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Trying-to-Conceive Blog

Trying-to-Conceive Blog

If you’re anything like me, you’re reading everything you can get your hands on when it comes to trying to get pregnant. Thank goodness for the Internet – I don’t know how anyone got pregnant before the advent of personal computing….

We have a place here on TWW for ladies to tell their BFP stories, as well as a spot for submitting their symptoms to determine if they might be pregnant. We have a wonderful TTC community where you can get valuable support and ask questions. But until now, we didn’t have a spot for the detailed monologue of your trying to conceive experience.

Introducing the Two Week Wait Trying-to-Conceive Blog. This is where you can create your very own blog of your TTC experience—every detail, blow by blow. Note that you’ll need to create an account with us first in order to create your blog. It’s free, of course. That’s how we roll here at TWW.  *there is a 24 hour waiting period on new accounts before you'll be able to start posting to your new blog.  In the meantime, have a look around and get to know the site!

Happy blogging!

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15 DPO symptoms - Pregnancy or AF?

So I can feel it in my gut that this month isn't my month so I am just writing down my symptoms to keep for my records. It's so hard to distinctly tell the difference between AF signs and PG signs. My AF signs are SO strong and always have been so if I ever fall pregnant, it's going to be so hard to tell. 

1 Day before O, I went to the doctor that morning due to chronic migraines and my temperature was SKY HIGH. It was 38.2 if I remember and my heart rate was 120 when it should normally be between 60-100 my doctor said. He also said my body is fighting off something so he prescribed antibiotics that I didn't even end up taking. He thought maybe another sinus infection but it ended up being chronic migraines. I go see a neurologist next week and maybe a CT scan if I don't fall pregnant. I was told to basically stay away from work the whole week. 

My app "Flo" believes I ovulated on February 7th 2017 but not too sure how accurate that was. I had all of the cramps that day and the cm so I'm 90% sure I did. Anyone else use that app?

1-5 DPO I was on bed rest and didn't do much. I had migraines for a week straight, it was terrible. But other than that, I didn't have any symptoms. I did notice that my pee was very, very strong. Even after drinking tons of water.

6-10 DPO - Cramps, eggwhite/watery CM, backaches started to kick in, on 9 DPO I was getting a light brown/red discharge as I wiped, none on underwear - in the morning but it subsided in the afternoon. I also had TERRIBLE bloating that today and was super tired. By this time before my period, I normally get really sore boobs but didn't feel really anything? This was a week before AF was due so that was weird. Also normally get extreme acne too but my face till this day (15 DPO) is still glowing. I also got spells of nausea here and there but nothing out of ordinary. My DH did notice that some dinners I wasn't eating that well and wouldn't finish my plate as I was so bloated. My cramps were different to AF though, they weren't so tight but they were weird sharp pains all in my pelvic area, especially around my hips. 

10 DPO - I got a somewhat BFP on my lunch break but I'm guessing it might have been an EVAP as I got a negative that night around 5:30pm. Here is the link for the picture of the BFP or evap line. -

11 & 12 DPO - Noticed my boobs starting to hurt now, probably AF sign. But noticing some really distinct blue veins in my boobs and behind nipples. My DH noticed Montgomery Tubercles forming on my nipples, they were there before but he said he's never seen them this big before. Got my hopes up with this sign. 

13-15 DPO - Tested again on 14 DPO with afternoon urine after peeing quite a bit that morning and got a BFN. Noticed an increase in appetite in these 3 days and needing to again pee A LOT. 

15 DPO - Feeling a lot of pressure and a somewhat burning sensation when I pee so this is a sign for me that AF is going to make an appearance. I've kind of made up my mind that this month is not mine but is there any chance that I could possibly be pregnant? These signs have been a very emotional rollercoaster for us because my DH really thinks I'm pregnant. Should I wait to test again? Keep in mind I haven't used FMU yet. 

TTC #3 breastfeeding 4 month old

Yes I am trying to conceive with a 4 month old and no I'm not crazy! Well maybe a little bit lol. Anyway after 10 years of infertility I finally won the race and now have two beautiful babies both of whom I conceived naturally however not without the help of my fertility dr and most importantly my Heavenly Father! God is still Awesome! But because of my age, I'm no spring chicken, and the infertility battles I've already been faced with my dr and I both agree I'd be better off to go ahead and get my last LO on out the way sooooo... wondering if anyone out there is in a similar situation? Already had a baby or been pregnant? Recently had a baby? Breastfeeding while TTC? Feel free to share or link up for support. BTW I'm 2 days away from my fertile window in my first cycle of actively TTC. The last couple cycles I was ntnp but now it's ON! Baby dust everyone!!!

TTC for 6 yrs / PCOS / Retro Uterus

Just an introduction of my fertility battle. I am 35 yo and DH is 36. We've been trying to get conceive for 6yrs now. On and off with OB consultation until i reached 35 and decided to focus and make a habit to continuously check with my OB.


I started taking Femara on my CD2. Comes CD10, TVS shown i have 1 follies with 23mm and ready to rupture. CD12, TVS shown that my follies is now 29mm (bigger and didn't rupture). On CD14, i felt hyperstimulated because of some twinge on my lower right abdomen. Visit OB on CD17 and finally follicle ruptured and lining is 10-11mm. WE BD-ing every other day since Day 10-19. on CD22, i had progesterone test and it is positive that I indeed ovulate during that cycle as it measure 19.7


I am now on my Day 24 and I am excited to try PT on my Day 26 (as per my OB). However, I am quite worried that I am not feeling anything i.e, breast soreness, nausea or the other pregnancy symptoms. 


By the way, I am religiously taking Glucophage RX 750 twice a day for my PCOS and I am taking Pregnacare (before conception) as my vitamins.


Any advise? Is it too early to look for a pregnancy sign?

8th pregnancy, Incompetent CERVIX

I was  23weeks when I had an early labour first time which ended in a premmie death...noting that prior to that i was diagnosed as unable to conceive due to my Severe PCOS and later Endometriosis and Adenomyosis. In  having a routine scan the second time i became preg (immediately after 1st)it was at same point when it was all happening again , CERVIX was dilating and baby was heading south...i had an emergency cerclage to close it up and hold baby in and managed to get to 6days before due date(with my now 10year old). I've had a series of miscarriages in recent years since and I'm clutching at straws since this recent BFP, trying to  make it to my booking appointment in 3weeks time. I'm almost 6weeks and I've had alot of vaginal pressure...been leaking alot of watery discharge and feeling the odd twinges in the groin area but I've read alot of forums and this seems to be normal.

For people like me, it feels far from Normal, every niggle feels like a sign of things going wrong. My last miscarriage would have put me at this stage but I'm trying to be positive...every bathroom trip is a check. And aside from symptoms last week I feel nothing today so far apart from  a weird Lady regional sensation. Am I just being para? 

I know im incapable of carrying a baby on myown and will have a cerclage soon....but trying to hold out bothering ObGyns and GPs before that appointment is hard....I'm not trying to be a hypercondriac.

LP defect

After my LP Cycle this month being only 9 days, I have examined the past few months and have realized that I think I might have a LP defect. If I start taking B6 and Vitex without consulting my doctor, do you think it could cause any problems? 

12-13 DPO / no BFP, yet

At (10 DPO) I had very light pink CM on my panties.. very watery/creamy CM

No other real symptoms, except having a feeling I am pregnant. Boobs not sore at all and they usually are before my period. terrible pulling gas pains. And have been cramping since 6PDO. Very emotional.

I can't be sure, but I feel like I ovulated on the 7th (CD 27) - didn't chart that day, go figure.. I did experience painful cramps immediately after sex that lasted about 30 min and that NEVER happens.

last night I had the most intense and vivid dream

My period is slightly irregular and usually between 32 and 42 days

Evap or BFP? 10 DPO (Picture)

Almost 100% this is a an Evap line but just wanted to see your opinions! I'm currently 10 DPO with period in 5 days. I have mostly all my symptoms but caved and took a test!