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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Spotting

Got your BFP with spotting? Send us your symptoms through this contact form.

BFP w/ Clomid, PCOS, Spotting!

My partner and I have been trying to conceive for 17 Months! It has been a really long road and there have been many, many, many tears.
My partner was an adamant believer that it would just happen when it is suppose to happen... thus the reason I held out for a whole year before heading to the Doctors!

So after the longest year of my life had passed, in September 2011 we headed to the doctors for some initial investigations. Only too discover I have PCOS.

I was then referred to a gyn who then ordered further tests AMH level (Ovarian reserve was 13.5 which is below average for my age) and Hy-Co-Sy which showed a perfect uterus and tubes! phewww! Partner's SA was all within normal ranges.
I was prescribed Clomid as the first course of action.I was advised to take it days 2-6 and did so. Although I didn't go in to get the ultrasound to confirm ovulation (naughty I know!) But here I am first round of clomid with our beautiful BFP with FMU on 12DPO- on the 29th of feb! We are blessed!!!

BFP After 9 Months With Irregular Cycles and Spotting

This website has given me hope over the last few months and I hope my story does the same for someone. I got off BC in May 2011, and it was very unpleasant to say the least. I gained 12 pounds in 2 months (I always watch what I eat and exercise 4x a week), my hair started falling out, my skin went from normal to extremely oily and acne prone. And lastly my cycles ranged from 43 - 63 days and I would usually spot for a few days before my period even started. My hair and skin calmed down after about 6 months but my cycles never returned to normal. This cycle I O'ed on day 31.

28 - BD
29 - BD +OPK
30 - BD +OPK
31 - BD O Day
32 - BD
2-4DPO I got a horrible cold out of nowhere.
5 DPO - Cold is miraculously gone! Very strange!
6 DPO - The spotting starts :( I even wiped and had BRIGHT red blood, I put a tampon in and later took it out and there was only a tiny spot of blood. I cried, I was sure I was out this month I thought this was my normal cycle where the spotting comes a week early. Nips are sore but completely normal also.
7-13 DPO - Brown spotting continues mostly when I wipe, nips still sore.
14 DPO- I decided to take a test since I had one left, I told myself that I was 95% sure I was not pregnant so the disappointment would not be as bad. I was in complete SHOCK when I looked down and saw PREGNANT! I am still in shock!

Some of the things I was doing was pre-seed, only on +OPK days, Chaste tree (Vitex), B complex, and I also saw an acupuncturist who specialized in women's fertility to try to make my cycles shorter and regulate my hormones. I really had no symptoms except for the 3 day cold that disappeared. Don't give up hope and try to remain positive even though I know it's every tough at times.

Good luck!

BFP with Spotting

I promised myself I would share my ttc story because this site helped me so much!!! I finally got my BFP after trying for about 4 months! These were my symptoms!

1-7DPO- No symptoms at all
8DPO- sore bbs, sleepless (which is strange b/c once my head hits the pillow I'm out)
9DPO- bbs still sore (just on the sides), another sleepless night- tossing and turning all night long.
10DPO- sore bbs, starting to get mild cramps in lower abdomen- pretty sure AF is on her way- boo. Also, random bloody nose..?? Thought that was strange!
11DPO- still cramping in lower abdomen- now have a small amount of dark brown spotting when using the bathroom- thinking I'm out this month.
12 DPO- cramping, tugging sensation in lower abdomen, no pain with the cramps like usual AF cramps- still tiny amount of spotting.
13DPO- spotting gone, still crampy- tightness in abdomen. Decided to test and got a faint positive- thought I was making up the line b/c I was sure AF was coming.
14DPO- AF supposed to arrive and NOTHING! No spotting, still tugging, cramping in low abdomen- tested with clear blue digital...PREGNANT!!

Seriously took about 10 more tests b/c I cant believe they're all positive! I'm almost 5 weeks now and my husband and I are elated. This website helped me stay sane because in the back of my mind I knew I was having symptoms! I understand now when they say it feels like you're going to start your period because it's so true!!! Totally thought AF was coming....not this time : )

Good luck to all!!!! ~*Baby Dust* ~

Finally!! 2 Week Wait Over!!

Hi there, so as of 2 days ago and 2 blood test later I am finally pregnant after 9 months of TTC.

I was on a regular 26-28 day cycle. For the past few months it has been spot on 28 days. This month I ovulated between Jan 14-17. I did not use OPT, I just typed in on the computer and took that average and went with it. After ovulation I had no symptoms. Then on Jan 24, 7 days before my next expected period I began to spot a very light brown discharge. I was heart broken as it was just another failed attempt. So put on a panty liner and tried to not think about it. Later that day I noticed the brown discharge was only when I wipe, never even made it to the liner. This continued for 7 days. Getting lighter and lighter. I noticed when it seemed be heavier when I was on my feet for a long period of time (I am kindergarten teacher). But it never turned red it was brown the whole time. I had no other symptoms, no cramping, my nipples were sensitive but as the week moved on it stopped. The only thing I remember is I felt how I do when my period ends. I had no bloating and my little bit of acne break out (which happens every month) cleared up. Other then that I felt normal.

Jan 30th came and went and no signs of AF. I took a HPT (cheap one) and the second line was faint. I was not convinced yet. So decided I would just go have a routine blood test done on Feb. 1. Doctor called back and informed me that my pregnancy test came back positive. The next day I went to my Doc and since it is a bit early for an ultrascan she just took a blood test. Called her back later and another positive blood test. My HPT never showed a clear positive.

My only symptoms now...since Jan 30th, the day AF was due has been very very dizzy, my boobs are starting to hurt, my lower back is very sore and extremely exhausted.

Fingers crossed now for the next few weeks before I get to do my first prenatal exam. Doctor won't do an exam until 7-8 weeks along. I wish everyone TTC baby dust. Only thing I can offer is don't watch for every little symptom. I did not have any until after AF was suppose to come. And implantation bleeding can happen for more then 2 days.

Best of luck!!!

BFP With Spotting

Hi there, I just wanted to share my story as my cycle is very different. I was unable to find many stories like mine but whenever did I was filled with hope. Ever since I stopped taking the Nuva Ring in May, I have had spotting from about 3DPO that lasted five to seven days. Each time I saw it, it broke my heart because in my mind that meant, no BFP this month.

We this month we used an ovulation predictor kit and found that I ovulated between CD 17 and 18. We BD both of those nights and every second night for the week before. Sure enough at about 3DPO the spotting started; it was brown and light (not enough for a pad or liner) just every time I wiped. This went on until 9DPO. I thought for sure I was out this month.

I didn't feel too many symptoms, but to keep myself from insanity I tested myself on CD 30 (of a 31 day cycle) and sure enough, a BFP! I used a digital test and a different brand cheapie and both were positive. My husband and I are so excited! The following are my symptoms, I hope that they can help others in similar circumstances.

1-3DPO- Nothing
3-9DPO- slight brown spotting (not enough for a liner) CP has been high, not very hard this whole time
11-12DPO- so tired, pulling feelings here and there in uterus, deep breast pain on and off. Cervix still high and even a bit softer than I remember before AF

BFP at 9 DPO!

5 DPO - Spotting (brown) started which was earlier than any other cycle
6 DPO- Spotting (tan)
7 DPO - Spotting increased and looked reddish brown, felt gassy
8 DPO- Spotting decreased dramatically and looked beigey, not brown
9 DPO- BFP using a FRER, also called doc to tell her about the spotting and went in for blood work.  Need to wait a couple of days.  BTW, spotting has decreased.  A drop of beigey, creamy CM.
10 - DPO, test again with FRER and darker second line.  Spotting is not really spotting anymore.  It's just beigey CM.
11 DPO- tested with a $1 brand test and got a faint second line.  No spotting just yet.
Other than that, no sore boobs, hunger, cramps, etc.  I feel the same.

Two Week Wait Symptoms..more like 5 day way.

Hi ladies! This site was very helpful in determining if I was crazy or not. I will admit, I became a little obsessed with it, but overall I would highly recommend.

Here is my BFP story:

2Days Before Ovulation: slight pains here and there, Intercourse in PM
1Dasy Before Ovu: sharper ovary pains through day wetter cm at night, Intercourse that evening
Ovulation day, Temp rising, sharp intense ovary pains in the morning, too asprin and they went away
1DPO: Temp way up
2 DPO: Creamy CM
3DPO: slight twinges in uterus/ovary area
4-6DPO:slight cramps like AF
7DPO: cramps, bloated, diarrhea (Gross). I assume AF is coming
8DPO: Suddenly constipated, sore throat, EXTREMELY Thirsty, tired at 5pm
9DPO: Dizzy, queasy, cramps, watery brown spotting, VERY Thirsty. Very, very very slight positive preg test. Not sure what to believe
10DPO: Another very very slight POS, Dull ache, Thirsty, Metallic taste in mouth, more brown spotting
11 DPO: Queasy, darker BFP. Still can't believe it. Tired!
12DPO: Positive Blood Test confirms pregnancy, still brown spotting (implantation bleeding)
13DPO: spotting goes away, nips stay really sore. Wow, okay so this is pregnancy?
Now I'm 7 weeks and so queasy, my boobs hurt and I can barely eat. I know it'll pass, but it's rough going. Baby dust to all!

BFP with mild PCOS and spotting

I hope my tips and tricks can help all you ladies get BFP's! I was on Diane 35 for 6 years because of mild PCOS and was worried that I might have been on it too long and it would deter my chances of getting pregnant quickly. We got pregnant on my 3rd month off the pill so any of you who have mild PCOS or have been on the pill a while can perhaps breathe a sigh of relief :) I also always get dark brown spotting for 4-5 days before AF is due, and his month a big red flag was that I didn't have ANY spotting at all!

My tips are (from changes I made this cycle):
- BD every day when ovulating
- Lie down on my back for 20 mins after BD, sometimes with legs curled up to help gravity ;) DH would put on a TV show for me to watch so kill time! I think this tip really helped!
- Avoid *hot* foods like nuts, eggs and too much chocolate (back home we believe the heat in some foods doesn't help the egg stay fertilized)
- Take Folic Acid everyday
- When testing early before AF, the digital HPT's give more accurate results, save yourself the stress of the cheaper tests that aren't as accurate!

My 2WW symptoms were: (please note I have a 26 day cycle, and I didn't chart my temps. luckily I knew I O'd on CD14 because I was at the gynae that morning for an ultrasound and she told me I'd O that night so to make sure we BD ;) I kept track of my symptoms through

2-3 dpo: slight nausea, thought it was just in my head
4 dpo: BBs felt weird and tingly, tired easily, and weird pain *down there*, nausea
5 dpo: mild/dull cramps, pressure, breasts still tingly, sleeplessness, increased CM, nausea, also possible IB had pinkish blood when i wiped like 4 drops, mixed with white CM, vivid dreams
6 dpo: mild/dull cramps, pressure, twinges in my abdomen, nausea, overall felt strange feelings in my abdomen/ovaries, like pulls and pinches, vivid dreams
7 dpo: mild/dull cramps, pressure, same abdomen pulling and pinching, severe nausea at work, feel very blah, a co-worker thinks I'm pregnant, no usual brown spotting I get at this time before AF
8 dpo: take a HPT of Clearblue easy +/-, got BFN, very sad, feel very sure i'm preggers! same symptoms of abdomen pressure and nausea, my CM dries to a slight yellow color
9 dpo: mild/dull cramps, pressure, same abdomen pulling and pinching, severe nausea, feel like there are rocks in my stomach don't feel like eating anything all day, abdomen feels full and bloated, weird pains in cervix as well, like twinges
10 dpo: take a HPT of Clearblue easy +/-, got BFN but don;t believe it, by now I am sure I am preggers, don;t feel hungry, still feel like I have rocks in my stomach, badddd nausea
11 dpo: (one day before AF is due): take a HPT of Clearblue Easy Digital, got BFP! Cannot believe it and scream and scare DH! Still nauseous all day but don't mind because I know it's worth it :)
12 dpo: Day AF is due: No AF, take another HPT to confirm :)

Baby dust to all you lovely ladies! xxx

BFP with clomid, trigger shot and spotting

Hi there, this is my story

This is my 4th round of clomid with a trigger shot.  For the past 3 tries I had used the standard pregnal trigger shot but with this cycle i decided to pay a bit more money and go with the Ovidril shot - not sure if this helped?

So here were my symptoms:
1 dpo - 8 dpo Nothing!
7 dpo Had a progesterone level test and it came back at 61!
9 dpo Spotting in the morning, it was pink and only when i wiped. nothing there in the afternoon
10dpo - 11 dpo gassey, needing to go toilet often
12 dpo slight cramps.  I caved and did a pregnancy test in the evening and came back with a faint line!!
13dpo went for a blood test and HCG came back at 66.  Will go back for another blood test tomorrow!

Finally A BFP with hypothyroidism and a miscarriage

Hey Everyone.....
I m 24. and I got married last year in December...we were ttc right away ...wheni didnt concieve i consulted a obstetrician and she suggested some tests of thyroid..and my levels were elevated so was the prolactin hormone..i started thyroxin ...i also consulted another doctor for a second opinion...and he said that i dont have any thyroid this onth i concieved right away..and got a miscarriage at 8 weeks as i stopped thyroxin...
then i started thyroxin last month and this is my special month... I got MY BFP yesterdayyyyy....i m so happyy....
oh yess..and this month we went on our delyed honeymooon :)
we BD;d everyother lmp was 25th september..i have a 24 day cycle and very regular

here are my symptoms....
.1dpo sore nipples (not normal for me)
2dpo sore nipples, hungry
3dpo sore boobs all over, very hungry, cramping
4dpo more  cramping very hungry, sore boobs, peeing frequently(5 am)unlike me
5dpo sore boobs, gums bleeding, dizzy spells, extremely thirsty, peeing frequently
6dpo sore boobs, sneezing, sore back ache, dreams about having a baby
7dpo sore boobs, sneezing, increased cramps, vivid dreams, peeing frequently
8dpo sore boobs and stabbing pains, mild backache, bfn with strip test, sexy dreams :P
9dpo nightmares, mild nausea, boobs and stabbing pain, sore back..gums bleeding, constipation..tested again BFN
13dpo Did a strip test today because i waz out of tests..
AND 2 dark lines right awayyyy....:D BFP!!!!!!!!!!!
MY DH was already sure that  i was pregnant and wasnt shocked at all...

I also got a brown discharge on the day of my period was implantaion bleeding...

Today is 15dpo, have sore boobs, moderate nausea and extremely fatigued...

Hoping and praying that this one sticks. Good luck to you all. The TWW is horrible but it will happen one day