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OHSS or Progesterone?

Hi there...I'm on IUI#2, but my first injectable cycle.  (TTC x1.5 years; anovulation; some male factor..)

Stimms: 7 days of Gonal-F 150; 3 days of Gonal-F 225 with added Ganirelix

HCG Trigger 10,000

IUI (18 million, 88% progression)

My estrogen was low, and my lining thin, so I was started on Estrace suppositories twice daily (2 days before), and then Endometrin suppositories twice daily after my IUI.

Ever since my HCG shot, I have been incredibly bloated and sore...the first few days were awful, and I could barely sit comfortably.  The day of my IUI, the RE said it "could be" OHSS; I did have quite a few follicles, but my estrogen was so low....The pain has gone down a little, but still feeling bloated, clothes don't fit, constant trips to the bathroom, some moderate GI upset.

Is this all just a result of the hormone suppositories? I don't want to get my hopes up, but I have read that OHSS can sometimes predict a positive pregnancy...

Clomid Cycle #3....PCOS diagnosis!

Just started clomid cycle #3, and on my first screening ultrasound (day4), the ultrasound tech saw a "string of pearls" on my L ovary.  In some ways, this was a "good" thing, as I have been thinking for awhile that I had PCOS (oligomenorrhea, acne/androgenic symptoms).  But it is also just one more thing to think about....For Clomid cycles 1 & 2, I ovulated with no trouble on 100mg plus Novarel.  So that is what we are doing again this cycle, with the addition of Fortamet (extended-release Metformin) to combat the PCOS.  The first week I only took 500mg once a day, but now I am up to 500mg BID. The first week I felt fine except after going out to dinner with some friends...have been trying to keep to a "low-carb" diet.  This week I have been more nauseous/food sensitive, which is frustrating because it just makes me want more carbs!

I took my Novarel shot on Saturday, and have had cramping ever since then with a positive ovulation test on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Today!  Anyone else have experience with multiple positive OPK's?  Have also felt exhausted...could this be a side effect from the Novarel?

TTC - Now on Clomid Cycle #2

Just now beginning my second month on Clomid 100mg....a little history - no BCP's for 12 months with only 2 AF's the whole year, but only officially started trying in May.  Most likely have only one functional ovary, and although I do not have diagnosed PCOS, I have several of the symptoms (amenorrhea, hormonal acne, etc.), minus the cysts...  Tried Provera for my first Clomid cycle, for which we did a "Monitored" cycle, and the good news is, it looks like I do respond to both medications.  I got a +OPK and a good day 21 progesterone level, but before I could even take a test, AF arrived.  Cried quite a bit that day, but there is some good news - I was able to get AF without having to do provera.  (Honestly thrilled because it made me feel so awful!) 

I'm really hoping this second cycle goes better than the first - I felt tired, moody, and ravenously hungry the whole month, and ended up gaining a few  pounds.  I am trying to stay calm, and not freak out about the little things, but I would like to stay in good shape until I actually get pregnant, and really don't want to be gaining wait every single month we are TTC.  For the first cycle, we also did the "hcg trigger shot" and that immediately made me feel bad - bloated, reflux, exhausted - and my OB agrees that I may not need it, as I responded really well to the clomid last month (25mm follicle & 19mm follicle)

DH has never been tested as we have always assumed any issues would be mine, but I would like him to get a SA after this month or next just so we are not wasting time!  Any recommendations on this talking point?  I have tried to convince him with statistics and explaining the financial side of things as well, but he seems resistant...


Hoping for good luck this month!