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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and TTC Success Stories!

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Amazing! I was SO certain this was NOT my month, that I still can't get over it! I was going to wait and test yesterday morning (Thurs) since it was our 4th wedding anniversary, but I couldn't take it anymore and tested on Wed. night at 19DPO. BFP!!!!!!!

The amazing this is that I had literally no unusual symptoms. Last month I had everything in the book and only BFNs, so I was certain it would be the same this month. The only things I can mention are:

7DPO - Face breakout that cleared up overnight
9DPO - Extra hungry (Normal before AF)
11DPO - Light cramps (still have them), slight sore bbs (normal)
13DPO - 'Crawly' nips. Felt like they were crawling around inside my bra. Weird sensation but I've had that before too.
14DPO - Lots of AF symptoms. Sore bbs, cramps, bloated, slight backache, grouchy and add diarrhea to top it off.

I was so absolutely positive that AF was coming anytime, I wore pantiliners for 3 days so I wouldn't have a boo-boo at work.

All that (except diarrhea) carried on until 18DPO and that night I had to get up TWO times to go pee. Very unusual! Altho I pee often, I usually can make it through the night.

And so, at 19DPO, I couldn't hold out any longer. And a BFP!!

I still have most of those symptoms except really really sore bbs now and the cramps have become off and on twinges and little aches that move from one place to another over my stomach.

I do know that I have always usually have extremely sore bbs from O until AF. But this time, no soreness at all until 12DPO and then it was only a wee bit.

Hope this info helps since I sure thought I would have *some* clue of *something*, but I didn't. So just because it feels like the ol' hag is around the corner doesn't always mean it's true!!

Sending out Babydust to all!

I didn't believe it myself and so I haven't announced it until now. I thought I HAD to be seeing things but they are getting darker and darker. I used the TARGET + - tests on 5dpo and got 2 positives.I thought these tests stink and used an Equate well that was bfp too 6dpo I used 2 more TARGET and got 2 more bfps. I have a history of chem pregs and m/c so I don't know what the outcome will be but for now I am so happy!!

Symptoms were:

* sore boobs right after o. They felt like a burning senssation was ripping through them.
* CM was creamy and yellow some days and scant others.
* Temps have been pretty flat.
* I have a sore throat now and have been getting heartburn thorughtout the day since 5dpo.
* I think I implanted 4dpo.
* My tests aren't as dark as the control line but about halfway there now.

I'm 13 dpo and got my BFP this am!!!!!! I had a line only I could see 9 dpo and one my DH could see 10 dpo but this am it really hit me.

My first clue was 5-6dpo when my temp chart was looking different: less peaks and valleys, more an even climb upwards. It then stabilized about 8 dpo.

6-10 dpo I had less heart burn than usual for post-o
My breasts have been heavy but not sore.
Less crampy but still with a little.
Nausea comes and goes a few times a day since 9 dpo.

I just got my BFP!!!

What I did different this month:
* HSG procedure (I think this was the key)
* Baby Asprin
* Used a heating pad to try to promote implantation
* Pineapple

What I've been doing for several months:
* Robotussin
* Legs up
* Big O after DH
* Acupuncture 2x week
* Prenatals

My Symptoms:
I had my typical AF cramps from 4dpo-8dpo. I know there have been some questions about cramps so I will get specific. I had cramps that were exactly like AF- the way I describe these cramps is the feeling when you get a pap done- sort of like a soreness inside. These were the cramps I had this month and the cramps I have had every other month before getting AF. Since I had these same cramps, I was so sure I had not gotten pg this month that I started to prepare to get an IUI done in 2 weeks, I ordered preseed and the fertility book- this was how sure I was that I was NOT pg.

On the eve of 8dpo I started to have that pinching feeling people describe (sharp little twinges) and on 9dpo my temp dipped and all of my AF cramps dissappeared- this is when I knew I was pg. This morning (10dpo) I got a BFP!! The only other thing different this month were my boobs (not nipples) were sore (achey) starting from 2dpo.

Hope this is helpful! My final words- you really never know!

I'm pregnant!

Here is a little about me:
*I am still bfing my 22 month old son about 10 times a day and night.
*I got my ppaf at 15 months.
*I got pg and had a m/c in my second pp cycle.
*My lp's have been: 12, 23 (m/c), 10, 7, 10, 8, 8, and I got a - at 12dpo and a + at 15 dpo this cycle.
*I don't temp, take anything, or time bd, we just do what we want whenever.
*We left the timing of this blessing totally up to God. He knows best!

Here are my symptoms:

8 dpo - I just felt pg. Cramps.
9 dpo - Bloated. Cramps.
10 dpo - Bloated. Cramps.
11 dpo - Bloated. Cramps. Tender Breasts.
12 dpo - Bloated. Cramps.
13 dpo - Backache. Bloated. Cramps. Painful Gas (yuck). Decreased Appetite. Nausea. Headache. (Dh and I also had a stomach bug 13 and 14 dpo)
14 dpo - Bloated. Cramps. Nausea. Painful Gas. Headache.
15 dpo - Backache. Bloated. Cramps. Frequent Urination. Painful Gas. Headache. Irritability. Tender Breasts.

I kept detailed notes on my symptoms.. maybe somewhere I knew this was my cycle?! Stalking symptoms was all I did in this 2WW.. Good Luck to you!

1DPO - had 10" of EWCM come out while I was peeing this morning, Low on monitor, but stick looks like the day before I peaked still not strong blue estrogen line. *LOTS of EWCM. *Tooth hurt.
2DPO - LOTS of Milky CM flowing out while peeing, check around cervix a lot of white, creamy, like lotion CM..A LOT *Craving Blue cheese.. NEVER craved it before.. its DH's favorite?!
3DPO - Sharp lower left "pull" around 11:30 am. *Lower right dull ache *Body feels worn *Very milky CM after BM *Still craving blue cheese
4DPO - CM is milky/watery, not as thick as last cycle *Since this morning have had off and on pulling sensations by belly button, and in different parts of abdomen
5DPO - Felt mild tugging under belly button today.. but NOTHING really.. dont feel much? *had spotting after BD *Lower left abdominal ache *Cramp in left leg *Tan/Pinkish CM *DH has been having more PG symptoms then me in the last 5 days he has had: bachache, extreme thirst, gassy, fatigue (came home from work to take a nap lol)
6DPO - Checked CM inside and got some old brown blood on my finger.. think AF is on her way for sure.. *Still craving blue cheese all the time.. strange *Sharp pains on left and right side *Pee smells like his? *Very exhausted... DH too *Brown mucous blood when I wipe.. never made it to panties
7DPO - Woke up with scratchy throat *Feel fluish (fever,chills,body aches, sneezing)*Checked inside, tan CM and bits of brown mucus blood on TP *Feel a bit run down
8DPO - leaking feeling.
9DPO - Slight lower right pressure on abdomen *Had pink spotting when I wiped after BM *Woke up with strong pulls under belly button *Had 3 BM
10DPO - Woke up with slight lower right soreness *CM is not visible at all.. no creamy mostly watery
11DPO - Woke up with strong lower right soreness *Milky CM after BM *Lots of CM on panties
12DPO - Woke up in the night to stomach ache, had diarrahea this morning *Creamy/Milky CM after BM *Strong vaginal twitches *BAD diarrhea twice
13DPO - Don't feel AF is on her way *Last night, boobs get soreness of and on.. not tingling, not sensitive, just sore *Slight abdominal cramping *VERY Emotional today, had slight breakdown *Strong stomach ache, probably diarrhea again
14DPO - Cramp to the left side of belly button.. felt it for almost 10 min. *Definitely no sign on AF today..* Got heavy spotting, light flow when I pee.. no cramping, no signs of it coming at all.. no old blood, just new blood.. a few drops on panty.. and when I pee, but nothing else the whole night.. *Nipples are sore when I touch them
15DPO +HPT!!!!!!!!

Good Luck to you!!!

I'm so excited about my BFP after all the obsessing!! I'm currently 4wks and 2 days PG. I wrote all the symptoms down day by day during the 2 wk wait. It's quite lengthy but here you go.....

1DPO - Nothing
2DPO - Restless Sleep, vivid/weird dreams, very hot and sweaty at night, up to use the toilet 4x in night.
3DPO - Restless Sleep, vivid/weird dreams, very hot and sweaty at night, weeing a lot, tired.
4DPO - Restless Sleep, vivid/weird dreams, very hot and sweaty at night, tired, AF type cramp
5DPO - Pinching sensation on right side of uterus, lower back ache (like back weak), VERY emotional and irratable, arguing and crying, feel exhausted, vagina feels dryish and strange, weird dreams, craving for mussells, starving after eating a good lunch, cervix feels hard and 'raw'. Feel really down.
6DPO - Feel very tired again, throat very sore, feel cold, vagina feels hard and 'raw'. No CM.
7DPO - Still tired. Having difficulty sleeping. Waking frequently. No CM
8DPO - No CM. Difficulty sleeping again. Craving mussells or white fish(!). Using the toilet more. Gassy. Vagina feels sore. Areola on right breast appears swollen/lumpy.
9DPO - No CM. Heartburn after lunch. Feel happy. AF type cramps. Short burst of nausea. Difficulty getting comfortable in bed. Up x4 for toilet since going to bed. Swollen areola.
10DPO - Stuffy nose. Slight nose bleed. Slight cramps AM. Backache on waking. Extremely emotional/hysterical. Angry (horrible to partner) . Sad. Cramps in PM. Bad smelling wind . Tender BBS. Awoke at 3.15am. Dreams about babys. Nightmare also. Areolas swollen and darker. Appear veinier(don't know if its my imagination!) No CM.
11DPO - Woke up bursting for a wee. Areola swollen and darker (dark dark ring around them).Sore BBs. Emotional/angry/sad (was horrible to partner again) . Strong AF cramps.
12DPO - Woke up bursting for a wee. Very painful AF cramps. Feel a sense of loss because i can feel period coming on. Want to eat fish.
13DPO - Felt sick all day. Dry retching. Actually sick once. Sore throat and a cold. AF cramps in the evening. Emotional.Tired. Nipples and BBs tender. Couldn't satisfy hunger. Small amount of creamy CM. Strong smelling yellow urine.
14DPO - Feel sick again. Woke up in early hours feeling sick. Woke up with back ache. Pinching sensation in tummy. Painful behind bellybutton. Stomach feels tender and full. Hungry after eating a good breakfast. Small amount of creamy CM. Strong smelling urine. Positive HPT!!!!! AF feels like starting any second.
15DPO - Felt sick on and off all day. Starving constantly. Stomach will only accept small amounts before feeling full. HPT remains positive. Very tired. Feel like AF giong to start any second!! Dizzy spells. Back aches when standing for long periods. Completely off chocolate!

1-3dpo - woke up with a leg cramp once. Heard on the radio recently this is common in pg women.
3-5dpo - slightly sensitive nipples only noticed in shower
7dpo - progesterone was 27, versus 20 and 21 in previous months
5-8dpo - gas and a few more leg cramps.
9dpo - tested BFN with CBE (it was our anniversary)
10-11dpo - restless sleep
12dpo - tested very positive with FMU and FRER. Major insomnia.
13dpo - started spotting like normal before AF arrives. Spotted for 4-5 days with more than just brown CM on two of the days. Light cramps.
14-16dpo - opposite of constipated. Indigestion after eating big meals. Light uterus cramps. Restless sleep.
17dpo - U/S at doctor's office. Projesterone 29, HCG 1,080. Definitely PG!! She said uterus was already enlarged, which is normal and probably what light cramps come from this early.

Now at 18 dpo I really have no symptoms except I sleep less and sleep restlessly. My doctor said this is completely normal and many people have no idea they're PG at this stage.

6DPO implantation spotting & I ate Cheetos that tasted funny
6-11DPO Very sore bbs w/ blue veins
11DPO +hpt w/ save on tests
12 DPO + hpt w/ FRER
Then the dreadful ms began

6dpo I started cramping, LOTS of cramping. They felt like af cramps but unlike af cramping these cramps were infrequent and not in one specific place these lasted until about 17dpo!

9dpo/10dpo I took a hpt and got faint but there positive with CBE right away actually.

11/12/13dpo bbs starting to become more sore not so sore I couldn't sleep on them though!

Well thats about it! The cramping was the big flag for me!

CD5-O First time trying GFJ 8-16ozs per day. 1-2 cups of green tea (mint) per day. Also new this cycle was eggwhites!

O Day Left O pain. O pain has been difficult to pinpoint this month. It seems to be going from left to right, but mostly feel achy on left.

Added (then later removed so I could see when s/w would drop egg) + OPK because the TEST line was so much darker than the reference line. This is the first time I've been absolutely + about the OPKs. There was NO mistaking the positive. The reference line was thinner and lighter than the test line. CLEARLY positive.
BD at 9:50 PM using eggwhites (little).

1 DPO Lots of left O pain from 3:30 - 5:00 am. Had insomnia, took temp at 3am - 97.2. Also, I had 1 glass of wine last night so it could have affected my temp this AM. However, it didn't affect it on Christmas morning and I drank more the night before.

2DPO Definitely 'rubber cement' type CF, but quite a bit of it. It was stretchy, but clumped back to my finger and on the thick side. I think sore bbs started on this day - can't remember - posting this on 1/2/03 (4 days later). Definitely have been sore for a few days now.

3DPO BBS were *very* minor soreness last night - had to poke and prod in order to 'feel' anything. This morning, 10:31 am, definitely feel slightly more sore, but nothing like the beginning of last months post-O pain. L

4-5DPO Nothing, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day

6DPO Sore throat today. Slept on and off until 1pm (up from 10-11ish). Maybe got sick from my brother. *Very* slight cramping - maybe it's wishful thinking.
EW/Watery-type CF during late afternoon and night. There was a lot of it. Maybe it that's "second surge" of estrogen everyone talks about. Really hungry most of the night - ate way too much, kept snacking, pizza, popcorn, cream puff....LOTS of juice, was *very* thirsty.

7DPO Terrible assignment from work. Up right now at 11am, but going back to sleep, went to bed at 4:15am. Still have sore throat and nose is now stuffy. 11:52am, rubber cement-type CM, it stretches, but clumps back to finger and it's cloudy. AF-type cramps.

8DPO Serious sore throat at 1:30am, used Eric's (DH) throat gargle. Deep cough. At noon, went to pee and found brownish VERY little and light stuff on the TP. When I tried to check internally - nothing! Am I imagining things?

4:10pm, I'm so tired, slept until noon, went to bed at 2ish. Think it's this slight cold? Feeling crampy right now and terrified AF is going to show up early, making this another short LP. I keep checking to see if AF is here, nothing. Very sharp cramp on left side, lasted about 1 second.

9DPO Have deep cough today.

10DPO CF is like crumbly, but almost gritty, very strange. Crampy, like AF is coming, plus I have a pimple - right upper cheek. SH*T! .

11DPO Okay, wine last night - 2 glasses - bad, I know! Excuse: thought temp was diving This AM temp was up, to 98. Soooo, I tested with an Answer, VERY faint line. Don't trust it, obviously, so I'm testing again tomorrow. Have been sleeping in way too late (noon today, after getting up for HPT and email). Went to bed at midnight last night.

Edited to add: Keep in mind that I was on vacation for the holidays.

12DPO BFN at 7:18am FMU w/EPT. Well, went back it was + within 15 minutes. Called the hotline and it says ANY line within 20 mins is positive! OMG. I'm scared. Not going to get excited yet. Will test again tomorrow and confirm! That didn't last long... Two more tests taken today, 1:38 and 9:40pm both BFP! Also had beta taken at 10:30am.

MAJOR bachache and indigestion/heartburn most of today. *Really* sleepy, although I only had 4 hours last night.

9PM: Small amount of creamy/rubber cement CF that was yellowish. Lots of pinching and cramping at night. Can't get comfortable at night for sleep.

13DPO BBS hurting more today. Beta result is 18, I'm scared. Tired, but can't sleep (back is killing me), it's 11:22pm. Just had bagel/ginger ale to calm my stomach/indigestion. Still having the "pinching" type feeling in lower ab. BTW, these don't really feel like AF cramps anymore, it's different in a way I can't describe. Feels like O pain/mixed with AF cramps (best guess). Noticed veins in breasts - spiderish looking small veins.

14DPO Temp was 98.4 at 4am (had to pee), waking temp at 7:15 was 98. Had to get up to pee twice last night, I *never* get up to pee. Cramping only occassionally - pinching very infrequent.

15DPO 11:30am, feeling fine

16DPO Pretty sharp pains in abdomen this AM. So sleepy at 1:04pm, can barely keep my eyes open. Insomnia last night, finally fell asleep at 2:30ish, up at 5:40 for pee (temp was 98.6!). Temped again at 8:15 was down to 98.1? Marked high temp as a disturbance. Moody, sortof mean to DH this morning, taking down Christmas tree has wiped me out.

0-4 DPO - nothing, just flu like symtoms, and cough.

5 DPO - slight AF type mild cramps

8DPO - vivid dreams and the most bizzare--baby related. I took it as a warning to not go get X-Rays from the Dentist appt I had and I was right later on! Slight nausea. Had that dip-myth again!!

9DPO - BFN, and I was so dissapointed.

10-11 DPO - cramping more, and more painful than AF type.

10 DPO - faint ++ OPK, - HPT (thought I saw a ghost of a line but disregarded it as being -). This is when my gut was screaming, this is the month!! Thought they were evaporation lines. Oh and I was SUPER emotional today, more than usual! Poor DH. I was crying for no reason at all..

11DPO - faint ++ HPT (aimstick but after time limit so disregarded it) - stinky pee, was SOOO exhausted, couldn't keep my eyes open past 9pm.

12DPO - BFP !! CBE early faint line with FMU. Stinky pee during the day. Super tired.

13DPO - Slight nausea and More cramping -- stronger line with CBE FMU. Really tired.

14DPO - BFP!! Fact Plus Select. Cramping!

15DPO - ++ EPT and ++ OPK aimstick

5 DPO - I was in the shower and the water bothered my nipples. This has never happended before.
6-11 DPO I have mild AF type cramping on one side.
7 DPO I had the most intense craving for a bloody mary (I never drimk these so I was shocked).
6-10 DPO my breast we sore - but only a little. Mostly my nipple area. I was surprized at this since they never get sore.
10 DPO I could not stop drinking water. Even my husband noticed b/c I hate water and he said he thought I was preggo.
12-14DPO I noticed VERY SMALL amounts of EWCM on the tissue when I wiped. I just thought it was the corpus luteum breaking down.

14DPO I tested and got a +.

At 6/7dpo I started getting very emtional and HORRIBLE PMS symptoms.
8dpo breast felt full and sore- like they always do around this time of cycle. Also things started tasing funny- ice tea tasted like straw water to me. I ate a 14 oz steak that night -I don't eat red neat- ever- hate it! But I could have eaten another...
9/10dpo nipples starting to hurt, also couldn't stop crying. In general felt like PMs times 100.
12dpo took test with FMU was BFN ( test I bought from 2weekwait).
13dpo AF due anytime- no signs - nipples excrutiating- which is what i had with daughtee and started getting hopes up
14dpo still no AF and checking in bathroom every five minutes. I can't bear to test and see another BFN.
15dpo- find out my girlfriend is pregant and she convinces me to go to store and buy HPT. I but twp pack of FRER and POAS, line shows up in 2 seconds- way before control line. I flip out- I am SOOOOOOO happy
Feel tired and but queasy but that could just be from all the stress...

This month was so uneventful that I didn't think there was a chance in h*** that it was the month. I was due to begin fertility injections as of next cycle.

on CD10-12, I spotted just like AF was coming. We were in Las Vegas on vacation, so I really didn't pay attention. But I kept commenting on how well I was sleeping at the hotel, when I normally have problems sleeping in strange beds. Started sleeping through the night, when I am up a few times normally.

CD14-15- AF is usually here by now, no sign of her. Decide to buy a pregnancy test "just in case," but because I don't have any symptoms, figure I'll just waste my money again.

CD16-Took Answer Early test, the lines came up dark and right away.

The only thing I did different this cycle was to totally cut caffeine out of my diet the first three weeks.

Holy Cow! I got my BFP today at 16 DPO on Mother's Day!!! EDD: 01/15/05. Not many symptoms, but here they are:
1-7 DPO- sore nipples
8 DPO- sore nipples, thick white CF, burping and I never do this!
9 DPO & 10 DPO- temp jumped, tops of outer legs(hips) sore, thick white CF
*left for L.A. on 10 DPO, so temps got confusing and I lost track
11DPO-now- BURPING and sore BBs on sides, thick CF

Babydust to all!!! It can happen! I never thought this would be my month with my long, confusing cycle!

Ok, let me try to remember!! The last two cycles, I had kept track of my "symptoms" which turned out to be nothing, so this cycle, decided not to as I was getting discouraged...

5 DPO Some sharp pain in uterus area, took my breath away, may have been implantation
7 DPO first waves of nausea
8-13 DPO Extreme fatigue and waves of low grade nausea
8-13 DPO Tugging, crampy feeling in uterus area
8-13 Sore boobs, especially nipples. Water hit them in shower and felt like pin pricks!
7 DPO started feeling like I had UTI (same thing had happened in first PG cycle)
8 DPO went to doc's re: possible UTI, they did a beta
9 DPO found out I had hcg in my system - level of 8, very low but also very early beta.
12 DPO ++ using FRE
13 DPO ++ using FRE, CBE and Walgreens early

My symptoms or lack there of:

1dpo-6dpo- Sore nipples, this is also a 2ww symptom for me.
7dpo- Sore nipples had very sharp pain on right side when I woke up my teeth hurt.
8dpo-10dpo- Very gassy teeth hurt
11dpo- Very tired cramps thought AF was on her way.
12dpo- +hpt still had cramps
13dpo- still tired, gassy & had cramps really didn't belive the +hpt.

The only symptom that I had that is not a 2ww symptom for me was my Teeth hurt. They hurt so bad I just wanted to pull them out. So I really thought this cycle was a bust.

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