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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and TTC Success Stories!

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Welcome to the growing collection of REAL two week wait pregnancy symptoms. If you're here, you probably are wondering if the symptoms you're feeling are real or imaginary! Hopefully they are real and your BFP is just around the corner. So while you are ever so patiently waiting to test, here are all the juicy early pregnancy symptoms you can ask for!

BFP with 100mg clomid cd 2-6:

3DPO - Sticky/creamy cm today, lot's of! In abundance!
Noticed plenty yesterday too but not as much as today!
4DPO - A very large amount of creamy cm again today! I have never had this much at my fertile time ever! So either it is a good sign or well I don't know, going to surf the net now see what a lot of cm means. Nothing else happening, temps steady.
5DPO - Copius amounts of creamy cm again. Bowel habits, yuck, going very well, every morning for the last 3 days, very unlike me, lucky to go twice a week! Good food or pregnancy? Temperature as flat lined the past 3 days, very boring I must say! BB's not started tingling yet like they usually do past ovulation. Last night hubby said it 'felt different' down there after bd ing! My big O made that area much more sensitive than usual too ;) BBs have taken on thier pre-af role, although they sort of feel a bruised kind of pain, the left actually more than the right one!
6DPO - BBs are normal today, no bruised feelings or anything. Temperatures for the last few days have been the same, so flat, I've had this happen before but at the end of a non-pregnant cycle and then again at the end of a pregnant cycle, never from the start though so will see what happens.
Creamy cm still apparent but doesn't seem to be as much now. Later afternoon, got that heavy sort of feeling low down in ovary area, the type I have when my period is arriving.
7DPO - Bit of heavy like af type feeling again this morning. No pre-af bbs, they were only a bruised feel for one day. Still more cm but not as much now. Used the loo 3 times today oh my!
No af type feelings this afternoon. Still no BBs pre af feelings yet.
8 DPO - Creamy cm but not as abundant as first was. No pre-af bbs as yet. afternoon I tested with a fertility monitor stick and it is giving me a high rating. Tonight I feel like af is coming, not the sort of crampy feel but heavy feeling again. Late tonight.........had some sharp jabs in right ovary area. Had bits of feelings of sensitivity in bbs. Maybe insignificant but anyway......last few days have had a runny nose in the evenings, I thought I was going to get a cold but nothing as yet, just runny nose evenings!
9 DPO - Lots of creamy cm again today. Temp as risen, my ovusoft programme as issued a 'possible triphasic' message. FF will not do so until another 2 temps the same. Still no pre-af bbs.
Think I may be getting a urine infection, feeling I want to go to toilet a lot, it's not the pregnancy related type of frequency though. When i go I only do a few drops at times and then I get a strange sensation after I've emptied bladder. I'vbe had this before but can't remember how it progressed or anything, just know I've had it before! Called and got some over the counter cystitis/mild urine infection stuff, 48 hour course to alkalize urine, cranberry type stuff.
Today had funny sensation in bbs couple of times, just for split seconds. Runny nose again, just seems to be in the evenings.
10 DPO - Last night whilst in bed I had like fizzy-ness in bbs, just a couple of times lasting few seconds. Lot's of creamy cm again today. Temp is still triphasic.
11 DPO - Creamy cm back in abundance again. Did not get runny nose last night but it was this morning. Tested BFP on Digital HPT!
Notes about HPTs: I have been testing with 2 types of internet cheapy tests since 8dpo and I have been getting very, very faint greyish lines on them, so counting them as evaps but they came up within the 10 minute time frame. At 9DPO I got more lines so got hubby to pee on one, he got no lines!
Tested today with a clear blue normal test, a line within a minute, although faint and then I used the same urine with a digital and got a pregnant! yes, yes, yes!!!!! Also tested with clear blue fertility monitor stick and it gave me peak lines!


I have PCOS. I took 6 months to get pregnant and was on 1500 mg of Glucophage, drank green tea before ovulation, used OPKs and took a multivitamin with folic acid for one year prior to conception. Here's what I experienced until I got my BFP:

1 DPO - white lotiony cm
2 DPO - copius white lotiony cm, twinge on left side of uterus lasted a few seconds
3 DPO - few seconds twinge in uterus at night
4 DPO - lotiony white cm
5 DPO - copius lotiony white cm, gassy, twinge on low left side of uterus lasting about 30 seconds
6 DPO - copious lotiony white cm, slight twinge on right side of uterus lasted a few seconds
7 DPO - slight uterus cramping around 6:30pm, crumbly cm
8 DPO - mild burning/stinging sensation low in uterus and on left side, whitish creamy to pale yellow cm, bubbling feeling uterus lasted a few secs. Sharp cramps at night
9 DPO- Mild cramping off and on during the morning, bits of clear cm and white, lotiony cm , bright yellow urine
10 DPO - slight white cm in the morning, slight soreness on side of boobs, much cramping after lunch and at night, feeling of bubbling in uterus, clear gel like yellow cm
11 DPO - itchy left nipple, lotiony white/yelowish cm
12 DPO - slight cramps, itchy left nipple, white lotiony cm
13 DPO - same as 12 DPO
14 DPO - slight nausea, tingling nipples (both), funny taste in mouth, white lotiony cm, excessive hunger, slight pain on left side uterus (lasted a few secs), erect nipples
15 DPO - nausea during morning, sharp cramps around midday, constipation, excessive hunger, sore boobs
16 DPO - nausea all day, constipation, itchy nipples, excessive hunger, very sore boobs, feeling bloated, bad diarrhea at night
17 DPO - morning nausea, early morning cramps, copius white lotiony and yellowish cm, diarrhea, dark postive OPK at 12noon, tender boobs & nips, very thirsty, feeling like bubbling and pulling in uterus all night long
18 DPO - dark positive Opk at 11:10am. Copius lotiony white and yellowish cm, tender boobs, slight nausea, very thirsty, bloating in afternoon
19 DPO - positive pregnancy test! Nausea, pressure/bloating in uterus, constipation


Ok – I got my BFP this morning at 10 dpo!!! Very faint – but definitely a line! This was my 4th month TTC #2. The htp is a Target brand early pregnancy test. I used Answer early pregnancy test yesterday a.m. at 9dpo & got a BFN & then I thought for sure this month was a bust. It is verrrrrrrrrrrry early – but here are my symptoms so far:

1 dpo – nothing, but – went out to dinner with my girlfriends & had 2 drinks & got VERY ill!!! It was weird.
2 dpo – little crampy
4 dpo – really crampy
5 dpo – really crampy, super tired. Hot skin. Tons of creamy, sweet smelling cm.
6 dpo – super tired, starting to feel like I am coming down with something – feel feverish, hot skin, feels like I am getting the flu. I was sure I would have full blown flu/cold for the weekend. Lots of creamy cm.
7 dpo – some cramping. Dry cm. very tired. Get waves of dizziness & nausea – still positive I am getting sick. That night my bbs hurt so bad – but not the way they did with dd pregnancy. They don't hurt if I push on them or lay on them, they just get these waves of achiness (one bb at a time) and it feels like it is going to explode!!! DH seems convinced that he "planted the seed" but I am skeptical b/c I have been burned by "symptoms" the last 3 months.
8 dpo – feel so sick – like fluish – but only comes in waves. Pretty tired, really hot skin, sensitive smells, gaggy, dizzy. All of this is mild, but sometimes I just feel I need to sit down! Creamy cm – but not much – when it comes, it comes in loads!.
9 dpo – negative HPT – Answer early pt. Temp is still good, but I am convinced I am not pg & that I am simply insane! Achey (esp my neck) and swollen glands. EW cm & watery cm for most of the day – convinced it is the watery cm that comes right before AF. But, I did have some creamy cm at certain points in the day and (sorry TMI) I had cm that was like……snot.- sorry but no other way to explain it. And cm that was chunky – like creamy cm mixed in with ew cm making it chunky. Really weird. Really tired, have been having to go to bed by 9:30 I cannot keep my eyes open any more! Also – hungry in the evenings – had to have a bowl of cereal at 9 p.m.! I NEVER have this – I am never hungry & I never snack at night, but I felt I NEEDED a bowl of cereal. Also – with dd I craved funyuns really bad & I ate an entire bag! Over the past few days I have craved them, and have been eating them non-stop!!
Also I am bloated & VERY crampy this evening – AF type cramps – I am sure the hag is coming. Also though – when I get up fast from sitting or laying, I get these weird "pulls" in my abdomen – like it is stretching. Sometimes bbs, nips and abdomen itch too.
VERY emotional – cried over stupid things today. Really slippery cm
10 dpo – told myself that if my temps stayed the same or went up, I would test again – they stayed the same and……BFP with fmu using Target brand ept. I am in shock – I keep checking it – and it is a definite + sign! I have to pee a lot more. Still kinda achey – but not as bad. Still a bit crampy – really slippery cm. Also a "heavy" feeling in my lower abdomen – almost like I feel constipated, yet I am not.

This month we: used pre-seed!!! Bd'd 2 days before, one day before & one day after O. Used instead cup once - 2 days before O. hated it though – gross! Also took green tea capsules daily until O. Took folic acid daily. Laid on my back for 15 min or so after bd.

And I prayed – A LOT!


I loved obsessing over this site and can't believe it is now my turn to

2 dpo slight cramping
3 dpo constipation
4 dpo second accupuncture visit
5dpo very emotional
6dpo creamy cm and my sciatic nerve hurt all day. Temp dip
7dpo temps back up
8 dpo bd - felt like I had a yeast infection, I was very sore during and
after. Slight spotting afterwards when I wiped. I hoped it was
implantation but thought it could also be that af was coming 2 days early.
Temp dip. I always have at least one dip in my chart but I liked that
the spotting was on the same day. Slight cramps and very tired. 3rd
accupuncture visit. BFN
9dpo very congested
10 dpo very congested but more importantly 2 BFP's! temp up
11 dpo BFP but temp went down some. I was told to put the thermometer
away. HCG was 60 and progesterone was 34.
I am 12 dpo and I still have a cold.
My bbs have not really looked bigger and have not been sore. On 9 dpo I
asked dh to check my bbs and he thought they might have even been smaller!
Now they are a little fuller but nothing really noticable. I have not
been overly tired. I do feel like I have to go to the bathroom a lot.


DH and I have been trying to conceive for now for a couple months. We have
gotten pregnant twice before and lost both the babies. We truly believe
that this one is going to stick! We have passed the point where we lost the
other two and my symptoms have been quite different. Hope this information

DPO1: nothing
DPO2: Cramps
DPO3: Heartburn, migraine (not normal)
DPO4: Heartburn, headache, bad mood
DPO5: Heartburn, slight CM, headache
DPO6: Insomnia - woke up around 6 AM and couldn't go back to sleep yet I was
very tired. Not normal for me! Bad mood, got angry at everything!
DPO7: Very bad sore throat; thought I was coming down with something bad.
Headaches continue with some neck ache.
DPO8: Sore throat completely gone - very strange. Insomnia again around 6
AM. Very slight CM.
DPO9: Temp continues to rise - now close to 100. My temp doesn't normally
go above 99. Headache. In a great mood! Tired a little early in the
DPO10: Slept really good. Dark and smelly urine. Heartburn and very
DPO11: Strange taste in my mouth in the afternoon - like I had a nickel on
my tongue. Pinching feeling in my lower abdomen - not normal.
DPO12: Temp dropped to 88.3, this had me very sad for I thought AF was
coming. By mid-afternoon, temp had gone back up to 99. Tired, very tired.
DPO13: Temp staying around 99. Feeling like I am going to get a BFP. Took
a hpt and got a BFN using FRER. Some CM later in the afternoon along with
AF cramps.
DPO14: BFN with EPT. Temp still around 99 and in a great mood. I was
really tired this day and had a slight headache. AF cramps.
DPO15: Strong sense of smell today and in a GREAT mood. Headaches on and
off, temp staying around 88.9. Very very light pink line with $ tree -
thought it might be an evaporation line.
DPO16: BFP with $ tree!!! Very tired. A whole lot of EWCM and AF cramps.
DPO17-28: continued AF cramps. Very tired and my bbs just started to get
sore around 17 DPO. I never got my dark lines under the breasts and that
had my a little worried. I wasn't even seeing much EWCM until around 18
DPO. Now, when I get home from work, its as if I have wet my undies - a
whole lot of CM!

I truly hope that all of you ttc will get your BFP's very soon!!


This website definately helped me get through my two week wait! Thank you to everyone who posted their symptoms. This was my second month trying and it appears that I am now officially pregnant (one month along). I have missed my period and I have taken multiple positive pregnancy tests. Here are my 2 week wait symptoms:
O Day used an OPK; experienced ovulation cramps on left side
1DPO nothing except still having O cramps
2DPO gassy; slight headache; bloated; stomach growling
3DPO gassy; slight headache; bloated; mild diarrhea; slight burping; stomach growling
4DPO slight heartburn; developed slight cold; slight headache; bloated; mild diarrhea; slight burping; stomach growling
5DPO smelly pee; slight cold; felt faint but sharp twinges in abdomen 2 times; bloated; mild diarrhea; slight burping; stomach growling
6DPO smelly pee; slight cold; yelled at DH (temper really flared); bloated; breasts fuller (AF coming?); slight burping; stomach growling; nipples more erect at times?
7DPO slept like a rock (did not wake once); woke with cramps (AF-like); had bowel mvmt. and saw very faint pinkish CM in toilet paper; slight cold; bloated feeling like all these little symptoms are either in my head or pre AF symptoms; breasts fuller (AF coming?); stomach growling; nipples more erect at times?
8DPO MAJOR cramping at 6:30 am woke me and my husband up; too early for period and typically I do not have cramps anyway; had BM and cramps lessened a bit just what I ate last night??? Or implantation cramps? Cried during silly argument with husband; Breasts becoming slightly tender (common around this time of month)
9DPO Dull aches in abdomen all day AF coming? Breasts still slightly tender (common around this time of month); restless sleep evening of Day 8
10DPO Nothing; tested early morning and got a BFN...still quite early
11DPO Woke up at night with dull cramps; tested early in morning and had a faint
BFP test was so faint I wondered if I imagined it; tested again after work with friend this time it was even fainter; in the evening used a different brand and received an obvious positive! Will try again tomorrow morning
12DPO Took another HPT this morning to make sure again, a faint positive, but it showed up very quickly. Will test Thurs. and Fri. too, just to make sure. Keeping fingers crossed no period shows up. Feeling good and positive about pregnancy! Still have crampy and bloated feeling; burpy and boobs ache on sides
13DPO + Took multiple tests over the next few days and the line keeps getting stronger and stronger Looking back, it was the major cramps that was my sign


Here are my symptoms (wow, so surreal):

Hubbie (25) and I (26) have been ttc for four months. I have been charting my cycle since we first married 2 1/2 years ago (Roman Catholic). When we didn't conceive the first couple months of trying. I made a bunch of changes to my lifestyle, not sure if they helped but here they are: stopped drinking coffee/tea only decaf tea, stopped eating candy (I'm a big sweet tooth), stopped weightlifting/running. In July when we first started trying I was doing lots of running races up to 1/2 marathons. I was 5'2", 14% body fat and less than 100 lbs. I replaced running and weightlifting with swimming 4X a week because I knew I needed to gain some weight and put less strain on my body. I would reccomend it for those of you exercise freaks who are planning to slow down only when you actually get pregnant!!

1 DPO- nauseous (normal), sleepy (normal), twingy cramps (normal), heartburn, thirsty
2 DPO- sharp cramps (normal), heartburn, sore BB's
3 DPO- sore BB's, fatigue
4 DPO- sore BB's, fatigued, dreams
5 DPO- little nausea, sensitive smell, sore BB's, CM, dreams
6 DPO- BB's little sore, cried over some little things (country songs), dreams
7 DPO- yellow-ish CM, dreams
8 DPO- yellow-ish CM, dreams, very slight twinges, loose stools
9 DPO- SPOTTING redish/brown, very unusual when I do spot before my period it is almost always just brown and it has never been this early before in 2 1/2 years, cramps, dreams, cried over little things (I've got to stop listening to country music!) hot (but maybe that was because I really was hot-we live in Hawaii), sore BB's, BFN
10 DPO- more spotting redish/brown again. sore BB's, some CM, backache, kept running out of breath during easy swim workout, dreams
11 DPO- another definate BFN (Confirm 1 step) I even took apart the test to try to find a faint line, BB's still sore, dreams, backache, cramps
12 DPO- definate BFP!!!!!!!!!!! ept tester came up with Pregnant! after couple minutes!! BB's had shooting pain when I first woke up. Also temp when triphasic (highest temp ever).

Some symptoms others had that I did not or have not had yet were: bloating, burping, gassy, constipated, cravings, hunger, thirst, bad taste in my mouth, veins on my BB's, sore nips, changes in nips, leg aches.

The symptoms that made this tww stand out to me were the dreams I had every night (I rarely remember my dreams), having CM further into the tww and the spotting. The other symptoms I've had on other cycles where I wasn't pregnant. Like most of the others, I definately didn't (and still don't) feel pregnant.

Baby Dust to everyone!! Oh Also, next time someone tells you to "relax, if you keep stressing yourself out, you won't get pregnant" let them know that you know someone who stressed and worried herself all the way to a +++HPT!!


Got my BFP two days ago. I wanted to send in my symptoms because I love this site, and found it so helpful during my stressful 2ww's.


4DPO - headache, slight twinge in uterus. Felt crampy and bloated. Felt like AF cramps, ache in leg and achey in abdomen. Creamy CM
5DPO - AM: creamy CM, 1PM - EWCM but kind of cloudy and not too stretchy, leg cramp in calf
6DPO - very infrequent ache in uterus - probably imagining it. PM: sharp pain in left side of uterus, strong twinges of pain that only last a second. Also some dull aches, back pain & bloating (I think this is when I implanted)
7DPO - last night woke up in the middle of the night with horrible AF type cramps. This morning they were gone, but come and go as a dull ache. I can really feel my bladder, feels like when you have a bladder infection. Worried AF might be on the way. PM: strong craving for pulled pork BBQ sandwich - went to Famous Dave's - perfect. Headache. Some twinging, but not as strong as yesterday‚s. Creamy CM.
8DPO - BFN, backache, Creamy CM.
9DPO - BFN, breasts feel a little fuller, might be imagining it though. They are definitely not sore! Bloating, fatigue (went to bed at 8pm), one small sharp shooting pain in left breast that I never would have noticed if I wasn‚t obsessed with documenting symptoms. Uterus feels kind of sore, not quite like AF type cramps - a little different. Creamy CM.
10DPO - BFN, pain in groin like when you pull your groin, bloating, nausea for about 10 mins in the morning on empty stomach, fatigue - went to bed early, backache, a little dizziness or light-headedness but not too bad. Cramps not quite like AF, more sore. No CM.
11DPO - BFN - groin pain, bloating, backache, uterus sore. Tired, came home for lunch to take a nap.
12DPO - BFN, but I could see where the 2nd line was supposed to be - groin pain, creamy CM, uterus sore, kind of crampy but not like AF. Had to have a white chocolate covered pretzel.
13DPO - BFP w/ 2 HPT but line is very faint. Groin pain has gotten worse, stronger all day. Small bout of nausea on empty stomach. A little dizzy.
14DPO - BFP line was darker, but not really dark. BBs sore and swollen.


Hi! I'm 41 years old and decided to TTC#1 via AI. This was my 2nd cycle trying and I just got my BFP today! Here are my early pregnancy symptoms:
I used Guaifenesen from the day after AF until O. I also used Preseed.
1-3DPO: Nothing except my sugars went high (I'm a Diabetic)
4DPO: A brief, shooting, pulling pain across my lower abdomen which caused me to double over. Sugars still out of control.
5DPO: Tired, skin breakout, cramping. At 9PM: Copious amount of creamy CM (very, very unusual). The CM prompted me to check my CP. It was low and softer than I've ever felt it.
6DPO-13DPO: BBS sore, tired, cramps.
7DPO: Fluorescent yellow urine
8DPO-13DPO: Right sided "O" pain
9DPO: Bloating, headache, hypoglycemic episode, a lot of creamy CM again, bleeding gums at night.
10DPO: Hypoglycemic episode, nasal congestion, slight sore throat, food tasting too salty, faint line on Internet cheapie (I discounted it because of BFN on other tests), CM turned "chunky" creamy (sorry, don't know any other way of describing it).
11DPO:little nasal congestion left. heartburn is horrible! nothing is helping. pinching between navel and pubic bone X3 @ 6:40PM. 3 more at 7:30PM and the a couple seconds of constant. ?implantation? dark/bright yellow on TP.
12DPO: Tender Breasts, Ovulation Pain, Bloating, Fatigue, Headache, Backache, Cramps, Heartburn, Hypoglycemic,
bbs are absolutely killing me and feels very heavy. R kidney area backache. very tired. want to nap @ 4pm. R groin ache.
13DPO:Tender Breasts, Ovulation Pain, Bloating, Fatigue, Backache, Cramps, Increased Appetite, Heartburn, hypoglycemic.
3 faint lines on 3 tests. FMU on FRER, SMU on 2 Answer. R groin ache.
5PM got another faint line on FRER that came up in 1 minute-a little darker than this morning.
Good luck to everyone TTC!

Hello, all! Got a faint + 10 dpo this morning. My tww symptoms were

1 dpo ewcm drying up
2 dpo feeling pressure/fullness in abdomen, a little cramping or twinges
(ovulation-like). Some cloudy cm. Joint pain.
3 dpo more cloudy cm
4 dpo feeling a little nausea and took 2 and 1/2 hour nap--deep sleep. More
cm--yellow and cloudy. Hiccups at night. Vivid dreams.
5 dpo lower backache, tiny bit of sorness in right bb on side, mild nausea
in a.m., irritable/on verge of tears in a.m., burping in throat, some mild
crampiness, hungry.
6 dpo Bleeding gums during a.m. which NEVER happens. Frequent urination.
8 dpo slightly tender bbs, little white bumps (Montgomery's tubercles) on
nips (but not as significant in 3rd pregnancy), smell aversions, craving
carbs, red meat, and chocolate (thinking af is coming). Emotional.
9 dpo neg. hpt w/ FMU using Equate. Upset stomach, nausea all day.
Diarrhea, heartburn. Tired, smell aversions, morning coffee didn't appeal
to me, a twitch or two in abdomen. Lower abdomen feels like pulling when I
try to get up from sitting. Feeling really sick in p.m. Had one piece of
toast for dinner. Crying over sad tv show.
10 dpo 4:45 a.m. woke up with terrible, acid-y feeling in stomach. Very
unusual for me. Took $ Tree hpt with fmu and got the faintest of all bfp!
Clearly some pink in it, so I don't think it's evap. Came up in about 9
minutes. Dh couldn't see it at first, but when I took test apart, it was
more visible. Still having nausea and diarrhea and feeling like I've got a
stomach bug.

I just got my BFP! My 2WW Symptoms were:
2DPO - Tender breasts and headache.
4DPO - Tender breasts
8DPO - Cramps and a sharp shooting pain from pelvic area to lower abs about 3 times in 30 seconds.
9 - 10DPO - Cramps - normal Pre AF ones.
Evening of 10DPO - Tiny bit of spotting on tp after BD'ing - not normal for me AT ALL but i tried to ignore it instead of obsessing - thought maybe BD'ing had been a bit rough ;o)
11DPO - Cramps
12DPO - Temp still up, tender breasts, tender nipples, BFP on Acon internet cheapie and FRER.
13DPO - Cramps, BFP on CB Digital.
The only things that made me wonder thru the 2WW were the shooting pain at 8DPO and the spotting. I also had started back on the acupuncture this month. My temps weren't great - they were up but kept sliding down to the CL until a day before my BFP!

BFP cycle #4. But only 3 with good timing. I concieved after Depo Provera! On my own with no meds!

1-14DPO I was charting and my chart this month really didn't look that hopeful for pregnancy. No above average temperatures. Just normal. Delayed O! I didn't O until cycle day 22! My last few post O temps averaged at 97.9 - 98.0 and my coverline was at 97.1
1-7 DPO I itched "down there" a lot. Almost felt like I shaved too close or had a mild Yeast infection, but it went away on it's own in a few days. (.)(.)'s normlly get sore on 3-4 DPO and nothing this time.
8-14 DPO (.)(.)'s finally decided to get sore, but this time they hurt differently than before. This time they hurt on the sides close to my arms. Very weird, didn't think I would get a BFP out of it.
11DPO Husband said I was acting strange and funny. I didn't think I was, I just thought he was crazy! LOL! I said **** it, i'm not preggo and had a small glass of wine. (I didn't want to overdue it just in case.)
11-12 DPO my back hurt a lot more than usual and felt like it needed to be popped more than usual. Woke up in the middle of the night with hot and cold flashes.
12DPO BFP with First response! 2 of them! Faint, but defenitly there! Even in the evening with drinking lots of water.
13DPO BFP with First response, Equate, Clear Blue Easy, & $1.00 tree tests. & Positive blood test. HCG at 32!
14DPO-17DPO HUNGRY every 3 hours. More frequent urination. (.)(.)'s larger and tender. CM is more yellow in color. More easily fatigued. NO morning sickness yet! My fat pants are already snug. Slight pinching pulling sensations in abdomen when I get up or sit down too fast. And HORRIBLE gas cramps! I thought I was dying! Constipation & diarreah alternating.

What we did this month. BD'd 3 days before O, the day before, and the day of the O. 3 days before the O was woman on top and we both "O'd" at the same time, and the other two times was man on top. I laid still for a bit and didn't go pee immediately after BDing. Had lots of EWCM this month too!

My name is Mandy and I'm 25 years old. I've been on BCP's since I was 16 due to by PCOS, and I decided to go off of them this month to prepare to ttc. I charted all of my fertility signs, BBT, CM, and CP and we "baby danced" 2 days before my chart said I ovulated. At 10 dpo I got a BFP using FRER. I had never ttc before and I wasn't on any medicines or fertility drugs. I guess I got lucky! I am also overweight at 265lbs on a 5'5 frame, so I am very lucky!

My early pregnancy symptoms are:

* Increased sex drive
* sexual dreams
* af-like cramping- really bad starting 8 dpo, so bad I couldn't sleep on my stomach
* temp spike at 10 dpo
* implantation spotting at 10 dpo
* implantation dip at 11 dpo
* gassy from 5 dpo on
* small thin spider-like veins appeared on the side of my boobs, side of boobs were tender but not unbearably sore
* smelly stinky pee!! from 7 dpo - this was a big tip-off for me
* Creamy CM
* "off" a bit- I tried to turn the tv on by pointing the remote at the microwave! lol
* "stretchy-pully" feeling from 8 dpo- like my uterus was a puppet and someone was pulling on the strings from time to time
* Slight increase in urination starting 10 dpo

My 2WW symptoms after TTC #3 after my Mirena IUD removal in May. I've heard many stories of people having early miscarriages a few months after the Mirena removal so we waited two months for cycles to become regular. We either missed it Cycle #1 or I had an early miscarriage as I had a very early AF on DPO10 and bled for 7 days. We are still being cautious with this not telling anyone until we hear a heartbeat. I don't have an appt. until Oct. 3rd when I'll be 8 wks.

I wasn't charting but I was checking CM and did get a +OPK on CD14. DH was out of town but he came home early. :)
DPO 1-5 insomnia, sore BB, cramping, EWM,
DPO 6-10- heartburn, nausea, fatigue, more AF cramping, metal taste in my mouth, low grade fever, achy, feel like I'm getting a cold or flu.
DPO 11 BFP with FMU with Aimstick very faint line after 5 minutes, no spotting
DPO 12 BFP with FMU with Answer darker line- no spotting, pulling and tingly feeling on left side.
DPO 15 BFP with FMU with Equate- line turned in 3 seconds- no spotting, leg cramps

DPO 15 thru now- Insomnia from 1-4 am each night... Yikes, I'm going to have to figure that out. Not as much nausea as I had with DD and DS at this point but BB still sore and temp is still above my norm. Otherwise feel fairly normal.

EDD May 13th, 2006

Praying that everyone else gets a BFP soon and Baby Dust to all!

1DPO: 5pm- pains on right side. 6pm: Quick sharp pain lasting 2-3 seconds on left side. O pain??
2DPO: Nips are senstive in PM. Burning/glass feeling?White CM.

3DPO: Right armpit a bit sore.
Tight feeling in abdomen...
some sharp twinges--but only far and few inbetween.
Nips are sensitive--"glassy feeling?"
HUNGRY today!
Chunky white CM.
5:20pm: Pulling/pinching feeling behind belly button.
8:15pm: OUCH! Intense cramping!! Middle to left side. 1st one lasted about 3-4 seconds. A few more came afterwards, but not as intense... Could be gas??

4DPO: Bbs sore this am..not anymore this afternoon. Same w/ nips. Loose stool @ 2pm. TIRED.... may take a nap...
Headache this afternoon, neck strain.
*4:45pm--felt shaky/hungry--low blood sugar?? Ate dinner and felt a little better.
7pm- shooting pain (not too intense) on right side. Lasted a few seconds.... a few follow up twinges.
Been having "throwup" burps throughout the day...
*Smell and taste are sensitive... things taste "off" to me.
Wierd feeling in abdomen--stretching across-like a tightened feeling when I laid down in bed. Lasted until I fell asleep. Felt full in lower abdomen. Also a stretching/slight burning sensation around it was stretching out...

5DPO: Increased sense of taste--things taste "off" to me.
Also, sense of smell increased. *Feeling of fullness in lower abdomen...

6DPO: TIRED today... Not many twinges/cramping today...more noticable in the evening. Sore throat: just an inkling of it...not full blown. Slight soreness of breasts.

7DPO: Cramping last night... a bit more on right side.
Thirsty last night also.
Breasts: shooting pains in the afternoon (around 2pm). Now they are heavy and a bit more sore than yesterday.
Nips were sensitive too.
Sore throat going away? Just a twinge...

8DPO: Breasts are SORE!! Started last night around midnight...
Tired in the afternoon. Back sore.

9DPO: Breasts still sore... chunky bit of white cm in afternoon.
Periodically throughout the day, there are some shooting pains in b's.

10DPO: Burning/stretching sensation around abdomen area this morning.B's still sore...heavy/swollen feeling...
@12:30pm, pulsating cramps on left side. Lasted about 10-15 seconds.
3:40pm: CM tinged with pinkish/brownish/clear after BM, found when wiping.
Periodically throughout the day, there are some shooting pains in b's.

11DPO: 5:20am, BFP with Clear Blue Easy!!!! =)
B's hard/swollen. Frequent urination...THIRSTY!

12DPO: B's still the same. Bloated, some cramping/twinges. Took another HPT and it was positive right away! =)

DH and I just started TTC#2 this month, and after reading all the early pregnancy symptoms at, I thought it would be fun to start recording my own symptoms. I just got my BFP today at 11 DPO and am very excited to add my symptoms!!

My 2WW Symptoms:

5DPO: light cramps, increased creamy CM
6DPO: light cramps, increased creamy CM, VERY emotional
7DPO: Sore breasts, Milky discharge from right nipple, watery CM
8DPO: Breasts not as sore though nipples feel like glass, little bumps on nipples as well
9DPO: Some slight crampiness at times, still have bumps on nipples and feeling of fullness in breasts. Broke down and took a HPT way too early, and of course it was negative.
10DPO: Slight fullness is breasts; increased appetite; smell aversions, high energy; watery CM
11DPO: Fullness in breasts, light cramps, smell aversions, increased appetite, 2 BFPs at 11:15 and 11:30a.m.!!

We are delighted to have a sibling for our daughter and couldn't be happier!!!

I just got my BFP this morning and here is a record of my early symptoms!

3 DPO - 3rd peak reading on fertility monitor.  Creamy CM, a bit tired (but could be down to my new kitten's night-time meanderings! Temp above coverline
4 DPO - Low reading on monitor.  Loads of creamy CM upon waking.  Tired and very hungry (again, a sleepless night due to kitten and DH snoring!) Some very very slight pulling at left of abdomen during the morning for a short time.  Creamy CM still evident in afternoon, along with very slight tugging at belly button and slight pain in lower right abdomen – very strange!  Boobs very slightly sore. Temp above coverline.  Sore gums/tooth for a while in evening
5 DPO - Low reading on monitor – no CM upon waking.  Quite strong smelling urine.  Tired but due to another sleepless night.  Some very slight pulling at belly button early afternoon and a little creamy CM.  Nipples a little sensitive.  Sore gums for a short while in afternoon.  Temp same as yesterday, still above coverline.  Bought a new thermometer today.  CM staining on underwear looked to be very slightly yellowish or brown but not on toiletpaper – could just be colour of undies!
6 DPO - Had a very sleepless night last night – increase in temp this morning.  Low reading on monitor – small amount of creamy CM upon waking.  Very very dark urine.  Have got a cold – stuffy nose and very sore throat.  Some slight pain just above pubic bone while driving to work.  Loo at 10.30am  Cervix feels very wet, high & closed but quite a lot of creamy CM and a small amount on underwear too.
7 DPO - Loaded with cold – some pulling/cramps but very slight.  Some creamy CM – low on monitor – high temp again but think this is due to the cold.  Not in a good mood at all.  Took some nightnurse (sleep medication) to get some sleep
8 DPO - Temp dropped right down today (implant dip or is cold beginning to leave system?) low on monitor.  Very slight amount of creamy CM in morning.  Some slight pains – feels like ovulation pain.  Still got cold but not as bad as yesterday.  Very bad mood, stuffy nose and sore throat
9 DPO - FRER result – negative.  In a very bad mood today, really agitated.  Lots of watery CM this morning.  Still have the cold.  Temp down again – it’s not looking good and I don’t know how much more of this I can take!  Backache in the evening, some very slight pulling on bellybutton, barely noticeable.  Nipples painful if touched, like broken glass
10 DPO - Low on monitor.  Another temp dip, barely above coverline but I tried my temp with the old thermometer and it came back high.  Still have the cold.  Woke up with a headache, gas, cramps and lots of water/lotiony CM.  Back still slightly sore.  Boobs feel heavy, nipples still slightly tender.  Very tired but had only a few hours sleep.  Extremely tired at 12.40pm, struggling to keep eyes open – absolutely no pains in today, still feel a bit gassy.  Headache and sore neck lasted virtually all day.  In really low mood at night
11 DPO - Low on monitor. Temp up very slightly this morning.   Still have cold, had headache and sore throat for most of the morning.  Extremely tired again – had good sleep but it was broken by Tigger.  No CM, slight pains where I think uterus is in the afternoon and a couple of shooting pains through nipples.  Other than that, nothing.
12 DPO - Some cramps before falling asleep last night.  Woke up with a dreadful sore throat, sore boobs and feeling sick.  Took temp – it had shot up.  Did a test BFP!!!!!!!!  Very faint line so double checked with a digital HPT – PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!  Woohoo!!!!!! Have been feeling strange all day, some slight pain in abdomen and feeling very, very thirsty.  Metallic taste in my mouth and feeling tired, but happy!

I'm on 50mg of clomid this cycle and just got a BFP at 16dpo! (TTC 9 months)
MY 2WW Symptoms:

6 DPO: hungry, cp is low, wet feeling, sharp pinches, feeling of getting a cold
7 DPO: slept terrible. Strange nightmares. Seems like I am getting a bladder infection. A lot of creamy mucus(sometimes stretchy). Sharp pinches in my left side (right ovary), seems like muscle ache. Dizzy spells. Hungry. Feels like I am getting a cold. CP low and closed. Moody.
8 DPO: slept well. Shapr pinches in my right side. Very thirsty and dizzy spells. Having a cold. Diarrea. My smell is better. In the morning some nausea.
9 DPO: nausea, cramps, sharp pains in right side. Moody.
10 DPO: moody, feels like AF is on her way, spotting, cold, white face, cramps.
11 DPO: cramps, spotting, cold
12 DPO: spotting, cramps
13 DPO: nausea. A bit of EWCM.
14 DPO: nausea (especially at night), a lot of creamy CM
15 DPO: thirsty, white face, lower backache, tired (slept well), CP is different, higher, closed. Lost my appetite, boobs are getting sore.
16 DPO: nausea, sore boobs, positive pregnancy test!!!!!!!!!!!

What I did differently this month: HSG, took Mucinex, elevated my hips after BD for 30 minutes, and used CBE ovulation predictor kits.

The strangest thing that happened this month is that I just felt that this was the month from the beginning. It was really weird.

Oday: AF cramps, loss of appetite, breast tenderness (ouch), and waves of nausea.
1dpo: AF cramps, lower backache (comes and goes), really bad diarrhea cramps at night, gassy, breast tenderness, and fatigue.
2dpo: same as 1dpo. The diarrhea cramps came at night, but I didn't have diarrhea. It was pretty painful. *Vivid dreams.
3dpo: vivid dreams, slight cramping, bbs tender and feeling heavy, very strong smelling urine.
4dpo: emotional breakdown, couldn't stop crying all day because I thought we had missed it.
5dpo: cramps, bbs tender and feel heavy.
6dpo: breast and nipple tenderness, dark circle around areola of right breast only, darker veins in bbs, frequent urination.
7dpo: hungry all the time, bad AF cramps, low back pain, areola's swollen and lumpy, dark veins in bbs, heightened sense of smell (could smell paint everywhere), frequent urination, pinching feeling in belly button when I sat down (only happened once or twice).
8dpo: Hungry!!!, woke up happy feeling like we definitley got it, bbs. bigger, areola still swollen and lumpy, areola and nipples looked bigger than normal, nauseus, and frequent urination. **Temp dipped, my symptoms disapeared.
9dpo: **metallic taste in mouth at night (it tasted like my mouth was bleeding), this when I knew something was up. Breast remain heavy, not that tender. ** temp went back up slightly.
10dpo: light +HPT in am. pinching feeling in uterus (alternating sides), woke up out of a dream with "O", very hot that night took off my covers. Cramps in left quad, and abdomen feels sore.
11dpo: Darker +HPT both FRER and EPT.

Since O I felt tired, had headaches, and had really bad heartburn off and on. I can't believe I finally get to post this. I guess looking back the most prominent symptom for me was cramping that lasted since O straight through, also breast changing size. My DH saw my breasts around 4dpo and said you're preggers, your bbs look different. So who knows!
Good luck to all of you!

O day - felt pretty good all day other than appetite not super strong. slight waves of naseaus but could be from O. full feeling in lower belly. Skin and lips feel a little dry today.
1DPO - had ache in my leg in the pm. came and went but it felt like it was in my upper thigh and occasionally in my knee. WEIRD!
2DPO - Nothing
3DPO - Got dizzy while standing at the movie theatre.
4DPO - tender nipples. Had sharp pain when I got out of bed in lower abdomen on right side. My right knee is sore. Almost like an ache in that leg. Probably from sitting wrong in church or something. Blobs of cm on tp after each time I pee. Of white to yellowish.
5DPO - tender nipples. Back feels as if I pulled a muscle in it. very low energy today and have this
weird feeling in stomach. Not super naseaus but almost like it goes into my throat and makes me want to throw up . NOT NORMAL! Thirsty second half of the day... very thirsty!
6DPO - VERY TIRED as of 7:39am. COuld still be groggy from waking up. Nips still sensitive but the soreness on the side has gone away. JUst ate lunch and already am hungry. Don't feel like myself and got winded walking up steps. Feel like I am coming down with something. YUCKY FEELING! Noticed purple genitalia while in the bathroom. Don't know if this is normal or not.
7DPO - nipples still tender. I just don't feel pregnant. Maybe this cycle is a bust. Lots of creamy
in panties. legs hurt or felt like they needed to stretch at night. Not super painful but they just felt different.
8DPO - nips still tender. scratchy throat. lots of phlem. DH had a dream last night I was preg. and that I delivered it without him. A sign... I don't know??????? Woke up out of a nap with an orgasm.
9DPO - Think I got a very faint BFP this morning with FMU and internet cheapie. Going to test tomorrow with internet cheapie and FRE.
10DPO - Def. + on three different tests!!!!!!!

I caved this morning and tested because my temp was still up, and.... BFP!!!!!!!

The SMEP, or vitex worked! or both?

DPO symptoms:
1-3 DPO nothing
4 DPO - low ache and "bubbles" in tummy, lots of creamy CM
5 DPO - back pain (not ache), creamy CM, V.hungry pm, nausea bedtime
6 DPO - nice temp, creamy CM, rubbery
7 DPO - creamy, wet CM, low pain, like ov.
8 DPO - achey pubic bone?, creamy CM
9 DPO - same as 8dpo
10DPO - pinches right side, achey pubic bone, hot flashes, leg cramp woke me up, dream about pos hpt
11 DPO - af/ov pains (stronger at night, and rock in my tummy when I lie on it), slightly achey bb's (on sides), temp high still, Definitely think ff was wrong and that I am 11 DPO today (not 13), Very strange dream about my symptoms.
12DPO - Tender bb's and nipples, itchy. HUGE nipples,
temp still up.
13DPO - Very sore nipples, Pulling and tugging
feeling lower tummy, Frequent urination
14DPO - BFP!!!!

I kept a list of my symptoms this time around because after the O pain I had I figured something had to be going on!!

O-day: Pain from my left ovary that felt like it was shooting down through my pelvic bone. I've never been kicked in the crotch but this is what I imagine it to feel like!!
1dpo: Uterine cramping, Fatigue
2dpo: Uterine cramping, Fatigue, Loss of Appetite
3dpo: Uterine cramping, Fatigue, Increased Thirst
4dpo: Mild Uterine Cramping, Headaches, Yellow-tinged CM
5dpo: "heavy" breasts, very thirsty
6dpo: heavy breasts, stinky pee, full-heavy feeling in abdomen, fingernails growing faster, no CM
7dpo: pinching in upper rt. of uterus woke me up from sleep, loose BM in afternoon, nausea, fatigue, no CM
8dpo: Emotional, lt. cramping, dry but a few blobs of EWCM, one tiny spotting of pink (just once).
9dpo: Fatigue, no CM, constipated, $Tree BFN
10dpo: Things started smelling funny to me today, even the water from the fridge smelled a little off to me. Fatigue, Nausea, Heartburn, started feeling happy/excited rather than grumpy/moody, blobs of sticky EWCM tinged yellow, BFN on $tree and Equate
11dpo: Dull cramping, Nausea, Gas, on and off fatigue
12dpo: Got BFP on $Tree with FMU...too happy today to notice any symptoms other than fatigue and nausea!
13dpo: BFP on Equate with FMU, fatigue, nausea

Good luck to all of you!!!!

Amazing! I was SO certain this was NOT my month, that I still can't get over it! I was going to wait and test yesterday morning (Thurs) since it was our 4th wedding anniversary, but I couldn't take it anymore and tested on Wed. night at 19DPO. BFP!!!!!!!

The amazing this is that I had literally no unusual symptoms. Last month I had everything in the book and only BFNs, so I was certain it would be the same this month. The only things I can mention are:

7DPO - Face breakout that cleared up overnight
9DPO - Extra hungry (Normal before AF)
11DPO - Light cramps (still have them), slight sore bbs (normal)
13DPO - 'Crawly' nips. Felt like they were crawling around inside my bra. Weird sensation but I've had that before too.
14DPO - Lots of AF symptoms. Sore bbs, cramps, bloated, slight backache, grouchy and add diarrhea to top it off.

I was so absolutely positive that AF was coming anytime, I wore pantiliners for 3 days so I wouldn't have a boo-boo at work.

All that (except diarrhea) carried on until 18DPO and that night I had to get up TWO times to go pee. Very unusual! Altho I pee often, I usually can make it through the night.

And so, at 19DPO, I couldn't hold out any longer. And a BFP!!

I still have most of those symptoms except really really sore bbs now and the cramps have become off and on twinges and little aches that move from one place to another over my stomach.

I do know that I have always usually have extremely sore bbs from O until AF. But this time, no soreness at all until 12DPO and then it was only a wee bit.

Hope this info helps since I sure thought I would have *some* clue of *something*, but I didn't. So just because it feels like the ol' hag is around the corner doesn't always mean it's true!!

Sending out Babydust to all!

I didn't believe it myself and so I haven't announced it until now. I thought I HAD to be seeing things but they are getting darker and darker. I used the TARGET + - tests on 5dpo and got 2 positives.I thought these tests stink and used an Equate well that was bfp too 6dpo I used 2 more TARGET and got 2 more bfps. I have a history of chem pregs and m/c so I don't know what the outcome will be but for now I am so happy!!

Symptoms were:

* sore boobs right after o. They felt like a burning senssation was ripping through them.
* CM was creamy and yellow some days and scant others.
* Temps have been pretty flat.
* I have a sore throat now and have been getting heartburn thorughtout the day since 5dpo.
* I think I implanted 4dpo.
* My tests aren't as dark as the control line but about halfway there now.

I'm 13 dpo and got my BFP this am!!!!!! I had a line only I could see 9 dpo and one my DH could see 10 dpo but this am it really hit me.

My first clue was 5-6dpo when my temp chart was looking different: less peaks and valleys, more an even climb upwards. It then stabilized about 8 dpo.

6-10 dpo I had less heart burn than usual for post-o
My breasts have been heavy but not sore.
Less crampy but still with a little.
Nausea comes and goes a few times a day since 9 dpo.

I just got my BFP!!!

What I did different this month:
* HSG procedure (I think this was the key)
* Baby Asprin
* Used a heating pad to try to promote implantation
* Pineapple

What I've been doing for several months:
* Robotussin
* Legs up
* Big O after DH
* Acupuncture 2x week
* Prenatals

My Symptoms:
I had my typical AF cramps from 4dpo-8dpo. I know there have been some questions about cramps so I will get specific. I had cramps that were exactly like AF- the way I describe these cramps is the feeling when you get a pap done- sort of like a soreness inside. These were the cramps I had this month and the cramps I have had every other month before getting AF. Since I had these same cramps, I was so sure I had not gotten pg this month that I started to prepare to get an IUI done in 2 weeks, I ordered preseed and the fertility book- this was how sure I was that I was NOT pg.

On the eve of 8dpo I started to have that pinching feeling people describe (sharp little twinges) and on 9dpo my temp dipped and all of my AF cramps dissappeared- this is when I knew I was pg. This morning (10dpo) I got a BFP!! The only other thing different this month were my boobs (not nipples) were sore (achey) starting from 2dpo.

Hope this is helpful! My final words- you really never know!

I'm pregnant!

Here is a little about me:
*I am still bfing my 22 month old son about 10 times a day and night.
*I got my ppaf at 15 months.
*I got pg and had a m/c in my second pp cycle.
*My lp's have been: 12, 23 (m/c), 10, 7, 10, 8, 8, and I got a - at 12dpo and a + at 15 dpo this cycle.
*I don't temp, take anything, or time bd, we just do what we want whenever.
*We left the timing of this blessing totally up to God. He knows best!

Here are my symptoms:

8 dpo - I just felt pg. Cramps.
9 dpo - Bloated. Cramps.
10 dpo - Bloated. Cramps.
11 dpo - Bloated. Cramps. Tender Breasts.
12 dpo - Bloated. Cramps.
13 dpo - Backache. Bloated. Cramps. Painful Gas (yuck). Decreased Appetite. Nausea. Headache. (Dh and I also had a stomach bug 13 and 14 dpo)
14 dpo - Bloated. Cramps. Nausea. Painful Gas. Headache.
15 dpo - Backache. Bloated. Cramps. Frequent Urination. Painful Gas. Headache. Irritability. Tender Breasts.

I kept detailed notes on my symptoms.. maybe somewhere I knew this was my cycle?! Stalking symptoms was all I did in this 2WW.. Good Luck to you!

1DPO - had 10" of EWCM come out while I was peeing this morning, Low on monitor, but stick looks like the day before I peaked still not strong blue estrogen line. *LOTS of EWCM. *Tooth hurt.
2DPO - LOTS of Milky CM flowing out while peeing, check around cervix a lot of white, creamy, like lotion CM..A LOT *Craving Blue cheese.. NEVER craved it before.. its DH's favorite?!
3DPO - Sharp lower left "pull" around 11:30 am. *Lower right dull ache *Body feels worn *Very milky CM after BM *Still craving blue cheese
4DPO - CM is milky/watery, not as thick as last cycle *Since this morning have had off and on pulling sensations by belly button, and in different parts of abdomen
5DPO - Felt mild tugging under belly button today.. but NOTHING really.. dont feel much? *had spotting after BD *Lower left abdominal ache *Cramp in left leg *Tan/Pinkish CM *DH has been having more PG symptoms then me in the last 5 days he has had: bachache, extreme thirst, gassy, fatigue (came home from work to take a nap lol)
6DPO - Checked CM inside and got some old brown blood on my finger.. think AF is on her way for sure.. *Still craving blue cheese all the time.. strange *Sharp pains on left and right side *Pee smells like his? *Very exhausted... DH too *Brown mucous blood when I wipe.. never made it to panties
7DPO - Woke up with scratchy throat *Feel fluish (fever,chills,body aches, sneezing)*Checked inside, tan CM and bits of brown mucus blood on TP *Feel a bit run down
8DPO - leaking feeling.
9DPO - Slight lower right pressure on abdomen *Had pink spotting when I wiped after BM *Woke up with strong pulls under belly button *Had 3 BM
10DPO - Woke up with slight lower right soreness *CM is not visible at all.. no creamy mostly watery
11DPO - Woke up with strong lower right soreness *Milky CM after BM *Lots of CM on panties
12DPO - Woke up in the night to stomach ache, had diarrahea this morning *Creamy/Milky CM after BM *Strong vaginal twitches *BAD diarrhea twice
13DPO - Don't feel AF is on her way *Last night, boobs get soreness of and on.. not tingling, not sensitive, just sore *Slight abdominal cramping *VERY Emotional today, had slight breakdown *Strong stomach ache, probably diarrhea again
14DPO - Cramp to the left side of belly button.. felt it for almost 10 min. *Definitely no sign on AF today..* Got heavy spotting, light flow when I pee.. no cramping, no signs of it coming at all.. no old blood, just new blood.. a few drops on panty.. and when I pee, but nothing else the whole night.. *Nipples are sore when I touch them
15DPO +HPT!!!!!!!!

Good Luck to you!!!

I'm so excited about my BFP after all the obsessing!! I'm currently 4wks and 2 days PG. I wrote all the symptoms down day by day during the 2 wk wait. It's quite lengthy but here you go.....

1DPO - Nothing
2DPO - Restless Sleep, vivid/weird dreams, very hot and sweaty at night, up to use the toilet 4x in night.
3DPO - Restless Sleep, vivid/weird dreams, very hot and sweaty at night, weeing a lot, tired.
4DPO - Restless Sleep, vivid/weird dreams, very hot and sweaty at night, tired, AF type cramp
5DPO - Pinching sensation on right side of uterus, lower back ache (like back weak), VERY emotional and irratable, arguing and crying, feel exhausted, vagina feels dryish and strange, weird dreams, craving for mussells, starving after eating a good lunch, cervix feels hard and 'raw'. Feel really down.
6DPO - Feel very tired again, throat very sore, feel cold, vagina feels hard and 'raw'. No CM.
7DPO - Still tired. Having difficulty sleeping. Waking frequently. No CM
8DPO - No CM. Difficulty sleeping again. Craving mussells or white fish(!). Using the toilet more. Gassy. Vagina feels sore. Areola on right breast appears swollen/lumpy.
9DPO - No CM. Heartburn after lunch. Feel happy. AF type cramps. Short burst of nausea. Difficulty getting comfortable in bed. Up x4 for toilet since going to bed. Swollen areola.
10DPO - Stuffy nose. Slight nose bleed. Slight cramps AM. Backache on waking. Extremely emotional/hysterical. Angry (horrible to partner) . Sad. Cramps in PM. Bad smelling wind . Tender BBS. Awoke at 3.15am. Dreams about babys. Nightmare also. Areolas swollen and darker. Appear veinier(don't know if its my imagination!) No CM.
11DPO - Woke up bursting for a wee. Areola swollen and darker (dark dark ring around them).Sore BBs. Emotional/angry/sad (was horrible to partner again) . Strong AF cramps.
12DPO - Woke up bursting for a wee. Very painful AF cramps. Feel a sense of loss because i can feel period coming on. Want to eat fish.
13DPO - Felt sick all day. Dry retching. Actually sick once. Sore throat and a cold. AF cramps in the evening. Emotional.Tired. Nipples and BBs tender. Couldn't satisfy hunger. Small amount of creamy CM. Strong smelling yellow urine.
14DPO - Feel sick again. Woke up in early hours feeling sick. Woke up with back ache. Pinching sensation in tummy. Painful behind bellybutton. Stomach feels tender and full. Hungry after eating a good breakfast. Small amount of creamy CM. Strong smelling urine. Positive HPT!!!!! AF feels like starting any second.
15DPO - Felt sick on and off all day. Starving constantly. Stomach will only accept small amounts before feeling full. HPT remains positive. Very tired. Feel like AF giong to start any second!! Dizzy spells. Back aches when standing for long periods. Completely off chocolate!