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hello I haven’t been here In a long while ttc been a struggle for us still until this day we’ll all I can say is that we trying on our own to see where it would takes us hoping for a bundle of joy one day what Iam doing differently is Iam taking prenatals and also coq10 and Iam also gonna use preseed any advice would be appreciated baby dust to all and hoping for the best in my outcome 

Opk kits

can anyone please give me advice here which brand of clearblue monitor should I get the old or the new lastest one that you touch screen I never use none so this would be the first time and I would like to know which is best for ttc any feedback would be great and thanks 


hi ladies been taking vitex 500mg only 1 pill every morning the brand is gnc and I wanted to know if anyone had success taking it this way too Iam going on my 2 month on them at this point I should be entering my fertile week soon I hope not as of yet any feedback would be great or advice 

Fertile week

Hi haven't been here for a long while well just wanted to ask a ? ladies my fertile week is coming up and I was wondering if I should insert the preseed vaginal or should I put it in the instead soft cup what would be your advice please provide some input thank you ladies and btw baby dust 


hello ladies haven't been here for a while I did my second iui and my tww is almost over I have to go this tuesday to get a pregnacy test while on my tww I decided to test I waited one week after trigger and it said positive then again the other week it said the same tmr is the last day should I get a another pregnancy test and by the way this shot was 250 iu ovidrel any advice would be helpful thanks