFP on a cheapie. My biggest symptom has been shortness of breath - just feels like I can never get enough oxygen. So don't give up just because your symptoms are different from others. I guess every body is different. Good luck ladies and I hope my story helps someone!

Blessed with BFP after MC

Hi there, Ladies!

I am super excited to share my symptoms with you!! DH and I have been trying for a long time for baby #1. We were really excited earlier this year when I had my first BFP. Sadly, that pregnancy ended with a MC at 5 weeks. We took a month off after, then got right back to trying. Several months later, and I have another BFP. I haven't told DH yet because my HCG numbers were a bit low (37 at 12 DPO), and I wanted to make sure they doubled before I got him all excited. Today, I got the results from my 14 DPO blood draw--146! My numbers are definitely doubling! I really hope that they doubled appropriately, and that they stay where they need to be. I am definitely nervous, scared, and excited. I definitely lost some of the blissful innocence of pregnancy with my MC. All around me, people are having babies, and we have been the couple silently trying for longer than most of those around us. We have been the subject of innocent jokes, casual conversation, intrusive prodding, etc. It can be really hurtful sometimes, but I thank God that I have been blessed with an incredible husband, who has been so loving, warm, and kind to me.

As far as the pregnancy, I literally knew from the day after O. I had different post O symptoms, and that really gave it away for me. Ok, here are the symptoms!! :)

CD 16 O: I definitely felt O. I am a total chart addict, so I knew exactly when we should O. I also use the Pearly Fertility Monitor. We BD on O night. We randomly decided to try the Shettle's Method--more as an experiment than anything. Gotta keep this baby-making interesting! ;)

1 DPO: Nothing--no nipple soreness that I normally have post O. HUGE sign to me. I ALWAYS have nipple soreness. It's how I know that I am post O, even before my chart shows crosshairs. The only thing that I had was a stuffy nose and some heart flutters in the late evening.

2 DPO: I felt crampy. I NEVER get cramps, even before AF--huge sign. I am gluten-intolerant (non-Celiac, blood diagnosed), and I felt like I had eaten a bunch of gluten.

3 DPO: I wanted bell peppers like they were the most amazingly delicious food to ever be grown. I also took a two-hour, dead-to-the-world-I-hope-the-house-doesn't-burn nap. Still no sore BBs. I had a really stuffy nose. Some cramps still. Very unusual. Definitely knew something was up. So tired. I also started getting super vivid dreams. I would wake up exhausted from how real they seemed.

4 DPO: During another crazy deep nap, I woke up hot and sweaty--kind of like what I imagine menopausal women have at night. My heart was also racing. It wasn't "that" kind of vivid dream, either. ;) I was also craving more strange food. Like, I had to have it. My hips were achey. I was dizzy, tired, and peed nonstop. I had a stuffy nose, but an increased sense of smell.

5 DPO: Slept in. I was really flushed, even DH noticed it. I was flushed even on my back and arms. More CM. Dizziness, frequent urination, STARVING, small cramp, could smell everything, and more vivid dreams.

6 DPO: More CM. I was taking a nap, and I had this freaky electric pain radiating all around my rib cage. It woke me up, and I freaked out and left the house (figuring, of course, I was about to die at home alone of some freaky heart thing or something). It lasted about 15 minutes. My heart was also racing. It made me really anxious. Still tired. Started feeling O pain again--odd. I also started to get the metallic taste in my mouth that we all hear about. My throat was sore and I could smell everything again, even with a stuffy nose. Vivd dreams again.

7 DPO: UTI--lame! Restless sleep, can't fall asleep. Lightly tender BBs. My dr. had me take a urine preg. test, and it wasn't positive or negative she said. She sent blood work out--negative. I KNEW it was wrong. I even told them on the phone that it was wrong, and I would be getting more done later. I felt pressure in my lower abdomen. I felt hot, my mouth felt hot, and I was flushed. I was super tired, had a headache/mild nausea. The metallic taste has continued. Vivd dreams, again. My teeth also were more sensitive.

8 DPO: So thirsty in the middle of the night...screwed up my temps! Lame. HUGE backache...all of my muscles locked up in my back for no reason. Really unusual. Only a slight right side cramp. Starting to feel out, but knowing I wasn't. Still tired. Frequent urination, assumed to be a UTI thing. Couldn't sleep. Stuffy nose.

9 DPO: Right side cramp. Feeling out. Felt TERRIBLE at workout. I couldn't get through it. I felt like I was going to have an asthma attack, but I don't have asthma. I usually rock this class, but I couldn't get through it. Even the instructor noticed, and took it easy on me. Took a test. Super faint, probably line eyed, line. I had heartburn (huge sign with BFP with last pregnancy).

TTC for 2 years, blocked tube, adhesions, IUI, chronic spotting before period and finally SUCCESS!

Hello :) I have spent literally the last entire year of my life Googling every possible infertility issue and every phantom early pregnancy symptom. It was really consuming my life. I was living in this constant 14 day limbo and month after month getting my hopes up during the two week wait only to be sadly disappointed when my period would come without fail.
About two years ago I started experiencing extreme pelvic pain not related to uterine cramps during my Period. Sometime after sex I would have trouble even standing due to the pain for any length of time lasting up to 3 days after. I am 26 years old, my husband is 36 with an off the charts sperm count and motility. At this point I expressed my concern to my OBGYN during a routine exam. She scheduled me with a RE to do a sonohistogram. He could tell something wasn't normal with at least one of my tubes so I was scheduled to have laproscopic surgery in December 2013. During the surgery, the doctors found tons of heavy abdominal adhesions and that my right tube was proximally blocked (at the uterus). The doctor said we were likely to be pregnant in 6 months with timed intercourse. Well 10 cycles passed and we decided to move forward with IUI. Two weeks later I was devastated with a negative pregnancy test. We really were facing the fact that the doctors wanted to move us to IVF and I really couldn't find much info online about successful IUIs with tubal infertility, even one blocked side and one open side. We decided we would finish our last IUI cycle before IVF and take time to decide if we really wanted to spend the $13000 it would have cost us for what felt like a huge gamble. Well yesterday at 10DPIUI I was not experiencing the usual spotting I have every month like clockwork on 9DPO, I was at work and just felt some heaviness in my breasts and decided to come home and test midday without holding urine for more than and hour... Just for the hell of it I guess. Well you can imagine my complete shock when a light pink second line showed up. I threw up I was so blown away! That was my instant reaction!! I took another test 24hrs later and it was still light, but darker than the day before! I mostly felt compelled to share my story for anyone feeling helpless from long term TTC and dealing with tubal factor infertility. As long as one tube is patent, IUI can work!! I am the living proof of this now. I never thought we would conceive without IVF! Good luck to anyone out there dealing with something similar. I wish you luck and happiness. Thanks for reading my journey :)

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BFP Two Days After Running Chicago Marathon!

So excited! Just got our BFP! A few background details - I'm 30, DH is 26. Been married 1 year, 9 months. I'm a teacher so we were trying for a June baby. Lord willing, we will have a June due date! I've had been training, and ran, the Chicago Marathon while TTC. So for anyone who thinks running too much will effect your chances, it didn't for me! I had been charting my BBT this month and my temps didn't match up with my ovulation date and had a really slow rise. I knew I was pregnant when I woke up this morning, two days after the marathon, still with a low grade fever. So don't put too much stock in your chart if that's stressing you out. We used Preseed every time we BD inserted vaginally, and I stayed laying down for a while after. A few nights I just went to sleep after. I hardly had any symptoms - of early pregnancy or PMS. Here are my symptoms by DPO:

Day of O: Spotting, positive OPK, cramping, hot flashes, BBT dropped

1DPO: Lots of EWCM, cramping, headache and backache

2DPO: Some EWCM, emotional, hot flashes

3DPO: Lots of EWCM

4DPO: Little Creamy CM, BBT slowly rising past few days, emotional

5DPO: No CM, BBT dipped, cramps, insomnia. I think this was my implantation day - while dozing on the couch in the early am because I couldn't sleep, I felt a sharp pinch a few inches in from my left hip.

6DPO: Still no CM, BBT hasn't risen, fatigue, cramps like I have AF, emotional (sobbing because I couldn't get into an OBGYN for a check up), 3 BM in one day (sorry if that's TMI)

7DPO: Some creamy CM (a large glob actually) - it's usually watery between O and AF, BBT back on the rise, fatigue, hot flashes, woke up with stuffy nose and dry throat.

8DPO: A little sticky CM - it was almost stringy from here on out. Looked kind of like a small lumpy rubber band if that makes any sense. Never seen that before! Fatigue, irritable, more hot flashes, still feel like a cold is coming on.

9DPO: Fatigue, cramping, still hot flashes - I'm always cold all the time so this was a telltale symptom. Emotional - Sobbing and told my husband I felt like a failure as a wife (oh the drama!)

10DPO: Fatigue, emotional, insomnia. Stomach not feeling settled. I thought this might have all been due to nerves and anxiety about the marathon the next day.

11DPO: Marathon Day! BBT spiked over a half degree, had some spotting while using the bathroom during the marathon (about a third of the way through the race), stopped at an aid station for a tampon but there was no more bleeding when I went to insert it. No blood on tampon when I took it out later either. Fatigue, cramping, and insomnia, but that all could have been from running 26 miles!

12DPO: Woke up with low grade fever, BFP, fatigue, insomnia, hot flashes, felt like I had a cold or the flu. Still thinking it's due to running a marathon as some runners have compromised immune systems after long distance runs. Increasing nausea as day progressed.

13DPO: Faint BFP with FMU on a Dollar Tree HPT!!! Some nausea, felt better after eating. Still have some cold symptoms. Had trouble sleeping again last night. Too excited to notice any other symptoms!

(I noticed the picture doesn't look like a faint positive. There's definitely a pink line in person!)

BFP on 2nd cycle - 2nd pregnancy

I've loved reading all the BFP stories on this website while I was trying to conceive so thought I would share my experience with you all.

I'm 5 weeks pregnant today and got my BFP at 9DPO. My husband and I had been trying since the start of May, however I was still breastfeeding my 11 month old daughter at the time and had not had AF yet so thought our chances were going to be very slim. I stopped breastfeeding my little girl late June (a couple of weeks after her first birthday) and I got AF exactly 6 weeks later. I was using OPK's and got a positive OPK on my first cycle back which I was relieved about as I've heard it can take a few months for your cycles to regulate. No luck on the first cycle but we got our BFP on the next cycle. I had almost no early pregnancy symptoms with my first pregnancy however I had so many this time around. Here they are:

O day - cramps on my right hand side (positive OPK the day before)
1-6DPO - no symptoms I can think of. I got the flu the night before I ovulated so was feeling pretty awful for about 5 days so thought I was definitely out this month.
7DPO - I was exhausted. I had an afternoon nap while my daughter was sleeping which I haven't done in ages.
8DPO - Almost threw up half way through eating my breakfast then continued to feel nauseous all day. I just felt pregnant instantly, I can't explain it but I felt different. I told my husband that I thought I was pregnant. Still felt exhausted!
9DPO - Still felt nauseous in the morning then started spotting around lunchtime and getting my usual AF cramps. I was so upset because I was sure that I was pregnant and couldn't believe that AF was coming early. The spotting and cramps continued until I went to bed and I expected to wake up with AF.
10DPO - Woke up, went to the toilet and no period, just a bit more spotting. I started to get hopeful again because that never happens to me. If I get AF cramps I am certain to get AF within a few hours. The cramping had also stopped. I felt nauseous all day, starving, exhausted and I had to pee like every half hour (which is not like me at all). I knew by late afternoon I was definitely pregnant so I took a test even though I thought it was way too early and got a BFP. It was still faint but definitely a positive.
10-14DPO - Nauseous, frequent urination, bloating, spotting (only tiny bit when wiping). Darker line on pregnancy test and positive blood test from my doctor.
15DPO to today - Still feeling exhausted and starving all the time. The nausea has eased up for now but I'm expecting it back at about 8 weeks (that's when the morning sickness started with my first pregnancy). No more spotting (that stopped at 14DPO). And unfortunately still needing to pee every hour.

Good luck to all those trying, I hope you get your BFP's real soon.

BFP thanks to BBT charting!

This is my 5th pregnancy, however, I have had 3 losses, I had one in 2011, then I got pregnant the next month in 2011 & gave birth to our son in July 2012, then I was pregnant again this year in April 2014, lost that one soon after my BFP & then lost another at 7 wks in July 2014. Now I'm pregnant again & I'm finally posting again, b/c I have seen the baby's heartbeat twice now & feel confident that this time we will be able to have a H&H 9 months! So good luck to the mamas/ladies who have experienced a lot of loss, we will have our rainbow babies! xx

I have to thank this pregnancy to BBT charting, it was our first & last month we were going to TTC, b/c we were starting testing for frequent miscarriages & our wedding was a year away, so we were going to wait til after the wedding if we didn't get a BFP this month & thanks to charting we got our BFP!! I ovulated 3 days late & one of those days was later than my usual!

For the ladies w/ lots of symptoms (I am very aware of minor changes in my body)..

0 dpo - swollen/painful ovaries, bloating, sore lower back, mild heartburn, swollen/sore lymph nodes under armpit (like my pregnancy w/ my son), sore nips while breastfeeding
1 dpo - heart palpitations, hot flashes, heavy uterus feeling
2 dpo - heavy uterus feeling continues, swollen/bleeding gums for the past few days (originally didn't think it was related, but had the same thing with my son), nausea, fatigue, increased cm
3 dpo - swollen/bleeding gums persisting, dizzy & lightheaded, sensitive to smell (I can smell rubber a mile away? & smelly shoes? YUCK!), beyond exhausted for the past few days, out of breathe, pulling & pinching cramps, bubble rumbles in my tummy (assuming gas related), low patience, low energy, backache, increased milk supply (partially out of control), TMI serious amount of creamy/ewcm all day (keep thinking its AF?), nips pain while breastfeeding, twinges.
4 dpo - frequent urination, heightened sense of smell (can smell my fiancé's salsa from a mile away & it repulses me), cramp on side of abdomen & back
5 dpo - pregnancy sinusitis? feeling stuffy..
6 dpo - abundance of breastmilk
7 dpo - EXHAUSTED (couldn't keep my eyes open all day & went to bed at 9), chills, severe backache, PMS kind of cramps (abdomen), very bloated all day, awful nausea & morning sickness
8 dpo - had gastro all day & night.. so didn't check symptoms, but very different from the morning sickness I was having the previous day.
9 dpo - lots of sticky cm & gassy
10 dpo - fatigue, lots of creamy cm, nausea on & off all day, full uterus feeling & constipated
11 dpo - pregnancy sinusitis last night? Low milk supply suddenly?
12 dpo - BFP!!!! cramps, pregnancy sinusitis last night again?, mild nausea. After my BFP in the afternoon, before going to bed i noticed some spotting..? Assumed it was implantation, but was worried b/c of previous early miscarriages around 4 weeks (often the same day I got a positive test)..
13 dpo - implantation bleeding persisting? Still have a BFP on my test..
14 dpo - gassy, nausea
15 dpo - frequent urination

Light bleeding persisted until 18 dpo, went to see my dr at 16 dpo & he put me on progesterone b/c of my history of miscarriages & he checked my HCG which was okay, the following week at 5 wks +2 they rechecked & my HCG was still going up well, the following week at 6 wks +2 my HCG was very high & we saw the heartbeat @ 150bpm!!

Now this week at 8 wks +1 we saw our baby & the heartbeating @ 150bpm again!
So I'm happy to say not to give up hope ladies, & be strong xx

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