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First IUI starting my TWW

Hello! First, I guess I should give some background. I’m 39 and have endometriosis. I’ve never been pregnant before and honestly, we’ve only been trying for a couple years. My husband has a 13 year old from a previous relationship. When we started trying, I had my blood work done and he did a sperm analysis. He’s fine and my blood work came back great. We saw a fertility specialist about a year and a half ago. He wanted to jump straight to IVF. We do not have any infertility insurance coverage. IVF was just not an option then, and isn’t now either. So, we decided to “let go let God”. That didn’t work. Today I had my first IUI. I used chlomid CD 3-7 and today is CD 12. I had a positive ovulation test yesterday. We are using my regular Obgyn, not a fertility specialist (due to lack of insurance coverage). All I’ve used is chlomid. No trigger shot, no crazy monitoring of blood or US. I know it’s a long shot, but at least we did it! I plan on getting new health insurance in January if iui doesn’t work for us. But for now, we are trying our best with what we have. I pay a fortune for it, you would think it would be better frustrating!! I wait. Has anyone else done iui with only using chlomid? I would love any feedback! I know the wait will drive me nuts, but I’m hoping it goes fast! Baby dust to you all!! xoxo