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Did Gravity Help?

After reading a few blogs recently regarding BFP's, I thought I should put this out there....


I remember years ago watching Friends on TV when Phoebe was being a surrugate mum to twins, and had just been inseminated, and I recall her getting on the sofa upside down. It made me laugh at the time, thinking 'surely not?', her head nearly on the floor and her legs in the air, but I'm thinking that there may be some fact to this now.


I got my BFP the month I actually stuck my ass up in the air for 10 mins after DTD by hanging off the edge of the bed. Not very comfy I admit, but I'm wondering if it actually helped. Other women have also mentioned propping themselves up after as well, and they also got their BFP's that month.


If any of you ladies need something else to try, then use gravity! It seems to work for those of us who admit we did stick our butts in the air after DTD. We may have looked foolish, but whatever can help, we do!


Good luck to those of you still TTC :)

My First Midwife Appointment - Update

8 weeks and 4 days today, and I saw the midwife for the first time yesterday. She also had a student with her so the student was asking me the questions whilst she supervised.

What a lovely experience though. The midwife was annoyed at my GP for not giving me any information at all, but she soon updated me with so much info, am feeling a bit overwhelmed! They took my blood pressure which was perfect, and took bloods and urine for testing. Fingers crossed there is nothing of concern with those. I forgot to ask her how long it will be for the results though, doh! (or she might have told me but I took in so much I probably forgot, lol)

It finally feels much more real now though, that I have been able to speak with her about my concerns, and feel much more relaxed about things. I will be seeing her 9 more times throughout my pregnancy. 

So now I have lots of paperwork to hide from the family so they don't find out too soon. I am hoping to surprise them all over Xmas though even though I will only be 9.5 weeks. I thought I would get a small box and place 1 blue and 1 pink baby sock in it, with a question mark and watch their faces as realisation sinks in, haha!

And even though I am sick every day, and super tired, I am now feeling much more excited now I have spoken to the midwife at last. I think that was what was getting me down, because I had no one to talk to about it. She said even though I feel bad I will look back on this experience much more positively at the other end. I just wish I could get that feeling properly now, as I don't want to waste this experience, even if it isn't a fun one so far, as I don't know whether I will have any more children after this. So with that in mind, I must work on my positivity and cherish the bad feelings, along with the good.

For those still TTC, I wish u all lots of baby dust for those Xmas and New Year miracles!! ***Babydust everywhere ****

First Midwife Appointment!

I am 7 weeks and 2 days pregnant today. Midwife phoned me this afternoon to make my first appointment with her yay! So first appointment will be 18th at 2pm. She is coming to my house though, which I thought was strange for a first appointment. Has anyone else had this?

Anyhoo, finally beginning to feel more real now. Not sure what she is going to be able to do at my house but still exciting! YAY!

Early Pregnancy - Not What I Was Imagining

I'm 6 weeks and 1 day pregnant today, and I have to admit, being pregnant has opened my eyes. There I was believing it to be a lovely wonderful time, of feeling like I'm blooming, but no.... for me it's like having a period every single day!

Both my SIL and my cousin both had relatively easy, symptom free pregnancies. Now it's my turn, and I think I must have all theirs too!

I had hoped all this was going to pass once I became pregnant but oh boy was I wrong. Constant cramps all day, all night, from mild to really painful.... tender boobs, and now to top it off the nausea is setting in.

Don't get me wrong, I am really pleased I am finally pregnant but I wish I was told what I was going to experience beforehand! I know everyone is different, but I feel I got the short straw this time. Now I feel I'm just wishing the whole pregnancy thing to be over with before it's barely begun!

Just hoping it's all ok in there. Can't wait for my first appointment which should be around mid December :D


My Pregnancy Symptoms

I am currently 4 weeks and 5 days pregnant. I thought it would be a good idea to keep note of what my symptoms are and see if anyone else gets the same. 

My EDD is 27th July 2014 :)


Week 4 symptoms:



Cramps ranging from dull to painful (where it wakes me in the night and I need to take paracetamol)


Vaginal Discharge like ECWM


Bubbly feeling and pinching/pulling


Sore BBs

Some very strange and surreal dreams



Did a random BBT yesterday morning and it has shot up to 37c.

Did a IC POAS at beginning of week and was very clearly positive.


Upcoming Appointments

Got to have a filling on Monday so spoke with dentist and he can do me a white one, as the mercury one is a no-no now. Going to do it on the NHS as well instead of private so that's awesome!

My first GP appointment is Wednesday 27th. I'm not sure what they will do at just over 5 weeks, but I'm looking forward to making it official with her and getting my first midwife session pre booked!



Monday 25th November

5 weeks and 1 day. Cramps. Sore nipples. Had dentist today, all went well with filling. Had anaesthetic which I wasn't sure about but was told it was safe. Had composite white filling instead of mercury one. Went out for a meal as well and had a risotto. It had gorgonzola in it but as it was cooked it should be fine, hopefully.

Tuesday 26th November

I am 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant today and the symptoms have become non - existent. Feels disconcerting after having cramps non-stop for a couple of weeks. Maybe they will return later....

Wednesday 27th November

Cramps and sore boobs. Had first doc appointment this morning who just told me to make my first booking appointment with the midwife for when I reach 8-9 weeks, so did that. Just have to wait for midwife to call me now with my appointment with her. Had eye test as well today, need new glasses.... sigh.


WEEK 6 to 9

Been slacking on writing down the symptoms the last few weeks, but since week 6, I've had less cramping, but the nausea has now taken over. 24/7 bleugh so far. Skin breakout over my chin. Sore nipples at night. Super tired and massively bloated, I can't button my jeans any more!

Also, I have really hot flashes to the point I'm stripping off and opening windows to the cold air, to suddenly getting goosebumps. Apparently this is normal according to the midwife. 

Also drinking non-stop, which inevitably is resulting in me needing to pee a lot more! 

Very bizarre dreams as well.

My First BFP!

Finally, DPO 11, Cycle 6, my BFP arrived yesterday and I'm still in shock yet so so happy!


I did 2 tests in the morning. A IC and a FRER. Both came up positive almost straight away!

I kept staring at them during the day to see if it was my imagination and the lines would disappear but they were there, clear as day. So I thought, maybe it's a fluke, or a false  positive so after lunch I did another IC. Positive. 3 positives cannot be false surely?

This morning. IC. Positive!


Can't believe this is finally happening for me! WOOO!

Cycle 3

Round 3 ding ding ding!

Current Cycle Day: 4

Not really much to say here apart from waiting for AF to finish soon. Will update when necessary!


Link to FF Chart here >


So AF finished on Thursday (1st August) so currently CD8 now and waiting to O.

Tracking my ovulation again this month with the OPK's. So far, negative. FF predicts it will turn positive on the 11th. We shall see!


1) 36.60

2) 36.67

3) 36.64

4) 36.68

5) 36.67

6) 36.61

7) 36.68

8) 36.60 BFN

My TWW Symptom Tracker

Thought I would keep a note of my symptoms on here whilst I am in my 2 week wait. Feel free to add your own and we can see how they match up!


Positive OPK Sunday 14th.

Monday 15th (Day before O) - cramps right and left sides, also in middle, stabby/pinching feeling in left side.

FF CROSSHAIRS on CD17 (Tuesday 16th July) - dull throbbing ache in left side, slight cramps in middle. 36.28c.

DPO 1 - cramps on both sides and in middle again. Late evening tender BB's. Temp rise. 36.42c.

DPO 2 - Awful night trying to get comfy because of the heat here at the moment so feel knackered already and its only 9am! Cramps and tender BB's so far. Phew! BD'd late evening.

2pm getting some pinching feelings in left side. Still got cramps. Temp rise. 36.57c.

DPO 3 - Another hot night, but slept better, only woke up twice! Sharp pain in hips, and still crampy more on left side. Bb's still tender, also blue veins showing up now, but this could be because of the heat here! Slight temp drop but still above cover line according to FF. 36.48c.

DPO 4 - So this morning still slightly tender BB's at the sides, and blue veins still showing a little. Cramps light and achy in left side with the odd surge of like a prodding feeling. Twinge in right side once so far. Left hip just aches today too. Temp rise. 36.60c.

DPO 5 - Tender BB's and cramps on left side and middle still. Veins not as noticeable this morning. Temp rise. 36.68c.

DPO 6Symptoms seem to be dulling down, though still having dull cramps, and BB's not quite so tender, but still veins showing. Temp dropped. 36.48c.

DPO 7 - So today, just had a massive surge of pain which feels a lot like AF smack bang in the middle. BB's not tender or veins showing. Temp dropped. 36.47c.

Update: So afternoon here, and cramps returned, with some weird pulsating going on. Also gassy.... and just got a really dry stomach and it's itching! WTH! I never get dry skin.

DPO 8 - So far this morning, have had a strange, full-like feeling, as well as a gurgling noise down below. Sharp pain in right side, strong cramp in left and middle. Cramps settled now and just a dull ache. BB's not tender but veins still showing.

Temp rise! 36.57c. :D  


DPO 9 - Sharp cramp on right and light cramping on left. BB's still veiny. Vivid dream last night about having 3 kids which is really unusual for me! 

Temp drop. 36.47c.


DPO 10 - Last night was uncomfortable. Before I fell asleep I had to pee 4 times in an hour, and had some brown discharge on 2 of the trips when I wiped. Had a feeling after of being jabbed with a needle on my left side and still have light cramps there.

Twice had pink discharge this afternoon. Most symptoms have gone now, just a little cramping.

Temp drop. 36.41c (cover line)

HPT - not sure but will put it as a BFN even though I see something (probably evap).

DPO 11 - AF has shown this morning. So according to FF, this cycle was 27 days with a 10 day LP. Onto round 3! Temp drop. 36.40c.



First 2 Week Wait

So I have been testing with OPK sticks since I finished my first AF after coming off the birth control pills beginning of June, and finally today it is positive.

So did the BD this morning, and hopefully later and tomorrow too just for good measure.


FX this will be my month!


Baby dust to all!


On to my first 2WW :D

Cycle 2 (first proper cycle!)

So my first AF since being on BC for 15 years (mix of combined and last 2 years PoP) has appeared to have finished, which means I can really now go ahead and TTC! It was exactly 28 days since I finished BC to when AF started, so I expect this is going to be how long my normal cycles will be if I get another AF at the end of the month.

So here goes, FX that July is my month! 


Baby dust to you all!