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help! going crazy!

I'm just going to give you a breakdown of symptoms 1dpo 2 dpo 3 dpo fine 4 dpo stuffy nose achy sick feeling 5 dpo slightly tired think i see some bumps on the areolas , 6 dpo tired, gassy, slight crampy, 7 dpo extremely ealy evening sore sore boobs felt heavy hot and nips was erect and felt like glass ,pinch in left pelvis area side area, then left then off and on dull cramps in various spots in abdomen slight back ache, did i mention tired. Slept a long time that night, oh ya chills. 8 dpo flushed cheeks, sore bbs not as sore bumps on nipps, low center back ache, tired, BFN on Frer. 9 dpo still crampy like period cramps pulling and pinch weird feeling in groin, bbs not as sore soreness fluctuates, thin stringy clear cm (started on 7dpo increasing daily). Weird pulling feeling behind belly button then low center bach ache some cramping little flushing, emotional BFN CB BFN FRER. 10 dpo cramps kinda subsided still bloated heavy feeling below in groin sore neck boobs tender a little weird food wants and dont want, queasy off and on no vomiting. More energy today, high cervix kinda soft no heavy cm but cm in cervix was clear jelly like no stretch, diarrhea , bright urine could be vitamins. oh yea constipation in 3dpo-7dpo. Really weepy and now irritable so i weep and yell. BFN BFN BFN 3x off brand FMU, FRER SMU, FRER Late Evening. Symptoms feel like they are gone no cramping...but I did get some queasy spells, like motion sickness, no vomit, foggy brain 7dpo-10dpo dizzy 8 dpo-9dpo.