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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Spotting

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I've posted earlier this week in the "Do you think I'm pregnant?" section. 70% voted that I was indeed pregnant. You were right :)

As I said in the other post, it was my third IUI. This time, the DR prescribed Femara instead of Clomid.
I tried really hard not to pay attention to symptoms because I always have a few and I end up disappointed.

Symptoms I always have: - Sore and heavy boobs - Nausea - Fatigue - Craving sugar - Spotting at about 7 DPO (on Clomid, not naturally)

This time was the same and different at the same time:
Since the IUI, I felt a mild pulling/ pinching sensation in the left ovary.
It got more intense from DPIUI 10-11 and moving into the uterus area. I started have nausea around the same time.
Craving anything (always hungry) from DPO 11
I told my BF that the apple he bought tasted like onions last weekend
Cried during the Biggest

I didn't really plan when I would POAS but my BF bought a dollar store HPT at DPIUI13 so I said why not. And to our big surprise... BFP :)) We rushed to buy 2 digital FRER, both were BFPs.

Blood test at 14 DPIUI confirmed with HcG level of 239! We are SO happy!

Baby dust to all of you :))

13 dpo BFP!

I cannot believe I am adding to this site!
This website is great- helped me recognize so many things.
I had a ton of symptoms, but at times it just felt a lot like AF on her way.
I never had sore boobs, never felt queasy, didn't feel much exhaustion at all until 12 dpo.

1 dpo- had flutters in lower left. Thought it was my imagination. But had never felt it before.

2 dpo - had a crazy, vivid dream that I was getting in a fight with a squirrel (what the!!??) and woke up trying to punch the air. This was such a strange and vivid dream, that it was honestly my first clue.

3-6 dpo - severe back pain and bloated. No sore bbs.
(4dpo I was in a meeting and all of a sudden got a huge wave of exhaustion. I yawned SO big and said out loud, "I don't know WHY I am suddenly so tired". Then it disappeared. This was very odd for me... and it was a big red flag for me)

7 dpo- bloated, sore back. strong sense of smell. I was in a meeting with a pregnant woman and we both smell grilled chicken way across the room, but nobody else smelled it, and people thought it was funny we both had decided that it was specifically grilled chicken! Dh didn't smell things that I could smell - an open bag of nuts, or like sitting at the bar eating dinner, I felt like the bar tender was muddling mint right under my nose.

8po- sore back. very strange bloating and tugging sensations on lower left. Nothing like I have ever felt. I was so bloated after dinner that I looked about 4 mo. Felt like a house, really.

9dpo- Strong "pulling" cramps again. Felt pregnant. Bloating. sore back. slightly bleeding gums (rare for me) Had dreams that I was pregnant and was telling my family. Vivid dreams every night in fact. Screamed at Husband oops.

10 + 11dpo Not much of anything, just sore back, bad bloating. Was more tired. Yelled at DH for waking me up. Not normal!

12dpo - Woke up hungry. Implantation bleeding. in the AM it seemed obvious to me that that is what it was bc it was very pink and there were a couple of spots, like literally a dot, but as the day went on it seemed stronger and I thought for sure it was AF. I started feeling very tired, more hungry, went to bed early, had heart burn during the night (very rare) woke up tired.

13dpo (today). Woke up hungry. Had more spotting this AM, was browny-pink and thought AF was early because my boobs were suddenly sore and I hated my clothes and was irritated by all the things that usually get me going with AF. I bought a Digital Clear Blue on the way to work...BFP!! woo hoo! Jumped up and down in the bathroom at work....!


Good Morning!

Good morning! I realize that a lot of these posts are probably in the morning after some FMU :)

I went by a calendar/app and monitoring my CM to figure out when I O'd. I believe it to be between CD 13 and 16, so my DPO notes below will be from CD 14:

CD 12: EWCM- one big glob in the morning. (It's funny when something gross is also a good sign...)
CD 13: BD in AM (EWCM)
CD 15: BD in PM (EWCM)
CD 16: O-day according to app/calendar - BD in PM (Watery CM)
1 - 7DPO: Nothing
8 - 12DPO: Mild cramps. They felt like AF cramps but a shorter duration. (I get AF cramps for almost a full 24 hours starting the evening before AF shows up - These lasted for 5-10 minutes at a time - on and off for a few days)
10DPO: LIGHT spotting on TP after using the bathroom once.
14 - 19DPO - White, Creamy CM. AF was expected at 16dpo, the CM made me think that she was on her way but she never showed up.
19DPO (Yes, I made it to 19 days before POAS!!) BFP!!!

I used FRER. DH knew I'd be testing this morning if AF didn't show overnight. I got up before him to test. I POAS and set my cellphone timer for 3 minutes. I was going to greet him without looking at the test when the alarm went off so we could both find out. BUT When I went to pick up the test in the bathroom to move it to the bedroom the 2 lines were already VERY clear. He said - I thought you were going to wait for me. I was laughing and shaking and said "I tried... I didn't have time!" HA... maybe 20 seconds?!

So I guess this is it! He wanted me to lay in bed for a little while, but I can't sit still :)

Baby dust to all of you!!

BFP with Spotting!

I am cautiously happy right now! This is my second month TTC and I honestly did not think I was pregnant this month due to 4 days of spotting. Here are my symptoms, or lack of!

CD18- positive on OPK
CD19- still positive OPK (fertility friend said this was my ovulation day)
CD20/DPO1- spotting- ovulation bleeding?
DPO2- a bit of spotting again
DPO3- irritable and tired
DPO4- cramps like AF about to start-irritable
DPO5- spotting- must be too early for implantation bleeding?
DPO6- more spotting- maybe my period is early?
DPO7- more spotting- I think I am definitely out so after some internet research think that I have Luteal phase defect so buy agnius cactus (vitex) and start to take it.
DPO8- very small amount of blood- is the agnius cactus having some effect?
DPO9- No bleeding. This is strange!
DPO10- slight bleeding
DPO11- BFP!!!!! I thought that seeing as my period hadn't actually turned up, I would just check. I honestly thought there was no chance but thought I'd do it for fun (internet cheapie) lying in bed I looked at it and saw a VERY faint line. I did another and again there was a VERY faint line. So then I used a First response and there was quite a strong line. I couldn't believe it!!!

I was of course delighted but because of the spotting I was nervous as well. But I just got back from the doctors who said that all is looking good so far!

Things I did differently this month.. I used conceive plus, drank green tea, grapefruit juice and OPK kits (I ovulated a lot later than I thought) I also prayed which is not something I usually do, but seeing as they have been answered, I will be doing it a lot more often!

My philosophy was that I may as well start off trying as many natural products as possible as they can only do me good. I also believe that the agnius cactus during my luteal phase helped to stop my bleeding and the period from coming early, but I could be wrong.

I just hope that this gorgeous little bean inside sticks.

Baby dust to all!

BFP! 2 Months Off BC Pill and 1 Chemical

Hi Girls!!!!!
I have stalked this site for the last 4 months! I’ve loved reading all your stories they have kept me sane! (well as sane as can be! lol)
Now it’s my turn to finally post my BFP story… this seems so surreal still! Anyways, what you’re all waiting for... symptoms!!
CD 10 - I ovulate early, I knew this was O day because of the sharp pain in my right ovary owwiee.
2Dpo - I started spotting, hmmm could it be to early for implantation bleeding??
3Dpo - Still spotting, uterus feeling rather heavy, major twinges in left side early morning, gassy and bloated (have IBS didn’t think much of it).
5Dpo - Spotting stopped ooo :)
6DPO - Boobs feel Massive!!! heavy and sore.. different kind of sore tho I usually get like a muscley type ache this was a sore twingy kinda feeling. Felt content and happy, lower abdomen felt sensitive to touch skin burning, niggling headache.
7 Dpo - Light Af Cramping, Sore boobs, Niggling headache STILL! Really restless at night :(..proper weird dreams! lol and hating loud noises!!..Skin on lower belly still sore..
8Dpo - Light af cramping, Gassy, Sore Boobies, wanna eat everything I see lol....9PM BFP!!!!!!! I thought it was going to be to early but I just knew I was prego so thought stuff it I’m gonna test...low and behold 3 mins later on a clear blue digi up pops PREGNANT!!! ahhhhhh :D :D!!!

And the great thing is this baby was conceived on my DHs birthday :D.

Lesson learned here girlies… ALWAYS!! Listen to your body not what the books tell you!! I knew I’d ovulated and I knew it was early implantation! But the books told me nooooo....
baby dust to everyone ttc! Lets hope this lil bean sticks! :D

Hugs to you all!!!!!!!!

BFP After 2 years, 6MC's, 2 Failed ivf, and Two Rounds of Clomid with Clexane

Well I thought this would never happen, but here I am writing this BFP story to hopefully give others help. We have a beautiful DS born April 2010, 6 months later we found out we were accidentally pregnant. This when hell began, we had a 6-week scan to discover no heart beat and I lost it a few days later. We were devastated but tried again the next month and bang another positive again but ended up a chemical pregnancy - for the next 12months we had two more miscarriages and another 2 chemicals. We booked into ivf as the dr thought it was a chromosomal thing. This seemed incorrect, we were told we had poor egg quality even though I am only 32. Finally our FS decided to do a round of Clomid and Clexane injections, two cycles later we were looking at a strong positive, to then have hcg levels of 2552 at 20dpo, to seeing a heartbeat today at 6w2d (we had not seen a hb since my DS). My symptoms were sore boobs and no spotting (I usually always spot during my luteal phase).
This has been the toughest 2 years of my life, I was deeply depressed at times and my life became all about trying to have a baby! It has been so hard but I never gave up and I am hoping this story gives others the strength to continue.

Natural BFP After IVF

Hi all! I tried for over 4 years with no success and after years of heartache and despair we ended up doing ivf. 5 ivf cycles later and where so lucky to get our son. He is our sunshine!!! We decided a sibling would be nice, so we been trying for about 6 months and three month ago we did ivf frozen embryo (from a previous ivf) transfer but unsuccessful. We decided to change clinics. I am 40 and I started taking dhea about 2 months ago along with coQ10. We tried naturally the month before our new clinic appointment and to my absolute shock I fell pregnant naturally!!! WOW!!! I can’t believe I am this lucky!!!!! It do not seem real and I am so very happy that I can’t even describe it!!!!

Ovulation day: had a strong indication on my ovulation test strip. We BD for three days in a row previously.
1 -4 dpo- Nothing. Temp between 36.40 – 36.50 (Normally 36.60 – 36.8)
5 dpo- Right nipple was a bit tender. Temp 36.0 My temperatures from ovulation was extremely low and Fertility Friend even said that no ovulation has taken place….got so very depressed about it and though that dhea had stuffed up my cycle big time.
6 dpo- Low temp and decided to not take temp any more..but was totally convinced that the cycle is a dud one. Headache and a bit of cramp
7dpo- Headache and tired
8 dpo- Headache and tender breast
9 dpo- Moody and headache along with backache
10 dpo- cramps and a line at 3 pm with first response test…WOW. Seeing GP to get a referral to the ivf clinic we are seeing the week after. Telling her about it so she gives me referrals to do beta bloods for tomorrow and the Monday
11 dpo- Pink spotting (yikes!) but DR rang and said my hcg was 20!!!!
12 dpo- Headache and pink spotting. Line is getting darker.. pheww!
13 dpo- Headache, cramps and fatigue and brown spotting…Line getting darker…
14 dpo- Brown spotting, feeling a bit angry. Blood test with 148 HCG!!!! WOW
15 dpo- today…still brown spotting a bit, scary….

Will ask my doctor about progesterone to make sure it is ok. I will try to do 7 week heartbeat scan for piece of mind. I just hope this is a sticky little bean, it would be so fantastic for us to not go through the horrible ivf procedures and medications again.. I feel so very lucky right now…. Still have no idea what happen with my temperatures…it is the weirdest thing ever, as I been charting over 30 cycles and it has never ever happen before…….
Baby dust to everyone!!!!

The Seven Year Wait!

DH and I have been BD'ing for 7 years unprotected. I was diagnosed PCOS a few years ago. After 2 chemical pregnancies and no natural periods we decided to not try again until we were healthy. 3 months ago we became vegan and on Jun 21 I got my first natural P after losing 40 lbs, DH and I thought we would give it another try!! If I'm not pregnant I don't have an explanation for the following:
Jun 21- Jun 25 - AF

Jun 26- BD

Jun 27- OP EWCM- BD

Jun 28- BD (getting tired already!)

Jun 29- Jul 3 BD 3 more times..

Jul 4- OP ( again? questioning earlier OP) right O side. EWCM

Jul 5- Original target for O, brown spotting, could not eat my favorite summer snack... watermelon, it tasted so bad!

Jul 6- 1DPO- Tired, urine smelled different, less brown spotting

Jul 7-2DPO-NTR- BD again

Jul 8-3DPO- Nausea, no vomiting just upset stomach, little dizzy, emotional, CONSTIPATED (being vegan you never have this problem) watery CM but feel dry down there. Need to pee.. urgently!

Jul 9-4DPO- BFN (POAS addict!) Short of breath with very little exertion, TIRED, Skin breakout on right jaw and around mouth (very sore and oily skin) Sore bumpy throat ( thought I was getting sick) Clear runny nose, upset stomach, still constipated small hard bm's. Watery whitish CM. Thirsty.

Jul 10- 5DPO-Sore front teeth!! very sensitive! Hot face, runny nose, heavy eyes ( I could barely keep them open all day!) Tired, More skin breakout chest, back, LEGS??? heartburn, upset stomach, constipated ( not eating anything out of the ordinary, trying to drink more) Watery whitish CM. Jul 11-6DPO- Woke up with headache, nausea alleviated by eating, runny nose, sore teeth, hot face, gassy, feeling a pulling sensation behind my belly button, pain on lower right ( like O pain) Constipated. Watery CM. Lots of bathroom breaks! tingling feet and right arm ( like they have fallen asleep) Convinced and feel pregnant....

Jul 12- 7DPO- Woke up felling great, BFN After POAS with MU, Convinced I must be crazy not pregnant! by 2 pm needed to eat to feel better, sore teeth again, heavy tired eyes, hot face, sore bumpy throat again, not painful but I was aware of my throat and thick phlegm at the back of my mouth. Opted for a large soup at a favorite restaurant to get the bowels moving, it worked!! Watery CM. Could not fall asleep tossed and turned for hours despite being tired all day.

Jul 13- 8DPO- Feel good waking up, right ovary pain, Green snot in nose (TMI) Phlegm in throat again, gassy gassy gassy (both ends) heavy eyes, watery pink bleeding lasted overnight turn brown in am and was thicker to the end. Too scared to POAS thinking it is still too soon, very tender pelvis ( convinced AF is starting) nipples slightly tender (or maybe I am just wanting them to be...) Constipated again! Bleeding stopped!

July 14- 9DPO- woke up with a headache again, feel loose? down there, very watery feeling kind of swollen. Constipated, nausea, tired teeth still a bit sensitive.

Taking Maca to help with fertility, a prenatal vitamin and since becoming vegan I have not felt unwell one day! Until now. I have been scouring this site... obsessed. I will update after July 19th when AF is due on a 28-day cycle (because of past PCOS and this being a spontaneous AF I don't know what my cycle is or will be...) Good luck to all!

9 DPO BFP Symptoms

This is the third month for us TTC (those waiting longer, I am sending you the biggest mental hug ever, because this was the most infuriating, time consuming, mentally exhausting process EVER!--you women deserve badges of honor!)

6 DPO: Slight spotting and fatigue (I dismiss both and chalk them up to physical exertion as I completed my first triathlon that a.m.)

7 DPO: Bleh. Feeling nauseous, throw up on my way to work. (dismiss as heat exertion left over from yesterday) Little dizzy (dismiss from stress), and boobs hurt--but that's not abnormal for me pre AF. Little more CM than usual--I think. (thought I don't pay much attention honestly)

8 DPO: I can smell peppers a mile away-literally. I HATE peppers. I throw up. Coworker tells me I'm either a) pregnant, or b) schitzophrenic--as apparently high sensitivity to smell is associated with that as well. Tired. Nothing new there--I work a ton of hours.

9DPO: Still feeling icky. Go to mall with mom, Williams Sonoma, my favorite place on earth, makes me want to puke. Something must be up. Took test, BFP.

10 DPO: Confirmed BFP w/ blood test at Dr. office. early, but Pregnant.

11 DPO: Sore boobs and queezy still.

I can't say that there is anything that "was the trick" this month--I chalk a lot of it up to luck, honestly. There were a few things different though:

1) we used First Response OPK--and I'm pretty sure we hit "THE DAY"
2) I started getting acupuncture this month--1 time pre-ovulation; 1 time post. Not sure if it had any effect on TTC or fertility, but it did calm me down--and chillax my tension, which helps.
3) I really did just take it easy. I slept a lot, hung out a lot, and just relaxed after O day.

Here's hoping Baby T sticks around!

BFP! 6 Months Trying!

I'm pretty excited to post about my pregnancy today! We started trying six months ago. In March I found out I was pregnant but lost it two days later :( so I am pretty excited yet nervous for this one. This will be baby #3 for us! Here is what the winning cycle looked like: I ovulated on cycle day 16 and we had sex on cycle days 7,8,11,12,13,15,17
1dpo: tiny bit of spotting (I usually spot the day after I ovulate)
2dpo: woke up to a ton of cm and cramps
3&4dpo: nothing
5dpo: notice left breast is killing me
6dpo: really can't stop eating!
7dpo: nothing
8dpo: really tired, pain in uterus (pinching in ovaries feeling), boobs are sore, at night I was laying in bed and I felt a burning/pinching feeling that I had never felt before. I'm going to guess that this was implantation day!
9dpo: nothing
10dpo: smell of cooked eggs makes me sick, very grumpy today, boobs sore.
11dpo: decided to take a wondfo pregnancy test around 3pm and I see a very faint line! Husband doesn't see it but I knew it was a positive! Last month I took like 25 tests and I never got faint lines.
12dpo: pulling feeling on right side of belly button, pee every hour, acne, back pains, all over just feel like crap! Another faint bfp but this time it's a tiny bit darker. Husband still doesn't believe me.
13dpo: woke up and took a digital and "pregnant" popped up! Husband believes me now!
14dpo: wondfo tests are finally getting darker, these tests take forever to get dark!
Don't give up! Hope you all get your bfp soon! I have been reading this site for months and was starting to think it was never going to happen!