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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and TTC Success Stories!

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This was my 2nd month on clomid and I wrote everything down so I would know what to expect next month. I thought if I knew ALL the nasty S/E from clomid, I wouldn't be tricked by the IPS!
SO here it goes.

1DPO: Had a migraine Headache (nothing real unusual for me, I get them when I have increased progesterone)
2DPO: Nothing (maybe a little bloating)
3DPO: Woke up with a nasty taste in my mouth. YUCK!
4DPO: bloated a little
5DPO: creamy CM
6DPO: Nothing noted
7DPO: boobs are a little tender, which is really weird becasue they are usually tender after O, and then get less tender about a week before AF! And now they are just barley getting tender, I was afraid that I didn't really O.
8DPO: Feeling a little off, EWCM again, means AF will be here soon. Very tired and having to pee alot.
9DPO: Took an Answer Early HPT and it has a VERY VERY faint line on it. Don't beleive it. Lower back hurts a little. still have EWCM. still pee alot. still very tired.
10DPO: another Answer Early HPT positive and darker then yesterday! Clear Blue Easy HPT also positive. Still very tired.
11DPO: AE still positve and CBE digital gave me a "pregnant" reading! tired and my bb's are tender now to the touch.
12DPO: positive blood test.

Looking back now I started to have weird cravings too around 8DPO and I was VERY VERY thirsty! I drink a ton of water anyways but I had to have a ton more then normal.

M/S didn't kick in until about 5 weeks 3 days Pg, although did have little bouts of nausea from about 4 weeks 3 days on.

I can't believe it- BFP at 11 DPO! I kept an extensive log of symptoms so "next month" would know not to be disappointed...don't have to worry about that now
3DPO on: had light cramping, but did not feel like AF cramps; as well as being nauseous trying to drink my!
5DPO: acid-feeling in throat
6DPO: metallic/yucky taste, tired
7DPO: extremely BAD indigestion that lasted 3 hours
8DPO to BFP: tired, nausea, indigestion and creamy CM
11DPO: rise in temp

My best friend had NO symptoms with her 2nd pregnancy (due in Sept.) and took a HPT on new year's and got a BFN...she took another test 1 week later and got a the no symptoms thing means something too

I got my first BFP yesterday on lucky CD13. I kept close attention to my symptoms this month because I was sure that this would be it. We BD'd like crazy and I took EPO and Robitussin.

2DPO: Continued O pain
3DPO: Continued O Pain, tender bbs
4DPO: tender bbs, super emotional
5DPO: pain on O side, tender bbs, lotiony CM, gassy
6DPO: pinching sensation on right side, full feeling in abdomen, tender bbs, exhausted, gassy, insomnia
7DPO: lots of lotiony CM, insomnia
8DPO:tender bbs, negative HPT
9DPO: lotiony CM, tender bbs
10DPO:lotiony CM, tender bbs, insomnia, negative HPT
11DPO: CRAMPY, tender bbs, thought AF was on her way for sure, temp dropped
12DPO: CRAMPY, tender bbs, SURE AF WAS COMING, pain in right hip/leg/butt, insomnia
13DPO: temp up again, crampy, tender bbs....BFP, insomnia, constipated, yellow CM
14DPO: tender bbs, full feeling in tummy

We are so blessed to be pregnant. This is our 3rd cycle TTC after BCP.

1-9 dpo: No symptoms at all. I figured this cycle was a bust.
10 dpo: In the late afternoon at work I got up and felt dizzy and extremely exhausted. This was strange since I had so much energy due to the acupuncture and herbs.
11 dpo: tested a very faint BFP. Bbs sore but not nipples. General tiredness.
12 dpo: tired with slight nausea. Bbs sore to the touch. I'm very hungry in the morning.
13 dpo: tested and got BFP. Again nausea and tiredness that comes and goes. Hungry all the time. Crave healthy foods.
14 dpo: Hungry, sore bbs, fatigue and nausea (comes and goes) smelly urine.

I'm now 18 dpo and I the symptoms are the same. So it took us 9 months to conceive and in that time I pretty much memorized all these early symptoms posts. ha!

Absence of pre-AF symptoms: sharp cramps, backache, pimples.
8DPO – present: Nauseous throughout the day. Famished. Gagging while brushing teeth.
9DPO – present: Dull waves of cramps. Only lasted a minute occurred a few times per day. Also had them with my chemical PG. Not like AF cramps at all.
10DPO – present: Frequent urination. Tired.
8DPO + 9DPO: Very sore BBs.
8DPO: Pinching in my abdomen.
10DPO: Faint positive on Equate
11DPO – Light-headed. Beta level was 34.
12DPO: Pressure in my lower abdomen (I read that is because the uterus is growing).
14DPO: Lots of creamy fluid. Nipples getting larger.

Sharp shooting pain (like a knife) on my right side at about 5dpo
Had a drink and was completely buzzed after 3 sips!!!
Starting at 8dpo til now (11dpo):
a little nauseous at night
starving 4 hours after eating
wake up in the middle of the night with my stomach growling
feel like I have a rock in my stomach
crying at the drop of a hat
cheeks are flushed
this morning a woke up drenched with sweat
my bbs are just starting to become sensitive and seem a little fuller (of course dh noticed this!!)
nipples are darker and pinker

SO far I have had no of cramping and no nausea.

around 6DPO: odd, very sharp cramp in upper pelvic area. Ewcm.

7DPO: more ewcm--this was unusual for me.

9DPO: frequent urination--running to the bathroom every half hour. Fatigue.

10DPO: Very strong AF cramps. I also noticed at this time that my pelvic area seemed "bigger": labia were swollen, much more so than they are around ovulation time. Lots of sweet-smelling creamy CM.

11DPO: an extremely weird dream about eating a tuna fish sandwich and chicken soup while stranded in the middle of the ocean--it makes no sense but I've heard vivid dreams can occur in pregnancy, so I took note of it!

12DPO & on: heaviness (not pain) in the breasts, lots of sweet CM, enlarged vaginal area.

8 dpo - now More tired than usual. Taking a nap each day and can't stay up past 9 no matter how hard I try.

8 & 9 dpo very creamy CM

9 dpo little spotting

11 dpo - now sore nipples, peeing more than usual, always thirsty no matter how much I drink.

My main difference this cycle was not feeling like AF was coming.

7dpo and on - experienced menstrual like cramps, this was really a prego sign for me because this happened w/dd #2.

10dpo - got that tingly feeling in the back of my jaw like I was about to toss my cookies any minute while working out on my treadmill. Drank lots of water today before/during my workout and that helped lots.

11dpo - started getting grossed out by certain smells that didn't used to bother me, like wiping dd after going potty, etc.

Sometime in there I started getting noticably hungrier more often, too.

1dpo-7dpo- My body was quiet!! Unusually no cramps or nothing...ver quiet, I felt great.

8dpo-9dpo- Bad cramping most of the day (I beleive it was implantation w/ my temp dip). My breasts started to hurt on 8dpo.

9dpo-12 dpo- more breasts shooting pains and breast fullness, cramping started to come(12dpo) like AF was on her way, leg cramps(12dpo), lots of cm, irregular sleeping pattern (couln't sleep good), a little hungrier than usual.

12dpo- 15dpo- AF cramps coming on very strong. Thought FOR SURE AF was on her way. Felt bummed. Still tender and sore breasts, but they calmed down at 14 dpo, not as heavy. Prominent blue veins on breasts.

15dpo- AF 1 day late, but still w/cramping and leg cramps. Tested with FMU and got a strong + on ebay one -steps and first response.

I'm 5 weeks pg now, and my breasts pains have dissapeared. I have alot more cm, my sleeping pattern is still off (getting less sleep), and I am very gassy. A little naseau has kicked in, especially after I eat. Not very hungry anymore, only crave hamburgers in the AM! My tummy has a pooch (yes, already!), but can still fit into my clothing (thank God). Thank you God for giving us a new LB, and good luck to all you ladies.

I didn't have a lot of symptoms the first few days, and I was sure I wasn't pg, but here they are
2dpo sticky, dryish, stretchy CM, like mucus.
3dpo-same CM
3dpo-present nipples sore, sensitive, erect (sorry TMI)
breasts sore, heavy feeing.
4dpo-nipples very sensitive, particularly left
5dpo-sharp pains in abdomen, awake to urinate in middle of night
6dpo-present, frequent urination in night, also same nipple thing (yuck!)
9 dpo-creamy CM, still frequent urination
12 dpo-headache in afternoon, sure AF was coming, AF type cramps
13 dpo-tested BFP in AM, still lots of AF cramps, started to get pulling in abdomen. Restless sleep, and really frequent urination (7 or 8 times). Skin broke out.
14 DPO, fullness in abdomen, skin still breaking out.
Beta results 238.

Ovulation on CD 19 Had a migraine!
1dpo Had runny nose- allergies? Felt Terrible all day long- took decongestant Right Ovary Ached BAD!!
4dpo Had metallic taste in mouth
5dpo Had itching 'down there' KInd of like a burning itch- but not a yeast infection (Sorry TMI)
6dpo Had cream cheese like CM. My pee pee smells really strong- like a guys!
7dpo Woke up last night in a sweat!! Was HOT all night long. Was REALLY sleepy all day long-- like I needed to take a long nap! Was SOOOO hungry today- even after I had just eaten.
8dpo Gave in and had to take a Preg test-- was negative- too early! Had to pee every five minutes today!
9dpo Had cramp like feeling 'down there' But it only lasted like 5 minutes. Had sharp pains a few times the rest of the day-- was really sleepy!
10dpo Faint line on Clearblue!! Sensitive BBs - Had a really weird headache tonight! Like a Post-migraine headache--
11dpo Took another test- a First Response Early-- had a light pink line in a minute!! Am really sleepy today!! And Hungry

1DPO-4DPO: I got really sick, sort of an intestinal flu, could not keep anything down.. had a very strong metallic taste on the tong, but I was sick, so...

5DPO-8DPO: nothing apart from a bit of back ache on 8DPO, I felt splendid

9DPO: the usual spotting greets me in the morning, very tiny spot (so far everything OK, I spot every cycle from 9DPO until 12DPO) but that was it. no more spotting.

10DPO until now: heartburns. horrible. the same as pregnancy#1. I never had heartburns in my whole life, except when preg with DS. That, the constant peeing and no spotting on 10DPO.... I started being suspicious.

11DPO: bbs sore, but a different feeling as before AF. It is more of a continuous pain, and there is no way I can sleep on my stomach.

I spent a horrible night las night, between the bbs, the peeing and the heartburns. Got finally up at 5.00 am, thought what the heck and tested. And the line came immediately up. Had to test twice again with 2 different brands to be sure, both came up as BFP.

My symptoms:

EXTREME bloating (I remember thinking that maybe I was pg and was showing already)
Felt like my bowels slowed down
A very weird feeling like I couldn't get comfortable a few days ago (this also happened with dd)
Odd crampy/scratchy type feeling a couple of days ago
A dream the day after O where someone (a voice) told me that I was pg (also happened with dd)
Within the past 2 days or so, a fair amount of yellowy creamy cf.
My cervix is low and mushy
Slight dizziness
Did I mention TREMENDOUS bloating?

I had O like p ains on the side that I O'd on for 6 days.

14-17DPO, I had to have Hooter Hot Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese. Yes, you see it right, 4 days in a row, I had to have it!

I had yellow sticky CM for about 1-8DPO. I was told this is the "progesterone surge."

I have had wacky temps, flat and then all of a sudden "erratic!"

I got a BFN on 12DPO on 17DPO, the s/w told me "congratulations" and that I should take a hpt. I did regrettingly, and it came up BFP!

Since 12DPO, I have not had many symptoms. I had light cramping below about 3 inches below my belly button.

So, ladies, if you do not have that many symptoms during the 2ww, do not sweat it! You could still be

I also had a dream about 14DPO that I had identical twins and that I had to diaper them.

Honestly, I had NO symptoms that were different from normal PMS-type symptoms before I got my BFP. I just had the usual: sore breasts, a little moody, etc. But I really didn't think we did it this month. I even got kind of crampy around the time AF was due.

Now that I've gotten my BFP (as of yesterday), the only thing I've noticed is that I'm very gassy and constipated. Oh, and I do get tired easily.

I edited this to add: I also have horrid acne now!! I hope this goes away soon! I also have very creamy CM and have for the past several days.

I normally had creamy CM after O but it was closer to AF. I had creamy CM after O straight through.

- I had breast tenderness everyday from which is quite usual for me.
- shortness of breath
- nausea
- From 6 DPO: Fatigue, gassy unlike I have ever been- my tummy would make weird sounds and I would burp alot, stinky pee and lots of lotiony CM
-Frequent urination
-Also I had a weird pain to my left ovary from about 6DPO and recently after my ultrasound I found out that cyst formed there. My doctor says it is very normal and will stay there until the placenta forms.

I had no idea I was PG until I tested a few days after AF was due! Even then I thought for sure BFN becasue I didn't feel PG at all. I didn't really have any classic PG symptoms, but looking back, I noticed that I didn't have any of the usual symptoms I get when I'm not PG and AF is coming.

For instance, I usually break out w/acne a few days before AF, but this time I broke out big time right afer O and it cleared up by the time I usually start breaking out. Weird.

Also, I usually get really sore bbs about 5-6 days after O and they clear up a couple days before AF - this time NO sore bbs at all (until a couple days after I tested BFP).

I was also super moody - big emotional fight with DH a couple of days before I tested (which happened last time I was PG too).

The day I was supposed to get AF, I was exhaused and took a nap, which I never do.

Also I never got the watery CM I tend to get a day or two before AF comes.

I did have (starting maybe 10 DPO) unusually restless sleep - waking early and not being able to fall back, which is totally not me. I didn't know that was a PG symptom then though.

Here are my symptoms from 1dpo-12dpo.

2dpo-headache, skin breakout, backache
3dpo-skin breakout, gassy , cramps, backache
4dpo-tired, skin breakout
7dpo-tired, backache, dizzy, skin breakout
8dpo-frequent potty breaks, increased appetite, earache, sore throat
9dpo-tired, insomnia, increased appetite, earache, sore throat
10dpo-tired, insomnia, frequent potty trips, increased appetite (hungry every 2-3 hours)
11dpo-tired, insomnia, frequent potty trips, increased appetite, gassy , runny nose, dizzy, barely seen bfp
12dpo-faint but definite bfp, nausea, tired, insomnia, crampy, increased appetite, gassy

This is my second pregnancy. My early symtoms are:

1-2 DPO - cramping, extreme fatigue esp. in the afternoon.
3-5 DPO - a feeling of fullness in my abdomen. Tired. Wrist and shoulder are bothering me (joint pain)
6-8 DPO - BBS are a little sore and feel "hot" on the underside. Veins a bit more noticible. Took my first CBE pregnancy test on day 8 - Negative
9 DPO BBS more sore/hot. A bit emotional. Some acne on my chest (not that uncommon for me, but this was a bit worse than usual). Feeling "puffy" and very pre-menstrual.
10 DPO - Briefly felt dizzy while walking through my office.
11: DPO - more of the same: sore BBS, bloated. My gums bled when I flossed that evening. A bit nauseous in the a.m. after eating.
12 DPO - Felt light-headed after my moderate workout at gym. Some nausea in the a.m. Reflux-y feeling in throat. BBS full and sore.
13 DPO (today): BFP! BBs are full and sore. Constant feeling of reflux in throat. Nauseas all morning, but not terribly so. Tired. A couple of twinges on the right side of my abdomen.

This is my 6th pregnancy, I have one living DD, and with all my previous pregnancies I a) NEVER got a BFP before 15dpo, not even close... and with two of them I never got a BFP. And b) Did not have any pregnancy symptoms. I just felt like my normal self, more or less! This time I got a BFP at 10dpo and have had really strong classical pg symptoms the whole 2ww. Maybe it's a good sign

Here's what I have listed in the 2ww:

A good "feeling" at the IUI - 0dpo
I usually get that positive feeling on cycles we conceive, whether it's through IUI or sex. Something just feels like we've timed it exactly right.

Tender heavier breasts - 1dpo
This is a normal 2ww symptom for me and means I have ovulated.

Abscence of acne and greasiness - 1dpo
This, in the other hand, is quite unusual. Normally from 1dpo on I get bad acne and my skin and hair are so greasy and oily, I have to shampoo twice a day. I had NOTHING this 2ww, beautiful crystal clear skin, hair even on the dry side.

"Tight" feeling in abdomen - 4dpo
This was a feeling in the very front of my abdomen, below the navel, where it felt like the very front skin and muscle layer were stretched too tight. Trust me I have plenty of cushy fat cells and extra skin there so I don't know why it felt that way, but reaching my arms over my head really pulled! It stopped around 12dpo.

Bad taste in mouth - 4dpo
I kept cleaning my thermometer every day because it ALWAYS tasted nasty like I hadn't cleaned it in weeks. I was brushing my teeth 5 times a day and using mouthwash inbetween, I couldn't shake that hot dirty taste.

Stuffy nose - 5dpo
Always blowing it!

DH says I "smell pregnant" - 5dpo
DH always says he can tell when I'm pregnant because my skin smells different when he kisses or licks it.

Motion sickness - 7dpo
I hate going down hills or around corners, I freeze up.

Food cravings - 7dpo
Let me tell you how badly I HAD to have Chevy's steak fajitas this night!

Hungry all the time, but can't eat - 7dpo
I'm starving, but like 3 bites of food and I'm stuffed, full to the point of pain!

Mottled breasts - 7dpo
The skin at the front, about 2" away from the nipple all around, turns splotchy and mottled.

Sense of smell heightened / off - 8dpo
Everything smelled wrong or too strong. The skin on my hands smelled like mildew to me (???) and I couldn't get them near my face to eat or brush teeth because they stunk! Food smelled wrong or too strong.

Coffee gives me indigestion - 8dpo

My toddler and the cat reacting different to me - 8dpo
Both got clingy and very interested in my belly. DD asked about a baby!

Cramps like - 9dpo

Fatigue - 9dpo
By this time I was soooo tired. I HAD to nap during the day which is unlike me.

Frequent urination -9dpo
Had to get up in the middle of the night, for example.

Really wanted a piece of DH
Kept bugging him for sex. Multiple times per day. Really wanted my breasts played with. It hasn't gone away yet.

BFP - 10dpo

Heartburn - 10dpo
It torments me my entire pregnancies

Sore nipples - 10dpo
Usually in my 2ww just the breasts themselves feel heavier and kind of tender, today the nipples started being VERY sensitive and painful to touch.

Food Aversions - 10dpo
In the a.m. the thought of coffee, which I have EVERY morning, made me want to gag. I tried to cook some chicken that afternoon and the thought of eating gross rubbery chicken made me want to

Breathlessness - 11dpo
Can't catch my breath, start panting after very little exertion. This is still very true (and worse) at 19dpo.

Areolas much larger and a darker shade - 13dpo
They aren't really dark dark, but they're browner.

Thirsty - 13dpo
Started needing to drink 5 - 6 sixteen ounce glasses of water / day, very thirsty.

Dizziness - 14dpo
Would walk into walls and fall over, very dizzy!

Stuffy nose finally gone! - 14dpo

Sore muscles in my upper abdomen - 14dpo
Like a side stitch but in the middle by my breastbone. Makes it hard to breathe!

Really sore bbs - 14dpo
Instead of just feeling heavy they feel hot and aching, sore to the touch, bruised.

Morning sickness - 15dpo
Oh the joy. Mostly it's just a period of about 3 hours where I'm only a little queasy, but SUPER tired and very weepy. I lay on the couch and cry. Can't eat anything. It goes away like flipping a switch at 10am!

Hope that helps someone else!

5dpo-17dpo *really creamy yellow cm, so much so at the end I ran to the bathroom with supplies in hand. It felt like AF
7dpo- had really sharp tingles that felt like they were IN my crotch. They didn't last long, but enough that they made me jump a couple times and Dh asked what was wrong...
9dpo-now* a cold, all stuffed up
10dpo-now *feeling really nausous when I think about food. I'm ok once i start eating, but one trip to wendys with my dh at 11dpo left me being sick in the parking lot. And another "sick" night on 16dpo.
12dpo-now * SUPER BLOATED!!! almost looking pregnant. Dh when I told him we were expecting said "that explains the bloating!" LOL!
14dpo- *started getting cramps, but they felt different, only lasted for a couple minutes at a time
14dpo- *started getting achy thighs. They hurt so badly! I still had these 3 days ago as well.
15dpo- BFN with Clearblue Digital test.
17dpo- BFP with Clearblue Digital test TWICE, and 4 + tests at my doctors office!

Hope that helps. Its so strange how your body just lets you know... I felt amazingly calm the last week, so I think that helped a lot too.

Hi everyone, I just got my first BFP, so I wanted to share my symptoms:

* 3DPO I had some bad twitching in my legs (strange I know) kind of involuntary jerks, like a reflex. Went to DR and ran blood but all was normal, and they had no idea what was causing it, other than I would get it more if I did not eat.
* I was also just very tired - not sleepy tired, just couldn't do a whole day at work, cloudy head, some dizzyness.
* Sometimes I felt like vomiting, but did not.
* Food - I became sensitive about what I wanted to eat, just a strong preference, where normally I wasn't that picky. I also needed more protein. One night I insisted I needed a steak at 10:00pm and I was going to find a restaurant if I hadn't found one in my freezer. I would look at a plate and I could break down what each thing was - sugar, protein, carb, and I wanted the protein. I am never that hip on what I eat.
* I would also get gaps of reality where I was slow to catch up with what was going on.
* Sort of dizzyness
* I got a backache on 9DPO, which usually is right before icon_AF.gif so I thought she was coming, but it only lasted one day which was unusual.
* Quick minor cramps from 1 DPO, 1-2 per day.

What I did NOT have was:
- sore BBs
- major cramping
- major mood swings (although a little more cranky than usual)
- no real AF symptoms.

Hope that helps all you waiting to test!!!!

My first month charting/clomid & first pregnancy (chemical), I got what I refer to as porn-star nipples really early (around 8 DPO). It lasted until 17 DPO when I started spotting.

So, this past month, I kept denying I was possibly PG because I didn't have the porn-star nipples (by that I am referring to my normally flat nipples being constantly erect, sore and swollen). When it didn't occur by 8 DPO, I figured the cycle was a bust! (Excuse the pun) LOL
Apparantly, it was not!

From my chart notes...(sorry, I was obsessive)
4 DPO- Tired & bout of nausea when leaning over - wrote that I thought I might be coming down with something (it never got worse).
5 DPO - Emotional, like AF was on its way (I get very teary the day before AF comes). CM is white snot (I know that's gross, but best way I can describe it.
7 DPO & 8 DPO - Hungry. Sore nipples but not porn-star LOL.
10 DPO - Extremely tired. Needed a nap. Cramping (figured AF was coming ) Sore nipples.
11 DPO - Tiny amount of brown tinged CM on TP. Figured AF was coming.
12 DPO - HEARTBURN (I never get it). Tired, welcome to the world of Porn-Star nipples. Positive pregnancy test.

Those were from my chart, as I said. Looking back, I would say my most valid symptoms was the heartburn and the white snot CM (Never quite seen that before). I never get heartburn, and I lived off Tums till 16 DPO. The following week, I started getting heartburn, that turned into a wave of nausea, then I would feel incredibly tired. But they only lasted for a few minutes at a time.

I hope that helps!!

My PG Symptoms:
5dpo started getting headaches, which happened only on the cycles I conceived (but hard to tell for sure b/c also related to progesterone supplements)

6-7dpo (very early I know) I started to get queasy on and off, kind of carsick, and this never happens in 2ww and sensitive nipples, not painful, just more "reactive"

7dpo--this is odd, but also happened last time I was pregnant--got strange shooting pain in my leg, inner thigh, very dramatic; also deep tugging/cramping for about half an hour in the evening

Also: lower back tight/sore since about 7dpo, sore throat/runny nose since maybe 5dpo

O-day to 6DPO - Nothing!!
7DPO - Light pink spotting-implantation I never have mid cycle spotting so I am sure this was implantaiton.
8DPO - Crampy like AF was coming
9DPO -light positive on Answer Early, still crampy
10DPO - darker positive on Answer Early,crampy
10DPO - Now - Still mildly crampy off and on. Slightly sore breasts, gassy, creamy CM. Getting tired easier and little light headed some times.

1 dpo CRAMPS just felt like it might be it. Just a feeling.
2 dpo CRAMPS, have to pee more, hungry, mucous gummy and it is never gummy.
3 dpo Nothing really just a bit crampy. Oh and still positive ovulation test. 4 in a row. WEIRD I know.
4 dpo. BLOATED and cramps
5 dpo Bloated, Crampy and irritable
6 dpo same
7 dpo sooooo thirsty, felt HOT I mean really hot but no fever, irritable, sore throat, crampy and bloated. Hungry more. FORGETFUL
8 dpo GASSY , hungry, thirsty, pins and needles feeling in bbs. Felt like milk letting down. I am still breastfeeding. But it felt different. Milk drying up not as much as usual. FELT PG.
9 dpo, FELT HOT again, dizzy, hungry, thirsty, frequent urinating, gassy, bloaty, crampy, sore throat, forgetful, tingly feeling in breasts. Weird feeling about 5 or so inches below belly button like pinching STRANGE. Can't really explain it though.
10 dpo negative FRER positive Equate, Positive dollar tree. VERY VERY faint though so wasn't quite sure. Hubby said test again tomorrow. He didn't believe me.
11 dpo Equate much darker YEAH!!, Frer barely positive, positive dollar tree and later 3 morning urine VERY DARK URINE I waited forever to go pee and this is VERY hard when you gotta go every 15 min. hee hee.
But took CBE digital and it was "PREGNANT" BTW I know it says not to read the 2 lines but when I have taken them before there were BARELY and I mean BARELY two lines on the test and this time now that I am pregnant it was MUCH darker. Oh I took the digital on 10 dpo too and it was not pregnant.


My symptoms were that my breasts & nipples were tender, tingly, and burning off and on thru out the day, almost every single day since I 0'd.

4-5 DPO - I woke up smelling mexican food and craving it at 1:30 in the morning, I was tired a lot, 9 DPO - I was dizzy once or twice. I also had a metalic taste in my mouth just before I went to bed.

I've also been hungrier than normal. But mainly, it was the breasts that felt so different. If I didn't get a I was going to wonder what was going on with me because I didn't remember my cycles ever causing this much breast tenderness!

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