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Sick during ovulation week!

Hey ladies,

I started to get sick with some sort of respiratory thing a few days ago, and now I am full on sick. This is my ovulation week, and I don't want to miss it! Hubby and I are still bd'ing (just not as 'intimate'). I don't seem to have a fever, but I'm not sure if being sick effected my temps today. There was a little spike and now my chart looks like I ovulated already (its pretty early for that so I am thinking sick over O) 

Question:  Will being sick kill the sperm faster because my immune system is at the attack of other illness and would preceive the sperm as foreign, OR do I have a better chance of getting pregnant because I am sick and my immune system is attacking other illness and otherwise 'preoccupied' with other germs?


Come on, just once. All the cool kids are doing it...

I am getting ready for work and laughing at myself. Why?  Because I just became one of those women that take a pregnancy test, and hold the test in different lights because I THINK I see a line. lol.  If I showed this test to my husband, he would think I nutts, "I don't see anything" is what he would say.  I promised myself I would hold out until af arrived, but I got curious.  Is this how it starts?  First you promise yourself you wont test, then you're all, 'okay just ONE', and then there's maybe a line, so you'll probably do it again...?  I just read what I typed, and realize I sound like I just got myself a drug habit. *sigh* lol


Brown spotting 11dpo...?

Hi everyone,

I'm a little confused.  Just a few minutes ago, I found some brown spotting in my underwear that looks just like af spotting, and just as much. I had no cramps with this, and it was quite a surprise to find. 

I Started my period July 3rd

Ovulated July 13th (Thats when Ovacue said I ovulated and when I had ewcm). We bd'd the night of July 11th, the morning of the 13th (O day) and the next day in the evening.  We used preseed all three times, and I used a softcup  the last time.

What I did different this cycle was try FertileCM and FertileAid from the start of my period until a little past O day (I really didn't like it.  Instead of increasing my cm, I found it dried me up more, thats why I didn't continue it for the whole month like the bottle suggests).

Right now I am cd22, and 11dpo.  I have never had my period this early at 21 days, and am expecting af around July 30th. 

My questions are...Could this be IB? I thought IB was little spots, not like the end of af brown spotting.

Have any of you had problems with FertileCM or FertileAid messing up your cycles this bad?  If so, how long did it take to be regulated again or 'back to normal'? 

I don't know if this is IB, or my new messed up cycle thanks to FertileWhatevers!

I will hold off on testing since I feel so crappy getting a bfn. I will test is af doesn't come in full force in the next few days.

Thanks in advance!  Good luck to all you fellow baby seekers out there!