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NOT Happy with our fertility clinic -- VENTING


So my clinic that I'm forced to go to because of new insurance sucks! I didn't want to change from the one that I loved to this one in the first place but because of lovely health insurance I am forced to go here. Well we just failed our first cycle with them and I am all ready to go in tomorrow for the baseline u/s but since they don't monitor on the weekends we are now out until next cycle! Are you freak'n kidding me!!!! Our other clinic was open every day but Christmas and New Years. I had a IUI procedure done on a Sunday and that's how we got our son!

I mean really come on! How can you screw with peoples cycles like that, we can't control it why should they be able to?? The nurse had the audacity to ask me to change my flight home next week to earlier in the day to be able to go in for blood work and monitoring. We land at 2:30 would get to the clinic by 4:00 at the latest and she said that was too late for them on a Friday and they aren't open on the weekends for monitoring or procedures. Is my blood boiling...yes, yes it is!

So they want me to pay to change my flight home - that's they only way they would make an exception and see me this month. So pissed right now....I want to go back to CRM!!!!


Currently forced to go to RMIA in MN - if anyone else goes there and have had good experiences with them please let me know because it's been a battle since we started with them. And guess what...we have a failed attempt because I didn't stick to my guns on what worked for my son and I listened to what she had to say....ERRRRRRR



I knew it, but it was confirmed  the lovely beta test. BFN - ugh here's to another round of meds :(

Well that didn't work....

So AF is supposed to start tomorrow along with that I'm supposed to have the beta test done in the morning....well EVERY HPT (FRER (1line), Target Digital (not pregnant)) that I take is a BFN, so why even go in for a beta test? I know I'm not and I'm just ready to start the next round of meds and move forward to the next IUI. I'm mad at myslef for not pushing the doctor harder on what I wanted. What worked last time to get my tiny human. But it was a new doctor, new clinic and I should have just stuck to my gut and told her what I wanted. Her way did not work, so why continue? 

We are leaving for our first family vacation this Thursday, I want my baseline US done before then so I can start taking clomid while on vacation and come back and have everything be the size that we need them to be when we get back. But I can't do that until the lovely period starts and there is no way to make it start.

Very frusterating - I hate this process of waiting and waiting and waiting. It also makes me mad when doctors don't listen to their patients who have already done this before and we know what we are talking about! 

Anyways, just me venting. Yet another BFN, you'd think that the disapointment would get easier but it doesn't 

Back again....

So, it's been a LONG time since I've posted on here. But we are back in the tww. As of today I am 8dpo 10dptrigger. I want to test in the morning and see if I see anything....but I know that it's still a little early. Last year when I tested at 10dpo 12dpt we got a positive, so I am hoping that it will happen again. 

Here's a little about our story, my husband can't have kids so we use donor sperm. Our son was conceived on our 4th IUI 1st with clomid (150mg) and overdril. This time around we found out that or donor is being retired and we had to move our timeline up months to make sure that we were able to use the same donor. He is completely sold out now, so what I used on 9/24 is all he had left and our one chance for a full biological sibling. 

Trying not to stress or think too much but I really don't want to have to start the donor search over and I also don't have to have to bring in multiple folders to the doctors and explain over and over that my husband is not their biological father. 

I tell ya....


AHHHH just got off the phone with the nurse and we are 3weeks 4days pregnant! HOLY CRAP!!!

HCG = 33

I go back Monday morning to check numbers again, and then on to my OB for a first pregnancy appointment. I am freaking out here at work! Called my husband and told him the awesome news, plan on getting him a card on my way home - and maybe a cupcake :) 

ZERO symptoms, just the urge to poas!

GL to all bby dust to everyone! 


Blood test today!!

so just got to work had a beta test done and I will be getting a call today between 2-4 with the results. Ah I hope this is true!! 

Took 3 more tests this morning. They are all positive even the digital one! 

Please Lord let this be real!

Update to OMG is this right

So I don't want to get too excited....we had a 250trigger shot on March 20. I'm 10dpiui and 12dptrigger.....could this be a false positive?

OMG!! Is this right?

holy crap, gave in and poas around 730 tonight....I have two lines! 

I tested yesterday and got a not pregnant. So I'm freaking out!

To test or not to test...the annoying question

We all struggle with this annoying question...should I test, should i not test. Is it too soon, am I just setting myaelf up to be sad...ugh! 

Well lo I have said im not testing until Sunday, which would be my true tww. But I'll poas tomorrow morning to fill the annoying need to pee on something. I know it will be negative because it will only be 10dpiui so it's still early but I just have to give in to the crazy lady in my head. 

Gl go to all!!!

Becoming a Crazy Lady!

So I've been doing tons of projects to keep my mind busy and not focusing on which DPIUI we are or how I'm feeling. I've redone a dresser, floors, painted every wall in my house, made baby blankets for everyone and anyone who had told me they were pregnant and also started the lovely spring time yard work. Well last night I couldn't sleep at all so of course my mind has started to wander into every 'What if' situation I could come up with. 

We are sitting at 8dpiui - 10dptrigger shot -- No crazy symptoms to report nothing out of the ordinary, I'm not a symptom spotter. We are having family pictures done in a few weeks. My brothers and I are getting family shots done for our mom for mothers day. My older brother (31) has 4 kids (9,8,5,4) and my younger brother (27) has 1 little one (2) and one on the way (due June). I really want to be able to throw a pregnancy announcement in with these pictures for my parents to see. So my mind is coming up with all these creative ways to spread the news but, I feel like we missed our mark again this cycle. 

We did clomid for the first time this cycle (150/mg) and we released 2 good size follicies - I am just hoping that the little swimmers finally found one of them. We were able to use the same donor for the third time - we have to use a sperm bank, my husband is no able to father kids - so we were happy that our donor we liked still had vials left. It's not fun trying to find another donor that we both like. So maybe third times a charm with this guy - third time with him, 4th IUI....who knows. 

My problem is that I've finished project and I don't have anything lined up...heading to Pinterest to see what I can find. I have to keep busy or I will drive myself and my husband insane. Our test day is Easter Sunday - that will be officially 2 weeks since our IUI. So I'll test before then because I'm addicted to peeing on sticks. 

How does everyone pass their time in the TWW? Picture of one of the projects I finished this weekend. Little book crate and toy crate for the nursery.