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Update!!! More confusion!?!

Tested FMU at 5AM, before work today, Frer stark white. IC negative as well. Cramps at work. No AF, tested at 4pm after work today. Frer negative, but IC (2 different bands) faint but noticeable pink 2nd lines?!? Strange...confused....comments please anyone? Previous post: Hello Ladies, 13 dpiui today (2nd IUI cycle, 1st iui, AF arrived). Did fmu frer, very faint 2nd line or is it just me again. Please tweak if you like. They want me to draw blood level at 9:05AM today. Will HCG in blood be high enough? Please let me know what you think. TIA!!! Love to all:) Background. 43yo, still TTC since age 36. 1 ectopic at 37.

Terrible evap or do you see vv faint pink, too?

Hello to all the lovely ladies at TTC,

So 6-8 dpo, yesterday took ic thought I saw vv faint line (only I can see it?!?), but well out if time limit. This morning woke up around 5:30, took another ic and 2nd line didn't show in timeline. Went back to sleep, woke up 1.5hr later and saw 2nd pink line??? Took a different ic with 2.5hr hold, nothing???  What do you think? Don't want to get my hopes up too early. Thank you in advance.

8dpo, a very faint line?

Hi everyone. God bless everyone! 

Woke up this morning took a frer. Saw line within 5 min. Still seeing same line maybe darker after 2hrs. Does anyone see a very faint pink line? Thanks.