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Irritated with the hubs

So tomorrow I ovulate....meaning tonight we really needed to dtd but the hubs wanted to play video games with some old friends he was stationed with. I know it's veterans day and I love everyone who has/is serving but I am tired of waiting....I want a baby. Just took an opk and no longer 'prime time'. Just feeling frustrated, told him that the door is now closed and e said ok and went back to he game. Am I a bad wife? 

Here we go again....

So really tracking everything now, should ovulate tomorrow dtd this morning, and every other day prior. Will dtd again tonight and prob tomorrow morning. And then we wait....found a new app for my phone and love it! It's free called Selene tracks everythig you need it to. It will also keep all old information and help predict next cycles. I've only used it for this cycle so we will see for future cycles. Hubby thinks I'm crazy and that we shouldn't plan when we dtd butni want to better my odds if I can. So Monday we will start our waiting game again. 

Sending everyone **baby dust**

Strange question

I know you aren't supposed to use any type of ky or astroglide  but what if you have to? Is there a 'right' brand to use that won't kill off any of his swimmers? 

Trying again.....

So according to charts and everythng else, I should ovulate on the 9th. So we are going to try the every other day BD schedule....crossing my fingers this time around. Sucky thing is....even if I ovulate when I am supposed to I'll still have to wait until the end of the month to see if we are even! I wish it was something you could just know without stressing and praying that AF doesn't show up. Ugh

Starting Over - Hopeful

Ok so today is day one of AF - now it's time to wait and chart :) feeling good and hopeful that November will be the month.


Is it possible to show a negative hpt even if it's been 2 weeks past ovulation? AF is only 2 days late and I tested this morning and it was a just wondering. Thoughts?? 

Well I broke down and took a test....

BFN!! No denying it 

Ugh...So Impatient.....

Hi there everyone - I have to get this in writing and out of my head or I'm going to drive myself nuts!! So this morning AF was supposed to pay a visit and she hasn’t shown up yet (whoohoo…maybe) tomorrow will mark 2 weeks since we DTD while the ovulation test said we were good to go…I don’t want to test tomorrow because I’m so afraid that it’s going to tell me a BFN again and I just really don’t want that right now. Hubby is gone until Sunday (hunting) and if it is a BFN I don’t want to talk about it, I just want ice cream and a long island, BUT if it’s finally a BFP I want him there to celebrate…so now I’m in the ‘should I test, should I not test, should I test, should I not test’. I’ve been having symptoms such as boobs killing me (but I get that each month before AF), tired ALL THE TIME 5:00 rolls around and all I want to do is go to bed – but once I do go to bed I can’t sleep, I want to cry all the time or I feel like I’m pissed at the world for no reason, I’ve felt a little cramping the past day or two but nothing like I usually get before AF – UUUUGGGHHHHH, I don’t know what to do. I feel like we want this so bad that my body is playing tricks on me…advice? Could I even be pregnant?


Hi there - my husband and I have just started trying to get preggers, we just celebrated our 1 year anniversary over 10/11-10/13. I took an ovulation test morning of 10/12 - said we were good to go. If nothing happened I should get my lovely friend this Friday/Saturday <-- I don't want it. But I've been feeling a little off lately, my boobs are HUGE and hurt like crazy (usually they are sore before my period, but  not this sore), super tired, early evenings I want to eat but makes me a little queasy - this also happens mid morningish. Since I'm impatient I took a hpt on Saturday (far too soon) so of course it was negative....could there be a possibility that I actually am pregnant or am I just getting my hopes up........