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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and TTC Success Stories!

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I had very few symptoms out of the ordinary except for creamy CF the whole time and weird cramps that came and went in intensity through the days. I hope this helps someone.

1DPO: 5pm- pains on right side. 6pm: Quick sharp pain lasting 2-3 seconds on left side. O pain??
2DPO: Nips are senstive in PM. Burning/glass feeling?White CM.

3DPO: Right armpit a bit sore.
Tight feeling in abdomen...
some sharp twinges--but only far and few inbetween.
Nips are sensitive--"glassy feeling?"
HUNGRY today!
Chunky white CM.
5:20pm: Pulling/pinching feeling behind belly button.
8:15pm: OUCH! Intense cramping!! Middle to left side. 1st one lasted about 3-4 seconds. A few more came afterwards, but not as intense... Could be gas??

4DPO: Bbs sore this am..not anymore this afternoon. Same w/ nips. Loose stool @ 2pm. TIRED.... may take a nap...
Headache this afternoon, neck strain.
*4:45pm--felt shaky/hungry--low blood sugar?? Ate dinner and felt a little better.
7pm- shooting pain (not too intense) on right side. Lasted a few seconds.... a few follow up twinges.
Been having "throwup" burps throughout the day...
*Smell and taste are sensitive... things taste "off" to me.
Wierd feeling in abdomen--stretching across-like a tightened feeling when I laid down in bed. Lasted until I fell asleep. Felt full in lower abdomen. Also a stretching/slight burning sensation around it was stretching out...

5DPO: Increased sense of taste--things taste "off" to me.
Also, sense of smell increased. *Feeling of fullness in lower abdomen...

6DPO: TIRED today... Not many twinges/cramping today...more noticable in the evening. Sore throat: just an inkling of it...not full blown. Slight soreness of breasts.

7DPO: Cramping last night... a bit more on right side.
Thirsty last night also.
Breasts: shooting pains in the afternoon (around 2pm). Now they are heavy and a bit more sore than yesterday.
Nips were sensitive too.
Sore throat going away? Just a twinge...

8DPO: Breasts are SORE!! Started last night around midnight...
Tired in the afternoon. Back sore.

9DPO: Breasts still sore... chunky bit of white cm in afternoon.
Periodically throughout the day, there are some shooting pains in b's.

10DPO: Burning/stretching sensation around abdomen area this morning.B's still sore...heavy/swollen feeling...
@12:30pm, pulsating cramps on left side. Lasted about 10-15 seconds.
3:40pm: CM tinged with pinkish/brownish/clear after BM, found when wiping.
Periodically throughout the day, there are some shooting pains in b's.

11DPO: 5:20am, BFP with Clear Blue Easy!!!! =)
B's hard/swollen. Frequent urination...THIRSTY!

12DPO: B's still the same. Bloated, some cramping/twinges. Took another HPT and it was positive right away! =)

DH and I just started TTC#2 this month, and after reading all the early pregnancy symptoms at, I thought it would be fun to start recording my own symptoms. I just got my BFP today at 11 DPO and am very excited to add my symptoms!!

My 2WW Symptoms:

5DPO: light cramps, increased creamy CM
6DPO: light cramps, increased creamy CM, VERY emotional
7DPO: Sore breasts, Milky discharge from right nipple, watery CM
8DPO: Breasts not as sore though nipples feel like glass, little bumps on nipples as well
9DPO: Some slight crampiness at times, still have bumps on nipples and feeling of fullness in breasts. Broke down and took a HPT way too early, and of course it was negative.
10DPO: Slight fullness is breasts; increased appetite; smell aversions, high energy; watery CM
11DPO: Fullness in breasts, light cramps, smell aversions, increased appetite, 2 BFPs at 11:15 and 11:30a.m.!!

We are delighted to have a sibling for our daughter and couldn't be happier!!!

I just got my BFP this morning and here is a record of my early symptoms!

3 DPO - 3rd peak reading on fertility monitor.  Creamy CM, a bit tired (but could be down to my new kitten's night-time meanderings! Temp above coverline
4 DPO - Low reading on monitor.  Loads of creamy CM upon waking.  Tired and very hungry (again, a sleepless night due to kitten and DH snoring!) Some very very slight pulling at left of abdomen during the morning for a short time.  Creamy CM still evident in afternoon, along with very slight tugging at belly button and slight pain in lower right abdomen – very strange!  Boobs very slightly sore. Temp above coverline.  Sore gums/tooth for a while in evening
5 DPO - Low reading on monitor – no CM upon waking.  Quite strong smelling urine.  Tired but due to another sleepless night.  Some very slight pulling at belly button early afternoon and a little creamy CM.  Nipples a little sensitive.  Sore gums for a short while in afternoon.  Temp same as yesterday, still above coverline.  Bought a new thermometer today.  CM staining on underwear looked to be very slightly yellowish or brown but not on toiletpaper – could just be colour of undies!
6 DPO - Had a very sleepless night last night – increase in temp this morning.  Low reading on monitor – small amount of creamy CM upon waking.  Very very dark urine.  Have got a cold – stuffy nose and very sore throat.  Some slight pain just above pubic bone while driving to work.  Loo at 10.30am  Cervix feels very wet, high & closed but quite a lot of creamy CM and a small amount on underwear too.
7 DPO - Loaded with cold – some pulling/cramps but very slight.  Some creamy CM – low on monitor – high temp again but think this is due to the cold.  Not in a good mood at all.  Took some nightnurse (sleep medication) to get some sleep
8 DPO - Temp dropped right down today (implant dip or is cold beginning to leave system?) low on monitor.  Very slight amount of creamy CM in morning.  Some slight pains – feels like ovulation pain.  Still got cold but not as bad as yesterday.  Very bad mood, stuffy nose and sore throat
9 DPO - FRER result – negative.  In a very bad mood today, really agitated.  Lots of watery CM this morning.  Still have the cold.  Temp down again – it’s not looking good and I don’t know how much more of this I can take!  Backache in the evening, some very slight pulling on bellybutton, barely noticeable.  Nipples painful if touched, like broken glass
10 DPO - Low on monitor.  Another temp dip, barely above coverline but I tried my temp with the old thermometer and it came back high.  Still have the cold.  Woke up with a headache, gas, cramps and lots of water/lotiony CM.  Back still slightly sore.  Boobs feel heavy, nipples still slightly tender.  Very tired but had only a few hours sleep.  Extremely tired at 12.40pm, struggling to keep eyes open – absolutely no pains in today, still feel a bit gassy.  Headache and sore neck lasted virtually all day.  In really low mood at night
11 DPO - Low on monitor. Temp up very slightly this morning.   Still have cold, had headache and sore throat for most of the morning.  Extremely tired again – had good sleep but it was broken by Tigger.  No CM, slight pains where I think uterus is in the afternoon and a couple of shooting pains through nipples.  Other than that, nothing.
12 DPO - Some cramps before falling asleep last night.  Woke up with a dreadful sore throat, sore boobs and feeling sick.  Took temp – it had shot up.  Did a test BFP!!!!!!!!  Very faint line so double checked with a digital HPT – PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!  Woohoo!!!!!! Have been feeling strange all day, some slight pain in abdomen and feeling very, very thirsty.  Metallic taste in my mouth and feeling tired, but happy!

I'm on 50mg of clomid this cycle and just got a BFP at 16dpo! (TTC 9 months)
MY 2WW Symptoms:

6 DPO: hungry, cp is low, wet feeling, sharp pinches, feeling of getting a cold
7 DPO: slept terrible. Strange nightmares. Seems like I am getting a bladder infection. A lot of creamy mucus(sometimes stretchy). Sharp pinches in my left side (right ovary), seems like muscle ache. Dizzy spells. Hungry. Feels like I am getting a cold. CP low and closed. Moody.
8 DPO: slept well. Shapr pinches in my right side. Very thirsty and dizzy spells. Having a cold. Diarrea. My smell is better. In the morning some nausea.
9 DPO: nausea, cramps, sharp pains in right side. Moody.
10 DPO: moody, feels like AF is on her way, spotting, cold, white face, cramps.
11 DPO: cramps, spotting, cold
12 DPO: spotting, cramps
13 DPO: nausea. A bit of EWCM.
14 DPO: nausea (especially at night), a lot of creamy CM
15 DPO: thirsty, white face, lower backache, tired (slept well), CP is different, higher, closed. Lost my appetite, boobs are getting sore.
16 DPO: nausea, sore boobs, positive pregnancy test!!!!!!!!!!!

This cycle I took Vitex every day, also added higher B complex dosage than I was taking, and added Zinc. I also took a multi, plus extra calcium, vitamins C and E, and folic acid, drank green tea every day, ate carrots and drank grapefruit juice every day till o, had no caffeine and no BST/ additives. I also did yoga every other day.

1dpo - dry and sticky
2dpo - more eggwhite, stretchy, light cramps
3dpo - creamy, more light cramps
4dpo - creamy, no cramps
5dpo - creamy, cramps, cervix higher bb sore
6dpo - creamy, yellowish, thick, bb
7dpo - creamy, thick
8dpo - very creamy, abundant, bb
9dpo - very creamy, abundant, sorer bb
10dpo - lotiony, cramps, bb
11dpo - lotiony, cramps (took supplies out to dinner because positive AF was coming), bb
12dpo - creamy, cramps (took supplies out again), bb
13dpo - creamy, cramps, bb. tired (took long nap - never do this)
14dpo - creamy, cramps, bb
15dop - creamy, cramps, less sore bb, slight nausea
16dpo - creamy, VERY crampy (positive of AF again), bb
17dpo - creamy, very crampy, bb, tired
18dpo - creamy, feels like things are moving around in there, not cramps though

Early dpo's- Very thirsty!
Later dpo's- Very hungry, but slowed down.
O to now (20dpo)- Gassy and slightly crampy.
O date- Slightly gassy, seems to be going away. Emotional, like PMS-y, but not mean.
1dpo- I have ew looking cm, but when I touch it it's tacky, like rubber cement. I had a lot of it, but I think it's old dried ew finally coming down from when I O'd.
Slightly emotional.
2dpo- CM is that crazy ew looking stuff, but it's definately sticky feeling.
Nips/bbs were sensitive when brushing against my clothes. Bbs just a little fuller. They are actually still a very little tender and were just a tad sore
3dpo- Slight headache today, got bad at night
Nips still tender and erect (more than usual, like when I BF my DD!) Still a little fatigued even though I got around 10 hrs. last night! Bloated, shorts hardly fit and they fit a couple weeks ago.
4dpo- Right when I got out of bed, a painful pinch in lower right abs (right around pubic hair line-tmi!). Had pap smear today and said I don't look pg. Feels like a VERY slight headache is trying to start. Fatigued again today. Bbs still a little fuller. Bleeding gums, around teeth that I had recent dental work on, but a lot worse than usual.
5dpo- Very sharp pinch-pain in ab, just L of hip bone, R of belly button. Lasted about 10-20 sec. kinda burned, but more pinch. Actually said ouch out loud. Belly little bloated. Bbs still full, nips still erect. Keep feeling that feeling like I'm leaking, but not. Bleeding gums while brushing teeth again, really bad this time, around same teeth that got worked on.
6dpo- Bbs still large, seem larger today. Had sensation of leaking again. Weird AF-like very dull ache in lower abs, right above pubic area (deep inside). Feel weird today, to be honest, like when I was pg. Had flashback feeling like when I was. Fatigued today, could be b/c the way I slept. Belly bloated. Very slightly gassy, but not same area as dull ache above.
7dpo- Bbs still full. Have a weird dull ache in upper breasts, basically chest area. Feels like when my milk used to let down. Gassy. Still tired, but not as bad. Spot after bd, probably b/c of pap early in week. Still getting slight twinges in lower R abs, and cramp in R leg after standing from sitting position. Very warm, even when others aren't.
8dpo- Have a weird dull ache worse in upper breasts, basically chest area. Feels like when my milk used to let down. Still slight pains around R hip area.
Have some gas. Still very tired, slept around 8 hrs. last night. Very warm, even when others aren't.
9dpo- Kept very busy today and I am ABSOLUTELY exausted from that and having trouble keeping up DD.
10dpo- The sticky-type EW. Lots of my symptoms are gone. Still thirsty, not as tired at all, bbs are a little full, but not as much as lately. Checked CP, midway, partly open, hardish. Feeling kinda down b/c I don't think we did it this time. Extremely emotional and bawled like a baby. I think it was today that I got a swollen gland under my R jaw.
11dpo- The temps were noticably higher earlier in morn. Got BFP!!!!!!!!!!! Faint line.
Cramping very slightly. My abs feel like they did after I had Syd, like almost it's hard to catch my breath b/c of my muscles. Little dizzy feeling. Shorts tighter. Got totally exausted around dinner time. Bbs definately fuller today. No bloat. Cracky dry cm on underwear (tmi!) Cried reading about a baby on message boards.
12dpo- Dull cramps all day, like AF ones. VERY EMOTIONAL & stressed out. Lower back & abs ached bad after packing all day.
13dpo- 3 1/2 hours sleep and temps still high.
14dpo- Noticably bigger already in belly.

1-3dpo: O-type pains
4dpo: itchy yeastie-type symptoms, bad cervical/pelvic cramps.
5dpo: really sore bb's. Pronounced blue veins on them. a little pelvic cramping. Yellow CM. tiredness. CP is high and very firm.
6dpo: sore boobs, light cramping.
9dpo: AF-type cramping. Yellow CM.
10dpo: AF-type cramping, on both sides.
11dpo: really sore bb's, a little nauseated, AF-type cramps, got a ++++ Early First Response using first morning urine!! Got a "lube" vaginal sensation. CP is high and firm.
12dpo: tested again at 12dpo using EFR and Aimstick. EFR turned ++ in 20sec, Aimstick barely a faint line after 5 mins. Tons of creamy CM. Pulling, pinching cramping.
13dpo: more CRCM. Cramping.
14dpo: Mildly sore BB's, a little nauseated. Did an Aimstick this morn and it went ++ in 2 minutes, much much darker than the one at 12dpo. Bad uterine cramps.
15dpo: Tested with Answer and both lines came up right away and are equally fat and dark. Aimstick came up almost as dark as control line but only after 2 minutes. Had a bad wave of nausea at night. Still sore boobs (burning sensation) and lots of wet CM (need to wear a pantiliner, but it's not stretchy like pre-AF CM just watery)

- week before O until now: my ovaries were/are aching so badly that I thought I might just have cysts. It went on for a week before I o'd, and actually got a little better the day before and the day of O. It's just occasional fullness/twinges now.
- 3 dpo to now: I started having wicked mood swings. I'm a bit of a bitch sometimes, but I was being so nasty, my co-workers were asking me if I felt okay. Not rude, just sarcastic.
- 4 dpo: I woke up with the worst heartburn I've ever had. It hurt so badly I cried. I ended up drinking half a bottle of Pepto Bismol and a half a bottle of Tums to make the pain stop. Eventually, I went and threw up, and it felt a lot better. I've had that pain before, so I don't know if it matters here or not.
- 4 dpo to now: I suddenly got *very, very* tired. Completely and totally whipped all day every day. I wake up tired, and I'm pretty lazy at work, too. I've been in bed before 9 pm every night in the last week, and taken a couple of naps, too.
- 6 dpo to now: I started having cramps in my uterus, ligaments, and back. Not like AF cramps, more like pinching and pulling, or being poked with a sharp pin. Occasionally, there are aches like AF as well that make me catch my breath.
- 7 dpo to now: Frequent, low-grade nausea. Not like feeling really sick, almost like when you get super hungry and need to eat. Happens when my stomach is totally empty (not uncommon for me) and also right after I've eaten, which for me is very unusual.
- 7 dpo to now: Forgetfulness. Really, really bad forgetfulness. I don't forget things, ever. For instance: I still have the same house keys I got when I was 12, I've never lost them or forgotten them anywhere. In the last little while, I've locked my keys in the office twice, locked my keys in the car, forgotten to go and eat lunch, forgotten to buy newspapers/pick up mail/go to the bank machine/post letters/get groceries. You name it, I've forgotten it.
- O until now: Sore nipples. At first they were really sore, but not as much now. The last few days, they've been burning, with sharp poking feelings. That's new for me too.

Actually, my biggest symptom is NOT having a headache! I've had one almost every day since I was 15 (It's just weird body chemistry, it's been thoroughly investigated and I'm fine.) Since about 2 dpo, I haven't had any headaches at all. I guess that's about the same as not having headaches normally, and all of a sudden getting one.

Here are my symptoms:

White or slightly yellow creamy CM internally since O
BBs were slightly sore 2,3,4dpo and more sore from 5dpo until now - nipples started to get sore from 9dpo.
Lower back pain on and off since O (most days at some point).
3 dpo: sharp cramping on right below ovary - not like o pain
4dpo: very weepy - took offence at something my mother said which normally wouldn't bother me, constipated
5dpo: DH and I both dreamed about having a baby - very odd
7dpo: progesterone 66nmol/l, bad indigestion in night
11dpo: mild headache, slight nausea, had a sleep at lunchtime
12dpo: woke up at 1.00am with diarrhea (tmi) and feeling very cold - decided to test in the morning if temp had risen. Faint BFP.
13dpo:Faint BFP. Bad AF type cramps at night. Slept badly and woke early. Had to sleep in afternoon.
14dpo: Slightly darker BFP. Beta 124. Very tired in evening.

3dpo extreme fatigue I could barely stay awake at work no matter how hard I tried. My breasts were so sore that it drove me nuts but then again they did always after o.
4dpo- still tired than usual took a nap and I never do that
7dpo- I keep having to go to the bathroom way more than usual.
11-dpo cramping so bad that I just new af was coming and i cried like a baby temps were 99.0 prior to that but then dipped down to 98.7 again that made me cry . I was very very emotional that day more than usual.
12dpo- light postive with answer pg test and a slight darker one with first resp early
14dpo- another pg test that came out with a faint + temps jumped to 99.1
15dpo +blood test could not brush my teeth w/o getting sick and breasts ache again.

I can't believe I finally get to post here...I'll do my best to list any and all symptoms.....
3 dpo - Leg cramps(sometimes waking me out of a sound sleep)
4 dpo - Af type cramping, sometimes reallt intense(this actually happened from about 4 to 9 dpo)
5 dpo - Bbs felt "bigger", nipples weren't sore but sides were sore. I just felt like - WOW, I have Bbs now !!
6 dpo - Bb's getting more tender, lots of blue veins, still with the af cramping
7-11 dpo - Getting hungry all the time, I'd eat a full meal at dinner time then by 10 O'clock I was famished...Getting that "poochy" look in my tummy, thought it was AF coming(plus I had just had a lap and d&c on 6/7)
11 dpo - Bit the bullet and figured what the heck, I'll test - Super Duper Skinny positive on CBE - Beta from this day was 42
13 dpo - 2nd Beta was 113!! MORE THAN DOUBLED WAHOO!!!
Now I'm just hungry constantly, backachey, headachey and it STILL hasn't really sunk in that I'm PG ! Plus, I'm burping and farting like a truck driver Also starting at about 9 dpo, Fatigue to beat the band, tired all the time.....

Since reading other people’s symptoms, I felt compelled to share mine hoping to give assurance to other 2ww-ers!

My symptoms:
1-4 dpo: cm, more than usual, heartburn
5 dpo: didn’t think I was pg so I ate raw clams and had a glass of wine! Heartburn
6 dpo: tired, slight nausea – bad clams?, in the mood (not normal!), heartburn
7 dpo: very very tired, bad bloating and cramping, very gassy, heartburn, slight nausea
8 dpo: a little tired, bloating, cramping, still gassy, heartburn
9 dpo: BFN HPT, extremely tired (took a 4 hour nap in the morning (very unusual), watery pink spotting after wiped w/ tp, little brown spotting, heartburn, slight nausea
10 dpo: very little brownish cm, felt good, not tired
11 dpo: BFP! Not tired, feel great! Very happy!

4dpo-12dpo--Crampiness. The crampiness subsided and turned into a kind of a heavy feeling in my lower abdomen from about 12dpo-16dpo.
6-9dpo--I was so exhausted I could barely keep my eyes open. Around that same time, I started getting cramps in my legs. Sometimes my knees would ache, sometimes my hips, and a lot of times I got this achy-crampy pain right in between, in the upper thigh area. I had the feeling of having to go #2 but I didn't really have to. Had to pee a lot.
7dpo-- My bbs began to feel full and kind of tingly. They didn't hurt, but felt sort of like they were stretching. That hasn't gone away but I don't feel it as much now. Around 15dpo I started to get occasional pangs in them. 18dpo my nipples began to itch!
8dpo--took an ept. Thought I saw a shadow of a line, but wasn't sure. The next day it was very faint, but distinct.
9dpo--didn't test.
10dpo--tested with ept and got a good line in about 5 minutes.
11dpo--tested with ept and got a good line in 1 minute. Beta that day gave a level of 49.
12dpo--got a nice dark line on ept in less than 1 minute. Got a light line on cbe right away that faded to faint in an hour.
13dpo--got scared when ept line was lighter than the day before! Beta level was reassuring at 153.
13dpo-16dpo--I got mild headaches every day. Nothing debilitating, just there. Disappeared after that.
16dpo--beta level 638.
13dpo-on--tons of cm.

I am 20dpo. Most of the symptoms lessened quite a bit around 13dpo, though I still feel pg. Not sure how to explain the feeling, though!

Diddly squat
Very tender breasts!
Up at 1am to pee - v. bad AF cramps - made me sweat and reach for the tampax - no AF. Up at 4am to pee.
Breasts agonizing!!!
3-5 DPO
Very tender breasts!
Waking to pee at least twice each day int the v.early hours.
Mild AF type cramps.
Very tender breasts!
Peeing about every 30mins-1hour at work
Very tender breasts!
Mild AF type cramps.
Semi-black-out. (Went to stand up, not particularly quickly and the world went v.dark for a few seconds).
Very tender breasts AND nipples!
Mild AF type cramps.
Very tender breasts AND nipples!
Mild AF type cramps.
Very hungry all day.
10 DPO
Very tender breasts AND right nipple (!)
11 DPO
Very tender breasts AND right nipple (!)
RHS back ache.
12/13 DPO
Creamy/lotion CM
Very tender breasts AND nipples!
Mild AF type cramps.
14/15 DPO
As above plus sharp pain RHS above hip?
16 DPO
Very tender breasts AND nipples.
Creamy/lotion CM
Slight AF pains
Dull ache on RHS.
17 DPO
Dull full abdominal feeling.
Couple of sharp pains.
18 DPO
Creamy/lotion CM
Feeling of lower ab fullness.

Here are my symptoms:
*emotional wreck!
*lower back pains
*abdominal pulling/cramping
*sore breasts
*my nipples are ALWAYS erect!
*tired in afternoon, yet can't sleep more than
7 hours at night
*frequent urination
*sensitive sense of smell

8DPO-now: feeling tired no matter how much sleep I get
9DPO: Warning: TMI, and wierd. You know how when you have a little water in the bathtub and you shut the drain, and little bubbles come up? My vagina "burped" like this as I was laying in bed that morning. Really wierd. I felt like my cervix "closed" like a drain.
11DPO: tested and BFN
13DPO: felt sick for about 1/2 an hour - thought it was the dinner, but it went away. That night, felt HOT.
14DPO: tested BFP with ClearBlue Easy and Equate (Wal-Mart brand), and tested + with doc b/t with level of 71

NO sore boobs and NO spotting. Peed about the same amount/color/smell. Did have cramps, but I always did pre-AF so I didn't think anything of that. My temps never went triphasic or even very high - in my usual post-O range. The only reason I had an idea was because I didn't get my usual 1-2 days pre-AF drop in temp.

So, there is hope for those of you with no symptoms, and normal post-O temps. Even now, at 17DPO, my temps are still "normal" post-O temps. Enjoy obsessing and good luck!!

Here are my symptoms:
- Fatigue. I ususally stay up until 11:00 or midnight, and I've been in bed around 8:00 or 9:00.
- Hunger. I do not typically eat red meat and I devoured a Big Mac, first time in about 15 years! Also, when I eat, I fill up fast.
- Heartburn (1DPO - 4 DPO)
- Very thristy.
- No watery CM like I usually get before AF. Almost dry as a bone.
- Sore lymph nodes under my arms at 9 DPO. That was my very first indicator. At that point, I knew this was it.
- Soaring temps. I thought I had a low grade fever. I feel like a living furnace and I wake up sweating.
- Nauseous and overall sense of feeling physically blah.
- Acute sense of smell. I'm smelling everything.
- Lots of pulling, tugging, slight cramping 12-14 DPO. Very different from AF cramping.
- No spotting at all whatsoever.
- Not sleeping well...can't get comfortable, am too hot. etc.
- Have a "fullness" and I would swear my tummy is bigger already. My BBs are also a little fuller, but not painful.

I didn't have a lot of symptoms the first few days, and I was sure I wasn't pg, but here they are
2dpo sticky, dryish, stretchy CM, like mucus.
3dpo-same CM
3dpo-present nipples sore, sensitive, erect (sorry TMI)
breasts sore, heavy feeing.
4dpo-nipples very sensitive, particularly left
5dpo-sharp pains in abdomen, awake to urinate in middle of night
6dpo-present, frequent urination in night, also same nipple thing (yuck!)
9 dpo-creamy CM, still frequent urination
12 dpo-headache in afternoon, sure AF was coming, AF type cramps
13 dpo-tested BFP in AM, still lots of AF cramps, started to get pulling in abdomen. Restless sleep, and really frequent urination (7 or 8 times). Skin broke out.
14 DPO, fullness in abdomen, skin still breaking out.
Beta results 238.

1-3 DPO normal post-O symptoms
4 DPO: unusual discharge. Slightly elevated temp (99) and very gassy; may have had a little bug.
5 DPO: Dreamt of being pg. Sense of smell very acute. Sharp, crampy pain for about an hour.
6 DPO: Woke by strong orgasm in my sleep! (Sometimes happens but usually during AF.) Don't remember the dream. Could it be implantation?
7 DPO: Stuffy nose and BBs feel full (not sore).
8 DPO: Woke naseous. Creamy CM. Gassy and burpy. Really thirsty. Feel crampy, which I usually don't until right before AF. No endo pain.
9 DPO: BBs getting sore -- earlier than normal for PMS. Metallic taste in mouth all day.
10 DPO: Feeling very PMS-y. Crampy with shooting twinges, BBS sore and full. Naseous all evening. Gassiness will not stop. CP high and hard. Temps went triphasic -- big .4 degree jump.
11 DPO: Thirsty, thirsty, thirsty. Sore BBs and gassiness continue. Cramps feel like AF rather than PMS.
12 DPO: BFP! Faint on FRE. Didn't use fmu but did hold it for 3 hours. CP still high and hard. Lots of creamy CM. Arms and BBS look like road map (although that's normal PMS sign, too). Gassy and diahhrea.
13 DPO: Another BFP using CBE - came up in 30 secs with fmu. Line is darker. Very crampy all day. Really nauseous in am; couldn't finish toast. Feels like seasickness (whole body), rather than upset stomach (localized). Cannot stop burping -- very embarrassing at work. My normal endo pain spots don't hurt, but lots of painful cramps in uterus.
14 DPO: Had to get up to pee 2x during night. Waves and waves of nausea when I did; hard to get back to sleep. Less cramping but lots of gas and burping. Not hungry; naseous all day. Lower backache.
15 DPO: More midnight/3:00 am peeing and nausea. Ate half a banana at 3:00 am and it seemed to help. Temp dropped to 98.3, below my triphasic levels. Feel very dizzy and lightheaded all day, but not very naseous. Shooting pain in nipples. Got really tired around 3:00 p.m. Very crampy again.
16 DPO: Peeing and nausea during night again, but not as bad. Very dizzy. Temps dropped down to 98.1. Incredibly sharp pain on left side -- to the point of breaking into a cold sweat. Went to dr. Did bloodwork and ultrasound, but they couldn't see anything.
18 DPO: Started spotting.

I am 12 DPO and just tested ++ this morning.

1 DPO - had a terrible headache - felt like I was getting the flu.
3 DPO - Had huge blob of creamy CM in the morning.
4 DPO - Started getting a cold sore on my upper lip
5 DPO - Fell asleep on the couch at 6:30pm and I NEVER nap - Felt VERY HOT - like I was getting the flu
6 DPO - Started getting ANOTHER cold sore on my bottom lip - this is very unusual for me - at 8:30pm was just starving - had to make myself a hot dog - breasts seem slightly sore.
7 DPO - Breasts are getting more sore - still feel very HOT - restless sleep
8 DPO - Breasts are very tender in armpits and on the outside near my arms.
9 DPO - Breasts hurt like hell - armpits feel like they are burning...
10 DPO - Very slight brown spotting - all day - thought AF was coming and couldn't figure out why she would come so early - but had NO AF symptoms - no cramps nothing - Breasts are still painfully sore - very HOT again.
11 DPO - Still very light brown spotting but not as much as yesterday - started to think that this may be it!! Breasts still very sore and having mexican food cravings.
12 DPO - Temp jumped again so I took an HPT and was ++++++++++++ right away - not dark - but +++.. Still had a very light creamy brown spot this am but seems to be gone now. Breast are extremely sore, still very HOT and now feeling tired. Very hungry - woke up at 2:30 am STARVING and having to pee.

This is the first month that I didn't have sore BBs during the 2WW.

On 10 dpo, 11, dpo, 12 dpo felt bloated and nausea after lunch and could barely eat whatever I had for lunch that day.

Tingling in my BBs from 11dpo on.

A twitching sensation near my left ovary every once in awhile. (Ovary that I from this month.)

Very gassy.

What we did differently - I had an HSG and after BD I laid on my stomach for 30 minutes instead of on my back. This month when I it was as if I could feel the follie travelling through the fallopian tube which must have been from the HSG.

Not sure what did it but I am soooooooo happy!

Hi, Ladies!

I had no BFP symptoms with this one! (Still don't have that many!)

At 13dpo, I was a horrible PMS witch all day with a killer lower backache, so I just knew that AF was going to be right on schedule the next day. (I even had a BIG glass of wine that night b/c I "knew" I wasn't PG.)

On 14dpo, temp still high, which was curious, but that has happened before and I figured that I would still start by end of day...I didn't.

When on 15dpo, temp was still up, I finally POAS and was dumbfounded by the BFP 2 hours later (I P'd and went back to bed)! To me, it came out of left field b/c with DS, I was smelling things at 9dpo, had super sore BBS at 9dpo, BBs started exploding at 9dpo, had implantation cramping at 8-10dpo...the whole nine yards (except m/s, thank goodness!) This time, nothing.

I POAS again at 17dpo, just to be sure!

With this one, really and truly, the only PG symptoms I've had double as AF symptoms: back ache, PMSy, mild cramping, mild BB soreness...that is about it. So, anyway, the moral of my story is to NOT give up hope just b/c you don't "feel" PG. I still don't feel PG (fortunately, I don't feel PMSy anymore!) but I sure am PG!

1dpo, nothing
2dpo, nausea in the evening
3dpo, nausea in the evening
4 dpo, so tired slept for 4 hours in the afternoon.
5dpo, nothing tastes right, everything smells strongly. twingy lower abdomen
6dpo, gassy, little hiccupy burps temp drop, sore teeth, killer headache, twingy cramps. Feel like the beginnings of severe allergic reaction.
7dpo, feel fine, diarrhoea and increased cf same as normal for pre AF, backache, twingy breasts and increasingly gassy, Major cramps in the evening
8dpo, temp drop, nausea in the morning
9dpo, temp rise, nausea in the morning, frequent peeing, bad cramps. Generally feel like crap
10dpo, beginning to feel normal, still crampy. Very faint BFP.
11dpo, crampy feeling nauseous but not sick. temp down a bit but BFP, less faint and became very pink. Went to the doctor for confirmation and beta.
12dpo, results of beta right on target. Cramps decreasing feeling tired though.

My symptoms are:

8dpo= bouts of dizziness, like I was going to pass out
9dpo-11dpo= dizziness, slight nausea, heartburn
12dpo= woke up with a horrible yeast infection, dizziness, slight AF cramps, went to doctor and beta was 12, positive HPT with Answer Early
16dpo= beta 165, sore boobs, dizziness, heartburn

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