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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Spotting

Got your BFP with spotting? Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP After 10 Months of Trying!

I was shocked this morning when I saw the two lines. I had always wondered what it would feel like...

I have irregular cycles that can last from 20 - 42 days.

I saw a specialist this month and was ready to start Clomid next month.

Fertility Friend pinpointed my ovulation date as day 19. We BD'd on day 16, 17, 18, and 20.

I did not get the usual PMS cramps that usually start right after I ovulate. I did start getting achy breasts (which never happens). I was thinking I was getting nauseous - but who knows.

I experienced some list spotting of dried brown blood. It was only there when I wiped. That happened on DPO21, 22, and 23. I tested earlier, but got negatives.

After thinking I was out this month, I had some cocktails this past weekend.

Then, I realized that the spotting had stopped - what is going on?

Took a dollar store test this morning - two lines!!! Went to the drug store and got a Clear Blue Digital and got "Pregnant 2-3 weeks"!

I thought that I was out of luck when the spotting started - so late too! Apparently not!

Very excited. I wish the best for everyone. I know how hard it is.

BFP with 7 Days of Spotting and Cabergoline

We conceived after 1 year and 9 months of trying... Once I began paying attention, I noticed that I would spot about 4-5 days priort to my period. I told my gyno and he said it was fine. After no luck for a year, we began seeing a specialist last fall and found out that I have a 2mm prolactinoma (a small benign tumor on my pituitary glad that causes me to overproduce prolactin). My level of prolactin was about 45, which is on the low side of being high... if you have enough, it can cause you to not have periods or even lactate. I had neither of these symptoms. I got +OPK tests every month around day 16/17. In January, I began taking 25mg of cabergoline 2x a week. The first month I didn't notice any difference, but the second month my cycle shifted and I was getting positive OPKs on day 11/12. My spotting also got a lot longer and I began to spot for 7-10 days before my period. During this time, we did 2 rounds of Clomid and 1 IUI with no success. Finally, I was tired of being poked and prodded, so we decided to make a plan for the fall, which was to do IVF with ICSI in Sept. We wanted to enjoy the summer. Well... the very first month of relaxing and enjoying each other's company, we got a BFP!

Day 13 - +OPK (I didn't test on 11 or 12 since we were relaxing)
Days 3-10 - Spotting... I call it spotting because it only shows up when I go to the bathroom, most of the time on the TP, but sometimes in the toilet and can be anywhere from pink, to brown, to dark red, to bright red.
Day 11 - Nothing...
Day 12 - Nothing... so I decided to take a test and there was a very faint line (FRER)... I couldn't believe it... so we went out and bought a different brand and took another one the next morning
Day 13 - BFP with ClearBlue Easy Digital
Day 14- BFP with FRER and an LH Wondfo strip... both came up right away and reallllly dark.
Day 15 - + HCG Beta around 263
Day 17 - +HCGBeta around 719

So, it can happen if you have spotting before your flow starts!

BFP After 2 Years!

Started TTC 2 years ago. Since January I have been taking Duphaston to lengthen the luteal phase and for the last 4 months taking 100mg Clomid.

Last month we tried IUI for the first time, but were not successful. This month I took Clomid and was all set for another IUI, but I used OPK at the wrong time of day (too early), missed the surge which came a few days earlier than expected and therefore did not go in for IUI. Thought that I had missed my chance this month and was very disappointed and therefore did not take Duphaston to lengthen the luteal phase either. I kept waiting for AF to arrive, but apart from a bit of spotting when I thought AF was due, nothing. DH and I BD two days before when I think I must have ovulated - this is the only occasion it could have happened on as we were abstaining for a few days before the IUI.

I had one pregnancy test left from last month and I decided to try it this morning as I thought it was odd that AF hadn't come. I figured my hormones were probably all over the shop because of all the drugs and I had started to do a new diet and that maybe this was delaying AF. I didn't really expect anything to be positive - in fact I have an appointment with the fertility doctor this afternoon so that I can get medication for the next cycle! A faint line appeared fairly quickly and eventually darkened. Over the moon! Shed a few tears as it is so unexpected and longed for, particularly as it happened without IUI and without Duphaston. DH won't believe it!

Symptoms: I actually felt as though I had less symptoms this month than I had in all the months trying before! I was so convinced I was out for this month that I didn't keep a close track, but a few things I noticed:
About 6 or 7 days after I must have ovulated I had one sudden sharp pain in the uterus area, took my breath away, but bearable.
About 10 dpo - small amount of brown cm - thought this was AF, as she usually arrives 10dpo.
11/12 dpo - some more light spotting, again, thought start of AF.
13/ 14 dpo - no more spotting - this is when I started to think it was odd. Other things I have noticed - slightly more sensitive breasts on the side on a couple of occasions.

I will hopefully get this confirmed at the hospital this afternoon before I tell DH. So happy but still a bit scared, as it seems too good to be true!

Wishing you all luck. Don't give up - I had almost lost hope of ever seeing two lines on a pregnancy test.



I can't believe it - last night after 8 months I found out I am expecting baby #2. During that time I had no period at all for 3 months after regular period before that, so really chuffed! I really thought my little girl might be an only child (yes, I know a bit dramatic).
But this month we did things differently, so I thought I'd share....
What we did differently --
Read that once you get pos opk if you ovulate quickly after lh surge dtd will be too late! So we dtd every day from about cd13 onwards, I was hoping to ovulate cd16. Got pos ov stick on cd17, after cd18, we hoped we'd done it! Each time we dtd was usually when we were going to bed, so I didn't get up to use the loo after like I usually would and made myself stay in bed for the night! Put on pajamas so I didn't feel damp! (sorry tmi).
We both took conception vitamins this cycle, but it had only been about 3wks since we started.

My two week wait.... yay!
1-8dpo - nothing except I had sore boobs for 5 days after ov, when it would usually be 2.
9 dpo - Sharp pain low down on left side for about 4 mins in the evening. Made me stop cooking and think 'I bet that causes some bleeding'.
10dpo - Couple of dots of dark red blood with brown cm first thing when wiping. Bad night sleep, had sharp headache and woke up with stuffed up nose and really aching. Heartburn in evening.
11dpo - No more spotting. Pinching type cramps. Sharper than usual. Felt very full after half a pizza when I can usually eat it all on a Saturday. Awful indigestion that night. Slight nausea in day, like when I'm ovulating.
12dpo - More brown cm mixed with red. Decide I'm out, and af is about to show. Had a lager with lunch. Felt really full again after a smallish lunch and didn't eat for rest of day. Got two spots next to my mouth which seems odd. BFN on internet cheapie in morning. Still a bit of pink spotting that stops by evening. Got a strange stitch feeling high up under ribs all day.
13dpo - Feel really bloated still and don't really bother eating much all day. Got stitch still. Tried internet cheapy again in evening and get a faint faint faint line. Hubby sees it too, thank goodness as thought I was mad! Go out for a Clearblue and get a cross straight away!!
14dpo - Another bfp first thing! Means I'm 4 weeks 3 days by my cycles. So excited. Hubby really nervous! Don't feel tired and no sore boobs now, but still got uncomfortable twinges now and again.


BFP After 5th IUI

I posted here in March 2012 with a BFP that sadly ended in an early miscarriage at 5 weeks. I learned from that experience that eggies that implant late (11 or 12 dpo or later) usually end up miscarrying. (I implanted at 12 dpo)

DH and I have been undergoing fertility treatment since May 2007. We have 2 beautiful children that were both conceived via unmedicated IUI's. (Ages 3 and 2) Both kids were conceived on our first IUI each time (lucky us!) This time around was much harder. I hit the big 3-0 this year and my fertility took a nose dive! First IUI this time around resulted in a chemical pregnancy, 2nd IUI resulted in a miscarriage at 5 weeks, 3rd and 4th IUI's were BFN, and just as I had resigned myself to never having another child, I got a BFP at 12 dpo from my 5th IUI. Here are my symptoms: (just an FYI, I took Femara 2.5 mg for my 4th and 5th IUI's and had 2 eggs for my 5th IUI)

1-2 dpo: tons of EWCM (still!) and still having O pains
3-5 dpo: still tons of EWCM, lots of vivid dreams
6 dpo: EWCM finally lets up. Cramping in right ovary (I ovulated on the right side this time) had an ultrasound at my fertility clinic, found a corpus luteum cyst but doc says not to worry, will go away on it's own. Also felt implantation cramping later in the evening on 6 dpo
7 dpo: sooo tired, bb's tingly and sensitive, starting to get forgetful and clumsy, headache
8 dpo: headache, bb's still tingly, swiped Costco card at Costco thinking it was debit card and couldn't figure out why transaction wouldn't go thru, duh!
9 dpo: faint pink streak when wiping after going to the bathroom, still tired, really moody, tingly bb's
10 dpo: another pink streak when wiping after going to the bathroom, tired, moody/emotional, tingly bb's, no spotting after sex (odd because I usually spot this close to my period arriving)
11 dpo: super forgetful today, clumsy, emotional, had dream I was pregnant (got pos result on hpt in dream)
12 dpo: COMPELLED to do HPT. Told self was not going to do HPT until at least
13 dpo but it was like some supernatural force was ripping open that hpt package and making me pee on that stick! Very faint BFP!!! Had bloodwork run at fertility clinic, HCG at 23! Pregnant!

I always check my cervical position when I get to around 10 dpo as my cervix always goes high and firm when I'm pregnant. This time it was high, but not as firm and a little open, which made me think I wasn't pregnant. In retrospect, pushing out 2 kids 12 months apart who each weighed 8 and 9 lbs respectively has more than likely stretched my cervix to the point of no return. Oh well :)


CD14: EWCM, BD with DH

CD15: Bad cramps all day with one spot of light pink blood at the end of the day. This had never happened to me before, but I have had tenderness on one side or the other when ovulating. No tenderness this time, just really bad cramps that lasted the whole day!

1 DPO: Broke out, my skin was dry, had a slight headache, felt a twinge of nausea, and was irritable and moody

2 DPO: Still really irritated and bloated. DH commented on how moody I was. Felt really tired but couldn't sleep!

3 DPO: Bloated, tired, moody, slightly nauseous, nipples started to itch, had some mild cramps.

4 DPO: Still tired! Back hurt, irritated with DH - poor guy couldn't do anything right, cried for no reason, constipated.

5 DPO: More of the same but also getting hot flashes. BBT is way up.

6 DPO: Temp still high. Feel tired all day, and suddenly get really bad cramping on the right side of my uterus. Felt dizzy and weak and sick to my stomach. Lasted for a couple of hours. Implantation? Went away in the early evening, and then just tired.

7 DPO: Feeling exhausted. Temp dip. Really creepy dreams about watching my aunt give birth to some kind of weird, mythical creature. Also dreamed I had a baby but couldn't get to it to take care of it. More pain on the right in the afternoon, similar to the day before but it only lasted about 20 minutes and then nothing. Starting to feel hopeful! Went to a hypnotherapist to help me invite my baby into my body and our lives. (Call me crazy, but I've had 7 miscarriages, and I'll try anything at this point! LOVED the experience, btw!!)

8 DPO: Woke up in early AM to more of the same type of pain on the right. Only lasted for a couple of minutes and then it spread in a straight line across my lower abdomen and went away. Temp back up. Nipples are tender and sensitive, bloated, tired, HUNGRY. BFN on IC.

9 DPO: Boobs started to hurt as well as nipples. Still tired, but feeling an increase in energy. Another BFN on IC that says I should get a positive at 10miu. Starting to think I'm out for this month. Even have some wine at dinner with friends!

10 DPO: Big temp dip, and now I'm convinced I'm out. Boobs still hurt, really fatigued, but friends are in town so I'm all over the city doing tourist stuff, and think maybe that's why I'm so tired. Super hungry but think it's PMS. Don't bother to test.

11 DPO: Temp back up a little. Hmm... still don't test because it's not up much, all symptoms still there and SO TIRED I can hardly move by the afternoon. Feel like crying for no reason. Still think it's just going to be a bad period this month. Big fight with DH that makes no sense at all. I'm know I sound insane, but I can't help it. (You obviously don't support me because your voice doesn't sound like it!!)

12 DPO: Temp up even more. All symptoms still there, vivid dreams, BFN with FRER. Starving.

13 DPO: More of the same! Another BFN with FRER, one at 4:30am and another in the afternoon. Feel like I'm losing my mind. Another fight with DH. (He's beside himself at this point, and even comes home early from work to find out what the real problem is. Can't find one.) Should be starting my period either today or tomorrow. Mild cramps on and off all day. Craving chocolate cake and fried chicken. Normally don't like either.

14 DPO: Still no AF!! Convinced I must be preggo but can't understand why I keep getting negative tests. Feel less tired today (CRAZY dreams last night, and slept like a rock), boobs and nips feel slightly less sore, but my vagaga feels TIGHT when checking my CP. (Woo hoo, we're gonna take advantage of that tonight!) CP is hard and high, with lots of creamy CM. So weird. Swear I'm not going to test today but do anyway in the afternoon and SUPER LIGHT BFP!!! I knew it!! Checked it in every light I could think of and it's definitely there! So happy AND I'm not insane after all! ;)

BFP with Spotting

Ok so I can't believe that I'm writing on here. I obsessed about my symptoms every month. I would say the biggest difference this cycle was that I didn't let it consume. I didn't even start reading the BFP stories until about 9 dpo. I don't think I had any symptoms from 1-8 dpo.
I'm not even sure when I ovulated exactly but here is what happened I think I ovulated around may 27th. We bd on that day and we also used ky jelly which I read could hinder your chances. I felt like I was sick of agonizing every month so I figured let's just have fun.
So.... 1-8 nothing
9dpo- I got the worst heartburn of my life after eating dinner out. I felt like I was having a heart attack. It was very painful. Took antacids and it went right away.
No sore boobs at all. Minor cramping every once in a while
10dpo- I go to the gym and in the middle of my workout I almost fainted. I had to stop and go splash water on face. I tried to start working out again but became very nauseous. Thought to myself, "Am I pregnant?"
11dpo- nothing
12 dpo- wave of nausea while I'm driving during work. Start thinking about a McDonald's cheeseburger and I have to stop and get one lol
Me and DH bd after I get home from work and I notice right about that there is blood. It is pretty dark brown but I'm not very sad. Even though I wasn't trying to obsess, I had this notion inside that this was the month.
13dpo- wake up and there is no more blood. And actually there was only blood while we bd. I put a panty liner on the night before but there was never anything on it. Bd again later and there is no blood. Period was due today
14dpo- Wake up and still no blood. I'm officially a day late! Run to store and get four tests. Faint but definite BFP! Nauseous and hot all day Sore boobs started slightly today and had two twinges of cramps.
15 dpo- Test again. Clear blue comes up with a distinct positive and equate reads pregnant!!! I'm in shock. I hope the baby gets stronger each day. This is my first pregnancy and can't believe it.

Late BFP! 15 DPO

I didn’t think I would be writing this but here I am 15 dpo and a very obvious digital pregnancy test. Here was my month and I hope it helps someone else while they are in the 2ww:

CD1 - AF
CD5 - AF over
CD7 - BD
CD10 - BD (fertile week supposed to begin today)
CD11 - BD
CD12 - BD
CD13 - Nothing
CD14 - Nothing
CD15 - BD in the early morning and light spotting in the afternoon (ovulation day!)
1 DPO - bled for like 2 hours in afternoon.... weird
2 DPO - nothing
3 DPO - vivid dreams, BD
4 DPO - nothing
5 DPO - I was irritable.... reaaalllyyyy angry for no reason
6 DPO - BD got a couple pimples, a lot of cramping and my bbs started feeling a little heavy
7 DPO - nothing
8 DPO - took test BFN
9 DPO - BFN - BBs continue to be heavy and have this weird tingly feeling
10 DPO - still BFN
11 DPO - Took FRER, BFN
12 DPO - another BFN
13 DPO - Another FRER and got a weird evap had pink dots on the top and bottom of the test line. This happened to me last time I was pregnant but I took another and it was BFN and I convinced myself it was just an evap and I was out
14 DPO - nothing. I waited for my period and even went out and had two drinks
15 DPO - no AF and I’m NEVER late. Took a dollar store test and got a LIGHHHHTTTT BFP. The line was thicker than an evap and more purpley but no one was convinced except me. So I went and bought an 88 cent Wal-Mart test and the line was much darker and easier to see in a photo. I took the clear blue easy digi and it was BFP! YAY!! Praying for a sticky baby bean!!!! Good luck!

BFP After a Year TTC

I've been skulking this site for a while now, it's great to finally be able to add my own story! This is my first pregnancy and I feel justifiably ecstatic and terrified over what will happen. I am overweight, over 30 and was on Mirena for nearly a year before trying. I have been on BC since the age of 16. While not diagnosed, I have had to deal with PCOS-like symptoms. When I have a cycle, it's typically 26 days. For all those other ladies out there like me, here's my experience:
Pre-O: Heavier period, nothing else unusual. Decided to use Pre-Seed for the first time.
O: A lot of cramping, EW CM
1-6 DPO: Nothing out of the ordinary besides creamy CM, no dry spells
7 DPO: Tender breasts, slight cramps, dizzy and nausea off and on, neg HPT (I'm a test junkie ;p)
8 DPO: Breasts sore, harsher cramps, dizzy, nausea, fatigue. A bit of pink spotting in the evening
9 DPO: All of the above with a positive HPT after intense cramps in the late evening

I'm still testing positive (at 11DPO), with more varied early pregnancy symptoms off and on. My O day may or may not have occurred when my fertility friend chart says it did, but I'm using the days listed as the base point. I tend to have erratic temps and early O days/12 day LP when I do cycle normally. Wish me luck on this first attempt at motherhood, and baby dust to all you ladies out there that haunt the site!

So Happy, So Nervous

TTC since Dec 2011, 1st baby.

Been charting BBT and CM. Found I often missed the LH surge on ovulation tests so didn't bother with these past about month 4 TTC.

What I did differently this month:
Gave myself hobbies so as not to stress - started baking, booked a days leave and a romantic weekend away with the hubby, made love with me on top (heard this is the worst position for TTC so have avoided it until now but it's our favorite so decided to at least have fun whilst TTC), tried not to count the days but ultimately still did as I was charting.

CD 13 Ovulated (I think)
CD 14 - 20 (DPO 1-7) No symptoms although seemed to have less than normal CM, and two days with none. Unlike me. No other suspicions or symptoms.
CD 21 (DPO 8) - slight sharp pain for about 30 seconds just lower and to left of belly button, need to pee a lot
CD 22 (DPO 9) Brown CM on TP only. Feel down...always getting spotting for few days before period so rule this month out.
CD 23 (DPO 10) spotting on TP only, some pink and some brown CM heavier that previous day, damp sensation, thought for sure period was coming as BBT dipped.

Period due anytime from CD 24 to CD 28
CD 24 (DPO 11) BBT risen again?? spotting again. Geavier today and some brown CM on a liner so thought period would come today or following day, damp sensation.
CD 25 (DPO 12) Spotting has eased right off. just a bit of brown CM on TP...not impressed as think is body playing tricks
CD 26 (DPO 13) Decide to pee in a cup first thing in the morning then check for spotting before I test. Spotting has nearly all but gone. Decide to test the pee (FRER) but just assume it will be negative...wait one minute then OH WOW 2 pink lines are appearing, faint but definite!! Take a second test with ClearBlue and OH WOW straightaway there are two blue lines!! Wake up hubby and get very excited!!
Visit Drs and POAS there takes an age to come up (about 3 mins) - doc says it's not positive and that it's an evap line. Start to doubt my sanity. Dr. obsesses about spotting and miscarriages and makes me paranoid. Go home feeling very deflated.
CD 27 (DPO 14) Spotting has gone! Go for blood test (at a different Drs!) and tests come back same day - HCG 110 and all prenatal tests are normal. Jump for joy!
CD 28 (DPO 15) Cramps and backaches - annoying but not painful...paranoid about miscarriage now though because of Dr's comments.
CD 29 (DPO 16) 4 weeks preg TODAY! Still paranoid about miscarriage, booked first u/s scan for around 6 week mark. praying for a healthy pregnancy.

Love to all trying and newly pregnant!