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21 months and a BFP! In shock!

Its been ages since I wrote anything here, just been lurking on the sidelines haha!

Today is 14dpo, been trying for 21 months after having the implant out. Last few days I have had nausea, bouts of crying over nothing, odd taste in my mouth and my goodness does food taste amazing all of a sudden! 

POAS mid morning after my app says I have bypassed my entire period which I hadn't paid much attention to. The PIC is what was staring back at me! (Bottom test is 3 hrs later) Could this be my BFP after all this time!? Lines came up in around 30 seconds and are still pink even now X

Agnus Castus, is it a miracle worker?

After reaching CD 70 with no sign of AF or any positive OPKs I decided to try AgCas. Around 3 days after taking it I had spotting that gradually became heavier then tapered off over 5 days. It was almost like a mini period! I am wondering whether to class that as AF or not? Seeing as I hadnt had a bleed for over 2 months this was the most consistant spotting, only requiring a tampon for a few hours on the heaviest day (sorry tmi).


The other thing I have noticed is that the daily stomach cramps I had since having the implant removed also stopped after 3/4 days of taking it which is great! I do keep getting practically positive OPks randomly which is driving me nuts haha! Today is currently CD 14 if i class the bleed as AF and I have got an almost positive opk and a dull, really irritating pain in my lower left pelvis and the hip! Like being stabbed with something sharp but not hard iykwim.

Anyone else got any Agnus Castus stories they can share? I hope Im on the right track!

Little advice needed please!!

Missed period, need some help!

So today is CD46 and I am 26dpo according to a + OPK, EWCM and ovary/pelvic cramps 26 days ago. Numerous BFNs with different brands. Random spotting on 8DPO, 12DPO, 13DPO and 26DPO. I say spotting, it is literally a spot of dark red blood and a brown smear of CM.


My question today is.... If i didnt ovulate like i think, or i am just missing a period what happens now? Surely the lining has to come away at some stage? Or will i ovulate in a week or so again? Im confused as if i did ovulate surely i should have had a bleed if i didnt conceive?


What a month!!

CD43, 23dpo! Still none the wiser!

After posting the other day I was convinced that AF would arrive, sods law and all that! Went to the toilet yesterday to find a small bright red patch on the tp after wiping with browny coloured CM! Was relieved that she was finally here after so long so we can start afresh but fast forward 24 hours and that was the only instance of any bleeding...

My usual period starts off as a bit of spotting and within hours the flow starts so this kind of thing is very unheard of for me. PG tests are negative >:(

My questions for you ladies are: Has anyone just 'skipped' a period for no apparent reason? Anyone think something could be up? Bit wary of going to docs as i have high bmi (despite a good diet and running around after a 19 month old all  day!) Im in great health with good BP etc and am rarely ill but this is usually never considered!!

I might add that I was treated for PID in April after constant pelvic pain (swabs and tests all came back neg for infection of stds but they gave me a hefty dose of antibiotics regardless) but had the inplant in. After removal I have had 2 periods, 1st normal, 2nd very very light for me.

This month we are not doing any tracking as it is too frustrating and misleading!

Appreciate your comments x

CD41, 21dpo! Any clues as to what is happening?!

Officially I have no clue this month!! I got a +OPK 21 days ago, 1 bit of brown tinged CM 8DPO, two single episodes of red/brown CM 12dpo and 13dpo after urinating (all times only on TP). Since just before O i have had constant stomach cramps/twinges/pinches/stretches...Every kind of feeling except the pre AF cramping. And its EVERY day. Not sure what is going on! My moods are all over the place and I go between not hungry and feeling like I could empty the fridge in one go.

Today marks CD41, I have taken 2 HPTs and both came back neg, well I say neg, they both have a line in the test part but it is so faint that I cant be sure they arent evaps or positive. I can see the outline of the test bit, like i can see the shape and thickness but it is still too faint. Also I have had sticky globby CM up until today when a lot of EWCM type came out. Not quite as stretchy as O CM though...

Anyone with any help/ideas/own stories/sanity saving advice is very welcome! Thanks everyone! x

15dpo, anyone with me?

I got a positive opk at around noon on the 10th so today I am classin myself as 15dpo (the positive was gone by 5pm so I think I got the tail end of it).


I have done several tests up to today as I am too excited this month lol! Had very light brown CM on the 18th (8dpo) which was just there after 1 wee in th afternoon. Then again on 22nd and 23rd but this was a browny red colour and again only after using the toilet. I was almost like the type of spotting i get around half a day before AF but didnt get any stronger/more amount. I am wondering what this is as I would have expected AF to start an day now.

I dont have any of the symptoms from last month except indigestion, not in the mood to eat, weird dreams (last night about crayons!) and not being tired at bed time but all through the day instead! **TMI** My CM at the moment is between lotiony and stringy like snot and light yellow in colour (not itching/smell so dont think its infection). Plus my pelvic area is crampy and uncomfortable everyday since O! Not painful, just always there.


A first response test done today showed up a distinct line until the test cleared and so did the line?? Im hoping to wait until saturday at 18dpo to test again if AF hasnt arrived! My cycle last month was 37 days so i am not too far off that again, except I think i o'd 5 days later this time around. FX! x

Calling all OPK users!!

*Long post, i apologise!*

I decided that this would be the last month of using OPKs as I find them so misleading! I took to sticking them on a board with the date etc to see any progression from CD8, I got an almost + on CD8, 13 and 18. By 'almost' I mean so close it was a tough call! I tested at noon on CD20 after feeling like AF was happening, you all know 'that' feeling right?!

When I went to the toilet though a massive glob of EWCM came away, looking at the opk test every minute I had a gut feeling and yep, there was a bold positive! After 5 mins I took a photo to remind myself that it definately was positive haha, a nice addition to my photo gallery. I swear ttc has sent me cuckoo!

Just to put my mind at rest I tested about 4 hours later and the faintest line appeared, then the next day a negative but still a mark on the test. Now, does that indicate that my surge happened between 5pm CD19 and 12noon CD20? For 2 days prior to + and 2 days after I have had crampy pinching in my left pelvic region, mega munchies in the 2 days after and my CM is now like water and disappears when rubbed between fingers.

I am hoping that the test was correct, my last cycle was 37 days and I dont even know if/when I ovulated. AF came 16 days after my almost + OPK so Im hoping it will be about the same this month!

I am classing myself as 2dpo today, does that sound about right? Fingers crossed we catch that egg this month, we BD CD11,12,13,16,17,19,20,21 and probably again tonight. That should give us a good chance I hope! xxx

OPK and OV advice needed please! Sorry its a long one!

So, this is my ttc cycle #2 and I had a 37 day cycle last month (implant removed 19th June). I caved and took an OPK on CD 8 which was surprsingly dark. Also took a PG test to double check, neg of course lol.


Now I am left wondering whether my cycle is shorter this month as:

CD13 at 10pm -> CD15 at 8am the OPKs have been incredibly dark. I know they have to be as dark but this is so close its unbelievable. I took one this morning with FMU and it was almost positive but at 1pm there was barely any line.

If I wasnt tracking my moods and CM i would disregard it as some kind of strange surge but this is what I have experinced:

CD11 EWCM, feeling very happy and in a good mood. Sex drive high

CD12 EWCM, again feeling cheery and in the mood to BD. Painful uterus cramps, like dull AF

CD13 A LOT of EWCM throughout the day, sorry for tmi but about a teaspoon each time i went to the toilet and very stretchy. Very happy and very high sex drive! Cramps like AF.

CD14 No visible CM apart from a bit with FMU, just like water when i checked inside later. Very angry and stressed at little things. Generally feeling down and no sex drive. Couldnt even face my OH bringing it up! Dull aches in pelvis.

CD15 Same as yesterday, not so stressed but craving chocolate cake! Noticeable stretchy type feelings in pelvis.


With all of this considered what conclusion would you come to? The darkest OPk was 10pm CD13 and continued for 24 hours, now barely anything so I wonder whether I ovulated sometime in that space?

Thanks in advance for ANY help! x

Think I'm going slightly mad...

So after a wonderful break I returned home to my packet of OPKs ready to start the 2nd cycle of ttc! I know that CD8 is a bit early to test but decided to anyway and this was at about 5pm. The line came back big and bold but not quite positive! It was that dark that my OH could even see it lol.

I found this rather strange as while on holiday I had what I thought was AF. Difference was that it was a) later than I expected on CD37 b) lighter, not needing a pad and was dryish and brown with very few clots/blood and c) I had very little cramping if any at all! Took a test and halfway through and it was neg.

I am very puzzled as to what is going on now, I took an OPK at 11pm last night and at around 11am this morning and the latter is darker than yesterday. I know they have to be as dark or darker but this is just weird! My last cycle I didnt get a line this dark until CD23. I took a preg test at about 1pm today which shows a VERY faint pink line, my OH can see it too! I dont know what is going on!! Could it be that the AF was implantation and that I am getting a BFP on CD46 and 28DPO? I never actually got a +OPK last month as i ran out but got a very dark one on the 5th August.

I just dont know what to do with myself!! I have to wait until tomorrow FMU to do my test again, has anyone else experienced something like this?