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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and TTC Success Stories!

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I am in total shock. I just POAS this morning and got my first ever BFP. I just stood there staring at it. I had big plans of how to surprise DH when this time came but all that went out the window. I ran into the bedroom and woke him up (it was 4:45am) and showed him the test. Poor guy, he was still half alseep and could barely process what I was saying. I took 2 tests just to be sure.

Here's my story
TTC 16 months. Diagnosed with unexplained infertility (bloodwork, HSG, SA all normal) This was my 2nd Clomid/IUI round. I've been doing acupuncture and chinese herbs for 5 months. I don't eat any refined carbs (only whole wheat, brown rice, etc), no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, and as much organic/no hormones/no antibiotics as possible. I also take prenatal vitamins and calcium. I used to take more supplements but found that it was kind of overwhelming so I cut back to the basics for a while. I also walk 5 days a week and occasionaly listen to a fertility meditation CD before bed.

What I did different this cycle:
Not a whole lot. I was getting over a nasty cold and was not feeling my normal self almost up to ovulation. We had quite a few parties to go to this month and I decided to let go of my diet restrictions a little. I still tried to eat healthy at home, but at the parties I ate whatever I wanted. I also drank a little alcohol before ovulation, which I haven't done since October. I tried thinking really positive and focusing on all the reasons that this cycle would be perfect for getting pg. I also did a lot of praying and tried to let go and realize that God had a plan for me.

Entire luteal phase - increased appetite (maybe from the meds?)
6 DPO to current - very mild uterine cramping (kind of like my uterus was irritated but not as bad as AF cramps)
6 DPO to current - fatigue (I'm going to bed at about 8pm every night, just never feel well rested)
10 DPO to current - really mild breast tenderness, high up close to my armpits (I never have tender breasts since starting acupunture)
4:45am to current - shock, amazment, elation, fear

Now I'm just nervous about getting this little bean to stick! I still can't believe I'm posting this!

I can't believe it! On my lunch break, I picked up some Answer Early HPTs as well as a book on infertility... Took a test, for the heck of it (mainly because I'm addicted to POAS) and the 2nd line came up so quickly!!! It's hard to believe its real. I'm planning on peeing on a few more sticks to believe it!

What I did this month:
PreSeed around O (3rd month using it)
Green Tea- love it for taste, mainly
OPKs- however, the strongest line I got wasn't even the same color or darker than the control
Made an appt w/ my Ob/Gyn for a fertility consult

My symptoms (in hindsight):
That "digging" feeling that PGs talk about- kind of like O cramps
Still have "O" type pains
Frequent urination
bbs don't hurt yet
vomitted twice in 2ww, after taking my prenatal vitamin
Just got lots of creamy CM today
Restless sleep

I started bleeding only 2 days after HPT+, so it was a chemical pregnancy, didn't "stick", but thought I'd share the symptoms anyway, since it's helpful for me to read other people's:

4-5 dpo onward: heavy feeling in breasts--not sore when I touched them, but they were full and felt achy

5-6 dpo onward: runny nose

5-6 dpo onward: tuggy cramps in uterus...not like AF cramps, more just a sense of "activity". Strange.

5-6 dpo onward: very bad headache, not tension headache type, more like hangover type of headache, worse in afternoon/evening

7dpo: random shooting/stabbing sensations in pelvis and breasts

7dpo onward, intermittently: fatigue

no nausea or increased urination or breakouts or smell sensitivity or funny taste in mouth...

I got a lot of wet cm 11dpo, but I think that was the pre-AF kind, and it served as a warning to me that the pregnancy might not stick. (drop in progesterone? my temps were down a bit that day, and didn't go up again)

Cramping -but felt different than AF. I never really have AF cramps just O cramps
Tired -to where I couldnt lift my head out of bed, this would happen one day and then not for several days.
Restless sleep-maybe cuz I was worried about temping on time,not sure.
Cravings for Dairy
Sharp fleeting pain in belly- for seconds and then gone(6DPO I think it was implantation, I never had spotting)
Fluttering in belly, sorta like butterflies in stomach but different area
Metallic taste in mouth
A massive crying spell right before AF was due-(the day before)with lots of pains and crampings-turned out to be the best night I ended up sleeping in MONTHS. Slept like a baby >
Soreness in BB, I never have this with AF
Craving for eggs( I love them anyway but HAD TO HAVE THEM)
Nails and hair starting growing like crazy_they both normally grow at a snails pace.
The feeling that I was-
STINKY PEE_ I knew it then, Like male pee only also with like an alkaline smell,it is UNMISTAKABLE! My outdoor boy cat had been extremely friendly, he never has been but is now, he knew before I did.
A major craving for Entemanns Chocolate donuts one day, I am not a chocolate person.
Itchy stomach and stretching pulling sensation inside,with some tingling(9DPO)
GLASS IN NIPPLES- this is so true whoever originally posted this, OUCH!
Fullness of breasts
Queasy and dizzy if I get up too fast sometimes

I just got a BFP after I was SURE Af was coming - in fact I drank wine b/c I was so bummed. I took a test just to allay my guilt and it was BFP! Still crampy but it's different - dull and achy but not painful.

3dpo & 4dpo – Butterflies in stomach, but not nauseous; mild cramping (ovulation type).
5dpo – Serious AF cramps (thought I was going to start two weeks early!).
8dpo – AF cramps (low down), sharp pain left ovary in p.m., mild AF cramps just above pubic bone (all across), bloated.
10dpo – Morning temp 37.2 (98.96), serious AF cramps in late p.m., ''who-ha'' entrance much wetter (tip of C soft).
11dpo – Serious cramping R all day (sharp pains running over my R hip to lower back) – fever of 100.9 F. (N.B. Found out later I had a corpus luteum cyst.)
12dpo – Cramps (pain) in R side all day, though milder than yesterday; CF abundant.
13dpo – Tested – BFN – Pain in bellybutton (like someone poked their finger in it), and the feeling continues from there down the middle of my stomach; slight heartburn/nausea.
14dpo – Mild pain in belly button, very tired.
15dpo – Bad cramps (pain) in R side, AF cramps (straight across) in late p.m., belly button pain, got up early 5 a.m.
16dpo – Got up early again.
17 dpo – Pelvic pain continues (1/2 day of work only), woke up at 5 a.m. (2 hours early).
18 & 19 dpo – Pelvic pain consistent (no work, lied flat all day). Slight belly button pain. AF arrived (so I thought), but blood was brown and light. Read up on this site & others regarding menstruation and pregnancy. Woke up early 5 a.m.
20 dpo – Woke up really early (3:30), had to pee! Tested ++++++. (Pain in lower back straight across, sciatica on R aggravated.)
Note: I didn’t chart temps, only CP & CF. CP was high for 5 days (during O), and we BD x 2 during that time – once on the highest day. No egg white this month to go by. CP started to lower slightly after that and firm up, but then seemed to go back up 5 days later, and soften significantly at the tip after 10 days. CF dried up after O, then got very lotiony (though not abundant), with a few creamy days thrown in. When I got AF, didn’t make sense because CP was high & soft still, instead of low & firm.

Here are the symptoms I had, and the dpo I noticed them (I kept a day journal)!
4dpo and on – Very tired.
8dpo – Face and shoulder breaking out, very irritable.
9dpo – Temp dip – thought it was over!
10dpo – Huge glob of stretchy white cm.
9dpo and on – Very wet cm, and lots of it!
12dpo and on – Temps up.
Tested 16dpo (2 days late). Frequent urination, food aversions, metal mouth, slight spotting, abundance of wet cm, high temps, lost weight (but no m/s).

From O to now...very mild cramps...I had them before I O'd and the never really went away...they changed!
2dpo:creamy cm (from now on, creamy sometimes had like ewcm on it)
3dpo:creamy cm(same)
4dpo: woke up hungry...very hungry!!! and felt twingles, creamy cm
5dpo: lots of creamy cm, sometimes yelowish greenish. very hungry, like a hole on my stomach. twingles.
6dpo: lots of very watery creamy was like a circle of creamy on panties and a huge circle of water around...(sorry tmi)
7dpo:creamy cm
9dpo: watery creamy cm. crampy and moody. went to bed, fall asleep fast, dh woke me up and couldn't go back to sleep for like 2 hours.
10dpo:tired at 9pm but couldn't fall asleep for hours...
11dpo: very small brown spot on tp..the size of this o. tired at 9, couldn't sleep for 3 hours.pinching like 2 inches below my belly.
12dpo: another small spot, very small...same pinching
13dpo: my temps are still high so I tested with EPT and saveontest. got a light but visible line on spt, and super very lght with saveontest.
af was due on 15dpo (14 days LP) so I tested 2 days before af was due.

0-10 dpo: feeling really happy and loving toward my husband and son, more than usual without my normal grouchiness and occasional snapping.
0-8 dpo: must have ben and jerry's fudge central ice cream in afternoon
5-9 dpo: crash on couch and fall asleep drooling during son's afternoon nap even though i didn't really feel more tired than usual--i am always kind of tired because we get up at 5 these days
0-7 dpo: creamy & copious cm on underwear.
7-10 dpo: no cm on underwear, feel pretty dry but still fairly horny (thank you, coconut oil)
0-8 dpo: must have boddington's ale with dinner (i know! so awful! but i think i wanted to drink a beer at night so that if i weren't pregnant i wouldn't have unneccessarily deprived myself and then felt like i had overreacted. this makes no sense.)
10-11 dpo: want roast beef sandwich with a ton of mayonnaise. we are vegetarians. also want bacon bacon bacon.
10 dpo: nausea, but not so severe that it kept me from eating my normal meals. however, did not want ice cream.
11 dpo: nausea; could not eat favorite breakfast of sticky bun and decaf coffee.

no cramping or sore breasts yet. last time i had sore breasts as my earliest symptom, so i hope to have them soon.

If I wasn't paying attention, I wouldn't even know I'm 5 weeks PG, but here's the little things I noticed:
8 DPO-Present: burning pain in left ovary (corpus luteum??) and creamy CF started back up
9 DPO-restless sleep (woke up to sound of cat meowing, thinking it was alarm telling me time to temp.) Big spike in temp, POAS, BFP!
10DPO-present: unquenchable thirst--16oz. of water gone before I even get to work; peeing a lot too (as a teacher, I'm used to holding it all day--no more!) Wake around 4:30 every half hour, seeing if it's time to temp. so I can pee
15 DPO: Little nipple sensitivity
16 DPO: SO hot today--face is bright red. COme to think of it, my face is always pink lately and feels hot.
17 DPO: Sudden urge to plop down on floor and sleep while in the middle of catering an event. Felt like I was going to die if I didn't rest.
19 DPO: Same as above, only while working at Pottery Barn--HATING being there. Dragging thru the day. Yawning non-stop, like I'm not getting enough oxygen. Feel dumb today--can't come up w/ the words I need to talk to customers.
20 DPO: I swear my bbs are bigger. Nipples thicker and erect. DH agrees they feel bigger, although they look the same.
21 DPO: Areolas filing out a bit.
22 DPO: Pants no longer fit comfortably (are unbuttoned right now.) Am so bloated I can't stand my normal pants.
Ok, I think I'm out of 'early' PG territory now. Not a whole lot going on, but no complaints from me.

The biggest clue for me was the lack of sore bb's, bloating, and cramping that I normally get immediately after O and before AF. This time, bb's didnt become soar until much later.

3DPO- quick spontaneous fluttering in ovaries.

4DPO- I woke up with a soar throat but more like swollen glands. Mild discomfort in ovary, lasting less than 1 minute. NOT painful at all.

5DPO- Swollen glands slight - like noticable when swallow but not painful to say the least. Woke up with stuffy nose but at 3pm, seems to have cleared up. Feel warm in room that I am always COLD in.

6DPO- slight burning in ovaries on right side - ever so slight. Runny nose & swollen glands in morning. Unusal sticky cf.

7DPO- notice some cf thats sticky and a bit watery but note I feel great. Woke up with stuffy nose again. No cramps, no pain, though dull pain on right slight and wouldnt consider it painful.

8DPO- Slight burning pain in my right ovary more obvious than yesterday. Feel a burning sensation in my right ovary and its nagging.

9DPO- Felt pain in right ovary last night continueously. Not cramping but more of a poking pain. Went to bathroom and spotting starting at 12pm. Spotting is brownish and resembles the colour post AF that occurs only visible when I wipe. Getting pinching pains in tummy periodically not cramps though. Getting hot flashes - feel extremely warm! Not bloated like I am normally before AF, No tender breast though sometimes shooting pain (like a line). Spotting dried up at 9pm/

10DPO- around 11pm, noticed it felt like someone was poking me in the stomach using continued pressure. I also felt like things were moving around inside, like pulling and pinching. Some pinches were around my bellybutton. Felt like spotting but just very watery cf. Glands became swollen again. Breasts became swollen, veins showing. Hot flashes! Feeling somewhat more tired

11DP0 -swollen glands, still a little mild pain in tummy. swollen breasts, heavy and veins showing. Hot flashes continue and feeling tired. feel pregnant but afraid to admit in case I jinx it. Negative HPT.

12DPO- Breasts still swollen but not hurting. Tired last nigth but dont know if psychological. Still getting poking pain in irght side and by belly button Nose stuffy this morning. Noticed spotting while exercising but an hour later, spotting stopped.

13DPO- breasts still feel firm. At four pm, felt exhausted. Yawning every few minutes. Very thirsty despite drinking 4 L of water. Took HPT and it was POSITIVE!!!

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