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Trying-to-Conceive Blog

Trying-to-Conceive Blog

If you’re anything like me, you’re reading everything you can get your hands on when it comes to trying to get pregnant. Thank goodness for the Internet – I don’t know how anyone got pregnant before the advent of personal computing….

We have a place here on TWW for ladies to tell their BFP stories, as well as a spot for submitting their symptoms to determine if they might be pregnant. We have a wonderful TTC community where you can get valuable support and ask questions. But until now, we didn’t have a spot for the detailed monologue of your trying to conceive experience.

Introducing the Two Week Wait Trying-to-Conceive Blog. This is where you can create your very own blog of your TTC experience—every detail, blow by blow. Note that you’ll need to create an account with us first in order to create your blog. It’s free, of course. That’s how we roll here at TWW.  *there is a 24 hour waiting period on new accounts before you'll be able to start posting to your new blog.  In the meantime, have a look around and get to know the site!

Happy blogging!

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4 dpo, patients

2 dpo I noticed flutters, probably just nerves. However it did make me wonder how the egg and you body communicate. So I thought up until two days ago that your body didn't know it was pregnant until the blastocyst implanted. However upon further reading the egg communicates with the ovary to release early pregnancy factor when it is Fertilized.  Early pregnancy factor depresses the immune system to keep your body from attacking the Fertilized egg and allow it to implant. 

"What was entirely unexpected was that EPF appeared in serum within 6–24 h of fertile mating.8 Before the discovery of EPF, it was considered that the embryo was a silent passenger during the pre-implantation period, and maternal recognition of pregnancy did not occur until implantation.9 Indeed, the earliest indication prior to this of an altered physiology in pregnancy was the production of human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG)."

So there is an assay to detect EPF but it is not a feasible home pregnancy test. It made me think. Would you want to know you were pregnant within 24 hours given the chance it won't implant, or chance of a chemical.  I would want to know within 24 hours if I knew it was going to be a lasting pregnancy.  But I would fear knowing and then finding out it didn't implant. I haven't been through a miscarriage but my heart goes out to those that have. 

I feel a little bad for not believing those who say they had symptoms 1-6 dpo. I don't know that EPF causes any symptoms but I know that your body knows there is a Fertilized egg. Also, it is not my place to pass judgment. 

Accepting it's not the cycle

Not knowing which day of a long 16 day bleed to count as CD1 is more frustrating than I thought. Maybe if I woulda charted my bbt, I would've felt more confident but I didn't. 

DH and I bd'd as soon as the bleeding stopped (and I did notice ewcm right after the bleed-which is weird too) but without using opks either, I can't confirm OD. :(. At least we dtd everyday around that time and I guess thats the best we coulda done given the strange cycle.  

CM was creamier than usual and (without meaning to) it got my hopes up a bit... Naughty me. Cm is now back to its more watery/thin preAF consistency and I wanna slap myself for getting my hopes up. AF will most likely arrive in a week. Anyways... just venting my frustration with myself. 

Good luck to all you ladies out there.


Here we are again... CD1. 

I am a little down that this was not our month, but I knew a couple of days ago that it was not going to be it for us. 

I am going to continue to focus on myself for this next cycle and maybe use OPK's again. 

Baby dust to all of you <3 

Cycle day 11, small ass foillciles

I just got home from my Follicle scan appmnt. Doctor said i have small follicles. i took Clomid 2 pills a day for 5 days! he said to come back for another ultrasound on the 30th. If my follicles are still small there's no IUI which makes me really fucking angry!! i've been on so many fucking drugs to start a god damn period and finally birthcontrol made me have one. this is so fucking annoying! i'm just tired of taking drugs!! i need time out!


No weight lost. In fact, it went back up to where I started. I don't know why, but im not going to giveup. I received some zumba dvds and used those today in the 90 degree weather. Sweating bad but feeling good. I made a healthy protein brownie yesterday. It wasn't half bad! 

Here is the recipe:

 2 cups mashed banana (about 6 medium, overripe bananas)
1 cup smooth peanut butter (use almond or cashew butter for paleo/low-carb)
½ cup protein powder
¼ cup cocoa powder

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees F. Line a small 8x8 baking dish or 8'' skillet with parchment paper or grease well. Set aside. 

In a large bowl, combine the mashed bananas, peanut butter, whisk until fully combined. Stir in protein powder and cocoa powder with a wooden spoon. Pour batter into a greased pan. Bake for 12-20 minutes or until cooked through. 

Cool for at least 10 minutes before cutting. Cover the leftovers and store in the fridge for up to 3 days. Enjoy cold or at room temp!

Can't believe this is my 10th cycle

Here I am going into my 10th month TTC, and it never gets easier. I started temping my 5th or 6th cycle and also did OPKs. Last month, I quit everything. I needed a break. I even quit taking B6 and Evening Primrose Oil. My AF showed 3 days late and took me on an additional roller coaster ride. I think if I had been temping I would have known it was probably just a late O. I'm jumping back into BBT, but idk if I should also take Evening Primrose Oil. I did notice lack of CM this cycle. I am not going to do OPKs because I think it screws up FF. 


Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do, if anything different? Really focusing on supplements and if I should take them. It's not quite a year yet, and my OBGYN suggested already that I see a fertility specialist. She didn't do any tests or anything herself. 

Like anyone else, I'm just frustrated and sad. I really don't know what to do. 

We tried so hard this month

We BD'd every other day, until the week of the fertile window, then every single day until 2 days after my fertile window.  Then every other day after that.  

And yet, I've been feeling AF cramps for a week and I know AF is coming.  Any second, or any moment I'll see this red streak in my underwear and that'll be it.  

I'm absolutely devastated this month.  We did EVERYTHING right.  I lost 17 pounds the past 3 months to try to stay healthy, taking prenatals, sex on the right days, everything right and f'in nothing and there is, according to my doctor, absolutely nothing wrong with me or my husband.

We did everything right.  And we've been doing it right every month since January, with my stupid long 40 day cycles and nothing.  I just want to crawl in a hole.