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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and TTC Success Stories!

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What I did differently this month: HSG, took Mucinex, elevated my hips after BD for 30 minutes, and used CBE ovulation predictor kits.

The strangest thing that happened this month is that I just felt that this was the month from the beginning. It was really weird.

Oday: AF cramps, loss of appetite, breast tenderness (ouch), and waves of nausea.
1dpo: AF cramps, lower backache (comes and goes), really bad diarrhea cramps at night, gassy, breast tenderness, and fatigue.
2dpo: same as 1dpo. The diarrhea cramps came at night, but I didn't have diarrhea. It was pretty painful. *Vivid dreams.
3dpo: vivid dreams, slight cramping, bbs tender and feeling heavy, very strong smelling urine.
4dpo: emotional breakdown, couldn't stop crying all day because I thought we had missed it.
5dpo: cramps, bbs tender and feel heavy.
6dpo: breast and nipple tenderness, dark circle around areola of right breast only, darker veins in bbs, frequent urination.
7dpo: hungry all the time, bad AF cramps, low back pain, areola's swollen and lumpy, dark veins in bbs, heightened sense of smell (could smell paint everywhere), frequent urination, pinching feeling in belly button when I sat down (only happened once or twice).
8dpo: Hungry!!!, woke up happy feeling like we definitley got it, bbs. bigger, areola still swollen and lumpy, areola and nipples looked bigger than normal, nauseus, and frequent urination. **Temp dipped, my symptoms disapeared.
9dpo: **metallic taste in mouth at night (it tasted like my mouth was bleeding), this when I knew something was up. Breast remain heavy, not that tender. ** temp went back up slightly.
10dpo: light +HPT in am. pinching feeling in uterus (alternating sides), woke up out of a dream with "O", very hot that night took off my covers. Cramps in left quad, and abdomen feels sore.
11dpo: Darker +HPT both FRER and EPT.

Since O I felt tired, had headaches, and had really bad heartburn off and on. I can't believe I finally get to post this. I guess looking back the most prominent symptom for me was cramping that lasted since O straight through, also breast changing size. My DH saw my breasts around 4dpo and said you're preggers, your bbs look different. So who knows!
Good luck to all of you!

O day - felt pretty good all day other than appetite not super strong. slight waves of naseaus but could be from O. full feeling in lower belly. Skin and lips feel a little dry today.
1DPO - had ache in my leg in the pm. came and went but it felt like it was in my upper thigh and occasionally in my knee. WEIRD!
2DPO - Nothing
3DPO - Got dizzy while standing at the movie theatre.
4DPO - tender nipples. Had sharp pain when I got out of bed in lower abdomen on right side. My right knee is sore. Almost like an ache in that leg. Probably from sitting wrong in church or something. Blobs of cm on tp after each time I pee. Of white to yellowish.
5DPO - tender nipples. Back feels as if I pulled a muscle in it. very low energy today and have this
weird feeling in stomach. Not super naseaus but almost like it goes into my throat and makes me want to throw up . NOT NORMAL! Thirsty second half of the day... very thirsty!
6DPO - VERY TIRED as of 7:39am. COuld still be groggy from waking up. Nips still sensitive but the soreness on the side has gone away. JUst ate lunch and already am hungry. Don't feel like myself and got winded walking up steps. Feel like I am coming down with something. YUCKY FEELING! Noticed purple genitalia while in the bathroom. Don't know if this is normal or not.
7DPO - nipples still tender. I just don't feel pregnant. Maybe this cycle is a bust. Lots of creamy
in panties. legs hurt or felt like they needed to stretch at night. Not super painful but they just felt different.
8DPO - nips still tender. scratchy throat. lots of phlem. DH had a dream last night I was preg. and that I delivered it without him. A sign... I don't know??????? Woke up out of a nap with an orgasm.
9DPO - Think I got a very faint BFP this morning with FMU and internet cheapie. Going to test tomorrow with internet cheapie and FRE.
10DPO - Def. + on three different tests!!!!!!!

I caved this morning and tested because my temp was still up, and.... BFP!!!!!!!

The SMEP, or vitex worked! or both?

DPO symptoms:
1-3 DPO nothing
4 DPO - low ache and "bubbles" in tummy, lots of creamy CM
5 DPO - back pain (not ache), creamy CM, V.hungry pm, nausea bedtime
6 DPO - nice temp, creamy CM, rubbery
7 DPO - creamy, wet CM, low pain, like ov.
8 DPO - achey pubic bone?, creamy CM
9 DPO - same as 8dpo
10DPO - pinches right side, achey pubic bone, hot flashes, leg cramp woke me up, dream about pos hpt
11 DPO - af/ov pains (stronger at night, and rock in my tummy when I lie on it), slightly achey bb's (on sides), temp high still, Definitely think ff was wrong and that I am 11 DPO today (not 13), Very strange dream about my symptoms.
12DPO - Tender bb's and nipples, itchy. HUGE nipples,
temp still up.
13DPO - Very sore nipples, Pulling and tugging
feeling lower tummy, Frequent urination
14DPO - BFP!!!!

I kept a list of my symptoms this time around because after the O pain I had I figured something had to be going on!!

O-day: Pain from my left ovary that felt like it was shooting down through my pelvic bone. I've never been kicked in the crotch but this is what I imagine it to feel like!!
1dpo: Uterine cramping, Fatigue
2dpo: Uterine cramping, Fatigue, Loss of Appetite
3dpo: Uterine cramping, Fatigue, Increased Thirst
4dpo: Mild Uterine Cramping, Headaches, Yellow-tinged CM
5dpo: "heavy" breasts, very thirsty
6dpo: heavy breasts, stinky pee, full-heavy feeling in abdomen, fingernails growing faster, no CM
7dpo: pinching in upper rt. of uterus woke me up from sleep, loose BM in afternoon, nausea, fatigue, no CM
8dpo: Emotional, lt. cramping, dry but a few blobs of EWCM, one tiny spotting of pink (just once).
9dpo: Fatigue, no CM, constipated, $Tree BFN
10dpo: Things started smelling funny to me today, even the water from the fridge smelled a little off to me. Fatigue, Nausea, Heartburn, started feeling happy/excited rather than grumpy/moody, blobs of sticky EWCM tinged yellow, BFN on $tree and Equate
11dpo: Dull cramping, Nausea, Gas, on and off fatigue
12dpo: Got BFP on $Tree with FMU...too happy today to notice any symptoms other than fatigue and nausea!
13dpo: BFP on Equate with FMU, fatigue, nausea

Good luck to all of you!!!!

DPO 1-6 - nothing out of the ordinary
DPO 7 - had beginning of triphasic pattern when temps shot up ... also had very slight light brown spotting
DPO 8 - woke up in the middle of the night with a SPLITTING headache behind my eye ... don't know if this was related to being pg, but I have never had that before
DPO 9-11 - bbs began to hurt, especially on the outside near my arms - and they started to feel heavy; hot flashes and feeling flushed a lot of the time, strange cramping - not strong or painful but ever present, feeling dizzy from time to time
DPO 10 HPK -
DPO 11 faint + HPK with FRE & got triphasic msg on chart
DPO 12 light + HPK w/ FRE, EPT

3dpo- good ol' Sore bbs- (I actually typed in 'Whaaateve!r' on my software's notes because I didn't want to get taken in again & dissapointed.) Weird twinges in pelvic area- (I chalked that up to O ing and alll of the bding. I'd also been walking around the city a lot.)

5dpo-sore bbs, with light shotting pains in left breast, vague pelvic cramping. (Another 'Whatever!' because I'd had this before too.)

6dpo-sore bbs, and upper back, trouble sleeping

7dpo- bbs more sore & felt fuller but it's just my imagination, I'm sure!

8dpo- no notes for this day

9dpo -dizziness, headache, and lots of crying about everything, itchy & dull feeling cramps, argument with dh too

10dpo-more freaky cramps, lot of sticky cm, bbs a bit less sore, frighten of being disappointed again, please G-d let this be it!

11dpo - sore bbs, burning up in the morning-very hot at temp time, strange & itching uterus cramping sensations(circulation?);upset stomach, lot of creamy cm, easily tired, dizzy

12dpo- caved and took Clearblue hpt with second morning urine. + medium strong line, not quite as dark as control. cramps, creamy cf, indigestion, went shopping and got winded easily. tired.

13dpo- small pale brownish spot(!) after walking to in-laws' house and shopping, more weird cramps, upset stomach, told mom about everything - mom says stop walking around so much for a while. af was due next day, aprox.

14dpo- tested again with Primastick using fmu(strong line - matched control line)...bad stomach, vague nausea on waking, light cramps, super hot-sweaty early morning.. very tired off and on all day.

15dpo- took cab to apt and dinner, walked back home; winded and super-tired! cramps.
creamy cf

16dpo- cramps, burning up, couldn't sleep, creamy cf, breasts feel heavy, green veins visible(my skin is brown with gold undertones -so I have green instead of blue) in bbs - took last Primastick test in box ++

17dpo- some light cramps, hungry, emotional, irritable.. heavy, tender, veiny bbs

18dpo- cramps, hungry, tired, emotional, constipated, sore heavy bbs

Immediately after O, I didn't feel like this 2ww was going to be any different at first, until the odd tingly, itchy, pulling cramps that started a few days later. Definitely different type of cramps...these are duller - where my AF (& pre-AF) cramps were always more painful & sharp.

The other difference(not a preg symp tho') was that, for the first time in a long while, aorund O time I had lightly bloodstreaked (marked on charts as spotting),very clear & stretchy, textbook EWCM!

5dpo -- heavy cramping. Maybe this was implantation?
6dpo-now -- major fatigue daily.
7dpo-now I have endo, and I'm not having my typical cramping. I have some pinching, but this pain is nothing compared to endo cramps.

9dpo, 10dpo, faint ++. I tested so early, that even a blood test came back inconclusive.
12dpo-13dpo, nice Big Fat Positive hpts!!!!

"O" day, day after O day: was more aware of the area around one fallopian tube. Felt like I could feel movement in there, cramping, maybe the tubes pushing the egg along.
3dpo - An odd "feeling" that I was PG. I became extremely instinctively protective of my abdomen. I barked at DH for trying to poke me to tickle me and thought I'd burst in tears, not understanding why I was so emotional.
4dpo - I was so doggone tired suddenly, I slept in till 11 AM. I was in fact so tired, that stupid me bought an HPT, thinking I'd misjudged O and might be further along than I thought, if I was PG.
This went on until around 9 dpo. I started getting mild cramps and was sure everything was my imagination and I was going to get AF. I felt PMS-y. I was emotional and generally cranky. Ovusoft said "possibly triphasic". I felt like my uterus was tight and like someone had blown it full of air and stretched it like a taut, hard balloon, and that it was sitting upright. I think this sensation made me have to pee a lot. I was thirsty too.
11 dpo - Ovusoft said I was triphasic. The uterine pressure was beginning to be more intense
16dpo - FINALLY a positive HPT.
17dpo - the Dr. took a blood test which I found out two days later was positive. Breasts are sore, pressure in abdomen is something I'm constantly aware of. I notice my abdomen is distended and thought I was crazy, that it was certainly too early for that. But I think everything was shifting around inside me, and because my uterus normally tilts backwards instead of forwards, maybe its coming to the center (forward) was pushing things forward, causing the distending.
20 dpo - day before m/c: I don't know if it counts but the pressure in the abdomen is a bit uncomfortable now. No cramps, just constant pulling and tugging and feeling like a hard balloon is being blown up to its limit inside. I had to pee a LOT. I was dizzy and hit my head, but that can be a symptom of m/c too.

1-11dpo- had some wet CM, thin- but wet.
3 & 4dpo- nipples were tingly, VERY sensitive
9dpo- felt a sharp pain in lower ab- uterus area
13dpo- felt crampy, I thought cycle was going to be a bust
14dpo- felt more tired than usual, was asleep at 9:30pm. I also felt weepy- teared up over small things.
15dpo- felt crampy, again was worried that cycle was a bust
16dpo- had some nausea- attributed it to not eating enough- low blood sugar or something.
17dpo- felt crampy, twinges in abdomen- thought AF was on the way- even though the cramps were different. Also felt a "fullness" in ab. Felt hungrier than usual.
18dpo- temps still up- tested with First Response Early- got a BFP in about 1 minute. I made a million trips to the bathroom. Slept like a baby that night!
19dpo- tested again with FRE, got an even darker line in about 1 minute.

I had felt these symptoms before and AF showed up- so I was not expecting this positive.

My symptoms: from O to now sore breasts - I always get those so no big deal. Matter of fact horribly sore breasts is one of the ways I know I've O'd.
From O to the first 6 days, nothing.
From 6DPO to now: craving 7-11 slurpees. That happened in Feb when I was pregnant. Sharp pains in both boobs. Nipples that felt like someone was using an electric drill on them any time they touched anything. Had severe diarrhea all day a couple days ago, have no idea if that is related or not. Also had two migranes this week which is unusual but still may have nothing to do with it. Two inexplicable crying jags twice. For eg. on Thanksgiving evening I was saying good bye to my folks and just started bawling for no reason. Two days before AF was due I spotted bright pink/light red for a few hours. The next day cramping on and off all day but no more spotting. Since then occasional sharp pains in uterine area. I did have occasional uterine cramps from O to now but that is totally normal for me, happens every month. Good luck to all of you!

2-3 dpo spotting -- which is a mystery. Way too early for implantation -- seems a little late for . It wasn't very much but left about 15 little drops on my underwear about the size of this O.

7 dpo noticed that bbs were sore differently than usual -- more along the sides. Also noticed that the area around my belly button was tender.

Had slight heartburn after eating and a hard time staying awake during tv watching in the evenings. Figured it was typical pre-af symptoms.

9dpo very mild cramping -- so mild that I had myself convinced they were phantom pains.

11dpo - while flossing, I noticed my lips looked swollen.

12dpo - definite cramps which made me suspicious since I never cramp before AF. But I still didn't expect to see the BFP on the First Response Early I took in the afternoon.

What I did different: I always drink a lot of water but consciously drank more than ever. I skipped the green tea and actually got 5 days of fertile CF. (I never get any stretch to my CF, btw) I also got pregnant in January (had a m/c ) and I think that because of my DH's work (constuction, jeans, outside) his spermies are more potent at this time of year. Since it takes 70-something days for sperm to mature, it adds up.

OK The cycle I got pregnant I was absolutly sure I was not pg. So I really didn't notice many signs, but here are the few I did notice:

-A TON of Creamy CM
-My BB's usually hurt after O and go away soon after, but as AF approched they still hurt and my nipples tingled
-A lot of cramping (not like AF) especially when I laid down
-Last but not least, even though I BD 3 times that cycle and I was convinced I was not pg, SOMETHING INSIDE OF ME TOLD ME I WAS!!!

5-6 dpo - aching and pinching pain on lower left side - the same side I 'd on.

7 dpo - nipples started to hurt- bad. I always have breast soreness in the 2ww but never had sore nips like this.

10 dpo - I stopped checking CM after I 'd but I noticed a lot of creamy yellow CM on my underwear.

12 dpo - woke up hot and sweaty - my temp was the highest ever, 98.7 - felt a little queasy. Tested and got a BFP!

13 dpo - more queasiness, no appetite - 13 dpo beta results were 208.

One thing we did do differently this month - no sex two days before ovulation, then day before ovulation we used real eggwhites - don't know if it did the trick but it certainly didn't hurt!

Here are my symptoms:

NONE until 14 DPO. I was poring over this post last week, looking for others who also had no symptoms because there weren't any!! No kidding. Yes some twinges/pulls in uterus occasionally (which happened EVERY month) but that is it.

Around 14 DPO I started having some cramps, which was a pg sign for me because I never cramp before AF, just the day of....the cramps have largely subsided. No spotting at all.

Then I noticed I was exceedingly thirsty and hungrier than usual, but also thought this could all be in my head and might be a by-product of all the holiday goodies! Also I have been very sleepy.

My bbs usually start hurting around 12DPO but didn't start til 14 DPO and hurt a bit worse than usual - but while it is always there, sometimes it is definitely a lot more noticeable than others.

Now this was the strangest symptom - I have had no sex drive this past week WHATSOEVER! And my DH was (for some reason!) getting on my nerves - I was finding myself very irritable with him, much more so than typical PMS. Hopefully that will go away now!

Cervix is low and hard and has been all week. The nausea started a little this morning when I was very hungry but nothing sounded good to eat. Over the last couple of days I have noticed that I go from feeling very awake and like I can accomplish anything to five minutes later wanting to curl up and go to sleep.

1-5 dpo: nothing
6 dpo: cramps
7-8 dpo: nothing
9 dpo: cramps, tender breasts
10-11 dpo: tender breasts
12 dpo: nothing (faint + cheapie HPT)
13 dpo: sharp pains in breasts (faint + cheapie HPT; negative CBED HPT )
14 dpo: gassy , sharp pains in breasts/nipples, fatigue (darker, but still faint + cheapie HPT; + OPK; + CBED HPT )
15 dpo: fatigue

However, with my first pregnancy I had no symptoms at all.

We just got our BFP last night! This is our first month TTC and what do you worked! I was shocked!

I didn't have many symptoms, but here I go:

1DPO-7DPO: nothing except creamy CF
8DPO-on: creamy CF, VERY thirsty all the time, CP was low, which it NEVER is
10DPO-on: still creamy CF - no spotting like I usually get before AF, CP still low, peeing
A LOT (thought I was imagining it)
12DPO: +HPT with CBE digital
14DPO: another +FRER

There it is! Hardly anything! Wouldn't have even tested if it wasn't for the low CP and no spotting.

Still in shock...

1-6 dpo nothing

7-10 dpo slightly sore bbs (totally normal for me)

11-12 dpo light spotting, light cramping, sore bbs (again not unusual for me I spot from about 10dpo-AF every month, cramping was new)

13 dpo NO SPOTTING, still cramping. I didn't want to get excited so I waited it out all day and nothing...This was also when I realized that I had no acne this month and I was in a GOOD mood(I always get a little acne and VERY irritable before AF)

14 dpo tested BFP with FMU Went for Beta that afternoon and it was 605! is on the way!

14 dpo to 20 dpo (today) - triphasic temps, menstrual type cramping off and on, insomnia, sore bbs, tired, emotional!!, very thirsty off and on, stomach muscles feel sore off and on.

Really though my symptoms are not so severe that if I wasn't charting I would be concerned. It's wierd, I don't feel that different yet...

Starting at 5 DPO-Mild nausea and burping. Those symptoms have continued through to now!
7DPO-started smelling EVERYTHING. Would be walking through the store and stop my DH to ask him what a smell was. He had no idea...said he couldn't smell it!
8DPO-little cramps/twinges in my abdomen.
10DPO-CF started getting wetter and more fertile like. Was not sure if this was because I was due to have in a couple of days. More little cramps.
I expected my period on Thanksgiving day.(12DPO) I tested that morning at 3am and my results were so confusing I didn't know if I was PG or if that was an evap line. I woke DH up to ask him and he had no idea but said it looked pink. So I suffered through that whole day WAITING to have my period. Nothing. Nada. So, the next morning we went to the store and picked up FOUR tests and I took two which were IMMEDIATELY positive. I have since taken the other two and they are DARKLY positive. I am going to have a baby! Here's hoping that everything goes well and the baby is healthy!
Since I found out, I have had some nausea that sends me to bed but have not thrown up, horaay! Also I had a headache two days in a row which is unusual but possibly not related to pregnancy. The thing that surprises me is that my boobs are not sore yet!!!!

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