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After Two Miscarriages, My BFP This Morning

Dear Ladies,

First, I want to thank you. Your stories have all been an unwavering source of strength for me as we were TTC after two miscarriages last year.

I hope this long post does not dissuade you from reading this, as I believe it will give many of you hope.

I am 39. My husband is 43. We have no children. I have high FSH and low AMH (the double nail in the coffin, according to most fertility specialists).

Last year, I was pregnant for 6 months of the year, but one 10 week miscarriage and another miscarriage just shy of 16 weeks (due to a genetic abnormality) dashed our dreams of a family. The RE we saw said our best chance was conceiving naturally. My body did not respond to the drugs meant to trigger egg production (Gonal F).

This morning, 10 DPO, I could not bear the TWW any longer and tested. And there it was, clear as day, my double line. I am of course elated but (honestly) full of fear and trepidation at the same time. I am praying this will be lucky #3.

Here's what I think made the biggest difference:
I started paying attention to cervical mucous as the #1 indicator of my fertile window. It took me a while to get this, as I think I was overly reliant on tests to indicate fertility. I watched for egg white cervical mucous like a hawk, knowing this was my body's way of telling me: GREEN LIGHT.

I religiously took:
-A prenatal vitamin everyday
-CO-Q10 (UBIQUINOL- this is critical) - 600 mg/day (it's expensive but worth it)
-Vitex (800 mg)
-Royal Jelly (2000 mg/day)
-Maca (750 mg)
-Wheat grass in a shake every morning

I also resigned from my (high-powered, stressful) job to alleviate stress. I came to the (difficult) conclusion that the money wasn't worth the downside of being in a toxic work environment when my first priority was to have a baby. Toxic environments don't help create the harmony to conceive.

I took a step back from the fertility clinics, the meds (which made it impossible to stay in touch with the regular rhythm of my body, and left me tired and depressed) and tried to put faith back into MY own biological, innate power to conceive.

As for cycle tracking, I used Fertility Friend on my desktop, Ovia (on my iPhone) and an ovulation predicator kit to time sex. (The OPK, interestingly, said I ovulated on day 9 and again, 5 days later.) Ladies again, I watched for EWCM to refine the timing.

I tried to do at least 10,000 steps everyday, and get as much fresh air as possible.

And for the spiritual among you: family and friends prayed for me.

A couple of days ago, I had very minor spotting: a faint pink mixed with the finest darker (brownish) spots. This morning, again, the faintest, faintest pink, almost indiscernible.

At 6:30 am, despite my friends saying I should wait to avoid disappointment from early testing, I got my BFP. I cried, alone in the bathroom. It was a faint line at 10 DPO but there it was without a doubt, staring back at me.

I will say prayers for all of you, and hope this one sticks.

7 months ttc and BFP

Hello ladies,

I hope my story gives at least one other person hope. I am 26, DH 35. I have always had very regular 28 day cycles despite never being on bc. It seemed however the month we began ttc My cycles suddenly became irregular.

I began spotting from as early as 4dpo all the way until AF. I was tired all the time and very irritable. When AF did arrive it was heavy with clots (sorry tmi!). Cycles would range from 27-30 days.

I went to my family doctor after 3 months of this. Got an ultrasound, a 5 cm "complex" cyst was found and I was referred to an obgyn - with a scheduled appointment 3 months down the road (grr!). That 3 month wait was awful and my symptoms seemed to be worsening. I was always very crampy and I was convinced there was something seriously wrong!

When I finally met with the obgyn more tests were ordered and the cyst was gone and blood work was normal. I had 2 small cysts on each ovary but she said nothing to worry about. She suspected endo, and scheduled me for an explorative laproscopic surgery for June 1st but encouraged me to keep trying because we can easily cancel the surgery.

Just when I was feeling helpless, my DH surprised me with a puppy! Not relevant I know but it made me happier and distracted me. I was not as stressed with ttc and I really think it helped.

Cd 12: ovulated

1-6 dpo: No symptoms (mind you I wasn't really paying attention)

7-8dpo: red spotting light (normal for me and suspected would last until AF)

9-10dpo: spotting gone, but feels like AF is still coming

11 dpo: spotting returns - brown with creamy cm (tmi). Bad cramping at night

12 dpo: spotting gone (weird!), but twinges and pulls around ovaries

13 dpo: still no sign of spotting - mild cramping.

14 dpo: mild cramping. BBs slightly tender. No spotting. Not sure when AF is due because I've been so irregular. Will test tomorrow morning.

15 dpo: BFP!! BBs slightly tender and still have very mild cramping (less than before)

Soso happy!!

Bandy dust to everyone!

BFP on 5th cycle- very irregular periods!

I still can't believe this is real
Here is my story, I hope it brings some hope to you all, and those who can relate

I am 27, husband is also 27. Been married since 2012, together since 2005 (high school sweet hearts).
I was on birth control for 12 years and forgot what my cycles were like on their own so I went off birth control in May 2014, knowing we would be starting TTC in the Fall 2014. After stopping BC, my periods were SO IRREGULAR. I have some cycles that were 40 something days, one cycle 120 days, one 60 days. It was very unpredictable. I also started spotting before each cycle too. We started TTC and trying to track ovulation in November 2014. So many times I thought I had symptoms and ended up getting a period. I spent so much money on tests too.
For the month of March 2015, I had my period March 5th- 11th. We decided to increase of BDing and we didn't exactly know when I was ovulating, so we BD March 15, 16, 17, 19, 21, 22, 24, 26, 28, 29, 30, April 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 10th. I just got m BFP today on two first responses with pink lines, two tests with plus signs, and got 2-3 weeks preg on a clear blue digital. So based on the clear blue i ovulated sometime between March 22- April 3rd.

Here are my symptoms that I tracked in that time frame. I am unsure of exact ovulation day based on irregular cycles:
March 5-11th- Period
March 12-14- nothing
March 15th-17th- ++Wet CM- cervix low/open, some EWCM, BD each day (OVULATION DAY???)
March 18th- Bright red wet spotting in AM and again after work, but nothing in between, some nausea before bed
March 19th- odd twinge in rt side and boob, some nausea with ice cap briefly, head aches, preseed, BD in PM
March 20th- tired, Wet CM then creamy
March 21 and 22- watery CM, BD
March 23rd- acne break out around chin and mouth
March 24- watery CM, BD
March 25, watery CM,
March 26th- ++ wet Cm, BD (OVULATION DAY????)
March 27th- no symptoms, BFN
March 28, 29, 30- no symptoms, BD each day
April 1- dreamt positive preg test, BD
April 2- BFN on a digital, was seasick (puking) on catamaran in mexico (has never happened before), BD that night
April 3, 5, and 6- no symptoms, BD each day
April 8- bloated, sticky CM, pressure in uterus area
April 10- Sticky, whitish/yellowish stretchy CM, felt dizzy when stood up once in AM, BD
April 11- mild cramping/tugging left side in AM, Went for a short run (1st one of the year), felt nauseous after 1km which was really weird. Some rt side cramping PM, bloated, felt constipated then had runny poops (TMI) before bed, thick white/yellowish stretchy CM again.
April 12- cramping rt side (especially when sneezing I can feel cramp-like pain on side). Took five tests with first morning urine. Couldn't believe it. Dark lines showed right away on FRER before liquid finished crossing screen. Followed buy two plus signs on two other tests and 2-3 weeks BFP on clear blue digital.

Still can not believe it after all the negatives Ive had since November.

Things we did
-raspberry leaf tea most mornings
-prenatal vitamins daily along with B6 vitamin
-Pre-seed used occasionally, not every time
-Laid in bed for at least 30 min after BDing
-This month we increased BD to every single day or at least every other day following my period to make sure we'd catch it

-mainly noticed CM changes- very watery some days and then closer to BFP it was thick, white/yellowish and stretchy. Today it is more dry and sticky with hardly anything there
-Other main symptom has been cramping. Yesterday i felt the tugging on left side and today i feel rt side cramp every once and a while
-Nausea on and off (fully sick on catamaran, and nausea after running 1km).
- No sore boobs or anything else yet.

Still can't believe it!!!!
Going to book a doctors appt tomorrow. I just got blood work done in the past few weeks and had a pelvic ultra sound a month ago to see why we were struggling to conceive and they all came back normal. So I guess we just needed to increase our BDing and wait it out a bit!

Good luck to all of you ladies. Baby dust to all of you!

BFP after long cycle/late ovulation

First of all I have to start by saying this pregnancy was not planned, but it is very much wanted now that it happened :)
My cycles are usually very regular: 26-27 days with ovulation on day 13-14, and for the sake of knowing what happens in my body couple of cycles a year I measure basal temperature to see if everything is okay.
Due to the fact I'm so regular, my husband and I protected ourselves with a pull-out method during my fertile days for years now (successfully!)
This fall I started having really bad PMS, so my friend recommended the Maca root pills that worked for her. I started taking them after New Year's and my next cycle lengthened to 36 days, which I considered an adjustment to the supplement (I read similar experiences online).
So cycle started with a normal period, continued normally until I started suspecting my period is gonna be extremely late and stopped taking Maca. That was about day 30, and by that point we have stopped practicing our protection method.
My suspicion is that Maca was preventing my ovulation, and as soon as I stopped taking it egg was released after few days- I'm pretty sure I ovulated on day 35.
5 DPO (CD 40)- I took 2 pregnancy tests, both negative. Now I know it's because implantation didn't occur yet, but at the time I thought I have caused some hormonal mess by taking Maca. I planned to call my doctor as soon as we're home (we were in SF for couple of months on business, otherwise from Europe)
6 DPO- 12DPO- brown spotting with tinges of pink- it was implantation, but I thought the belated period is finally coming at the time.
[9 DPO my boobs started to hurt, again- I thought it was period coming] [11DPO we flew back home]
12-19 DPO- boobs are getting crazy- super sore and more than size bigger. Never had that before. Some naggy voice in my head told me to take another test.
20 DPO- the most positive test I've ever seen in my life. Line was almost darker than the control line! :D

Doctor appointment next week, excited and scared... Good luck to everyone trying! :)

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My Miracle at 42!

I have stalked this page for nearly two years, trying to match my TWW symptoms with BFP stories, hoping that mine would be the next. I was convinced that I would never get (and stay) pregnant, having had a miscarriage at 21 (7 weeks) and a chemical pregnancy at 41. My son (adopted) has been asking for a sibling, and my new husband has no children - we were ready to add to our family.
I had been diagnosed (and possibly misdiagnosed - no 2 docs ever agreed!) with endometriosis, HPV, cervical and uterine polyps, menorrhagea, bicornuate uterus, and cervical cancer. I pretty much had no faith in the medical field, so I decided to research & take things into my own hands. I started drinking raspberry leaf tea (1-2 cups/day), Vitex (800mg/day), royal jelly, prenatal vitamins, and eventually added on ubiquinol. I stopped taking the Vitex after one year (6 weeks ago), as it seemed to be suppressing my ovulation. Of course, I used PreSeed. I also started temping & paying close attention to my body. My husband is home only 3 nights/week, so we BD like crazy when he's here!
Which brings me to this week. My chart wasn't looking much different from most of the previous ones, so I wasn't getting my hopes up. I noticed that I O'd 4 days late, so when AF didn't make her regularly scheduled appearance, I thought nothing of it. Then 4 days later (17d LP), no AF, and still had high temps. So I pulled a Dollar Store cheapie out, since it wouldn't break the bank and 30 seconds later...BFP!!!
After thanking God, I told my husband - I think he's still in shock!
I was still in total disbelief, so today I tested on a Target stick with SMU that was diluted with a cup of coffee, a cup of tea & 2 glasses of juice - another BFP!!!
So - here are my symptoms...
1-13 dpo - nothing.
14 dpo - stabbing pains on the sides of my bbs, then super-tender bbs (I wouldn't even take my bra off at night!)
15-16 dpo - bbs slightly tender; I usually crave cheese before AF arrives, and I noticed that I had a slight aversion to it.
17 dpo - very mild sporadic cramping - I figured that AF would probably show, but decided to test anyway...BFP!
18 dpo - continued mild cramping & a tiny little bit of spotting when I wipe - still couldn't believe it, so I tested again - another BFP!
19 dpo - cramping & spotting are both gone, so I'm thinking it was just a little hormone shift & I'm going to be making an appointment with a doc!

Sorry for such a lengthy and detailed post, but I know that I've read every single one, hoping for some reassurance & if my story can offer anyone any peace of mind and hope, I'm happy to share!
God is great - He allowed me to grow one Miracle in my heart, and now He's giving me a chance to grow another below it! I thought I'd never have a chance at pregnancy, but He gave me the leads to try a different path and to remind me of the power of prayer!
Baby dust to all - I truly hope that everyone here gets their chance at Motherhood!

4 wks BFP then BFN & Poss MC???

I first want to thank you all for your supportive stories and postings because it has helped me out a lot during this process. I am 39 and I have had one failed IVF cycle (5dt of 2 grade A embies), I felt absolutely nothing after that cycle. Took a 6 mo break and had another cycle just this March, same process with 2 left over to freeze :) . Got a BFP on 12dpo with a First Response & Digital. I was over the moon, it was the day before my Beta that I did the test (FYI Trigger shot was already out of my system), so next morning I started to spot (very faint scant pink), went to my appt to find out my Beta was 9! Totally devastated. That afternoon, I noticed a more maroon, brownish discharge only when I wiped, not a flow at all, no cramps either. So I thought implantation bleeding maybe? I went to the ER, they told me by Beta was 9- so im still pregnant, however did not see anything in the ultrasound because its too early (Im about 4wks), however has to treat it like a miscarriage, put me on bedrest for 3 days and to repeat my beta with in 48 hrs, at that time it should double. I called my RE to confirm & have an appt tomorrow for the repeat lab. I took a HPT this morning and got a BFN. Of course I cried! I noticed that the time I started with the light spotting till today is when I would originally had my period? So, now I am wondering is this my period? I am having an early miscarriage now that my HPT is BFN? Has this happened to anyone? The only hope I have right now is one my Beta does at lease double & may be a slow riser and two I might be one of those woman who do have their periods while pregnant? Any thoughts, suggestions or personal experience would really help me sleep tonight. Thank you all!

PS: Dont have any other medical issues besides Fertility,

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BFP for a Former Spotter (There's Hope)!

I've been stalking this site (and other similar forums) for months seeking hope from fellow pre-AF spotters; I promised when I finally got my BFP I'd share my story to return the favor. And I just saw that beautiful, life-changing second pink line today!! So here goes:

Since coming off birth control pills nearly a year ago, I'd consistently spotted before my period--sometimes for up to five days beforehand. I'd never had this problem previously, and it was tremendously discouraging to see this spotting month after month (typically starting at around 9DPO). Although my doctor didn't seem overly concerned, I was worried that it would make conceiving difficult.

It took us five months of actively TTC; we were NTNP for five months before that though, so it was ten months of the agonizing TWW (including several cycles where I was late but ultimately wasn't pregnant)! Every month when the spotting started, I Googled stories of implantation spotting and stories of other pre-AF spotters who finally fell pregnant, looking for encouragement. I tried Vitex and a Vitamin B complex, but nothing seemed to make a significant difference in the spotting.

Here's what we did differently this month, FWIW:

I stopped charting my BBT, and we just DTD (nearly) every day during my fertile window, instead of every other day.
I stopped taking my Vitex supplement in the TWW.
I cut out alcohol in the second week of the TWW, just in case my evening glass of wine was somehow interfering with implantation.

My symptoms leading up to my BFP today (CD30, approx. 13DPO) weren't really anything out of the ordinary, as I tend to have many of the textbook pregnancy symptoms such as headaches, backaches, needing to pee frequently, being emotional, being tired etc. even when I'm not pregnant! The biggest difference was FINALLY NO SPOTTING (hurrah!). My TWW cramping was also different; it was less an overall squeezing and more a localized throbbing on the left side. Oh, and I've been feeling a bit nauseous since yesterday.

I hope this BFP story encourages other "spotters," and baby dust to you all!! :)

Completely unexpected BFP!!

Well... Where do I start. I had to share my story, as I was always reading these, seeing if I had the symptoms!
Brief history... I have been with my fiancé for 2.5 years. He proposed Valentine's Day this year, and our wedding is booked for Aug this year!!
I went off the contraceptive pill last year, in readiness. My periods have recently been irregular and light, so I really didn't think we would ever get pregnant!
I was due AF on wed 25th March, but had some brown spotting on Monday 23rd. This usually triggers my period to start a few days later, but nothing came!
On the Friday, my lovely fiancé gave me a big hug.. I screamed, as the pain in my boobs was excruciating!! On Saturday, I decided to have a bath, and thought.. I best just check, as we were out in the night... And there it was.. Midday POAS positive!! I took 4 in total, all showing positive. Took a digital this am, which confirmed I am 5 weeks pregnant. Argh!!!
Symptoms I have had... VERY sore breasts , as if somebody has punched them. Slight nausea constantly, but not sick, and my bowel habits have slowed down! I will be 5 months pregnant when we marry. I still won't believe it until we have our 3 month scan, as I never expected this to happen to easily. We are over the moon. I am 31 and my fiancé is 30. Both first time pregnancy. Please let everything stay ok!

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Severe MFI- Natural Pregnacy turned ectopic

Husbands SA's ranged from zero to 7 million with the average being less than 2 million due to severe varicoceles and high testosterone. We had been trying for 2.5 years and were planning surgery to try to make us eligible for IUI because we were only eligible for IVF with ICSI.

CD:16- O day. Had sex after 5 days of abstinance(he was gone and just got home) and put a soft cup in after because I had one left over and laying around from a year ago that I wanted to get rid of.
1dpo- Typical progesterone triggered constipation and bloating like always.
3dpo- breast tenderness, of course progesterone again.
7dpo- CF yellow tinged which has never happened before. Felt an urgency to have BM's. Morning headaches.
8&9dpo- Same symptoms as 7dpo, but broke out in a rash on my hands(twice). I started becoming obsessed with avocados and started getting AF like cramps at 9dpo.
11&12dpo- my nipples became sore and sensitive, and overall tender breasts. I had extremely light implantation spotting and continued cramps.
14dpo- AF due but not here. I randomly took an hpt for the first time in a year and it was a BFN. I felt like I had just had a period without any bleeding. I was frustrated that I wasn't getting my period because I thought everything was PMS. I assumed I was wrong about when O was.
16dpo- AF still not here, and my nipples are ridiculously sensitive, darkened and enlarged. Something is seriously different this month. Took seven HPTs and all are BFP!
17dpo- Blood test is BFP
19dpo- Beta 211.3
21dpo- Beta 273.6
24dpo- Beta 355.9

4-5 weeks pregnant- Betas rising but not doubling, rate of increase declining. Hot flashes, fatigue(early bed time&naps), up early to eat, mood swings(cried easily) and continued TWW symptoms. Ultrasounds show nothing.
6-7 weeks pregnant- decreased appetite, some mild nausea and same symptoms as weeks 4&5 minus the cramping. Pseudo sac on ultrasound but can't locate gestational sac and baby. Brown spotting that then turned black and red. Progesterone and estrogen dropping.

Received methotrexate injections at 7 weeks pregnant for highly probable ectopic. Started to bleed and cramp an hour later. Passed an enormous sac with a little baby inside. Sent to pathology, pseudo sac gone on ultrasound. Pathology didn't determine anything, doctor is guessing assuming the pregnancy was on my cervix. I have no idea where baby was.


My fiance and I weren't really trying, he and I have been together for 3 years and are not living together yet. I have been on the BC pill (Yasmin) for 11 years and came off at the direction of my doctor because it was starting to make me lactate for several months before I came off it. I've only had two periods since the 4 months I've been off the pill and this is my first pregancy.

I have been feeling pregnancy symptoms ever since the lactation began so I have become a closet POAS addict lol.

Based on my last period I'm thinking I O'd quite early in my cycle, since I wasn't tracking here are my estimated DPO's

DPO 1 BD'd
DPO 2 - 3 very weepy, nothing else
DPO 4 still weepy, bbs began to feel tender to the touch, cramps and aches on the left side and back (in hindsight, thinking implantation even though it's early)
DPO 5 vivid dream about having twins, heavy dark brown spotting in the AM which stopped by the afternoon, bbs still tender
DPO 6 BFN on dollar tree cheapie, bbs more tender, slight increase in sense of smell, started hunger pangs, teeth sensitive, vivid dreams, bad acid reflux (which I never get) that caused acid to come all the way up twice (sorry TMI), backache, headache
DPO 7 slightest BFaintP's on DT cheapies, both mid morning, sore bbs, more hightened sense of smell, hunger pangs throughout the day, bubbley feeling in my abdomen just below my navel, starting to see veins on my chest, very thirsty which is unlike me, backaches, headache...starting to salivate heavily, almost as if I'm about to vomit (has anyone else had 'drooling'?)
DPO 8 slightly darker BPF on another DT cheapie FMU, but definitely there...continuing hunger, thirst, soreness in bbs, lower back pains, hightened smell, heavy saliva, started becoming very tired like wanting to nap after an hour of waking, mild headaches
DPO 9 (today) obvious light pink BFP on a cheapie FMU, sore bbs, thirst, beginning to pee a lot, some cramps, heavy saliva, hunger and exhaustion have subsided (I think due to my excitment, it's beginning to feel real), BFN in digi EPT, will try again with tomorrow's FMU.

Some differences between previous (mock pregnancy symptom) months and this month for me:

Thought I was peeing a lot (like 7-8 times/day), this month it is literally about 1-2 times per hour
Bbs remained only tender once they started hurting, now I feel outright sore
Sense of smell began to increase a little in previous months, but now I can identify multiple specific smells coming from the next room that don't normally smell
Always felt some nausea....I don't feel that at all yet this time

Also, I've personally had better luck getting my BFP's on dollar tree HPT's than on Dollar General HPT's...not sure if the sensitivity is different or not but twice I've had my BFP on DT and nothing on DG.

We are very very blessed to have this happen to us, even though circumstances could be better (maternity wedding dress, anyone?) we really couldn't be happier to be able to start our family this soon.

Best wishes and loads of baby dust to you all!!! I can't wait to read your BFP stories!

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