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7 DPO... itching to test!

Hi all x Just wondering if anyone out there is in the same boat as me... I'm currently on cycle #4 of TTC, was CONVINCED last month I was pg as had sooo many symptoms, but AF showed (4 days late?! - never happens) So, back to it and I am currently 7 DPO, desperately trying to resist the urge to poas... have internet cheapies so satisfy the urges but I know it's too early and could do without the hope dampener of a BFN! DH and I dtd twice around ovulation (I can feel when I ovulate). We have a son, a daughter and this will be the third. I have 1 fallopian tube after an ectopic but 2 ovaries - had both children from the tubeless one - amazing bodies we have! Anywho, just thought there may be someone out there that could do with a 2ww buddy, keep track of any signs and (maybe) keep each other sane?! I will be testing soon... As always, best of luck and huge amounts of baby dust to all xxx