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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and TTC Success Stories!

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BFP at 11 DPO & Symptoms
I'm still shocked, I got my with Equate at 11 DPO. Last month I had a chemical pregnancy so I'm afraid to get too excited. I really hope this one sticks!!!

My symptoms are:

3 DPO until now-pulling/stretching feelings just above pubic bone on right and left sides, headache, backache feeling really tired.
5 DPO until now-occassional dizziness/lightheaded
6 DPO-awoke in the middle of the night with really bad heartburn & nausea (I NEVER get heartburn).
8 DPO until now-sore bb's (sides & tops and shooting pains off and on)
9 & 11 DPO-skin breakout along jawline & around my mouth-my sking rarely breaks out so this was very unusual for me.
10 DPO until now-metallic taste in my mouth (like sucking on a roll of quarters YUCK!)
12 DPO until now-full feeling in lower abdomen, especially noticeable when lying on my stomach (feels kind of like a small tennis ball or slightly inflated balloon is in there).

Also my usually unsocial female cat has become very friendly towards me. Normally she only comes around to eat & hates to be held but since 3 DPO has been sleeping on me every afternoon & night and wakes me up in the morning by massaging me and purring in my face. DH is jealous because she still wants nothing to do with him. The only other time she acted like this was last cycle a few days before I got my BFP and as soon as she started again this month DH said, "You're pregnant". Probably just coincidence but funny.

Good luck to us all!

Finally after a m/c in Nov. 2004 i'm pregnant again. I always found it helpful to read other people's symptoms, so I'm listing mine below.
Good Luck to everyone - pls send sticky vibes!

PS Anyone ever got a progestorone shot to make it stick more?

O- Tender Breasts, Bloating, Exercise, Constipation
1 DPOSticky CM Tender Breasts, Drinking, Gassy, Constipation
2 DPO Dry CM Tender Breasts, Skin Break-Out
3 DPO Creamy CM Tender Breasts, Skin Break-Out LIttle twingy cramps (very light) Very emotional
4 DPO Creamy CM Tender Breasts, Bloating, Skin Break-Out, constipation bloated
5 DPO Tender Breasts, Bloating, Fatigue, Constipation
Lastnight - legs cramps lastnight - mild off and on pulling cramps emotional, stuffed nose this morning
6 DPO Creamy CM Tender Breasts, High Energy, High Stress, Fatigue, Gassy, Constipation Very sore breasts. VERY Gassy
7 DPO Creamy CM Tender Breasts, Bloating, Fatigue, Gassy,
8 DPO Creamy CM Tender Breasts, Bloating, Fatigue, Gassy, Constipation feeling fat very emotional - cried all morning
9 DPO Creamy CM Tender Breasts, Bloating, Fatigue, Gassy, Constipation feeling fat and fingers and toes swollen blue veins in breasts, breasts feel bigger, slight cramping on and off
10 DPO Creamy CM HPT+ Tender Breasts, Bloating, Fatigue, Frequent Urination, Constipation, Cramps in center of tummy. Everything feels swollen esp. tummy
11 DPO Creamy CM Tender Breasts, Bloating, Fatigue, Gassy, Constipation, Cramps, up to pee 3 am couldn't get back to sleep til 5am, very hungry at 4am, VERY sore breasts

OMG! I don't even know where to begin! OK - here's the short version. I wasn't supposed to be able to get pregnant on my own! We tried for soooo long to get pregnant starting back in 1999. Eventually we tested - I only had one working tube and DH has poor motility, count, etc. They said our chance of getting pregnant would be to do IVF/ICSI. If you can believe it - we were blessed with twins our first IVF cycle!

Fast forward a bit, I had to have intestinal surguries shortly after their birth. My doctors told me that with scarring around my reproductive organs on top of our infertility issues, we will not be able to conceive again without IVF/ICSI. (We no longer have infertility insurance) Well two years later, I didn't give up hope and cycle after cycle was negative... until now! I will go to my OB and RE and do the happy dance and say - NEVER tell someone that it can't happen, because it can!

Here are my symptoms:
Slight AF cramping
Nausea on and off starting around 9 dpo
I can SMELL everything!
Hot, tired, irritable (sorry DH!) LOL

That's it! All I can say to all of you trying is never give up hope! It CAN happen! No - wait - it WILL happen!!!

I was sick as a dog from the shot until about 8 or 9 dpo, so I can't tell you before then what my symptoms were since they were mostly all from the trigger.

Somewhere around CD9 I noticed that my cervix felt different... it seemed longer and I had never felt that before. Maybe coincidental but it felt shockingly different to me, so I think it's related. I had sore BBs a little more than normal, I was tired and sneaking in afternoon naps, I was hot, I had headaches, but mostly I felt like AF was coming... I had a lot of dull cramps. Around 11 dpo I started getting small sharp cramps very low in the abdomen. Around 9 or 10 dpo I was sure AF was coming early and told my hubby so, until I started getting those lower sharper cramps. I just knew something was different. I also have had achey hips and thighs... not sure if that is related.

All of my symptoms seemed vague and I doubted it until the doctor called last night. My HPT's were pretty light, but definitely pink.

I found out I was pregnant today 12 DPO. Very excited, hubby is out of town and I can't wait to tell him. Here were my few symptoms this month.

- Nausea 9 DPO on
- really dizzy 7 DPO
- tired
- mild cramping since a couple days past
- more CM than usual
- strange cervical position- extremely low 7-10 DPO, now it is high again

That's about it. I think I had more symptoms last month when I wasn't pregnant!

Ok, symptoms:

Nothing until CD20/21 (7/8DPO) when I felt some cramping, which is unusual for me, it didn't last long and favoured my left side.

On CD24 (11DPO) I noticed a slight pulling feeling in my lower abdomen as I was changing gears when driving to work. I still hadn't been given an O date then so I was cursing my body for giving me false hope. Also on this day I noticed my nipples were slightly more sensitive than usual, but only when I was showing (DBF walked in as I was feeling them and thought I was doing it for his benefit - the eternal optimism of men!)

My tummy felt more swollen than usual, when DBF gave me a massage his weight was really uncomfortable.

Smelly wee, like I was still taking B vitamins.

More thirsty, which I thought was the hot weather.
More trips to the loo, but see above.

I'd given up on this month, I really had, yet when that magic second line appeared I felt quite calm, very weird.

Also, this cycle I used preseed (third time), I started taking B vits but stopped when I thought it was a anov cycle. Also been taking flaxseed oil for a few months but stopped that this month too as I was paranoid all these things were messing with my ovulation, little did I know!

Prior to my BFP, I would get sore boobs a couple of days past ovulation. The month that I got my BFP, I did not get sore boobs until 10DPO. The soreness was different too. My WHOLE breast was sore vs. just my nipples being sore. Also, prior to AF, the soreness would just go away. The month that I got my BFP (which was one day after AF due), my breasts were still sore. Hope this helps.

Okay! My 2ww symptoms were:

3-10 DPO
Super bad gas. As in, I was offending my husband, and that's hard to do!!

Toss and turn at night. Wake up hot. And when I wake up in the middle of the night, it's not like I'm groggy, it's like CHING!! I'm awake and ready to go! In fact, it was this reason that I got my BFP at 4:30 a.m. on 14 DPO. Just decided to test, get it over with, get my cry out and move on to the next month

10 DPO
I was walking around the house, feeling nothing, then all of a sudden, I got what felt like a bowel cramp. So, I went to the toilet and it turned into a horrible cramp that I can only compare to one of my worst period cramps - the kind I get during my first full flow day. It was very intense for about 3 minutes, and then POOF! it was gone. I was suspicious but wouldn't allow myself to get excited

11 DPO
SO EXHAUSTED. Didn't get out of bed all day (it happened to be a Saturday, so I could do this!) and felt like I'd been hit by a train. Felt just like I was getting sick, except I wasn't, if that makes sense.

10 DPO-now
Very hot. I get hot flashes, but am overall very warm. This is especially noticable to me since I'm usually the coldest person in the room.

Extremely exhausted. I get up and by 2:00 feel like I've already had a long, tiring day.

Sore heavy BBs. That's pretty normal for me pre-AF. The only difference is the prickly feelings in the nips. That comes and goes. They're very sore at night.

Toss and turn at night.

Lots of gassy constipation and bloating.

I can't believe it! I am 14 DPO and had a BFP! I actually tested at 12 DPO and got a faint BFP but wanted to test again to make sure- This BFP was dark and convincing! This is my first month charting and our third month TTC- I am so excited! Hopefully this one sticks- I had a miscarriage discovered at 11 weeks via ultrasound (blighted ovum) We had to wait a while to TTC because months after the miscarriage I developed fibriods and had to have surgery to remove a large one last August. My doctor says I should be healthy now so keep your fingers crossed-

cramping since O
1 DPO my insides almost feel bruised
Since O until now- cramps alomst daily but some days they are really mild.
7-8 DPO Severe lower backache
10 DPO until now - minor upset stomach- I feel like I need to eat something all the time
12 DPO until now- sore bbs
12 dpo - went Triphasic- which was what prompted me test then- I really thought AF was coming with the cramping I have had.
Oh- I have also been very forgetful and exhausted the last few days!

I just got a positive and thought I would share my 2ww, to perhaps, help those now in the limbo land:

NO SYMPTOMS! - I Was 200% sure AF was on her way - I had horrible cramps (abdominal and vaginal), moodiness, and was looking to next month. Then, the day AF was due, they stopped. I felt nothing (like I wasn't getting my period, but certainly, not pregnant). With AF 2 days late, I tested and to my surprise I got a BFP My experience is, you just won't know till AF don't show. Good luck and baby dust to all!
(I had lots of orgasms - heard that increases your chances!)

Well, I know when I was TTC-ing, I obsessed over whether or not I was having pg symptoms, so Im hoping I can help someone out!!! WHen I was TTC, I remember seeing alot of people talk about AF-like cramps and I didnt have that the first time I was pg, and thought it was a long shot to actually happen because AF cramps for me meant AF was coming, but I definitely had them the cycle I got pg!

-AF-like cramps (thought AF was on her way!)
-VERY tired (but I started working 3rd shift and thought the fatigue was mainly because of that!)
-nauseous, then gradually turned into everything smelling REALLY strong and gross to me! My favorite cup of coffee became my worst nightmare!
-Bloated and gassy
-very hungry. If I didnt eat, I'd get extremely nauseous.
-Sore BB's
-Itchy belly (already!)
-Yucky taste in mouth. Not sure if its metallic but its yucky!
-ANd of course- VERY frequent urination! I actually had to get up in the middle of the night to P when I never used to.

The symptoms of this pregnancy are WAY different then the first pregnancy. I never thought it'd be so different!

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