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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with Spotting

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BFP with FSH injections (TTC for 17 months)

I am 30 and DH is 29. Overall we have been trying for 17 months, 13 months of which we tried naturally; 3 months of me getting blood tests to pin point my exact ovulation date; and this month I was on FSH injections from CD2 - CD12. I have been told by my FS that I am at risk of twins due to my blood test at ovulation revealing extra high levels. I have scoured your website for 17 months and now I get to add my wonderful symptoms.

1-2 DPO - nothing
3 DPO - sore bbs, which is weird for me as this doesn't normally happen until 7 dpo. I think it may be because of the FSH elevating my hormones
4 DPO - sore bbs, and cm that looked sticky and clumpy (tmi)
5 DPO - bbs become even more sore, dry cm
6 DPO - bbs tender, swollen and sore. Had a bad dizzy spell today, dry cm
7 - 9 DPO - bbs tender, swollen and sore. BFN blood test, little creamy cm
10 DPO - funny pinching feelings in uterus and near ovaries, bbs still the same, little creamy cm
11 DPO - woke up with sniffly nose and sneezes, little creamy cm
12 DPO - Had a dream last night that I was pregnant, and we attended a 12 week ultrasound and was told everything looks good. Faint BFP using FMU. Bbs still the same, and with bright blue veins going to the nipples. Darker BFP in the afternoon after work!!! BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13 DPO - Another BFP using FMU, bbs still the same, dizzy spell. Another dream that I was pregnant. Had a burst of energy in the morning that lasted about 1 hour, and then I was tired for the rest of the day. I was in bed by 8.30pm.
14 DPO - Had some funny cramping today, sort of like period cramps but not as severe. This scared me at first, and then I read that this is completely normal. Period due today, no sign of her, no spotting. Nice temp rise this morning. Another BFP

Estimated Due Date: 3 January 2009

I'M GOING TO BE A MUMMY!!!! Sticky dust to me, and baby dust to every one reading this. WE'RE HAVING A BABY!

BFP with lower back aches

Here is what I experienced with this BFP.

1 dpo - mild cramping
3 dpo - started daily progesterone to treat a short luteal phase,
4-9 dpo - no symptoms
10 dpo - mild cramping and had a bubbly, fluttery feeling in lower abdomen, almost like when baby #1 started moving around week 16
11 dpo - lower back ache and diarrhea, thought it was from something I ate; BFN 13 dpo -
12 dpo - lower back ache and diarrhea, started to think food poisoning was not the cause; took a test and saw a FAINT line
13 dpo - another faint line with FMU, a negative with digital test #1 (ept); positive digital in afternoon (Walgreens); spotting in am with pink streaks that turned to brown in the afternoon.
14 dpo - slightly gassy

This BFP is different than #1. The first time around, I had sore boobs and a lot more cramping an no spotting. Just goes to show that each pregnancy can be very different.

DH and I only bd'd every other day around ovulation but not on O day because I was out of town. Also, my O was way late, by a week, which made me think that this cycle was going to end wacky. I was surprised to see the positive tests and am still a little in disbelief.

Baby dust and sticky beans to all!!!

The most detailed BFP symptoms ever

I wanted to share my symptoms with you. Mine weren't the USUAL symptoms. I KNEW I was pg since 7 DPO! The tests just wouldn't tell me so, lol.

This is our first cycle TTC for baby #1. I took a herbal pill called FemCycle with Vitex in it. We used Pre-seed a few times. I temped and charted as well.....

I wrote everything I felt!

CD 25 - temp has dropped, indicating that I may not have Oed on CD 21. Feeling a little moody this morning, but may have been due to eating late. Slight twinge just off the center to the right of uterus. Lasted a few minutes and now feel nothing.
Right breast has been sore lately.Today in shower, I noticed that my right nipple is very sensitive. Which is odd. I don't know if this is just because of just being off the pill, or if it is because O is going to happen soon, or if O happened, and it's something else...

CD 26 - temp went back up today! YAY! So by the looks of it, I am 5 DPO. I am having a dull ache in my uterus. Mostly on the right side, again. My nipple is still super sensitive. I don't know why. Never felt like that before. Felt bloaty and gassy this morning. Yuck. That's it so far, but it's only 7:45 in the morning!

CD 28. (officially 6 DPO according to temps) - temp still up (yay!) I recorded sxs at work...
-brief sudden lightheadedness (not doing anything...just sitting in one spot!)
-SOre, heavy boobs. Sore on top of breast.
-feeling hungry, then feeling sick when thinking about eating.
-pain about 2 inches below belly button, lasting about 10 minutes. Felt like pinching.
-feeling tired and sluggish even though I had a full night's rest.

Moodiness! Out of no where. I'm not feeling too great today and I have the long shift at work. Plus the weather has turned very blah. Could be from that...

Update on 6 DPO

Feeling burst of energy. Couldn't sit down. Felt weird inside (not cramps or anything, just weird) and I had to stand at my desk. Felt like my adrenaline got a serious boost. Thought I was going to have to run. Then I got tired really fast. Suddenly felt really warm and tingley all over. Face got hot.
SO moody! Really mad for no reason, causing bf to be scared (lol)
Kept thinking about how much I wanted to go home and cry in the shower because bf was sitting in my new chair when I was at work (again, lol)
Not usually this bad!!!

7 DPO - woke up with some really odd CM. Thick, creamy, slightly yellowish. Weird, considering I have been pretty dry since O....
Hoping this means something!
7:15 am. Had some pink spotting with a BM. Got concerned and checked cm. It was indeed
from there. I checked cm again, and it is brown now....Implantation???

Feel like uterus is filled with air
Painful stabs
Intense cramps
Feeling really hot (I am ALWAYS COLD, and I had to blast the AC!)
I had a sip of a French Vanilla Cappacino and it made me feel sick and made my esophogus feel like mild heart burn (which I very rarely get)
Strong pinching feeling in right side of uterus. When I got up and walked, it felt like that area (inside) was asleep!
Quick stabbing pains (in the above mention spot) so bad I was almost in tears. Like being stabbed with something tiny! (haha)
Lightheaded (I stopped drinking the cappucino by this point!)
So hungry all of a sudden and dizzy feeling!

This evening, 7 DPO. Heartburn so bad I could barely walk. Bloating so much that my fat pants are snug!

8 DPO - Woke up feeling fine. Actually, I woke up with a lot of energy. BF got up for work at 5:45 and I was awake and stayed awake since then. (I usually go back to slep till 8!)
Went to the washroom and had bleeding. New blood. I was scared and thought AF was earlyor something worse. Cervix still feels closed. Way more blood than spotting, not enough to be AF. Put in tampon for a half hour. Took it out and it absorbed everything (there
was a lot of old blood on tampon) and no new spotting so far. Not feeling too bad. A few cramps, but nothing severe. Not heartburn as of yet. Feeling fine and normal today...

More bleeding at 6 pm. Dark red/brown with teensy clots. Not many, but a few. A little cramping and pain on the under side of my boob.

9 DPO - Same bleeding as yesterday. Thought AF was here. Tested, got a BFN. Bleeding seemed heavy but appears to be gone again. SOOO CONFUSED. Mild AF type cramps on and off...

BFP with WIERD cycle!

The main reason I would like to share my story is because my cycle is unlike ANY that I've been able to find information about online. My husband and I actually JUST started TTC THIS MONTH!!! But I started mapping my cycle using mainly OPK in June, so that I'd kinda know what to expect. In this, I found that I have a..."less than normal" cycle. I generally ovulate around day 18 and then have a short and WEIRD luteal phase. I was unable to find a case of anyone else online who had a situation like mine and was unsure if I was going to be able to conceive. I had read all about luteal phase defect and how a luteal phase of less than 10 days is considered a problem. Anyway, I'm going to do my best to include all of my normal symptoms AND weird symptoms. My main purpose here is to give other people like me some hope, because I could've used some. My BFP was a TOTAL suprise!!!

CD14- Noticable discharge, some stretch
CD16- More discharge and more stretchy
CD17- PM-LH surge detected on OPK, ovulation likely occured on CD18

Change gears to DPO
1 DPO- Breast a little sore (may or may not have been related to anything, but they were starting to get sore)
2 DPO- Light spotting. This is pretty normal for me and seeing it shot my hope.
3 DPO- No spotting until late afternoon. Mild cramping all day. BBs getting VERY sore.
4 DPO- Spotting in afternoon. At this point I notice that the only time the spotting is more than a stained discharge is right after a BM. All other times it is more like a stained discharge, not actual blood. Loose stool...sort of weird.
5 DPO- Afternoon spotting again, pretty sharp AF like pains all day today. Getting close to AF and NO PMS acne (I always get PMS ACNE!!!) Some weird little bumps on my neck and throat though. A little hope? Still loose stool
6 DPO- Light Spotting all day
7 DPO- afternoon (BM) spotting. Having these HORRIBLE pains that shoot down my legs and arms. Legs shoot down from thigs and arms are mainly in wrists and from elbow down. They come and go. Also, a dull ache in my pelvic bone at the top of my right leg. BBs still sore and seeming heavy and more "perky", haha. Not really much bigger, just fuller and more perky.
8 DPO- Mid-day I get a heavy spot and some more mild cramping.
9 DPO- Wake up to blood and pretty bad cramps. Very loose stool. Assume AF has come, write off all hope I had. Planning for next month :). By 4:00 pm, AF subsides and doesn't show back up. Keep in mind, I'm a 6-day AF girl!
10 DPO- wake up to still no AF!!! Freak out and take first response. LIGHT BPF! Get excited because I had written off this month already as failure the day before! Wait to see if AF shows back up, and nope! Quite a bit of discharge, some is brown stained. At times during the day, moving my tongue gags me. Never got SICK, but did gag a couple times. Also, have a little "pull" in my very lower abdomen off to the left side. Like if I get up real quick out of a chair, there's a little "pull". Feel like I have "pressure" in my lower abdomen. Feels funny when I hold my tummy in. BBs definately a little bigger. Also, constipated pm. Far cry from loose stool yesterday :).
11 DPO- still no AF, BFP was a darker today. Still not as dark as control line, but it'll probably be monday or tuesday before it gets that dark :).

I loved reading everyone else's posts on this site and I hope mine is helpful to SOMEONE!

BFP with Spotting

My husband and I just got our very first BFP after trying for two months using Preseed(only used preseed on second month). We were also told to have DH to start eating strawberries......I wasn't sure either, but I think it helped!

I'm not sure of all the right days b/c I had a hard time figuring out my day of ovulation, so we BD every other day and then every day for about 6 days in a row when my cervix was high and soft. 4 of those days we used preseed.
CD20 -CD23 Had really bad cramps
CD22-23 Spotted on 2 days week before af was due
CD18-present--bb's were super sore and swollen
CD27- took 2 hpt's both +
CD28-confirmed BFP

Thanks for all the help and advice!!!!!

BFP with 3 days of spotting

DH and I have been ttc for #1 for 9 months. I noticed that my LP phase was too short. So, I starting taking 500 mg of Vitex and 100mg of B6 per day. It must have worked because I got my bfp at 12dpo! I took the first test at 1030p and didn't believe it. So, I took 3 more tests and so far they all say I'm pg. I had no symptoms whatsoever! I still don't "feel" pregnant. I did have implantation spotting. It started at 7 dpos and lasted for 3 days. It was brownish/pink cm. One day it was a few drops of bright red blood. So, I thought for sure AF was coming. So, there's hope for all you ladies that never "feel" pg.

BFP with Clomid, Preseed & Meditation

Its been a very long road but I finally have my BFP! My husband and I have been TTC for 2 years and 4 months. Your website has been a source of sound advice and inspiration! I have previously tried clomid and accupunture without success. I read the Harvard Med School Book "Six Steps to Increased Fertility" and was very impressed by the rates of pregnancy achieved through meditation classes. Starting in April, I took an 8 wk mindfulness meditation class which helped significantly with my stress level. We decided to take a 3 month hiatus from my job as a physician and try Clomid again before moving on to see REI in October. If I had not been reading TWW I would not have tested as early as I did, which allowed me to start eating the best possible diet as soon as I knew I was pregnant!

This is what I did differently:

--Meditated and Prayed Daily
--Temped (first time ever)
--Clomid 100mg Days 3-7
--Drank Iced Green Tea D1 -D15
--No caffeine except green tea since D4
--Preseed (first cycle trying this!)
--No robitussin, just drank water until urine was clear
--BD daily from day 9 through positive OPK (D15) and for 3 days after
--Reflexology and massage D17 and D25

Early Pregnancy Symptoms:
--- D14 EWCM and Cramping
--D15 positive OPK, severe cramping
--D18 mild gassy abdominal cramping
--D19 gassy cramping, vomited x 1
--D26 (10 DPO) Spotting (light brown mucus), vomited x 1, lower abdomen hurst with laughing/stretching
--D27 Spotting (very light). +HPT (answer)
--D28 Blood BHCG 132
D29 on, increasing bloating, gas, constipation, vomiting in afternoon on some days.


BFP with cramping!

I wanted to share my TTC symptoms. Here is my story:

I am so happy to be able to post on this site. It has been extremely informative and educational for me.

DH and I are both 29 and healthy people. We started TTC 4 months ago. This month, what we did different was: go on vacation, not use any lubricant or preseed (instead actually used foreplay), relax as much as possible. I also used OPK for the first time and we BD every other day.

1 DPO: big + on OPK (BD that day)
2 DPO: big + on OPK (BD that day)
3-7 DPO: nothing noticeable
8 DPO: cramping. Sharp pains in my right side, very low, near ovaries. Sore BBs (normal for me at this time)
9 DPO: cramping, same pain on same side. BBs sore.
10-12 DPO: cramping, same pain but moved towards middle. BBs sore.
13 DPO: bad AF cramping. Thought AF was on her way.
14 DPO: bad AF cramping mixed with the other sharp-pain type of cramping.
15 DPO: spotting. Thought AF was here and it was all over. It was bright red when I wiped (tmi I know!) and then small discharge of brown stuff during the day (very little). BBs sore (this was weird, usually go away when AF arrives)
16 DPO: spotting stopped but very pink when wipe. BBs still sore. Took a HPT in the morning on FR and got a very fast BFP!!!!! Took a HPT in the afternoon (this one EPT) and got fast BFP!!!!
17 DPO: woke up with DH at 4 am to do a clear blue digital HPT and within a minute, it said "Pregnant"!!!!!

We are thrilled. Called the doctor who told me not to come in until I'm 6 weeks; scheduled for August 15 appt. I'm sooo excited! I'm going to keep praying and be as good as I can be to ensure it all works out.

Keep up the hard work ladies. It will pay off, I'm sure of it!

Baby dust to all!

BFP with tons of EWCM

My husband and I had been ttc #2 for 12months, after coming off birth control pills. I started taking agnus castus on cycle 9, which made my periods much more regular.

Right from the start, this cycle was weird. I had so much EWCM I didnt know what to do with it and I had cramps at ovulation time too. Here's a summary of my symptoms day by day:

1DPO- sticky cm, bloated and sore nipples
2DPO- absolutely loads of distgusting, thick, creamy, yellow/white cm, sore nipples
3DPO- The same horrible cm, headache, sore nipples
4DPO- sore nipples, the same horrible cm
5DPO-sore nipples, irritable, temp began to rise, same horrible cm
6DPO-sore nipples, bloated, temp rise, spotting
7DPO-bloated, sore nipples, temp peaked, started getting niggling pains in stomach area, like nerve pain, spotting
8DPO-sore nipples, tiredness, nausea, very emotional
9DPO-sore nipples, tiredness, frequent urination, increased appetite, spotting, irritable and temp rose again. Also, continues to get niggling pains
10DPO-I thought i might be pregnant, as I normally only have a short luteal phase and my temp hadnt gona down and my nipples were still sore. I had creamy cm today. Did a test and got a definite BFP! Woo hoo!

BFP with Injectibles/IUI

I have been TTC for 2 1/2 yrs. Started Clomid and IUI in 2005 with no luck. On to injectables in 2006. This was my 5th cycle with injectables

I had IUI.
This was a strange cycle for me. I started spotting on CD 10 and 11, I though the cycle was a loss. My bbs started being sore on CD 16 and on CD 19 (the day of my IUI) I had a tight feeling and mild cramps all day
7dpiui - Had slight _cramps_ and bb's still hurting, BFN
8dpiui - I was spotting, had to use tampon was sure AF was around the corner
9dpiui - Red and pink spotting over, turned to icky brown stuff
10dpiui - Brown spotting over. Craving tomatoes like they are going out of style
11dpiui - BFP during afternoon test, another one 20 min later
12dpiui - Called Dr.. and was sent in to hospital for blood test, came back at 119 HCG, had craps all day for 14dpiui - To hospital for 2nd blood test, 345 HCG this time, more than double!
The only things we did different this month was to use Instead cups, eat ice cream every day (I read that full fat dairy helps to increase fertility, at this point I would try anything), and we started using over the counter progesterone cream every day after the IUI.
Thanks and all you TTC women are in my prayers