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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and TTC Success Stories!

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OMG! I don't even know where to begin! OK - here's the short version. I wasn't supposed to be able to get pregnant on my own! We tried for soooo long to get pregnant starting back in 1999. Eventually we tested - I only had one working tube and DH has poor motility, count, etc. They said our chance of getting pregnant would be to do IVF/ICSI. If you can believe it - we were blessed with twins our first IVF cycle!

Fast forward a bit, I had to have intestinal surguries shortly after their birth. My doctors told me that with scarring around my reproductive organs on top of our infertility issues, we will not be able to conceive again without IVF/ICSI. (We no longer have infertility insurance) Well two years later, I didn't give up hope and cycle after cycle was negative... until now! I will go to my OB and RE and do the happy dance and say - NEVER tell someone that it can't happen, because it can!

Here are my symptoms:
Slight AF cramping
Nausea on and off starting around 9 dpo
I can SMELL everything!
Hot, tired, irritable (sorry DH!) LOL

That's it! All I can say to all of you trying is never give up hope! It CAN happen! No - wait - it WILL happen!!!

I tested on the 21st at 15 DPO and got my first ever two lines on anything after 8 months of actively TTC (and 2 years off of BCP)!

I am a spotter--(which has really had me worried about my fertility, believe you me--spotting for me normally starts 4 days pre-AF at 8-9 DPO (as very light brown, darkening to almost black and progressing to AF). The only unusual symptom that I had this month (asside from the normal sore breasts) was that though my spotting which started like normal this month, making me think that I was out for sure, suddenly STOPPED at 13 DPO, and AF was no where in sight! (I should note that on 12DPO during/after BD, I also had a lot of red spotting, which happens occasionaly at this time of the month, but I would not call "usual."

What I did different....well, you will shoot me for saying this (I would if I were reading this as well) but we are in the middle of a big move, and so I just was not really thinking about this...I even stopped temping after O! (not sure that it has anything to do with the BFP or not, but my mind was sure elsewhere this month.) Two months ago I did start taking low doses of B6b for spotting, though it did not seem to change my spotting pattern either month I was on it. (Spotted for 3 days this BFP month, even.)

Hope that this story gives other spotters out there these sucess stories did for me all of these months!

I'm fresh off a 2ww....

I got dizzy just about every day starting at about 2DPO. I had mild bouts of nausea, lots of headaches, and sore BBs. I also had a serious case of PG brain pretty early in the 2ww. Oh, and I have been really tired.

Here are my symptoms..

9DPO- dead tired all through thanksgiving, i couldnt get enough sleep, i blew it off thinking it was cause the rush of the holiday
11DPO- Tired,Slight blood tinged CM... I figured it was af comming since i normally start spotting then..
12DPO- Tired, noticed my nipples would tingle off and on
13DPO- Tired, Got nauseated after i ate supper, like right off, just didnt feel right, plus i had not started apotting, normally i would be spotted heaviely by 13dpo.. so took hpt and it was +++!!!
14dpo- Still dead tired, been cramping some, kinda like aching cramps.. Called the obgyn and its normal ;) Plus starting to get up and down peein all night long.. Cant get enough sleep..
15DPO- same, tired, crampy, peeing more.. I cant get enough sleep..

Whats totally weird is that we didnt BD as much as we usually do!! Dh has been getting killer OT at work and we just havent had time.. So we bd'd maybe 2 times around O..

No sickness yet.. Which to me is the MAIN pg symptom.. lol So im waiting on it..

Here are my early symptoms:

- exhausted. I am normally exhausted after a day of caring for a 9 mos year old, but even more so than usual. Find myself taking a nap during DD's afternoon nap and that is very unusual.
- lack of stamina during my workouts. Within the last week, my 45 minute strenous workouts on the treadmill have become 30 minute "light" workouts. I simply don't have the horsepower anymore!
- Yellowish CM, which continues today.
- AF like cramps for the last few days, including a lower backache.
- very emotional- started crying hysterically when DH and I were in bed because he "pulled the covers away from me very meanly." DH thought I was insane.
- very stuffed nose. Allergies seem to be much worse.
- acne.
- loose BM's (sorry tmi!)
- gas
- heartburn
- Aching teeth. I'm not sure if I should include this or not. One of the previous posters on this thread mentioned her sore teeth so I thought I'd include it here too. My front teeth were really sore upon waking up a few mornings. They felt like I had been kicked in the mouth.

My symptoms were SO obvious I knew I was PG before I tested. They were just like my first pregnancy:

Burping - more like a cross between a hiccup and a burp

REALLY hungry - especially at night when I'd be trying to go to tummy would rumble so loud, DH would start laughing.

Nausea on and off


Sore, heavy feeling bb's - this was actually new to me. I never get sore.

BFP at what I am pretty sure was 11dpo
Delayed O (irregular since IUD out)
brown, light, almost kinda flaky implant. spotting
increased cm
And here was my biggest clue: we bd'd the night before last and it hurt and it never hurts! I spotted pink afterwards, and my cervix was sore all the next day, I could FEEL it. I heard that is common when pg your cervix fills with blood and becomes sensitive. So I took another test and !!!!!!!!

random: a few nights ago my 17-mo old dd pointed to me and said, "baby" which is weird because she calls me "mommy" of course...dh and I looked at eachother odd, but brushed it off.

I can't believe I get to post here, finally, I am still in total shock about the whole thing! First of all I took a ept last night at like 9:30, and it came up with in like 3 minutes so in total shock, I took a equate and sure enough around 10 minutes later faint +. I retested this AM with a equate, and ept and +, and faint + again! OMG, I mean THANK YOU GOD! I just hope this little one sticks. I couldn't have stayed sain if it weren't for my "Cycle Sister's" givining me unmeasurable amounts of support through all of it. Thank you guys soooo much.

From on I had AF cramps
8dpo - now sore bb's
8dpo - now major hunger pains.
(TMI) 9dpo I had greenish cm

I was on 100mg Clomid days 5-9, and I was sick, and took Robitussin the week before.

I just found out this morning that #2 is on the way. It took us 16 months to get preg. w/ our dd (who is now 13 months old) and it only took two cycles with this one. Go figure! God has blessed us so much and I trust Him even though I am nervous about this. May God also bless all of you ladies that want it so badly. Baby dust to you all!!

Not many signs/symptoms to speak of.
* No AF
* slight, passing quesy feeling here and there for the last couple of days, but not enough to call nausea.
* small amt of cramping here and there...just enough to make me notice

That is really it. With my DD I didn't really start feeling nauseated badly until week 7.

- creamy cf (which I have had other months, but not this close to when af is due to arrive);
- cp was soft and high (this was definitely different for me and got me thinking maybe I am);
- bizzare dreams (this hasn't stopped yet and another thing that got me thinking)
15 dpo
- left breast is larger than the right (another new thing for me - they eventually evened out)
16 dpo
- insomnia
- feeling warmer

That's about it. I tested + at 16 dpo, it was in the evening, and both lines popped right up, no question. We used egg whites this cycle and made dh be on top for bd.

This morning I got 2 BFP at approximately 15 DPO (why 2? I guess I just didn't believe it!). Of course, this is the month that we decided to take a break and I haven't charted anything. I took my temp at calendar day 15, just to see if I ovulated, so I know that I ovulated before then. Other than that, I have to base my dates on previous charts.

My symptoms have been very mild (unlike every month when I was hoping I was pregnant!).

1. Deep cramping (like was coming about one week after ovulation
2. Very itchy left breast (weird, I know)this stopped about 2 days ago
3. No spotting prior to 's predicted arrival. I always spot before.
4. Warm, stretchy feeling in abdomen. Almost like cramps, but not exactly.
5. Exhausted! This just started a couple of days ago. It could be that I just finished teaching for the winter break and I am burnt out.
6. HUNGRY! So hungry that I am getting stomach aches no matter how much I eat! Very weird, considering I am not a big eater. No cravings though, but it is quite early.

I got a faint positive this afternoon. Well, two actually!!

3-4 DPO- felt a loss of appetite
5-6 DPO- had very thick, creamy, chunky CM, had a "flushed" feeling come over me, and a dull achiness in my lower abdomen.
6-9 DPO- exhaustion, sleeping 12 hours a night
8 DPO- nausea in the evening
9 DPO- weepy and still tired, got a faint pos

I should say that around the end of last week my skin went crazy, too. Not sure if it's connected.

1 dpo - restless sleep
2 dpo - restless sleep and so warm I took off my top in the middle of the night
3 dpo - restless sleep and right breast pain - I got pimples too and I'm not one for breakouts
4 dpo - right breast pain
11 dpo - triphasic message very light spotting
12 dpo - spotting, cramping and craving for tomato soup HPT went positive after 10 minutes
13 dpo - spotting, cramping and restless sleep craving for fish and tomato soup HPT went positive right after 10 minutes
14 dpo - restless sleep, burping burping burping, gassy craving for tomato soup
got BFP confirmed at DR's office
15 dpo - *TMI*spotting: clotty, stretchy, dark blood
16 dpo - tugging feeling in my stomach and sensitive to smells craving fish (I'm not normally a big fish eater maybe 10 times a yr)

Also had a lots of vivid dreams not really pregnancy related and I had the feeling that this was the month.

This cycle I drank tons of grapefruit juice and used preseed for the first time.

6 DPO: Breast tenderness

7 DPO: Some breast tenderness, and a little bloating

8 DPO: Some BB tenderness, bloated, gassy, a very small pulling sensation.

9 DPO: Pulling sensations in belly, Sore BB's-- like I have a pulled muscle in the sides. Also, my BB's looked like they literally "grew" in a few hours! They were swollen and puffy.

10 DPO: Mild cramping (BFP!)

11 DPO: Swollen BB's, mild cramping/bloating, bumps (montgomery glands) appeared on nipples.

This is our first BFP and we are sooo excited! Good luck to all on your TTC journey as well.

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