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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and TTC Success Stories!

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I'm 6 weeks 1 day pregnant today!

1-8DPO nothing unusual
9DPO-had heartburn after eating lunch (I never get heartburn) That night I noticed excessive saliva in my mouth (I knew this was a sign that I could be pregnant)
10DPO- Tested faint positive with Equate brand
Became darker and darker as the days went on. 19dPO beta was 1500!

BBs didn't start to get sore until about 17 DPO. I usually have sore nipples with ovulation and that's what's been sore since 17 swollen BBs as well. but that was usually normal with oncoming AF

18 DPO Had such bad cramps and just that general feeling that AF was going to appear any second. It didn't!

1dpo - 8dpo: CP stayed medium most of the usually is low/firm/closed right after O

- starting to feel pre AF barely-noticable cramps. (normal)
- I had to have a Whatchamacallit bar and wasabi peanuts...I ate the whole can of peanuts.
- WEIRD amount of energy today. Even with an hour long walk I still wanted to clean my entire office area!

- gas like cramps (normal)
- tingy uterus pains (normal)
- heartburn in the afternoon and evening.

- possible triphasic message
- Mood swings (somewhat normal)
- heartburn afternoon
- stitch in my side
- had to take a nap in the evening

10 dpo:
- poking pain in uterus around 2:30 pm (normal)
- by evening I was having AF type cramps, light (normal)

- temp went back up .02 degrees, so i test with FMU. Nothing showed up right way so I went back to bed. Almost 2 hours later there was a line. I tested again with a diff brand, SMU, and faint positive!

- sharp pokes in my uterus

- STARVING and craving cheese! Sweet stuff doesn't sound too good unless it's chocolate.

YAY!!!! After two years of TTC, we finally got our very first, BEAUTIFUL BFP! The only thing I did differently this cycle was to cut waaaay back (as in zero to 1/2 cup) on coffee, eat a ton of fruit in the mornings, and drink at least one big glass of vegetable juice a day. As with so many women on this board, I thought this cycle was a bust and just wanted to hurry up so I could stop being sad and get on with it.

I kept track of my symptoms so that I would't be tricked into thinking I was pregnant . Anyhow, here they are (marked with what were normal symptoms):

O day:
*BBs noticably bigger (normal)
*bra tight (normal)
*tired (normal)

1 DPO:
*Big bbs (normal)
*Beginning-to-be-sore nipples (normal)
*Some ovulation-y pain (normal)
*Sharp twinges in adbomen (normal)

2 DPO: Nothing, went salsa dancing and felt great

3 DPO: Sore bbs went away

4 DPO:
*Big bbs (normal)
*Absolutely no bb pain
*Some abdominalish cramping and twinges (normal),
*Skin clear

5 DPO:
*Sore bbs later in afternoon (normal),
*Very strong weird groin/upper leg cramps, mostly on left side. Painful to walk
*Lots of twinges and burning in adbomen (normal)
Bad skin (normal)
*Couldn't stand the smell of DH's cooking, the garlic was awful

6 DPO:
*Sore bbs during day, but after taking off bra they seemed almost UNsore
*Some slihgt cramping (normal)
*Congested in morning
*Hungry!! (normal)

7 DPO:
*Bbs still big (normal), but not really that sore
*Woke up congested
*Right back molars (teeth) ache
*Woke up at 5am ready to go
*Headache (semi-normal)

8 DPO:
*Bbs not super sore
*Tired (normal)
*Some deep cramping but very light (normal)

9 DPO:
*Deep pulls and tugs in abdomen, but nothing that is really painful (normal)
*Tired (normal)
*Wild, wild dreams
*Glob of yellow creamy cf after bm

10 DPO:
*Sore bbs, but not super sore (normal)
*Some cramping but very light, deep and not really painful (normal)
*Later in evening back cramping (normal)
*Very tired (normal)

11 DPO:
*Woke up congested,
*Couldn't get warm, but body was sweaty (normal sometimes)

12 DPO:
*Af cramping (normal)
*Melancholy (normal)
*Still twinges and pierces in belly/abdomen (normal)
*Some leg cramps

13 DPO:
*Horrible, horrible cramping last night
*Strange dream that I gave birth to a 3-yr-old with two pushes and no pain
*Some cramping today at work (normal)
*Bitchy and melancholy (normal)
*Some clear to yellow cm (very little!) after bm
*Very large and sore bbs, nips sensitive and sore
*Abdomen tight (normal)
*Gassy (putridly and highly offensive

14 DPO:
*Woke up in middle of night with stong cramping
*No acne on face
*Eyes burned when I closed them like I had a temperature
*Some cramping in lower abdomen and back (normal)
*Got BFP and am ecstatic!!!

15 DPO - now:
*AF-like cramps in abdomen and back, but only difference is that they last 1-2 minutes then go away...they are almost like the cramps you get with diarrhea .
*No acne or breakouts on face
*Very hightened sense of smell
*Super emotional
*Sore nipples, but bbs are too much larger than normal pre-af time
*Tight abdomen
*Wide awake at 3am like clockwork, then fall asleep again only to wake at 5:30 completely ready to go. THIS is NOT normal...I'm not a morning person and now I just have the urge to jump up and start being efficient. It's completely odd.

The biggest clues to me were the leg cramps as I've NEVER experienced that, and the horrible abdominal cramps that woke me out of my sleep. Everything else was more or less par for the course. Best of luck to you!!

1dpo- sticky cm, tiny amount of brown spotting, very thirsty
2dpo- dry cm, had to pee quite a bit last night, very hungry
3dpo- sticky cm, dull cramping in pelvis, af-type cramps in p.m.,
4dpo- dry cm, very hungry all day
5dpo- slight nausea after breakfast, Ate a TON for dinner
6dpo- hungry all day long no matter what I ate
7dpo- again, really hungry, slight cramping in afternoon
8dpo- very very slight brown rubbery cm. fairly strong cramps, thinking AF is already on her way.
9dpo- light cramps all day long. Sensitive nips in shower. Non stop dull cramps all day. Severely painful cramps for at least an hour before I went to bed. (this is VERY unusual for me unless I am PG)
10dpo- noticed sore bbs when running down stairs.
11dpo- dull cramping all day. Large glob of yellowish, creamy, cm when wiping, hpt-
12dpo- spotting on underwear. cramps,
13dpo- light cramps all day, hpt- in a.m. but there may be a line there. HPT +++ in P.M.

There you have it. I do not usually get very hungry so in the first few days after I o'd I was starving all the time, it did raise a flag that maybe I was PG and then when I had those severe cramps...I haven' had cramps like that since I got PG with my second son at around the very same time.

Good luck to any one who reads this and I HTH!!

First of all, I was majorly sick when I o'd so my temps were way high. I had a pos OPK so I was pretty sure I did O, but I couldn't really rely on temps.

This was supposed to be my last cycle before moving onto a specialist and clomid.

1-5 DPO: Nothing

6DPO: bright red spotting turned to brown. I was a little hopeful thinking it could be implantation spotting.

7DPO: brown spotting

8DPO: nothing

9DPO: brown spotting, which is exactly what happens before AF so I was 1000% sure I was getting it. Had a glass of wine that night to drown my sorrows.

10DPO: brown spotting -- went out to breakfast and nothing tasted good. Couldn't really eat anything all day but attributed it to being sick. Found out later that day that ANOTHER friend of mine was pg -- had a big crying session. I doubled my dose of NPC to see if it would help the spotting and it did get lighter. Had another glass of wine.

11DPO: temp still high even though this is when it usually starts to go down -- still thought it was because I was sick, but I was having some weird twinges in my breasts and my spotting wasn't getting heavier like it does with AF. Had one test sitting in my closet so I decided to just get it over with and prepare for AF. To my GREAT surprise -- BFP!! Took another test -- another dark line. Total shock!
Woke up last night from cramping and starving!

12DPO: spotting has stopped. Twinges in my breasts and full feeling; headache; light cramping; stomach still kind of off.

I have been pg three times before this and I have never had spotting, other than some light implantation spotting around 5-6DPO, that didn't lead to AF. So when it started up again at 9DPO, I thought there was no way I could be pg.

Just hold out hope all the way until AF shows!

This cycle I took Robitussin, Grapefruit juice, and used Preseed for the first time - and it worked!

4DPO - Thick creamy CM (i had this in other TTC cycles) and a runny nose
5DPO - Achiness down there...also had this in other cycles
6DPO - Aches are getting worse, especially on my right side (turns out that is the side I O'd from)
7DPO - Progesterone test is 19. Woke up VERY hungry. Felt nausea a little - like nervousness. Went to bed earlier than normal.
8DPO - Woke up hungry again. Very very very faint positive on Aimstick (internet test)
9DPO - Pinching/light cramps. Faint positives on FRER and Inverness (Target) (Christmas Day!! Best present ever!)
10DPO - More pinching and pulling feelings. Clearly positive on Target test and FRER.
11DPO - Went to bed earlier than normal; very tired. Lots of creamy CM and still achiness.
12DPO - 14DPO - Had light brown spotting. It was scary, but went away.
14DPO - HCG is 417
15DPO - Breasts started to really hurt and still do at 7 weeks.
19DPO - HCG is 2674
20 DPO and beyond. Started breaking out, getting more and more nausea, and vivid dreams.

1DPO: Nada
2DPO: Nada
3DPO: That night had terrible AF like cramps - so bad I thought maybe I had a kidney infection or something
4DPO: More AF like cramps and a lower backache - also noticed I was peeing more.
5DPO: Still having mild AF cramps - this was a big sign for me - I don't cramp - only when AF is actually here.
6DPO: Still mildly crampy, peeing more, backache, bloated,thirsty, had some cold like symptoms - thought maybe I was coming down with something. Very CLUMSY - dropped an egg - spilled and broke a glass of wine. I am not a clumsy person so this was another sign for me.
7DPO: Still mild cramps, backache, very bad, vivid dreams - this was my final clue - I knew something was up.
8DPO: Crampy, bloated, more weird dreams, peeing alot, and started having heart palpitations (only did this when PG with DS)

9DPO: More strange dreams, cold like symptoms, gassy and BB's slightly sore now.. Decide to test - got a very very faint ++ on Complete fertility strips. Tested again that night and another faint ++.

10DPO: more mild cramping, peeing, continued strange dreams, heart palpitations, gassy, bloated and now BB's are VERY sore. Took another HPT - this time used an Answer test and it came up definitely ++.

11DPO: still cramping, peeing, strange dreams, heart palpitions, gassy, BB's very sore - tested again just because and now the line is a very dark pink - darker than the control line.

12DPO: Fatigued today, hungry but nothing sounds good, cramps, heart palpitations. still clumsy and forgetful.

I am 12DPO today so that is about it. I am sending tons of luck and babydust for everyone!!!

Ok, symptoms:

Nothing until CD20/21 (7/8DPO) when I felt some cramping, which is unusual for me, it didn't last long and favoured my left side.

On CD24 (11DPO) I noticed a slight pulling feeling in my lower abdomen as I was changing gears when driving to work. I still hadn't been given an O date then so I was cursing my body for giving me false hope. Also on this day I noticed my nipples were slightly more sensitive than usual, but only when I was showing (DBF walked in as I was feeling them and thought I was doing it for his benefit - the eternal optimism of men!)

My tummy felt more swollen than usual, when DBF gave me a massage his weight was really uncomfortable.

Smelly wee, like I was still taking B vitamins.

More thirsty, which I thought was the hot weather.
More trips to the loo, but see above.

I'd given up on this month, I really had, yet when that magic second line appeared I felt quite calm, very weird.

Also, this cycle I used preseed (third time), I started taking B vits but stopped when I thought it was a anov cycle. Also been taking flaxseed oil for a few months but stopped that this month too as I was paranoid all these things were messing with my ovulation, little did I know!

I'm pregnant! My symptoms were:

Sore boobs (I always have them after O a little, but they hurt pretty bad)
I am waking up 2-3 times a night to go to the bathroom.
I am having tiny bouts of nausea (sp) that goes away quickly (if this pg is anything like my last, the ms will be here in full force very soon).
I'm getting dizzy a lot.
And the all around feeling that I just was pregnant, but that only came on yesterday.
I thought for sure I was out because we were not able to BD real close to O this month.

Well, we did it!

I guess the line that showed on the Equate on Sunday after 8 minutes really was a positive. I took another test yesterday (Answer) and it was BFN and took another test this morning (Answer) and it was BFP. The line is a little light, but it showed up after 30 seconds.

My symptoms:

From O, by bb’s hurt, but at about 5DPO it intensified and then at 6DPO they barely hurt. They still don’t hurt too bad.

At 9 DPO I had little twingy pains in my uterus area, nothing too bad though. My back also hurt like AF was coming and I had a killer headache.

At 10 DPO my back was killing me and I thought AF might be coming. Also, when I brushed my teeth it tasted like blood, but there was no blood, just that metallic taste. It’s done that every day since. I also had a little teeny bit of spotting in the morning. Oh, and I got heartburn that night and I NEVER get heartburn.

At 11 DPO I felt great. My back didn’t hurt, but I still had heartburn and a sour stomach. I also had lots of EWCM.

Today, so far I just have heartburn.

So the only thing that was different from AF was the metallic taste and the heartburn. I also usually spot for 3-4 days before AF and there was no spotting. AF was due today

Okay! My 2ww symptoms were:

3-10 DPO
Super bad gas. As in, I was offending my husband, and that's hard to do!!

Toss and turn at night. Wake up hot. And when I wake up in the middle of the night, it's not like I'm groggy, it's like CHING!! I'm awake and ready to go! In fact, it was this reason that I got my BFP at 4:30 a.m. on 14 DPO. Just decided to test, get it over with, get my cry out and move on to the next month

10 DPO
I was walking around the house, feeling nothing, then all of a sudden, I got what felt like a bowel cramp. So, I went to the toilet and it turned into a horrible cramp that I can only compare to one of my worst period cramps - the kind I get during my first full flow day. It was very intense for about 3 minutes, and then POOF! it was gone. I was suspicious but wouldn't allow myself to get excited

11 DPO
SO EXHAUSTED. Didn't get out of bed all day (it happened to be a Saturday, so I could do this!) and felt like I'd been hit by a train. Felt just like I was getting sick, except I wasn't, if that makes sense.

10 DPO-now
Very hot. I get hot flashes, but am overall very warm. This is especially noticable to me since I'm usually the coldest person in the room.

Extremely exhausted. I get up and by 2:00 feel like I've already had a long, tiring day.

Sore heavy BBs. That's pretty normal for me pre-AF. The only difference is the prickly feelings in the nips. That comes and goes. They're very sore at night.

Toss and turn at night.

Lots of gassy constipation and bloating.

I think my first symptom was that I didn't have any PMS symptoms, which happened (or didn't happen -lol) a week before the first day of AF. Then I had a feeling that I was pregnant when my boobs were sore the day before the first day of AF, so I tested first thing the next morning (1st day of AF) and got a BFP. I am 6 weeks pregnant now and am soooo very tired, I just can't seem to catch up on sleep! I am starting to feel a little queasy, but it isn't full blown morning sickness, yet *crosses fingers* ...

Hope this helps, the hardest thing for me was waiting to test I was so relieved to get a BFP so I wouldn't have to go through the wait again!
Good Luck

I found out I was pregnant today 12 DPO. Very excited, hubby is out of town and I can't wait to tell him. Here were my few symptoms this month.

- Nausea 9 DPO on
- really dizzy 7 DPO
- tired
- mild cramping since a couple days past
- more CM than usual
- strange cervical position- extremely low 7-10 DPO, now it is high again

That's about it. I think I had more symptoms last month when I wasn't pregnant!

Pregnant with Twins
Well, considering that it took me as long as it did to catch on ...
I can't tell you to the day, because it took me a while to put two and two together.
In what must have been week 3 I had the most incredible cravings for cake - this is notable, as I up until then wasn't really much of a cake person, certainly not the kind I was craving anyway ! And it wasn't just a fancy ... it was a real craving that just wouldn't go away until satisfied.

I was incredibly tired - wouldn't make it past 9pm in the evenings without falling asleep.

Week 4 my boobs were VERY tender, but I thought it was just PMS.
I was very bloated from what must have been week 2 onwards and 2 nights before it finally clicked with me I had to run to the toilet to pee 5 TIMES. I remember waking up and telling my DH "that I must have a UTI" or something

After that it finally clicked with me and I looked to see when I was due and found that I had been 5 days overdue on my period. I am NEVER late ... early yes, but never late.

I start experiencing symptoms a few days before I was due to get my period. I had sore breasts and I was exhausted. I also had terrible headaches (that I thought I was getting because AF was due). Having never been pregnant before and having no clue what the problem might be, I went to the doctor to see what the problem was and they did a blood test for me. The results came back a little more than 24 hours later, on the day I was due to get my period, and they told me I was pregnant.

I am SO EXCITED that I get to post here!
Here's what I've had:
Gassiness : from about 10DPO until now.
Bloated feeling: 10DPO to now
Fatigue: 13 DPO until now
Cramps: about 8 or 9 DPO and then nothing until around 14 DPO. They have been off and on ever since. Similar to mild af cramps but around the pubic bone.
HOT: for about a week now. I wake up in the night sweating. I have the heat turned down to around 62 degrees at night and I am still hot.
Peeing frequently: 10 DPO until now.
Nausea: just started today in the late morning (17 DPO)
Heartburn: in the evenings since 14DPO

I got my BFP on 15 DPO. I wasn't expecting it, we have been trying for 3 years and this is the first success. Don't ever give up, it can happen!

I was actually kind of getting symptoms of my period but not as bad but the one thing right off the bat was SORE boobs. They started to hurt maybe 4 days before my period was even due. Also I had really bad frequent urination the week before I was due for my period as well. Everyone is different though so don't worry if you don't have the same.

I was sick as a dog from the trigger shot until about 8 or 9 dpo, so I can't tell you before then what my symptoms were since they were mostly all from the trigger.

Somewhere around CD9 I noticed that my cervix felt different... it seemed longer and I had never felt that before. Maybe coincidental but it felt shockingly different to me, so I think it's related. I had sore BBs a little more than normal, I was tired and sneaking in afternoon naps, I was hot, I had headaches, but mostly I felt like AF was coming... I had a lot of dull cramps. Around 11 dpo I started getting small sharp cramps very low in the abdomen. Around 9 or 10 dpo I was sure AF was coming early and told my hubby so, until I started getting those lower sharper cramps. I just knew something was different. I also have had achey hips and thighs... not sure if that is related.

All of my symptoms seemed vague and I doubted it until the doctor called last night. My HPT's were pretty light, but definitely pink.

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