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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Spotting

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I thought I was crazy with these symptoms

I am officially one of those people who KNEW I was pg only a few days after conception. Aside from the sore boobs and heartburn... I had some not so obvious ones that made it obvious to me that something was up.

I had the worst shortness of breath! I couldn't even get through my sons bedtime prayers without gasping for air. My heart also seemed to be pounding in odd patterns. Turns out this IS a symptom of early pregnancy and I am perfectly healthy. I also had terrible calf cramps in the pm...

I also spotted at 6dpo (implantation)

Took dollar store preg texts on 10 & 11dpo and got BFNs

Tried not to be too discouraged... Took a FRER at 13dpo and got dark BFP!!!

Listen to your body. When you know, you know!

Prayers works!

Been reading so many stories in this website that gave me hope and I promises that when my turn will come I' ll post my story to inspired other.

After 3 and 1/2 year of trying I got a BFP on Dec 2nd at CD 31 and 4 days late. This was on my so natural cycle, meaning no fertile aide of any kind and I mean NONE. BD a week before ovulation, the day of O, and 4 days later. So I believe that conception occurs on day of O. I was in no trying and not preventing mode, since I was scheduled to start IVF treatment on January 2015. Went for IVF in Belgium in January this year but didn't went trough the process cause hubby couldn't get to Belgium in time. But had a polyps removed while in Belgium to prepare me for IVF. Was put back in Clomid for 6 months in the mind time from April to September and nothing. Decide to take it easy while waiting on IVF for January so didn't take any medication to clean out my system to be ready for IVF.

But there is two thing I will give credit for this miracle, 1st prayers and never stop believing God faithfulness. Did surrender my self with all bible verses on fertility in my closet, declaring it every day every time my eye payed on it!!!
2nd For some reason hubby and I were so busy that I realize now that we didn't have Intercourse all month of Oct. So abstinence may have strengthen is sperms.
Didn't test earlier cause I felt my usual AF cramps and started spotting and was convince she will show. Was 2 days late when spotting started and 2 days later still didn't start so I bought a dollars test and the test line showed up before the control line and was just stunned.
Sorry for the long story but I had to give you some details to this... I have to say it still surreal but I guess it will sinck in a couple of days, your are among the first among the first person to know. Hubby will be next . Thanking God for all of you ladies cause each and everyone of your prayers made a difference. Thank a lot a God bless

11 dpo could it really be?

My husband and I have been trying for 2.5 years now with no luck. Last night I decided to test because I usually spot 3 days then my period comes. This month I had the same spotting but this time it didn't get heavier. My boobs are a bit sore but that's normal. I took the test last night at first there was only one line about an hour later I checked it again and there are 2. I am just so nervous that is not real. I have taken many tests over the last 2 years and never had I had 2 lines!

BFP at 11DPO, 3 Months After Miscarriage!

I've been stalking this site since we started trying again in September. I miscarried in August after a 12 week pregnancy, it was horrible =( We've been trying since and I've used EVERYTHING to increase our chances, temping, OPK's, Clomid, Preseed, checking cervix, you name it! I know everyone says "you'll get pregnant when you stop trying" (which I HATE, because you can't not try, especially after a loss!), but I'm proof that the statement is NOT TRUE!


1DPO: Temp 97.75, watery CM. AF-like cramps, pain on left side (were I O'd from), gas, bloated.

2DPO: Temp 97.9, sticky CM. Right side cramping now?? Craving SALT, soooo hungry!

3DPO: Temp 98.24, lots of super creamy CM. Really bad AF cramps, gas, tired.

4DPO: Temp 98.28, lots of super creamy CM. Light AF cramps, bloated.

5DPO: Temp 97.86 (light temp drop), creamy CM with tiny bit of pink spotting

6DPO: Temp 98.23, creamy CM. gas, bloody nose, pulls & pinching on right side low back pain, aching (IMPLANTATION?)

7DPO: Temp 98.43, dry CM with a tiny bit of brown spotting. Still craving salt like crazy, light AF cramping, going #2 a lot, normally constipated during TWW (TMI, sorry!)

8DPO: Temp 98.79 (woah temp spike!), creamy CM, wait is that a bit of EWCM too? Weird. Drank last night at 10 year reunion (feel guilty now), really bad AF cramps, thinking the witch is coming early, so bad I had to leave work! Maybe this was actually implantation? BFN with mid-day urine =(

9DPO: Temp 98.5, dry CM. Came down with a sore throat & cough (this happened with my last pregnancy too!). Left armpit sore, no other symptoms...Another BFN with FMU, really feel like I'm out now =(

10DPO: Temp 98.56, creamy CM with a bit of EWCM again?! Sore throat is bad now, both ovaries feel like they are burning!?? After burning stops, left side starts aching. Wondering what kind of circus is going on in there?! Achy AF cramps in bed at night, told hubby we were out. Too scared to test today, decided to wait for the witch to show.

11DPO: Temp 98.48 (weird bc it usually drops by now for AF), dry CM. Woke up and AF cramps are gone, weird. Checked cervix (it had been high the whole luteal phase), it actually dropped today like it does before AF so I KNEW I was out. I stomped around the bath room and decided to POAS (Wondof) just to prove to myself that I was out...looked quick and it was negative, came back, WAIT a light line is there?!?? Took another test, low and behold two beautiful (but light) lines! Danced around the house, kissed the floor and THANKED GOD for this beautiful blessing after our terrible loss.

*Went for HCG blood test two hours after testing, levels were 24, praying they increase and this baby sticks!

What we did different this month:
I was already charting temps, using OPK's, Preseed, and checking cervix, but this month I focused on really ENJOYING BD with hubby. This was also my first month trying Clomid! Last few months I was so worried about getting pregnant that I forgot about enjoying the process =) Oh, I also at pineapple core from 1DPO-5DPO, not sure if this helped?

Biggest Clues:
Pink & brown tinted CM between 5-7DPO, weird "implantation pain" at 6DPO, strong AF cramping, EWCM in luteal phase.

Also, proof that GOD is good, 2 hours after I got my BFP, an old co-worker (who I haven't spoke to in 2 years) texted me and said she had a dream last night that I had a little boy with lots of blonde hair and blue eyes (CRAZY!), also my sister told my mother the morning of my BFP (before I even knew) that she wanted to buy me a "congrats" card because she just KNEW I was pregnant...I told her the news 2 hours later....those can't just be coincidences!

Baby dust & prayers for everyone!

BFP with low ovarian reserve au natural..

Hi all,
I thought I would share my story so that others who are in the same situation can have some hope. I am 39 ( and 3/4!!) and have a 3 1/2 year old son. We were lucky to conceive on first try with no 1 and I had a Mirena put in when he was 6 weeks old as we were not sure if/when we wanted no 2. Well, we did decide to go for no 2 earlier on this year so I had the Mirena removed in April and let nature take its course. We used protection for the first few months while my body got itself sorted out then in July this year I decided to go have my hormones checked to ensure that all was working ok.

What came back was that I had an AMH level of 5.8 pmol/L ( 0 - 13.9 is the range considered for low ovarian reserve) and it was recommended that I go and have a chat to a fertility specialist as I would more that likely have problems conceiving naturally. I was a little upset but not really surprised given my age, but we just went for it and it took 5 months to get a BFP.

The first couple of months of no luck I did some reading about natural ways to boost fertility and put my self on 1500mg of Maca capsules 2 x per day as well as a vitamin b and c supplement. The last 2 months I noticed a huge improvement in my PMS symptoms and cramping ( I honestly though that I was pregnant every other month I had PMS quite badly) we also were having hormonal tracking done in the last 2 months just to see what was going on. And finally, just lots and lots of BDing before and during ovulation.

here is a list of the symptoms I did have..
CD1 Period starts after a couple of days of spotting (normal)
CD 2-5 Normal period, probably the most normal since removal of Mirena ( i.e normal flow as opposed to light)
CD 6-11 BD every day, start to notice some changed in CM, tracking suggesting that ovulation impending
CD 12 Tracking bloods indicate surge, have a date night with hubby and get busy!
CD13 - CD 19 ( DPO 1- 7) Nothing remarkable, Progesterone comes back from 7DPO test as 21, a bit bummed out as it was over 30 the previous month so ovulation wasn't guaranteed to have happened. Also normally have sore breasts by now and nothing
DPO 8. Wake up with breasts sensitive on the sides, went for a bike ride and notice some pink tinged CM on undies afterwards, get a bit suspicious.
DPO 9 Have a bad dizzy spell, needed to lie down ( I got diagnosed with Menieres disease a balance disorder when pregnant and breastfeeding my son but symptoms disappeared when he was weaned, makes me even more suspicious)
DPO 10 Feeling some cramping RHS lower abdomen, breasts still sensitive
DPO 11 Wake up with a headache and a very full bladder, feel quite thirsty all day. Cramping sensations on and off. Sensitive side boobs. Sleep the sleep of the dead that night ( I am normally a light sleeper)
DPO 12 Much the same as day before, decide to POAS after lunch, see a light line come up. Madly google FRER false positive information as am a little shocked.
DPO 13. Darker line of FRER with FMU, decide to check again at lunchtime, line still there!

Have made an appointment with my DR to confirm.

I hope this gives some of you ladies hope.. Good luck and baby dust to all!!

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Holy crap on a cracker - BFP!

Long-time lurker first-time poster here! I feel like I can now finally "give back" to all the ladies in this wonderful community who have kept my spirits up every month. You all have so much strength and optimism and I sincerely admire you and am grateful for the support.

Short back story: I'm 29, happily married 4 years, regular 28-day(ish) cycles but with lots of spotting during the TWW since I was 24 (had a pregnancy then that was terminated, long story for another day). Prior to that pregnancy I had perfect cycles without spotting - I never really understood what changed. Even birth control didn't control the spotting. I saw an OB about it and they didn't find anything so I resigned myself to the notion that we would likely have fertility issues.

BFP story: I finished birth control in June this year and we decided to NTNP. I'm very in touch with my cycles because I used to do a temp chart so I tend to know when I'm ovulating just by symptoms and dates alone - CP and CM haven't ever told me anything of a predictive nature honestly.

LMP = 11/1/2014
1-5DPO = mild cramping, which I usually experience during my TWW as my lining builds
6-9DPO = light spotting only when I wiped - which was normal for me - except it was slightly pinkish instead of brown (clue #1); sore BBS, which is also a normal part of PMS for me
10DPO = spotting suddenly disappeared and I was dry as a bone (clue #2); BBS still sore but no more than usual
11DPO = desperately in need of fried chicken (clue #3); still mildly cramping and sore BBS; felt a little under the weather but again, nothing abnormal. I complained to my co-worker that I was feeling grumpy. Later that night out of nowhere I had a full-on mental breakdown about my "suspected infertility" that resulted in some WebMDing (horrible idea at the best of times; clue #4). I went to hot yoga and regained my sanity after a good night's sleep. Ahhh sweet relief.
12DPO = cramping, sore BBS, still no spotting which would normally be increasing in intensity by now as AF comes; had to take a nap after work (clue #5); extremely vivid dreams and I feel like I'm "running hot" to the point where I made my husband turn down the heat (clue #6)
13DPO = cramping; BBS a little less sore; desperately in need of penne pasta for lunch and went to great lengths to acquire it; again had to take a nap after work; went out for dinner and vomited a small amount right afterward from the indigestion (clue #7); very vivid dreams and still running hot
14DPO = no cramping; BBS sore again; still running hot; ravenously hungry yet experiencing indigestion; very thirsty but can't quench it; passed out in my arm-chair even though I had a good night's sleep; dreams still vivid and abstract. Also - and this was a strange thing for me to notice - my dogs were ALL OVER me, sleeping on my stomach, acting suckier than usual, not leaving me side. I told my husband that I thought they were acting weird. Oh and where the heck is AF?! (clue #8)
15DPO (this morning) = still no sign of AF, BBS less tender but still full feeling, cramping in my right ovary area, had very vivid dreams yet again last night but this time I dreamt I took a pg test and it was positive. I woke up and after a few minutes of letting my thoughts go wild I grew some lady-balls, snuck out of bed and took the FRER test. I watched it instantly turn BFP - like WAY before the control line showed up - and it's much darker than the control line. Shock and giggles ensued.

My symptoms have certainly not been as obvious and severe as I expected they would be. In fact they are nearly indistinguishable from my normal PMS symptoms for the most part (I know, I hate reading this in posts too, sorry ladies!). The only things that I'd classify as "different" are the fact that my usual TWW spotting stopped (was probably IB in reality) and that my BBS are still full and sore at a time when it should be subsiding, signalling the arrival of AF. Next step: conquering the first trimester!

Thank you again ladies for all your support. I'm sincere when I say do NOT give up hope. The female body is miraculous. If you have any questions or if I'm omitted something glaringly obvious please please please don't hesitate to ask. Christmas babies to you all xoxo.

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BFP after first try!

1 -2 DPO: No symptoms
3 - 4 DPO: Severe neck stiffness
5DPO - Creamy lotion like cm, breast tenderness, neck stiffness
6 - 10 DPO: Sticky cm, neck stiffness, breast tenderness
11 DPO: breast tenderness, neck stiffness, Brown spotting, though AF was on her way, sad, breast pain increases
12 DPO: Brown/pink spotting, thought sure enough AF was on her way, moodiness, breasts hurts even more
13 DPO: BFP instantly with cheap sticks, FRER, and a walk in clinic to confirm.
14 DPO: Spotting stops, breasts are even more sore....
Baby dust to all of you!!! <3

FINALLY after years of trying and "not trying"

After being addicted to these symptoms and BFP stories I FINALLY get to share mine!!! We decided to "not try, not prevent" after so much obsessing over dates, times, and symptoms. So, I wasn't symptom spotting unless something really stuck out to me. I have an avg 29-31 day cycle and usually O on cd 12 or 13. I did not use OPK this cycle or temp. I just went based off of cm.

I'm 28 and have been trying for years. I was starting to worry that it wasn't going to happen for us. We're normal middle class people so IVF was out of the question and I've heard too many horror stories about Clomid. If it was going to happen for us it was going to happen naturally.

Day 1- Nothing
2 - Nothing
3- bd pm
4- nothing
5- nothing
6 bd pm
7- nothing
8- bd pm
9- bd am
10- bd twice in pm
11- cm
12- cm
13- perfect egg white cm O day! bd twice in pm
1dpo- cm
2dpo- nothing
3dpo- bd am
4dpo- bd pm
5dpo- nothing
6dpo- nothing
7dpo- nothing
8dpo- kind of emotional which is odd for me. I cried watching The Dog Whisperer... wth! Stringy cm as well
9dpo- bd twice pm
10dpo- nothing
11dpo- nothing
12 dpo- crampy and have a cold
13dpo- nothing
14dpo- bubble guts feeling and sore nips (hmm... I never get sore nips)
15dpo- Very sore nips, Bright pink spotting in pm. One or two drops that was it. Thought AF was coming but usually i spot brown before AF... weird
16dpo- bbs hurt especially nips! beer tasted funny
17dpo- bd am
18dpo- should start period anytime but nothing. dry as dry can be! crampy but could be from coughing so much. cold still hasn't gone away
19dpo- random nose bleed. may be from cold
20dpo- 2 days late, frequently hungry, water tasted bitter
21dpo- BFP BFP BFP BFP BFP!!!!!!! Nips really don't hurt I'm just a lil more aware of them. Feel that "full feeling in uterus but may be sore muscles from coughing or it may be a random feeling I have because now I know I'm pregnant.

Good luck ladies!

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BFP at 44 Au Natural!

Well a bit of a surprize to find out I can actually still get pregnant at this age! Have always tracked my cycles so I knew I still ovulated but after having an ovary and fallopian tube removed 8 years ago and being told there was scarring on the other did not think it was possible. Only stopped using contraception at the end of last year and really didn't think it was possible.

Every month from ovulation on (I get quite bad ovulation pains lasting around 6-12 hours) I get lots of symptoms. My breast start to hurt straight away which get worse during the next 13 days leading up to AF as well as increase in size, firmness and pinker, firmer nipples. All this then disappears and spotting starts followed by AF 1 1/2 days later.

This month. Only BD once and didn't think I was ovulating but had very mild (much milder than normal) ovulation type cramp a few hours after which didn't last long at all.

Sore breasts didn't kick in until 5 dpo and were not as sore as normal. The sore breasts then disappeared around 10 dpo again.

No symptoms or nausea at all. A bit tired which I always am.

Being a peeing on a stick addict I started testing around 7dpo and got a few indents as always then by 10 they were stark white.
On the evening of 10 DPO I noticed a small amount of spotting in my underwear which had a bit of red blood in it (not usual it normally is tan/brown/pink). Did not think a lot of it as the breast pain had gone and my spotting had occasionally started this early. Next morning on panty liner there was a few bronze coloured streaks. darker than normal but was sure AF was en route. I even stopped testing day 10 as was sure I was out. As the day went on it became watery light pink but only on wiping.
12dpo the spotting became even less and I thought this is a bit strange. Boots had a 2 for 1 deal on FRER's so bought 2 packs for my next cycle. When that evening the spotting had all but stopped and I had a bit of a hot flash I decided to use my Frer and there was a faint but definite light line. I honestly thought I was imagining things so next morning 13dpo when AF was due and still no sign I used another and the line was more obvious. That afternoon I got a positive on a clear blue weeks digital :-)

This month I was particularly busy and although I took my temp I missed lots of days, didn't use OPK's and missed most of my vitamins so cant explain why this month it happened when the months I put the most effort in it didn't? If it can happen to me at my age it can happen to any of you. Baby dust to all x

BFP at 14DPO

I think that I am still in complete shock. After 18 months of trying, I finally got to see what a real BFP looks like! It was the weirdest feeling to actually see that second line show up....a REAL one. There were so many times that I held a test up to the light, squinting and really thinking that I saw one, only for my husband to have to tell me that it was stark white....yet again!

I'm 33 and my husband is 35. Oh my goodness, I am someone who constantly is researching to try new things. I guess it made me feel like I was actually DOING something rather than just waiting. I've been going to acupuncture for the last 6 months (which has been awesome, if anything it relaxed me....not sure if it got me to my bfp), drank a fertility blend tea, also drank red raspberry tea and nettle tea, convinced my husband to try different positions that I'd read about, used Preseed before having sex, propped my legs up for 15 mins or so after sex (which felt ridiculous!), added more iron to my diet (recommended by my acupuncturist), upped my exercise routine (although not to the point of strenuous exercise, just more weights, some yoga, and walking), ate pinneapple during ovulation time, used ovulation tests, temped regularly...the list could go on! I also had finally given in and started to get all of the tests done....

Honestly, I really can't tell you that I relaxed more (I really hate it when people say that don't you??) because I really didn't! I have no idea what was different about this month at all. But, I will say that everything that I was doing did make me feel focused and my body and mind are a lot healthier than when we started trying 18 months ago. I also just had an HSG done last month, so I guess I'm one of those people who you read about that gets an HSG and falls pregnant!

It's funny, because I did what I normally do at 9 dpo and told myself that I was out. Why? Because my temp significantly dropped that day (I guess possible implantation dip?), but then it went up the next day....and then stayed high....until 14 dpo. For those who want to know, my temps were:

9 dpo: 36.64 celsius
10 dpo: 36. 93 celsius
11 dpo: 36.74 celsius
12 dpo: 36.8 celsius
13 dpo: 36.87 celsius
14 dpo: 36.85 celsius BFP

The only symptoms that made me feel that this might be "it" is that I had a bit of spotting around 11 dpo (which I never get that early) and my temps were still high (they usually start to fall around 12/13 dpo) That's really it! I have sore boobs, but they feel like what I've had every month and I have cramps here and there, but again, they really feel like period cramps, so this wasn't a true "sign" for me.

I got my bfp yesterday morning and last night I was out with friends for dinner (all moms) and they were all complaining about how they're so afraid EVERY month to get pregnant because they are SO fertile! In fact, they are trying to get their husbands to have surgery so that they don't have to worry. They also spent a majority of the night complaining about their kids! It was the first time that I actually wasn't feeling upset inside (while smiling on the outside of course right??!), thinking, geez I would give anything to be too fertile and I long to be tired because I have a kid! In fact, I'm tearing up just writing this, because I just really never thought that I'd ever have that feeling go away!

If anything that this process has taught me, it's that I'm going to try and embrace every moment and be thankful....and I'm really going to try very my very best not to complain! Keeping this secret is going to be so hard so thank you for letting me at least tell you! I hope that my little baby sticks! Best of luck to everyone, I know how difficult this process is!