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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Spotting

Got your BFP with spotting? Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

PCOS, random bleeding, and then my BFP!

I posted on here last week under the, "Am I Pregnant" tab and got some mixed reviews. I'll just copy and paste what I submitted and then add on what else has been going on since then. Since we weren't trying, I don't have exact DPO symptoms other than the dates that I bled, so I apologize for that!
"Hello ladies!
I'm a little confused as to what's going on because I've never experienced things like this before. I'll try to keep it short and sweet but I can't make any promises :p and I apologize in advance for any tmi!
My fiance and I aren't "actively" ttc, but we aren't using any protection either. If it happens, it happens. We both want a baby badly, but I was told that I'd have to give Clomid a try since my cycles are usually irregular. I have PCOS and I lost about 20lbs and for the past three or four months, it's been pretty regular. Well this month I spotted once or twice on 8/6 just on the tp. On 8/7 I bled a fair amount, enough to need a tampon or two. On 8/8, no more bleeding, just occasional spotting. The spotting continued through yesterday, 8/12. This is far from normal for me. My AF is usually long (7-10 days) and extremely heavy (going through super plus pon's every two hours). Now that the spotting has stopped, my breasts are still sore/larger and the veins are big, blue, and up to my neck. I'm getting occasional shooting pains and my breast/nipples are so itchy. I have acid reflux but now EVERYTHING gives me heartburn. I ate a ham sandwich for dinner and it's already burning. My lower back and hips are achy. The day I was actually bleeding, my hips burned so badly and that's never happened before. I have a headache nearly everyday and I've noticed smells are stronger (I threw out a bag of slightly burnt popcorn two hours ago and I still smell it). I've also noticed that I'm more stopped up than usual. I have that sick feeling in the back of my throat. I think the biggest difference is the exhaustion. By 3 in the afternoon, I'm ready for bed. And it's not just sleepy, it's physical exhaustion as well. I just want to lay in bed and not move. I have been peeing more often and experience occasional waves of nausea. Oh! And my lower abdomen is sore as well as slightly crampy. I get little twinges here and there but nothing like AF cramps.
I haven't taken a test yet because I figured I should wait a few days after the spotting has stopped to try to get an accurate result.
I know most of what I've mentioned leads to me being pregnant, but the bleeding threw me off. I know implantation bleeding can be anywhere from a few hours to a few days, but I thought it was supposed to be just spotting.
Normally with my AF, I spot a little before, really long, heavy flow and then once it's over, everything else stops with it. I've never spotted afterwards or had anything continue on after the bleeding has stopped.
Any votes, either way, as well as any stories from anyone would be helpful!
The only person I've talked about this with is my fiance so I'm dying to hear other peoples opinions!
Thank you in advance :)"
I took a test yesterday, 8/17, and got my BFP! (Dollar Tree brand)
So far the shooting pains in my breasts have increased, as well as the itchiness. My hips, entire back, and neck ache. I've still been getting headaches every afternoon. The sickly feeling in the back of my throat has gone away for the most part. Still occasional waves of nausea but have not vomited at all. Sex drive has definitely increased. BMs are irregular and inconsistent. I've gotten used to the heartburn since I've dealt with acid reflux for the past few years. My lower abdomen and uterine area are occasionally sore and still have random pinching cramps. Vaginal and anal muscle spasms (I know, a whole lot of tmi!) all day yesterday. Very gassy. Increase in CM. The exhaustion has still continued, but I've gotten better about staying awake (as I'm typing this from bed) :p Nose is still sensitive. I STILL smell that damn burnt popcorn! As far as taste goes, all I want are cold cut sandwiches with lots of banana peppers, vinegar, and mustard! Also, I've noticed that almost everything tastes EXTREMELY salty. To the point where I can barely season anything without it being overbearing.
I got a comment on my original post saying that IB is very rare and it's not supposed to last that long or include bleeding at all. Everyone's bodies are different and just because it doesn't fit the textbook answer, doesn't mean it's out of the question. You know your body the best and while it's always great to hear others opinions, go with your gut.
To others with PCOS, stay positive and know that there's hope to do it naturally!
To those TTC, I wish you all lots and lots of sticky baby dust!
Lastly, to all of us soon to be mommies who are sharing our BFP stories, have a H&H 9 months!

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BFP before first Postpartum AF

Aug 14 - This is Pregnancy number 4 for me. 1 miscarriage, 1 DD, 1 DS, and now this BFP.

I weaned my DS from EBF in May, when he was 6 months old. We knew we wanted to try again in these next few months. Knowing that I could very well get pregnant before my first AF came, we began trying right away. We BD'd every day or every other day for about 2 months. At this point I could tell from CM that fertility was returning and that I could expect AF to be here within a few weeks. The problem, obviously, is our dates could be off, although I am pretty sure I am due around the 2-3 week of April.
Started like this, I will count back about 16 days before I got my BFP, to sort of cover when I must have O'd.
July 24 - Crampy, headache, bloated.
July 25 - Same as yesterday
July 26 - Must have O'd either yesterday, today, or tomorrow. Feeling good. BD
1 DPO - As I have no idea where I am in my cycle, I tested regularly. Today I had a shadow of a line, very strange, never happens.
2 DPO - More faint lines, but sooo light. I am convinced I must be prego, due to bloating and cramping last week. I was wrong though at this point...
4 DPO - BD. I have come to the conclusion the tests must be negative and I am seeing things. very small pink spot in underwear. Tired. Biggest thing I am noticing is how ditsy I am. I get this way when I am pregnant. I get super forgetful.
5 DPO - BFN. Still think I am seeing shadows though, WHY!? No other symptoms, tired. Took a nap.
6 DPO - Bloated. Tired. Took a cat nap. Sore throat. BD
7 DPO - BD Had crazy vivid dreams last night. Woke up with a stuffy nose and sore throat. Tired. Muscles somewhat stiff today.
8 DPO - Vivid Dreams
9 DPO - Vivid dreams. Possible slight sore nipples?
10 DPO - BD Pink spotting at 5pm, only when I wiper. Sore throat tonight
11 DPO - Dark brown spotting. A little bit on panty liner. Crampy, sore back. stuffy. vivid dreams, tired.
12 DPO - Still dark brown spotting. Tested at 3pm, got faintest bfp on strips. Nothing but a shadow in safeway brand. Starting to wonder...tired. headache, stuffy, sneezing alot, coffee tasted different? heartburn, grumpy. Very moody.
13 DPO - Still spotting, more rust colored this morning. Vivid dreams. Fint line on BFP strip, shadow on FRER.
14 DPO - BFP! 4am faint but there. Obvious line on strip/ Spotting more. Late in the day I started cramping quite bad and teh spotting turned to brighter red bleeding. Thinking it must be a Chemical. Oh well, we will try next month.
15 DPO - Alot of bleeding. Sure that it is AF. Heavier than my normal AF. no clots of stringing though.
16 DPO - Still thinking it is AF, still lots of bleeding. Not bothering to test these days
17 DPO - Bleeding is slowing down. As I was sure I had a chemical pregnancy, I wanted to test today to make sure the hormone was gone and it would be BFN for next cycle. Definitely didn't expect a darker BFP than at 14 DPO! Which is what I got. So confused.
18 DPO - Vivid dreams again, tired. Darker BFP than yesterday. So strange, I guess it must be real.
19 DPO - Darker BFP again since yesterday. Spotting almost completely gone.

From what I have read it is pretty rare to bleed that much... I have no idea if this will stick, but I suppose time will tell. In the meantime, I will enjoy this and hope for the best.

Have any of you every had a 'heavy period-like implantation bleed'? I had one with DS but it was light, and none with DD, so this time around I am totally confused. Every time is different I suppose.

Late BFP with brown spotting

So here are my symptoms:

- Brown spotting ever since AF due (an occasional red bleed through)
- Stomach cramps on and off (like period pain)
- Sore BBs on and off (mildly sore under arms, occasional nipple 'tweeks' but not very noticeable)
- Had 2 BFNs (at 7 and 10 days late)
- I thought it must be a missed period due to stressed at work (never happened before)
- Total EXHAUSTION - as in during the weekend I could hardly get up
- Had zero energy - was eating crappy food as didn't have enough energy to cook (now I feel really guilty for eating junk, and I am paranoid I have deprived my bean of vital nutrients)

But today (2 weeks late) I got a super dark and unmistakeable BFP!
I am 34 and never been pregnant... until now :D

I posted on "Am I pregnant" at 10 days late and had 19 votes: 17 for NO and only 2 said YES.
So there you go!
Stay hopeful everyone! Babydust to you all. xxx

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BFP baby #2 at almost 39 years old after 12 months of TTC

It took 6 months to get pregnant with baby #1 who is 2 years old. For the past year we have been TTCing for baby #2 with no luck whatsoever. Over the months I have used a variety of things such as preseed, acupuncture, royal jelly, and Q10. In the past couple of months I started drinking a smoothie every morning with fruit, almond milk, maca and acai powders, and greens. A few months ago, we went for fertility testing and were told that everything was normal, but that due to my age we should go straight to IVF. The doctor suggested I may want to try Clomid first (which I see as the "gateway" drug to fertility treatments). We tried naturally for a few more months, again nothing, so I got discouraged and went back to the fertility clinic to get Clomid. When I went home, my gut told me that it was a mistake and that I should be able to get pregnant naturally. I returned the Clomid and got pregnant naturally that month! The difference in my antra follicle count in those few months was drastic. My count doubled from 10 to 20 and my FSH went down from 7 to 5. I really feel like my supplements and daily smoothie made the difference. I have been so discouraged over the months. I am still in shock that this is finally happening...I was sure that my period was on its way because I had some brownish spotting at 12DPO. But when I still had no period at 13 DPO, I tested and voila!

TTC 20 cycles, PLEASE do not lose hope

Been trying for nearly 2 years and ofcourse stalking this site for a long time until I told myself to stay away from this site to not think about it. We finally got a bfp on 15dpo. I have a regular 32-33 days max cycle and we only bd'd CD16 and CD18 (not putting too much pressure anymore as after 19 cycles, it has been getting all the "making baby fun" subsided by counting days cycles after cycles) this cycle. I did not use preseed this cycle, been using occasionally previously. I spotted on 11DPO for 2 days, which I thought for sure it was the sign that AF is showing but a little strange though I thought why would AF comes early this round as I would usualy did on 14dpo or CD32/32, with a regular 13-14 days of luteal phase. Moreover, FF chart suggested that I O'd on CD19 this round, which usually was CD17. So, I was feeling off that spotting started which leads to preparing for another cycle but in the same time, feeling strange it came earlier. I even had pad put on. Then, spotting stopped from 13dpo. I had some AF like cramps and was still waiting for the witch to show but nothing came and I kept wiping very carefully and checking toilet after every pee searching for AF. But nothing showed at all other than some very clear little cm.

Night of 14DPO, I bought 2 clearblue, one being the compact with result in lines and the other being digital. I was thinking to only use the digital if the earlier ones came out positive. I waited and did not test that night until I was awake by dreaming of myself getting a disbelieve bfp result on a test. I was also awaken by needed to pee as I couldn't hold, and this rarely happened to me during midnights. It was 3am. So I tested, very soon almost immediately, I got 2 lines! I was in disbelief and was shaken. Told DH and he asked to test the digital before getting excited (we were both sceptical after so many cycles). So at near 6am, I tested on digital, and first time in my life, I finally saw "pregnant" on my own test kit and soon after 2 minutes or so, it showed 2-3 weeks pregnant.

I went to a clinic for a test in the morning, just to be sure, but the result was negative. after researching online, I realised that clinics may use kits that are not as sensitive as some other brands we got for home test. So on the same night, I went to drugstore and bought a few more kits and tested, it has been consistently bfp immediately. Am now 17dpo and should be on 5 weeks. Will continue to test, I know am a freak but I just couldn't be sure until I hear a yes from a doctor. We will be going to clinic again this weekend for a test and hopefully, it shows!

I do not have any symptoms except some pulling sensation near my left abdomen and probably slightly heavier boobs and insomnia from 3am onwards. Ah, gastric been getting more frequent.

So ladies who are still trying, please really do not give up hope, even if you do not have any symptom(s). I know many have said so, but it is really true. I guess, when it is time, God will know what to do for you. Baby dust to all of you!

23 months, long irregular cycles and Au Naturale!!

Sept 2014, would have marked two years that DH and I have ttc. I am happy to report that we were successful in 23! What a JOURNEY! I know more about my body, and it's cyclical processes than I have ever cared to, but hey whatever it took! I am 30, my sweetpie is 36, and our DS just turned 9. 23 months ago it was time to try again, and that was the first time that I have ever tracked anything in regards to my cycles. I quickly found out they were 36 days, 28 days, 48 days, just all over the place with an average of 34 days. every month, I tested a day or two before af, and it was a BFN. I used the opk 2 months because it was a tedious process, I became bored with temping, and charting as well, the bd wasn't fun anymore it was a chore. So I happily gave those up too! I focus on being happy, I dropped from a size 14 and am now an 11, my DH dropped 50lbs, and we're just eating healthier and working out. We focused on being in love, and friends, we were going happily along until last month on cd 19 I noticed GLOBS of Ewcm, more than I remember seeing an a long time and I was "heated. I quickly remembered that we had bd on cd 14, but I advised DH that we had plans that night as well. He was just happy to see me so "happy". I am 99% sure that O'd cd 20 but app says cd 21. we bd cd 22. So going off of my gut this is how it goes..
1 and 2dpo=nothing
3dpo=sneezing, no other sinus issues just sneezing from that day to this
5dpo=nausea after every meal, from then on briefly
6dpo=sore bb's twingy pain in left ovary, green bm? hmmm
7dpo=full bb's? I shake it off because I am a double d already, sore veiny bb's, that for sure was different from other months, green bm again, odd, crampy in low back
8dpo=flushed, green bm , ok there may be something to this? ovary pain, sore full bb's for sure this time
9dpo=flushed, sore bb's
10dpo=less sore bb's, soreness goes away near start of af, starting to be less hopeful
11dpo=restless legs? new and noticeable, might be something, pulling sensation behind bellybutton, definitely new
12dpo=very sore nips, what the? not much else, guess I'm out
13dpo=nothing to note, waiting on af
14dpo=warm, severe cotton mouth drank alot of water and couldn't quench it,sneezing-if my o date was right, I would have started here, but didn't test and waited since app is right on the money with af start dates.
15dpo= dawned on me that there had been, no spotting, usually 2-4days prior to af, gassy, dry mouth again, crampy all night, guess I'll start tomorrow like app projected
16dpo=app says I should start this day, refrained from testing, honestly too tired of the let down. I get sad and DH promised that if it didn't happen this time, we'd go for fertility testing. sore nips and bb's, not bloated even a little, pain behind belly button again, my whole body aches, like after a hard work out, warm, lightest pink spot around 6pm. cried. although it wasn't dark brown an red as usual I thought I was out. I texted DH at work and told him. but then nothing else happened that evening or over night...

17dpo, waited alllllll day, no major symptoms, no more spotting, but bb's are sore, then after lunch severe nausea, sneezing, cramping, acid reflux, and lots of saliva, major fullness and soreness, sore skin, at 1 day late, I had had to get it the disappoint over with. around 6 I went the store bought two tests, even though it was th evening, I tested as soon as I got home. I turned to put the stick down and there were two brigh red lines!! I was shocked, then cried, then nauseous, so I laughed. our wedding anniversary is tomorrow, and I think I have the PERFECT gift!

I extend the same fertility prayer that we prayed to your family, be blessed!

9 iui's

Hello! I wanted to post to give hopeful Mom's in waiting inspiration. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for 2.5 years. We're both 35, unexplained infertility. After a year of trying we started trying iui's. First 3 rounds with clomid, unsuccessfully. Then we took a 6 month hiatus before trying 3 more rounds of iui's, 1 with increased dosage of clomid and 2 with Follistim. I felt awful the last round while I was taking the Progesterone suppositories and decided to take another break from the meds and iui's. We tried naturally for 3 months however my cycles were way off at that point. I was ovulating late and my luteal phase was short (8-9) days which was new. My hormones had tested normal as well as the other standard tests they completed. I had done the first 6 iui's at my OB/GYN's office. So we went to see an RE this April and he basically said I had a 5% chance of an iui working since we had tried 6 unsuccessfully. He was strongly suggesting IVF but was in agreement with trying a few more iui's, only on Femara this time. I responded well to the Femara however, did the injection in the bum as the trigger shot for the fist 2 cycles with the RE(previously used Ovidrel). I was checking my temps and for whatever reason, I don't think I responded well to that trigger because my temps did not coincide with iui and they had on the Ovidrel. I was ready to quit after the 8th iui but my husband suggested we try one more. We did, had a good response to Femara plus 2 days of Follistim, and went back to using the Ovidrel. I felt like I ovulated 1 hour before the iui and was feeling positive about the timing. Sure enough, it worked! First time getting a positive in 2.5 years!
I had some subtle symptoms:
1 dpo: ran 4 miles, felt great. Lot's of energy.
2 dpo: nothing
3 dpo: nothing
4 dpo-6 dpo: mild cramping
7 dpo: lot's of CM-yellow and thick(usually white)
8-9 dpo: woke up during the night 8 into 9 with moderate cramping like period was coming. Typically if cramps start that early, they keep on up until AF. They also usually don't start out being as strong as this pic ramping was. I was up for a few hours due to the cramping. The next day they were gone.
10dpo: yellow thick CM, noticed unusual smells(I have a pole sense of smell normally).
11 dpo: yellow thick CM, smells increased, boobs sore (also happens before AF), no cramps!
12 dpo: went in for blood test in AM. Tinge of brown in yellow CM. Thought AF was arriving. Listened to VM from doctors office after work. Positive!...but slightly low HCG 16.
13 dpo: light brown spotting.
14 dpo: reddish rust color spotting fairly heavy. Continued spotting through next week then stopped at 5 weeks. Hcg on 16 dpo 190! Go back for US week 7.

Pregnant at 45 naturally

My DH and I decided to TTC our first together. I was worried about my age and if it was even possible at this point, but no reason not to try. So I went to the gyn/ob and had my Mirena IUD pulled and of course he gave me the are you sure speech with all the possible negatives. I decided that this was going to be done naturally or not at all. I didn't want to do all the medications etc. After 8 months of disappointing BFN's I was on the verge of giving up. So on my 9th cycle I decided to let what happens happen and not worry too much. Well, it ended up being our cycle! It IS possible to get pregnant naturally at the age of 45. Don't get me wrong, I will be worried until we get the ultrasound done and tests to make sure all is well. The ob/gyn made sure to let me know that m/c's are very common at this age. sigh I'm holding on to the fact that I'm thankful to have never had a m/c and my AF cycles have been perfectly normal so I'm hopeful all will be fine.

AF lasted 2 days as normal
cd12 temp spike telling me I ovulated. We DTD on cd10, cd12, cd13
1dpo constipation, bloated, gassy
2dpo bloated, diarrhea, gassy
3dpo Allergies acting up, gums swollen and bleeding, bloated, bad diarrhea still, tired w/headache and heartburn. I was VERY irritable. Everything was getting on my nerves and I broke out on my chin.
5dpo bloated, tender BB's, tired
6dpo backache, bloated, tired, heartburn, irritable, sleep deprived
7dpo same as 6dpo
8dpo same b/c with some nausea
9dpo Had a dream that I had implantation, had temp drop. same symptoms as before
10dpo Had pink spotting off and on, same symptoms
11dpo pink spotting in the morning only when i wipe. Diarrhea again
12dpo same symptoms, positive HPT!
13dpo Had more spotting but light reddish color...made me alittle worried, another positive with Clearblue digi "pregnant". Spotting stopped after the morning.
16 dpo Another positive HPT

Someone made the comment that maybe I have twins b/c of the spotting at two different days. The thought scares me! LOL Anyway.... pregnant naturally at 45 is possible!!

a (nervous) YAY BFP!!!

Thought I would post my BFP story as I have been stalking the site for a while and have found it both useful and fascinating!!!!

Last year I had one miscarriage and one ectopic so I am soooo excited to have gotten my BFP this month but also super nervous.. anyway here are my symptoms or lack of:

(i am not sure when I ovulated so will do from day one of period this month
CD 1 - CD 5 period
CD 10 BD
CD 12 BD (had a sex dream on this day)
CD 14 (another sex dream and also dreamed i had twins) Egg white CM
CD 15 BD egg white CM
CD 16-23 Nothing no symptoms
CD 24 sharp stabbing pain in lower left abdomen (very short)- nervous this is ectopic???!!!
CD 25 two tiny spots of dark brown when wiped (convinced this was spotting before period which has been happening lately)
CD 26 -27 Nothing
CD 28 one faint positive on a cheap dip type test, ran to the store to get a FRER - stronger still faint P
CD 29 another FRER- BFP!!!!!!

Soo excited but really worried this little chickpea isn't for keeps again
Hope this helps xx

Good luck ladies x

So excited to get my BFP today!

Ok so I got my BFP today at 11dpo! I just wanted to tell you all my symptoms.

1-4dpo nothing
5dpo nothing
6dpo had sex with partner spotted after it, which is weird and thought that never happens! Cervix felt swollen and soft but slightly open.
7dpo felt like af was coming, had bad cramps all night! Cervix felt low and open. Hot flashes
8dpo cramping continued, also has white lotion like cm! Cervix high and closed! Still having hot flashes
9dpo boobs very sore, cramps stopped! Felt like shooting pains in my left ovary. Still having hot flashes, also feel very emotional and wanting to cry
10dpo boobs sore, hot flashes! No cm feel dry.
11dpo bit cramps, hot flashes tested all day and got BFP!!!!!

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