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Oopsie maybe 3

Hi ladies

I didn't think I'd find myself on here again. I used this site 4 years ago when trying to conceive my beautiful boy. He is turning 4 years old in May.

DH and I agreed we didn't want any more children and that 2 was enough (my DD is turning 11 this year) but an oopsie might have happend 2 weekends ago (maybe intentionally unintentional). I might have not been honest with DH about when I O'd which was the time we did alot of BDing.

I did inform him though that I "might" have o'd that weekend. He seems worried and somewhat excited at the same time laughing about it. Not realy sure what to make of it.

Anyhow, I do feel some strange "symptoms" and I don't know if it is all in my mind or if it is for real.

I should be around 9-12 DPO now (my app and my body is not agreeing on the same day). As I have been out of the game for quite some time I have forgotten alot of things. Perhaps someone can help me out as google is very misleading.

When is your O day? I had egg white CM on CD12 but my app predicted I would O on CD15. So is O day the day you have egg white CM or a few days after that? We BD'ed on CD13, 14 and 16.

AF is expected to arrive in 5 days (Sunday).

With my son I got a BFP on 12DPO.

Will test tomorrow morning and see what it says.

I'm kinda secretly hoping for a BFP. But I am scared if it is a BFN then I might not have this chance again.

Going for baby #3 (hopefully)

Wow I really didn't think I'd be back here again after my 2nd baby was born in May 2014. But here I am again. Well I guess I'm being a little bit to optimistic since my hubby hasn't officially agreed to having another baby, but I know he'll cave in sooner than later. So now I'm preparing myself for when he finally gives the go ahead. So tempted to remove my patch it's driving me crazy. My daughter was born September 2007 and my son May 2014. I just feel a need for one more. Please pray that my hubby agrees. I really need this so bad. This is who I am.

Very very late, maybe O'd late

I'm on CD39 and no AF and got a BFN on CD35. My cycles are usually 28/29 days for the past 6m.

CD1 - 28 Dec 2014

Next CD1 was supposed to be on 25 Jan 2015

BD on CD 13 & 14 (used pull out method) and again on CD 27 & 29 (without protection or pulling out)

Was supposed to O on CD15.

Took HPT on CD32 & 35 both were negative.

Had AF like cramps on CD35 but she never showed up. Implantations cramps perhaps? The timing seems about right.


Is it possible that I O'ed 2 weeks later than I thought? I'm going to the doctor on Friday but will take a test again tomorrow morning.

This time I was innocent, hahaha. I warned DH but he just carried on. He doesn't seem too worried. He just jokes about it. 


Maybe baby?

I want #3 but DH doesn't

Hi ladies.

I was on here almost 2y ago when ttc #2. I now have a beautiful 7m old son after ttc for 3y.

Now that I'm back at work and DS is reaching all the milestones, I can't help but long for another baby. I've had serious baby fever since the past weekend. Problem is DH doesn't want anymore children. I don't know how to get him,to change his mind. I have a 7y old DD from a previous relationship and would love another little girl.

Neither of us are using any form of BC and I warned him that I will catch him off-guard every chance I get. So if I were to conceive it would be his own fault. He doesn't seem to worry about taking precautions which leaves me to wonder if he doesn't secretly want another baby as well which he won't admit? Hmmmm


I got my bfp this morning and im so excited. I know i said i was going to wait til the weekend but i just couldnt. So this morning i took a test and within a minute the 2nd line appeared clear as day light. I just went for blood test and will hopefully get the results back in about the next 2 hours or so. I havent told DH yet because i first want to get the blood test back then im going to take a digi test and wrap it up for him. Im still thinking how im going to announce the news to him in a creative memorable way.

 Google is awesome with ideas.


FX for all you ladies still waiting for your bfp. I pray you will get it very very soon. Lots of babydust.

FF says my chart turned triphasic...whoop whoop

Im no expert on charting (1st month doing so) but after i put in my temp this morning i always look at that other tables with info that ff writes, that analysis thing. I have 56 points and my chart turned triphasic 3 days ago. Assuming that's a good sign from what i read. Im feeling very pissitive this cycle. Its my DD's 6th birthday on Sunday so i thought i should test then or i could wait til next week Friday like FF said....hahaha yeah right whatever.

Well here are my symptoms so far:  

1dpo pimple on cheek, burning bb's on and off, cramping

2dpo twinges in abdomen, sensitive bb's, af cramps, laughed alot

3dpo cramps, pinches around ovaries, very tired, pulling and tugging in abdomen 

4dpo bloated, gassy, burning feeling in left breast, hungry, very tired, pinches in abdomen

5dpo bb's feel bruised on the sides and under armpits, very light spottinf in creamy discharge

6dpo and 7dpo bloated and constipated           

8dpo got flu, runny nose, sore bb's (burning), bloated, gassy, constipated, light brown cm, shortness of breath, head stuffiness, nasal stuffiness, couldn't sleep that night

9dpo full blow flu, fever after work for about 2 hours, pounding headache, shortness of breath, bb's hurt when my DD hugged me

10dpo pulling in uterus, tired, runny blocked nose, slightly bloated, sore burning throat, feeling horrible from the flu, bodyaches, headache, cant breath, sore back muscles, emotional, felt a bit better by the evening

Today - 11dpo pinch in abdomen (right, left, front, back changes all the time), flutter bubbly feeling in abdomen, backache lower right side, tired, stuffy runny nose, dry cough, sore throat, emotional burning bb's, bloated, gassy

I AM BURNING to go buy a hpt this afternoon and test but i promissed myself to wait til 15dpo (or at least Sunday 14dpo). How are you ladies holding out?

Sudden cold 9DPO

Yesterday i woke up with a runny/stuffy nose which got worse very quickly (a cold usually takes about 2-3 days before i suffer) and before i got home from work it was full blow cold (extreme runny nose, bodyaches, headaches, sore throat, dry cough, the whole caboodle). My bbt had an extremely high spike this morning however im not feverish. Fever has started and left this evening but still feeling like a train ran over me. So tired (didnt sleep last night coz i struggled to breath along with extremely runny nose) but i cant seem to fall asleep. Just cant breathe and my throat and teeth are aching from breathing through my mouth. I googled cold symptons as early pregnancy symptoms and it seems very common. Im just worried this is going to mess around with my charting. Want to poas soooo bad but trying to stick it out til the weekend.

P.S NEVER EVER get the flu shot. I've never been so sick during winter like this year.


8DPO and i have a runny stuffy nose which is driving me insane since this morning. My bb's are sensitive on and off. I've been having constant bloating, gas and constipation since the weekend. My bbt has dropped the past 3 days (praying it will pick up soon) but still above my cover line. Tired all the time. I feel pregnant but its still to early to test =(

Do i sound pregnant?

How am i going to survive the next 7 days???

5DPO with spotting

So today i am 5dpo and my temps have been climbing since i o'ed. Today its the highest it been this entire cycle. Im very excited and feeling pisitive about this cycle. When i went the bathroom just now i noticed a creamy discharge with a light tint of red in it. Hoping thats the implantation spotting everyone is talking about. My bb's are still sore. They feel a bit bruised on the sides and numb under my arms. Hoping thats a good sign. Luckily we are going to visit my SIL this weekend so it will keep my mind off of symptom spotting for 2 days then i just have to survive 7 more days. I promised myself i wont poas until 15dpo. So i hope i'll be disiplined enough to keep my promise to myself.

3DPO (sigh)

This is my first time using Fertility Friend and i was so happy when it said i had O'ed on CD13 which would have put me at 8DPO today. This morning i charted my temp and it re-calculated my chart and said i had O'ed on CD18 which puts me back at 3DPO. I feel so down now. But luckily we did more BDing around my new O day than the previous 1. So I'm hoping it was good enough.

Is anyone els at 3DPO? I need a waiting buddy so I don't lose my mind the next 11 days.