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Hi ladies, so although I have not test yet but I'm feeling kind of depressed today thinking that we are out for the month. I'm 7dpo and I have no symptoms to tell honestly.  The signs I do have are the exact same way as when af is about to arrive. Its like I'm hoping and praying for a little sign to let me know I am but again it is really early. This two week wait really sucks. Baby dust to all you ladies.

has this happened to anyone? (picture included)

Hi ladies, so I been testing since yesterday. The first two I got smiley faces on my clear blue advanced ovulation predictor around 11am and 11pm yesterday and the last two are from 11am today and 9pm tonight. We bd yesterday thinking it was the big O and now that my DF is at work I'm hoping it's not too late to do it again when he gets off. My last cycle we bd the day before the big O and we didn't conceive.Has This happen to anyone? Sorry that the picture is at a different angle.

Sick :(

Hi ladies, I'm on CD 3 now and I thought I just share what I'm going through at this moment. So here in NC it has been really hot lately, even at night to the point I have to leave the AC on all night for me to sleep. Well in result in doing this for a long period of time, my DF has a head cold.( I know, not smart). So a day after he got sick, I did too. The worse thing to have is a head cold in the summer time...ugh. I took mucinex today and yesterday and I'm still sick. I'm suppose to be ovulating soon after AF and I'm praying that I'm not sick by the time we BD. Do y'all think its ok to BD even when we are sick and still conceive? I'm worried that being sick might mess things up for us.

Stress and TTC?

Hi ladies, so I was thinking this time around I'm going to work on not only charting but making our bd a little more fun. Some how during our TTC I was so focused on trying to have a baby I forgot to keep it fun and intimate. I've heard that being stressed can cause more problems in your body. I've been so stressed trying to find the right timing to conceive and when it dosent happen I get depressed and the cycle happens all over again. Instead I just want to relax and focus on making this experience a beautiful one with my DF as well as charting. Do anyone think that stressing can cause problems while TTC?


Hi ladies, I took 3 test this morning. One was the clear blue which did the exact same thing (faint line) and I took 2 different test and they were both BFN. I am now 12dpo so I guess I'm out for this month. Can't wait to try again. GL to all you ladies

is this a positive! ( image included)

Hi ladies, so this morning I took a pregnancy test with clear blue and it came up not pregnant...but...a couple hrs later I took it apart and I see a line! I am 11 dpo and I'm trying not to get my hopes up because it could be wrong. I just need an opinion from you guys. I hope you all can see it.  

I need help

Hi ladies, I have been looking at different sites to increase my cm. I've seen some stuff but I don't know if any of it would be healthy while ttc. I was on the birth control yrs ago which decreased ewcm. Now 6 yrs later I have nothing but watery and creamy cm. Can anybody give me some suggestions and what worked for any of you?


Hey ladies, I am 9dpo and I am not having any symptoms at all. No cramping, breast tenderness, nausea, nothing. I usually get some cramping or some kind of pms symptoms around this time but not this time. I can honestly say that I am experiencing a lot more watery and milky cm than I usually do. Hoping I didn't miss out this cycle. FX and GL to all you ladies.

before the big O

Hi ladies, this is my first time ever posting a blog. I have been looking at this site for a couple months now and I like all the encouragement everyone give on here. Since I am ttc I thought I should start as well. Me and my df have been trying for 5 months now. I decided to get the clear blue advance digital ovulation test to pin point my most fertile days. When I took the test on a Saturday, I had no lh surge. But then when I tried the next morning, it let me know I was at my high fertility point. Two hrs later I tested again and I was at my fertility peak. So me and my df bd twice that day using preseed but not the day after which was Ovulation day due to the heavy bd we did. I also did not have any leakage. Sorry tmi. I am now 5dpo with no symptoms except me being really hungry like I usually am. I also tried the pineapple core which today was my last day doing. Hoping we did it. Just wanted to know if we were still in being that we only bd for that one day before ovulation. This 2ww is kind of stressful but I'm hanging in there. Wishing all the baby dust to all you ladies.