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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Spotting

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My BFP story

Thought I would share my BFP story with everyone.

I'm a little shocked to be honest. We planned to start trying in August but one night we just decided to throw out the condoms.

We'll I'm living proof that you can get pregnant from just one night!

Here are my symptoms:

1-2 DPO- Tingly- Making every sensation into a possible sign. " did i just feel a tingle in my toes? I MUST be pregant!!"

3- 5 DPO- Very mild nausea and very mild cramping.

5 DPO- Noticed milky white dicharge

6 DPO - Woke up exhausted, slept for an hour after breakfast. Crabby- Twinges on left and right sides which I tell myself is just gas.  On a 3 hour car ride I nearly pee my pants I have to go so bad and barely make it to a rest stop.

7 DPO-  White dicharge again. Mild cramping continues- Feels like my period is on its way.

8 DPO- Did some BD with husband and afterards had a gush of blood and thick CM.  I'm convinced I must be starting my period. My gums are swollen and sore. My nipples now hurt and I have little bumps around them. Stuffy nose today too.

9 DPO- No more signs of blood. Mild cramping continues. Heache and sore nipples.

10 DPO- Friends wrangles me into take a pregnancy test- I tell her she is crazy- it's way too early but she reminds me it't her birthday and it's all she wants. On my lunch break at work I go to CVS and grab a FRED 6 day and head to the bathroom.  There is the faintest of faint lines. OMG.

My friends says- by a digital test for tomorrow so you know for sure. Of course I can't wait for tomorrow so I get one and take it that night. "PREGNANT"

11 DPO- I work up this morning to some red blood. I am worried but I take another FRED and this time the line is much brighter. The bleeding stops (its not alot) and turns brown.

I'm hoping this is a sticky one- headed for blood test next week! :-D

BFP on 13 DPO!

1DPO-5DPO – Nothing, but I’m trying to distract myself and not obsess over every detail
6 DPO – Slight cramping on the left side
7 DPO – Cramps continue but not too bad, a big ol’ teenage-style zit showed up
8 DPO – Cramps gone, cranky
9 DPO – Lower back pain, still cranky and now over-emotional, low grade fever, constipated – want to test but I have a 30 day cycle and figure there is NO way
10 DPO – Runny nose, lower back pain, constipation, fever, and just about the crankiest mood in recent memory (and I’m usually an upbeat person!)
11 DPO – Better emotionally, back pain has eased, still have a runny nose, still constipated and now gassy, bloated, temp dropped today – I worry that it’s either the implantation dip or I’m not pregnant.
12 DPO – Temp is back up! Bloating increased – almost the “heaviness” some describe, moodiness comes and goes, POAS but the BFN was not a surprise
13 DPO – Still very bloated, back ache has returned, mood is MUCH improved, skin seems greasy, temp still up. POAS with Equate ER and saw the absolute faintest line possible (so faint that I really might be hallucinating).
Tested four hours later with FRER and BFP! DH and I celebrated by being intimate. Afterwards, discovered a small amount of pink blood. Worried that it was the beginning of my period and the test was somehow wrong. But I knew odds were it was implantation bleeding.
14 DPO – BFP again! No sign of AF – last night was definitely implantation bleeding. Made an  appointment with my doctor that afternoon for a blood test confirmation. Definitely pregnant! He said the lab shows I am less than 1 week along.

Still just in happy shock. Best of luck to all of you.

My 2ww symptoms - BFP at 14 dpo

1dpo – Tired. Boobs sore. Creamy CM.
2dpo – Nipples hard and sore. Shooting pain left lower side. Tiredness.
3dpo – Mild cramps.
4dpo –Thick, creamy CM. Nipples sore. Vivid dream.
5dpo – Mild nausea in morning. Twinges in uterus in evening. Couldn’t sleep. Legs feel like jelly and occasional shooting pain. Very vivid dreams. Creamy CM.
6 dpo – Woke up with stuffy nose (sinuses). Nausea. Acid reflux/gagging. Sore boobs (at times) under arms. Creamy CM, but quite dry.
7dpo – Nausea. Felt like hangover. Very tired. Headache and stuffy nose in evening.
8dpo Tues – Legs feel like jelly. Feel ill. Noticed veins on boobs and also quite sore – had to take bra off. Small amount of creamy CM, but feel quite dry. Very tired. Very irritable, moody, and emotional!
9dpo Wed – Boobs very sore. Gone off yoghurt – yuck. Weak and nauseous. Irritable.
10 dpo Thurs – Convinced I am pregnant, so bought 2 x Clearblue tests, but BFN!! Nausea. Very tired, very weak. Started sweating – get very hot when out shopping (not like me at all, am cold person). Veins very obvious in my boobs, bra feels tight and uncomfortable.
11 dpo Fri – Nausea in morning. Tiredness. Veins prominent in boobs and starting to feel sore on top and sides. No cramps, but some niggling on right side. Emotional.
12 dpo Sat – Slight nausea. Weeing more frequently - actually had to leave the cinema to wee (before, during, and after film – and pretty much every half hour/hour since). Getting cramps now and makes me think AF is on way. Diarrhea. Noticed new vein from armpit down side. COULDN’T SLEEP! Emotional.
13 dpo Sun – Sore tummy overnight, crampy like diarrhea. Started spotting small amount of brown CM at c. 11am – stopped by about 2pm, so think AF is on way. Tired and crampy in evening. Weeing every half an hour throughout day. No appetite all day. COULDN’T SLEEP AT ALL! Emotional.
14 dpo Mon – Woke up 4AM and couldn’t sleep. Cramps and back pain. Quite bad Diarrhea this morning. Small about of brown/light pink spotting. Weeing very regularly. Decided to try another test at 11am – very, very faint line detected... Start to get hopes up. AF still not arrived. Hold onto wee for 3 hours and test again at 5pm  - very CLEAR BFP!!
15dpo – Woke up 5am to go to toilet, felt very nauseous. Spotting again in morning – only very small amounts of brown CM, gone by 10am. Cramps are very mild, almost completely gone. Boobs are very heavy and tender. Slept
much better last night – am still tired, but feel better.

1st Month TTC

I loved reading the 2ww stories (over the last 2 weeks) - and tonight I just found out we're pregs! So I thought I'd share a few of my symptoms, even though I don't know the official dpos... as I didn't track them.

Here it goes...
My cycle is 35 days... I ovulated around cycle day 18-21.  During the week around this time, my hubby and I tried approx every other day. Around 2 dpo, I started spotting... It was even red at times, but mostly brown.  This continued for approximately 7 days, and was strongest at the start.  It was strong enough that I needed to wear panty liners.  I was worried by this because I couldn't find anyone else on here with this symptom. After that, my CM was almost non-existent, and I even thought I might have a yeast infection one day, because I was dry and itchy.  This feeling cleared up in a day or two.  In the past few days my CM has returned and is a creamy texture/colour.

Some of my other symptoms include...
Very vivid dreams. I never remember my dreams normally, but lately, every time I woke up, I would know exactly what I had dreamed. (I even dreamed I got my period one night... luckily, woke up and still didn't have it).

At around 9 dpo, I had very severe period cramps in my lower back... This is normally how I feel the day before I get my period. Around this same time, I had a crazy flip out on my hubby. (Over nothing big at all). I was crying and screaming.  The hormones were on a rampage I tell you.

Around 9-13 dpo, my bbs did seem bigger.  They didn't hurt at all, and weren't tender, but definitely were fuller than normal. And a few blue veins were more pronounced.

That's pretty much all I can remember, but I did have an inkling for most of the time that something was up.  Something just seemed different this month. Normally I spot for a week leading up to my period.  This didn't happen this time (I spotted a week earlier - perhaps ovulation bleeding? Not sure).

I tried a ton of dollar store HPTs before I finally started getting faint lines.  The first few were VERY faint, but nonetheless there.  Strangely, my afternoon tests were darker lines than my first morning urine (which are recommended on the box). Finally the hubby told me to buy a digital test from the drug store so the anticipation would be over, and there it was! Pregnant 2-3 weeks!

Good luck to all you ladies! Hopefully some of my symptoms are things you are feeling these days! :D

I wasn't going mad after all!

Hi. I was looking through forums and saw someone suggesting this site. I'm so glad I had a look, this is the best collection of symptoms and has really helped me stay sane during my TWW. I have been pregnant twice before but the 1st one 6 yrs ago I wasn't ready for and was going to have an abortion but actually had a m/c before. The 2nd one 4yrs ago was under bad circumstances and I had an abortion but felt so bad about it and ended up suffering from depression for about 2yrs afterwards, but it lingered even longer and I'm still working on gaining my confidence. I've felt the want for a baby since that first time 6yrs ago where something clicked in me. Anyway, I hope this helps others!

I'm not sure exactly when I ovulated so I've gone from the day I think I did. My usual ov/pre AF symptoms are sensitive nipples, cramps, feeling hot, backache, PMS.

The wait! BFP 9 days DPO

If it wasn't for this website and reading the other members stories,I would of just gone nuts.  I want to thank everyone who took the time to write their story and to pay it forward here are my symptoms :

This is our 3 month trying. Changed ovulation kits to a digital monthly one. The happy face was easier to look at then the color of the lines I had used the previous months.

Day 1. Nothing out of the ordinary.
Day 2 - nothing unusual in the am. in the PM light cramping
Day 3. Light cramping in lower ab all day. Temperature up from 97.5 to 98.3
Day 4 - Light cramping continues I thought maybe AF would be paying a visit. Late in the PM cramping got stronger. I am a stick attic so I thought I would start today testing ( yes very anxious) I also thought this was a good way to track my temperature and coordination with test. Obviously BFN - temp down to 97.7
Day 5 - Cramping continues, now breast are sore, breaking out ( all these symptoms are normal for me before AF, so feeling anxious and sad)  However, something inside me sort of "knows" this is the month. pregnancy test BFN - temp 97.8
Day 6 - Same as Day 5. test BFN - temp consistent 97.8
Day 7- I feel pregnant but not sure if it's all in my head. temp the same 97.8 did not test. Figured if temp is the same I would get BFN again. :(
Day 8 - woke up BB where sore and looked bigger. Changed pregnancy test brand to FRPT 6 day before period - read best so far in market. Temp us a bit 98.0 I tested through website of twoweekwait earliest someone found out is around 9 days. hoping tomorrow is the day.
Day 9 - Temp us quite a bit 98.4 in the afternoon. tested with FRPT6 day early  test and got VERY, VERY faint line BFP. Note: it did not appear the recommended time the test said, it appeared about 10 minutes later. I was about to through away the test, when I saw the line.  I knew it! I could see it, it was 100% clear not even 25% but that 10% was there.. Very happy but
confused it might be again in my mind.
Day 10. Tested again with FRPT 6 day early clear line faint but not as faint as yesterday! Told husband he could not believe it but said he could see it.
Day 11. Light pink spotting now very sad.. maybe the test was wrong..or I found out to early. Very sad.
Day 12. Spotting stop took test again with ept digital word "pregnant" was there husband now believes.
Day 13 - No spotting made appointment with doctor. I feel everything will be fine. To all my friends TTC all the baby dust my heart can send. Thank you to those that have shared your stories and thank you to this wonderful site.

BFP after Fibriods

I've been devoted to this website for over a year now as my husband and me have been TTC for about 12 months. Since I began visiting the TWW website, I've never come across a testimonial that touched on being able to conceive with or after fibroids. I was diagnosed with (non-cancerous) fibroids in 2002 and when me and DH tried to get pregnant in 2007, my doctor told me that the chances of conceiving were extremely low and that I ought to consider having surgery to remove them. So, after undergoing surgery in September of 2007, I am proud to announce my BFP!!

1-5 dpo: nothing
6-8 dpo: spotting here and there--enough to grab my attention!
9-12 dpo: Went on vacation- VERY hungry and eating ALOT! Also, VERY tired!
13-15 dpo: Still very tired. Feeling "done" with the day around 8:30/9:00pm. Breasts are extra sore too. Was convinced that AF was coming but decided to test with a HPT anyway (Target generic brand). Almost screamed when I saw the BFP! Tested an hour later with a 2nd HPT-- same thing- BFP within 90 seconds.
16dpo: Still not totally convinced, tested with EPT Digital test-- "Pregnant" displayed within 60 seconds.
**Had blood test today (Friday)-- will get confirmed results on Monday. But, with 3 BFP's I'm convinced!!! DH and I couldn't be happier!

I'm bloated, a little crampy (in lower abdomen), and am slightly fatigued.

Thank you TWW for all of your support and encouragement!!

BFP with spotting and cramping

For all of you out there who obsessed over it like I did, I wanted to share my story. My husband and I began TTC in February 08. We went through three cycles with no luck after I went off birth control pills. I had just about decided that we had not been successful once again, when I began spotting on CD21, about 9DPO. I spotted light pink off and on, only on the toilet paper, through CD25. At that point, the spotting stopped. I had also been having light cramping all week as well.

My period was due on CD 25, but didn't come. The next morning, CD26, I woke up with heavy cramping, just like I normally get at the start of my cycle. I even went online and ordered some Pre-Seed, ovulation kits and more pregnancy tests, because I was just CERTAIN that AF was on her way! However, my cycle never came. I tested on CD27, 15DPO, and got a BFP! I have since taken 4 more HPT's and all have been positive (with darker lines).

So far, I have had very few symptoms. Mild, sporadic nausea, some fatigue, mild heartburn, light cramping. The only symptom I really noticed prior to the positive HPT, and this is only in hindsight, was that my gums began to be very sore 2 or 3 days prior to the positive HPT, and have only now returned back to normal. Other than that, my breasts are not sore, I haven't noticed any discharge, morning sickness hasn't begun, and I'm not yet suffering the frequent urination so common in early pregnancy. However, I'm only about 4.5 weeks along. I feel sure I will feel "more pregnant" in the next couple of weeks!

GL and Baby Dust to you all!

BFO with Accupuncture

My husband and I have been ttc for 1.5 years. I've been trying acupuncture for about 3 months. My cycle started to regulate, and I've been more relaxed since I feel more in control of my body. I thought I would never see the + on the hpt! Ironically, this was the first cycle during which I recorded symptoms. Here they are:

* 0-7 DPO Nothing noticable other than sore boobs, which is normal for me around ovulation.
* 8-9 DPO Slight twinges on the right side near ovaries. Boobs still sore
* 10 DPO Boobs are still sore and sensitive. My nose is a little runny. I take a test, and it's a BFN
* 11 DPO I start to spot, and have a few cramps. I assume this cycle's out. Today I went to acupuncture and bemoaned my unsuccessful cycle with a short luteal phase. Acupuncturist tells me that I am pretty stressed, and that my adrenals seem to be working hard.
* 12 DPO Still spotting, but no AF yet. I am leaving for vacation on 13 DPO, so I am really hoping AF comes soon, so I don't have to be on AF while on the beach. Boobs are sore.
* 13 DPO Still spotting. Before leaving for vacation, I take another morning test, just in case. BFN. I am really confused about the spotting.
* 14 DPO Still spotting. Boobs are sore and I have light pressure in abdomen
* 15 DPO Spotting finally subsides. My symptoms are getting more obvious. I have tingly boobs, which are sensitive. I am tearful. in fact, I had to leave a game of Cranium because I started to cry. Crying is not my normal reaction to losing a board game . I figured at this point that I never had AF. The spotting never was enough to warrant using a pad or tampon. Since I am on vacation, I trek 30 miles to a country grocery store to buy a test. I have 20 at home, but of course, I brought tampons with me instead.
* 16 DPO Take test in the morning, BFP immediately. I sneak back to the shared room and whisper the good news to the DH.

Baby dust to all!

BFP with spotting

BFP with few symptoms and spotting 14 dpo
I'm 34 and DH is 33. We've been trying naturally for about 6-7 months. I used an OPK this month so I was pretty sure we timed things right. I had relatively few symptoms overall. Except for the very dull ache on 8-9 dpo and spotting 14 dpo, I didn't feel anything out of the norm. This site has been great to let me secretly obsess during those looong two week waits!

1-2 dpo - sore nipples (normal for me right after ovulation)
3-7 dpo - nothing
8-9 dpo - i felt a slight dull ache around my right ovary a few times. it was so
slight i thought i was just imagining things
10-12 dpo - nothing
13 dpo - i started feeling really tired (this always happens to me the day before my
period) and my bbs started getting sore, both symptoms are classic pms symptoms for
me. i was sure this month was not going to happen.
14 dpo - bbs sore, and started feeling slightly crampy, like i was going to start my period. This was somewhat unusual since i normally don't feel anything until it actually starts. At lunch, i noticed pink blood on the toilet paper after wiping,
assumed this was my period... but to my surprise no blood came after that, or by the next morning. suspected something was up, since this never happens to me. I was also feeling more crampy/uncomfortable than is normal for me.
15 dpo - tested in the morning. BFP!! still felt a little crampy that day but no
spotting. bbs still sore
16 dpo - crampy feeling is gone. bbs still sore. was so tired that day - fell
asleep at 8:30pm.
17 dpo - feeling completely normal except for sore bbs and a couple mild twinges
near right ovary throughout the day.
Oh, and CM has been pretty scant the past 17 days.

Good luck to everyone!