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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and TTC Success Stories!

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Welcome to the growing collection of REAL two week wait pregnancy symptoms. Since you're here, you probably are wondering if the symptoms you're feeling are real or imaginary! Hopefully they are real and your BFP is just around the corner. So while you are ever so patiently waiting to test, here are all the juicy early pregnancy symptoms you can ask for!

I just got my BFP in the last hour and I'm still in shock! Thought I'd share my symptoms as I found that section of twoweekwait really interesting.
I have a regular 23 day cycle and BD'd on CD 7 and CD 10 (I thought it wasn't enough, but I was working a lot and very tired). I got an OPK+ in the afternoon on CD10 but was still getting a lot of CM on CD11. I didn't have (and still don't have) abundant CM.
My symptoms:
2 DPO small amount of CM
3 DPO small amount of CM
5 DPO tiny red spotting, in CM but in CP, not on underwear (sorry if tmi), twinges on lower right side, spot on right cheek (I NEVER get spots), a slight touch of thrush
6 DPO more twinges on lower right around ovary/side of uterus, thrush continues, nose starts to get runny and I feel like I'm getting a cold. Was out with friends and only had two glasses of wine and a beer - felt drunk!
7 DPO very tired, and actually feel very faint while sitting down at a meeting (if I was standing, I think I'd have keeled over), CM is a bit watery, more twinges on lower right around ovary/uterus, my boobs feel bigger
8 DPO Very emotional, think I'm getting PMS and nearly cry at the tiniest things, cold symptoms persist, very tired, still have pain on lower right of stomach, boobs feel bigger, slight leg cramp in lower leg
9 DPO Start to take my temp with ordinary thermometer and notice it's up a bit. Back very sore and lower right stomach pain comes and goes. Get faint + on OPK with FMU. Later that evening get the faintest of faint lines on FRER - it's that faint I'm convinced it's an evap as it's so hard to see
10 DPO Symptoms feel like they've disappeared - boobs feel normal, not as tired, no pain on lower right - start to give up! BUT the back lower back pain (mostly on right) hasn't gone away at all. Starting to feel hot (temp is 98.96) and noticing 'hot flashes' by evening. Use internet cheapie and FMU - can see a line. Is very faint but I'm sure I can see pink.
6PM today - Very quick positve on Clearblue Digital - cue me in total shock!


Hi all I have just got my bfp yesterday and wanted to share the news as I think I have read all of these posts to keep me going over the past few years! I was diagnosed with PCOS at about 15 as have very irregular periods and all the unwanted symptoms along with it too! I have been ttc for nearly 3 years without any luck. I am blessed as my mum is into Tai chi and massage and has been working with me over the last year to try and get my reproductive system moving again and she managed to regulate me to a 7-8 week cycle. Once I had got to this point I decided I might need a kick start and after a lot of research decided to try FertilAid. I started taking it on January 22nd 2015 and after 2 days I came on my period! 2 weeks down the line I had ewcm and was sure I ovulated! I had a routine ultrasound 2 days later and the sonographer told me my ovaries were perfectly healthy and could barely believe me when I told her that when I had a scan in November they were full of cysts! That's right after 2/3 weeks of fertilaid all of my cysts were gone! I went through the 2ww and at the end very disappointed to have a bfn as I was already feeling sickness and my boobs were so so sore! However fastforward a week I've finally had my BFP! My message to all of you PCOS sufferers out there is to not give up hope! I would always highly recommend using fertilaid! It is early days for me but I am just so happy to know that it isn't impossible for me! Baby dust to all of you xx  


I am a new member and this site helped me during my wait so I wanted to post my symptoms too:
BFP-  WITH EPT at 10dpo


Hi there! I have got my first BFP after having two ectopic pregnancies. My left tube is non-existent, and the doctors gave me an 8% chance of ever conceiving naturally with my right tube. After an extremely odd cycle where I ovulated 6 days late and sith much prayer and optimism, my husband and I are finally pregnant!

CD 20 - 1dpo - After an intimate afternoon with my husband I had a few niggles that felt like O pains from the right side. Did an OPK which was surprisingly positive. EWCM and moodiness!
2dpo - VERY positive OPK. Increased moodiness and increased libido. Really hungry. Increased sense of smell.
3dpo - Hunger and sensitivity to smell continues. Very thirsty. Heavy feeling down below - kind of like I have a full bladder, but I dont have to pee.
4dpo - Hunger and sense of smell continues; Sore nipples. No CM or pains etc.
5dpo - Hunger has stopped - but taste buds seem alive today! No CM or pains etc.
6dpo - I felt kind of heavy and bloated down there whilst making love with my husband again. A bit of watery CM; slightly sore nipples and thats it. No increased hunger or sensitivity to smell.
7dpo - Nothing. Nipples not sore - a little bit of creamy CM - slight sensitivity to smell (but maybe its just cause these flowers beside me are beautiful!)
8dpo - a little bit of creamy CM and absolutely loss of libido. ("I've lost my mojo!") I dont feel pregnant at all. Had a few drinks with the girls for the Sept AO night out which were fantastic (I would have had more if hubby wasn't with me!)
9dpo - BFN - creamy CM and nothing else. No libido in the building.
10dpo - BFN, Creamy CM and a few cramps like AF was about to arrive... really felt like giving up on the notion of being pregnant...
11dpo - BFN, Creamy CM, no cramps. I'm a bit more optimistic today - its not over yet! On the bus this morning I began feeling slightly nauseous - but that could be cause I was reading... Hmm - lets hope it was morning sickness!!
12dpo - BFN first thing in the morning. Creamy CM, sore nipples, very hungry, increased sense of smell. At lunch time I walked past a seafood stand in the food court, and it stunk. I normally LOVE seafood. Maybe my tastebuds are changing? I had another look at my HPT from this morning tonight, and I THINK that there is a faint line. I think. I got hubby to check it and he reckons that there is a very faint line too... Its kind of only the shadow of a line - and cause it was sooo much later that we saw it, I'm going to assume that its an evap line... It also looks very similar to some that I've seen on
13dpo - BFP! I did 2 HPT's this morning - one at 3am (cause I was BUSTING!) and then another at 6:30am. The 3am doesn't have a visible test line, but the 6:30am has the faintest of faint lines. When I hold them up together I can kind of make out a line on the 3am... An urgent blood test revealed that I'm pregnant with a 29hcG.


I've been stalking your site all week, and I finally got my BFP this morning! I've been keeping track of my symptoms, and they were as follows.

6dpo - first suspicious (we weren't ttc, but are THRILLED) because my temps were higher than usual
am- twinges all morning, really low on my abdomen, didn't really hurt, but definitely felt weird (implantation cramps?). Also temp dip (implantation dip?) Bbs tender on sides only, when poked.

7dpo- (restless sleep) am - twinge-y cramps (different from AF) wet feeling all day (v unusual for me) heavy, full uterus feeling, bbs tender, peed 3x by 11:15 am (super unusual for me!) afternoon - sleepy

8dpo- (restless sleep again) - full, wet feeling, bbs tender (esp right one and right armpit) 1 lightheaded spell, cervix soft and low (like I've never felt it before), peed a thousand times, stinky pee (maybe vitamins I started?) a little bit nauseous right after supper

9dpo- (restless sleep again! and had a vivid sex dream) am - bbs very tender, they feel in the way, v wet feeling, super sensitive smell, yawny at yoga class, nauseous at bedtime, not extremely

10dpo- slept restlessly again, poas as soon as I got up and it was a BFP! Faint, but definitely there! Bbs still tender on sides, I'm hot today and had a brief bloody taste in my mouth this afternoon.

The main thing that was noticeably different was the persistent wet feeling, although I already O'd. Babydust to all!


After 3 months ttc, I got my BFP!  Here's what I noticed:
1-9 dpo:  no symtoms whatsoever (had more 'symptoms' in the other months!)
10-12 dpo:  hot flashes in the evening- thought I was running a fever
12 dpo: light cramping- thought for sure AF was coming
13 dpo: more cramping, but a bit heavier than yesterday- still thought AF was coming
14 dpo: tested in the morning and got the BFP!!  In disbelief, so I took another one (different brand) a few hours later.  BFP again!  I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow to confirm.  Our baby will be due June 8th.
I have NO other symptoms beside the light cramping- no sore bbs, no nausea, no food aversions... it goes to show you that you can still be pregnant with no clear symptoms!  Hang in there everyone!


We have been trying to conceive for the last 6 months and I got my positive yesterday on 11 DPO I am so excited.

This is our second month using PRESEED and I know this is what helped us get pregnant. I have always used OPK because my cycle can range from 29 days to 34 days or over.

I used OPK, ovulated on day 16 and used preseed on day 12/13/14/15/16/17
0 Day: OPK Positive in the morning and line lighter by evening????
1 DPO: Negative opk (In past months I could have had 5 days of positive opk)
2 DPO: Cramping
3 DPO: Nothing Special
4 DPO: nothing Special
5 DPO: Nausea and Watery Discharge
6 DPO: Nausea and Watery Discharge
7 DPO: Watery Discharge
8 DPO: Very Swollen Boobs, bad wind in stomach and watery discharge
9 DPO: Nausea, vomited once, sore and swollen boobs, area above pubic bone
is swollen (tmi) watery discharge
10 DPO: Slight cramping thought af was on her way but still more watery
discharge? this never happens for me.
11 DPO: Feel like AF is coming but have overwhelming feeling of being
content and happy???? I should have pms by now...still cramping but thought
what the heck I have the tests from the tested and got a faint
but def positive!!!! I total shock rang my friend who has two children and
she confirmed it was +. Rang hubbie after that in floods of tears.
12 DPO: + on internet test which comes with pre-seed. + on early response.
Line on both is lighter then control line but def there. I am officially
due AF on Tuesday (15dpo) so going to wait till get strong line and schedule
visit with doctor.

6 mths trying to conceive may not seem long but it felt like forever for
myself and my husband. I have no doubt that PRESEED is the reason for my
positive because I don't get the proper mucus around ovulation time.

For anyone trying to conceive try preseed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This has been one long 2 week wait. 5th month of trying for our first baby after miscarriage at 10 weeks and subsequent fibroid removal surgery. Praying that this baby decides to stick around.

O - ov pains
DPO1 - major cramps front
DPO2 - constip, little creamy cm, slight sore boobs
DPO3 - def. sore bbs, creamy cm, HUNGRY
DPO4 - still sore bbs, creamy cm, hungry, slight dizzy spell
DPO5 - still sore bbs, yellow CM, tired, cramping, hungry, dizzy, hot,
itchy scalp
DPO6 - still sore bbs, cramps in am, tired, hungry in middle of the
night, creamy cm, headache, gas
DPO7 - super sore bbs, cramps in am, stabbing pain on left side, gas,
hungry, super irritable
DP08 - irritable, stabby pain on left, most other symptoms gone except
sore bbs
DPO9 - bad AF type cramping, HUGE sore bbs
DPO10 - temp skyrockets, sciatica, heavy crampy feeling low down in
pelvis, creamy cm
DPO11 - headache, all other symptoms gone except huge sore bbs
DPO12 - woke up in the middle of the night with bad heartburn & gas
pains. Even though I swore I'd wait to test until 14 DPO, my PoaS
addiction won over when I was weak and half asleep. BFP! Faint, but
there! Of course I was awake for 3 more hours after this, who could
sleep? I decided to keep it to myself a few more days though and test
DPO13 - Headache, tired, huge sore bbs. Tested again and definite BFP!
I'm so happy and grateful to God, but still so nervous. I'll relax when
my first trimester passes, right now I just have to keep praying!


After a miscarriage at almost 6 weeks in October and a biochemical pregnancy in May, I began fertility treatments.  My first round included clomid (terrible side effects), HCG shot, and an IUI.  The first one failed.  My second round included clomid, HCG shot, and another IUI.  
 1-8 dpo no symptoms
9 dpo I had a very strong sense of smell and some cm
10-13 dpo increasingly more cm
14 dpo- strong sense of smell is back and bb are sore; very faint bfp
15 dpo- bb very sore; cramping that was different from pms cramps; very faint bfp
16 dpo - cramping continued;  bfp alittle darker
17 dpo - more cramping; feeling sick; bfp dark; blood test confirmed bfp!!
I am so glad to finally be able to post to this site!


First off I would like to say that this site is what helped me realize I was preggo with baby #2 before I tested.  I read everyone's symptoms and saw that you COULD get a BFP before AF is due.  I really wanted to post my symptoms in hope to help those during their 2 week wait.  

7DPO Major pains on right side, not like AF but like implantation pain.  
8DPO Sounds funny but I drank my diet Pepsi and it tasted like hairspary!  Then I had a sandwhich & again it tasted awful like hairspray chalk taste BFN knew too early to tell but thought i would try
9PO decided to take another test as I was sure I was pregnant I just didn't feel my normal self, tired, crampy, broke out in a rash on my stomach, hot, irritable (though i thought it could be AF)  took FRER BFN, took another later that night BFN
10DPO yet another BFN, was becoming extremely nautious, empty DS's potty and vomitted - was it the smell or morning sickness?a lot of congestion since 7 DPO like I am going to get a cold,  later that night another BFN
11DPO dizzy, hot, tired, cramps like AF, no energy, everything stunk really bad, walked by garbage and vomitted again.  Okay so I knew something was going on - waited until afternoon, held off for 3 hours before testing and WHOA a BFP  the line showed up as soon as I POAS so weird!  Same thing as my first pregnancy tested 4-5 days early with FRER & not FMU and got a positive.

So to recap:

tired, hot, rash, cramping, bloating, no energy, extreme nausiousness, food aversions, everything tatses or smells weird, dizziness, thirsty all the time, and just don't feel like myself, had shortness of breath as well not sure if related.  The biggest reason I knew I was pregnant were those excruciating pains I had on one side 7 days past ovulation.  I knew it HAD to be from implantation my period wasn't due at all.  I had NO spotting.

Good luck to everyone TTC & thank you to all the women whose posts got me through the wait and helped me pinpoint my symptoms.  Baby dust to all!!!!!


Oh my goodness.....after 20 months ttc #1, I have finally got a BFP!!!! Yay!!!! In MAJOR shock!

Here are my early symptoms...

0 DPO EWCM and ovulation pains on left side....this was only the second month that I felt ov pains, so was very excited and ordered DH to bed immediatly!!! Hehe!!!
1-7 DPO Nothing out of the ordinary
8 DPO Brown spotting - thought AF had come early (I'm not that regular). Really gutted that I was out for another month.
9 DPO Nothing. Brown spotting gone - realised that AF hadn't arrived after all....knew I was still in with a chance.
10 DPO Very tired - didn't get out of bed until lunch time!!
11 DPO Feelings of nausea
12 DPO More feelings of nausea
13 DPO Pains in lower abdomen whilst exercising - I had to stop
            Lots more waves of nausea
            Very emotional - went mad at DH for almost no reason at all! Stormed off like a teenager and slammed the bedroom door! Knew I was being unreasonable, but
            couldn't stop myself!!!
14 DPO AF due - woke up to discover she hadn't arrived.
            Tested at 8am.....very clear BFP!!!!! Wow. Wow. Wow!!!
            Waves of nausea
            Lots of creamy CM
            Stomach cramps - on and off
15 DPO Pregnancy test at hospital.....another BFP!!!!
            Waves of nausea
            Lots of watery CM
            Stomach cramps - on and off
            Leg cramps when I lie down
            Sides of boobs tender
16 DPO Tired
            Lots more creamy CM
            Stomach cramps - on and off
            Nausea - on and off
            Hightened sense of smell
            Tummy bloated - I can't bear for anything to be pressing aginst it. Only feel comfy in jogging pants - even though my jeans still fit, they are uncomfortable on my
            tummy - I had to wear them undone!!!
            Sides of boobs tender and nipples VERY errect and sore at bedtime!!
 17DPO All of the same symptoms as yesterday PLUS lower back ache.

Wow....its so wierd how the symptoms build up.....I'm sooooo excited!


So here's how my symptoms went! (I am STILL just so freakin excited!!)

4 DPO - cramping started, my gums bled when I brushed (which NEVER happens but did when I was PG w/ DD) and also skin broke out
5 DPO - still cramping - this has lasted every day so far - bleeding gums again, so tired - took a nap
6 DPO - again w/ sleepiness and cramping
7 DPO - sore bbs - the difference this time was they hurt most when I woke up and at night when I took off my bra. This was a BIG sign for me but I was just still in denial. OH! And when I took a shower today I noticed that my bbs seemed extremely full and heavy.
8 DPO - til present, still having cramps, a little more hungry and a few of the days I had some nausea that I attributed to prenatal, although they have never caused it before.
12 DPO - Holy map of blue lines! This was also a huge clue.
13 DPO - Temp to 98.51! Never been that high! I tested at 5:30 am and faint BFP!! Holy crap! couldn't fall back asleep til 7! Woke up at 8:30 and tested again BFP!!! Woohoo!

What I did different this time - I was relaxed a little more, used Preseed for only the 2nd month (HIGHLY recommend for those who have scant CM) and also used mucinex for the 1st month, and that seemd to help my CM a lot.


O DAY- I had two sharp twinges of pain on my right side to the point where i said ouch out loud- my sister was there and said "Hmmm, maybe ovulation?" and we got excited. =) (she has 2 babies and always feels her o pain) dh and i had sex that night
1DPO- bruised inside, hurt even walking (like i had had sex 10 times yesterday,lol not the case) very gassy
2 DPO- nothing
3 DPO- nothing
4 DPO- slight cramping
5 DPO- slight cramping
6 DPO- slight cramping, could not get through workout (had to stop a couple times) that I do regularly because I felt nauseous.
7 DPO- again not feeling good during workout and wanted to cry for no reason! major cramping for a couple hours (took tylenol) and kept making bathroom trips because I am sure af is coming. Got fatigued in afternoon. a little nausea off and on (when hungry). bloated
8 DPO- slightly nauseous and a little bit of cramping, nothing like yesterdays cramps. In the evening I was extremely nauseous and cried to dh for no reason for about 2 minutes and then was fine. dh suggested i test because if i felt that bad it should be showing up right? I knew better but did it anyway, bfn
9 DPO- bfn this morning (i know i am testing too early but want to anyway) nauseous when woke up but fine after I ate. Boobs started getting achy but only slightly sensitive to touch. went to the bathroom and had a clump of cloudy cm.
10 DPO- nauseous when woke up, tested and possible bfp- not convinced yet, testing again Sunday. By afternoon on this day I was the most tired I have ever been in my life. I was then convinced of the line
11 DPO- digital test confirms PREGNANT!!


It took us 7 long months to conceive our second. I hope this one sticks! :)

DPO 1 & 2- Sick with cold
DPO 4-yellow cm, sore breasts
DPO 5- nausea, nips sore
DPO 6- hungry!, sore breasts
DPO 4-10 Crazy dreams every night, bloated
DPO 10-Got a BFN that morning. By the afternoon, got two BFP on $ tree tests (love 'em). Then, got two more BFP on FRER.
DPO 11- Got two more BFP this morning.


So excited! Tested positive with a CVS early pregnancy test at 9 dpo after 5 months of TTC.
This month: used Vitex, Mucinex and Preseed around ovulation time. I also temped for the first time and found it to be incredibly helpful (and addicting!)
Most notable symptom:
O - 7 dpo: Horrible cramping and pain in my lower back. I've never been diagnosed with endometriosis, but I don't know what else could cause the terrible pain I always have from O to AF. This month, at 7 dpo, the cramping just stopped. This was my first sign that maybe I was PG.
6 dpo - woke up with sore throat
7 dpo - 8 dpo - bleeding gums at night time
8 -9 dpo - woke up with bad congestion and stuffy nose.
6 dpo - 9 dpo, temps were steady with a slight dip at 7 dpo, but nothing significant
The evening of 9 dpo I tested and got a very light line. I tested again later that evening with FRER and got a super light line.
10 dpo - FMU test with FRER was still very light. Went and bought an Answer test and got another light line.
The next morning (11 dpo) I tested with FMU on another Answer test. NOTHING! Not even a hint of a line. What happened? Chemical pregnancy?? Went out in the afternoon, bought more FRER and tested again, a stronger line. So relieved.
Finally, on 12 dpo, tested for the last time with an EPT and got a very strong positive. BBS are just starting to get sore.
After dropping $60 on PG tests, I was finally convinced, especially since AF didn't show! Called the doctor this morning and made my first prenatal appointment.
It can happen girls. I've never been on birth control and I'm 29 years old. I figured I just couldn't get PG, after 7 years of marriage and not so safe sex with the DH. Once we started temping and really paying attention, it took 5 months. I really think Preseed did the trick, as I never get EWCM.


I took a digital test at 12DPO and got a BFP. I was really shocked since it is still so early. I was getting faint lines on the ICs that were driving me crazy so I took the digital figuring 'what the heck'. I'm glad I did! I had a miscarriage 5 months ago and have been TTC ever since. I'm so excited to finally get my BFP again.

This what I did differently this month.

1. Drank 2-3 cups of decaf green tea everyday starting on CD1.
2. Took Mucinex from CD10 to the ovulation was confirmed.
3. Purchased and used pre-seed on my 'dry' days which weren't many since the mucinex and green tea seemed to do the trick.

I also watched and analyzed my CM and CP. I only took my CP once a day at the same time (10:30am) CM was also collected only at that time as well to analyze or before sex.

Here are my symptoms:
1DPO - Ovulation pains.
3DPO - Tingle feeling in uterus. Small cramps. High sense of smell. Breaking out EVERYWHERE. Very sore boobs and very tired.
4DPO - Very tired.
7DPO - Lots of clumpy/creamy CM in panties and on tp.
8DPO - (dig dip in BBT) Slight crampy feelings, dizziness and some sick to stomach issues. Lots of clumpy yellowish CM. Iron like smelling CM.
9DPO - LOADs on clumpy/creamy white/yellowish sweet smelling CM (Smells like vinegar) Hot flashes in evening. Very warm during night.
10DPO - Hot flashes in AM. Sick feeling in stomach in afternoon.
11DPO - VERY sick to stomach in AM. Don't feel like eating. Faint line on test. Slight twisting cramp sensation in lower right side.
12DPO - BFP!!!

I HIGHLY recommend pre-seed. This was our first month using per-seed. I strongly feel it is the main reason this month was a success.


I can't believe I am actually able to finally say it was BFP! We were trying for 3 months.
The funniest thing is that I had more symptoms when I wasn't pregnant.

1-9 DPO - I had no physical symptoms at all and I am very in tune with my body.
10 DPO- had some strange cramping like AF was coming but it felt a little different. The only thing that gave me hope was that my temps had been high and steady since ovulation.

Tested on the morning of 10 DPO and it was BFP!!!!!! I kept going back to it because I didn't believe it. Went to the doctor and they said BFP!!!!!!!!
I am only beginning my 5th week but I am so excited! Thanks to all who posted their 2WW gave me something to focus on.



Just got my BFP and thought I'd share! I am 35 years old, TTC #1, using frozen sperm and IUI. (No drugs, etc.) This was cycle #5.

Day 11 of cycle -- Oddly, no LH surge, unusual for me. Using ClearBlue fertility monitor and OvuQuick tests. Day 12 of cycle -- LH surge on ClearBlue OPK, but the OvuQuick and fertility monitor are negative. Sperm bank recommended an ultrasound, which found one 20-mm egg ready to pop! Did an IUI, felt ovulation pains just afterward. I don't trust OvuQuicks any more!
1 DPO - temp up, breasts tender, feel good about my timing.
2 DPO - light red spotting, don't know what's happening, little bit of cramping.
3-11 DPO spotting continues, moving from light red to brown. OB says not to worry. A friend suggests it could be from the ultrasound (my first).
5-7 DPO unusually vivid dreams.
6-7 DPO - unusually hungry.
8 DPO some cramping, breasts tender this entire time.
9 DPO breasts slightly throbbing at the sides.
10 DPO huge temperature dip, still spotting, breasts tender, right armpit is sore (?) -- perhaps that should have been a clue. Little nauseous, could be sleep deprivation.
11 DPO temp back up.
12 DPO cramping, feels like AF is coming (due day 13), but no pre-AF spotting, which is unusual. Still, don't think I'm pregnant.
13 DPO no AF, faint line on Answer pregnancy test!
14 DPO still no AF, two more positive tests, temp WAY up. Breasts feel very tender.
18 DPO -- still pregnant!


I went on a business trip to San Fransisco from O day thru 6dpo. Was doing a lot of walking that made me ache everywhere so badly I took hot baths and swallowed many, many tylenol!

Here are my symptoms:

O day - sore boobs (never got sore boobs till after 7dpo before)
2dpo - AF cramps so bad, I woke up and ran to the bathroom, then realized it was too early
3dpo and onward - AF cramps off and on; hard time sleeping (I thought it was because I was sore, but kept having trouble even when I got home)
4dpo and onward - little cm

11dpo - very little spotting (I thought it was AF on her way)
12dpo - no cm; still extremely sore boobs (usually the soreness would fade as AF got closer)
13dpo - BFP on a CBE Digital and CVS brand!! Horrible AF cramps. Would have been convinced AF was coming had I not tested. (Beta = 61)
14dpo - AF due this day - was a no show!

Have been very fortunate, no spotting except that one wipe of brown gunk on 11dpo. I'm pretty convinced it was implantation spotting now. I'm due OCT 25, 2006!!


OMG!! i can't believe i finally get to post after obsessing every month over everybody else's. Well, here is a little about me...I am 24 and DH is 26. We have 3 boys and twins that we lost in November of last year. This is our 4th cycle trying after Doc said we couldn't get pregnant because something "might" have went wrong with my D&C. We finally got our BFP at 16dpo. What i did different was used B6 to lengthen my LP, used evening Primrose Oil, drank Green Tea to help promote more cm and then just really relaxed through my whole 2ww. So, here are my symptoms to hopefully help out other ladies...

Ovulation Day- my temp was 96.8 and i was praying that we covered all bases. my cp was high and i had ewcm. i also had a + OPK, sore bb's and major cramps. I knew i was ovulating and so scared that we didn't BD enough.

1dpo- temp was 97.5, more of the same as before
2dpo- same as above. pretty uneventful.
3dpo- no nothing today. no cramps, no sore bb's. the only thing i had was ewcm. boring!
4dpo- nothing again.
5dpo- cramps so bad i thought AF was coming super early. I didn't even want to get up off the couch. ewcm again. i kept running to the bathroom wondering if it was here yet. implantation maybe??
6dpo- temp dipped really low. no cramps or anything except ewcm. still implantation??
7dpo- temp sky-rocketed again. yeah!! i am so happy. my cm turned sticky though like before AF arrives. i also have mild cramps.
8dpo- temps still high, low and soft cp, and i got to excited and tested. It was of course, BFN.
9dpo- tired, irritable, very dry "down there" and mild cramps. kind of like O cramps not AF type cramps. Very tired, which i contributed to AF coming.
10dpo- temp highest it has ever been at 98.0!! triphasic!!AF supposed to show today, but i don't think so. boobs hurt, i get nausea if i don't eat. cp is high and soft, sticky cm, very tired still. Also, when i was cooking dinner that night i got a very sharp pain across my lower stomach that made me grab it and yell ouch! what was that?
11dpo- cramping again. This time they feel like AF cramps. oh no, not AF. boobs are so sore when i move them or bend over.
12dpo- temp still rising. tested w/ Equate and got BFN. boobs still sore, and still very tired. i'm still thinking AF is coming.
13dpo- I did another test and can't tell if it positive or an evaporation line. I'm always feeling "wet" down there, nausea, dizzy and nips starting to hurt. Starting to get excited, but trying to relax still. Very hard to do for a POAS addict.
14dpo- temp dropped 1/10 degree today. cp feels really weird. It feels like there is something covering my cervix and it feels really tight "down there". cm turned creamy now, slight nausea, dizzy spells, and tested again and again it looked positive so i went to the doctor for a blood test.
15dpo- temp is really high at 98.8, results for blood were borderline (to early to tell) nausea still, dizzy and the worst leg cramps ever. boobs and nips still hurt. Tested in evening w/ CB digital and got a BFN. i thought i was out for sure. My heart just sunk to my knees.
16dpo- temp is highest at 98.9!! tested w/ FMU and CB digital and got lo and behold a BFP!! OMG!! i was shaking so bad and just kept staring at it. The positive read in under 2 minutes. i am so happy. i'm still tired a lot but mostly everything else went away. I don't even feel pregnant yet and keep expecting AF to show any minute.

So, those are my symptoms. I hope they help someone else who doesn't think they caught the egg.


Well, it took 3 months to get my BFP @12 DPO! I also had a blood test done @12 DPO to confirm and it was positive!! We are all so excited and still a bit in shock, I was beginning to get discouraged! I really think it was the charting and using the digital ovulation predictors. It made everything very clear so I knew exactly when to BD!!
Here were my symptoms!

1-3 dpo NOTHING
4 dpo VERY Gassy
5-7 dpo irritable and fatigued
6 dpo-present crampy, tightening feeling above my pubic line, tender bb's, fatigue getting stronger and stronger
10 dpo still tired, bb's still tender BFN test
11dpo still tired still tender bb's BFN test
12 DPO BFP!!! with 3 home tests and a blood test at my dr.'s!!!!!


1-2 DPO nothing
3DPO migraine, slight breast tenderness, creamy CM
4DPO slight breast tenderness, not hungry, creamy CM
5DPO breast tenderness(hurts to not wear bra) lower back pain(not sure if I should count this since I seem to have chronic lower back painitis) no appetite, had to get up to pp twice last night
6DPO , major breast tenderness-ok, pain,only on outside!, cramps like AF is coming, bra getting tight(could be from the Progesterone cream though), big time creamy CM, constipation
7DPO breast tenderness and feels like it weighs a ton(still think it could be the Progesterone Cream, stomach growling in the morning(never happens, normally I could easily skip breakfast) nose starting to be stopped up,
scratchy throat, started coughing last night, got nauseated during middle of the morning, feeling really warm, lower back pain, constipation
8DPO I'm still having breast tenderness-I mean pain-IT HURTS, but not the nipple itself. I'm starving! One hour after I had lunch(lots of it) my stomach was growling. What the heck? Cramping seems to be gone for the most part. Iâve been feeling like I'm getting a cold for 3 days now but still hasn't turned into one. Not tired what so ever. Almost feel more energy than usual. Constipation, Face feels hot and my bottom front teeth hurt. Cramps in feet that make my toes curl up. Wow, just look at all those symptoms I've dreamed up!!!
9DPO breast pain and now swollen, cramped off and on, no more cough or stopped up nose, way more energy than usual, constipation-(I really wish I could get past this one) getting crabby, really dizzy when I stand up
10DPO tested with $ test BN? Could not sleep last night, coughing started again
I am bloated as all get out! I look like I'm 4 months pregnant. Cramped a little off and on. Had a little lower back pain. No CM at all. Cranky!
11DPO breast tenderness almost gone, lower back pain increasing, no CM, bloated, major constipation, feel like Iâll be moving on
12DPO creamy CM, constipation, bloated, tired, grouchy
13DPOThis morning I had a FAINT line on a Target test along with 2 BFNâs on Equate and FRER. Ok, I'm soooo grouchy and weepy! Hot Flashes (Definitely either PMS or preggo...LOL!) Still have mild breast tenderness and a little crampy. Creamy CM. Just went to Wal-Mart and got nauseous while checking out.could it be????
14DPO That target test was the real deal. Got 3 BFPâs in the moring on the same test as yesterday and one at 4pm without holding urine using the test that comes with Pre-Seed. I love Pre-Seed! Still cramping off and on, stomach feeling uneasy occasionally, hungrier than usual, hot flashes, bloated and cranky. CONSTIPATION! NO breast tenderness! FF friend changed my O date(but I donât believe it) so this might actually be 12DPO.


I would like to share my Early PG symptoms.
My first round of Clomid and lots of prayers.

Day 1 OPK positive.
Day 2 missed this night, and thought we were through for the month
Day 3 tried again.
Day 4-7 nothing really just a feeling that this was our month. Watery CM
Day 8 Cervix still really high, and rock hard. Watery wet CM, BB's tender. Negative PG test
Day 9-10 Tender BB's to touch, and left nipple itched, and right BB had needle pricking pains, gassy and bloated, got car sick.
Day 11 evening, faint faint faint (my hubby said I was dreaming) line with Equate +/- test, gassy, bloating, a tiny bit tired, nausea.
Day 12 am first morning, (faint line +/- test) hubby still thought I was dreaming. FEELING GREAT
Day 12 around noon I was too anxious to wait all day, and I got my BFP!!! Line was dark, and even DH, can't deny this one. FEELING GREAT!!!


I got my BFP today after 2 cycles ttc #1 so thougt I'd send my story through for the site:

1dpo - nothing
2dpo - creamy cm
3dpo - creamy cm, very yellow pee
4dpo - creamy cm, gums bled when brushed
5dpo - creamy cm, mild headaches on and off throughout day, felt quite irritable
6dpo - creamy cm, very mild ache in ovaries area, BFN (what was I thinking testing so early)
7dpo - Slight twinges in ovaries area, itchy legs
8dpo - a dull ache in ovaries area, not like AF, very irritable in evening positive AF is on her way. Bad day at work, v hungry, back pain
9dpo - mild cramps, watery cm, BFN
10dpo - AF due today but hasnât arrived, watery/creamy cm BFN
11dpo - temp high in morning, few sharp twinges, watery/creamy cm, heavy, bloated feeling, got a cold, dizziness in eve, staying up all night to watch Oscars, still no AF
12dpo - heavy bloated feeling, watery/creamy cm
13dpo - creamy cm, BFN, dizziness, back ache
14dpo - creamy cm, bloated, dizziness, legs ache, cramps, BFP!!!!!! v faint line. Am so thrilled

best wishes everyone out there with ttc, hope you get your BFP soon!


Elle's BFP Symptoms in the TWW:

This cycle we did our first clomid/IUI round and lots of prayers. It worked! Praise the Lord! Pregnant after 25 cycles!

3 days of dark +OPK in a row
Day before O - IUI procedure, layed in bed most of the day of the IUI and the entire next day.

1-4 dpo - Nothing, no symptoms
5 dpo - feeling heavy in uterus today
6 dpo - cd21 progesterone check - 31!! My nurse said it was "wonderful", feeling fatigued, no sore bbs yet (usually get sore bbs after I ovulate)
7 dpo - stomach muscles feel tight today, not as fatigued, sensitive nips
8 dpo - uterus feels heavy, nips sore, bbs not sore, slight fatigue, constipated
9 dpo - uterus heavy/pulling sensations, bbs starting to hurt, nips still sore, "wet" down there, peeing A LOT, burning bbs, nips appear larger, cervix pinches
10dpo - right ovary pinching pains, bbs hurt, nips hurt, 3pm uterus feels on fire, tested with cheapie HPT and got a faint line after 10 min (called it an evap but I don't think it was now)
11dpo - BFP with 2 different brands of cheapies! (faint lines), temp going triphasic, sensitive nips, uterine twinges, uterus feels heavy, nips very sore, bbs hurt
12dpo - temp triphasic, tested again with Equate and BFP!, told everyone at!, cramping in uterus when I stand too long tonight at concert
13dpo - Beta HCG 44, nurse said it was "low", no spotting at all this cycle, lots of creamy cm, fatigue, heavy abdomen, peeing a lot, sore nips, BFP with FRER and Equate (darker)
14dpo - layed down all day and drank lots of water (doctor's orders)
15dpo - no spotting, AF due today!, lots of creamy cm, fatigue, heavy abdomen, peeing a lot, sore bbs and nips, leg cramp at night
16dpo - Beta HCG 168!!! Praise the Lord!, temp very triphasic, bbs very sore and full, sore nips, fatigue, creamy yellow cm (lots), darker Equate BFP, still faint BFP on cheapie strips
17dpo - bbs full and sore, darker Equate BFP again, creamy yellow cm, peeing a lot


My early pg symptoms in the TWW:

1-9 dpo - nothing!
10 dpo - awake at 3am with bad af-type cramps, though didn't need Advil, etc. Awoke in the morning and they were gone!
12 dpo - current... nausea on and off throughtout the day. Not like "I'm going to blow any minute" type nausea, just the kind that's sort of there, hanging in your chest
14 dpo - current... slight boob ache on the sides, just like AF. Slight AF type cramps on and off.
15 dpo - current... Major AF type cramps on and off throughout day.
Cycle due at 16/17 dpo - nothing, just cramps and a bit headachy
17 dpo mid-afternoon - tested with Dollar Tree hpt- very, very faint bfp...

To the doc tomorrow!


BFP at 10 DPO! Praise God for this little miracle!

My Dh and I have been trying for several months for our third child. Our first two were conceived on the first try, so this one took some patience! Here are my early pg symptoms:

1 DPO - nothing
2 DPO - This may be totally in my head, but I promise I felt a flutter. Like something clicked.
3 DPO - crampy on left side, felt really great, bbs tingling just a few times today
4 DPO - Strong cramps this a.m., sharp pains, thick white mucous (unusual for this time of month) Big dip in temperature. (Could this be the day I implanted?) Vivid dreams, and continued to feel great. Even exhilerated. (Thought maybe it was the vitamins, but I've been on those for several months and never felt this good).
5 DPO - on and off quesiness, but generally felt great again. Plenty of energy. NO cm, no cramps.
6 DPO - Temp way up (my chart is beginning to look triphasic) Didn't sleep great last night, but still have a lot of energy and very happy. Assume I can't be pregnant... Shouldn't I feel tired?!
7 DPO - BB's just slightly sore, but nothing really unusual. No way I am pregnant. Temp still up.
8 DPO - Major AF symptoms... crampy, the blues, edgy, headache. Seems a little soon for PMS, but this definitley doesn't feel like pregnancy.
9 DPO - Temp still high, BBs slightly tender. Couldn't resist and did a FRER test just to see. Saw the faintest of all faint lines, and only when I held it in certain light and at certain angles. Dh saw a ghost of a line too. Will test tomorrow to make sure.
10 DPO - Tested with FRER and Target Ept brand and got another faint line on FRER and a definite positive on Target! (I used FMU since its stil so early) So we are taking this as a YES! We are thrilled and give all praise to God!

"Your ways, O God, are holy, What God is so great as our God? You are the God who performs miracles. You display your power among the peoples...My times are in your hands." Psalm 77:13-14,31:10


Hi! I just wanted to share with you some TWW symptoms. I hope this helps someone.

1 DPO - Both DH and I just "knew" this was it. EWCM.
2-4 DPO - not much other than weepiness and I "just had a feeling" that I was PG, this began actually at 1 DPO and has continued to this day.
5-6 DPO - Tugging behind belly button, caught a cold. Intense runny nose. VERY tired. Temp drop
7 DPO - Cold instantly dissapears?? Sore breasts begin. morning of 7 DPO I wake up and look in the mirror and my breasts are darker, blue purpulish veins, like spider veins appear. I just know that I am.
8 DPO- Gums begin bleeding when I brush my teeth. Sore breasts continue.
9 DPO - More of the same. Bad sleep. Sense of smell increased, headaches.
10 DPO - More of the same, leg cramps at night (I never ever get this). Headache incredible. BFN.
11-12 DPO - More of the same, breasts sore, getting bigger. Weepy. Very tired. Have noticed that I am getting AF type cramps and wondering why?
13 DPO - Temp continues to climb. I decide to test again CBE digital - instantly POSITIVE! BFP! Still tired, headaches, bbs very sore, but I am excited!!!!


Hello! I wanted to share my story...i am a major pee on a stickaholic...and finally!

I checked my cervical position and that was my first sign...after I ovulated it stayed high and soft and wet.

10dpo - Tired, heartburn really bad and I woke up at 3:00am with my stomach growling and I went and ate a bowel of cereal (a little out of the ordinary)
11dpo - My stomach was a weird felt like my stomach was really hot....mild cramping, bloated, heartburn
12dpo - Tired, a little sick to my stomach but did not vomit..still heartburn..cramping, hungry and urination increased.
13dpo - Took an HPT and got a BFN...still hungry alot and cramping.
14dpo - Tired, major increase in CM, creamy, really there when I checked cp..also my cervix now turned hard but still really really hard.
15dpo - Faint BFP...very very faint almost making me in denial...heartburn, the feeling of being wet down there and thinking af had come...but thin watery mucous...cramping still and very very tired
16dpo - Got a BFP on a clearblue digital it popped up "PREGNANT" and that was today....tired, heartburn, frequent urination, and cramping..

I was 2 days late for AF when I got my BFP!


I felt nothing before 8dpo except some twinges from my left ovary, which I assume were just from my luteal cyst.

The biggest indication was CM starting up at 8dpo and increasing to almost pre-ov levels over the next couple of days. I also had cramps all over on 8dpo which are still persisting but milder.

Other things that are probably pregnancy symptoms from 8-14 dpo:
- burping a lot
- metallic/bloody taste in mouth occasionally
- peeing a bit more than usual and having to get up straight away to pee upon waking
- backache (tied in with the cramps)
- a bit of weepiness
- increasing acne
- starting to get the sick stomach feeling that didn't turn up till 5 weeks with #1 - I hope morning sickness is not going to kick in a week earlier this time!
- feeling a little bit more tired
- slightly sore nipples
- a bit hungrier

Some things that may or may not be related:
- sensitive teeth
- sore throat (it seems that this was the precursor to the sick stomach/reflux feeling)
- yellowish pee
- a little heartburn
- mild cravings for bacon, tomatoes, juice, fish

I was temp charting and got some great high temps along with an implantation dip. I tested on 10dpo with a cheap test (First Response, 50mIU) and got a negative, but I was so sure that we bought a more expensive one (Crystal Clear, 25mIU) and got a positive on 11dpo. This was our first cycle TTC our second child (first one took two cycles) so we are so lucky that it has all gone so smoothly, considering I was diagnosed with PCOS at 17 and told I wouldn't be able to have kids without help.


After three cycles, I wanted to wait until I was late this time to test . . .but since I'm a POAS addict, I couldn't wait and tested Sunday (11 dpo) and again this morning (12 dpo). Looks like I'm due Oct. 18!!!!!
2 dpo: light cramping, BBs sore
3 dpo: same as 2 dpo, plus night sweats start
4 dpo: insomnia starts; BBs sore and burning sensation too
5 dpo: crazy dreams start and I'm very moody (still have insomnia, burning BBs, night sweats)
6 dpo: yellowish CM starts, same as other DPO, plus hearburn big time; felt what I assume now are implantation pains (strange cramping)
7 dpo: BBs not as sore, but pinching pain in BBs, same as other DPOs, crampy, hungry, but can't eat much, yellowish CM, but sometimes milky white CM; checked my CP - rock hard and high
8 dpo: same as other DPOs, but heartburn is horrible; major cramping, feels like AF is coming early; feeling a bit pukey
9 dpo: Felt like my symptoms were disappearing; no insomnia, no night sweats, BBs feel less sore; feel like AF is coming any minute, light cramping, stuffy-headed
10 dpo: Sure that AF is coming; cramping, symptoms seem to have disappeared, but I do have a very sour stomach
11 dpo: I feel pretty good, symptoms seem to be gone, but I'm very tired, and I feel some pinching in my BBs and in my side; positive FRE
12 dpo: Tired, sour stomach, slept really well last night, positive FRE, postiive Equate and positive EPT Digital!


I just got my BFP and I wanted to share my symptoms with the anxiously waiting mommies...

1-7 DPO Nothing. Nada. Ziltch.
8 DPO - The sore BB's came on. Tender and very full on the bottom side.
9 DPO - Very sore, full BB's. Cramping later that evening. Freq. bathroom trips. I must have went 8 times in 1 hour. This comes and goes.
10 DPO - Cramping throughout the day, like AF but different. Deep, about 3 inches below belly button. Felt like "pulling" inside, but isn't very painful like AF. I never cramp before AF only the day of so this was a flag. VERY irritable. Didn't want anyone around me!!!
11 DPO - BBs still sore, and full. Freq. bathroom trips. Cramping, backache in the evening.
12 DPO - BFP!
From 3DPO- now I have a hard time sleeping and very strange dreams. I usually sleep like a log, anytime and anywhere!

The thing that got me was the really sore and full BB's. I usually get this a day or two before AF but not as exaggerated. These girls are HUGE and full! I was confident I was PG, because I just had this serene feeling but we weren't even trying! I didn't spot (yet) and wasn't tired. I helped my mom move all day saturday and felt great!


This is my first pregnancy, and I had no reference point for symptoms. Didn't find this site until after the BFP! I only had to do the TWW once, but will gladly share to make it easier for others!

First few days after conception
I had a bad cold, which made symptoms confusing, but here are the "new" feelings
- achy/tingly skin feeling in my legs
- abdomen felt very dense & bloated
- exhausted! Slept 14h one night!

First week after conception (1-7dpo)
- initial symptoms disappeared (quite boring, actually!)
- very thirsty (and as a result, frequent bathroom trips)
- hungry more often

Second week (7-14dpo)
- mild queasiness after certain types of food
- continued fatigue
- continued bathroom trips
- slightly elevated temp. for a few days
- lower abdomen muscles felt rigid all the time
- couldn't "suck in" my tummy like before
- serene, confident feeling that I was pregnant,

Tested positive on CD 28, 3 days before expected period.


1-4dpo- already have tender feeling in breasts never usually get af breast tenderness till few days before and ov type pains still
5-7 dpo- very aggitated dont feel like i want anyone near me. pains still in ovaries
8dpo- pains in groin similar to ov pains in ovaries too
9dpo-pains still there wondering if af will come early
10dpo-tired, weeing more, breasts tingling slightly convinced myself i am imagining it
11dpo-felt very hot all day and weeing lots 4 times in the hour nearly, did test at 5pm, very very faint BFP!!!
12dpo- did another 2 tests this time fr one, darker bfp but still faint
13dpo- darker line, was sick once today
14dpo-very very tired clear blue digital showed up PREGNANT today!


1dpo - Bloated, Gassy. Sharp right side 'stitch' pain.
2dpo - Fatigue, Gassy, HUNGRY! Mild AF cramps and also a few sharp cramps. Occasional fluttery feeling in lower ab. Weird dreams.
3dpo - Backache, Fatigue, Quite unwell this morning. Nausea, diarrhea, bad cramps. Occasional fluttery feeling in lower ab. Weird dreams.
4dpo - Weird... no sore BB's and skin looks good! Rare for me post O and pre AF! Sensitive to smell. Felt a little giddy this morning and unable to focus - (am I confused or is EVERYONE making no sense at all today!) Tired even though I slept well! Weird Dreams. Much much hunger! All day! Bladder is close to bursting every hour from 7am. I have only drunk little over 1 litre of water all day.
5dpo - Backache, cramps, fatigue, peeing all the time! Gassy, moody. Strange dreams still. Frequent urination again. Full bladder every hour. (not just feels like it, actually IS).
6dpo - Bloated. Feeling tired. New years Eve and we drove in 46¡C heat for 6 hours to get to our party destination!
7dpo - Backache, bloated, heartburn, moody. Reflux and really bizarre congested feeling in lower abdomen and lower back in the afternoon. Can't get comfortable. Feeling anxious and un-relaxed for no reason.
8dpo - Reflux and really bizarre congested feeling in lower abdomen and lower back in the afternoon. Does not feel like muscle pain. Whole lower torso is full of tension. DH rubbed my back for me but it did not hurt at all so definately not muscular. (it didn't help though either!) Can't get comfortable. Feeling anxious and un-relaxed for no reason. Edgy. Emotional.
9dpo - same pains around lower body. weird dreams. bb's busting out of a shirt that fit perfectly on xmas day... bigger?? Surely that isn't possible to so early even if I do get a BFP!
10dpo - Still weird back pain. Nausea this morning, felt very gaggy. Burping a lot. Diarrhea this morning. Feeling a little emotional.... Feel like I'm getting a cold... runny nose. Exhausted in the evening, lost my balance and almost fell over getting off couch from dizziness/exhaustion. Starving at 7pm, but struggled to eat dinner of salmon and salad. Struggled to drink half a glass of wine too... threw it out. I usually have a couple of glasses a night. The alcohol thing is really weird. It made me feel so sick. (this was my weirdest day of the 2WW).
11dpo - Backache, cramps. Slightly tender bb's. Faint BFP on IC.
12dpo - Diarrhea, cramps, nausea in the morning. V. sore bb's hit at 3pm suddenly - a quick sharp pain and then they were sore all over! Esp. nips. Normal AF symptoms started this afternoon... sore bb's, aching legs, light cramps, couple of little spots on chin.... bugger! BUT Faint BFP on IC.
13dpo - Bloating, cramps. V. sore bbs from 7am. Woke with no pain at all, then it hit suddenly. Belly making weird groany noises. Sore throat. Woke feeling great at 5am, then 7am at work - feel exhausted already. Feeling hot and a little nauseous. Midday... gassy. Mild cramps... not even really cramps, more like little twinges that draw my attention. Not painful at all. Clearer and slightly darker BFP on IC within time limit.
14dpo - Fatigue, headache. BFP today on store bought test.. not IC! Yay. No cramps. Sore bb's.
15dpo - A few light cramps. Temp still high so I'm not too worried about AF (I don't believe the HPT's yet!!). V. gassy this morning. Nausea prior to rising. Quite bad cramps late arvo and evening.... stay away AF!!! Doc appt tomorrow. Absolute no question BFP on Clearblue test around 11am. 3rd MU I think. Came up immediately, as dark as control line. Woo Hoo!!
18dpo - All confirmed at the Docs. Scan next week!!! Have had cramps every day, some worse than others. We're havin a baaaaby! Yay!


MY EARLY PREGNANCY SYMPTOMS! Posting this at 21 weeks pregnant, so baby sure stuck. I'm a previous ectopic pregnancy survivor. :-D

1dpo: nothing
2dpo: creamy cm, skin break out
3dpo: creamy cm, slightly tender breasts
4dpo: creamy cm, slightly tender breasts, slight cramping, headache, diarrhea
5dpo: slightly tender breasts, slight cramping. Very vivid dreams last night. diarrhea, headache
6dpo: sticky cm
7dpo: dry cm, tender breasts are sore more to the edges. Pain seems to be sharp pain rather than an ache at around 5pm. By 11pm breasts feel bigger and sorer all over. Wave of exhaustion at 8pm - fell asleep! Very vivid dreams last night, gassy.
8dpo: creamy cm, gassy, temder breasts, increased appetitie.
9dpo: creamy cm, gassy, headache, fatigue, tender breasts. Very vivid dreams last night. Not craving sweet things as much as usual. Had to have arvo nap.
10dpo: more cm than last week, tender breasts and they feel huge!
11dpo: creamy cm, gassy, boobs still feel big and fairly sore. Cramps bad at times, dissapear at others. FAINT + PREGNANCY TEST!
12dpo: creamy cm, cramps, gassy, tender breasts. STRONGER BFP
13dpo: creamy cm, cramps, tender breasts. ANOTHER BFP
14dpo: creamy cm, cramps, tender breasts, gassy.

** headaches were unusual for me in 2WW - I usually only got them around ovulation.
** going off sweet things lasted until about 13weeks pregnancy!


This story is for all of the women who get up every morning and scrutinize every twinge, itch or emotion for any sign of pregnancy during the TWW. I just got my BFP yesterday (9dpo and very, very faint) and have had absolutely no pregnancy symptoms at all. This will be our 3rd child (we already have two beautiful boys) and after a very early miscarriage in November (we miscarried only 4 days after getting a positive HPT), I have been even more obsessed with getting pregnant than with my first! Here is what I did notice, even if it isn't much.

1-6 dpo nothing!! No unusual cramping, no CM of any kind and no sore bbs.

7-8 dpo a few twinges in uterus, but only when getting up from sitting. Also, noticed that my bbs are slightly sore, but only on the outside edges and only when I push on them.

9 dpo New Years eve. I wasn't feeling suspicious about the possibility of being pregnant, but I decided to take a test in the late afternoon just because if it was positive, it would be a great New Years! I knew it was really, really early, but tested anyway because I did get faint positives with my boys at 9dpo (using an aimstick on those though, and I didn't have one of these yesterday). My husband ran to the store and got me a FRER and an Answer early pregancy test. I immediately took both and the FRER had a very, very faint line on it... only visible in natural light! The Answer HPT was negative - not even a hint of a line. I played it safe and didn't have a glass of wine to ring in the new year.

10 dpo took another of each test with FMU and had a line on both!!! The FRER is still extremely faint, but visible inside now and the Answer was a quite convincing pink line. Both of them showed within about 60 seconds. I did notice more creamy CM today, when before I was basically completely dry.


4 DPO -14 DPO (now) cramping every day-not enough to take anything for it just annoying twinges, etc. This was new to me b/c I never cramp, not even before AF
6 DPO - deep pulling behind belly button. Light headache. Increased peeing. Gassy!
8 DPO and 9 DPO - light bleeding brown and pink some red blood thought AF was starting but temps stayed high. My luteal phase ranges from 7-10 DPO. Trouble sleeping-very tired but restless. Light cramping. Light headache. Increased peeing. Gassy!
12 DPO -faint line on FRED after 15 mins. thought it was evaporation. Light cramping. Light headache. Increased peeing. Increased sense of smell.
13 DPO -brown spotting when I wiped but not enough for panty liner.
faint line again on FRED but within 10 mins. Faint line on cheapie dollar tree but around 15 mins after. Sharp back pain two times. Light cramping. Increased peeing. My breasts feel a little different. Kind of painful heaviness. I do not see any lines but I have olive skin so any veins may not be visible.
14 DPO -light cramping continues. Still a little light brown when I wipped. Another light line on FRED. Has not got any darker. Went to doc. Light line with doc urine test. BETA performed.

The light headaches and light cramping tipped me off b/c I never get these symptoms around AF.
This month we used Pre-Seed for the first time.


1-4DPO - Nothing. Temps gradually getting higher
4DPO - Temps dropped today, 0.8 degrees. No symptoms
5DPO - Temps way back up again, 0.9 degrees. A bit heavy feeling, but nothing significant. White creamy CM
6DPO - Getting sick. Dull achy cramps in uterus area, and noticeable twinge when I move or twist sideways. Feels like I did too many abdominal exercises this morning! Checking breasts religiously, but so far no general pain. Nipples very tender, feel like they have been scraped.
7DPO - Getting sick. Cramping continues. Temps dropped significantly today, and I tried to think happy implantation thoughts. Cramping stronger on the left side, with slight twinges every once in a while. Lots of creamy CM
8DPO - Feeling definitely more sick. Temps down more today. Ran up and down the stairs and jumped around for confirmation that breasts were feeling more sore. Nipples still sensitive. Cramps continue.
9DPO - Definitely have a cold. Temps back up. Coughing and stuffy. Felt nauseas around dinner time. Feeling hot and sticky, a bit feverish. Dull cramping with slight twinges on left side. Nipples still sore. Creamy CM.
10DPO - Cold continues. Dry CM, and dull achy cramps continue.
11DPO - On and off cramps. Really noticeable when I go to bed or lie down. Nipples still sore, and boobs slightly more tender today. Dry CM.
12DPO - Tested using Internet cheap tests, a faint line that was (maybe?) pink but then turned quickly grey. Probably just an evap line. Headache today, in addition to cramps and tender nipples. So extremely sleepy at 8pm I thought I would fall down. Had to go to 10pm Christmas mass which was next to impossible! Creamy CM.
13DPO - Christmas morning! And a BFP! I used a CVS-brand test, and saw a pink second line within about 10 minutes. Still cramping.
14DPO - BFP again (and again and again!). Using digitals, regulars, and internet cheap tests! Dull achy cramping continues in uterus, some left side twinges. Breasts definitely sore now, and creamy CM continues.


1dpo- Twinges, near left ovary and left side of uterus. I think I may have O'd today...1 day late.
2-4dpo- Nothing out of the ordinary, think am getting a sinus infection. Dh and I bd'd on 4 dpo and was painful, very strange.
4-6dpo- uterus is tender to press on.
7-9dpo- feeling warm, took hpt on 9dpo bfn, not surprised way too early. Lots of cm on 9dpo
10 DPO- Had creamy white discharge on my panties when I went to the bathroom, very much like fertile cm. Every time I eat I feel icky, I think my sinuses are draining though and making me sick. Did have some aching in right breast near armpit today.
11 DPO- Lots of ewcm still. Internet cheapy-BFN. Breasts are tender, but only on the sides.
12 DPO- stinky pee. kept waking up thru the night. Lack of pms wickedness toward dh is new. Hurts my bb's and back to wear bra. Internet cheapy-BFN.
13 DPO- stinky pee, still not sleeping well. Watery cm, going potty a lot today. Dh and I bd'd tonight, not painful this time.
14-16 DPO- no af, too scared to test, didn't want to see another bfn, been feeling like af is just around the corner, very crampy. Hot flashes, still not sleeping well, and waking up to go potty.
17 DPO- no af today. Tested with fmu, BFP BFP BFP on three tests!! Been having more twinges and pulling sensations in lower abdomen.


1DPO - Still O cramps, BAD stomach ache, bbs not sore.
2DPO - Some O cramps, still EWCM, bbs not sore, VERY bad upper gas
3DPO - Achy cramping, fatigue, EWCM drying up, a little nausea in the AM, bbs slightly tender but barely.
4DPO - bbs not tender, woke up spacey
5DPO - bbs only a tiny bit tender, a few pains in ovary, nothing else!
6DPO - Right bb sore on the side upon waking, a LOT of dreams last night, bbs sore on the sides. Different kind of sore, more sharp pain. Not irritable. Calm most of the day. A bit of achy cramping in the evening.
7DPO - bbs a bit tender, but not as sore as yesterday or last night. Im very tired today, spacey. A little achy crampy, but not too much. Fast heart rate. Calm, not irritable. Just fatigued
8DPO - Kind of crampy in the AM, Right ovary pain throughout the night. Tired. White cm
9DPO - Tired. Eyes seem swollen all the time. Right ovary cramping again. A lot at night.Bbs tender, and VERY veiny. Very little cm
10DPO - woke up at 12:30 last night with terrible one sided migraine, wet cm, a little crampy. Tired. PRE AF cramps all throughout the day. Took a FRER, NEGATIVE. I'm very tired though. SO tired. But, it is probably just pms. Very bad mood all day. Im very upset. NO spotting yet. Bbs slightly tender.
11DPO - On and Off af type cramping. Tested with FRER and got a faint line, Tested with Equate, another faint line!! I THINK I AM PREGNANT! In total shock and disbelief!!! I will retest tomorrow morning! Hungry and Thirsty!
12DPO - Took two more tests, one Equate and one Target brand. BOTH VERY POSITIVE!!! IM PREGNANT!!!!
Crampy on and off, and right side ov pain. HUNGRY LIKE A HIPPO!!!!!!
13DPO - ANOTHER BFP!!!!! Cramping still mostly on the right. HUNGRY and tired
14DPO - Cramping not NEARLY as bad. Took a DIGITAL PREGNANT!!!! ITS OFFICIAL!


3DPO - Sticky/creamy cm today, lot's of! In abundance!
Noticed plenty yesterday too but not as much as today!
4DPO - A very large amount of creamy cm again today! I have never had this much at my fertile time ever! So either it is a good sign or well I don't know, going to surf the net now see what a lot of cm means. Nothing else happening, temps steady.
5DPO - Copius amounts of creamy cm again. Bowel habits, yuck, going very well, every morning for the last 3 days, very unlike me, lucky to go twice a week! Good food or pregnancy? Temperature as flat lined the past 3 days, very boring I must say! BB's not started tingling yet like they usually do past ovulation. Last night hubby said it 'felt different' down there after bd ing! My big O made that area much more sensitive than usual too ;) BBs have taken on thier pre-af role, although they sort of feel a bruised kind of pain, the left actually more than the right one!
6DPO - BBs are normal today, no bruised feelings or anything. Temperatures for the last few days have been the same, so flat, I've had this happen before but at the end of a non-pregnant cycle and then again at the end of a pregnant cycle, never from the start though so will see what happens.
Creamy cm still apparent but doesn't seem to be as much now. Later afternoon, got that heavy sort of feeling low down in ovary area, the type I have when my period is arriving.
7DPO - Bit of heavy like af type feeling again this morning. No pre-af bbs, they were only a bruised feel for one day. Still more cm but not as much now. Used the loo 3 times today oh my!
No af type feelings this afternoon. Still no BBs pre af feelings yet.
8 DPO - Creamy cm but not as abundant as first was. No pre-af bbs as yet. afternoon I tested with a fertility monitor stick and it is giving me a high rating. Tonight I feel like af is coming, not the sort of crampy feel but heavy feeling again. Late tonight.........had some sharp jabs in right ovary area. Had bits of feelings of sensitivity in bbs. Maybe insignificant but anyway......last few days have had a runny nose in the evenings, I thought I was going to get a cold but nothing as yet, just runny nose evenings!
9 DPO - Lots of creamy cm again today. Temp as risen, my ovusoft programme as issued a 'possible triphasic' message. FF will not do so until another 2 temps the same. Still no pre-af bbs.
Think I may be getting a urine infection, feeling I want to go to toilet a lot, it's not the pregnancy related type of frequency though. When i go I only do a few drops at times and then I get a strange sensation after I've emptied bladder. I'vbe had this before but can't remember how it progressed or anything, just know I've had it before! Called and got some over the counter cystitis/mild urine infection stuff, 48 hour course to alkalize urine, cranberry type stuff.
Today had funny sensation in bbs couple of times, just for split seconds. Runny nose again, just seems to be in the evenings.
10 DPO - Last night whilst in bed I had like fizzy-ness in bbs, just a couple of times lasting few seconds. Lot's of creamy cm again today. Temp is still triphasic.
11 DPO - Creamy cm back in abundance again. Did not get runny nose last night but it was this morning. Tested BFP on Digital HPT!
Notes about HPTs: I have been testing with 2 types of internet cheapy tests since 8dpo and I have been getting very, very faint greyish lines on them, so counting them as evaps but they came up within the 10 minute time frame. At 9DPO I got more lines so got hubby to pee on one, he got no lines!
Tested today with a clear blue normal test, a line within a minute, although faint and then I used the same urine with a digital and got a pregnant! yes, yes, yes!!!!! Also tested with clear blue fertility monitor stick and it gave me peak lines!


I have PCOS. I took 6 months to get pregnant and was on 1500 mg of Glucophage, drank green tea before ovulation, used OPKs and took a multivitamin with folic acid for one year prior to conception. Here's what I experienced until I got my BFP:

1 DPO - white lotiony cm
2 DPO - copius white lotiony cm, twinge on left side of uterus lasted a few seconds
3 DPO - few seconds twinge in uterus at night
4 DPO - lotiony white cm
5 DPO - copius lotiony white cm, gassy, twinge on low left side of uterus lasting about 30 seconds
6 DPO - copious lotiony white cm, slight twinge on right side of uterus lasted a few seconds
7 DPO - slight uterus cramping around 6:30pm, crumbly cm
8 DPO - mild burning/stinging sensation low in uterus and on left side, whitish creamy to pale yellow cm, bubbling feeling uterus lasted a few secs. Sharp cramps at night
9 DPO- Mild cramping off and on during the morning, bits of clear cm and white, lotiony cm , bright yellow urine
10 DPO - slight white cm in the morning, slight soreness on side of boobs, much cramping after lunch and at night, feeling of bubbling in uterus, clear gel like yellow cm
11 DPO - itchy left nipple, lotiony white/yelowish cm
12 DPO - slight cramps, itchy left nipple, white lotiony cm
13 DPO - same as 12 DPO
14 DPO - slight nausea, tingling nipples (both), funny taste in mouth, white lotiony cm, excessive hunger, slight pain on left side uterus (lasted a few secs), erect nipples
15 DPO - nausea during morning, sharp cramps around midday, constipation, excessive hunger, sore boobs
16 DPO - nausea all day, constipation, itchy nipples, excessive hunger, very sore boobs, feeling bloated, bad diarrhea at night
17 DPO - morning nausea, early morning cramps, copius white lotiony and yellowish cm, diarrhea, dark postive OPK at 12noon, tender boobs & nips, very thirsty, feeling like bubbling and pulling in uterus all night long
18 DPO - dark positive Opk at 11:10am. Copius lotiony white and yellowish cm, tender boobs, slight nausea, very thirsty, bloating in afternoon
19 DPO - positive pregnancy test! Nausea, pressure/bloating in uterus, constipation


Ok – I got my BFP this morning at 10 dpo!!! Very faint – but definitely a line! This was my 4th month TTC #2. The htp is a Target brand early pregnancy test. I used Answer early pregnancy test yesterday a.m. at 9dpo & got a BFN & then I thought for sure this month was a bust. It is verrrrrrrrrrrry early – but here are my symptoms so far:

1 dpo – nothing, but – went out to dinner with my girlfriends & had 2 drinks & got VERY ill!!! It was weird.
2 dpo – little crampy
4 dpo – really crampy
5 dpo – really crampy, super tired. Hot skin. Tons of creamy, sweet smelling cm.
6 dpo – super tired, starting to feel like I am coming down with something – feel feverish, hot skin, feels like I am getting the flu. I was sure I would have full blown flu/cold for the weekend. Lots of creamy cm.
7 dpo – some cramping. Dry cm. very tired. Get waves of dizziness & nausea – still positive I am getting sick. That night my bbs hurt so bad – but not the way they did with dd pregnancy. They don't hurt if I push on them or lay on them, they just get these waves of achiness (one bb at a time) and it feels like it is going to explode!!! DH seems convinced that he "planted the seed" but I am skeptical b/c I have been burned by "symptoms" the last 3 months.
8 dpo – feel so sick – like fluish – but only comes in waves. Pretty tired, really hot skin, sensitive smells, gaggy, dizzy. All of this is mild, but sometimes I just feel I need to sit down! Creamy cm – but not much – when it comes, it comes in loads!.
9 dpo – negative HPT – Answer early pt. Temp is still good, but I am convinced I am not pg & that I am simply insane! Achey (esp my neck) and swollen glands. EW cm & watery cm for most of the day – convinced it is the watery cm that comes right before AF. But, I did have some creamy cm at certain points in the day and (sorry TMI) I had cm that was like……snot.- sorry but no other way to explain it. And cm that was chunky – like creamy cm mixed in with ew cm making it chunky. Really weird. Really tired, have been having to go to bed by 9:30 I cannot keep my eyes open any more! Also – hungry in the evenings – had to have a bowl of cereal at 9 p.m.! I NEVER have this – I am never hungry & I never snack at night, but I felt I NEEDED a bowl of cereal. Also – with dd I craved funyuns really bad & I ate an entire bag! Over the past few days I have craved them, and have been eating them non-stop!!
Also I am bloated & VERY crampy this evening – AF type cramps – I am sure the hag is coming. Also though – when I get up fast from sitting or laying, I get these weird "pulls" in my abdomen – like it is stretching. Sometimes bbs, nips and abdomen itch too.
VERY emotional – cried over stupid things today. Really slippery cm
10 dpo – told myself that if my temps stayed the same or went up, I would test again – they stayed the same and……BFP with fmu using Target brand ept. I am in shock – I keep checking it – and it is a definite + sign! I have to pee a lot more. Still kinda achey – but not as bad. Still a bit crampy – really slippery cm. Also a "heavy" feeling in my lower abdomen – almost like I feel constipated, yet I am not.

This month we: used pre-seed!!! Bd'd 2 days before, one day before & one day after O. Used instead cup once - 2 days before O. hated it though – gross! Also took green tea capsules daily until O. Took folic acid daily. Laid on my back for 15 min or so after bd.

And I prayed – A LOT!


I loved obsessing over this site and can't believe it is now my turn to

2 dpo slight cramping
3 dpo constipation
4 dpo second accupuncture visit
5dpo very emotional
6dpo creamy cm and my sciatic nerve hurt all day. Temp dip
7dpo temps back up
8 dpo bd - felt like I had a yeast infection, I was very sore during and
after. Slight spotting afterwards when I wiped. I hoped it was
implantation but thought it could also be that af was coming 2 days early.
Temp dip. I always have at least one dip in my chart but I liked that
the spotting was on the same day. Slight cramps and very tired. 3rd
accupuncture visit. BFN
9dpo very congested
10 dpo very congested but more importantly 2 BFP's! temp up
11 dpo BFP but temp went down some. I was told to put the thermometer
away. HCG was 60 and progesterone was 34.
I am 12 dpo and I still have a cold.
My bbs have not really looked bigger and have not been sore. On 9 dpo I
asked dh to check my bbs and he thought they might have even been smaller!
Now they are a little fuller but nothing really noticable. I have not
been overly tired. I do feel like I have to go to the bathroom a lot.


DH and I have been trying to conceive for now for a couple months. We have
gotten pregnant twice before and lost both the babies. We truly believe
that this one is going to stick! We have passed the point where we lost the
other two and my symptoms have been quite different. Hope this information

DPO1: nothing
DPO2: Cramps
DPO3: Heartburn, migraine (not normal)
DPO4: Heartburn, headache, bad mood
DPO5: Heartburn, slight CM, headache
DPO6: Insomnia - woke up around 6 AM and couldn't go back to sleep yet I was
very tired. Not normal for me! Bad mood, got angry at everything!
DPO7: Very bad sore throat; thought I was coming down with something bad.
Headaches continue with some neck ache.
DPO8: Sore throat completely gone - very strange. Insomnia again around 6
AM. Very slight CM.
DPO9: Temp continues to rise - now close to 100. My temp doesn't normally
go above 99. Headache. In a great mood! Tired a little early in the
DPO10: Slept really good. Dark and smelly urine. Heartburn and very
DPO11: Strange taste in my mouth in the afternoon - like I had a nickel on
my tongue. Pinching feeling in my lower abdomen - not normal.
DPO12: Temp dropped to 88.3, this had me very sad for I thought AF was
coming. By mid-afternoon, temp had gone back up to 99. Tired, very tired.
DPO13: Temp staying around 99. Feeling like I am going to get a BFP. Took
a hpt and got a BFN using FRER. Some CM later in the afternoon along with
AF cramps.
DPO14: BFN with EPT. Temp still around 99 and in a great mood. I was
really tired this day and had a slight headache. AF cramps.
DPO15: Strong sense of smell today and in a GREAT mood. Headaches on and
off, temp staying around 88.9. Very very light pink line with $ tree -
thought it might be an evaporation line.
DPO16: BFP with $ tree!!! Very tired. A whole lot of EWCM and AF cramps.
DPO17-28: continued AF cramps. Very tired and my bbs just started to get
sore around 17 DPO. I never got my dark lines under the breasts and that
had my a little worried. I wasn't even seeing much EWCM until around 18
DPO. Now, when I get home from work, its as if I have wet my undies - a
whole lot of CM!

I truly hope that all of you ttc will get your BFP's very soon!!


This website definately helped me get through my two week wait! Thank you to everyone who posted their symptoms. This was my second month trying and it appears that I am now officially pregnant (one month along). I have missed my period and I have taken multiple positive pregnancy tests. Here are my 2 week wait symptoms:
O Day used an OPK; experienced ovulation cramps on left side
1DPO nothing except still having O cramps
2DPO gassy; slight headache; bloated; stomach growling
3DPO gassy; slight headache; bloated; mild diarrhea; slight burping; stomach growling
4DPO slight heartburn; developed slight cold; slight headache; bloated; mild diarrhea; slight burping; stomach growling
5DPO smelly pee; slight cold; felt faint but sharp twinges in abdomen 2 times; bloated; mild diarrhea; slight burping; stomach growling
6DPO smelly pee; slight cold; yelled at DH (temper really flared); bloated; breasts fuller (AF coming?); slight burping; stomach growling; nipples more erect at times?
7DPO slept like a rock (did not wake once); woke with cramps (AF-like); had bowel mvmt. and saw very faint pinkish CM in toilet paper; slight cold; bloated feeling like all these little symptoms are either in my head or pre AF symptoms; breasts fuller (AF coming?); stomach growling; nipples more erect at times?
8DPO MAJOR cramping at 6:30 am woke me and my husband up; too early for period and typically I do not have cramps anyway; had BM and cramps lessened a bit just what I ate last night??? Or implantation cramps? Cried during silly argument with husband; Breasts becoming slightly tender (common around this time of month)
9DPO Dull aches in abdomen all day AF coming? Breasts still slightly tender (common around this time of month); restless sleep evening of Day 8
10DPO Nothing; tested early morning and got a BFN...still quite early
11DPO Woke up at night with dull cramps; tested early in morning and had a faint
BFP test was so faint I wondered if I imagined it; tested again after work with friend this time it was even fainter; in the evening used a different brand and received an obvious positive! Will try again tomorrow morning
12DPO Took another HPT this morning to make sure again, a faint positive, but it showed up very quickly. Will test Thurs. and Fri. too, just to make sure. Keeping fingers crossed no period shows up. Feeling good and positive about pregnancy! Still have crampy and bloated feeling; burpy and boobs ache on sides
13DPO + Took multiple tests over the next few days and the line keeps getting stronger and stronger Looking back, it was the major cramps that was my sign


Here are my symptoms (wow, so surreal):

Hubbie (25) and I (26) have been ttc for four months. I have been charting my cycle since we first married 2 1/2 years ago (Roman Catholic). When we didn't conceive the first couple months of trying. I made a bunch of changes to my lifestyle, not sure if they helped but here they are: stopped drinking coffee/tea only decaf tea, stopped eating candy (I'm a big sweet tooth), stopped weightlifting/running. In July when we first started trying I was doing lots of running races up to 1/2 marathons. I was 5'2", 14% body fat and less than 100 lbs. I replaced running and weightlifting with swimming 4X a week because I knew I needed to gain some weight and put less strain on my body. I would reccomend it for those of you exercise freaks who are planning to slow down only when you actually get pregnant!!

1 DPO- nauseous (normal), sleepy (normal), twingy cramps (normal), heartburn, thirsty
2 DPO- sharp cramps (normal), heartburn, sore BB's
3 DPO- sore BB's, fatigue
4 DPO- sore BB's, fatigued, dreams
5 DPO- little nausea, sensitive smell, sore BB's, CM, dreams
6 DPO- BB's little sore, cried over some little things (country songs), dreams
7 DPO- yellow-ish CM, dreams
8 DPO- yellow-ish CM, dreams, very slight twinges, loose stools
9 DPO- SPOTTING redish/brown, very unusual when I do spot before my period it is almost always just brown and it has never been this early before in 2 1/2 years, cramps, dreams, cried over little things (I've got to stop listening to country music!) hot (but maybe that was because I really was hot-we live in Hawaii), sore BB's, BFN
10 DPO- more spotting redish/brown again. sore BB's, some CM, backache, kept running out of breath during easy swim workout, dreams
11 DPO- another definate BFN (Confirm 1 step) I even took apart the test to try to find a faint line, BB's still sore, dreams, backache, cramps
12 DPO- definate BFP!!!!!!!!!!! ept tester came up with Pregnant! after couple minutes!! BB's had shooting pain when I first woke up. Also temp when triphasic (highest temp ever).

Some symptoms others had that I did not or have not had yet were: bloating, burping, gassy, constipated, cravings, hunger, thirst, bad taste in my mouth, veins on my BB's, sore nips, changes in nips, leg aches.

The symptoms that made this tww stand out to me were the dreams I had every night (I rarely remember my dreams), having CM further into the tww and the spotting. The other symptoms I've had on other cycles where I wasn't pregnant. Like most of the others, I definately didn't (and still don't) feel pregnant.

Baby Dust to everyone!! Oh Also, next time someone tells you to "relax, if you keep stressing yourself out, you won't get pregnant" let them know that you know someone who stressed and worried herself all the way to a +++HPT!!


Got my BFP two days ago. I wanted to send in my symptoms because I love this site, and found it so helpful during my stressful 2ww's.


4DPO - headache, slight twinge in uterus. Felt crampy and bloated. Felt like AF cramps, ache in leg and achey in abdomen. Creamy CM
5DPO - AM: creamy CM, 1PM - EWCM but kind of cloudy and not too stretchy, leg cramp in calf
6DPO - very infrequent ache in uterus - probably imagining it. PM: sharp pain in left side of uterus, strong twinges of pain that only last a second. Also some dull aches, back pain & bloating (I think this is when I implanted)
7DPO - last night woke up in the middle of the night with horrible AF type cramps. This morning they were gone, but come and go as a dull ache. I can really feel my bladder, feels like when you have a bladder infection. Worried AF might be on the way. PM: strong craving for pulled pork BBQ sandwich - went to Famous Dave's - perfect. Headache. Some twinging, but not as strong as yesterday‚s. Creamy CM.
8DPO - BFN, backache, Creamy CM.
9DPO - BFN, breasts feel a little fuller, might be imagining it though. They are definitely not sore! Bloating, fatigue (went to bed at 8pm), one small sharp shooting pain in left breast that I never would have noticed if I wasn‚t obsessed with documenting symptoms. Uterus feels kind of sore, not quite like AF type cramps - a little different. Creamy CM.
10DPO - BFN, pain in groin like when you pull your groin, bloating, nausea for about 10 mins in the morning on empty stomach, fatigue - went to bed early, backache, a little dizziness or light-headedness but not too bad. Cramps not quite like AF, more sore. No CM.
11DPO - BFN - groin pain, bloating, backache, uterus sore. Tired, came home for lunch to take a nap.
12DPO - BFN, but I could see where the 2nd line was supposed to be - groin pain, creamy CM, uterus sore, kind of crampy but not like AF. Had to have a white chocolate covered pretzel.
13DPO - BFP w/ 2 HPT but line is very faint. Groin pain has gotten worse, stronger all day. Small bout of nausea on empty stomach. A little dizzy.
14DPO - BFP line was darker, but not really dark. BBs sore and swollen.

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