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BFP after 8 months w/ little to no symptoms!

I can't believe it is my turn to post this! Very blessed, but let's get to the good stuff: Things I did differently: - Did not stress about timing, not to get confused though, every day past ovulation my mind was racing - Used a toy! TMI but used a vibrating ring which created the big O and I am sure we conceived this day. My friends swear by this thing, guess they were right in my case! - Drank more water than my tummy could handle some days, but some days I lacked water, so who knows if this helped any - Literally started my gym membership two days before this menstrual cycle, the exercising may have helped! DPO 1-11: Nothing! Maybe nausea from hormone peaks but I got that every month I thought I was pregnant DPO 11: Hiccups when I woke up, weird because I did not eat anything in my sleep or in the night so I have no clue where they came from DPO 12: Went out, had a few drinks, whoops! Was obsessed with the guacamole my friend made, not the biggest guacamole lover, felt a slight chance I was still in the race DPO 13: Nothing, DRY CM, middle hard cervix like every month, dull period cramps, tired as normal nothing extreme, feeling like my period will come today or tomorrow as usual DPO 14: Woke up with a flat tummy, no bloating, boooooo, no cm, more boooos, and strong period cramps! Middle of the day I thought about how much I wanted that guacamole again, also had the very subtle nausea. DPO 15: WOO! No period. That means absolutely NOTHING in most cases, but I thought I would splurge just "one more" month on FRER test. I was at work and there goes that wave of slight nausea, so I head to the bathroom to test. Wash my hands, prepare myself for the squint and "find the faint line" dance that may or may not be there. So I am standing across the room and get on my tippy toes to look and see a bright beautiful line!!!! Still in shock, still can't believe the symptoms have not picked up and I am seven weeks now! It is true, every pregnancy is different. With my daughter, I had the strong nose and could barely brush my teeth without gagging. Not this time! I am wishing all the love and wishes to get those beautiful BFP's!