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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and TTC Success Stories!

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Ok, so here we go:

6dpo: nausea, fatigue, the blues and a dream in which Im at the hospital with my DD to deliever a baby and can't reach my DH on the phone, I know the number but my fingers just won't dial them correctly.

7dpo: sleepy all day even after sleeping 12 hours! Irritable to downright angry, depressed.

8dpo: rash broke out on my right arm that hasn't been there since my last pregnancy.

9dpo: woke at 6am to waves of nausea, almost like I was motion sick. Also very hot.

10dpo: again, woke to 6am nausea, sore nipples, very cranky, tired all day, rash came back on my arm and my tummy itched. Hot flashes.

11dpo: Nausea, Hot, some wet, thin CM though I had been dry. Now my hips itch right over my stretch marks. Aching pain in the ligaments that support the uterus.

I also had the pinchy feeling for about 6pdo to about 11dpo.

12dpo: nausea, hot flashes, itchy tummy. Very faint line on First REsponse hpt.

Also, a couple of other things that I didnt connect with pregnancy symptoms until I read this thread: days 6-10 were very gassy and also, I had very restless nights. I would wake up starting around 3 or 4 for no good reason and keep waking up every half hour or so. And by five am I had to pee so bad there was no staying in bed. It was really messing with my taking my temp, because I usually do that at 6:30 so I was having to take it much earlier, whatever time I had to get up and go pee.

Now I'm not waking in the mornings, but can't always fall asleep at night. Even when I'm bone tired. It's like my body is exhaused but my mind is in hyperdrive.

BFP at 12dpo!

I have been testing since 8dpo. I noticed a faint line on my Equate test yesterday at 11dpo after 15 min. I wouldn't have even noticed the first one but I PICKED THE TEST OUT OF THE TRASH! Classy! I POAS, saw , hopped in the shower, then wanted to see it again -- and I saw a faint line. So even though they tell you not to read results after 10 min, it worked for me.
This month I used an OPK and for us that was the secret. Otherwise I was just guessing when I ovulated.
My symptoms were: weird random stuff I just attributed to stress:
-Last Thurs I had a sore throat, but the air quality in Phoenix was bad so I thought it was that.
-Last week I was tired, but I had a tough week at work.
-Yesterday I felt nauseous, but I thought it was the gross thing I had for breakfast (Cousins Breakfast sub - yucky!)
-AF cramps yesterday, and I still feel like AF will show up any second.
-Weird heart beats last week and today but I thought it was stress.
-And now indigestion.
Boobs feel fine, not sensitive at all.

Symptoms after O

2 DPO 2:30 am temp 97.8
Woke up with bad bad bad breath..
Nausea and hunger at the same time

3DPO 7:30 am temp 97.7
Little shooting pains left boob

4 DPO burning pain under right nipple
Up at 3 am temp 97.8

5 DPO -6DPO No symptoms no sore BB or anything

7 DPO have that AF is on her way, Cried in the AM had to hold tears back all day, sore gums very tired

8 DPO No AF is on her way feeling, some small cramping twinges,sore gums, No sore BB, bright yellow pee, Didn't feel like crying today at all..Still Tired

9 DPO cried in the morning sad all day

10 -13 DPO hungry all the time and heartburn

Our 7th cycle charting and first to TTC!

11dpo - Frequent urination, fatigue, and increased
smell sensitivity
12dpo - BFP! Stable temps, more frequent urination, slight fatigue, increased smell sensitivity, frequent hunger (otherwise a little nausea).
13dpo - Rise in temp and same above-listed symptoms.

MAJOR SORE BOOBS at about 4 weeks with my pg before this one, thinking that it must be time for AF. Shortly after I found out with all pregnancies, (about 5 weeks) I was super-exhausted, wanted to sleep all the time. The morning sickness didn't kick in until about week 6.

I'm like the one above ...major boob pain around 4 weeks..cause it is the same when I get my period...but morning sickness and stuff started at around 6 weeks. I am 9 weeks now..and it is morning sickness is gone!!!! CONFUSED!!!!!

I'm so excited!!!
ovulation day-had a very confident feeling about this cycle.
2-5dpo-temperatures very flat
6dpo-both cats fell in love with me (they hate eachother but both wanted to lay on me)
7dpo-pinching sensation
8dpo-cramping on both sides, still feeling very confident
10dpo-got my bfp

throughout my lp, i've had very vivid dreams and 8dpo-10dpo i've had vivid baby dreams.

I didn't have many pg symptoms at all (the one month that I didn't!!

The only differences this month were I had a lot of creamy/sticky CM in the 2WW. I normally get some but I had a LOT more than usual. I also had a bit of cramping/twinging just about everyday of the 2nd week of the 2WW.

I thought for sure that AF was arriving as my temp took a BIG nosedive at 10DPO. It went back up again though and for the first time ever my temp was still high at 14DPO. I took a HPT and much to our surprise it came back positive!

Yes, the boobs were the clue. They always hurt a bit before my period but they hurt more. When they were still hurting the day after my period was due I tested, as I am NEVER late by even an hour! Someone else mentioned headaches. I got major headaches for 3 days before I found out I was preg.

I started feeling sick to my stomach 3 days before I tested. I thought that I was just not feeling good. After that about week 4 my boobs started getting very sore and my bra didn't fit me anymore. The sickness didn't go away till about 12 weeks but now I am also so tired and exhausted that I just don't want to do anything but sleep all day. I can stand being tired as long as I am not nausous along with it.

My first pregnancy symptom actually didn't occur to me that is was a sign of pregnancy, I just thought my boobs were growing! hehe. I had mentioned to a coworker that my boobs were super sore and I told her that I though one boob was actually bigger than the other. It was a work joke for about a week or two, since I work with all females, we had a lot of fun with the one boob bigger thing...hehe
I was normally never late with my period, however I was under an enormous amount of stress, so I figured that is what happened, but when I was two weeks late, I took the test and couldn't believe my eyes, so I took 2 more tests over the next 3 days, and then went to the doctor and he confirmed the pregnancy.
From then on, I had horrible horrible morning sickness that kept me from work and I didn't go out on the weekends because I was too tuckered out. My guys friends would come over when my fiance was at work and read my pregnancy books to me. I never knew how interested guys are with the whole pregnancy process, I knew they liked how to get there, but I didn't have a clue how interested my guy friends would be in reading me books and learning along with me! Kinda cool!

About 5 days before AF was due, I had symptoms. Light cramping, sore nipples, fatigue, & hunger. I just thought that it was b/c of AF & that the symptoms were more noticeable from just getting off the pill.
The first HPT test I took was a BFN b/c it was too early. I waited a week later & got a faint BFP!! I don't remember what brand it was, I think it was generic actually.

1-8 DPO - Nothing.
9 DPO - Light cramps like AF.
10 DPO - I woke up with a small spot on a pantiliner, like the kind that you'd have on a silk blouse if you sprayed perfume on it, cramps.
11-13 DPO - Nothing.
14 DPO - The strange absence of cramps made me test. I knew AF was not coming, but I just thought she was late. I got a BFP first thing in the am, and reconfimred with a blood test!

I got my very light HPT+ yesterday and in the middle of the night tonight. Who can sleep? This is my 3rd cycle of TTC. The first 2 I had every symptom out there and I have been dissappointed. So far for this cycle:

5 DPO - 11 DPO - icky feeling after eating (but I have reflux so it wasn't a major clue - and only sometimes.
6 DPO - major cramps, spotting at cervix, and a few shooting pains in my bb's (mostly left)
8 DPO - light brown staining (very light. Starting to go to bed early (that's not really new though either..)

Thats about it. I am nervous that maybe there aren't enough symptoms My temps have not even reached over 98 even during the day!?!?!

YEEAH!!! Got my very very BFP this morning...

1 DPO: Creamy CM
2 DPO: Backache
10-17 DPO (present): slight cramps. At first it was only when I went to bed. Later it felt like AF was for sure coming.
13 DPO: Tender Breasts, Skin Break-Out (different area than when AF comes), Gassy
14 DPO: gassy
15 DPO: Nausea, Dizziness, Cramps, Increased Appetite, tired (had a nap)

Also, pee started getting smelly 16 DPO!

Do not feel bad if you have no symptoms! It's actually common for women to NOT have symptoms until they're further along.

I did not know I was pregnant during my 2ww because I did not "feel pregnant", all was very quiet down there. Here are my so-called symptoms in retrospect:

1dpo - nothing
2dpo - nothing
3dpo - nothing
4dpo - nothing
5dpo - nothing
6dpo - nothing
7dpo - nothing
8dpo - nothing
9dpo - nothing
10dpo - nothing
11dpo - Had a cold, mainly coughing. Had some bloating.
12dpo - My body felt extremely hot, I constantly looked for cold things to eat all day to cool down. I was thinking I had a fever since I was sick.
13dpo - Still sick with major congestion. Had some bloating.
14dpo - Found out at the doctor's office, during a visit for something non-ttc related, that I'm pregnant! Went home, took a hpt and indeed it was bfp!

I had all AF like symptoms which is why I swore up and down I wasnt pregnant. :lol: And obviously I was.

When I Thought I was pregnant, I was getting every pregnancy symptom, from nausea sore BB's, and tiredness. But each time i tested :bfn:

When I was pregnant, I had AF such as headaches and cramping symptoms and waited a week before I realised she was not coming, then I tested BFP! I swore I thought it was AF!

I was utterly exhausted--taking naps at 5:30pm and stuff like that...I attributed it to a heinous week at work.

I also had a really sore chest--going over potholes in the road made me want to scream...I attributed that to AF coming.

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